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tv   WLWT News 5 Today Weekend  NBC  February 21, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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jonathan: or a family dispute turns violent overnight. the details that has one person on the run. suspect is missing after jumping into the little miami river. how his family is keeping his memory alive today.
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re going to climb this thing? >> i am doing vertical miles. jonathan: we are waking up to storms and greater cincinnati. it won' t matter for those vertical milers. jennifer has the impact it' s having on the area and went clouds move out. this is news 5 today. >> now from cincinnati' s first television station, this is news 5 today. jonathan: good morning and welcome. thank you for joining us. this is meteorologist jennifer schack. you didn' t think you could run caps on and you did it.
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jennifer: there is some pounding on the roadways. we should see some improvement because the heavy bands event. -- has ended. we are doing well temperature wise. it' s going to be a very soggy start. some places have seen over a half an inch after midnight. the rain is moving. there is still this back band that is developing in a central hamilton county. we did not see any lightning with it. we do not see any. we have heavy thunderstorms between night and 1:00. look at the several hours the trailed across hamilton county. we' re seeing at least an inch of rain this morning. there was an inch and a half of rain at the airport.
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as the rain comes to an end, we bring back some afternoon sunshine and it will be a mild day. the forecast is 55 for the afternoon. that ties a record temperature that dates back 125 years. it has been a while since we have been in the 70' s. it was warmed day and winter returns next week. jonathan: police in westwood are looking for the suspect in an overnight shooting. it happened on back and would lane after 1:30 a.m. this morning. the cap -- family had been drinking and someone took out a gun and fired a shot. the bullet graze the person. police of not named suspect. police are searching for a drive for the crash into a building overnight. it happened at a tv repair
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when police arrived, no one was in the vehicle. structural engineers had to be called in to make sure the building would not collapse. crews were able to board of the building. new details on a death investigation in loveland. a body was pulled from the miami river. of voter saw the body and called police. police of not confirm the identity of the body, but they believe they know who it is. the investigation continues and this comes as family and friends of a man last seen jumping into the little miami river in morrow plan to come together today for a vigil. police say 27-year-old aaron berns jumped into the little maimi on new year' s day after setting a two story duplex on main street on fire. the river search was called off after three days of combing over the area. relatives say after serving two tours overseas, berns suffered from post traumatic stress disorder. tonight, there will be a
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berns and others suffering from ptsd in the 200 block of miranda street in morrow at 5:00. climbers will be instant in raising money for a good cause. the american heart association is hosting its fight for air climb. we have details. richard: good morning. the race is getting underway in just about half an hour. this is an amazing event. s a signature event for the american lung association. good morning. organizing in cincinnati. our climb as much better than theirs. >> we are going over 800 steps and we have a vertical mile
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they are climbing 10 times up and 10 times down and over 8000 steps. richard: we have seen those firefighters when this thing five years in a row. it' s an amazing race. that is the door. they are going up and down these stairwells. tell us why this is so important. >> this is one of our biggest fundraisers in the money we raise from this event go to program and services in ohio. it' s great that we have over 600 people that come out and climb and raise money for the american lung association. richard: the climb is getting started in just about half an hour. somebody people are doing great work in making a difference in our community. we will take you to the top of the next half hour.
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jonathan: jeb bush will not be following in the presidential footsteps of his father and brother. jeb bush drop and the race for the white house last night after finishing fourth in have carolina. he tied with john kasich. hillary clinton came out on top in nevada, eating bernie sanders. nikole killion has a wrapup. nikole killion: trump and clinton about crucial wins. one candidate called it quits. >> this is a special state. nikole killion: donald trump earned his second big win. >> it' s tough, vicious, beautiful. nikole
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and ted cruz. >> south carolina has given us another remarkable result grid nikole killion: jeb bush dropped out of the race. >> i am suspending my campaign. >> i am not going anywhere. nikole killion: john kasich campaigned in new england. >> fasten your seat belts. nikole killion: luck was a lady named hillary clinton who the fact a last-minute surge from bernie sanders. >> we never doubted each other. >> the wind is at our backs.
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nikole killion: now the candidates trade places with republicans. jonathan: a dozen stones they -- vote on super tuesday. hillary clinton supporters in cincinnati opened their campaign office. they held a kickoff party in lockland on saturday. early voting is already underway. >> there are a lot of people from backgrounds, including myself. being here highlights that hillary clinton stands for that diversity. jonathan: bernie sanders supporters rallied downtown. they started their march for
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hall. several viewers have shared their photos online. our commitment 2016 coverage is also online. go to or our mobile app. we have a candidate grid to help you see where all the candidates stand on the big issues. let' s talk about local weather with jennifer. >> cincinnati' s certified most accurate forecast. jennifer: rain is pushing to the. they are starting to dry out. this band is moving into downtown. there is no lightning with a. -- it. a seen over an inch. it started raining after
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keep in mind couple of roads may still be covered in water. there is some ponding on roadways and hydroplaning is an issue. we did have some reports on columbia parkway. we will see things improve quickly now that the rain has picked out. we do have a couple of potential problems. the green shade that goes across dearborn is picking up radar estimating over an inch and a half of rain. the weatherbug network rainfall totals, an inch in abington. in the futurecast, it' s still lingering. this may be overdoing it just a little bit at 7:00.
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southern and eastern counties. by 10:00 , and isolated shower or two. downtown should be dry. we end up with a soggy mid-day and improving conditions with sunshine this afternoon. visibility is down. there are some showers out there this morning. it' s 54 with the west wind. the wind will shift to the northwest this afternoon and the temperature will drop. take a look at the satellite and radar. this is concentrated near cincinnati. this is pushing off to the east and behind it high temperatures will be in the mid 50' s. we have a dry afternoon with sunshine. temperatures are edging back, but still above average. we will have another cold front tonight that takes us back to average temperatures for tomorrow. more sunshine monday with temperatures back in the 40' s.
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work week. as we get into the midweek when state, a system will zoom of the mississippi river valley and come in from texas and bring with it quite of moisture and it will be watched. we will have an increase in rain tuesday night into wednesday. we could have heavy rain out of this. the northwest side of this is going to be snow. as low pressure moves toward the appalachians, we could see snow on the backside for us. models are still varying on how strong it is. it' s 55 degrees today. morning rain comes to an end. it will be a mild day. it will be dry with seasonal temperatures on monday and tuesday.
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we have lingering snow showers on thursday and saturday with highs back in the 30' returns. jonathan: kentucky is looking to add to its winning streak. well. >> good morning. the wildcats made their way to college station for a matchup. this game went back and forth. the aggies are looking to gain some ground. kentucky is looking for the fifth straight win. under three minutes to go, points. under a minute to go, kentucky is down by two. the game is tied at 68. just over a minute to go in overtime, the shot is good.
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the game is tied with four seconds to go. he is therefore the putback. texas a&m wins at the answer 79-77. rick pitino posts the blue devils. due to sharing the ball well. marshall family with the assist. the sophomore drives. he puts up a circa shot while falling to the ground. louisville makes a comeback. he is going to drain it. louisville wears out duke for the win. archie miller' s squad was at home. this is the first. dayton is down by seven.
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winding down. the flyers lose at home. five saints are their last regular-season game on senior day. one of those seniors drills the jumper off the inbound pass. another senior took this pass and banks it in for two. she became the all-time leading scorer with that three. the records did for 13 years. the saints win. the senior class is 116-3. how about some season action. la salle meets western hills. that is an easy bucket. that cuts the lead to three. second quarter, he knocks down
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la salle on the break. keegan hudson is ahead. la salle pulls away. they will take on them wednesday night. we told you that they beat georgetown on the road. we will send you for now. jonathan: a rapper has to face a judge and explain his social media posts. why 50 cent is being forced to explain his instagram posts as he files for bankruptcy. this is your live look outside. there is some rain on the road. stay with us.
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these may be signs of a rare, potentially fatal brain condition. serious allergic reactions can occur. tell your doctor if you or anyone in your house needs or has recently received a vaccine. in a medical study, most stelara patients saw at least 75% clearer skin and the majority were rated as cleared or minimal at 12 weeks. stelara helps keep my skin clearer. ask your doctor about stelara . jonathan: rapper 50 cent will have to explain his instagram pictures to a bankruptcy judge. he filed for bankruptcy last year, but later posted pictures of himself with piles of cash. one photo shows him with stacks of $100 bills that could easily add up to $50,000. curtis jackson, says he' s been driven into bankruptcy by lawsuits. show promoters for the
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now announced this year' s headliners. the show is set for july 22 through 23. new edition will be the friday night headliner. charlie wilson will be the headliner on saturday. if you' ve ever watched an episode of "cheers", "frasier", "friends" or "will and grace", you' ve seen the work of director james burrows. the ten-time emmy winner has directed hundreds of episodes of those sitcoms and many others. cast members from some of his biggest hits recently for a celebration of burrows' career. mark barger has more. >> at the bar where everybody knows your name, he was simply jimmy. >> when jimmy laughed you knew it was funny. >> james euros directed the gang it cheers for 237 episodes. >> he wasn' t a guy to waste words or energy. >> the cast of frasier learned
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>> from across the soundstage he said were you doing? he said stop. >> james rose lit the fuse on the bang theory. >> it' s like working with a scientist comedian. >> the first episode of friends got the burrows touch as well. >> he was essential to helping us find our relationships to each other and their characters. >> we would do anything for jim burrows. he gave us the opportunity of a >>' s impact was your on it will and grace. he directed all 188 episodes. >> he told me to do a headstand on the chair. i just did headstand. how would you even think about? >> not only that , he plays a
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jonathan: the 75-year-old recently -- directed the 1000th half hour of his career. you can watch the must-see tv all-star tribute right here on wlwt at 9:00. that will be followed by the news at 11:00. the perfect opportunity to shop for your next car. more on the auto expo. stay with us.
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jonathan: a woman is kidnapped and assaulted. details on the charges the suspect faces are in -- faces are in -- faces. >> the climbers are in place. jonathan: the air is filled with moisture to start the day. we' ve got showers. jennifer will tell us about the impact they will have on our temperatures. it' s sunday.
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>> from cincinnati' s wlwt, leading the way this is news 5 today jonathan: thanks for joining us on this sunday we have an interesting shot with a beam of light coming across that misty fog. jennifer: are we losing some building tops? jonathan: i hope not to -- not. a large section of life -- light just one off. we' ve got rain out there in the area. it' s not going to stay that way all day. jennifer: the heaviest of it has already moved out. we improve during the second half of the day. i think we are dry starting off
6:31 am
we' ve got a good set up but we' ve got to get rid of these morning rain showers. it' s not been anything heavy, but showers are moving across hamilton county in through downtown. we do have steady rain proportions of highland adams counties. we are tapering back into some scattered showers. if you' re in our extreme northern counties, you will be dry for the rest of the morning. we have some storms in indiana that have to work their way through. we may have a lightning world war ii. that would be very isolated. i don' t think we have any activity this morning. warning rainfalls have been over an inch for quite a few of us. burlington is coming in at just over an inch as well. we have more afternoon sunshine
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it will still be above average today. the mild the state in the forecast is today. jonathan: a man is being held on a bond. he forced a woman into his home at gunpoint. christian clark is locked up and charged with kidnapping and assault. clark beat the woman with two different guns causing serious injuries. a prisoner could be heading back kind bars after the rape of a bank employee. billy anderson it was released from prison on wednesday after serving four years. he went to a chase bank branch to ask about a safety deposit box. when she took him to look the taxes, that' s when the assault occurred.
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the mayor of cincinnnati and the new chief of police will come together one last time this week to talk about reducing violent crime. tomorrow is the fifth and final community forum at the college hill community center at 6:30 p.m. it' s an oppertunity for leaders to talk about the increase in violence, and get input from you on how to deal with the issue. some ideas that came from past session include developing more businesses and opportunities for young people to get jobs. the mayor and chief isaac say it' s the community' s responsibilty to speak up. a big night for several members of cincinnati' s police and fire divisions. wlwt' s courtis fuller had a chance to host the history in the making event. the sentinel police association and the african american fire fighters celebrated elliot isaac as the first sentinel member promoted to chief. the first african american female fire lieutenant, falencia frazier, and first african american female police captain, kim williams, were also honored. making sure no one has to fight for air, today local
6:34 am
news 5' s richard chiles is live downtown at the carew tower with more on the participants and how they prepare. richard? richard: good morning. underway. they are climbing 45 stories. started. imagine this , 804 steps up and back. this is the premier event for the american lung association. this is bringing people together for this great opportunity and supporting this wonderful organization. they been participating in this climate. they are getting started at 9:30 a.m. this morning for first-time climbers. we have already started the vertical mile.
6:35 am
and a challenge. >> my training has varied over the years. i do a lot of stair training and work on the tread no at the maximum incline. i love to run in the outside. richard: this vertical mile is getting started and going at 6:30 a.m. this morning. the climbers are going up and down. this is making the 45 stories 10 times for one mile. we are going to get a chance to see the firefighters in full turnout gear making this climb. everybody is a winner. jonathan: thanks.
6:36 am
check out the latest car models downtown. the auto expo has taken over the duke energy center. 400 different vehicles have been rolled in. the event opened earlier this week. you can check out the wheels from 11:00 until 5:00. look at that need truck. a suspect is in custody after a series of random shootings. we will talk about the fatalities and what the authorities know about suspect in glendale is on alert after a coyote attacks a large dog. stay with us for that. you' re down from the tower. people are fighting for air
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jonathan: a man has been arrested after he shot and killed seven people in kalamazoo, michigan. a 14-year-old girl was one of five people fatally shot in the parking lot of a cracker barrel restaurant area -- restaurant. south carolina police are looking for three people accused creating chaos after firing off guns inside a shopping mall. shots were fired into the air after a fistfight broke out in columbia. two men started a fight and another man jumped in. two suspects opened fire before taking off. of no injuries of been reported. police in glendale issued a warning after a coyote injured a large dog.
6:40 am
in the wooded areas around the glendale, the coyote profile has gone from sightings to biting' s. >> right in between those two bushes there is a coyote standing there in weight. >> he is still upset about what happened to his family member. she recovered from a coyote attack a couple weeks ago. >> the attack took place right here. >> this is 30 feet from your back door. >> her leg is still healing. what makes it a concern for the community is she is such an unlikely target. >> i have seen a lot of wild life, but never thought they would attack a 70 pound dog.
6:41 am
increase in the population creating food shortages and more hostile animals. >> you see them more and more. she is not a small dog. they are getting more aggressive than what they have been in the past. >> police are warning residents about the problem. >> the alert and be aware and keep an eye on your kids. >> even the chief has chased away coyotes. >> the yard had two small dogs in the yard. >> that is why police will continue to keep in my out for a culprit with a long history of clever problem causing ways. jonathan: that board. the police are trying to figure out the best way to thin the number of coyotes in the area. xavier was in action last night.
6:42 am
one of the toughest teams in the nation. morning. we had overnight rain and temperatures have followed into the mid-50' s. he will stay there for afternoon highs today. that' s still above average, but we will fall in the work.
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jennifer: welcome back. we had some thunderstorms between mid-night and 1:00. we are not going back that many hours. as a leading edge of lightning and the steady rain across hamilton county. we had several hours of moderate to heavy rainfall. there was over an inch and a half of rain in southern hamilton county. we have some lingering showers and isolated storms on the backside of this. that will move east. we are not quite done with the morning rain, the steady rain through the night has come to an end. there are some problems on roadways. i don' t think we will see much more of that. the rain has ended.
6:46 am
if you are out this morning. there are some showers in northern kentucky. i think through 9:00 this exit counties. our futurecast at 8:30 a.m. shows activity. hours, it will stay dry. rain will come through but he quickly. we have dry conditions this afternoon with more sunshine take a look. it' s been a stocky start. we had an inch and a half the international airport. covington has seen over an inch of rain. you do want to use some caution
6:47 am
the temperature is at 54 degrees. it' s mild wet this morning. we have had several hours of steady overnight rain. there is a break in the cloud cover to the north. we should bring that in this afternoon. high temperatures today are close to where we will end up. we will end up in the mid-50' s today. tomorrow, that' s we get back to those seasonal temperatures. it should be a quiet start to the week for monday and tuesday. we get a lot more active for midweek. we have dry conditions on monday evening. take a look tuesday night into wednesday. the system is climbing in from the tennessee river. it should bring us a good amount of chilly rain on wednesday.
6:48 am
strengthen it where it will have snow. we will be watching where that sets up. this is keeping us comfortably to the north of us. we may see some of that wrap in as the rain comes in. it' s 55 degrees for our high today. look at the quiet conditions. we get pretty active for the rest of the forecast. that' s when winter temperatures return. we have some lingering snow showers on a thursday. we have a flurry chance or friday. i think high temperatures will be 12 degrees below average. this is your sunday morning sports. >> good morning.
6:49 am
went down to college station and went into overtime only to fall. that' s a tough loss for u.k.. xavier was also on the road. they had much better luck in d.c. they only shot three threes in the entire game. edmond sumner blue down the sideline for the basket. xavier smokes georgetown 88-70. they will host villanova wednesday night. it' s sold out. that is quality face the. -- paint.
6:50 am
the big men throws down and finishes with a points. he is using a screen. gary clark seals his man off on the post. the bearcats are up i three points. the triple is good. shot clock is winding down. he' s going to take the contested three. you see beats uconn. >> he calls multiple players. he is a part of the guys. i already understood what we were doing. i knew that he had it. i knew that it was good it. he did a little cook special at the end.
6:51 am
we have more college basketball coming your way in the next half hour. jonathan: beds are gearing up for a new season. meet the players as they start spring training. george vogel will be live from arizona beginning monday, that' s tomorrow at 5:00. a brief company is partnering with a hot yoga studio. look at that stretch there will be three yoga classes in the taproom. the classes are for all levels. they will be led by ashley mackey. the one hour class will be followed by drinks at the taproom.
6:52 am
artwork from 60 artists will be on display. some work will be available for purchase. there will be food. the brewery is located on him street and the event will run from 1:00 until 7:00. a high school student is turned into a world champ.
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jonathan: every sport has its way of judging the best. the nfl has power rankings. the world cube association is the governing body for the rubik' s cube. we had a chance to check in with
6:55 am
>> my skills with the rubik' s cube are unmatched. >> unmatched meaning that all sides of the tubes still have multiple colors. for a junior at nason heise will, this flows more naturally. >> i never thought i would get in this fast. i just wanted to try my best and not week about it. >> he does not just solve the puzzle, he does it blindfolded. he set a record in his division. he is ranked seventh in the world. you see a lot of kids come through. >> once every 10 years. it' s rare.
6:56 am
>> keeps watch on the roots cube club. the idea is about learning more. >> he has a great deal of patience and teaching ability. the club is not about performing. it' s about the guys that know how to do the cube teaching these kids who come by how to do it. >> another skill the cube taught me is to try things. there' s not just one specific way of doing it. keep an open mind as to which way you want to approach it. >> i can' t even peel the stickers off that fast. jonathan: i used to be able to get two sides.
6:57 am
the next competition is the 27th. may the cube be with you. six students at madeira high school have checks that will help get the financial boost needed for college. our producer loves the big check. they walked away with $20,000 in scholarship money. it' s part of the h&r block budget challenge. business teacher said this is a life-changing moment for the students. >> for some of our students, this means that they can go to college and not have the stress of student loans they would have had if they had not one of the scholarship. >> they received a grant for the business classroom.
6:58 am
the presidential race is taking shape. how does jeb bush is the partner -- departure shakeup the race. stay with us.
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jonathan: now on news 5 today. a family dispute turns violent after one person takes out a gun and fires. details on the shooting that has one person on the run. plus, and arson suspect still missing after jumping into the miami river. how his family is keeping his memory alive today. >> the fight for air climb is climbing to new heights. we will give you the details just ahead. jonathan: also, walking in that


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