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tv   WLWT News 5 Today  NBC  March 15, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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mr. kasich: i will never take a low road to the highest office in the land. i will not do it. mark: a last-ditch effort to stay in the running to be the republican presidential nominee. the last-minute campaigning before ohio voters head to the polls today. mr. sanders: we have a major candidate for president of the united states, donald trump, who is literally inciting violence among his supporters. lisa: the two democratic presidential candidates teaming up in separate town halls against the republican front-runner. their message to voters hours before today' s primary.
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morning. three officers are injured in a deadly shootout in chicago late last night. their conditions and the search for a suspect this morning. [captioning made possible by wlwt-tv] >> from cincinnati' s wlwt, leading the way, this is wlwt news 5 today. mark: good morning, everyone. thanks for joining us. i' m mark hayes. lisa: i' m lisa cooney. your headlines are straight ahead. we start with a check of the forecast. and the packed. it is going to be a gorgeous day to get outside today. s early this morning. 54 degrees in harrison. 57 in springboro. 56 in walton.
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most places in the mid 50' s this morning and we can make it to the mid 70' s this afternoon. most places with a few clouds around. a line of showers and thunderstorms rolling through minnesota and iowa. it probably will not arrive until midnight tonight. most of the waking hours, the weather looks just fine. some patchy fog is possible at 8:00 a.m. 67 at noon. expect a high today around 74. lisa: three chicago police officers have been shot during a drug investigation in a west-side neighborhood. officials say their injuries are not life-threatening. all three sustained hits to their lower body. they are described as veteran officers who each have 10-12 years experience.
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investigating possible narcotics activity when the shooting occurred. a suspect was reportedly shot and killed during the incident. police are still searching for a second suspect. mark: five states are up grabs for both democrats and republicans today in super tuesday part three, some even going so far as to call it mega tuesday. the two jackpot states for candidates being florida and here in ohio, with a number of delegates up for grabs. voters in illinois, missouri, and north carolina will also weigh in today. and today is win or go home for ohio governor john kasich. the candidate says if he doesn' t take his home state today, he' ll end his run for the white house. lisa: wlwt news 5' s tammy mutasa spoke one on one with the governor last night at his campaign stop just north of columbus in westerville. tammy: it' s the final push before the must-win ohio primary. mr. kasich: i will never take a low road to the highest office in the land.
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[cheers] tammy: governor john kasich told me he' s confident ohioans will have his back. mr. kasich: i feel really good about it. if i' m the nominee, i' m going to win the general election. we just have to take care of these primary states and see if we get enough delegates to go the convention strong and emerge as the adult at the convention. mr. romney: we used to say in massachusetts vote early and vote often. [laughter] but i know that' s not legal in ohio. tammy: kasich is pulling in help from former presidential candidate mitt romney. but don' t take this as an endorsement. rather an effort to prevent donald trump from clinching the republican nomination. >> make sure we send a signal loud and clear that a man who has shown what he can do to get the state to turn around to do the same thing for the country. mr. kasich: we' ve got to remember we' re americans before we' re republicans and democrats and that is the key to bringing this country together. tammy: kasich talked unity, jobs, lowering the national
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kasich addressed his rival donald trump, who recently called the governor a baby. mr. kasich: i have no comments about donald trump, other than i will never wrestle in the mud with him because that' s what he wants and i don' t do that, and he' s created a toxic atmosphere that doesn' t reflect well on our country. tammy: his supporters say they' ll remember kasich' s track record at the polls. >> if they look at his record and see what he' s done in ohio, common sense will prevail. i really hope common sense prevails. mr. kasich: we have to bring americans together. we can' t be calling names or having fists fights at our rallies or demonizing people or separating from ourselves. that' s not the way to fix the country. lisa: tammy mutasa reporting. today kasich will have a watching at party baldwin wallace university in northeast ohio. we will be there live throughout the evening with john kasich. mark: meanwhile, his republican opponents were scattered across the country. front-runner donld trump was the only other repubican to make his case in the buckeye state.
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victory in his home state. ted cruz, number two in the delegate race, spent time north in illinois. lisa: just hours before voters go to the polls in today' s make-or-break primaries, msnbc hosted a back-to-back democratic town hall with both presidential candidates. bernie sanders joined moderator chuck todd in columbus, while hillary clinton joined moderator chris matthews in springfield, illinois. early questioning focused on the democrats' prime target, donald trump. sanders said that trump is enticing supporters to commit acts of violence and denied having any connection to protesters. in recent days, trump has blamed protesters who disrupt his rallies as being sanders' supporters. meanwhile, hillary clinton said that she holds trump responsible for the violence at his rallies and said that it has been building over the past several months. mr. sanders: but with trump, what you are dealing with, and i say this without any joy. this guy' s a pathological liar.
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who is vying to be president of the united states is using divisiveness is stoking fear, is pointing fingers, scapegoating against all kinds of people, i think is so dangerous. lisa: and with ohio being one of the biggest battelgrounds today, a number of polls have recently looked at who is expected to take the win prior to the primary. mark: wlwt news 5' s andrew setters continues our team coverage now with a look at how the candidates are measuring up on both sides of the aisle. andrew: it still seems like anything could happen here in ohio. that' s certainly the feeling you get from all the candidate visits we' ve seen over the past few days. among the democrats, one poll shows hillary clinton up by 14 points. another shows it a much tighter race, just five points. either way, bernie sanders 20-point come-from-behind win in michigan shows ohio may still be in play. among republicans, it is definitely too close to call, but really a
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trump and ohio governor john kasich. polls put either kasich ahead by a few points or in a dead heat with donald trump, with cruz and rubio trailing. trumpet sounds like he understands there is a fight on his hands. mr. trump: he may win ohio. it' s right now a tie according to most of the polls. literally tied. he may win in ohio. i mean, who knows. he' s the governor, but he has not done a good job. andrew: it is winner take all in ohio. for the democrats, the delegates will be split proportionally based on the vote. tight separation in the delicate count. the polls open at 6:30 this morning across the state of ohio and stay open until 7:30 tonight. plenty of time for you to make your voice heard.
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mark: we will have extended election coverage for you starting at 7:30 tonight. then join sheree paolello and mike dardis after "the voice" for special live coverage at 10:00 and 11:00. two episodes of nbc' s new comedy "crowded" that would air at 10:00 is moving to 3:00 a.m. so if you want to see that, set your dvr. lisa: i have to figure out how to do that. let' s talk to randi rico. randi: the potential for some fog. the temperatures and dew points are pretty close. this is something we will be tracking towards sunrise. as of right now we' re not seeing any issues. we can see some fog developing. no worries and no big time jackets needed this morning. 58 at hamilton. a nice mild start to
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there is the potential for fog development. 55 degrees as they wait for the bus. after school, 73. it will be great to get outside and you can enjoy a mild afternoon. tonight we have the risk for some thunderstorms around midnight or so. but let' s first check the roads. kyla: going pretty good in most parts. we are seeing some stopped traffic on 75. this construction, rolling roadblocks. times. it is happening at 75. hopefully we' ll get some movement very soon. they are supposed to be short in nature.
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we will let you know once it reopens. this is stopped traffic on 75 north and southbound. 71 will be a better alternate. this is montgomery road heading toward kenwood. 71 will be much better for you, closer to the 275 loop. 275 at mineola pike looks good east and westbound. lisa: thank you. uc has a tough first match-up in march madness. mark: how the bearcats are preparing for round one this week. george vogel is in next with sports. lisa: a new wild ride it six flags in georgia. transporting you to another planet. mark: taking a live look outside .
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you' re waking up to cincinnati'
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wlwt news 5 today. mark: good morning and welcome back. 57 degrees. checking today' s headlines, the police chief in a maryland community says friendly fire led
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officers this weekend. officers were responding to an ambush attack on the police station. undercover narcotics officer jacai colson was shot when police returned fire on the gunman and his younger brothers. police say colson arrived in civilian clothes in an unmarked car without any body armor on. lisa: the investigation into what caused an amtrak passenger train to derail early monday morning is underway. a joint investigation between the ntsb, amtrak, and bnsf, the company that is responsible for maintaining the tracks. during a news conference last night, a member of the national transportation safety board said they are focusing on the conditions of the tracks and if the speed of the train was appropriate. mark: the south endured nearly a week of rain and now some areas are dealing with some of the worst flooding in decades. 1200 people have been ordered to find higher ground while the national guard and local authorities helped those who couldn' t. and the devastation isn' t over for some people near the
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in the path of the sabine river. it is expected to crest later this week. uc getting ready to hit the road tonight for the ncaa tournament. lisa: and the reds dealing with some injuries as spring games continue. george vogel has the latest in sports. george: an mri test on a noble always has a picture -- pi tcher holding his breath. we should know more this afternoon. he still has soreness on sunday so the mri is the next step. a blue from -- a bloop falls in and that scores the first game. a double play and a run scores
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jumbo diaz got rocked and the reds lose to the angels. uc will hit the road this evening. you see and xavier do not play until friday. the hawks are run a bit of a roll. the coach has been around the block a few times and now it is 21st season as he looks ahead to the big game. >> i know that temple has been at en them twice. they beat gw in brooklyn. i am anticipating it will be very physical. the wildcats play in northern utah. he averages 17 points and 12 rebounds.
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to be facing the number two seed. >> the biggest and the best game we can play. these guys are excited to go in and challenge them. george: the challenge will be friday night in st. louis. and then in spokane, it is uc and saint joseph' s. march madness is about to begin. we have high school teams from the area playing in state tournaments this week. roger bacon playing final four games on thursday. bloomington plays on friday. marcellus brian was banned for an entire season by the nfl.
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he said he was going to appeal any decision from the league, but yesterday he said he' s going to face the music. that is all the sports for now. we will have more coming up later in the day. mark: 4:48. it is march madness upon us. we have the first four tonight up in dayton. and then thursday it kicks off in earnest. randi: and thursday is st. patrick' s day. basketball. lisa: what to wear on a day like st. patrick' s day and march madness? randi: you need to wear red and green. lisa: i know. mark: we will figure it out. randi: today low and mid-70' s. temperatures will climb and it is going to be gorgeous throughout the daylight hours
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tonight the storms will roll through. a perfect day for the ohio primary. mild temperatures. a line of thunderstorms will usher in cooler temperatures towards st. patrick' s day late in the week. towards the weekend you are aware you' re going to be to watch basketball. we take a look at the radar and we are starting out with a few clouds around. temperatures and dew points are pretty close and we could see some fog toward sunrise. notice that not a lot going on. we had the rain yesterday and that is moving off to the east. there is a stronger storm system that will bring a decent
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towards chicago and approaching indy. they should be weakening but we have a marginal threat for severe weather in cincinnati. still something we will be watching into the late evening and early tomorrow morning. 57 degrees right now. a little fog early possible. lunchtime, 57. it is going to be nice throughout the afternoon. no worries throughout the day. sunny skies. toward midnight and the early morning hours tomorrow, alina showers with some thunderstorms will roll through. 70 today. a line of storms tonight. probably on the breezy side. temperatures cooler toward the
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lisa: several communities to our north will continue the clean up this morning after severe weather ripped through dayton on monday. the national weather service has confirmed, an ef-1 tornado blew through phillipsburg, which is north of dayton. other parts of montgomery county and darke county saw plenty of damage. it' s still unclear if a tornado hit a horse farm where trees were uprooted and barns ripped apart. the owner says luckily his home, horses, and airplanes were untouched. mark: happening today, the younger brother of an dayton pastor who was shot dead in front of his congregation is scheduled to be arraigned this morning. daniel schooler was arrested at st. peter' s missionary baptist church in dayton after the february 28th shooting. he' s charged with murder, felonious assault, and having a weapon under disability in the slaying of the reverend william schooler. an indiana student has died while on spring break in panama city beach, florida. authorities say 20-year-old tyler gilmore of terre haute was drinking heavily before he fell from a parking garage and died. it'
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was when he fell. his body was found around 1:00 sunday morning. police don' t believe anyone else was involved in his death. lisa: it' s now been two weeks since the school shooting at madison junior/senior high. another ohio school that went through a shooting continues to help out the butler county community. chardon high school from the cleveland area recommended the school walk through with parents. madison also moved quickly to provide counseling services. >> there were fatalities and it might not be as bad, but i' d rather over cover and over support than not have enough. lisa: madison schools voted to makes its resource officer full-time and add a second part-time officer. they' re still considering other safety measures including hand-held metal detectors. randi: good morning.
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the weather for voting hours is going to be pretty much perfect. starting out in the mid 50' s and maybe a little bit of fog developing. as the polls close this evening, temperatures in the 70' s. clouds clearing out this morning and sunshine through the afternoon. a line of showers and thunderstorms will roll through during the middle of the night. not a risk for severe weather. it is a cold front so temperatures tomorrow will take a bit of a step back. 63 tomorrow. maybe a sprinkle for st. patrick' s day. we will be dealing with cooler air and we have seen recently.
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kyla: good morning. we have better news. all lanes open on 75. it was a very short closure. 21 minutes on 71, 75, a little bit of an uptick along that portion of the commute. minutes. 17 minutes heading southbound on that' s what it should look like this time of mourning. those lanes have reopened and no problems to her from butler county. lisa: thank you. let' s get a check on some stories trending this morning. mark: a stylish horse is dressed more for the runway than the racetrack. it' s nothing but tweed for this stylish steed. this here is morestead, the veteran race horse and he' s looking absolutely fabulous in a
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nice morestead is modeling his . morestead is modeling his new duds just in time for the uk' s cheltenham festival, where spectators at the posh event are expected to wear enough tweed to stretch 200 miles. i hope it is nice and cool. lisa: he looks terrific. from horses in suits to men dressed as leprechauns. a wisconsin town is going irish this week in honor of st. patrick' s day. a team of leprechauns arrived in new london monday to change the town' s name to new dublin. the tradition began more than 30 years ago when several people staged an impromptu parade on st. patrick' s day. mark: six flags has unveiled north america' s first virtual reality roller coaster. its a roller coaster you ride while you wear a vr headset. six flags over georgia teamed up with samsung and oculus vr for the new thrill ride. the coaster zooms your body through the usual drops and twists, while your headset provides a digital world with
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aliens. ooh. lisa: because some of the loop the loop' s are not severe enough. why not? all right. as you head to the polls today, make sure you know what to expect. mark: next at 5:00, we' re live with the ballot confusion some of you may encounter. lisa: hope it is a great start. more headlines are coming up. introducing longhorn' s big, bold, steaks. our new 10 ounce filet. our 16 ounce t-bone. and our fire grilled 18 ounce outlaw ribeye. only at longhorn steakhouse.
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our new 10 ounce filet. ou r 16 ounce t-bone. and our fire grilled 18 ounce outlaw ribeye. only at longhorn steakhouse. you cant fake steak. lisa: it' s primary day in ohio. where the candidates stand as they made a dash for last-minute campaigning monday. >> i would' ve looked at it and been confused, gone back and forth between where do i actually put who i want to vote for. mark: and looking to avoid problems at the polls. what you need to know to make the voting process a little smoother today. lisa: a teen' s condition worsens after being beaten by a man in the east end. how the suspect is likely to see more serious charges. >> from cincinnati' s wlwt, leading the way, this is wlwt news 5 today. lisa: 5:00 a.m. on your tuesday. good morning. i'


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