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tv   WLWT News 5 Today Weekend  NBC  February 21, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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as it moves out, we bring back more afternoon sun. today, our area of low pressure is pushing up to the east on the backside, clearing this afternoon. temperatures in the mid-50' s for afternoon highs. look at our second boundary tonight. a cold front with the chilly air behind it. seasonable temperatures. it will slide into nine. highs behind it in the mid 40' s tomorrow. we have more sunshine for monday forecast. a quiet start to the week. if we extend our futurecast with a first look to the midweek forecast, we have another system heading our way wednesday. here' s the futurecast through tuesday showing quiet conditions. to the southwest, here comes the low-pressure zooming in. it has snow on the northwest, arcing side of it. we will watch the potential the storm wrapping up on wednesday. another midweek system. some heavy rain and widespread rain. snow on the backside potential ones night. snow showers around the second half of the work week. today, 66 degrees for high temperatures.
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we go through the rest of the seven-day forecast coming up. jonathan: sounds good, jennifer. new this morning, police in westwood are looking for the suspect in an overnight shooting. it happened in the 3,000 block of bracken wood lane just after 1:30 this morning. police say the family was drinking, and two people got into an argument, one took out a gun and fired. the bullet grazing one person. they refused treatment. police have not named the suspect. police in westwood are also searching for the driver who crashed into a building overnight. it happened at a tv repair business in the block of 2000 harrison avenue around 2:30 this morning. when police arrived no one was in the vehicle. structural engineers had to be called to the scene to make sure the building would not collapse. once they did that crews were , able to board up the building. new details on a death investigation in loveland. last night police pulled a body from the little miami river. police say a boater saw the body and called police. loveland police say they have not confirmed the identity of the body but believe they know who it is.
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resorces is continuing the investigation. this comes as family and friends of a man last seen jumping into the little miami river in morrow plan to come together today for a vigil. police say 27-year-old aaron berns jumped into the little maimi on new year' s day, after setting a two story duplex on main street on fire. the river search was called off after three days of combing over the area. relatives says, after serving two tours overseas, berns suffered from post traumatic stress disorder. tonight, there will be a candlelight vigil to remember berns, and others suffering from ptsd, in the 200 block of miranda street in morrow at 5:00 . in commitment 2016. former governor jeb bush will not be following in the presidential footsteps of his father and older brother this year. jeb bush dropped out of the race for the white house last night after finishing fourth in saturday' s south carolina primary.
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governor john kasich. meanwhile hillary clinton came , out on top in nevada beating bernie sanders by double digits. wlwt news 5' s nikole killion has a wrap of the political winners and losers. nikole: trump and clinton pulled out crucial wins and the respective parties while at least one candidate called it quits. donald trump: this is a special state. nikole: donald trump earned his second big win. donald trump: nothing easy about running for president. it is tough, nasty, mean, beautiful. [laughter] when you win -- nikole: marco rubio. marco rubio: after tonight, this has become a three-person race and we will win the nomination area nikole: and ted cruz. ted cruz: south carolina has given us another mark will -- remarkable response.
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jet bush: i respect their decision. tonight, i am suspending my campaign. nikole: hanging out for now, ben carson. ben carson: i am not going anywhere. nikole: ohio governor john kasich who campaign in new england on super tuesday. john kasich: for all the people watching, fashion your seatbelts. nikole: in nevada, luck was a lady was hillary clinton who beat back a last-minute surge from bernie sanders. bernie sanders: the wind is at our backs. we have the momentum. nikole: now the candidates trade places with republicans caucusing in nevada tuesday while democrats hold their primary in south carolina next saturday. in washington, nikole killion reporting. jonathan: a dozen states vote on super tuesday, march 1. ohio'
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hillary clinton supporters in greater cincinnati officially opened their pain office this weekend. hillary for ohio, a kickoff party for -- and lockland on saturday. volunteers are counting down to ohio' s primary. early voting is already on the way. >> look at the crowd right now. a lot of different backgrounds, a lot of different areas including myself. i am one of them. i am a gay african-american college student at miami university. being here highlights that hillary clinton stands with a diversity. jonathan: meanwhile, bernie sanders supporters rallied downtown on saturday. they march for bernie on the steps of city hall. several viewers share their photos from the rally. the echo bernie' s call for a clinical revolution. local organizers say thousands of people showed their support across the country. our commitment 2016 coverage is also online. go to or our mobile app. we have a candidate grid to help
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stand on the big issues. happening today local , firefighters will join hundreds of people in cincinnati in a very difficult climb all to save lives. it' s the annual fight for air climb. at carew tower. participants will be timed as they climb the tower' s 45 floors. local firefighters will also compete against each other in full gear. can you imagine? delhi township firefighters are looking to retain their 5th straight win. the goal is to raise $170,000 for the lung association. the first climbers are expected to head up the tower around 9:00 this morning. good luck to all. a local group of college students is reaching out to those in need. more than 700 volunteers from purp, which stands for, people uplifting real people, descended on washington park in over-the-rhine on saturday. they teamed up with schools , churches, and local businesses. the group handed out care
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, homeless to show young people how they could change someone' s world. >> there' s kids getting into suicides and all kinds of things, so the message i hope that people get is just to uplift one another. it changed my life. it changed people' s lives today. and if can change your life and change others lives. jonathan: saturday' s event also featured music and free haircuts. it' s the first time the louisville-based group came to cincinnati. u-c' s college-conservatory of music will help feed local families with its newest concert series. the music for food program kicks off next sunday. the ariel quartet string quartet will perform bach brahms mahler and mozart starting at 4:00 p.m. people are asked to bring canned goods or food donations to the dieterle vocal arts center on campus. the music for food concerts will support the freestore foodbank. a suspect is now in custody, after a series of random shootings. the fatalities and what authorities know about the suspect. and, kentucky facing off against
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a team looking to make a stand in the sec, the tough match-up and the close ending. in your morning sports. city cam fives eyes. checking the rain on its way down. fountain square getting soggy at this hour. i bet you lady liquid loves it. stay with us. we will be right back he at clorox 2 we've turned removing stains into a science. now pre-treat with clorox 2! watch stains disappear right before your eyes. remove 4 times more stains
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jonathan: 5:10 on your sunday morning. a 45-year-old man has been arrested after police say he randomly shot and killed seven people in the kalamazoo, michigan area. police say a 14-year-old girl was one of five people fatally shot in the parking lot of a cracker barrell restaurant. the other two fatalities were in the parking lot of a car dealership. an eighth victim is a woman shot multiple times in the parking lot of an apartment complex. she is in serious condition. south carolina police are looking for 3 people accused of creating chaos after firing off guns inside a shopping mall. officials say shots were fired into the air after a fist fight broke out at the mall in columbia. witnesses say two men started a fight, then another man jumped in. two of the suspects then reportedly opened fire, shooting into the air, before taking off. a sheriff' s spokesman says no injures have been reported. developing now. a police chase in brooklyn new york ends with two officers and a suspect shot. the suspect rammed a police car
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officers. police say 8 officers were involved in the chase two were hit with bullets. >> these officers pursued their work last night with vigor and focus. these were very hard-working, very dedicated officers. jonathan: both of the wounded officers are in stable condition and are expected to make a full recovery. police say the suspect is in critical condition. a federal judge has now ordered the fbi to look over reports in the death of sandra bland. she was the texas woman who died in jail, following a traffic stop. officials ruled bland' s death a suicide. but her family members say they have yet to see the original video from the traffic stop or her time in jail. they say all the copies they' ve received have been edited. >> we know that the video of the stop had problems with it when it was released, there were glitches in it, there were
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returning over and over again. >> we have become numb to the deaths that have occurred at the hands of the folks who are supposed to be protecting us. we have to get it together so that when we hear another name, we don' t just say her name area we don' t just ha shtag her. we go and find out who that woman was. jonathan: no one was indicted in bland' s death. the trooper who originally pulled over bland was charged with perjury for lying about circumstances that led up to bland' let' s turn to weather and talk about it with jennifer. jennifer: it has been a wet overnight. we had rain and thunderstorms arrived over midnight over spreading the area. a concentrated area that happens to be hitting the tri-state this morning. we are on the back edge of a steady rain that we have had since 1:00 a.m. this morning. some of it has been moderate to heavy intensity.
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through downtown, the indiana counties have already seen the worst of it. across the central part, rainfall totals up to one inch including cincinnati international airport. rain sliding off to the east. lightning protection is that -- turned on. thunderstorms at the leading edge. we are not seeing much in the way of lightning mixed in. thunderstorms potential starting to wane for the morning, steady rain on the backside of it. we will continue showers for the next couple of hours. toward 9:00, 10:00, a shower or two of potential. heavy rain moving across the 275 loop and diminishing on the eastern side of the 275 loop. breaking down showers at this point to harrison and the western half of hamilton county. rain continues. ponding on roadways. hydroplaning issues this morning. abc a couple of road closures. beach avenue and columbia parkway with additional water on the roadway. use caution early this morning. we see conditions improve over
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futurecast showing widespread rain is 6:00. it moves off to the east. we still have scattered showers and i :00 and 10:00. as we head 11:00 and noon, clouds clear out and we should have a good amount of afternoon sunshine. this is localized to sunday morning. plenty of afternoon sun in time. take a look at the rainfall totals. in bethel, 1.7 inches. mount auburn, over an inch, same thing for norwood. i covington, the radisson, exactly one inch of rain. rainfall high at the airport. the visibility is still around one-two miles. not too concerning. we will continue rain early in the morning area 54, a mild start with a light west wind. satellite and radar showing a band of rain this morning will give showers to -- give way to showers. we are in the 50' s. a drop back from yesterday' s 72. still mild today.
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tonight will bring us to mid 40' s were high temperatures tomorrow. we go back to seasonable highs on monday. a quiet day tomorrow and quite on tuesday. there is a midweek system to watch. once we get rid of this morning' s rain, we are try to start the week area our system on wednesday, it looks like a whopper. of the mississippi river valley, it will bring a band or shield of rain with it into the overnight tuesday into wednesday. some of that rain could be heavy. the northwest edge of it, cold enough that it could be on the transition to snow. we are in the area that looks like it will be a rain event. this band of low-pressure wraps up in the appellations. snow showers on the backside of it wednesday night. something to watch for. i think it will be a rain event for us and wrap up possibly with snow. lingering snow showers possible on thursday, as well. 54 degrees for a forecast high.
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after we get rid of morning rainfall. tomorrow, partly cloudy for monday and tuesday. a repeat forecast to start the week. tuesday night, the chance for rain showers begins. it will continue through the day on wednesday. we watched the potential to transition for snow as the system comes to an end. snow showers around on thursday. temperatures late in the forecast, highs back comfortably below average with highs in the 30' s. it looks like another call for next weekend with the chance of flurries around. jonathan: we loved it when we had your. dallas police are expected to wrap up their domestic violence investigation of cleveland browns quarterback johnny manziel soon. manziel' s ex-girlfriend told police he hit her and dragged her into a car during an incident last month. police have yet to speak with manziel but have talked to several witnesses. the cleveland browns have indicated the organization will release manziel next month. kentucky on the road, looking to add to it' s winning steak, but texas a&m came to play as well . news 5'
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the game. in your morning sports. elise: the kentucky wildcats making their way to college station for a conference match up with texas a&m. the aggies looking to green ground in the sec. kentucky looking for their fifth straight win. second half, under three minutes to go, u.k. under 41 jabaal mary fires off or three to cut the alleys -- aggies leave -- lead. game tied at 68. they had to overtime. just over a minute to go in ot, tyler eulas, shot is good, leads u.k. with 22 points. game tied with four seconds to go, tyler davis therefore a putback. texas a&m wins at the buzzer,
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rick pitino and the blue devils yesterday. first half, duke sharing the ball, luke kennard cut into the basket, gets a land. the senior with the assist. going strong into the second half, a sophomore loses his footing and puts up a circus shot while falling to the ground. i was two of his game-high 20 points. back out to damion lee. drain it. lava wears out duke for the win wind, 71-64. archie miller' s squad at home hosting the buys today in the first dayton down seven. gets they lay up to go. second half, game tied at 72. time is winding down. the flyers lose at home. 79-72. the saints playing their last regular-season game on senior
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minnesota' s samantha katie jumping up to carla bartel. another senior. all axis santa maria took this bank in for two. she became the president' s athletic conference all-time leading scorer with about three. a record that stood for 13 years. the saints win 94-46. the senior class is now 116 and three. how about ohio basketball postseason action? la salle meeting up with western hills. first quarter, on the break, nick wants in two cj fleming. the mustangs win by three. second quarter, steps up, knocks down a deep baseline jumper for western hills extending the lead after the quarter. la salle, again, the break. keegan huston up for the layup. a foul as la salle pulls away .
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we send it to you, jonathan. jonathan: thanks. a new effort to replace thousands of trees. the local community fighting to s parks. this is a jennifer schack story. that is a lady liquid story. fountain square. arms outstretched, feeling that rain. you can censor wanting to jump like mary tyler moore. though her head in the air.
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stay with us. jonathan: 5:24, people in several areas used the warm weather this weekend to clean up after strong winds blew through greater cincinnati on friday. gusts of more than 50 miles an hour brought down trees and power lines on roads and houses. we found sullivan services hard at work in clermont county saturday. the wind tossed some branches hundreds of yards away. replacing thousands of trees. destroyed by the emerald ash borer middletown wants to bring back the beauty of its parks. there is a way for you to get involved in the replanting effort. jennifer: the problem is widespread, ash trees dying by the thousands because of the infestation of the emerald ash
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in middletown over the last 7 years approximately 80% of the park ash trees have died and been taken down. >> once you see the bark falling off that tree and limbs falling, you have to get that tree down because it' s a liability. people who are in the park, using them, a limb can fall and it can kill someone. jennifer: it' s a grim statistic, more than 200 trees have been taken down and so far only 25 have been replanted. the city is hoping that' s about to change >> we figured trees will be the first wonder to jump up with if a public go get involved. beautifying the parks and doing something good for the environment is something all of us can get behind. jennifer: because parks are generally low on any city budget, leaders announced an initiative to get the public involved. go online, a website taking donations for the city to replace trees. it'
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the city hopes to raise in six $5,500 months. the money would buy 12 new established trees for the parks, -- >> we aim for a two inch diameter tree. because if you go any less than that the kids play on them. you really need a 2 tree in a park to be able to keep it alive. jennifer: they hope to raise enough money, quickly enough to get the trees in the ground this summer. a quick apology before we go on. that first image was the asian longhorn beetle instead of the emerald ashmore board. we will get the corrected. replace the ash trees with a variety of oaks, elms and redbuds. 10 city parks need replanted trees. regardless of the picture. a project beginning tomorrow that won' t be completed until 2017. sewer district of cincinnati is of sewer lining in mount airy forest west of i-74. crews will begin with clearing trees, and putting up protective fencing.
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though friday during daylight hours but they warn weekend work may be necessary at times. noise, dirt, and vibrations should be expected as well. there' s still a lot more ahead on wlwt news 5 today. including focusing on safety. the proposed changes to what' s often called one of hamilton county' s most dangerous intersections, and what drivers think of them. a live look outside, said he can five area not as much wind as yesterday. that superhighway through downtown cincinnati gets a car.
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jonathan: a local woman is kidnapped and assaulted. details of his arrest. the charges the suspect is facing. plus, a new salon for men holds its grand opening for a good cause. how it helps fund education and the said -- special treatment offered to guys. showers and storms to start the day rating out there right now. jennifer schack talking about the impact it will have on our temperatures and when the wet weather will move on. it is sunday, february 21, 2016. this is news 5 today. >> from cincinnati' s wlwt, leading the way. this is wlwt news 5 today.
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welcome to news 5 today. thank you for joining us on the sunday morning. we would have one week left in february, however, it is a leap year. one week and one day. jennifer: my sons best friend is a leap your baby. i have never known anyone who is a lecure baby. get excited. jonathan: you celebrated a march 1. celebrated early rather than late? not as interesting as the rain right now. jennifer: quite a bit of it. quite a few spots, over an inch of rain since midnight. they came down heavy. jonathan: a lot of boomers overnight. i heard a lot of light thunder. jennifer: the leading edge had a good band of lightning in hamilton county and kentucky had a bit of it, as well. looking at the wlwt radar right now, steady rain is starting to move out.
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this is the back edge of our morning steady rain. we taper into showers. anything beyond this, through 8:00 or 9:00 this morning, we quiet down considerably. here is the leading edge between midnight and 1:00 a.m. the had quite a bit of thunder with it leading to since -- cincinnati metro. widespread rainfall, went -- rainfall totals over one and up in comment your the international airport, 1.12 inches. these are observations as a 5:00 a.m. we will get the -- as of 4:30. we will get the 5:00 observations. it has been a what start so far. 55 after the morning rain. we salvage a nice afternoon today. it won' t be the 72 we had yesterday. it was a tied record for saturday. 72 degrees was the warmest day we have had locally since november 5. it has been a couple of months. yesterday' s record ties the long -- long-standing record the dates back to 1891. no more record warmth. we are back to winter by the midweek.
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jonathan: christian clark is locked up this morning charged with felony assault and kidnapping. police say he beat the woman with two different guns, calling -- causing significant injuries. a recently released prisoner can be back behind bars after the alleged rape of an employee. billy anderson was released on wednesday after serving four years for abduction and attentive robbery. to a chase bank branch friday to ask about a safety deposit box. when a female employee took anderson back to look at the boxes, that is when the assault occurred. anderson ran but was caught by officers a few blocks away. the mayor of cincinnati and the new police chief will come together once again to talk about reducing violent crime with the public.
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community format the college hill community center at six 130 in the evening. it is an opportunity for leaders to talk about the increase in violence and get input from you on how to deal with the issue. some ideas that came from past session include developing more businesses and opportunities for young people to get jobs the mayor and chief isaac say it' s the community' s responsibilty to speak up. a big night for several members of cincinnati' s police and fire divisions. wlwt' s courtis fuller had a chance to host the history in the making event. the sentinel police association and the african american fire fighters celebrated elliot isaac as the first sentinel member promoted to chief. the first african american female fire lieutenant, falencia frazier and first african american female police captain kim williams, were also honored. a shot of curtis in there. we usually get a shot of him. our area' intersections. avenue is known for congestion
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wlwt news 5 erik zarnitz takes a look at the proposed change to make it safer. erik: when you look at hamilton county managed intersections, beechmont and five-mile road rank as number when it comes to one accidents and injuries. but anderson is looking to change all that with construction beginning in just a few more weeks. what do you think of beechmont and 5mile road? >> i think it' s really, really dangerous and i have two teenage boys who are driving now and i am afraid every time they leave the house. erik: the intersection has been a problem spot for years, with new turn lanes and pedestrian bicycle improvements the number , of accidents has dropped by more than 40%. but things are still rough. >> it is really congested most of the time. at rush hour, it is extremely bad. when it comes to the weekends, i try to bypass it when ever i can. erik: investors are pouring $165 million into nearby properties,
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worse, without a plan like this. >> the continuous flow intersection is a concept that came to us in 2005. they did a study for does this type of configuration work? and what it would do with that area. the results of that study were wonderful as far as what it could do. erik: this animation is just an example. with those wanting to turn left line up on the left side of the road. when the light turns green more , cars can make it through the intersection. giving more green time, with less stopping and starting for all sides. >> when we started this project there were 3 in the united states, there are nearly twenty now. others are looking at the others seeing how this works. we joked around that if nothing else, there will be a lot of traffic engineers sitting at ihop watching how traffic moves through that intersection in the future. erik: as far as dollars go, the cost is similar to that of a typical road expansion, uses less land, and has fewer maintenance costs. reporting in anderson, erik zarnitz wlwt news 5. jonathan: if all goes well. the new interchange should be ready by the end of this fall. new sidewalks and crosswalks
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pedestrian friendly. this weekend men pampered , themselves at a new oakley salon while helping local kids. 18-8 hosted its grand opening on vandercar way on saturday. the salon hosted a benefit it cold cuts, cars, and coach for a fans could meet bengals head coach marvin lewis and check out it looks like marvin had a 18-8 also offered a shopping experience with a local designer and free craft beers and bourbon. >> there' s a lot of energy right now in this area. 18/8 started off in southern california, so we brought it to cincinnati because men deserve an experience like this. >> i would love a manicure. maybe a pedicure, as well. the owner says he plans to open two more locations in greater cincinnati. the oakley grand opening also featured a local art sale and fine cigars. proceeds benefited the marvin
5:38 am
the moerlein brewing company is partnering with karma hot yoga to bring you an event, with a new outlook on fitness and beer. if it sounds like they don' t go together, not so. beginning today, there will be free yoga classes in the moerlein malt house taproom at 16:21 moore street in over-the-rhine. the classes are for all levels of yoga-lovers and will be led by karma hot yoga owner ashley mackey. the one hour course will be followed by drinks at the taproom. i am glad they are doing it that way instead of the other way around. the classes will run every sunday from 11:30 until 12:30. art on vine, a monthly local art fair, will be at rhinegeist brewery today. fine arts, hand-made goods and photography from more than 60 local artists will be on display. it' s free to attend, and some work will be available for purchase. there will be food from skyline chili, holtman' s donut shop and of course drinks from rhinegeist. the brewery is located at 1910 ounce street and the event runs from 1:00 until 7:00. thousands of people showed up, to say goodbye to
5:39 am
scalia. the details on his funeral and mass. and why president obama says he didn' t attend. and, xavier in action last night, securing an important win going into this week, when they' ll host one of the toughest teams in the nation, the details in your morning sports. your live look outside, city can five. the steaming trf, -- tiara, fantastic otherworldly shot on
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cccccccccccccc richard: i am richard dyer, president and general manager of wlwt you' re welcome to this week' s inbox five. our black history month' s olympic -- continues this week with a recognition of cincinnati' s civil rights icon. at 95 years young, marian spencer is fighting to make cincinnati a great place for all of its citizens, just as she has for the last 75 years. for most of those years, he was part of a dynamic civil rights do with her late husband, donald, who together, they worked to integrate the city' s ymca pool and coney island in the 1950' s. mrs. spencer was the first african-american woman elected to cincinnati' s city council in
5:43 am
journey in her book, keep on fighting, the -- the life and civil rights legacy of marian spencer. that is it for this week. if you have feedback, e-mail at jonathan: more than 3,000 people turned out to say their final good-byes to supreme court justice antonin scalia. the funeral mass remembered him as a conservative icon a father and a man who served god. everyone from the vice president to presidential hopefuls to scalia' s supreme-court colleagues attended the service. his son, a priest, provided the homily. >> dad understood that the deeper he went in his catholic faith, the better a citizen and public servant he became. god blessed him with the desire to be the country' s good servant because he was god'
5:44 am
jonathan: i heard some other comments he made while he was speaking. one of them was very funny. he recounted when his father ended up on his confessional line. when he figured it out, he quickly left. president obama said he decided not to attend the funeral. so his large security detail wouldn' t disrupt the service. the supreme court will resume hearings monday. to kill a mockingbird author harper lee, who died friday at age 89, was laid to rest on saturday. the funeral, just as private as her life. a few dozen family members gathered at the first united methodist church in monroeville, alabama. we were watching gregory peck in the film version of to kill a mockingbird for a second. the eulogy was given by her longtime friend and history professor, wayne flint, the eulogy he read was a speech he wrote in 2006, as a tribute when lee won the birmingham pledge foundation award for racial justice. apparently lee loved it so much, , she told him to read it at her funeral. campus officials at two indiana universities are now trying to stop the spread of mumps.
5:45 am
four cases. and butler has recorded nine. both schools say they' re working with indiana' s health department to prevent further spread. butler says all those affected had proper immunizations. >> we will utilize and leverage social media and all other means in order to encourage people to do the right thing to make sure they are protected and our community is protected. jonathan: indiana health officials have encouraged all residents to get a mumps vaccination or booster shot. the death toll from a ferocious cyclone that tore through fiji has risen to six as authorities continue to assess the extent of damage done. winds from cyclone winston reached 177 miles per hour. making it the strongest storm in the southern hemisphere since record-keeping began. a curfew has been extended through monday morning. officials are trying to establish communications with the hardest-hit areas and won' t
5:46 am
damage and injuries until then. local weather with jennifer. jennifer: cincinnati' s certified most accurate forecast. a leading edge of thunderstorms arrived just after midnight. between midnight and 1:00 a.m. steady rain since then. on the backside of this. a couple of showers are still out there for widespread rains through brown county pushing off to the east. we are also not seeing red within the bands as much, so not much in the way of heavy rain. light to moderate intensity pushing off to the east. we have not seed and -- seen any lightning and the last hour or so. it will be limited. notice how that red decreases across hamilton county. weakening and moving out is the theme at this point. i think we continue that trend over the next couple of hours. here are the last four hours of radar imagery. i wanted to bring that up because it shows nicely the leading edge of thunderstorms. it also shows that hamilton
5:47 am
a continued through the morning. radar estimates totals, the green shade, an inch and a half or more across ripley, dearborn, hamilton county. we have seen a widespread area with over an inch to an inch and a half of rain. localized flash flooding is a problem for roadways this morning. a couple reports in hamilton county so far. use caution in the next hour or two. we will see conditions improve greatly after the rain has moved out. rainfall totals, bethel, 1.26, mount auburn, 1.16. in mount covington, across the river, as well. the futurecast at 6:30 showing the back edge of steady rain moving out and we still have lingering showers until 9:00 this morning. past that, i think our northwest counties are winding down by the late morning and by the midday, most of us are drying out nicely. sunshine returning quickly. we should end up with mostly
5:48 am
high temperatures will be back in the mid-50' s. not as high as 72 from yesterday. i think we have a study afternoon. 54 right now. we drop a few more degrees and climb back to it this afternoon. a southeast win at nine miles per hour. satellite and radar showing this area of thunderstorms concentrated in the ohio river valley in cincinnati , higher rainfall totals locally. as this moves out, isolated showers to the late morning hours and quieting down this afternoon. temperatures in the mid-50' s today behind the system. we are still above average. we are back to average tomorrow. our second cold front comes into tonight. highs tomorrow are expected in the mid 40' s. it looks like a joy and quiet monday and tuesday. we get more active for the midweek. once the rain stops this morning, we will be completely dry tonight, monday, and tuesday. look at wednesday. a system zooming and from the
5:49 am
models are a good amount of rain from the system from the southwest. we will be watching the northern there could be some snow with it and heavy snow, at that. not looking like it will take aim for us as a comes down. as the low-pressure wraps up the appellations, we may see snow an end in the form of snow showers. that will be the more likely scenario. watching the midweek system, snow showers behind that linger into next weekend. we get back to winter into the work week. 55 for a high today. after the morning rain, a soggy start. sunshine this afternoon and a mild day. mid 40' s, near average with dry conditions monday and tuesday. rain returns on wednesday. we watched the transition of snow showers wednesday night. snow showers thursday. colder temperatures with highs in the 30' s and starting thursday into next weekend. jonathan: the cincinnati reds gearing up for another season, with a bunch of new faces.
5:50 am
wlwt news 5 sports anchor george vogel will be live from arizona beginning monday at 5:00. let' s go to sports, now. elise: good morning, i am elise jesse. earlier in the show, we talk to how the wildcats went down to college station last night. they went into overtime with texas a&m only to fall, 79-77 by a buzzer beating layup tied tyler davis. a tough loss for u.k.. xavier on the road, but they have much better look in washington, d c. they only shot three threes in the entire game. -- made three threes. he blew down the sideline for the basket and the foul. maybe free from -- made the free throw. coming out of the locker room hot to start the second half.
5:51 am
they will host the nation' s number one team, villanova, wednesday at 7:00. quality face paint. this guy brooding on the bearcats as they host uconn. earlier in the game, tied at 20, cocaine, -- co aupain using a screen from octavius ellis. double-double for him, 13 points. bearcats up three in the second half. cocaine drive sticks out -- caupain. the shot clock winding down here jacob evans, he is going to take the contestants three wide. hitting big shots down the stretch as you see beats uconn 65-60. >> coach jackson calls multiple
5:52 am
i already understood what we were going. i didn' t go to the ball. i knew that he had it. i knew it was good. he knew it was good, too. he did a cookbook specialist. elise: i will have to ask him about that. we have more college passed ball coming your way and the next half hour. for now come over to you, jonathan. jonathan: test with the difficult job, the wildlife sanctuary dedicating itself to how you can help. look at that guy. you' re a look outside here in city can five. need to shot -- neat shot. red heat and a misty morning the background.
5:53 am
thank you for being with us at you' re unpacking already? yeah, help me find some mugs. sure. (beep) hey... o.k. they' ll do. wake up to the mountain grown aroma of folgers. the best part of wakin' up so, where do you want to start?
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jonathan: 5:55 on a sunday morning. badly wounded by a trap left in the woods. a wildlife sanctuary has come to the rescue of that bald eagle in need of help. as john london shows us, the daily regimen requires a lot of care. john: we take you inside the red wolf sanctuary in rising sun where bald eagle recovery
5:56 am
caught in a carcass trap a week ago, this bald eagle is unable to eat on her own, fly on her own, or survive on her own. paul strasser is right -- readying the days diet to nurse her back to health. >> we going to try some chicken. john: injecting an antibiotic into a refrigerated mouse. that will be force-fed. this wild eagle must be extricated from the cage. the eagles beat can exert 500 pounds of pressure per square inch. towels are used to shield her eyesight from the tempting flush of fingers and hands. a process that takes skill, strength, court nation, determination, and a full supply of band-aids. >> working a down, push. she caught me. john: the rule, by the hand that feeds you. >> she is getting a lot stronger. john: not honored by bald eagles.
5:57 am
committed to nonprofit care whether it is committed to be having this red fox recently hit by a car or showering emmy with care to remove the mud that waits for six plus -- six foot plus wins and there' s wingspan pure this majestic national symbol. likes we have to evaluate how many -- how much damage her feathers sustained. john: would be dead if not for the nurturing she is getting. as she start eating well and gains more weight, they hope to have her out of here, back into the wild and a couple of weeks. in rising sun, john london, wlwt news five. jonathan: amazing stuff p or was in that video incredible? red bull sanctuary relies heavily on donations. still a lot more ahead on news 5 today and coding more signs of summer. we will be taking the stage with the music festival. stay with us.
5:58 am
5:59 am
the difference between possible and impossible? it's a person who believes they can, surrounded and supported by others-by us- who believe it, too. u.s. bank -- the
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jonathan: or a family dispute turns violent overnight. the details that has one person on the run. suspect is missing after jumping into the little miami river. how his family is keeping his memory alive today.


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