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tv   WLWT News 5 Today  NBC  March 18, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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lisa: a mystery at the great american tower may be solved. the police work that triggered an arrest. in the shooting at the downtown high rise building. new insight into a four-year-old' s brutal death. what family, friends, and just released court records reveal, about the boy' s life cut short. and reds fans are stepping up to the plate a day early. what it' s going to take to get your hands on opening day tickets. >> from cincinnati' s wlwt, leading the way. this is wlwt news 5 today. lisa:
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m lisa cooney. ,mark hayes is off today. headlines coming up. friday forecast. today sounds really nice area randi: much of next week sounds really nice. is not that spring the. today sounds nice. s and 70' s. all of a sudden, spring and 40' s come in force. this morning is on the cold side. take an extra second and grab a thicker jacket early as temperatures fall off in the 30' s. harrison right now one of the coldest spots at freezing at 32. 38 in loveland, 30 closure to downtown. right now, low 40' s in boone and kenton county. 43 in florence. it is a cooler start to your friday. this afternoon, we should make
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looking at the radar, light spotty showers along the i 70 corridor will stay to the north. they are not even hitting the ground too much. i would expect to see today clouds clearing out, a chilly morning, 8:00 a.m., temperatures still in the 30' s. lunchtime, nice and sunny, 52. even by noon, temperatures are where they should be for highs this time of year. through the afternoon, mild, upper 50' s around 60. lisa: 4:32 and we start with breaking news out of mt. airy where a van crashed into an apartment. it looks like it took out a door or window, along with other significant damage. this happened about 3:30 this morning in the 1700 block of west fork road. police are still looking for the van and the driver but they believe it' s a silver van based on a side mirror found at the scene. no one was hurt. a house fire under investigation a happen in fort thomas. we know that everyone made it out safely, but no were just yet on a cause.
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for downtown workers. after an arrest is made in the great american tower shootings. and we' ve learned the suspect is connected to another high-profile case. wlwt news 5' s andrew setters is live, with the new details we' ll get later today. andrew? good morning, tell us all about it. andrew there are a lot of : questions that remain uinanswered. we can tell you one person is charged. the suspect is charged with possessing the gunman fired the shot at the great american tower. rayshawn herald was indicted on federal charges. federal investigators were involved. we know this case came together with the help of the bureau of alcohol, tobacco, and firearms. back in jauary of last year, over a course of several days, someone fired shots at several of the buildings that make up the queen city square complex. now herald is charged in connection. he' s was also charged in a shootout on reading road last may where shots were fired and hit a metro bus. the arrest in this long-simmering shooting case is
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s a lovely facility and it we' re certainly glad that everything was taken care of and we don' t have to worry anymore. andrew we know investigators : connected the bullets fired into great american tower, into the suspects possession. police are expecting to release more details about this case. this all comes together in a news conference taking place later this morning. lisa: 4:34 right now a , 4-year-old little boy dies after police say his step-mother punished him by putting him in scolding hot water. this morning, wlwt news tammy mutasa talks with a family. >> he was 4-years-old, he was a little kid. s hard let alone 10-year-old lona frye, crying for her friend little austin cooper.
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i always did everything with him as much as possible. tammy police say austin' s step : mom anna ritchie admitted she punished the child by putting his legs in scorching hot water then sent him to bed. his dad called 911 the next morning. >> i think my son has died. son is? >> he is for. tammy investigators say the : 4-year-old suffered third degree burns and died. austin' s father had just won full custody of him this january. according to court documents-austin' s dad wanted the child claiming the biological mother used drugs and she failed to cooperate with child protective services. elizabeth and lona became close to the boy while he was still with his mom in lebanon. >> he played with my kids and my kids loved him, and nobody, no kid deserves that. tammy for them what hurts is : that while austin escaped alleged abuse-he still ended up
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>> i suggest to any child abuser, whatever you do to that child, needs to happen to you. lisa: right now ritchie is , charged with endangering children but those charges could be upgraded now that the boy has died. the time is now 4:36 on your friday. today, we hope to learn more about exactly how a car went off the combs hehl bridge and into the ohio river. the car came off of the bridge during a 12-car crash tuesday. strong currents have prevented crews from pulling the car from the water. a news conference is set for today. where we hope to learn when those recovery efforts will resume. adding to the mystery no one has , called to report a missing person or family. >> there' s just been questions of who is it, how many people are there, why hasn' t anyone come forward, when are they going to be able to get the car, how are they going to be able to get the car? lisa: crews were on the river thursday just checking the site. but they'
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sunday or monday before they can try to get the car out. new details in a police chase in huber heights, near dayton, that ended in a deadly crash. we first told you about this thursday morning. an officer was trying to pull over 18-year-old kyndra shackelford thursday morning after they say she stole a car from a gas station. shackelford ran a red light here, and crashed into a white suv. the driver of the suv died. the passenger was taken to the hospital with life threatening injuries. shackelford is behind bars now, while charges are pending. police believe alcohol was a factor in the crash. 4:37 on your friday. we are looking at nice chances for great sunshine. randi: as you said before, enjoy it. today is the best day to get outside of the next three. if you' re making plans friday, saturday, or sunday, saturday and sunday are better bets. tomorrow, dealing with the
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right now, any showers are off to the north. over the last hour or so. i' m not getting reports of those hitting the ground. they are try at the moment. -- these are dry but an operating as they hit the service. it will be a nice day. on the cool side this morning. temperatures starting out in the 30' s. mid-to-upper 30' s, 39 degrees as the kids had out the door. it is a chilly morning. you may want to back up winter coat early. they will be overdressed this afternoon. it is not that cold. be just enough. 55 degrees as kids head off the bus. today, there will be showers around. it will be colder for the weekend. we look at the forecast and a couple of minutes. first, let' s check the roads. kyla is here. what is going on? kyla: nothing right now. we haven' t seen any accidents. we have a lot of construction to talk about. i will get to that at the top of the 5:00 hour. right now, 71 and montgomery
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jumping over to bond hill, the norwood area, here is a look at the norwood lateral. light traffic here. west of reading road. 75 near newman way, things are looking good here, as well. i will have a look at your commute times coming up shortly. lisa: the march madness wait is almost over for xavier and u.c. fans. we' re on the road with both the muskies and bearcats as they get ready to hit the court in the big dance. plus, a car crashes into a florida restaurant, and heads straight for a couple eating pizza. they explain the chilling how they' re doing this morning back at home outside live on your friday, looking good, 4:39, 38 degrees, stay with us. more headlines next on
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lisa: 4:42, 40 degrees. -- 38 degrees. a nice day ahead, but for now, checking today' s headlines. south korea says north korea has fired at least one ballistic missile into the sea in defiance of new sanctions by the u.n. and the united states. a south korean news agency said the missile was likely a medium-range missile. if that' s true, it would mark north korea' s first test of a
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reaching japan, since 2014. a girls track coach in brown being accused of sending inappropriate text messages to students. coach mark day submitted his resignation, monday. day tells us he resigned for family and personal reasons. but we found out an external investigator was hired to look into allegations of sending improper text messages to students. the school has reported the allegations to the ohio department of education. this weekend reds fans get a chance to get their hands on opening day tickets. and this morning you can begin lining up. a limited number of tickets go on sale tomorrow down at the great american ball park at 9:00 a.m. the two game package includes. one ticket to opening day plus a ticket to another april game of choice. prices range between $75 and $95. you can start lining up for
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a couple local basketball teams are ready to put on their dancing shoes. cincinnati xavier, and dayton are preparing for the first round of the tourney. wlwt news 5' s george vogel has it all in your morning sports. george: it is gam e day for the local teams in the ncaa tournament. welcome back. uc too k the court for public practice in spokane last night. derek forrest is tracking the cats every move. derek: it begins friday night for the bearcats. they take aim -- they take on st. joe' s. they understand anything can happen. in the first two days of the tournament, we have seen a ton of upsets. troy caupain believes in the basketball gods. >> they say the game isn' t over until the fat lady sings or you see zero on the clock. a lot of miracles could happen starting from the conference
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this is where they could happen. you had to be prepared for anything. derek: earlier today, the head coach said a word about the defensive rusher and the size of uc. he told me he was hoping this is a matchup between size and versatility. reporting from spokane, derek forrest, wlwt news five sports. george : in st. louis, savior getting ready. elise jesse is on hand word is more kudos for xavier' s big. elise: chris mack recently won the henry idol award for national coach of the year. today, h e was named the national coach of the year by vasco magazine for the 2016 season. he has been to the ncaa tournament 17 times and brings a wealth of experience. >> we have already done work for ourselves and the preparation it takes for weaver state. it is about getting used to your
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it is not difficult for this team to enjoy themselves. by game time, the team is living by one of his slogans. 40 minutes to houston. >> i don' t want them to look at it like, we don' t have the opportunity to play for houston. how hard would you play if these 40 minutes on friday night determined whether you are going to houston or not? in a weird way, it does. elise: it starts friday night at 9:20 against beaver stay. elise jesse, wlwt news five sports. george: and other action, last night, the kentucky wildcats taking on stony brook. building a 14 point lead at halftime. in the second half, kentucky pours on the gas. pulling away from stony brook and storming into the round of 32 in the ncaa tournament. yes, the fourth-seeded wildcats
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we get that big matchup on saturday. kentucky taking on indiana. now, high school ball. columbus is where the boys are settling their championship game this weekend. we had local teams taking the floor in the semifinals. aiken taking on akron, st. mary, making their first appearance in the final four. jones with a nice move and a layup or aiken. st. vincent, st. mary takes over this game. followed with a final, 85-68. roger bacon fans making noise in columbus, ohio. they can against central catholic. justin johnson, strong to be who. -- to the hoop. advances 74-56. lindbergh clay falling to st. joseph, 81-64.
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mason county. 94-65. do cap playing in the elite eight today at noon. other headlines, bengals free agent andre smith signs with the minnesota vikings. the refs are bringing back picture offered assignment. -- they won their cactus league the game over cleveland. they all with home runs. having a nice spring down there in arizona. game day for uc xavier, that and more coming up on this day. let' s go back to the news desk. lisa: as george mentioned, a strong showing for kentucky. in all the wildcats had five players scoring in double figures as they routed stony brook 85-to-57. kentucky opened the second half on a 20-to-6 run that put the game away for good.
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s argument that the ' cats were under-seeded in the tournament. but us not forget the women in the final four in columbus. they take on amherst tomorrow night. if they win, they go to the championship game in indy. good luck to the saints. a lot of local teams, high school, college going for it. a great time of year. randi: it is so much fun. i like to dress in all of the local colors. lisa: i think you have done it. randi: i did my best. [laughter] randi: a lot of people will be rooting on basketball for the next couple of days which means you may not notice the temperatures taking a turn, but they are. spring arrives this weekend. it will not feel like it. today is decent. heading toward 60 degrees and sunshine. it will be decidedly cooler as we roll through saturday and sunday. this morning, mostly clear skies across greater cincinnati. closer to dayton, ohio along the
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radar picking up on sprinkles, those are probably not hitting the ground at the moment. let' s zoom this out and you will notice any rain shower activity this morning along 70 staying to for us, it will be a sunny day. howling the last couple of days, right now, calm. no big gusty winds to deal with today. 38 degrees. luckily, we don' t have any wind. we don' t have to talk about windchill. yesterday, a couple days away from spring, still cold outside. we will have a couple cold mornings into early next week. planet today, 39 through the afternoon. expect temperatures to top out close to 60. futurecast will show a nice second half of the day. typically, this time of year, average highs in the low to mid 50' s. the fact that we are pushing 60 today puts us on the mild side. clouds increasing tonight. by early tomorrow morning, scattered rain showers.
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will get, but passing showers are part of the forecast for you tomorrow. it will be a cold rain. in the morning, 30' s, afternoon, 40' s. this is bringing out a couple of snowflakes in the extreme northern communities. for most of us, passing showers off and on through the day saturday and clouds clearing out for sunday. today, 58 for a high. roll in. scattered rain showers tomorrow s. sunday, temperatures will be a degree or so below freezing. the good news is we ramped up to the 70' s by the middle of next week. lisa: thank you. a couple struck by a vehicle that crashed into a florida pizzeria where they were eating is remembering the ordeal. the two were at the downtown pizza grill in oakland park when this happened wednesday night. the driver loses control, the suv crashes through the front of the pizzeria. it' s the couple while they were eating. >> the only thing i see is me
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coming past me, and then him being slammed against the wall. lisa: both were treated for minor injuries. police are investigating the cause of the crash and don' t yet know whether the 70-year-old driver will face any charges. there was a lot of finger-pointing thursday during a house hearing on the flint water crisis. michigan governor rick snyder testified that the state' s department of environmental quality repeatedly assured him that water from the flint river was safe. when in fact, the water was contaminated with dangerous levels of lead. flint switched from the detroit water system in 2014 and snyder says he did not become aware of the lead contamination until october 2015. governor snyder also testified that the epa ignored early contamination. mccarthy said the state provided unreliable and inaccurate information. today we will learn more about how the city of hamilton plans
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flint. the city' s mayor and leaders will address their plans on a volunteer initiative during a press confrence at the m.a. folkes company. organizers reference how hamilton has been voted to have the best water at international tasting contests and they hope to share what they' ve learned with people in flint. randi: we are looking at another nice day. our streak will be snapped into the weekend. friday, plan on temperatures near 60. upper 50' s to around 60 four highs. sunshine to the afternoon, not nearly as windy, but colder air and rain showers in the forecast for saturday into sunday. futurecast today, clear skies through the day. clouds roll in tonight. tomorrow before dawn, you will notice rain showers creeping in. the bulk of the system stays to the south. we get passing rain showers
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it will be a cold rain. the northernmost freezes and dayton, columbus, changeover snow showers. in our area, predominantly rain, maybe a wet flake mixing in. sprinkles continue into saturday night. gone by sunday. it will stay cold for the first couple days of spring. 58 for a high today. 45 with spotty showers saturday. sunday is the first day of spring. it doesn' t feel like spring until the middle of next week. let' s look at the traffic situation. kyla is off. india: if you' re looking outside, green conditions on zygmunt which is good. a look at travel times, 32 to 71, 30 minutes, 16 from butler county to the norwood lateral. 18 on 7175 from the split into downtown. in that area, 7175 at richwood, kyla has a theory that on
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they can -- we are starting to see that traffic pick up a bit on the southbound side. lisa: it is 4:54 right now. trending online seaworld says , it' s putting an end to its killer whale breeding program. 24 whales in 3 parks will be the last generation of orcas that seaworld will display in captivity. the change follows sharp criticism of seaworld practices after the release of the documentary blackfish. and the death of trainer dawn brancheau. seaworld faced protests and declines in attendance and revenue. seaworld will also end killer whale shows. a man and his dog have become an internet sensation. maybe it' s the dog' s pink sunglasses. or maybe it' s the fact that the dog, named sydney, looks like he' s steering the motorbike. it' s not unusual in this northern province of indonesia to see a dog on a motorbike. nike gets back to the future with self-tying shoes. the nike hyper-adapt one-point
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1.0 power-operated laces. when you step into the shoe your heel hits a sensor. and the laces tighten. these futuristic shoes will be available for the holiday season, exclusively to subscribers of the nike-plus app. coming up next at five :00, searching for the driver. police busy looking for a driver who crashed their van into a mount area apartment. what we just learned about the investigation. outside live once again on friday morning, hoping it is a great start, 4:50 6, 38 degrees, stay with us. your top stories c introducing longhorn' s big, bold, steaks. our new 10 ounce filet. our 16 ounce t-bone. and our fire grilled 18 ounce outlaw ribeye. only at longhorn steakhouse.
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s big, bold, steaks. our new 10 ounce filet. our 16 ounce t-bone. and our fire grilled 18 ounce outlaw ribeye. only at longhorn steakhouse. you cant fake steak. mark: lisa: police say a child died at the hands of his wife. why he plans to forgive her. a driver on the run after crashing into a local apartment building overnight. we take a closer look at the damage. it is tournament time and greater cincinnati. local teams getting ready to hit the floor in the big dance tonight. >> from cincinnati' s wlwt,
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lisa: 4:59 on your friday, good m lisicki -- lisa cooney. ladies, good morning to you. let' forecast. randi: it is friday. that is ok. 37 degrees right now at cvg, 37 in loveland. cooler at harrison at 31. what can you learn from this? it is a cooler start than we have seen recently. cooler temperatures will stick around into the weekend. you may want a thicker coat when you head out the door this morning. clear skies and our area, clouds along the i-70 corridor toward dayton. those sprinkles barely hit the ground. for us, plan on sunshine and the crazy wind we' d have the couple of days has been fairly gusty at times. wind right now is calm. it will be a light breeze if


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