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tv   WLWT News 5 Today Weekend  NBC  February 27, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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no longer any rain falling. damp from overnight showers. temperatures behind the cold front, not a big drop-off. there's a bigger system into midweek. today, we top out at 50, mild, with sunshine. 38 overnight. we have a few extra clouds in the afternoon tomorrow, getting ready for the evening showers. note the winds out of the southwest at 15 to 25. that will take us to 63 sunday. so mild to warm temperatures this weekend. monday, 54. rain returns tuesday. that will set up for colder air to arrive behind it. some lingering flurries thursday. we'll watch a chance for accumulating snow thursday. chilly temperatures linger into friday. jonathan? jonathan: thank you, jennifer. a 3-year-old boy dies after being shot in the chest. it happened last night in sunman, indiana. emily wood has the latest on the investigation. reporter: we've learned much
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this dearborn county home. the boy does live in the house at the end of this long gravel driveway off van wedding road. the sheriff's office says the child was shot with a 357 revolver handgun and was found dead when deputies arrived. throughout the night, several cruisers with sunman police, indiana state police and the coroner's office have come down the road. the dearborn county sheriff's office says how the shooting happened still remains under investigation. this is as bad as it gets. for all emergency personnel, with the sheriff's department, sunman police, ems, dearborn county coroner's office, indiana state police. anybody involved in something like this, it's as bad as it gets when it involves a child. reporter: no charges have been filed and the sheriffs office would not comment on anyone else
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the shooting. reporting from sunman, indiana, in dearborn county, emily wood, wlwt news 5. jonathan: along with a lot of details right now, the child's name is being with held so authorities can notify relatives. once the investigation is completed, the case will go to the prosecutor's office. the man arrested in the shooting death of a middleton mother will not be charged for now. the montgomery county prosecutor's office says brandon carr can't be held on state charges currently, but he will remain in the county jail, based on a federal retainer. brittany russell was found shot dead in her car two weeks ago in dayton with her baby in the vehicle. the prosecutor's office says it plans to meet with dayton police next week to review results of an additional investigation. three people are recovering this morning after being injured in a fire at a fish fry in erlanger. it happened at st. barbara's church off turkeyfoot last night. check out the flames. this is a picture sent in to us
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the fire involved a propane tank fry. officials say the three people who were injured were taken to the hospital with what's described as minor injuries. this morning, we're seeing the aftermath from the fire. there it is. this picture was sent in from will middleton. the tent was heavily damaged. officials are investigating what caused the incident. continued calls for change at cincinnati's v.a. hospital following whistle blowers' claims of mismanagement. last night, veterans and their families shared their frustrations, a day after a shakeup at cincinnati's hospital. wlwt news 5's sheree paolello has the latest. reporter: looking for change. >> something has to be done. reporter: from those who say they've been impacted by the mismanagement at cincinnati's v.a. jody merrill's fight comes after her son, a veteran, committed suicide. he served three tours of duty, suffering traumatic brain injury.
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reporter: jody says the v.a. didn't know about it, though it was in her son's service record. while she understands healthcare privacy laws, jody would like to see improved communication to a veteran's family. >> if a veteran is willing to put down an emergency contact person, add a line to that that says, in the event that my emergency contact would become concerned about me or my actions, it's okay to talk to them. reporter: it's something jody has heard dozens of times. >> a lot of parents that i know and i have talked with, it's like it's too late for my son or it's too late for my daughter. i'm taking the attitude, i don't want anybody to ever have to live through this again. jonathan: thursday, the v.a. announced the retirement of the director of ohio's regional his proposed the acting chief of the cincinnati v.a. hospital was
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happening today, western & southern financial ready to make a difference for families in need. today, they kick off their partnership with habitat for humanity. during that time, they'll fund and provide volunteers to build eight habitat homes. the first build will be today in the 1600 block of ashbrook drive in west price hill. this weekend, you and your family can discover that arts make cincinnati great without spending a dime. it's the 30th year for the macy's arts sampler, featuring more than 100 arts, performances and activities. today, it's all about community arts centers with events at more than two dozen community arts centers, libraries and museums. then tomorrow, it's the music hall open house. all the performing arts spaces will be filled with free performances. for a complete schedule of events, go to the on tv tab of wlwt and click on as seen on.
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company has a major milestone. it's been 163 years since the brewery was founded and 12 years since the grand brewing traditions were brought back. today, there be will a party and a beer release at the moerlein tap room beginning at 4:00 p.m. a deadly shooting rampage in kansas has left three people dead. coming up, new details that police have learned and the potential motive behind the shoot shooter's attack. tournament play happening across cincinnati on the hard court. local high school basketball teams fighting to make it all the way. we've got the latest in saturday morning sports. what have you got, citycam? our fair city in high definition. looks like a little bit of aen arc arc ray of light. either way, good to be with you on this saturday morning. hope you're in for the long haul, because we've got three
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you' re unpacking already? yeah, help me find some mugs. sure. (beep) hey... o.k. they' ll do. wake up to the mountain grown aroma of folgers. the best part of wakin' up so, where do you want to start? i think this is a pretty good place.
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jonathan: with elcome back. new details on the investigation of a deading shooting rampage in kansas. investigators say they believe a protective order against the gunman, filed by his former girlfriend, set off the shooting thursday. police say 38-year-old cedric ford worked at the xel industries plant at hesten, kansas.
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said ford looked happy when he got out of his truck with a gun and didn't realize he was in danger. >> he looked happy. >> happy? >> yeah. yeah, he looked like he hopped out, almost like a smile on his face. just into the building. >> that's disturbing. >> very. it's a picture i'm never going to get out of my head for the rest of high life. jonathan: police say ford shot 14 people, killing three inside the plant before the police chief shot and killed him. the fbi is still collecting evidence at the plant. police traced two guns from the scene to a woman whom ford knew. police say a three-hour standoff ended with five people dead, including the gunman in washington state. deputy ies say the gunman called 911 from i iday morning to say he'd shot his family. they eventually found him and the victims inside a rural home in bell fair. a 12-year-old girl, related to
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police have not released her condition. in greater cincinnati, more police and fire departments are changing the way they would respond to an active shooter situation. the goal now, for medical personnel, is to get to victims quickly, even if that means going into the situation before it's under control. fairfield township's one of the first in the area to implement this new policy. firefighters and medics have already started training with local police officers and s.w.a.t. teams. >> the active shooter program that we use allows the ems and fire personnel to go with law enforcement to what we consider the warm area of the incident where there is a risk but we're not in the direct line of fire. we take law enforcement to act as protective detail. we're not going after the shooter. we're going after victims. jonathan: protective gear is also worn. experts say it's very likely this new way of thinking will expand beyond fairfield township.
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getting some well-deserved attention after his human partner posted a selfie of him on facebook. we don't get to see the selfie? we get to see the dog. manson is a 5-year-old chocolate lab trained as a specialized i guess that's it. oh, cute. his handler, deputy chase garrett, posted the photo of manson giving him a hug. the picture's gone viral. deputy garrett says the hugs are a normal occurrence after three years of working together. >> we went from, in the car where he didn't know who i was, i didn't know who he was. he didn't listen too much. now he's a great dog. he's a great partner. deputy garrett, who says it's great seeing his partner get recognition. he says police k-9s deserve just as much credit as their human officers and often don't get it. i know a partner of mine who
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let's talk local weather. jennifer: comparing me to a dog. jonathan: it was a transition. jennifer: weather looks good today and tomorrow. mild, sunshine, mainly dry this weekend. good stuff. gets a little bit in and out next week, though. we've got rain and snow to talk about, eventually. jonathan: if we can keep the weekend owe asis. jennifer: not going to be 70 this weekend, but we'll take 60s. jonathan: it felt colder than whatever it was yesterday. jennifer: we hit 37, but i don't think the wind chill got much more than 30 or 31. today, we still have winds but have a lot of sunshine. temperatures should climb nicely with the southwest breeze. take a look at the citycam shot this morning.
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saturday morning. we have clear skies out there. we have high visibility and high clouds that are exiting. so shouldn't be any problems this morning. look at ten miles for everyone. surface. radar. expanding the radar out, there's not a lot going on across the whole central part of the united states. the radar is turned on. you can see a couple of flakes across canada, snow showers in the cascades. we're very quiet locally. we have high clouds exiting. the temperatures at 31. the west wind at six miles an hour. wind chill factored in feels like 25. this morning, it is going to be a colder start. we're going to be down with our wind chill and probably our air temperature dropping into the 20s for a good portion of the morning. most of us still sitting at 30 or 31 for the official temperature. looking at satellite and radar, some of the high clouds are
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are moving east and pushing out. we'll bring back sunshine once we head past sunrise this morning. quiet conditions on futurecast. the temperature this afternoon heading up to around 50 degrees. a nice southwest wind returns. it will be a little bit breezy today. so our wind out of the southwest at 8 to 15 miles an hour. may gust to around 20 in the afternoon. so nothing we can't handle to help the temperature hit around 50 for the high today. we are quiet for the overnight as our southwest breeze continues. temperatures tomorrow morning only drop off to the mid to upper 30s. morning. then warming up nicely sunday afternoon, back into the low 60s. our next cold front sunday night brings in a band of showers. and it will just drop back the temperatures about ten degrees into monday. so it's not a big-time cold weekend. it will get a little bit more active as we head into next week. futurecast showing showers arrive late tomorrow evening. want to note it will be dry during the day sunday with the high temperature in the 60s. it's after 8:00 and 9:00, our
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by 11:00 to midnight, we're looking at a band of showers coming in through downtown, sliding southeast. we'll probably all get wet from the cold front coming in. on the high end, a tenth of an inch of rain. it pushes out by monday morning. we'll top out today at 50. the southwest breeze, tonight, we only drop to 38 for the low. mostly clear overnight. more sunshine returning tomorrow. we do become partly cloudy late in the afternoon. getting ready for the cold front. the winds will pick up at 15 to 25 tomorrow. so it will be windy and warm sunday. overnight rain showers sunday night. quiet on monday. rain returns on tuesday. that system wraps up with falling temperatures wednesday. could see a few flurries. then we have moisture riding in that looks like it will more than likely be snow showers thursday. colder temperatures late in the forecast. jonathan: looks like we could break the spell of the great weekends next weekend. high school basketball teams competing in tournament play now, including one team looking
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devastating end to last year's season. details coming up in your morning sports. elise: welcome to the blitz on a saturday morning. i'm elise jesse alongside derek forrest. the fairfield indians have claimed the 14 seed in the tournament. they've beaten northwest and kings to advance to the game last night against wilmington. derek: the hurricanes, there's a reason they're the four seed. season. good atmosphere for this one friday night. first quarter, off the inbounds, chris valaney buries the three. the hurricanes have a 9-0 lead. the other way for fairfield. mitchell wood knocks down the mid range jumper. indians down 7. the u.c. commit, jaren cumberland, the easy layup for the hurricanes.
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wilmington beat fairfield, 72-60. elise: the student section rowdy and ready for basketball at fairfield as moeller took on oak hills. four minutes to go, weed drives. moeller up with the lead. 40 seconds left. moeller up three. trey mcbride's layup is blocked. oak hills looking to tie. they go to the guy you want to take this shot. bait racked 22 points. knotted at 50 headed into o.t. moeller's defense working for them. mcbride comes up with the big steal. he'll do the rest of the work on the offensive side of the ball. moeller grabbing their tenth straight sectional title with a 61-58 win in overtime. purcell marian has been a dominating force in the land of high school basketball here in ohio, led by senior guard rashad shack ir. he plays without fear.
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derek: madeira high school had a difficult task ahead of them. but it's a sectional final. loser go home. zach wells has more on the matchup. zach: good morning. for purcell marian, overcoming adversity is part of the journey. a year ago, this team gave up its place in the postseason in the middle of it because of an ineligible player. fast forward 12 months. the big fella, cameron moore, missed four games with a foot injury. for the cavaliers, welcome back to the floor, cameron moore. thank goodness these are break-away rims in the playoffs. purcell marian led by 23 at halftime. madeira's mccullough wears number 15. he draws the and one off the window. q missed the bunny off the bounce. stuck with it. basket foul, three-point play. jordan gaines led the way with 22. set up moore inside for the finish. he's back big time.
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madeira, 70-43. >> yes, it's great to have cam back. but we felt like we knew his injury wasn't going to be season ending if we could win some games in the tournament. our guys defend the fort until cam gets back. >> i'm glad to be back. my team helped me. i feel great, really. i really feel great. i've got to get back in the groove. we're going to do big things if we all keep gelling together and keep getting better zach: in the locker room, the coach said this is a number one seed that still has two championships to cross off of the to-do list. districts at ud arena next week and state at value city arena in columbus. elise? elise: thank you zach. new cath getting hot at the right time. eight straight wins going into the game with newport. third quarter, brendan hall, running back shot goes in. new cath leading by a dozen. next, the other way, ethan snap
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foul for the and one. ethan snap again here drives. he's going to score. that wouldn't be an offensive foul. this sends the game to overtime. new cath comes away with the victory, 86-79. mcdonald's of greater cincinnati is proud to present the mcdonald's blitz 5 student-athlete of the week. christa bompbers is a senior at covington latin and is team captain of the swim team. she holds eight individual and six relay team records. she's a five-time qualifier for the kentucky state swim meet. she's a member of the national honor society and national spanish honor society. her gpa is 4.031. jack flesch is a senior and captain of the basketball teams. he's all state academic first team, student council treasurer and a member of the national honor society. he has soccer and basketball
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he's a member of the torakan torakan dojo. if you know someone who can be the student-athlete of the week, let us know. jonathan: a local girl using a day meant to be about her to help others. the touching way a 10-year-old girl is giving back and the goal she's set for her cause. citycam 5 has a pair of good looking buildings in covington standing tall, amber, illuminated and proud. i hope you're relaxed and perhaps laying down, snuggling up. stay with us. new fresh step with the power of febreze.
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jonathan: welcome back. yoko ono, the widow of john lennon, has been hospitalized after experiencing extreme flu-like symptoms, according to her publicist. own no was checked into a new york city hospital. there were earlier reports she may have suffered a stroke, but her publicist denies those reports. ohno was actually born in new york city. the publicist said she'll likely go home tomorrow. ono turned 83 this month. making a difference for our youth. a local girl is sharing birthday presents with kids staying at children's hospital. lindsay koch turns 11 this sunday. tomorrow. happy birthday, lindsay. for the past two years, she's collected craft kits for the kids at the hospital.
5:26 am
started with about three dozen kits the first year. >> i don't need anything, and i just want to help other people. >> that she has the heart to want to just make someone else feel better. it fills me with pride. jonathan: lindsay hopes to collect at least 300 craft kits this year for patients at cincinnati children's. and shriner's host. she's hosting a birthday party to put them together on sunday at martial arts america in milford. i have a feeling that's where this video is shot. that's going on between 2:00 and 4:00. an event last night at the cintas center, where local high schoolers were raising money for kids with cancer. cancer-free kids night for the fight is an overnight fundraiser where local students spend 12 hours walking, playing games, dancing and learning about childhood cancer. the event raised more than $100,000 for childhood cancer research.
5:27 am
is hosting its sixth annual just wish for it gala. it partners with the make a wish foundation and sponsors the wish of a child in the tri-state. it will be held at 310 culliver street, downtown, beginning at 8:00 tonight. it will include a silent auction and raffle. last year's event raised more than $9,000. tickets can be purchased online at justwish dg for dg still a lot more ahead, including the show giving you ideas for garden makeovers. a live look outside.
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. jonathan: now on news 5 today, maybers on edge after a couple is found shot dead in their mt. air ya home. plus, a new policy going into effect at north gate mall. we'll break down the new rules and how it will impact youth and their parents. you may be able to put away the jackets this weekend. meteorologist jennifer schack has our transition to pleasant weather. it's saturday, february 27, 2016. this is news 5 today. [captioning made possible by wlwt-tv] jonathan: good morning. welcome to news 5 today. thanks for joining us on this saturday morning. i'm jonathan hawgood. this is meteorologist jennifer
5:31 am
oh, i like the sound of that. jennifer: 50s, 60s. jonathan: let's rename the tri-state pleasantville. we were talking about how people are sick. it's not been a rough winter for flu, but for other types of colds, it's been the worst i've seen. jennifer: it's been a struggle. jonathan: kids sick constantly. goodness gracious. come, spring, come. jennifer: hopefully, open up the windows a little bit. it's not going to be the 72 from last week, but 63 is good for this time of year. it should help tomorrow. we have sunshine and quiet conditions this weekend. it gets more rocky next week. satellite and radar showing the quiet conditions this morning. we have last evening's cloud cover trying to break up this morning. i think we'll see some high clouds and maybe a little bit ominous looking when the sun comes up, whether we're looking to the east into the thicker clouds, but they are on the way out.
5:32 am
to this morning and plenty of midday and afternoon sunshine expected. this morning, visibility is high. we have quiet conditions and temperatures are a little bit chilly. so although we're talking about weekend warmup, this morning on the colder side. we have air temperatures in the low 30s. the potential to drop off a few more degrees and wind chills a slight factor this morning. feels like the mid 20s. you may want the jacket or coat this morning definitely. afternoon. everyone right now. a few morning clouds, but plenty of afternoon sunshine today. we head up to near 50. more mild today, a dry day, it will be breezy out of the southwest. tomorrow, it will be windy and warm for sunday. we'll talk about the chances for rain and when snow returns in the forecast next week coming jonathan. jonathan: thanks. a husband and wife found dead inside their mt. airy apartment. cincinnati police say the victims were shot to death. police have identified the victims as larry and janet furr. wlwt news 5's jenell walton has
5:33 am
reporter: officers were called to the apartment in the 2400 block of west north bend road shortly after 9:00 a.m. the neighbors we spoke to say they didn't hear anything unusual. >> it's surprising something happened up here. nothing really happens up here. it's surprising. reporter: a friend of the couple says 55-year-old mrs. furr worked at a factory and her 56-year-old husband was on disability. police say both died of gunshot wounds but won't say if a weapon was found inside the apartment. they did confirm they're not looking for a suspect. neighbors say they'll rest easier once they know what happened. >> it's a pretty laid back apartment complex. i don't think nothing like violent or nothing happened. i don't know exactly what happened, though, but sad. jonathan: police say the investigation is ongoing to try to figure out exactly what led up to the shooting. more fallout from last year's
5:34 am
u.c.'s campus. friday, u.c.'s police chief and a major resigned. the department is going through a review in the wake of that deadly traffic stop shooting. former u.c. officer ray tensing is accused of shooting and killing sam du 0 bose after pulling him over near campus. as part of the review, chief jason good rich and major tim thornton resigned effective immediately. u.c. director of public safety, james whalen, will serve as interim chief of police for the university. >> we want to be cutting edge. we want to lead the field in being good at both and having a very safe campus and being able to protect students, staff and faculty in the neighborhoods that surround campus. jonathan: interim chief whalen says he believes both men put them the best. the search continues for an emt who went missing in aurora, indiana.
5:35 am
disappeared monday after being questioned about money missing for the general fund. he left a phone and wallet behind. >> it is shocking when you find somebody that's in a position that he was in, you find out something like this might be going on. jonathan: emergency responders say their first priority is finding whitham. he's not facing charges right now. investigators say they don't know how much money is missing, but they have requested whitham's bank records. new details about a new policy to keep shoppers safe at the northgate mall. they announced family evenings starting next friday. that requires anyone under 17 to be accompanied by someone at least 21 after ack p.m. on fridays and saturdays. colerain police will help enforce the new policy, including in the parking lots. it's in response to a disturbance that happened earlier this month that involved a crowd of 100 teenagers.
5:36 am
officials at the mall say they got feedback after the incident and say the feedback helped get this conversation started regarding the impact at unsupervised teenagers have on the mall and its shoppers. kings island putting out the help wanted sign today for the 2016 season. you looking for a summer job? the mason theme park is hosting a job fair today from 9:00 until 4:00. they're trying to fill more than 3,500 seasonal positions with increased wages throughout the park, all positions pay above ohio's minimum wage. you must be at least 15 years old to apply. organizers suggest you fill out an application online before going to the job fair for an interview. meanwhile, the great wolf lodge, nearby, also looking to hire to its staff. they're looking for house keepers, bartenders, food attendants, cooks, dishwashers and maintenance people. there's no experience necessary, and they have paid training.
5:37 am
until 3:00 at the great wolf lodge conference center in mason. we're still a few weeks from spring, but it's arrived downtown. the cincinnati home and garden show kicks off this weekend at the duke energy convention center. it opens this morning at 10:30. organizers say one of the biggest trends being seen this year is outdoor living spaces. >> so the outdoor living areas are bigger. they do seem to have walls to them. a little bit more contained, a little bit more romantic. jonathan: romantic spaces. check out the trends and get ideas for your own projects. the show runs through march 6. kids 13 and under are free. all eyes on the democrats as they prepare for the south carolina primary. we've got a preview of the polls and where the candidates currently stand. plus, more blitz 5 coverage as local teams compete to make it one step further in tournament
5:38 am
the latest coming up in morning sports. how about it, citycam? oh, yeah. that is paul brown stadium. anybody thinking football yet?
5:39 am
5:40 am
jonathan: welcome back. stepping into the south carolina spotlight. today, the democratic
5:41 am
head to the primary polls. nicole killian is here with a breakdown. palmetto primaries, where democratic demographics key success. >> being able to win is critical. reporter: analysts say african-americans are slated to make up over half of the primary voters, a constituency that could be critical for hillary clinton after losing the state to president obama in 2008. >> he cleaned up with african-americans in that election. now african-americans like hillary clinton. >> we need a real fighter. reporter: clinton has secured the backing of prominent south carolina congressman jim clyburn and courted communities of color by appearances with mothers who lost sons to gun violence. bernie sanders have rolled out his endorsements from danny glover to spike lee.
5:42 am
house, he'll do the right thing. reporter: hoping to chip away at clinton's support. >> if for some reason bernie sanders soars in south carolina, it's a headache for hillary clinton. reporter: most polls show sanders trailing clinton by double digits, but the vermont senator insists he's not writing off the state. jonathan: cincinnati and northern kentucky musicians showing support for bernie sanders today with a bernin' down the house show. more than 40 musicians will be playing at the south gate revival house in newport, kentucky. the show is free with an individual donation to the campaign at the door from your phone or provided laptops. the event is 18 and over and it begins at 4:00. republican frontrunner donald trump is headed to ohio and kentucky. he's making multiple stops on super tuesday. the first rally he'll be attending is next tuesday at port columbus airport.
5:43 am
appear in louisville. the announcements come as trump picked up two endorsements from republican governors, including chris kristy. nbc news has taken a poll of voters saying they'll vote for trump. one-third of the voters consider themselves independents. 83% say it's based on support for desire of a strong leader. a popular air show is being cancelled because of budget cuts. freedom's call tattoo, which drew thousands to the air base each summer, won't be happening this year. it's the fourth time in five years it's been cancelled. severe weather was responsible for two of those. the base commander said they had to redirect limited resources to other mission priorities. a kentucky garbage man showing respect for an american flag he found on the side of the road. clifford gentry was on the back of the truck in lexington when he saw the flag on the curb next
5:44 am
he picked up the flag, unrolled it and found a spot for it on the side of his truck. >> it ain't supposed to touch the ground or dirt. it is wrong. jonathan: gentry plans to put the flag on his porch to teach neighbors how to respect the american flag. let's take a turn and talk local weather with jennifer. jennifer: it's a quiet but cold saturday morning on citycam. dry conditions a couple of high clouds, but no fog at the surface. visibilities are high for the morning. and dry in the wlwt radar. nothing locally on the radar as we expand it out. there's not a lot in the entire central part of the united states. a couple of fleeting flurries to the east. rain showers in the cascades. in between, a few thousands miles of dry weather and quiet conditions. we'll tap into that today with
5:45 am
we're at 31 right now. the temperature still a potential to lose a few more degrees and end up with the low in the upper 20s. it feels like 25 right now, a west wind at six miles an hour. that wind chill factored in should stay in the 20s all morning. so a colder start this morning. we will start to warm up nicely this afternoon. pretty uniform temperatures for the morning. most of us are in the low 30s. a couple of colder spots now coming in for batesville and connersville. likely the clearest skies in the western counties. we still have a vail of high clouds this morning, keeping temperatures up a few degrees. on the satellite and radar, you can see the back edge of clouds trying to clear cincinnati. so i think we'll see some high clouds this morning when our sun comes up. they should move out in the next couple of hours and plenty of afternoon sunshine. quiet conditions today and tomorrow. on futurecast, mostly sunny this afternoon. a southwest breeze. it's not going to be strong. but i think we'll see the winds sustained around ten miles an hour, gusting to maybe 15 or 20. that will help temperatures get
5:46 am
a nice improvement from yesterday's mid 30s. then heading into the overnight, southwest winds persist and as the white lines on the map, the iso bars or lines of equal pressure get closer, the winds southwest. so for sunday, we're talking windy and warmer. highs tomorrow into the low 60s. there is a cold front dragging our way across the midwest. it's pretty limited with moisture along it. should eventually bring in some late evening clouds and then overnight, a band of rain nothing too hef avy heavy, not expecting much in the way of thunderstorms. most get wet sunday night into monday morning. should be wrapping up before the morning commute monday. futurecast showing timing for late weekend showers. 5:00 tomorrow, we still have mostly sunny to partly cloudy skies, dry during the day. then for the late evening hours, clouds arrive. by midnight or so downtown, that line of showers probably less than a tenth of an inch. we've been getting rain lately.
5:47 am
it comes in sunday night, out monday morning. temperatures with highs in the 50s. today, we end up at 50. a southwest breeze and plenty of sunshine for the afternoon. dropping to 38 tonight. tomorrow, 63, thanks to a warm southwest wind. it will pick up stronger tomorrow. we could be talking gusts of 30, maybe even 35 miles an hour for sunday. overnight rain showers sunday night. monday, mild. tuesday, rain returns. that system wraps up with cold air bringing in for wednesday with flurries, maybe snow showers, possible snow accumulations thursday. colder temperatures late in the forecast. elise: welcome back. we kick off the second round of a blitz in boone county. cooper and conner facing off last night. so far this year, the jags have owned the cougars. derek: different story friday night. cooper has beaten conner twice
5:48 am
rollman and adam kunkle. anything can happen. elise: that is very true, especially in tournament play. get ready for a turnover festival. trevor rollman gets stripped and then chris mcneil gets stripped by logan cook. conner comes out of the possession on a winning side. michael scott in for two. cooper now trailing by five points. marcus watson makes the move inside for the bucket to cut the lead to three. conner's first win of the season came over cooper at the right time. they advance to the 54-53 win. derek: this segment got younger. george vogel not in. i have the pleasure of doing blitz insider with alex meacham. we're still going to do the fist pump. >> i feel like i need to do push-ups. derek: hit the weight room, my friend, stop with all the cardio. we've got a big night of high school basketball district play and sectional play.
5:49 am
taking on summit. >> this is a rubber match. both teams beat each other on the home court. it's going to come down to two things. north college hill is going to push the basketball to see how summit plays in transition. summit has to take care of the basketball. they can't have any bad turnovers. sometimes, bad turnovers lead to easy shots for the other team. derek: next up on the docket, tonight, indian hill versus taft. >> indian hill has to win the battle on the boards there. if they can control the boards, them. they had 20 rebounds offensively night. now, taft, they're going to look to make indian hill turn the basketball over. they're going to pressure them all over the court. derek: that guy, frank royal, hoping to have a good game. how about lasalle and elder. >> this is like a frazier of the west side.
5:50 am
lasalle, frank hoffmeyer from elder. two tough kids that will battle it out. derek: next ul, walnut hills and lakota east. >> she's dancing. both teams are similar. both have won 16 basketball games. tempo will be very important in this game. and it's going to depend on if lakota east can play their style or walnut can stay calm and composed. derek: over the river in kentucky, holy cross taking on cov cath. monster. basketball. they're always tough. derek: good stuff. that will do it for the blitz insider. here's the fist pump. elise, back to you. elise: thanks, gentlemen, love the purple. here's the drive of the week. moeller's trey mcbride comes up with the steal. he'll do the rest of the work on
5:51 am
he has 17 points in the 61-58 win. derek: college basketball action later this afternoon. cincinnati in action taking on east carolina. we also have louisville, dayton, miami all in action tomorrow and don't forget the kentucky wildcats throwing down with vandy at 4:00 p.m. over in nashville. jonathan: single game tickets for the 2016 reds regular season go on sale starting at 9:00. this does not include opening day but there are a number of seats available, including hall of fame weekend in june when pete rose will be inducted into the reds hall of fame. you can get tickets online by phone or at great american ballpark ticket windows and select kroger stores. an interesting police chase in california and a big day for a rescued animal. what the red wolf sanctuary has planned for emmy, the eagle. good looking bird.
5:52 am
that's a perfect transition. another symbol of our nation flapping in the wind on this breezy saturday morning. hope you're feeling patriotic.
5:53 am
5:54 am
jonathan: good news after a bald eagle is rescued in indiana,
5:55 am
the director at the red wolf sanctuary in rising sun says emmy the eagle is doing better. when they found her, she wasn't eating on her own. she was not far from leaving this earth. but barring any unexpected complications, emmy is expected to be released back into the wild today. they got her an in award winning shape. local high school students got a unique experience at butler tech. 15 students stayed up until 3:00 in the morning to see this horse come into the world. her name is all-in. her mom, eve, paced around for nearly nine hours before she gave birth on monday. eve was boarded at the school to give the students an opportunity to witness the birth. an unusual police chase in california. officers trying to track down a run away you know corn. >> i love my pony. she likes apples and carrots.
5:56 am
the runaway was actually a pretty pony and it belongs to 45-year-old tatum bose. the horn on juliet's head makes a child's dreams come true. she appears to be a real-life unicorn that makes a living posing for pictures. but this week, she had other ideas. >> she got afraid and then she pulled it out of the guy's hand and then she runned away. >> the calls were coming in as a roadway. >> she's not real tall so she turned out to be stealthier than we imagined. jonathan: she was elusive. the chase lasted more than three hours, but finally they managed
5:57 am
i saw a shot last night of a horse with devil's horns as a joke afterwards. it's a you know corn. still ahead on news 5 today. we'll talk about new cases of pregnant women in the united states being diagnosed with the seek zika virus. the museum at union terminal all aglow this saturday morning. look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from
5:58 am
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(vo) when i first took jake home we ate anything. until i decided we both needed to eat better. now jake gets purina cat chow naturals indoor a nutritious formula for indoor cats with no artificial flavors. it helps to control hairballs and maintain a healthy weight. so these days, we're both eating better. naturally!! purina cat chow. nutrition to
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jonathan: now on news 5 today, an indiana community dealing with tragedy. the latest on a shooting that left a local 3-year-old boy dead. plus, a major fire at a fish fry sends three people to the hospital with burns. what we've learned about their condition. another big warmup on tap for the weekend. meteorologist jennifer schack will tell us the spring-like temperatures coming our way and how long they'll stick around. it's saturday, february 27, 2016. this is news 5 today. [captioning made possible by wlwt-tv] jonathan: good morning. welcome to news 5 today. thanks for joining us on this saturday morning.


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