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tv   WLWT News 5 Today Weekend  NBC  February 28, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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>> questions and the death of a three-year-old indiana boy are being answered. what are investigators still piecing together? plus cincinnati officer involved shooting has the group black slot -- black lives matter ready to take action. where will they be hitting the street today? richard: the home and garden show is held -- opening its doors in just about an hour. we will help you make those dreams come true. jonathan:
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wits in this morning. rising temperatures, warm, sunday, february 28, 2016. this is "news 5 today." [captioning made possible by wlwt-tv] jonathan: well, good morning, welcome to "news 5 today." thank you for joining us this morning. normally this would be the last they of february, but since we have a leap year this year, there is one more to go. jonathan: there you go -- jennifer: there you go, and next today. jonathan: what a way to send it out, 55 degrees. jennifer: tomorrow was still not be bad. 54. jonathan: where is that lion? jennifer: it will get iffy in the middle of the week for sure. rain and snow, there is a lot coming our way. it is the wind that we will be watching.
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afternoon, possible in the northern counties, that will be the best chance. windy, warm, plenty of sunshine. showers tonight near the midnight timeframe. here' s a look at our wind advisory, that' s the higher concern for the northern tier counties from 11 a.m. until 7 p.m. this evening. wind gusts potential , 40 to 50 miles per hour. outside the advisory we can still see isolated wind gusts. sustained winds, 20 to 25 miles per hour. right now the wind is breezy. sunshine, clear skies, beautiful city cam shot, with plenty of sunshine from start to finish. temperatures climbing into the mid-60' s this afternoon. we have another warm and wet day to talk about with a chance for snow showers during the work week, coming up. jonathan: sounds good, thanks.
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several people forced from their home after a weekend fire. firefighters called to the 1900 block of kentucky avenue late saturday afternoon. officials say that someone was cooking and left a pan of oil unattended. 11 people, including seven children, were displaced because of the fire. we now know who shot a three-year-old indiana boy. the county coroner said the child accidentally shot himself. first responders were called to the home after 5:00 friday night. wlwt' s news 5 tammy mutasa has the latest on the investigation. tammy: a mother frantically calling for help after finding that her little boy had accidentally shot himself. >> we do not think it was possible for the child to have pulled the trigger. jennifer: the corner -- tammy: the corner set of the autopsy was performed on three-year-old christopher griffiths, the child' s death has been ruled an accident.
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injuries, bruising' s, broken bones, any kind of indication of any kind of abuse. >> the shooting happened at 5 p.m. at the child' s home in indiana. first responders rushed to the house after the mom called for help, but it was too late. the child i -- the child died before help could arrive. >> he died of a site -- single gunshot wound to the chest. he was a wonderful trip. >> anyone involved in things like this, it' s as bad as it gets. jonathan: there have been no charges filed in connection with this fatal shooting. county executives are continuing to investigate. happening today, a rally planned after a deadly officer involved shooting in westwood. the group lack lives matter cincinnati has a number of demands in response to the shooting death of paul gaston.
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officers involved to be fired and indicted former. group is also asking the department to reopen to other deadly officer encounters. the rally is planned to begin at 3 p.m.. this weekend for -- folks in erlanger came together to show support for a little girl fighting the same kind of deadly brain tumor that lauryn hill fought. >> her favorite color is pink. >> police and fire departments took part in the welcome for brooklyn smith. she is currently going through treatment for dipg. saturday the lake month community use her favorite color so that she would see it on her way to the neighborhood. >> her name is on one side of the ribbon, we are leaving the other side open to write the names of any cancer victims. jonathan: volunteers tied the length of 25 football fields of pink ribbon. after she finishes her current round of radiation she will be sent on her first plane trip to disney world.
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charity called smile for brooklyn to help other families fighting cancer. the longest running spring showcase is an false playing, chance for you to get ideas on sprucing up around the house, inside and out. richard is live downtown for the opening weekend of the home and garden show. hey, richard. richard: the home and garden show has no going on for 48 years. an amazing opportunity, a wonderful right of passage for springtime. time to get started on your projects, a great place to come down here and dream. you guys make the dreams come true. it' s a wonderful show, thank you for what you do. >> thank you, we have been doing this for quite a while now. i' ve been doing the show for 38 to 40 years. richard: what makes the show so special?
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you cannot with -- connect with local customers. talk about what you do it home this year. >> you called it a right of spring, you couldn' t be more accurate terms of what most people think of it. richard: my buddy has a honey do list that his wife gives him. what is the bigs -- big thing in the spring this year? >> outdoor living has been a major new feather in our cap. we have been doing some very remarkable work in that regard. a lot of folks are interested. it' s not just that basic porch in the back. richard: that is what you do so well. getting the idea of putting those things together. the doors open up a 10:30 this morning. the show, wonderful, opening
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back up on wednesday. $13 to come in, all the free labor, the little ones get in for free under 12. the discount, a great way to get that right of spring under way, get the honey do list together. make her happy, jonathan. jonathan: i guess the honey do list is better than the honey don' t list. thanks. coming up, we will tell you what the win in south carolina could mean for the presidential race. plus the flyers, on a bit of a downward trend. they were going to make a run in the tournament. we will see about it now in your morning sports. plus a live look outside it city cam five. old glory has a nice breeze going on out there at the ohio
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jonathan: welcome back. the results from yesterday' s democratic primary in south carolina are in. hillary clinton secured a big win in defeating bernie sanders by a wide margin. to break down the results and look forward to super tuesday, mark sanu joins us live from washington.
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not what a lot of people were expecting, it was definitely a wipeout for hillary clinton. what do you think of the sanders campaign? is the momentum stoppage for him a death sentence? >> death sentence, no, but something close. life-support, jonathan? he needed to prove that he could win outside the role, mostly white places. that' s why democrats put south carolina in the primary calendar so early. big african-american vote there and hillary clinton just crushed it. four times as many women voters, five times as many african-american voters. his liberal message has helped to tug hillary clinton to the left, but unless something genetically different happens over the next 48 hours when super tuesday begins, she made by wednesday morning be regarded as the presumptive nominee. in south carolina, that did not
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what i' m interested in -- how did that reconfigure the republican race? they are bickering like crazy among themselves trying to find someone who is a more establishment candidate that people can coalesce behind. does the fact that clinton may have secured this nomination helped to push that forward? >> it' s fascinating to me. yesterday with donald trump waving a water bottle around, talking about how this was marco rubio, sweating so much during the debate, coming out of a swimming pool. rubio says that trump shouldst -- sue someone over his face? this has really gotten juvenile. but there are voters who are their choices right now. it' s hard to imagine anybody that they are least likely to walk across the aisle for that hillary clinton. that' s a big problem in a place like ohio, which is a swing state where she is going to need to pick up some swing voters to make sure that that stays in the democratic camp.
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so, the dynamics are hard to figure at this point. i will say that waiting a water bottle around and insulting your opponent is probably not the best way to look presidential in november. jonathan: that' s a good point. i don' t know how they can look serious of they do obtain the nomination. a lot of folks are starting to think about that contested convention. we will see how it all turns out. mark, we will see you again. at stake in 11 states on super tuesday, the ohio primaries shortly thereafter, march 16. stay tuned. this weekend john kasich lasted the tone of the republican campaign, just like mark was talking about. it happened in nashville. he drew a standing ovation declaring -- enough of this trash. he questions how the candidates who trade names and insults can present themselves as leaders to young people. this morning governor kasich will be on meet the press and he
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the idea that former governor romney have reached out to him about dropping out of the race and what would happen if he did win ohio. you can watch the interview this morning at 10:00, in just 45 minutes. other guests will include senator sanders, senator cruz, and chris christie, as he talks about his recent endorsement of donald trump. let' s talk about the weather with jennifer. >> cincinnati' s certified most accurate forecast. jennifer: sunday sunshine to start things off, pleasant looking start this morning. the wind is already starting to pick up some and the temperatures are mild. 49 degrees and a south wind climbing to 17 miles per hour, gusting to 20. we will continue to see it increased her midday, expecting strong winds this afternoon. that will be the main forecast for the day. conditions locally. not much to push him today in
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terms of cloud cover orlene showers. those will hold off until tonight. surging our way, limited moisture along the front in the midwest. gathering moisture in the ohio river valley with a couple of showers for us tonight. ahead of that, a strong southwest wind will set itself up for us today. possible for the entire region today. staying breezy this evening until the front rolls through it midnight, the wind quickly weakening behind it. sunshine, with a big drop in temperatures. tomorrow we drop back into the mid 50' s. quiet start to the work week. today though strong southwest winds picking up in the next hour, particularly strong to the next afternoon and evening. you will note a general trend of slightly higher winds. very breezy across the southern
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over 20 miles per hour. a good possibility for a portion of the afternoon with wind gusts a concern, 40 miles per hour. the better chance will be the northern counties. wind gusts, 35 to 40, in the southern counties this afternoon. a few weeks ago we had widespread wind gusts causing the trees to go down with power outages. we could be looking at problems with that again this afternoon. wind gusts up -- upwards of 50 in the northern tier counties. rainfall tonight, maybe 1/10 of one inch, a sprinkle or shower. coming in between 11:00 in midnight around downtown, sliding out for the early morning hours. the rain should be out of fear for your monday morning commute without much concern for the temperature dropping behind the front. today, 55, plenty of sunshine, warm and windy. the wind will stay strong through the afternoon and
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evening hours. arriving tonight for a brief time, dropping off a 39. lingering morning clouds, a lot of sunshine in the afternoon. widespread rain, heavy, with late day thunderstorms mixed in. we quiet down briefly on wednesday, but notice the chili returns with a disturbance rolling through on thursday where we could be looking at snow showers writing down with sunshine over the weekend. jonathan: plenty of college basketball to go around saturday. many teams were in action. elise jesse has more in your morning sports. elise: good morning. the cincinnati bearcats reaching the 21st win of the season. they are on the bubble on the quest for there' s trip determined. three games left in the regular season, now is not the time to lose. especially on the road.
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in the second half, ellis goes download to the freshman with a win, 18 points, seven rebounds for him. a 13 point lead, putting the lights out yesterday. a career high of 27 points. carolina will not go out easily. from the perimeter they barely have any insight. logging to octavius ellis, 10 points, 14 boards, the bearcats lead with a 65 to 66 win. we head to the home of country music in nashville. the wildcats were on the road at vanderbilt. isaiah briscoe hits the deep 2 . six minutes to go in the game, down nine, jamaal has a floater in the lane. pulling off the upset as the
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villanova separating itself from the pack, muskies on the road at seton hall, the pirates are three games out, first going into this game. you know that archie miller is not happy about this one. this time last week the flyers were 15th in the nation. they have no walk through the last four games, including this one at home, rhode island, 75 to 66. more women in action yesterday. washington and jefferson. top sports grabbing their 10th straight conference title with the 93 to 74 victory. that' s for it for the morning sports right now in this half hour. we will have more, plus hockey, coming up in the next half hour. jonathan: a young grammy nominated pianist known for more than tickling the ivories. coming up with will tell you more about the lack history program today.
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and a live look outside. city cam five, the ohio river. swollen and muddy. a little less cold. 49 degrees already, going up to 65 today. not swimming let -- whether but i'
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jennifer: welcome back. one of the most exciting pianist in the jazz world is in the city today for a concert. he has been nominated for four grammy awards. when you hear him play, it' s easy to see why. joining us this morning, christian sans. you have been playing for quite a while. >> yes, i have been playing for 26 years now. it might look like i' m 21, but i' m 27. i' ve been performing for a number of years, since i was seven years old. jennifer: what got you into jazz piano especially? >> funnily enough, i kind of always play jazz, i guess. i started off with classical
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piano. what i used to do as a child was improvise on the classical pieces. my teacher at the time, you know, you aren' t supposed to improvise on classical pieces. they are supposed to be the way they are. but i loved creating and i loved to just improvise and perform. i kind of say that i started then. after that, i started jazz study since i was seven years old. i' ve been there ever for since. jennifer: that' s amazing. i can do one finger at a time, tapping. but that' s about it. that' s phenomenal. how much energy and focus does that take? jennifer: -- >> it' s a lot. i put it with sports. you have to make sure the you eat well, it rest and get trained. jennifer: is it exhausting? >> it can be. that performance was. it very much can be, putting out so much energy. especially with the audience, you put up the energy, the audience gives it back to you. it'
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s a back-and-forth thing. jennifer: tell us about your successes so far. >> i have been nominated for some grammys. my first nomination was for best improvised solo. i was in college, i think it was my second year in college, which was really, really cool for me. jennifer: where are your sights set from here? >> so many different things. mainly just taking music and bringing it to the people that might not have heard of jazz or might not think that jazz is a tool that you can use in the world. jennifer: fantastic. it' s been a real pleasure reading you and hearing about your fantastic career so far. if you' re interested you can hear him for yourself at the xavier university jazz series of the gallagher theater today at 3 p.m.. for tickets, go to the on tv tab of and click on the as seen on section. thank you so much.
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including psych up the band, where you can get a taste of the best performers in cincinnati for free. a great look outside. that' s the carousel. carol and, rotating.
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doozy jonathan: today, a local fundraiser ends after fireball explosion. what can be learned from the fish fry accident. richard: everything you want from a home and garden show. you got a preview, coming up just ahead. jonathan: we are also in for a quick warm-up today. jennifer schack tell us about the rising temperatures that end the weekend. and the whipping wind that we will face today. sunday, february 8, 2016, and this is "news 5 today." jonathan: good morning, welcome to "news 5 today." thank you for joining us this sunday morning. that christian was an impressive young man. jennifer: he really was. jonathan: handles himself so beautifully for such a young
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guy. but it sounds like he' s got a lot of experience. taught at yale, 14 or five grammys. he' s performing today, a great concert. it was nice of him to come in and less of you to give a 65. jennifer: we will take it, it will just be on the windy side. this afternoon we could see wind gusts at 40 to 50 miles per hour on the high end. the advisory issued from 11 a.m. until 7 p.m.. in indiana, franklin, and union counties, butler, clinton, warren county, that' s the high-end wind gust. outside of that, we are expecting the wind to be picking up in the region. just the highest winds issuing the advisory for those northern counties. sunshine, blue skies, a beautiful shot outside with temperatures climbing nicely through late february. we will keep out all son late in the day.
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getting ready for some late evening showers along the cold front. today' s forecast, 65. a couple of degrees above average. normal high of 47 today. we have been as warm as 72, back in 1918. today is the warmest day of the week. we have one that looks west with a good chance for snow in the midweek as cooler temperatures return, coming up. jonathan: cincinnati police are investigating a weekend shooting mount perry at the food mart saturday afternoon. police say that the victim was shot in the shoulder and grazed in the head. he is expected to be ok. no word on any arrest. police say drugs may have been involved. the shooter is believed to have been a juvenile. it was one of clermont county' s most brutal killings. convicted of killing his room mate and eating his brain back in 1979. there he is, he' s now 60 years old and up for parole.
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prison records show that his parole hearing was held this month but a decision has yet to be made on any possibility of release. a man is charged with voyeurism after police say that he recorded women on his cell phone in the bathroom -- bathroom of bethesda north hospital. daniel chance reportedly hid his phone under a cabinet. the woman saw it and reported it to security. he later said that his phone was missing and let security officers watched the video he recorded. his bond was set at $5,000. fire in erlanger sent three people to the hospital at a fish fry. firefighters are using the exit -- accident as a teaching opportunity. they say that all the people working around food equipment should be prepared for emergencies after a problem with a propane tank. >> you want to make sure that anybody that would be back there would be trained on how to extinguish fires, hazards to look for. for instance, making sure that
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they had extinguishers back there to put out a grease fire, something like that. making sure that they are aware of how to turn off the propane. jonathan: firefighters say that you should keep a first aid kit location where you are cooking and if you have a fire, get out, and: 11. not many people have been to haiti 25 times. it is because of those trips the georgia is part of an even smaller pool, one of five ohioans who have tested positive for the zika. she has traveled the twice per year since 1987. she graduated from seminary school in the same year. traveling that much she says she knows a thing or two about mosquito borne illnesses. >> i have had dinghy fever and malaria at least once, probably twice. the latest one, i can' t really say the name of it. jonathan: after her recent trip
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she says it -- that she' s thankful that it is not a disease that will affect the long-term and it does not make her regret her true -- or trip or the work that she does. the macy' s arts sampler weekend, there is a rainbow of face paint for you. the day begins at 11:00 with interactive theater, dance, face panting -- facepainting, and interactive crafts, including the main festival youth chorus. then everyone will be in the main hall featuring a concert for the cincinnati orchestra, ballet, and opera, expecting to perform selections from star wars, superman, and frozen. thousands are expected to take a trip to the duke energy center downtown over the next several weeks. richard chiles is live for us downtown with the spring showcase and why it' s so enticing.
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richard: jonathan, good morning. eric and i have been checking things off our list to add things to the home. answering some phone calls from the wife saying -- this is what re doing this spring. i' ve got to say to you, you as a been participating in the show for a long time. talk to us about participating in the show. >> it is an opportunity for the suppliers in the people participate to put their best foot forward every year, with the latest and greatest, the best in the industry. customers want to see what new trends are out there. >> what is latest in greatest for you? >> is your i have noticed a lot of the designers using products on the walls. we have been putting a lot of laminate products on the walls.
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add an accent to your wall, there are different things that you can do to spruce things up a little bit. richard: going from the floor up to the wall, an accent wall as well. and the 70' s are back? >> they are. a lot of carpet products today, showing a lot of surface products. everything from your shag carpets to your waterproof products. there are a lot of different trends going on out there today. these are not the usual hardwood laminate' s that you are used to. richard: the holy garden show is legally on 228 years, doors opening up at 10:30 this morning. $12 to get in, bring your list, the two-putt -- toolkit, you will have spring projects to get started on it home. jonathan: glad to see that you
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give the flooring guys in coverage. a police officer in rain killed in the line of duty. we will talk about the tragic end for an officer after just one day. plus we are getting an invitation into the home of one family. everything and uppercrust english family should not be. they are here to give us some -- a sneak peek into hayfever. a live look outside at music
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there, got a little bit of a jonathan: a police officer, shot and killed in virginia during her first day on the job. she was fatally shot while responding to a domestic shooting in prince william county. police have the shooter in custody, but investigations are still going on. she served in the marine corps before joining the police force and was sworn in on friday. two other officers were also shot, their conditions are not known at this time. hundreds of balloons were released into the michigan sky saturday night to honor the victims of last week' s deadly
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shooting rampage in kalamazoo. car dealership to honor richard and tyler smith, who were shot and killed when jason dalton went on a five hour spree. the crowd also honored the two other people injured and five others killed. check this out, a massive rockslide could have interstate . months. officials are saying that this could be a long-term closure. the rockslide was reported just before 4:00. i guess you won' t get any video of rocks, but apparently quite a big cell. both sides shut down, that' s the side of the hill that gave way. i suppose that' s what it looked like before. al sharpton says he plans to lead a rally tonight protesting the lack of lack oscar nominees. it' s expected to happen right before this year' s broadcast and hollywood. the rally is organized by the national action network.
9:43 am
the civil rights group that he founded and leaves. -- leads. demonstrations are also planned for cleveland, new york, and atlanta. another controversy around the wards. this one' s about the gift bags. this year the top nominees will pick up swag bags worth -- anyone have a guess? coming up on one quarter of $1 million. some of the items include a $900 toilet paper dispenser, $300 in personalized m&m and a three dollar chapstick. that doesn' t seem so unusual to me. the most expensive gift, however, is a $55,000 all-expenses-paid trip to israel from the ministry of tourism there. hoping to boost their tourism numbers. some actors have already said that they will not accept any gifts. 50 shades of gray came out on the top or bottom this year at the razzies.
9:44 am
depending on how you look at it. tying it with "fantastic four" as this year' s worst film. it also one for worst screenplay, worst actor, and worst actress. dakota johnson, daughter of melanie griffith and don johnson. she is beautiful. these awards began in 1980 as a spoof of the hollywood awards season. let' s talk about the weather with jennifer. >> cincinnati' s certified most accurate forecast. jennifer: a quiet start -- quiet start so far this morning. plenty of blue skies. south winds at 17 miles per hour. breezy to the night, staying open this morning. 49 degrees currently. we will quickly go back into the 60' s this afternoon. a nice warm up happening because of the strong south winds.
9:45 am
clear skies of the clouds along the cold front coming out of the midwest, it will take some time before we see them overhead. later this afternoon mostly sunny to partly cloudy skies. the main story today will be the sunshine and the wind. take a look at the futurecast, low pressure with a futurecast dragging our way, picking up moisture as it gets closer, dragging the warm air out of the front today. gusting over 40 miles per hour at times across the entire region. tonight bringing in some showers and settling down behind it for monday. high pressure building in a soon as tomorrow. temperatures, not too much of a fallback tomorrow. still above average, sunshine with weaker winds on monday. for today you will notice the wind, already breezy this morning, continuing to pick up this afternoon. futurecast at 10 a.m.. matching up with the computer
9:46 am
this afternoon with sustained winds at 20 to 25 miles per hour through the afternoon hours. lingering into the evening as the front arrives to really begin the wind considerably. along with that, wind gusts are a concern. 40 miles brouwer, widespread in the northern and southern counties. 30 to 35 mile per hour' s -- miles per hour of wind gusts. indiana and ohio, starting at 11 a.m. tonight, 40 to 50 mile-per-hour wind gusts, we could be looking at trees down with power outages this afternoon. pretty close to what we had a couple of weeks ago when we saw wind gusts between 45 and 53 miles per hour. dry conditions today. 7:00, 8:00, waiting for clouds to roll in. i think that everyone gets wet today. at least a sprinkle. most of us, light showers.
9:47 am
it is not a big rainmaker. this should all be moving out before we get to the monday morning commute. high today, strong winds expected along with plenty of sunshine. rain showers for a brief time, drying out by morning. morning clouds giving way to more afternoon sunshine on monday. 54, it' s a nice day. widespread rainfall, maybe a bit heavy. afternoon and evening storms possible. cooling off behind that wednesday at 40. with a disturbance coming across the midwest and colder air in place, we could see some snow showers and watch the accumulation potential early on friday, drying out into next weekend. jonathan: a family sending out dinner invitations without informing each other, now the marymount layers are ready to invite you to their play, hayfever. joining us to talk about it is dan maloney and ron neeson. good to be with you guys.
9:48 am
everybody in america is fascinated by the brits. i think they are fascinated by us. this is a british play written in 1925 by a famous british author. it' s a comedy -- who thought that the brits could be funny, but they are in this play. >> it' s a play that makes fun of uppercrust british society. puts on an accent ] jonathan: oh dear. [laughter] do you get to say that? >> yes. jonathan: building the set of country cottage, was that difficult at all? jonathan: upstairs and downstairs, or just one level? >> just one level. >> talk about where the comedy comes in. lots of misunderstanding or is there more to it? >> part of it is that everyone invites their own guests to come down, there is only one guest room and no one else knows that they'
9:49 am
i think that the funny thing, i think the audience will enjoy the reactions of the guests as they experience all of this maelstrom of high emotions from this family. they come in thinking they will have a restful weekend and then they are involved in romantic connections they did not realize they were going to get into. jonathan: suns like a good play with some frozen moments where you stop and let the audience laugh. >> we will find out. jonathan: who is your character? >> of a british diplomat. i come to the cottage thinking i will have a relaxing weekend only i found out how crazy the family is. jonathan: is there a difference mining the humor with a british accent as opposed the good old u.s. of a? >> you have to be aware of the rhythms and you can'
9:50 am
the timing is so important with the lines. but really, it' s so universal. mistaken involvements, even though it' s an british. jonathan: those british wars are so funny. the way they say them, like al you minium. [laughter] >> at the it' s fantastic, working with these guys. it' s a farce with a gentle touch to it. jonathan: that sounds good. excellent. hayfever will be at marymount players incorporated, running between march 4 and march 20. tickets are just $20. call 513-684-1336. i will kill myself if i say that this is a play -- if i don' t say that this is a play that is nothing to sneeze at. [laughter]
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elise: a busy place next weekend, the another center will play host to molar. who will face off against the current east and mason with wilmington, seeing each other in the elite eight. now we will see who will advance within the tournament. tj fleming, the coaches son, moved off balance and fading away. game high, 21 points. answering back on the right custer, finishing 15, the panthers are up by seven points, locking it in. rolling deep into the playoffs with a 49 to 44 win. the next game will be at the nutter center one week from last night. over at u.s. send arena, the first-ever selloff cyclones game , people there for teenage mutant ninja turtles night. second largest crowd in the
9:52 am
not enough on the backend, cyclones down 1-0. another chance for a clone, making it his 50th goal of the year. flag thrown, trying to win, but t. falling through in a shootout. miami, beating colorado college with a four to nothing win last night as well. jonathan, back to you. after the break, of the morning. and spaghetti junction, all clear. people making their way to and fro without any problems.
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jonathan: the fatal shooting of a three-year-old boy has been ruled accidental. investigators say that the child' s mother found him after he shot himself. the child died before help could
9:56 am
the sheriff' s department is continuing their investigation. a rally is planned for today involved shooting in west would. the group black lives matter cincinnati say that they want the group involved to be fired and indicted for murder. the group is also asking the department to reopen to other deadly officer encounters. the rally is planned to begin at 3:00 this afternoon. it is the last day of the macy' s arts sampler weekend. things began at 11:00, music hall, with interactive theater, dance, face painting, and hands-on crafts. then everyone heads to the main hall for a concert featuring the cincinnati orchestra, ballet, and opera, where they will perform music from star wars and frozen. jennifer: good chance to see music hall, too. jonathan: walking around us out
9:57 am
jennifer: you are. 20 to 25 miles per hour sustained, gusting at 35 to 40 miles per hour at times. windy today but warm, 55 with sunshine. light showers coming through at midnight tonight, drying out tomorrow, still mild. maybe some late day thunderstorms mixed in. right now not expecting anything strong or severe. cooler temperatures in the forecast, it' s march, we are getting that up and down trend with white -- wet snow showers around. jonathan: if you are really light, don' t wear an oversized
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jennifer: no, n this sunday, hillary clinton's blowout win in south carolina has her looking towards >> then trump thumps rubio with a surprise endorsement.


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