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tv   WLWT News 5 at 600  NBC  February 27, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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>> leading the way, this is wlwt news 5 it x :00. courtis: perfect weekend weather again. how long will it last? cincinnati' s most accurate forecast ahead. plus, fish fry flames. a fundraiser ends after a fireball explosion. three people recovering from injuries and read -- injuries. a toddler shot and killed.
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the death of that three-year-old lays heavily on the hearts of many in dearborn county tonight. good evening. the child was shot yesterday at his home on van wedding road. wlwt is live for us tonight from the sheriff' s department in lawrenceburg with more on the investigation. reporter: the share of department has yet to release child name. we don' t know what happened in those moments leading up to the fatal shooting. investigators were called to the home in the 20 for thousand block of van wedding yesterday. it came in as an accidental shooting. the boy had been shot in the chest with a revolver. emergency crews raced to the home but it was too late.
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>> this is as bad as it could s departments, police on scene, out-of-state police, anybody involved in something like this, it is as bad as it gets. reporter: the child' s name has not been released the people will hear say they are praying for the family. courtis: it is still unclear how many were at home at the time of the shooting. officials were on scene last night for at least seven hours. cincinnati police investigating after shots rang out in mount airy. this was the scene near the food mart just before 3:30. the male victim was shot in the
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shoulder and also grazed in the head. he is expected to be ok. no word on arrests. drugs may have been involved. the shooter is believed to be a juvenile. the man who made national headlines by trying to get a police officer to shoot him has pleaded guilty to a murder. he has served 18 years in prison for murder in brown county. he pleaded guilty to murder and tampering with physical evidence for the death of zachary gillis and last april. rob sanders is recommending a life sentence. he admitted to killing his girlfriend in ohio. officials believe she was gunned down the same day he killed
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we are expecting to learn more after a fiery crash in their mount. a neighbor found the car in flames after the driver crashed near the intersection of west bird northern boulevard. emergency crews found the driver still in side. the person was pronounced dead at the scene. let' s turn our attention to whether. a gorgeous weekend out there. how long will it last? erik zarnitz has a peak of the forecast. reporter: take a look at the time lapse. clear skies. sunshine helping to warm things up. highs in the lower 50' s. if you like today' s whether you are going to love sunday. that comes with our gusty wind. villagers making it as high as
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throughout the evening temperatures dropping through the 40' s but the big story is not only the warm-up on sunday but also the uptrend in the wind. the developing story ends with flames. it is a story we showed you earlier. reporter: fish fry signs throughout the tri-state but along with the tradition a warning for fire safety. friday evening flames leapt through the tent of an outdoor fish fry. it sent three people to the hospital. >> we got the call for a dumpster fire. it was actually where they were
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>> you want to be prepared. crews were able to knock down the flames but you can see from the proximity of the structure to the sanctuary disaster was quickly averted. emergency responders now pass on a vital safety reminder that could save lives. use caution and hand -- and have a safety plan in place. >> he want anyone back there to be trained on fires, hazards, and emergency can save lives. make sure they will have extinguishers back there. make sure they are aware on how to turn off the propane. reporter: a powerful reminder of
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courtis: the fire is still under investigation tonight. police have identified two victims found shot to death in their apartment. a friend of the couple says he worked at a factory. both died of gunshot wounds but if a weapon was found they have not released that information. they did confirm they are not looking for a suspect. good news tonight after a bald eagle is rescued in indiana, found in a trap. the eagle is doing much better tonight, rescued live the red wolf sanctuary when she was found. she was not eating on her own and had to be force fed.
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back into the wild after returning to full health. single-game tickets for the reds regular season now on sale for you. tickets went on sale this morning. this does not include opening day that there are a number of seats available. that includes the hall of fame. you can get tickets online. wlwt is celebrating black history month. today employees from the oldest black radio station east of the hit the airwaves.
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as you can see they told some great stories about coworkers. they joked about the fun they had and answered questions. the final push in the palmetto state, the primary underway in south carolina. but political pundits are saying about each candidate as they walk away with the win. governor kasich continuing to take the high road. what he said about his republican counterparts that got him a standing ovation today. >> temperatures in cincinnati 14 degrees warmer than the war -- then they were. how
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here, open minds lead to broken boundaries. and when everyone around you is pushing you forward,
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and together, that makes us undeniably
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courtis: south carolina spotlight. today is the democrats turn to head to the voting booth for the primary in the palmetto state. nikole killion in washington
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>> palmetto primary. democratic demographics present a key test. >> being able to win the minority vote is critical for democrats. >> african aren' t dissipated to make up over half of the democratic primary voters. they could be critical for hillary clinton after losing to obama in 2008. >> he cleaned up with african-americans. obama won a huge majority in that election. african-americans -- >> we need a real fighter. reporter: bernie sanders has rolled out his own big endorsements from danny glover and spike who cut this radio ad. >> when bernie gets in the white
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>> hoping to chip away at clinton support. >> if bernie sanders stores it is a headache for hillary clinton. >> most show him trailing by double digits but he insists he is not writing off the state. courtis: 53 delegates are up for grabs in today' s south carolina democratic primary. john kasich blasted the tone of the presidential campaign during a town hall in nashville, tennessee. he drew a standing ovation. he question how candidates who trade names and insults can present themselves as leaders to young people. >> when did we get to the point in this country where we can call these kinds of names and have people represent themselves
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as leaders to young people? enough of this trash. courtis: he speaks at a dinner saturday night and knocks -- in knoxville tennessee. starting next week the irs will warn you if you are in danger of identity theft. they revealed last year' s theft of taxpayer data was seven times bigger than originally thought. the irs said chemicals used a tool to steal more than 700,000 people' s tax forms. they have since disable the tool. people who were affected will get an extra pen for future filings and can also get free credit protection. >> another beautiful weekend. we' ve had a stretch of these.
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it was over at the miami whitewater forest, a lot of sunshine and nice weather. wlwt radar showing dry conditions. we have a club full of clouds here in clinton county. most of us have seen sunny skies all day long. they have had a few clouds from time to time but overall a nice sunny day and mild day. temperatures for-five degrees above the average high of 47. 50 in walton. still holding onto milder readings even at this hour. , across cincinnati in northern kentucky, you can see an orange you to the sky. a beautiful sunset. when death of the south.
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which will continue to keep us on the mild side. here is cincinnati. clouds drifting, these orange arrows tell the story. plenty of mild air from the central and southern plains. monday and tuesday we will be fighting the warm air with colder stuff. there may even be a few chances for snow as we had through the week. take tomorrow in stride. it is going to be a nice day but a windy day. 65 degrees. it will be sunny but perhaps the more dominant story is going to be with those winds. tomorrow morning, nothing to write home about. notice how they spike around 25 miles per hour.
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week or two ago, this may be enough to wring a few more down tomorrow read not anticipating widespread power outages but we see a few issues here and there. nothing tonight, clear skies. plenty of sunshine to start. into the afternoon perhaps a few high clouds lay in the day. clouds, some showers late sunday evening. not as warm as sunday. this model looks dicey. cloudy skies to start. maybe finish up as system pulls away. mostly clear. not as cold as it has been tomorrow afternoon. 65, sunny.
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it is going to be windy out there. gusts closing in on 35-40 miles per hour. some rain overnight. temperatures drop 10 degrees. it doesn' t look like much until we hit 60 and then we feel a wintry chill. a high of 40 wednesday. chance for snow thursday. models all over the place right now but we could see snow, something to keep an eye on. upper 30' s low 40' s. we have a couple of 60' s in the forecast. flurries, snow showers tuesday night. >> the strangest weather pad him. i can'
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>> we can remember sports. >> next, looking for another win .
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anchor: welcome back. the bearcats straddling the bubble on the road to face the team they just beat a couple of weeks ago. a couple of upperclassman were benched. he would have to rely on his younger guys to feel the void -- fill the void. in the second half, downloaded -- download to gary clark. you see with a 13 point lead. troy caupain lights out today. 27 points. carolina would not go out easily. only a five now.
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10 points, 14 boards. they leave with a 65-56 win. the american athletic conference is jampacked at the top. temple moving into the top spot after beating ucs. cincinnati is in third. smu will not be playing. they are looking for their fourth straight win. down to in the first. damion lee gets his first bucket of the game to tie it up. trey lewis, taking advantage in transition to cut the lead. the hurricanes shooting 73%.
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we had to the home of nashville as the wildcats were on the road with vanderbilt. they were down for when isaiah beat two. six minutes to go in the game, down nine. cut the deficit. jeff robertson, the commodores when it 74-62. tom is more women were in action today. the saints were down by six but fought back. saints with a two-point lead. more from the saints, he gets the layout. she will drive hard to the lane. thomas horton drops the 10th
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title with the 9374 win. xavier separating themselves from the rest of the big east pack. the muskies on the road tomorrow afternoon. the pirates are three games out going into that matchup. and the reds in goodyear, arizona. the team is fighting off low expectations after losing 98 games in 2015. >> i brought up getting a people' s faces. that is the one thing i will confront people on if there is conversation about us being a poor club or a team that has no chance. that we are just there to compete against teams that are expected to win. i have come into this season expecting to be a part of the club that competes and has a
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the pictures were announced -- anchor: the pictures were announced march 1. courtis: we wish the reds well. new developments tonight in the case against el chapo. why he says he is now willing to be extradited to the united states. >> good afternoon. democratic primary in south carolina. couldn' t shut the door to the u.s. for cuban immigrants. the rush for the american border.
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>> leading the way. courtis: developing news, a three year old shot in the chest and killed. janel walton has more on the investigation tonight from the dearborn county sheriff' s department. >> the sheriff' s department still has not released the name of the child that died yesterday afternoon. we don'
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t know what happened in the moments leading up to that fatal shooting. investigators were called to the home . the call came in as an accidental shooting. the boy had been shot in the chest with a magnum revolver. emergency crews race to the home but it was too late. the child die before help could arrive. >> this is as bad as bad as it gets. with the sheriff' s department, police on scene. the coroner' s office. anybody involved, it is as bad as it gets. >> the child' s name has not been released tonight but the people here say they are praying for the family. courtis: it is unclear how many people were home at the time of
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officials were on scene last night for at least seven hours. police are searching for the person who shot a man today in mount airy. this was the scene around 3:30. the victim shot in the shoulder, also grazed in the head. no word tonight on any arrests. let' s turn our attention to whether. just a beautiful day. how long will it last? erik zarnitz has more. erik: we have locked out the last couple -- lucked out the last couple of weekend. we even made it into the 70' s. tomorrow we' re going to step up but there is a price. let' s take a look at satellite and radar. there is a cincinnati. that is all we are going to deal with tonight. temperatures in the 50' s
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perhaps the bigger story is with the wind. gusts got as high as 20-25 miles for our -- miles per hour. what' s after that cold front, straight ahead. courtis: 312-year-old girls in florida are facing criminal charges for spiking a teacher' s soft drink with hot pepper. mongrel distracted the teacher while the others took the drink and put crushed peppers in it. when the teacher took a drink she started choking and experienced shortness of breath. the girls did it because the teacher had disciplined one girl earlier in the week. they are now charged with tampering with a consumer product and poisoning.
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saga involving el chapo. he is now willing to face charges. he' s accused of charges in the united states but it is under one condition, he be transferred to a medium security prison in the u.s. he has escaped twice from maximum-security prison in mexico. his attorney says the guard at his current prison won' t let him sleep so he is turning into a zombie. more fallout from last year' s deadly police shooting. on friday the uc police chief and major resigned. the department is going through a review in the wake of a deadly traffic stop shooting. ray tensing is accused of shooting and killing sam dubose after killing him in mount auburn.
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the chief resigned effective immediately. the director of public safety is serving as the interim chief of police for the university. kentucky lawmakers looking at a new measure that would reduce penalties for teenagers caught texting pictures of themselves or friends. right now the only option for prosecutors is to file felony charges that could put a teenager on a sex offender registry for life but the new bill would reduce a first offense penalty for a minor to a fine an additional fences as misdemeanors. that passed the senate committee and now goes before the full sentence. -- tonight. we have a new policy at northgate mall. they would start family evenings next friday. it would require anyone younger than 17 years old to be
6:36 pm
21 years old after 5:00 on fridays and saturdays. police will help enforce the new policy. it is in response to a disturbance earlier this month involving a crowd of 100 teenagers that ended in arrest. officials say they got feedback after the incident and that the feedback helped get the conversation started regarding the impact that unsupervised teenagers have on the mall and shoppers. we are still just a few weeks away from spring but it has arrived downtown. the home and garden show kicked off this weekend at the duke energy center. you can check out the trends and get ideas for your own projects through march 6.
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a new dating site that, -- focuses on a love for bernie sanders. >> it will help his campaign. bring in people together. courtis: how many people are signing up? and facebook creator mark zuckerberg. taking his employees to task. what they did to the famous facebook wall they made. and another fantastic day, temperatures in the mid-60' s. the possibilities for snow
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happen str >> for someone in our party, you need to learn when to stand your ground. you can never close the door to common ground. stand your ground. i think it includes supporting a president and making an apartment to the supreme court.
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out and the campaign event. a minnesota senator is standing with president obama saying he has a constitutional duty to nominate supreme court justice. al franken says the -- denying that is setting a dangerous resident. >> it sets up a court that could be having a lot of ties. business relies on the supreme court. everyone relies on the supreme court. this is a dangerous precedent. >> the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell reiterated the gop controlled senate would not act on a supreme court nominee. on the lighter side of the campaign bernie sanders supporters who are searching for love have a new place to turn. a new website offers a place with the politician as a common
6:42 pm
>> we both got involved with bernie sanders. calling on the phone, doing science, >> they are rooting for bernie. there is a new way for fans to connect. bernie >> i' m not going to be on the dating site now. i' m only 17. s great. reporter: it was founded by bernie supporters to share the philosophy championed by bernie sanders. in their words it' s a place to meet cool bernie lovers . josh bloomberg isn' t on the market but likes the idea. >> it will deftly help his campaign. help bringing people together.
6:43 pm
some you may be surprised by. >> it is something whitney says is crucial. >> it could be awkward if you you get down that far in the road and they are voting for donald trump. >> they' ve had to shut down several times to handle rapid growth. a momentum that they hope will only continue. >> even more people are going to know about bernie and his beliefs. i think it is a good thing. courtis: not many stories could top that one. except this one. a farmer' s message about politics is going viral. he' s making sure his neighbors can see and smell how he feels about donald trump. he fired up his field spreader and wrote no-trump in bullman
6:44 pm
newer -- bul l manure. he doesn' t use social media to share his political opinions but his granddaughters posted this on facebook. >> we are from a roll farm county. that is the way the we do things around here. >> i have raised almost every one of these cows. courtis: 15 cows and bulls are helping them spread his message but he says he understands others don' t agree with what he is saying or the smell. mark zuckerberg is calling the behavior of weber scratched out a black lives matter message on the company' s famous no rules signature wall disrespectful and malicious. he is denouncing the behavior on
6:45 pm
minority students for a tech forum. many cheered the zuckerberg opinion. others noted disapprovingly that facebook staff is only 2% african-american. >> cincinnati' s certified most accurate forecast. erik: a nice sunny day. temperatures in the lower 50' s. temperatures will climb into sunday with highs in the mid 60' s by sunday afternoon. as you can see not too much to track. a few clouds. that' s what we saw all day long. sunny skies, folks heading out. flights headed into the miami whitewater force. if you would like to see your pictures on air send them to me and use the hashtag wlwt to give
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fantastic weather. take a few more pictures . we started off at 27 degrees. this afternoon, four degrees above our average child 47. things are starting to get cooler out there now. 45 degrees at hillsboro. 48 degrees currently in loveland. our temperature at the airport , 50 degrees. went out of the south at 12 miles per hour. those southerly winds will help to warm us up as we head into sunday. and that will get higher than that, 40-45 miles per hour tomorrow afternoon. all the wind is blowing up the warmer temperatures across arkansas into the ohio valley. your forecast tomorrow starting off on the cool side. by the afternoon 65 degrees.
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wall-to-wall sunshine. the problem is with the wind and are cold front bringing rain late tomorrow evening. let' s talk about the wind. 10-15 miles per hour. not too bad. sustained wind during the afternoon, gusts around 40-45. that will bring down some trees and we know about the ash trees. if they haven' t been taken down they may cause the problem. we will see more issues with the wind gusts. if you spotty power outages possible. that is going to cool us off a few degrees. some cool skies tonight. if you hire clouds here and there. sunny skies, a mild day. everything will look nice. you will hear the wind howling from time to time. a finchley a few scattered
6:48 pm
monday we start with clouds. then a secondary wave of colder air heading this way will bring rain on tuesday. tuesday night. your forecast tonight, we will see 65. your seven-day forecast, much colder tuesday night. some flurries in the mixed. a chance for accumulating snow on thursday. courtis: she had a weather dance when you said 60 degrees. >> don' t bait me. >> to have some basketball to talk about?
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>> i do. you don' t want to do this, we have a dose of college
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anchor: welcome back. the bearcats straddling the bubble, on the road to face a team they beat a couple of weeks ago but thanks to injuries, a couple of upperclassmen were benched. junior guard, a key leader on the team. the freshman jacob evans at the rim. 18 points, you see with a 13 point lead. troy lighting it up today. one of the specialists -- cookbook specialist lighting it up. 70% , berkeley dangerous from the perimeter as you can see. ellis with his sixth double double of the year.
6:53 pm
the bearcats lead north carolina with a 65-56 win. the american athletic conference , temple moving into the top spot. cincinnati is in third. smu will not be plying. tulsa, memphis all in action tomorrow. it was senior day in coral gables. down to in the first. damion lee, tying up the game. trey lewis, taking advantages. cutting the lead there. 73-65. we had to the home of country music. nashville.
6:54 pm
wildcats down for. wildcats down by two points. six minutes to go in the game. jamaal murray cut the deficit to 7 but he' s going to pull that upset. tom is more women were in action today. the championship between washington and jefferson state. abby owings gets it to the packed freshman of the year. saints with a two-point lead. next the drive getting the layout to go. tom is more up by four points. the past player of the year doing serious work. tom is more grabs the 10th straight conference tournament title.
6:55 pm
peeved about this. this time last week they ranked 15 in the nation. they lost three of their last four games. 75, 66. xavier ranked fifth in the nation hitting the road. just two days left of the regular season. their last game will be at home. the muskies on the road tomorrow at 12:30. the reds in arizona, the team already fighting off low expectations after losing 98 games. >> i brought up getting in people' s faces.
6:56 pm
confront people on, us being a poor class or a team that has no chance. that we are just there to compete against teams expected to win. i have come into this season expecting to be a part of a club that competes and has a chance to go to the playoffs. anchor: it is john maas got to will get the game going against the indians. courtis: we were talking about that. final check of the weather. erik: it' s going to be 54 on monday. 60 on tuesday. the important bits are tomorrow afternoon. we could see some gusts around
6:57 pm
we have low lights, highlights. 65 on sunday. 60 on tuesday. i was trying to find another. courtis: since you traded places i will trade places with my producer. she is saying wrap. that' s all the time we have for you.
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(donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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this is a decision 2016 update. >> good evening. it's 7:00 eastern. the polls have closed. the democratic presidential primary in south carolina. at this hour, nbc news is projecting that hillary clinton has defeated bernie sanders winning with a majority of voters. this is the first test for democrats in the south and the first where african-americans make up more than half the voters. next up, next tuesday's super tuesday primaries. let's go to chuck todd. what do you make of this? >> let me show you something inside the exit polls that show


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