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tv   WLWT News 5 Today Weekend  NBC  February 28, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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jonathan: now on news 5 today, questions into the shooting death of a 3-year-old indiana boy are being answered. who the coroner says pulled the trigger and what investigators are still piecing together. a cincinnati officer involved shooting has the group black action. they'll be hitting the street today. richard: we'll get you signed up for the ultimate honey-do list as the home and garden show opens up today. chair today. enjoy the warmer temperatures. unfortunately, we'll also have to batten down the hatchs.
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we've got wind moving in along with the rising temperatures. we'll detail the complete forecast on this sunday, february 28, 2016. this is news 5 today. [captioning made possible by wlwt-tv] jonathan: good morning. welcome to news 5 today. thanks for joining us on this sunday morning. i'm jonathan hawgood. meteorologist jennifer schack, i'll make an admission to you. i've never in my life battened down a hatch. i don't know that i would know how to do it. i've heard that saying before. isn't that a nautical thing maybe. jennifer: it's what comes to mind for me. but i don't know the specifics as well. when we were kids, we lived on top of a hill with a porch on the western side of the house. you gathered your toys and stuck them under the picnic table because they'd get blown all over the place.
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jonathan: for me, the barometer is the grill cover. it comes off. jennifer: winds gusting above 40 this afternoon. northern counties with the better potential for highest winds. strong winds, but it will be sunny, warm. temperatures will be climbing nicely. take a look at the wind advisory for the northern indiana and ohio counties, including our northern tier of counties. from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. a few weeks ago, we had a wednesday or thursday with wind gusts in mid 40s. the potential for wind gusts around 40 this afternoon. close to where we were a couple weeks ago. we could have problems again today. south winds right now at 10 to 15 for the morning. temperatures are mild in the 40s. we'll climb nicely. it will be a south breeze taking us to high temperatures in the mid 60s. so warm and windy today. we will get wet tonight with rain arriving with the cold front. we'll talk about the temperatures behind the front and the chance for snow in the
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work week coming up. jonathan: several people were forced from their home after a weekend fire at a mt. airy apartment. firefighters were called to the 1900 block of kentucky avenue late saturday afternoon. officials say someone was cooking and that person left a pan of oil unattended. 11 people, including seven children, were displaced because of this fire. damage is estimated at $50,000. we now know who shot a 3-year-old indiana boy. the county coroner now saying the child accidentally shot himself. first responders were called to the sunman, indiana, home just after 5:00 friday night. wlwt news 5's tammy mutasa has the latest on the investigation. reporter: a mother frantically calls for help after she found her little boy had accidentally shot himself. >> the way the gun was held and stuff, it was possible for this child to have pulled the trigger. reporter: the dearborn county coroner says an autopsy was performed on 3-year-old
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been ruled an accident. >> they did check for any kind of previous injuries, bruisings, broken bones. there was no indication of any abuse of that nature. reporter: the shooting happened around 5:00 p.m. yesterday at the child's home on van wedding road in sunman, indiana. first responders rushed to the house after the mom's plea for help, but it was too late. the child died before help could arrive. >> an autopsy today, and he died of a single gunshot wound to the chest. all indications were that it was -- he was the one who pulled the trigger. >> anybody involved in something like this, it's about as bad as it gets. when it involves a child. jonathan: there have been no charges filed so far in connection with the fatal shooting. dearborn county sheriff's deputies are continuing to investigate. happening today, a rally planned following a deadly officer involved shooting in westwood. the group, black lives matter cincinnati, now has a number of
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demands in response to the shooting death of paul gaston. s. s. s. s. they want the officers involved in gaston's death to be fired and indicted for murder. the group is also asking the department to reopen two other deadly officer encounters. the rally is planned to begin at 3:00 p.m. at western hills high school. this weekend, erlanger came together to show its support for a little girl fighting the same kind of deadly brain tumor that lauren hill fought. >> her favorite color is pink. this will be perfect. jonathan: the police and fire departments took part in the special welcome for 5-year-old brooklyn smith. she's currently going through treatment for dipg. on saturday, the lakemont community tied ribbons in brooklyn's favorite color so she'd see them on her way through the neighborhood. >> brooklyn's name is on one side of the ribbon and we're leaving the other side open for anybody to write names of cancer victims on there. jonathan: they tied 25 football
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after she finishes her current round of radiation, make a wish will send here on her first plane trip to disney world. on her first plane trip to disney world. her family has created the charity, smile for brooklyn, to help families fighting cancer. today, you could take advantage jonathan: today is a chance to get ideas for sprucing up the house, inside and out. richard chiles is downtown for the opening of the home and guarden show. richard, good morning. richard: good morning. you're absolutely right. inside and out of the house, that's the theme for this year's home and garden show. i know your better half has the honey-do list in place. over 400 vendors here at the home and garden show. doors opening up this morning at 10:30. an opportunity to showcase a variety of landscaping, interior design ideas. working on the skich
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kitchens and baths, giving you a great opportunity to give you the best in retail landscape and design in the tri-state. an opportunity to make a difference at your home incorporating some of these amazing ideas. a lot of great things to see, including stone scapes, water features. i know tricia cross has big plans for eric, making sure the back lard living space is available. kufg up through coming up the next half hour, we'll show the ideas folks in the tri-state will be talking about as we go into spring, things you want to do at home, from major improvements and rehabs to making final small touches that make your casting more like home. i've got my eye on one of these loungers here with the virtual reality. as you know, my favorite activity to do at the house in terms of home improvement is sitting on the couch. so this is going to take it all to a brand new level for me. something for everybody.
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we'll bring it all to you in the next half hour. jonathan. jonathan: that's a massage chair, isn't it, richard? you lucky duck. richard: a man's got to work, buddy. jonathan: we'll see you in half an hour, if you're not comatose. today, you could take advantage of the nice weather and take part in the maple sugar days of colerain township. i might want to sit on a massage chair, but this will be fun. it will run from noon to 5:00 at the farbach werner nature preserve. see how maple trees are tapped, learn how syrup is turned into sugar and sample foods prepared with maple. a landslide victory for hillary clinton. plus, the dayton flyers on a downward trend, unfortunately. many thought them capable of making a tournament run. elise jesse will sort out the details in the morning sports. we'll go outside through
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citycam 5's eyes. two cars going the opposition
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need relief. that's why i only choose nicorette mini. in commitment 2016, it was a landslide victory for hillary clinton. the democratic frontrunner is the winner in south carolina. bernie sanders says the nomination process far from
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wlwt news 5 aixa diaz has more. reporter: hillary clinton gains momentum moving forward after winning the first in the south primary. >> tomorrow, this campaign goes national. reporter: a decisive victory for clinton in south carolina, winning the overwhelming support of african-americans. democratic frontrunner thanked promoters and -- looked ahead to the remaining races. >> we are going to compete for every vote in every state. we're not taking anything and we're not taking anyone for granted. >> i congratulate secretary clinton on her very strong victory. reporter: sanders, who admits le was all but unknown in south carolina when his campaign began, spent the day stumping in texas and minnesota, two states up for grabs tuesday. the vermont senator, whose only victory has been in new hampshire, says his campaign is just beginning and they won't stop now. >> i'm going to be asking for your vote tuesday. i need more than that from you.
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can't do it alone. reporter: more than 850 democratic delegates are at stake in 11 states on super tuesday. in washington, aixa diaz, wlwt news 5. jonathan: this weekend, john kasich blasted the tone of the republican presidential campaign in nashville saturday. he drew a standing ovation, declaring enough of this trash. he questioned how candidates who trade names and insults can present themselves to young people as leaders. >> when did we get to the point in this country where we can call these kinds of names and have people actually represent themselves as leaders in this country to these young people. enough of this trash. jonathan: this morning, governor kasich will be on "meet the press", talking with chuck todd about the fact that former governor mitt romney talked to him about dropping out of the
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doesn't win ohio. you you can watch that after us at 10:00. other guests will be senator bernie sanders, senator ted cruz and new jersey governor chris christie, to talk about his endorsement of donald trump. let's talk about the weather with jennifer. jennifer: a quiet and mild sunday morning. look at citycam. we have clear skies right now. visibility is reported at ten miles for all major reporting sites. no fog expected for the morning and the main story for that will be we're expecting the south winds to stay breezy, not allowing fog to form. our temperature right now at 44. note there's also pretty good gap. the temperature at 44. the dew point in the 30s. relative humidity, only 63%. a southwest breeze at 12 miles an hour. the south winds this morning, a touch breezy. they'll start to pick up after sunrise and will stay strong through the midday, afternoon
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and even this evening. we should still have breezy winds. temperatures right now in the upper 30s and low 40s within the 275 loop. 44 and 45 degrees for a couple of spots. so a pretty mild start right now. everyone with clear skies. satellite and radar, not a cloud to be found for the ohio river valley, extending out toward the midwest. and a good portion of the great lakes quiet this morning. there is a cold front that's dragging out of the northern plains that will quickly rush our way and arrive later tonight. it will gather clouds and strong winds. not expecting precipitation. as the front gets closer for us, encounters more moisture. south winds will pick up. southwest winds today will be strong. gusts above 40 miles an hour. when you get that high, you could cause damage for the area. a limited concern in the afternoon. mainly our northern counties as that front gets closer tonight. it will drag in clouds, maybe some showers with it. a band of showers expected. around mid nide tonight, should not drop off a lot of rain. then the clouds start to clear
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out as soon as tomorrow morning. high pressure behind this front will drop temperatures tomorrow. highs are expected monday in the mid 50s. so it's not a big drop back. i still think we're above average for monday. we with should bring back sunshine. the winds should be weaker and we'll have temperatures still remaining in the 50s tomorrow. here's our wind forecast today. between 15 and 20 miles an hour sustained winds, picking up by midday. staying there, if not getting stronger through the afternoon. the highest wind potential will be the northern tier of counties. sustained winds at 20 miles an hour at times. gusts even higher. until the front comes through later tonight, the winds will stay strong. gusts 40 miles an hour a potential. in the northern counties, 30 to 35 miles an hour. northern tier beginning at 11:00 a.m. lasting through 7:00 this evening. then beyond that, for our late evening, the winds start to settle down a little bit. the front comes through around midnight.
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that will bring our chance for clouds and a band of showers with it. we've been talking maybe a tenth of an inch of shower activity. most of us at least sprinkles, if not light showers as this front rolls through. this computer model kind of dwindle ing that moisture a little bit. we'll see the band come through for everyone during the night and move out by monday morning. 65 today. warm but windy. later tonight, rain showers arrive. a few extra morning clouds. more afternoon sunshine for monday. tuesday, another band of rain, this time we could be talking widespread, heavy rain at times, evening thunderstorms mixed in. the severe potential is very limited, forecasting for tuesday. i don't think it's too much of a problem. chilly air behind it. with moisture overriding the cool air thursday, we could be talking snow showers back. beyond that, temperatures climb, but below average into next weekend. jonathan. jonathan: thank you, jennifer. plenty of college basketball action to go around saturday.
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multiple teams in action from elise jesse has more in morning sports. elise: good morning. i'm elise jesse. the cincinnati bearcats reaching their 21st win of the season. they're on the bubble and on a quest for their sixth straight trip to the ncaa tournament. with three games left in the regular season, now is not the time to lose, especially on the road. junior guard troy caupain knows a key leader. ellis goes down low to clark. jacob evans there to clean up at the rim. 18 points, seven rebounds for him. u.c. with a 13-point lead. troy caupain lights out yesterday. racking a career high 27 points. east carolina not going to go out easily. 70% of the pirates' points came from beyond the arc. barkley dangerous from the perimeter. cincy only up five. caupain's lob to ellis is good. his sixth double-double of the year. ten points, 14 boards.
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north carolina with a 65-56 win. we head to the home of country music in nashville. the kentucky wildcats were on the road at vanderbilt, second half, cats down four. isaiah briscoe hits the deep two. wildcats down two. six minutes to go in the game, down nine, jamal murray with the floater in the lane. but it's vandy who pulls off the upset as the commodores win it 74-62 over the cats. villanova and xavier have separated themselves from the rest of the pack. the muskies on the road at seton hall this afternoon at 12:30. the pirates are three games out of first going into the game. and you know archie miller not happy about this one yesterday. this time last week, the dayton flyers were ranked 15th in the nation. they've now lost three of their last four games, including this one at home to rhode island, 75-66. thomas more women in action
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the pac conference championship versus washington and jefferson. thomas more grabs their tenth straight conference tournament title with the 93-74 victory. and that's it for our morning sports right now in this half hour. we'll have more, plus hockey, coming up in the next half hour, jonathan. jonathan: a big night for stars as they take the stage for the oscars. we have an inside look at nominations for hollywood experts coming up. and your live look outside. citycam 5. the only song i can sing, chicken. i never learned a thing about
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jonathan: welcome back. it's hollywood's big night. the 88th annual academy awards are tonight. mark barger talked to experts from entertainment weekly and fandango about what to expect. reporter: the anticipation for tonight is not just about the awards. >> i'm looking forward to chris rock's monologue. i can't think of a better host
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reporter: rock will have the diversity issue squarely in his sights but will keep it from dominating the event. it could be historic. he's fairford vored to be the first back-to-back director winner in years. >> if the revenant wins, it will be the first time ever one director has directed back-to-back best picture winners. reporter: the revenant's competition includes spotlight and "the big short." both have shared numerous guild honors. >> i think a lot of people loved the revenant, but i don't know that it's something everybody in the category embraces. reporter: there's love for leo dicaprio. best actor would be his first oscar. >> he should be writing his speech. i can't imagine anyone else winning.
6:25 am
reporter: similar with bree larson for "room." >> there's no other performance in that category this year that goes through the wringer like her character does, and she portrayed it beautifully. reporter: supporting actress has kate winslet and vakender in a tight race. supporting actor is seen as a lock for sylvester stallone. he revisited rocky persona in "creed." older voters think he should have won 39 years ago for playing rocky the first time. reporter: winning this time could be a knock-out moment on a golden night. jonathan: our producer is pulling for stallone. her name is adrian. adrian, i won! 50 shades of grey came out on top, or, perhaps on bottom at this year's razzies. it nabbed five prizes at the
6:26 am
tied with superhero flop "fantastic four." at this year's festival for worst film. 50 shades won for worst screenplay, worst actor and work it actress. the razzie awards began in 1980 as a spoof of hollywood's awards season. i don't want it to be a given. you don't want to know for sure leo dicaprio is going to win. still a lot more ahead, including strike up the band. where you can get a samping of
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here, open minds lead to broken boundaries. and when everyone around you is
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pushing you forward, nothing can stand in your way. and together, that makes us undeniably
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jonathan: now on news 5 today, a local fundraiser ends after a fire ball explosion. lessons to be learned from the fish fry accident. richard: get your honey-do list together. the home and garden show opens its doors just ahead. jonathan: we're in for a quick warmup today. jennifer schack has the rising temperatures to end the weekend. the impact the winds will play in your day. look at that beautiful tootsy roll sunrise.
6:30 am
this is news 5 today. good morning, everyone. welcome to news 5 today. thanks for joining us on this sunday morning. i'm jonathan hawgood. this is meteorologist jennifer schack. citycam 5 showing us the delightful brownish chocolatey color on the horizon. somebody has unwrapped it. we've got a tootsy roll sunrise. a bit of burnt sierra. perhaps higher above but the chocolate down low is gorgeous. what's better, we'll have 65 degrees today. jennifer: 65 and sunshine. the winds will be strong from start to finish. there's a breeze, afternoon winds pick up for the strongest. they'll stay breezy this evening as well.
6:31 am
south winds will help with the temperatures quite a bit. mid 60s today. quite an improvement from 52 yesterday. showers not arriving until late tonight. look at the wind advisory that's been issued for the northern tier of counties beginning at 11:00 a.m. this morning through 7:00 p.m. this evening. the peak time period, the best chance for wind gusts above 40 miles an hour. a few weeks ago, wind gusts in the 40s caused widespread damage. that will be a possibility this afternoon. south winds at 10 to 15. they'll pick up nicely for the afternoon. we have a mild start in the mid 40s right now. warm and windy today as we head into the work week. details coming up. jonathan: jennifer, thanks. cincinnati police are investigating a weekend shooting in mt. airy that happened near the mt. airy food mart saturday afternoon. the male victim was shot in the shoulder and grazed in the head.
6:32 am
no word on any arrests. police say drugs may have been involved. the shooter is believed to be a juvenile. it was one of clermont county's most brutal killings, then 24-year-old david chapin was accused of killing his roommate and eating his brain that was in chapin is 60 years old and up for parole. prison records show his hearing was held this month but a decision is yet to be made on any possibility of release. a man is charged with voyeurism after police say he recorded women on his cell phone in the bathroom of bethesda north hospital. montgomery police say that man, daniel schantz, hid his phone under a cabinet. a woman saw it and reported it to security. schantz later said his phone was missing and let security
6:33 am
his bond was set at $5,000. a fire was at a fish fry. three people were burned at st. barbara's church friday after a pro pane tank had a problem. >> you want to make sure anybody that would be back there cooking the fish would be trained on how to hazards to look for. making sure they have extinguishers if they have a fire. making sure they're aware on how to turn off the pro pane. >> firefighters say you should keep a first-aid kit near the location you're cooking. if you have a fire, get out, go to an established meeting place to call 911. technology giving us a look at union terminal. wlwt news 5's courtis fuller tells us the new scans of a cincinnati favorite. reporter: they are using a high
6:34 am
structure. >> in three dimensions so we can look at it in realtime, any part of the building anywhere. instantaneously. reporter: this laser scan will be critical for architects and designers as they begin the renovation process on union terminal. months were sent processing thousands of individual scans, producing millions of dat points of the interior and exterior of the building. >> this gives you a look at the steel structure beneath union terminal, which is vital to the design and architecture team. reporter: in addition to saving hours, it will help preserve this old gem in a way only a 21st century technology can do. >> the community benefits because we're able to get maximum value out of the investment the community is making in the structure. we can preserve the structure for the long-term, do the maximum amount of work to do that up front with the fewest surprises along the way.
6:35 am
reporter: i'm courtis fuller, wlwt news 5. jonathan: what an saw some look at a grand old structure. the renovation will begin this year, including an exterior and interior restoration. the cost of the project, $212 million. it should take two years to complete. the historic music hall in over-the-rhine will come alive once again today, thanks to the macy's arts sampler weekend. the day begins at 11:00 with interactive theater, dance, face painting and hands-on crafts as well as performances, you including the may festival youth chorus. then everyone heads into the main hall for a concert featuring the cincinnati orchestra, cincinnati ballet and opera. they're expected to perform selections from star wars, superman, and frozen. thousands are pected to take a trip to the duke energy center downtown over the next two weeks for the cincinnati home and
6:36 am
intrepid reporter, wlwt news 5's richard chiles live downtown with the spring showcase. hey, richard. richard: eric cross and i have had the event to ourselves. getting a chance to take a sneak preview of all of the great home improvements and backyard deliveries expected for spring throughout the tri-state. this is the 48th year for the cincinnati home and garden show. it's a great opportunity to see all that is new in home improvements. great opportunities for landscaping, stone scapes, that water effect and feature that you want. expand the space from inside to outdoors, a trend we're seeing throughout housing this year. the show been going on for 48 years, bringing the best in home improvements right here to the
6:37 am
the doors, again, open up at 10:30 this morning. for children, it's free for kids under 12. they'll be doing the free labor for dad. admission is $13. but you get a three dollar discount if you pick up the ticket from kroger. the show closes today, but opens back up next wednesday through sunday again. for all those do-it-yourselfers and home improvement folks, making that list and checking it twice, trying to find all the items that they're going to be doing for this spring cleaning. reporting live from the duke energy center, richard chiles, wlwt news 5. jonathan: a police officer and marine killed in the line of duty. a tragic ending for a virginia officer after one day on the force. bless her heart. blood shed at a kkk rally in california. we'll tell you about the rally that led to fights which sent multiple people to the hospital. coming up.
6:38 am
and our live look outside. citycam 5 has tangerine and orange in frame as well. just a beautiful beginning of your warm sunday. the second to last day in february.
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new fresh step with the power of febreze. odor control worth celebrating. jonathan: welcome back. a police officer shot and killed in virginia during her first day on the job. bless her heart. officer ashley guindon was fatally shot while responding to a domestic shooting in prince william county. police have the shooter in custody. the investigation is ongoing. officer guindon served in the marine corps before joining the police force. she was sworn in on friday. two other officers were also shot during the incident. their conditions are unknown at this time. five people are now dead in what police are describing as an apparent murder suicide in washington state. police say 51-year-old david wayne campbell called 911 saying he'd shot and killed his wife and her children.
6:41 am
to use tear gas to flush him out of the house after an hours-long standoff. that's when he stepped outside and shot and killed himself. the bodies of his wife and her two teenage sons were found, along with a fourth. that person's identity has not been released. a 12-year-old girl escaped from the home uninjured, but her relation to the family is unclear. blood shed at a kkk rally in anaheim, california. police arrested 13 after klansmen and counter protesters clashed, leading to three stabbings and another attack. authorities say three counter protesters were stabbed in separate incidents. police also arrested three counter protesters seen stomping on a klansman. >> it is believed the stabbing took place with a flagpole with the eagle decoration on the end of the flagpole. that victim was transported in critical condition. the suspect is in custody, as is the flag. jonathan: at least two people in
6:42 am
custody face charges for assault with a deadly weapon. police say no matter what peoples beliefs, their first amendment rights must be respected. the cincinnati cyclones on the ice last night in front of a sellout crowd. we'll talk about how the team performed. jennifer: the winds pick up this afternoon with a wind gust advisory.
6:43 am
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jonathan: a wonder kid i encountered yesterday at the math counts. 200 kids competing. jennifer: ages? jonathan: sixth seventh and eighth grade. shree ruther is jaw dropping. she would answer an impossible question. she would answer before they could complete the answer. impressive. she won a scholarship to u.c. it was her second scholarship she'd won to u.c. i'm thinking maybe m.i.t., i don't know. i'm not giving short shrift to u.c.
6:46 am
big mind up there in mason. he shad an individual competition. she can celebrate her victory in the warmth today. jennifer: and the wind. those are the two story headlines for today. it will be sun nye ny and nice temperatures, but the wind will be howling, similar to a couple weeks ago when we had problems with the winds. this morning, we're starting breezy and mide. temperatures in the low to mid 40s currently. clear skies, visibility is high. currently, the temperature at 44. the southwest winds will be sustained. once the sun comes up, the winds will pick up. satellite and radar, clear skies for the ohio river valley. not a lot along the front this morning. for the afternoon, the evidence
6:47 am
not really in the way of clouds and showers out ahead of it, southwest winds pick up this afternoon. drawing in that warm air. we also very strong winds aloft that will reach the surface and cause problems later on today with the wind gusts. the front comes through behind it. tomorrow afternoon, sunshine, lighter winds, mild temperatures. today, mid 60s. tomorrow, mid 50s. a quiet start to the work week. that transition to get there today, strong south winds. sustained winds through the midday and afternoon. we're looking at 15, 20, 25 at times miles an hour. for south winds sustained. then when you pick up the wind gusts for the afternoon, they'll be stronger. i did a screen shot at 5:00 this afternoon, evidence that the higher winds should be the
6:48 am
northern counties at 40 or more miles an hour. southern counties, 35 miles an hour. a wind advisory has been issued for a the northern tier of counties. sustained at 15 to 25, gusting at 40 to 50 miles an hour. especially the farther north you get. that could be a problem later today. in. probably the midnight to 1:00 a.m. time frame, downtown. this computer model kind of weakening the showers a little bit. but all of us will get wet in some fashion, whether sprinkles or passing showers. maybe a tenth of an inch. we'll dry out by the monday morning commute. today's temperatures in the mid 60s. tonight we drop at 39. 54 monday.
6:49 am
a steadier, heavy rain scenario for tuesday. could have evening storms mixed in. chilly air behind it pushes in. with a disturbance coming through thursday, we'll watch the chance for snow showers. temperatures climbing into next weekend. elise: good morning, wright state will be a busy place next weekend. saturday, the nutter center will play host to moeller, facing springfield, lakota east facing wayne and mason and wilmington seeing each other in the elite eight. now we'll see if lasalle or elder will advance in the tournament. first quarter, c.j. fleming, the coach's son, doing some work, spin move off balance fadeaway,
6:50 am
elder looking to answer back. ryan custer hitting the triple from the wing. he finished with 15. the panthers are up by seven points. the lancers lock it in. keegan hudson, the drive. lasalle rolling deep into the playoffs with a 49-44 win. the next game will be at the nutter center, a week from last night against centerville. over at u.s. bank arena, the first ever sellout for a cyclones game. over 16,000 people there for the teenage mutant ninja turtle night. second period, down one. joe pendezza with a chance. didn't get enough on the backhand. cyclones down 1-zip. later, cincy down two. another chance for the clones. mulvey makes the wrister past the goaltender. his 15th goal of the year. cyclones trying to win, but didn't. they fall 4-3 in a shootout against the indy fuel. miami's hockey team beat colorado college with a 4-0 win as well. jonathan: thanks, elise. you can teach an old dog new tricks. do you want to do it during a tennis tournament? i'm not sure. four shelter dogs rescued from
6:51 am
slums and abandoned lots around sao paullo brazil were trained as ball dogs for the brazil open tournament. their job, to retrieve balls that went out of bounds at an exhibition match thursday and give them back to the players. as you saw, they didn't like the giving back part as much as the getting the ball part. today, they're expected to take part in the awards ceremony. such a good dog! a bald eagle rescued in indiana back in the wild. the red wolf sanctuary in rising sun has been taking care of emmy the eagle. kevin mclaughlin provided this video as they let her go saturday. they released emmy. emmy was found in a trap in bad condition. the. >> the bird was caked in mud, sore and very, very starved. in the interim, we have fed it,
6:52 am
taken medical care of it, and are now ready to release it. jonathan: which you just saw them do. the volunteers at the sanctuary fed emmy one last meal before she took to the skies. look at that beak. watch out for the claws. that's the business end of the bird. she finally took to the skies to find her own food. let's see her go one more time. be free, emmy. oh, no, they've got her turned upside down. there she goes. all right. good news for the monarch butterfly population. according to the mexico national commission of protected natural areas, the monarch population has increased by 225% this season. wow. look at them go. when compared to last year's numbers of migrating monarchs, they were doing that much better. conservationists are optimistic, but say the butterflies are still at risk as their migration continues. a group of special volunteers dedicating their time to the hospital's tiniest patients.
6:53 am
the inside look we got at what the intensive tear unit is doing for young babies. you're watching wlwt. there has to be a way. divide by 3.14 something something something... [ beeping, whirring ] great caesar salad! and now the name your price tool shows people policy options to help fit their budget. is that a true story? yeah! people really do save an average of over $500 when they switch. i mean about you inventing it. i invented the story, and isn't that
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jonathan: welcome back. giving help to tiny victims. babies alone in neonatal intensive care units desperate for comfort. sheree paolello got to spend time with the loving volunteers rocking the babies back to health. >> find your spot. reporter: most days, karen o'connor is an instructor at northern kentucky university and a full-time mom to four grown children. every tuesday morning, for two hours -- >> where you going? oh, that's a big yawn. reporter: she comes to st. elizabeth in evening wood and comforts babies in the neonatal intensive care unit.
6:56 am
reporter: these preemies aren't just small, they're sick. really sick. >> this part of it is very, just very peaceful and relaxing. sometimes when we get them, they are fussy and they just, they don't know why. they don't understand why they can't get to sleep or they can't get comfortable. reporter: the baby girl in karen's arms has been exposed to heroin. she's just one of dozens of newborns doctors here will help this year. >> it's become an epidemic because starting out 35 years ago, i might see a case every few months. but now, we have cases every day. reporter: dr. ward rice, the medical director of the st. e e nicu says of the 40,000 babies born in kentucky, about a thousands will be exposed to opiates and require treatment. about 100 will be born here. at any given time, two to six
6:57 am
opiate with drawl in this one nicu. >> babies undergo withdrawal the same as an adult would. they have the similar symptoms. they have the vomiting, diarrhea, sweating. they're very irritable. they're jittery. reporter: the only comfort, aside from medicine, is being held. that's where cuddlers come in. >> just keep talking to them and try to calm them down. reporter: right now, 18 volunteers just like karen provide a loving touch. a soft voice and soothing song. >> they're so innocent and vulnerable. if i can make they happy for a little bit, i do. reporter: after two weeks and lots of love and care from nurses and doctors. >> we help them by giving them off. reporter: and cudd lers. >> i love to do this. i've always wanted to do this.
6:58 am
reporter: this baby will get to go home. jonathan: kentucky has one of the highest levels of national opiate with drawl in the country. we rank in the top four along with tennessee, mississippi and alabama. if you'd like to be a volunteer to be a cuddler, call it st. elizabeth volunteer services, 859-301-2140. we also have a link on where you can find information about volunteering. still a lot more ahead on news 5 today. including a look ahead to super tuesday. what hillary clinton's win in south carolina could mean for the presidential race. stay with us. shopping for an suv? well, this is the time. and your ford dealer is the place, to get 0% financing for 60
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jonathan: now on news 5 today, questions into the shooting death of a 3-year-old boy are getting answered. who the coroner says pulled the trigger. plus, a cincinnati officer


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