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tv   WLWT News 5 at Noon  NBC  February 29, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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of the public getting out and try to invade the space that law enforcement need to conduct a proper investigation. that is paramount at this point. of course, with public safety. lisa: they drill for this, they practiced these scenarios, not too long ago, there was another practice of this case in point. it appears that every thing is going as planned, in terms of the schools being on lockdown. parents out there, let us know your hearing.
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we are about five minutes away going through middletown right now, we should hopefully learn more. the school district is saying -- confirming the lockdown. they could just post on their facebook page that the situation is under control. that' s good news, in terms of the situation. i know a lot parents are panicking a little. according to the local school
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just different schools, the junior high, the high school are separated by hallways. mark: you haven' t had a chance yet to check into the conditions of those individuals that were being transported. karin: that is not being released at this time. the people i' ve spoken to her telling me they were shot, they did not know their conditions at this time. lisa: how did the parent say she was notified about the situation or incident? had it she get the information from the school district? karin: through phone calls. the district did call parents. i spoke to the communications director, she said her first priority was letting the parents know what was going on, that the school' s online down. she couldn' t give me much information, that was her first priority. parents are telling me they were notified about the lockdown. mark: what kind of traffic are you seeing in the area? i heard some sirens in the background. are things getting backed up
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are you close enough to be able to tell? karin: you go through downtown middletown, there' s not a lot of back at this point. there' s not a lot of traffic, getting up to this rural area has taken us a little longer than it normally does. the sirens that we just heard, you think they are related to what' s going on. mark: we are looking at madison' s local school facebook
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lisa: again, that which is brought to our attention for madison local schools. i guess the phone calls went out to these parents, did she feel like she was getting the news that she needed to hear the time? through the phone call? karin: obviously, she wants the specific details. she was calling me to see if i
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usually in situations like this, there be a media staging area where they may let us close to the scene, and no, he is telling us we have to turn around. they are not letting us close to the scene at all at this point. mark: all right. also, the number now we are seeing three, we heard to before. none of which are life-threatening. that would be good news. in the situation. karin: that is good news. that' s coming from the madison local school district facebook page. mark: correct. karin: what i have been told was two people. we know two people were taken by medical helicopter to area hospitals. i don' t know if this third person was injured, shot, was injured running -- i will try and work on getting that information. with the first time hearing about a third person. lisa: we are starting to get
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parents gathering. they pulled off the side of the road because the roads are blocked down and way to hear any news they can. we just reported that madison local school district does confirm the lockdown, they indicate three injured students. we were not sure if these were students, staff, inside or outside the building. madison locals facebook pages reporting three injured students. they are saying the injuries are not life-threatening. we are seeing video just in of parents milling around on their phones.
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page for madison local schools is alluding to is true, that they have three injured students , none of which are life-threatening. let' s hope that is the case is the students had off to miami valley, we will continue to check and see what information we can get. what is your next plan of action in terms of getting a little bit closer? kyla: --karin: we are going around the block, and see if we can get closer to the high school by coming in through the
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are on lockdown, that includes the madison school that contains pre-k all the way through 12th grades. middletown high school, trenton, all of them included. the district has put out information through robocall, they are doing it through their facebook page. if you do have internet and you do use facebook, go ahead and check it out. they are confirming a few things on their facebook page, that they are lockdown, three students have been injured. they are saying, thankfully, none of these injuries are life-threatening. that there is a suspect in custody, and all of the students they are saying inside of madison school at this time are safe. they plan to dismiss early, however, they cannot do this without cooperation. we mentioned a short time ago that care flight -- that usually respond to bring a patient to date hospital. we just saw video of the care flight taking off.
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headed to miami valley hospital. we will continue to try to get an update on their condition, as we also see this first video just coming into the scene, the care flight helicopter headed out. police at the scene are blocking off access to the school on alexandria road. it' s in the 5700 block, as parents are milling around, trying to get to their children, they want to make sure their kids are ok at this point. obviously, it is a desperate time, a difficult time for parents try to figure out, especially with the ages of the kids that are in that building as she just mentioned, there are a lot of kids and they are housed from the ages of pre-k all the way up to high school. a lot of those kids may not have ways to get in touch with their parents. the older kids may have cell phones and are able to get in touch with their parents, they have been able to get to their locker. is for authorities to secure the
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that area so they can and that their investigation. lisa: if we have heard any new and really positive developments over the last half hour, going on 40 minutes or so, it is that the students who are injured are described as students, their injuries are not life-threatening. and the person -- the suspect is how he is being described, is in custody. those are the newest developments. it sounds like facebook is
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will be letting human right now. they are just waiting for butler county to continue their investigation to clear the building, make sure everyone is safe, so they can safely let parents pick up their children. and bring them home. another facebook update, again, still on lockdown in that area. moms and dads, you' re going to be waiting at the police blockades. if you start to head up to the school, madison elementary schools are going to dismiss one hour early. high school is going to dismiss as soon as the scene has been cleared by the sheriff' s office. lisa: it sounds like madison local listeria good job of keeping parents up-to-date on their facebook page, sending out robo calls. that' s a really good thing was so many kids involved in the school district. again, the building in question has a lot of kids in it. they spend the ages preschool through high school. we were looking at video new
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flight taking an injured student today in area hospital. just to recap, news of a has good shooting in butler county, in middletown. all of the schools in the madison local school district are on lockdown. you were looking on video from the scene, the parents arrived and they' ve heard what happened. they' re waiting for information. we see a lot of them talking on telephones, waiting patiently. they pulled off the road as we' ve been reporting, roads have been blocked off. police and investigating agencies want to know the situation is under control. madison local describes it is under control. our sources tell us there is a person in custody, whether this is the shooter or not, we do not know. the injuries, there are three. there being described as non-life-threatening. madison local school district reported -- reported that information. three students injured in this
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m going to go on a limb and based on the tradition efforts we' ve seen from as local schools, at this point, i would assume if your child is one of the ones that was injured, they would have notified you. as to the nature of the injuries or what is exactly happening and where you can go to find out more information. about your child, either the hospital or at the school, maybe they will you through. just based on what we have been seeing this morning, and the efforts they made to try and comfort the fears of parents, that they would have notified, especially with the number being two or three, as we know, to on the way to the hospital. they care flight. and then the third that we saw on the facebook page, you would think that the district -- this parents probably know. we' re just going out at a limb, of course, those folks are very busy with the business of making sure that parents are called,
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we are just continuing to try and bring you the most accurate information, so that everybody is on the same page and everybody knows their kids are ok. of course, we don' t want to get in the way of law enforcement doing their job and conducting a safe and sound investigation. lisa: karin johnson is still on the phone, we' re showing video of parents who appear to pull off the side of the road, gathering together, talking on telephones. give us the lay of the land. these are mostly two-lane type rural country roads. if they are blocked off, it appears we are looking at, parents of just stopped on the road to read their waiting. karin: we just pulled up, went through a back entrance off boys monroe. they are not letting parents up right where we are. parents have just kind of been surrounded with sheriff' s deputies, just kind of going with direction of what the
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this point. lisa: i would say that parents have been made aware, wouldn' t you? especially if the children involved directly commonly been taken to the hospital -- it looks like madison local is really doing a good job with its social media and letting people know what' s going on. karin: fair and talked to understand that they were notified of this lockdown immediately. it seems like they are pretty understanding that they have to take care of the situation first. and the safety of the students is the most important thing at this point. letting the parents know what' s going on the secondary. the parent i spoke with seem to understand that. they want to know what' s going on, they also noted the safety of the students is the number one priority at this point. mark: the butler county sheriff' s office is in charge of the investigation. are you seeing any other law enforcement units there as well?
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park ranger, he is guiding us and telling us where the media is going. this is in the unincorporated areas of madison township, which is the butler county sheriff' s office territory. they have this place surrounded at every intersection. they are just flooded with law enforcement officers at this point. lisa: we want to pass along to anyone who might be watching with a connection to madison local schools, they are reporting the situation is under control. all students are safe. yes, there have been three students who were injured, the injuries are described as non-life-threatening. for the rest of the kids, associated with this building in madison school, which has pre-k all the way through 12., is that these students are safe. they are being protected. they are waiting for the situation to play out. police have to do their work, there' s a lot to be done before parents are allowed to make
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madison local will bring you the information on how to go about doing that. at this time, the latest facebook message they have put out is that madison junior senior high, dismissing as soon as they have received clearance from the scene by the butler county sheriff department. madison elementary dismisses one hour early. that is at this time, the school is still on lockdown, including the entire district schools, trenton, middletown. no students can be picked up at this time, as they are not allowing anyone in or out of the building. not letting parents on of the property. they' re keeping them several blocks away at this point. mark: karin johnson is a back entrance at the high school, we have another news crew at the scene as well, trying to bring you the most up-to-date and accurate information as this unfold. the story only broke about 40 minutes ago, we went on the air
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you know about this incident. it is sounding like the best case scenario at this point, and there may not be any loss of re hearing at this point. we need to update the situation at miami valley hospital, where we are understanding that two individuals have been flown via care flight to the hospital there. to be treated for their injuries. again, still some information to sort out. a lot of information to sort out for you as we continue to cover the story for you, you can see the video coming into the newsroom of the care flight headed off to miami valley, to get the medical attention for these individuals injured in this incident at madison junior senior high school. lisa: the best news we have heard of this so far, i know you would agree, is the situation is under control as far as madison local is aware. they are inside the building, calling it under control. they are saying the suspect is
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the injuries to the three students are considered non-life-threatening. they want all parents and everyone with a connection to kids in the school district to know their children are safe. especially the ones inside the building in question, madison junior high, junior senior high. they want parents and everyone concerned to know the children inside the building at this time are safe. they have to follow procedure. butler county sheriff' s office is telling them no one goes in and out of this building until we get the all clear. and it has just not happened yet. karin: it hasn' t. in a situation like this, they have one suspect in custody. they have one person , they have to be 100% certain there is no second suspect. that is something they' re working on right now, to determine did this person act alone? was he working with other people?
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to the madison school district, is under control. outside, it seems very organized with the deputies and part rangers. -- park rangers. they have to figure out if there is anyone else to be concerned about. until they get the all clear, the school district is asking them to let them do what they need to do with this point. if they gave the parents the go-ahead to rush into the school building, it will just cause chaos. right now, it seems to be a very controlled situation. the way the deputies are placed throughout the streets, directing traffic, talking to parents. it doesn' t seem to be chaotic at all, it seems to be everything under control at this point. lisa: that is a credit to madison local schools, letting parents know what' s going on. we are monitoring their social media this time. i know you have the ability to do that. some people are commenting about how scary this is. this one poster says she went to high school there, she never
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another poster says they are glad that parents of the students have been notified, and bringing relief to the rest of the parents, were wondering what' s going on. i think that truly is a credit to madison local, letting everyone know right away. we heard from them, it wasn' t just to students, there were three students. we didn' t know if it were staff, students, faculty, or other people involved. they have been very forthcoming with the information. you have had a lot of experience in butler county, with the area being your beat, they are really keeping people up to date. karin: just from doing pastorius at madison local school district, this is a very rural community. -- past stories that madison local school district. everyone knows everyone. i think that works in their favor in a situation like this. because they are smaller district.
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community. word as well. information from the middletown division of police, from their facebook page right now. it just as middletown schools on lockdown as a precautionary a we have received no threats towards anyone at middletown schools, however, want to assure everyone that middletown schools are not involved. our prayers to everyone and madison during this tragic time. i just cleared the scene there, it is hectic. we ask that everyone allow the school and officers to process what they need to bring a safe ending to this. that is coming from the middletown division of police. honestly, they' re working in unison as well as we put up the message from madison local schools on the screen for you as well. just indicating that everything is under control.
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the elementary school kids, and they are remaining on lockdown at this time. lisa: a lot of information is unconfirmed at this point, but we' re getting into our newsroom. one source, that type of thing. we' re waiting to get more information. i guess the shooter who was in custody -- we are trying to learn as much as we can about this person. at this point, we don' t know if it is a male or female, we don' t know how old this person is. we don' t know if the alleged shooter is a student at the school. we are getting some information into the newsroom, but things that are not confirmed yet. we are waiting to pass those things along. what is confirmed is that it did happen inside the school. at a shooter is in custody. we don' t know if this is a student, male or female. three students were injured, the injuries described as non-life-threatening. everyone inside the school at this time is safe. all schools within the madison local school district are on lockdown.
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now. confirmed. we will not report it until we have heard from short from you, from out there on the scene. karin: i am working, i' ve got names and ages, a lot of stuff through social media through parent. chance, i' m going to try and talk to law confirmed. there is tons of stuff going on social media, rumors spread. until we have all of the details confirmed by law enforcement or the school district, we' re not going to report it until we know for sure. mark: absolutely. karin johnson is on scene right now, working in the field at the entrance near the high school. butler county sheriff' s office is blocking off much of the area as they continue their investigation. at this point, we are one individual is in custody. we don' t know much about that individual at this point.
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m glad you were helping me paint a picture. we are no closer to the school, we are in an area where they are not letting parents, so i can' t see all of that. it appears to be parents are getting out of the car down the block and walking down to where we are. the road i am on -- the back road is one of the main actions is. it' s kind of new football field. where i am on this stretch, they' re are not letting any parents pull up. they' re keeping them a ways back. mark: we are updating everyone that' s joining us at 12:30. we' ve been on the air about 45 minutes now, bringing breaking news. a school shooting in madison junior high school, they' re going to be dismissing as soon as they have clearance from public county sheriff. they are blocking off all access to the schools at this point, we are one individual is in custody at this point. we don'
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we would imagine as soon as the sheriffs authorities have cleared the area, given the all clear, made sure everything is safe and mature there are no other suspect at large. they will be conducting immediate -- a media briefing. that will come up at some point, we can' t tell you right now we don' t know where the status of their investigation is right now. all we have is a birds eye view on scene, as close as authorities will allow us while they continue to conduct their investigations. this is video that is just coming to the scene 20 or 30 minutes ago. we are seeing the care flight helicopter, we understand to individuals have been taken to miami valley hospital. three individuals suffered mark: and again, they' ve been very forthcoming on information for parents. keeping us up to date as we tell you what is going on.


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