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tv   WLWT News 5 at 600  NBC  February 26, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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stories . sheree: a top cop resigned under pressure. live on campus with reaction for us tonight. reporter: they say a clean slate is what the police department needs right now. effective immediately, the decision comes three weeks after an outside company started reviewing the way kansas police operate. it comes in the wake of an officer that shot and killed sam dubose in july, captured by the body cam.
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where everyone' s involved. >> attitudes discussed with the chief and the major looking to be forwarded to the future of the agency. >> i were shocked because i didn' t know it was coming. i know some people had heard it, caught wind that it might be possible. having it confirmed today is not be good people but i don' t know them personally. i do think it will move you see forward. reporter: high-ranking officers have resigned. he believes both men put forward their best effort. sheree: new developments in the murder of a middletown mother.
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shooting death, brandon carr will remain in jail based on a federal retainer. britney russell was found shot dead in her car a couple weeks ago. the prosecutor' s office says it plans to meet with the police next week to review results of an additional investigation. sheree: police are now saying the shooter was served with a protection order. mike: he worked and continued shooting people. three people shot and killed.
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sheree: we look at what the community is doing. mike: they are seen more requests for workplace safety systems. for heightened awareness, their knowledge no plan is truly foolproof. reporter: there is immediate and automatic introspection. >> what do we do? reporter: the county building recently installed them. city hall will review current
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they say the severity, loss of life is spiking. >> the best defense is the training of managers to recognize the coming symptoms. reporter: older ability and threat assessments are virtually nonstop these days. he encourages trust in your instincts. if you sense something a mess or alarming, you can report it anonymously. >> report it anyway. reporter: there is a
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>> outside of the theaters, ballgames. >> the culture of the company is right. they steer employees to assistance programs that offer the best chance to make a difference. mike: fairfield township has changed its policy to how they respond to active shooter situation' s. reporter: and fairfield township is among the first in the area to implement this new rescue task horse policy.
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what you are seeing here is the rtf team in action. the rtf programs allows personnel to go with law enforcement officers to what is considered a war zone warm area of the incident. protective gear is worn, but they are not in direct line of fire. >> they stand back and wait for the police officer to resolve the situation. they lay wounded. our concern is how to give care when it' s possible. reporter: they have protective gear for fire and ems personnel. they started training with local
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mike: thank you. the fire chief and police chief association has adopted this new rescue task horse policy. this new way of thinking will expand beyond fairfield township. police say that a man with shot and killed at a fast food restaurant. joshua is charged with murder following the shooting last night at a kfc restaurant. they walked into the restaurant looking for a specific coworker and shot him nine times. they say that time for workplace violence to come to an end. >> it is just a shame that it happens. we need these things to stop,
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>> police do not have a motive for the shooting. an aurora emt that disappeared on monday. sheree: wlwt is live in aurora with the very latest. reporter: craig is an emt in aurora and questioned -- was questioned about missing money from their general fund. at the aurora emergency rescue, they are more busy than normal. dealing with missing funds and a missing coworker. he' s not been seen since shortly after he was questioned.
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t just an employee , he' s also a treasurer. >> the main concern is for their friend. >> is tough. sheree: that was brian hamrick reporting there. unaware his story had ended. they have asked him for all of his records. no charges filed in that case.
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while the semi was moved, both directions are moving tonight. calls for reforms getting louder. mike: top leaders of the v.a. are out but one local mother says that her communication could have saved her son' s life. tuesday. is it helping or hurting? kevin: not so much a temperature change, but a couple degrees warmer than we were yesterday.
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forecast sheree: renewed calls for change today at the cincinnati va hospital. whistleblowers claims of mismanagement. mike: we spoke with the mother of a hamilton veteran.
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s traumatic brain injury which she says was noted. the breakdown in communication delay treatment for her son' s ptsd. >> i don' t want anybody to have to go through this again. mike: they announced the retirement of the director of the regional network. the acting chief of staff also suspended pending further investigation. sheree: less than 24 hours after the most contentious gop debates yet, chris christie comes out throwing his support behind donald trump. mike: is he unstoppable?
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>> people are getting nervous, the candidates are nervous, the republican party is nervous. reporter: they went on the offensive. >> i don' t know if it' s desperation, but they have to take it very seriously. reporter: he says the tone of the debate wouldn' t be allowed in the classroom. >> it' s not necessarily helpful and construction. it is a campaign lay book. reporter: john kasich was largely left on the sidelines.
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that they believe you needed in order to win. >> it may have been the last chance to knock donald trump out of the lead. >> can they topple this trump tower? i don' t know. mike: democratic voters head to the polls saturday to cast their vote for either clinton or sanders. wlwt news five' s on the scene with breaking details. reporter: good evening, guys. neighbors want to know what happened inside this apartment building here. they know that police showed up this morning after someone called concerned about their relatives. i'
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happen. they were told by police a couple was found in this building in the 2700 block of the road. this is inside this apartment building here. the neighbors say they are very surprised the anything like this happened here. the fact that two people were found dead is very concerning to them and they are waiting for police to tell them what happened so they can feel a little bit safer about where they live. >> we continue to follow three-year-old child has been shot and killed. we will review more on that story as well. kevin: we lucked out today and this afternoon. s going to have to hold off
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our temperatures are going to respond. we were only two degrees warmer than we were 24 hours ago. a good omen of what stick come over the weekend, look out to the west tonight. guess what? that' s where the air will be coming from. the warm-up will soon be under way. we are in the 30' s with plenty of chilly air. as you work your way west, you jump to the 50' s. that is where we will be tomorrow. 9:00, and below freezing down to about it'
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clouds to decrease overnight. 36 again at the airport. the snow is gone for the weekend. radar is quiet. it should remain that way. plenty of clouds across the ohio valley. this will eventually scout out the remainder of this cloud cover and allow sunshine to take hold for the weekend. along the i-75 corridor or. we had a little more sun today. the only real part is how here. it should be gone by tomorrow morning.
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around midnight, a week front will bring a few showers, but nothing heavy. and for tomorrow, expect sunny skies breezy and milder. it looked for an afternoon high about 50. 50 is certainly better than the 30' s today. by lunchtime into the mid-40' s, it will cruise our way into the 50' s by tomorrow afternoon. here is a look at your seven-day forecast. 63 sunday and even the nights over the weekend should be considerably milder. things get very interesting weather-wise next weekend. the first one is tuesday on the warm side of that. we may have some thunderstorms,
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it could be a second one bring the chance for snow. the first week of march will certainly come in like a lion. mike: if he means to giant dark clouds, i don' t want it. we have the latest.
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elise: welcome back. day four of the nfl combine . he is projected to be one of the april. the defensive end numbers were down. he is a strong edge rusher known
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not in the spotlight. >> i do believe i' player in the draft. there are a lot of amazing players in the draft and it will be up to tennessee to make that decision. t something wrong. the 2016 nfl draft kicking off thursday, april 28. the bengals are number 24 in that rotation. according to baseball insider, the reds would like to move jay bruce in the next week. if that trait does not happen, the odds of seeing him in a reds uniform on opening day are much higher. he' s one of the few vets left on the team. he' s been rehabbing his surgically repaired right knee for the last seven months and it looks like he will be good to go
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>> my outlook is that we come people wrong. i' ve never seen these guys play . who' s to say they don' t come out and bring some energy to the team and play hard and work hard ? you never know what could happen. elise: todd frazier fans will get to see the fourth basin play his former team this season, facing the reds on march 30. according to the latest bracket, there are four teams in the aac that will make the tournament. one of those teams is cincinnati. right now is definitely not the time for a slipup. >> every game holds so much
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elise: the kentucky wildcats throwing down with vanderbilt at 4:00 in nashville as well. here' s the slate of games we are bringing you tonight. let' s five coverage kicking off at 11:00. george vogel traveling back from goodyear, arizona, as we speak. mike: probably looking like a lobster. elise: i don' t feel too sorry for him. sheree: we are about to season sunshine this weekend? kevin: we are turning the corner as we drop back into the 20' s. lots of sunshine this weekend. march comes in like a lion next week, but we will enjoy the weekend.
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breaking news tonight. trump bombshell. chris christie shocks the political world by front-runner hours after marco rubio unloaded on trump at the debate brawl. one of the most ever. nbc news investigates amid allegations from uniio the inside story of how undocumented workers worked at the site of trump tower. mass shooting horror. 4 dead, 1 wounded as a gunman opens fire in a workplace. a hero cop taking him down.


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