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tv   WLWT News 5 at 1100  NBC  February 27, 2016 11:00pm-11:29pm EST

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darren helm had a terrific night for the red wings. the red wings are going to skate out of here with two points. >> mike: primary assist is that guy. nice pass ahead. and the rest became history. deficit two. quarter of a minute left. played back in. he has gotten an outdoor victory, his first. he was the backup to jimmy howard at michigan stadium. the red wings pick up points 72 and number 73, one behind idle tampa bay and boston for the tie of second place in the atlantic division.
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50,095 were here to watch it. thanks for watching the 2016 coors light nhl stadium series. final score in the game once again the detroit red wings 5, the colorado avalanche 3. coming up next on nbc except on the west coast it is your local news and later tonight it is saturday night live with host ronda rousey and musical guest selena gomez. i should hurry up and say for
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>> from wlwt leading the way this is to view l w at 11:00. >> there' s no doubt in my mind america as best years are ahead of us. >> a decisive victory for hillary clinton. >> i looked in the mayor and saw a rash. courtis: an ohio woman shares her experience with the zika virus. and a three-year-old shot and
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we now know who shot a three-year-old indiana boy yesterday. good evening. first responders were called to the home just after 5:00 friday evening. the county coroner says the child shot himself. tammy is live in our newsroom with the latest on the investigation. reporter: the child pulled the and shot himself in the chest. he died inside his home before help could arrive. a mother frantically calls for help after she found her little boy had shot himself. >> to have pulled the trigger. reporter: stephen callahan says christopher griffith today. the child'
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>> they did check for previous injuries, bruising, there was no indication of abuse of that nature. >> the shooting happened around 5:00 yesterday. first responders rushed to the house after the mom' s plea for help but it was too late. the child died before help could arrive. >> the autopsy was today. he died of a single gunshot wound to the chest. all indications were he was the one who pulled the trigger. >> anyone involved in is as bad as it gets. reporter: the coroner says the family wanted to donate his organs but unfortunately they were not able to harvest organs. wlwt news 5. courtis: no charges have been filed so far in the connection
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with this fatal shooting. s deputies are continuing to investigate. new tonight tonight, several people forced from their homes after a fire quickly moves through an apartment. fire officials were called to kentucky avenue. just before 5:00 they say someone was cooking and left a pan of oil unattended. 11 people were displaced. crews were on the scene for more than two hours fighting the fire. tomorrow, a rally' plan following a deadly officer involved shooting in westwood. black lives matter cincinnati now has a number of demands in response to the shooting death. the group is asking the deadly officer involved encounters. rally is planned for tomorrow at
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bloodshed add a kkk anaheim, california. after klansmen and protesters clashed. authorities say three counter separate incidents. police arrested three counter protesters seen stomping a klansmen. >> it is believed it took place at the flagpole. the victim was transported in critical condition. the suspect is in custody. courtis: two people in custody face charges for assault with a deadly weapon. despite an individual' s belief, first amendment rights must be respected. tonight, it was one of clermont counties most brutal killings. he was convicted of killing his
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roommate and eating his brain. that was 1979. he is now 60 years old, up for parole. his hearing was held this month a decision has yet to be made. police are investigating after shots ring out in mount airy. it happened near the mountain -- mount mary. the male victim was shot in the shoulder, grazed in the head. is expected to be ok. no word on any arrests. drugs may have been involved. the shooter is believed to be a juvenile. a man is charged with voyeurism after police say he recorded women on his cell phone in the bathroom of the bethesda north hospital. he hid his phone under a. a woman saw it and reported it to security. he said his phone was missing
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and left securities -- security officers watch the video. he was given a $5,000 bond this morning. on the kentucky tennessee state border a massive rockslide could have interstate 75 shut down for quite some time. take a look at this. officials are saying this could be a long-term closure. they say the roadway is now safer travel. the road is not safe to travel right now. the rockslide was reported before 4:00 friday afternoon. both sides of the interstate are shut down. a fire and a friday night fish fry sent three people to the hospital. firefighters are using the incident as a teaching opportunity. they say all people working around food equipment should be prepared for emergencies. three people were burned at saint barbara' s church over an erlinger after a problem with a
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today erlinger came to together. the police and fire department took part in the special welcome. she' s going through treatment for dipg and today the community tied ribbons in her favorite color so she will smile on her way through her neighborhood. good news after a bald eagle is rescued indiana. the eagle is doing much better tonight. she was rescued by the sanctuary when she was found, she was not eating on her own and had to be force-fed. after being nursed back to health she was released back
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landslide victory for hillary clinton. the front runner is the winner down in south carolina but bernie sanders says the nomination process is far from over. aixa diaz is in our washington bureau with more on this big night for hillary clinton. >> hillary clinton gained momentum moving forward after winning the first in the south primary. >> tomorrow this campaign goes national. reporter: a decisive victory for hillary clinton. she thanked voters, commended her opponent and looked ahead to the remaining races. >> we are going to compete for every vote in every state. we are not taking anything and we are not taking anyone for granted. >> i congratulate secretary
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>> sanders admits he was all but unknown was his campaign began spent the day stumping in texas. his only victory has been in new hampshire. beginning. >> i' m going to ask for your vote tuesday. i need more than that from you. i need your help the day after the general election. i can' t do it alone. >> 850 democratic delegates are at stake. in washington, aixa diaz. courtis: some of you will remember in 2008 hillary clinton lost the south carolina primary to senator barack obama. governor john kasich plastic -- blasted the tone of the campaign during a town hall in tennessee today. he drew a standing ovation after
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he questioned how candidates who trade names and insults can present themselves as leaders to young people. be sure to catch meet the press sunday morning right here at 10:00. governor kasich joins chuck todd to discuss the state of his campaign. other guests will include senator bernie sanders, ted cruz, and new jersey governor chris christie as we talk about all the endorsements. the zika virus diagnoses now on the rise in the united states. >> it would be the feeling of achiness on your joints. they are painful. courtis: a woman diagnosed to speaking out, why she still does not regret the trip she made overseas. >> it was a breezy day. went out of the south in cincinnati.
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tomorrow, we see numbers around s, 45 mile-per-hour wind gusts possible.
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courtis: troubling news about the zika virus. there are more than 100 cases in the united states. an ohio woman is speaking out after she was diagnosed after a late december trip overseas. not many people have been to haiti 25 times. >> i' m a volunteer educator. >> because of those trips she is part of an even smaller pool, one of five ohioans to test positive for it zika. >> your joints are really painful. >> she traveled to haiti since 1987. she started in her words spreading hope. she knows a thing or four about mosquito borne illnesses. >> i' ve had fever, i' ve had malaria at least once.
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ve had the latest one, i can' t even say the name of that. courtis: on her last trip she had not heard much about the zika virus. she didn' t do much to prevent mosquitoes from biting. >> we went to the countryside. we were on the ocean during fishing. it was a great chance to do whatever a mosquito would want to do. >> eight days later, she had what felt like the flu with one difference. >> i was hotter than usual. i saw a rash that was starting right here on my face. it was all over most of the front of my body. >> thursday she learned it was zika that made her sick. photographs taken when she developed the illness don' t frame negative thoughts about the trip.
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we can handle what happened. it' s a luxury to be able to say that. it did affect me long-term. courtis: the zika virus has not been found to be life-threatening for adults but it can have devastating the state -- affects on an unborn child. 312-year-old florida girl' s facing charges for spiking a teachers drink with upper. police say one girl distracted the teacher while the others put crushed pepper and it. she started choking and experienced shortness of breath. they are charged with tampering with a consumer product and poisoning.
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the mississippi shared stories downtown. it opened the door for other african-american formatted stations to start. , they spoke at the library downtown and you can tell they must have been telling good stories about their coworkers. they had fun and answered questions about the station. accurate forecast. erik: plenty of sunshine. a light breeze. mild temperatures tomorrow. we make it up to around 65 degrees. northern kentucky probably even warmer than that. the only problem is there will
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degrees, 43 degrees in falmouth. 42 degrees in georgetown. wind out of the south at 10 miles per hour. tonight is not the case. 10-15 miles per hour. that is where they start to take off. skies. our sick and around iowa. you can see them pointing at cincinnati. that is going to bring in mild temperatures. as the storm system begins to build it is going to put the squeeze play on the air rose. whenever you see isobars close to gather their is wind. that is why we see the low
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during the afternoon some highs make it down to the surface. we will also be dealing with fairly mild temperatures. at least it is not a cold wind. all joking aside, this doesn' t look like a terribly severe event for us. gusts higher than that, and that digs into some of the trees and causes them to die. both ends on the steering wheel. if you are driving a high-profile vehicle it is easier to get around.
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tomorrow morning will start off with plenty of sunshine during the day. sunshine turns gusty in the afternoon. we see some clouds and showers built in. this is a cold front that moves through. it will gradually cool off temperatures a little bit monday and then tuesday we see another storm system built in. that can give us rain and snow as it pulls away. mostly clear. not as cold as it has been. augusta high of 65 degrees. cool on monday. tuesday, rain by the afternoon. a high of 60. wednesday morning, perhaps some flurries. highs much cooler by the end of the week. courtis: with us having that bad weather last week the ground is saturated.
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>> welcome back. the bearcats reaching their 21st win of the season. three games left of the regular season. now it is not the time to lose especially on the road. 20 years old, a key leader on this team, a freshman there to clean up at the rim. you see with a 13 point lead. troy shooting lights out today. one of the cookbook specialist, east carolina not going out easily. berkeley dangerous from the perimeter. barely any insight gains. ellis with his six double-double of the year. bearcats lead with a 65-56 win.
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we had to the home of country music, nashville. the second half down for. xavier separating themselves from the rest of the pack. the muskies on the road. tomorrow afternoon at 12:30, three games going into that matchup. and archie miller, not happy at all about this one. they were ranked 15th in the nation. they' ve lost three of their last five games. 75-66. tom is more women. thomas horton grabs the 10 straight conference title with
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now we see if they will advance in the tournament tonight. fleming, the coaches son doing work. they move off and knock it down. ryan custer hitting the triple. game a week from tonight. over at u.s. bank arena the cyclones game. crowd in the cyclones still down 1-0.


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