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tv   WLWT News 5 Today Weekend  NBC  February 21, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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jonathan: now on news 5 today. a family dispute turns violent after one person takes out a gun and fires. details on the shooting that has one person on the run. plus, and arson suspect still missing after jumping into the miami river. how his family is keeping his memory alive today. >> the fight for air climb is climbing to new heights. we will give you the details just ahead. jonathan: also, walking in that
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greater cincinnati good jennifer schack has the impact on the area and when clouds could move out. sunday, february 21, 2016. this is news 5 today. >> from cincinnati' s wlwt, leading the way. this is wlwt news 5 today. jonathan: welcome to news 5 today. thank you for joining us on the sunday morning. this is meteorologist and curator of pet rocks, jennifer schack. she was making them with her son , weston yesterday. you should tweak some of those pictures out. it was a great day for sitting outside in making pet rocks. jennifer: insureds. jonathan: -- jennifer: in shorts. jonathan: flip-flops. jennifer: i used to say the threshold was 74 shorts and it was 72. tied a record for the day. we will not have that works today.
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we will salvage a nice afternoon after a very soggy overnight. a look at the radar, steady rain and thunderstorms rolling in just after midnight. we have seen the heaviest and a bulk of precipitation move out. a good portion of us have seen over an inch of rain this morning. now we linger showers and northern kentucky. we will not see much more than a 10th of an inch on the high-end. across pendleton, brockton, mason county, some activity in indiana working it' s way east. this way north of lavelle, a thunderstorm. it will maybe -- skirt across the northern counties. if you live in the northern communities, you' re probably done with rain this money. a look at rainfall totals, an inch and a half of the international airport. burlington, a furniture inch. alexandra, close to a niche last night. a good amount of rain to the overnight was steady, moderate to heavy intensity. morning rain will come to an end. by the mid-they come we are dry. by the afternoon, we decrease clouds bringing back sunshine.
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in the mid-50' s which is close to where we are this morning. not quite 72 like yesterday. the warmest day we had since november 5 when we had 74. we tied a record that was 125 years old yesterday. no more record temperatures, but winter weather returns. we go through the coming up. jonathan: knew this morning, police and westwood are looking for a suspect in an overnight shooting. it happened in the 3000 block of bracken wood lane just after 1:30 this morning. police say the family was drinking, and two people got into an argument, one took out a gun and fired a shot, the bullet grazing one person. they refused treatment. police have not named the suspect. police in westwood are also searching for the driver who crashed into a building overnight. it happened at a t-v repair business in the block of 2000 harrison avenue around when 2:30. police arrived no one was in the vehicle. structural engineers had to be called to the scene to make sure the building would not collapse. after given the o.k., crews were able to board up the building.
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investigation in loveland. last night police pulled a body from the little miami river. police say a boater saw the body and called police. loveland police say they have not confirmed the identity of the body but believe they know who it is. the ohio department of natural resorces is continuing the investigation. this comes as family and friends of a man last seen jumping into the little miami river in morrow plan to come together today for a vigil. police say 27-year-old aaron berns jumped into the little maimi on new year' s day, after setting a two story duplex on main street on fire. the river search was called off after three days of combing over the area. relatives says, after serving two tours overseas, berns suffered from post traumatic stress disorder. tonight, there will be a candlelight vigil to remember berns, and others suffering from ptsd, in the 200 block of . teams of climbers will be in cincinnati today, raising money for a good cause.
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is hosting it' s fight for air climb. richard chiles is live downtown s event. good morning, richard. already underway. listen to these numbers. 804 steps, 45 floors , 10 times. that give you an idea of the intensity of the vertical mile in the cincinnati milestone of the current tower. this is an amazing thing all for a great job -- cause. >> at benefits the american long association and the work we do in ohio. we have people going up 10 times , coming down 10 times. a vertical mile up and a mile down. richard: a vertical mile up, a vertical mile down. an amazing cause. we have seen competitors come back to get a quick water
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a fundraiser and an awareness raiser for you guys. fighting. >> the american lung association fights copd as you said. lung cancer, lung cancer is a big problem. it is the number one killer of both men and women. also, asthma. all of the funds raised today will help against the dutch will help the fight against lung cancer in copd and asthma. richard: if you still want to be a part, registration get started at 9:00 and continues until 9:00. everyone else gets a chance to climb the carew at 10:15. >> come out and climb. a $100 fundraising minimum, $35 registration fee. if you can' t climb, come out and volunteer or help firefighters or climbing. several firefighters are with us
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richard: you can be a part of it just ahead. we will give you more. jonathan: that is absolutely amazing. the south carolina primaries caused major changes in the race for the white house. coming up, the latest from the campaign trail. and, kentucky facing off against texas a&m. a team looking to make a stand in the sec, the tough match-up and the close ending. indoor mornings and sports.
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jonathan: welcome back, 7:10 on your sunday morning. and commitment former governor 2016, jeb bush will not be following in the presidential footprints of his father and older brother this year. jeb bush dropped out of the race for the white house last night after finishing fourth in saturday' s south carolina primary. essentially tying with ohio governor john kasich. meanwhile hillary clinton came , out on top in nevada beating bernie sanders by double digits. all this giving us a better look at the state of the race and what the results could mean going forward. political analyst marc sandalow joins us live from washington to good morning, thank you for joining us. talk about his victory in south carolina. it was expected.
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marc: think of his strategy to win in south carolina. he went after john mccain for not being a war hero. he said the war in iraq was a terrible mistake and that george w. bush was a liar for taking us into it. he got in a fight with the pope the last few days. he wins by double digits. it suggests there is something more going on in the polls in south carolina suggesting -- that anger has a lot to do with it. anger at washington, at the establishment. anger at immigrants, anger at muslims. whether anger can overtake hope in the long run remains to be seen. south carolina' s victory showed us for sure that donald trump can make mistake after mistake in the traditional sense and still go on to victory. jonathan: may end up not being mistakes in a way. he is riding a wave that a lot of pundits did not see. jeb bush, departure from the race shakes it up a bit. i guess that makes marco rubio
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where is our governor, john kasich, to into this scene? marc: here is the good news for john kasich. i am guessing at least a quarter of the country has heard of him and maybe one out of 10 pronounces his name incorrectly. that is a huge step forward. he has been the tortoise in this race. he has been steady, not been one making mistakes, he is the guy in his own campaign strategy that if you are looking for a steady hand, if voters start to get panicked over the rhetoric of donald trump or fire enis of -- fieryness of crews and rubio, you can go for kasich. he has a long way to go. jonathan: a good story to tell when people realize he has been in washington and run a state. they feel more accountable about him, it seems. let' s talk about the other side. hillary
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the defensive or does his claim of continuing to write be popular wave culture -- hold true? marc: bernie sanders was rejecting clinton' s argument that only she can win minority votes. it is true that sanders won a majority of hispanics was her mark. african americans overwhelmingly went for hillary clinton here next week in south carolina, half of the register democrats are african-american. that is critical. democrats don' t win without minority support. the last democratic president to win a majority of the white vote was 1964, lyndon b. johnson. he would need to prove that he could win the african-american vote to be the nominee and he is not there. jonathan: it is shaping up to be an interesting race from this point forward. not that it is not already been. mark center low washington, d.c.. thank you for joining us.
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tuesday and democrats hold their south carolina primary nexen of a. hillary clinton supporters in greater cincinnati officially opened their local campaign office this weekend. hillary for ohio held a kickoff party at its phone bank in lockland on saturday. volunteers are counting down to ohio' s primary. but early voting is already underway. meanwhile bernie sanders , supporters rallied downtown on satruday. they started their march for bernie on the steps of city hall. several viewers shared their photos from the rally as supporters echoed bernie' s call for a political revolution. local organizers say thousands of people also showed their support in events across the country. our commitment 2016 coverage is also online. go to or our mobile app. we have a candidate grid to help you see where all the candidates stand on the big issues. let' s stop weather with jennifer. jennifer: the rain and
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we had steady rate -- steady rain through 5:00 a.m. this morning. five hours of rain. we added up those rainfall totals to over an inch. still a few more showers to roll through. in the last five hours of radar imagery, most of it was moderate to heavy intensity. ponding on roadways, minimal flash flooding. i don' t think that is a problem any longer. we have been without steady rain for a couple of hours and dry conditions. still foggy and damp or cincinnati at this point. additional showers in indiana and a loan thunderstorm in louisville moving east and to our direction. we' re not quite done with the morning precipitation. the steady rain has ended. our chance of thunderstorms is limited going forward. looking at the radar, estimated rainfall totals, all of us had overnight rain and a shade of green living at ross dearborn, ridley, anderson county, and northern boone county. radar estimated totals above image a half of rain is right where the airport and it up.
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bethel, 1.2 in of rain on our weather buzz network. a look at a futurecast at 8:00 scattered mainly for northern kentucky and the eastern through 9:00 and 10:00. we still see some activity out there before we finally start to quiet down for the late morning and midday from cincinnati north. not likely to see much more additional rainfall. it is quite cloudy , foggy, visibility is down to a few miles. temperature at 52. north wind at seven miles per hour will stay out of the north for the afternoon temperatures. still on the mild side today. not quite where we were yesterday. here is satellite and radar with rain that move through tonight. the system is moving off to the east. behind it, afternoon sunshine today. temperatures end up in the mid-50' s. another boundary, another cold front comes in tonight. that is when we drop the temperatures again tomorrow with highs only in the mid 40' s. it looks like a dry frontal passage tonight. quiet for monday and tuesday
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a close look at the futurecast, midweek futurecast showing during the evening on monday, conditions. look at wednesday. here comes a system from the moisture. we will watch it pass. snow likely on the northwest side of it. we are on the chilly rain side of it for wednesday. we could see that wrap up with snow for wednesday night. belichick the most likely scenario at this point. 55 degrees for a high today. after a soggy start this morning with a few lingering showers, afternoon sun, seasonable temperatures monday and tuesday. partly cloudy and dry. rain returns wednesday. that is when we mix it up. the rest of the forecast, colder, below average temperatures, lingering snow showers and flurries beyond that system. cold temperatures last into next weekend. jonathan: kentucky on the road, looking to add to it' s winning streak. but texas a&m came to play as news 5' s elise jesse has more on the game.
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elise: good morning. the kentucky wildcats making their way to college station for a conference matchup with texas a&m this game was back and forth on high. the aggies looking to gain ground in the fcc. the desk kentucky looking for their fifth straight win. under three minutes to go, u.k. down for when jamaal murray fires off for three to cut the aggies lead to under one point. with less than a minute ago, kentucky down to, the slam, game tied at 68, they had to overtime. just over a minute to go in ot, tyler u eueless, game tied with four seconds to go. aggies inbound, daniel mrs., tyler davis therefore the putback. texas a&m wins at the buzzer, of kentucky, 79-77. rick pitino and the cardinals hosting the blue devils yesterday.
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ball, blue canard cutting to the basket, gets alien. the senior, marshall plumlee with the assist there. grayson allen showing strong into the second half. the sophomore losing his footing and puts of a circuit shot while falling to the ground. that was two of his game-high 29 points. impressive. louisville making a comeback. back out to damion lee. drain it. the lavelle wears out duke for the win, 71-64. archie miller at home hosting the by today in the first dayton down seven. charles koch making grown men moved spirit a spin up, they lie off to go to second half, game tied at 72. time winding down. the flyers lose at home . 79-72. five states playing their last regular-season games on senior day yesterday afternoon. one of those seniors was minnesota' s samantha katie drawing the jumper off the
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alexis santamaria took this loss, banks it in for two. she became the president' s athletic conference all-time leading scorer with matt three. a record that stood for 13 years. the saints win 94-46. the senior class is now at an amazing 116-3. how about ohio ask postseason action? la salle meeting up with western hills aired first quarter, on the break, nick watson to cj fleming, the easy bucket. the mustangs levi three. the second quarter, montgomery, knocks down the deep baseline jumper for western hills extending the lead. up ahead to joe hartman for the layup and the foul as la salle pulls away and routes the mustangs, 72-40. we will send it to you, jonathan. jonathan: a local organization
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disorders. why they' re focused on getting the word out this week, and where people impacted by eating disorders can go for help. we will talk to the doctor in an in studio interview. a live look outside. city can five, early morning light. rain out there on the road. be careful if you drive. the -- stay with us. (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan
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(elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates,
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jennifer: in the u.s. as many as , 10 million women and one million men suffering from an eating disorder. this week marks national eating disorder awareness week. and here to talk with us is dr. ashley solomon executive clinical director with eating recovery center ohio. thank you for coming in. some of the things you want to talk about is the broad look at eating disorders and how it is not just a teenage focus. >> absolutely. one of the major myths about eating disorders is that they are not life-threatening, serious illnesses. a lot of people still have the perception that eating disorders are a lifestyle choice or bad eating habits gone astray. actually, what we know is that eating disorders have the highest mortality rate of any
7:25 am
they affect people of all genders, races, ethnicities. we are seeing a lot more eating disorders than men -- in midlife women and boys and men. jennifer: i think you are right. the national thought is to attach it to a teenager. like. people develop disorders. >> absolutely. there has been a lot more research that has been helpful for us to understand the basis of eating disorders. we know there is a strong genetic link. people that develop eating disorders have a genetic predisposition to the development of eating disorders. environmental stresses and triggers cause them to develop into full-blown eating disorders. jennifer: there are a variety of types. is there anything specific to all of them or best advised to look out for for a family member or relative? >> one important thing to look
7:26 am
gaining weight significantly , changes in eating habits, avoiding meals, especially if your anointed -- noticing a child is engaging and interesting bora centric habits around food. going to the bathroom quickly after meals, or avoiding social interactions that avoid food. jennifer: what would you recommend to do if there are-- suspicious signs? >> for parents, in particular, the most important thing to do is take away that sense of guilt or blame right a lot of parents still carry the stigma that parents cause eating disorders. we know that is not the case. first, alleviate themselves of that killed. -- of that guilt. get that child evaluated by a specialist. jennifer: thank you for coming in this week, and importantly to a new -- illuminate the subject. you can get more information on
7:27 am
meeting -- at the eating discovery center. we have link you there on thank you for coming in, dr. ashley solomon. jonathan: still ahead, the perfect opportunity to shop for your next car. more on the cincinnati auto expo, and the hundreds of cars you can see today. railcars making their way south on this early sunday morning through the rain. stay with us. we will be right back at news 5
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jonathan: now on news 5 today. a local woman is kidnapped and assaulted now her alleged attacker is behind bars. charges the suspect is now facing. richard: the five for a climb is underway. we take you to new heights just ahead. jonathan: also, showers and storms to start the day. jennifer schack has the latest on our temperatures and when the wet weather will move out. sunday, february 21, 2016 and this is wlwt news 5 today. >> from cincinnati' s wlwt, leading the way. this is wlwt news 5 today. jonathan: good morning. welcome to news 5 today.
7:31 am
jennifer: good morning. jonathan: lots of green flashing going on behind the. jennifer: not as covered on the map as it was a few hours ago. right now, i would say soggy with showers out there for the overnight. steady rain, some of it heavy rain for a good portion of the region. jonathan: i was up around midnight and listening to the rain. it was soothing but i couldn' t go back to sleep. jennifer: it was unusual, out of sorts like yesterdays 72 degrees. that led to late evening thunderstorms. those have pushed out. we have a couple of showers out there. in northern kentucky, you will have coverage of showers in the next couple of hours. northern counties not much it -- to move through. we are not quite done yet. steady rain is over. still lingering showers and isolated thunderstorms this morning.
7:32 am
1.5 inches in cincinnati international airport. almost that much of lunken, over an inch of burlington. hamilton, as well. a good amount of rain through the night coming through. tapering into morning showers. giving in to late morning, we dry out. for the afternoon, decreasing clouds, we bring back sunshine and temperatures today into the mid-50' s. still mild, not just quite the 72 we were holding onto yesterday. that was the warmest day we had had since november 5 at 74 degrees per it we tied the record high temperature, 125-year-old record. we did well yesterday. we have winters don' t -- returning next week. we talk about snow chances and rain to come coming up. jonathan: a 30-year-old east price hill man is being held on a two million dollar bond. accused of forcing a woman into his del monte place home at gunpoint. christian clark is locked up this morning, charged with felony assault and kidnapping. police say that once inside his home clark beat the woman with two different guns causng serious injury.
7:33 am
could be heading back behind bars after the alleged rape of a columbus bank employee. police say 31-year-old billy anderson was released from prison on wednesday after serving four years for abduction and attempted robbery. they say anderson went to a chase bank branch friday to ask about a safety deposit box. when a female employee took anderson to look at the boxes that' s when the assault occurred. anderson ran but was caught by officers a few blocks away. the mayor of cincinnnati and the new chief of police will come week, to talk about reducing violent crime. tomorrow is the 5th and final community forum at the college in the evening. an oppertunity for leaders to it isan oppertunity for leaders to talk about the increase in violence and get input from you on how to deal with the issue. some ideas that came from past session include developing more businesses and opportunities for . s the community'
7:34 am
responsibilty to speak up. making sure no one has to fight for air. today, local firefighters joined hundreds of people and since -- cincinnati for a life saving climb. news 5' s richard chiles is live downtown at the carew tower, where that climb all happen with more on the participants, and how they prepare, richard? richard: jonathan, good morning. fo ur years you guys have in making this climb. talk to us about doing this and your turnout gear. why do this? it is an amazing fundraiser. >> it is a great cause, the american lung association. we have raised $2000 in the past, hopefully up to $3500 for them this year. the firefighter challenge starts at 12:15 this afternoon. you can see, we have boots, pants, glove, helmet. all of the gear together weighs
7:35 am
we ascended the stairwell for order five flights and 805 steps. richard: you talk about that 805 steps, vertical mile up, vertical mile down. that is an absolutely amazing task. talking about asthma, copd . you guys, great shape, we appreciate what you do in terms of being there for all of us. taking time to do this, as well. this says a lot about you and the character. >> thank you very much. it is a cause that we in delhi township fire department really embrace. it is a great cause. we enjoy helping them out. richard: dan alpert' s and crew, the firefighter challenge getting started at 12:00. you guys are the champions of this thing. any tips for an old guy like me? >> keep pumping those arms and kicking those legs. richard: pumping those arms and kicking those legs. i can do that. jonathan: i that you can, richard. thanks.
7:36 am
check out the latest car models downtime. -- downtown. the cincinnati auto expo has taken over the duke energy center. 35 manufacturers have rolled in 400 different vehicles. the expo opened earlier this week, with an event benefitting children' s hospital. we were live there yesterday morning. the companies have options for the bargain hunter to the luxury dreamer. look at the corvette. you can check out the wheels today from 11 -- 11:00 until 5:00. a suspect is now in custody, after a series of random shootings. the fatalities and what authorities know about the suspect. and, cyclone winston ripped through fiji on saturday. destroying hundreds of homes and claiming three lives so far, the latest on the damage and the search for more victims. going outside through city cam 5' s eyes, our beautiful art museum at the base of mount adams.
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we will be right jonathan: 7:39 on your sunday morning. a 45-year-old man has been arrested after police say he randomly shot and killed seven people in the kalamazoo,
7:40 am
was one of five people fatally shot in the parking lot of a cracker barrell restaurant. the other two fatalities were in the parking lot of a car dealership. an eighth victim is a woman shot multiple times in the parking lot of an apartment complex. she is in serious condition. the death toll from a ferocious has risen to as authorities six continue to assess the extent of damage done. winds from cyclone winston reached 177 miles per hour. making it the strongest storm in the southern hemisphere since record-keeping began. a curfew has been extended through monday morning. officials are trying to establish communications with the hardest-hit areas and won' t know the full extent of the damage and injuries until then. in greater cincinnati. people in several areas used the warm weather this weekend to clean up after strong winds blew through on friday.
7:41 am
we have the puppy up for adoption this morning. she is a cutie. jennifer: soggy sunday morning. rain is moving out and we will salvage the afternoon forecast area where the temperatures are going today and for the work week as we fall off. thank you for joining us for
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ok, we're going to need a napkin gooey, flaky, happy. toaster strudel. jennifer: that in -- study, overnight radar has ended. some invading showers from indiana. those fly into the east over the next couple of hours. we have a thunderstorm north of louisville that may clip southern owen county. most of this will be light
7:45 am
more heavy rainfall. a few tenths on the high end. we have already received 1.5 region. within the 275 with, nothing right now. we continue with morning activity. a few showers out there across indiana to come in. once we get rid of these morning showers and isolated thunderstorm chances, we will dry out for the late morning to midday. even bring back sunshine this afternoon. we have had over a niche and a half at the international airport. quite a soggy start 1.43 lunken, burlington , near them for a month alexandra. this afternoon, temperatures grow nicely. we are up in the mid-50' s later on today. more sunshine expected. afternoon sunshine in time. it will take a little bit of time to get here. we are anticipating sunshine and decrease in clouds later on this afternoon. take a look at record warmth earlier this weekend. yesterday, we peaked at 72 degrees. really, a nice start to the weekend. as we had through our sunday, highs today on the expected in
7:46 am
we will cool it back considerably. rain from the overnight sliding off to the east. moving out of the region. wlwt radar, one more look showing showers in indiana that have to come through this morning. not much left over. we have had one and a quarter inch a vessel, covington over an inch of rain, as well. futurecast showing rain moving off to the east this morning good we bring back sunshine later on this afternoon. look at temperatures for the region. we have quite a range from it 40' s to mid 50' s. cool air behind the system is starting to filter in with a north wind and clouds around your north wind at 20 miles per hour. temperatures drop back to 48. satellite and radar showing cincinnati taking aim last night with heavy rain i came through. right in the bulk of it with over an inch and a half. lingering morning showers, this afternoon, high temperatures recover into the mid-50' s as we bring back sunshine. we are still mild today. another boundary tonight. another cold front comes in.
7:47 am
we are talking seasonable s for monday and tuesday. tuesday looks quiet with another be watching closely. look futurecast for tuesday very moisture is gathering to the south. low-pressure zooming in from south texas across the tennessee river valley. we will most likely be in the cold rain side of it during the day on wednesday. accumulating snowfall to the northwest. we will watch a patch of that low-pressure. moisture ending for us as snow showers wednesday night is a good possibility. today, 55 for a high temperature. seasonable side, temperatures in the 40' s. rain returns tuesday, showers linger thursday and highs back in the 30' s as went to restore -- returns late in the forecast lingering into next weekend. jonathan: every sunday, we show off the tri-state' s stray animals, who are ready to go to
7:48 am
with me this morning are mary and bob, with the stray animal adoption program. and some little guys available for adoption. let' s start with white nights giving each other a tongue bath. >> this is a group of kiddies that are a brother and a sister. one is' twas all -- one is twizzle, the other a sugar baby. i can' t tell which one is which. they are on 9-11 weeks old. you can see they are as sweet as can be. they are very energetic. one, i called the white lightning because she flashed out of the kitty room on the. jonathan: the white shadow. >> they are sweet, good-natured kittens. they are fun to watch. they are, like i said, about 8-9 -- 9-11 weeks old. they will be up for adoption
7:49 am
3:00 is when we will be there. jonathan: cute as can be. bob, talk about this guy. >> this is a little girl. kitties are very cute. we will try to start -- steal the cute meter with this wonderful pup. jonathan: put her head on your lap, lay down. >> she is a sweetie. a german shepherd puppy, four months old. she is adorable, sweet as can be. she does well with other dogs, well with children. jonathan: issue just shepherd -- is she just shepherd? >> i think she will grow to be a 70 pound dog. her name is queenie. very soft. feel how suffered vote -- feel how soft her coat is. sagan morning, everybody. she is almost housebroken. we are working on it. she will be at sap station today, as well.
7:50 am
pups there him as well. this girl is a sweetheart. she is all most housebroken. she can go home to your house today. jonathan: talk about shepherds in general. they are good guard dogs? >> they are great family dogs, they will be protectors. if you have a couple of children in the home, she will have her puppy life that ends right around the time she grows to a year and a year and a half. she wants a job. her job is being a protector. jonathan: you look good. you will have no problem today. if you would like more information about the stray animal adoption program, adopting pets like queenie, call 859-391-1234, or log onto and click on the as seen on section. here is a lease with sports. -- here is elise with sports. elise: earlier in the show, we told you how the wildcats went down to college station last night. they went into overtime with
7:51 am
a buzzer beating layup by tyler davis. tough loss for u.k.. xavier on the road, but they have much better luck in washington, d.c. at the half-mile, davis to trayvon lewis for his only triple of the game. they only shot three threes in the entire game -- made three threes. 30 seconds later, edmund sumner blew down the sidelines for the basket and the foul, made the free throw. muskies came out of the locker room hot to start the second half. xavier smokes georgetown, 88-70. they host the nation' s number one team, villanova, wednesday at 7:00. it is sold out. quality face paint. this guy rooting on the bearcats as they host uconn. earlier in the game, tied at 20, caupain, throwing down, finishes with eight points. caupain using the screen from
7:52 am
double-double for him, 13 points. bearcats up three in the second half. they drive kick out kevin johnson, the trouble is good -- the triple is good. jacob evans will take the contested three, why not? the freshman hitting it down the stretch as you u.c. beats uconn 55-50. >> he calls us cookbook specialists. he is a part of the got your cookbook specialists. i already understood, go to the ball, i knew that he had it. i do it was good. he knew it was good, too. he did a cookbook specialists here. elise: cookbook specialist. i will have to ask him about that this week. we have more college basketball coming your way in the next half hour. for now, over to you, jonathan. jonathan: the cincinnati reds gearing up for another season,
7:53 am
meet the players as they start spring training. wlwt news 5 sports anchor george vogel will be live from arizona beginning tomorrow. he will be on air talking about the reds at 5:00. after the break, a final check of the top stories of the morning, and the tri-state' s most accurate forecast. the mighty, mighty ohio swollen
7:54 am
i hope you have a gr progresso, ingredients like bacon so if you want 100 calories or less per serving do what we do...make it progresso. look at this sweet face. so sweet. ok, we're going to need a napkin gooey, flaky, happy. toaster
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jonathan: it is just now 7:56. let' s get it took -- a look at the top stories. police pulled a body from the little miami river in loveland a boater saw the body on saturday and called police. loveland police say they have not confirmed the identity of the body but believe they know who it is. the ohio department of natural resorces is continuing the investigation. family and friends of a man last seen jumping into the little miami river in morrow plan to come together today for a vigil. police say 27-year-old aaron berns jumped into the river on new year' s day, after setting a two story duplex on main street on fire. the river search was called off after three days. tonight, there will be a candlelight vigil to remember
7:57 am
from ptsd, in the 200 block of miranda street in morrow at 5:00 . police in westwood are searching for the driver who crashed into a building overnight. it happened at a t-v repair business on harrison avenue around 2:30. when police arrived no one was in the vehicle. structural engineers had to be called to the scene to make sure the building would not collapse. after given the o.k., crews were able to board up the building. we had rain coming all through the night. jennifer: a good amount of rain. a couple hours of steady rain for all of hamilton county. we had concerns about 5:00 this morning, some flash flooding, but those concerns have been he alleviated after rain has been over for a few hours. use caution with funding, still soggy. we have a back band of showers and isolated thunderstorms still rolling through. wlwt radar shows activity in indiana will push into downtown especially over the indiana communities.
7:58 am
decrease in clouds. mild today. we get back to seasonable and the forecast. it looks quiet monday and tuesday. by tuesday, late evening, heading toward midnight, that rain will get close and over spreading us for wednesday. a chilly rain that we will watch closely if it transitions to snow showers to come to an end. behind it, thursday into next weekend, cold air allows for lingering flurries or snow showers comfortably out there in terms of days away. we talk about any potential accumulation. i would plan for more activity the second half of the week and colder temperatures to return. jonathan: looks like march is planning to come in like a lion. jennifer: good news for going
7:59 am
8:00 am
jonathan: good morning. trump and clinton on top. the billionaire republican riding high this morning after a big win in south carolina. let's make america great again. thank you very much. cruz for second. >> well, now the children of the reagan revolution are ready to assume the mantle of leadership. >> and an emotional jeb bush calls it quits. >> so tonight i am suspending my campaign. yeah, yeah. >> while on the democratic side,


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