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tv   WLWT News 5 Today  NBC  March 23, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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mark: now on news 5 today, the presidential candidates fighting for votes in tuesday' s round of caucuses. what they had to say about the terror attacks in brussels. lisa: we' re leading the way on yet another serious accident near the combs hehl bridge. what we know so far about the wreck that sent two drivers to the hospital. mark: we have the latest in the deadly terror attacks in brussels. the suicide bombers now identified as the manhunt continues for a third suspect. [captioning made possible by wlwt-tv] >> from cincinnati' s wlwt, leading the way,
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mark: a tribute to those who perished in belgium yesterday is in lights. the "cincinnati" sign at the duke energy center is lit up in the colors of the belgian flag. the city of cincinnati also tweeted out the message last night, "we stand with brussels." more coverage of the deadly attacks throughout the morning. thank you for joining us. i' m mark hayes. lisa: i' m lisa cooney. we write 55 degrees. randi: the usual high is the current temperature. we' re headed to the upper 60' s. it will feel like spring and warm through tomorrow. normally the high temperature of 55, 56. today, 67, a nice and mild afternoon. yesterday we had very gusty winds. today, still on the windy side.
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places in the 50' s. 55 degrees right now at cvg. 57, alexandria. the wind already this morning, about 10-15 miles for per hour. a great day to get outside. right now, mid and upper 50' s. lunchtime, warm and breezy, the temperature up to 60. 6:00 this evening, a few more clout starting to move in. very mild to the evening. we' re going to dip to the mid 50' s again tonight. showers and thunderstorms tomorrow. we' ll take a look at the timeline coming up in just a few minutes. lisa: new this morning, more
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mark: police were called to another serious crash overnight. this time it was on the kentucky side, right by the combs hehl bridge. it' s the latest issue along this stretch over the last eight days. andrew: this latest crash sent a car through the guardrail and down an embankment here on the kentucky side of the river. this coming less than a day 275 shutting down east bound 275 for three hours. this crash shouldn' t cause traffic problems this morning. early this morning, a car was headed westbound on 275 near the out of its lane. the car went through the guardrail and down an embankment. two people were in that car and it' s not clear how serious their injuries are. another accident near the combs hehl bridge earlier this week proved deadly.
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near kellog killed scott petredis. cory lipmeier is charged with aggravated vehicular homicide after police suspected he was speeding and driving while impared during that crash. and we may have to wait even longer to get answers about the crash that sent a car off the combs hehl bridge last tuesday. the car is still sitting at the bottom of the river, as the currents are too high and conditions too dangerous to try to recover the vehicle and confirm who is inside. investigators believe they know who was driving, but haven' t released that person' s name. as for the overnight crash, the car is still off the road and down the embankment. they are expected to wait until daylight to get at at river road rather than try to pull it back , up onto the interstate. they may pull it down onto river road. reporting live, andrew setters, wlwt news 5. lisa: memorials are growing in honor of the 34 victims of tuesday' s terror attacks in
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mark: the belgian flag is flying at half staff at belgium' s embassy in washington, d.c. bouquets of flowers also surround the flag. isis has claimed responsibility for explosions that rocked a brussels airport and train station. officials in brussels say three men may have been behind one of the attacks. two of the attackers had been identified as brothers. now a massive manhunt is on to find one of the men seen in the tan jacket. police say he left the airport shortly before the attacks. lisa: local students from uc studying abroad in brussels dealing with the terror first-hand. mark: we got a chance to speak with some of the students impacted and how they' re reacting to the tragedy. news 5' s tammy mutasa has more. tammy: explosions. then carnage, chaos, and confusion. these are the horrifying moments
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and just 30 miles away from the terrorist attacks, a group of uc students are studying abroad in antwerp. >> that' s something that is terrifying when it could have one of us. when it could have been us in danger. tammy: bri tyler is one of those business students. she just left the trip early and arrived in cincinnati on saturday. >> i was happy that i was home, but i am worried about my friends that are still over there, and i immediately wanted to get in contact with them and make sure they were ok. tammy: 19 students and two faculty members were supposed to visit parliament and the p&g office in brussels today. but the visit was canceled. >> they' re kind of on lockdown re safe and in their hotels and that they' re not allowed to use public transportation at the moment, tammy: uc student david verchick is doing an industrial design co-op in antwerp. >> i didn' tammy: he says police surrounded the train station there. >> that was shut down,
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it had people kind of nervous, not sure why it was evacuated. we didn' t know if it was just an extra security caution. >> who thinks that something like that would happen? mark: the uc students will be in belgium until friday. lisa: and right now for one family in kentucky, the wait is agonizing. they' re desperate to hear from a young couple at the brussels airport. they were there around the time of tuesday' s attacks. family members of stephanie and justin schulz have not seen or heard from them since they dropped stephanie' s mother off at the brussels airport tuesday . according to family members, the mother is ok, but they cannot reach her daughter stephanie or son-in-law justin. stephanie went to high school and college in lexington. the couple moved to belgium in 2014. >> but all they can really do is go from hospital to hospital looking at the list of people that have been identified as injured. we do know they' re not on the casualty list yet or they' re not
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point. lisa: the family says communication continues to be sporadic, and they hope to hear one way or another very soon. mark: and the presidential candidates speaking out about the terror attacks in brussels as they fought for votes in arizona, utah, and idaho on tuesday. nbc' s mary maloney reports. mr. sanders: we stand today with the people of brussels. mr. kasich: today of course is a sad day for the entire civilized world. mary: presidential hopefuls express sympathy for the victims of the brussels attacks. but where they differ is how to respond to the threat by isis. mrs. clinton: we have to toughen our surveillance, our interception of communication. we also have to toughen, as you say, soft targets with, you know, greater police presence. there is no getting around that. mr. sanders: we need to have significantly improved intelligence, and that intelligence cannot be done just within the united states. mary: ted cruz says police should be able to patrol muslim neighborhoods to prevent
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halt the president' s ill-advised plan to bring in tens of thousands of syrian muslim refugees. mary: donald trump renewing his proposal to temporarily ban muslims from entering the country. mr. trump: we have no choice, and you' re going to make exceptions on heads of state and certain people and i' saying you don' t do that, but we have a real problem and people do not have any idea about what' s going on. mary: cruz and john kasich both want stronger ties with nato. trump said monday the u.s. should rethink its involvement with the alliance mr. cruz: the day after donald trump called for america weakening nato, withdrawing from nato, we see brussels. mr. kasich: i would make every effort i could to strengthen the nato alliance. mary: i' m mary moloney reporting. mark: we' ll have more coverage
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the outcome of tuesday' s caucuses. and stay updated on the terror attacks in brussels on our website,, and on our mobile app. lisa: 55 degrees in a mild start. hopefully the wind has calmed down. randi: today it will be windy but not as gusty as yesterday. temperature starting out nice and mild. hamilton,. 57 degrees wilmington, 54. as it tends to happen as the sun went down the winds calmed down. most places about 10 mile per hour winds. sunrise next couple of hours, bit. let'
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expect temperatures in the low to mid 50' s. a light jacket or sweatshirt on the way to school. we' re looking at temperatures degrees. s. weather-wise should be a decent day. kyla: it looks good out there so far. we do have an accident 71, 75 at 275, off to the shoulder. it is completely out of the way of the main travel lanes. 71 looks good at victory parkway. 75, same thing, a little heavier south
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lisa: a historic trip for president obama mark: and it ends with a friendly baseball match. the u.s. team that played in the exhibition game and the first family' s appearance. lisa: nine months after the death of sandra bland, the former state trooper who pulled her over appeared in court. what he is accused of, and the penalties he could be facing. mark: taking a live look outside , 55 degrees right now. you' re waking up to cincinnati' s wlwt news 5 today. your heart loves omega-3s. but there's a difference between the omega-3s in fish oil and those in megared krill oil. unlike fish oil, megared is easily absorbed by your body... ...which makes your heart, well, mega-happy. happier still, megared is proven to increase omega-3 levels in 30 days. megared.
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mark: good morning and welcome back. taking a live look outside. checking today' s headlines, it was a momentous day in the rebuilding of the once-fractured relationship between the united states and cuba, and baseball was the centerpiece. the tampa bay rays served as ambassadors for major league baseball in an exhibition game tuesday against the cuban national team. president obama and the first if family had a front-row seat next to cuban president raul castro for the festivities. the rays went on to beat the cuban national team 4-1. lisa: in texas, nine months after sandra bland' s death in texas, the former trooper who stopped her appeared before court. brian encinia pleaded not guilty to a misdemeanor perjury charge. a grand jury says encinia lied about what led to bland exiting her car during a july traffic stop.
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between his version of the events and what was seen in the dash-cam video. if encinia is convicted, he will face up to one year in jail and a $4,000 fine. jailers found bland dead in a county jail cell three days after her arrest. her death was ruled a suicide. mark: and in london, heightened security for the premiere of a highly anticipated movie. the premiere of "batman versus superman: dawn of justice" took place as scheduled, following the terror attacks in belgium. entertainment news site deadline reported heightened security at the event. warner bros. studio did cancel the red carpet interviews with media. lisa: 55 degrees. we' re starting off on a mild note. i took a walk yesterday. i tried to. on the backside, by the river, i felt like i was walking in space.
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wind at my back. i saw my shadow. we are to have another day today with a lot of sunshine and i think it will be breezy. it is a warm and windy day. tomorrow, showers and even a round of thunderstorms. into easter weekend, things are not looking too bad. today is a lot like yesterday. storms rolling in by this time tomorrow morning. toward easter weekend, not looking at too many problems. we have mostly clear skies. you will notice it is nice and dry. rain showers to the north. we are going to stay dry today
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we could hit 70 degrees from louisville to lexington today. a chance for showers tomorrow and the potential for some stronger storms. the entire region under a marginal risk for severe weather. we' ll see as we progress through the day tomorrow. nine mile per hour winds.sunny and 60 at noon. more clouds by the evening. sunset. the rain will hold off until just before dawn tomorrow morning. showers moving in and maybe some rumbles of thunder. i think there will be a couple of rounds. the potential for some heavier rain for the evening commute for
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tomorrow night a cold front and our temperatures will be taking a nosedive. tomorrow off and on stormy weather. the biggest threat for stormy weather will be around the evening rush. saturday, low 60' s. mark: happening today, the visitation for a kenton county woman who died this past weekend. 22-year-old katie stewart fell from a cliff at a nature sanctuary. she went to notre dame academy and was set to graduate this spring from transylvania university. visitation for katie is at 3:30 this afternoon at st. agnes in fort wright. her funeral mass will follow at 7:00. lisa: in commitment 2016 news, hillary clinton brings in another projected victory in arizona last night. for the time being, it' s helping her keep momentum going from five big wins last week. there is a total of 85 votes up for grabs in arizona, with
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proportionately, so margin of victory is key in the three states voting for democrats. bernie sanders was able to win the caucus in idaho. arizona brings a large haul of delegates for the winning republican. donald trump will take all 58 of them. ted cruz and john kasich get nothing. ted cruz is projected to win the caucus in utah. national security was in the forefront with each of the remaining candidates taking swipes at their opponents, while offering tough talk on terrorism. mr. kasich: we need to move aggressively against isis, both in the air and on the ground, and to destroy them and continue to fight the battle against this kind of radical islamic
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within laws. they have no laws. we work within laws. the waterboarding would be fine, and if they could expand the laws i would do a lot more than waterboarding. mr. cruz: i will apologize to nobody with how vigorous i will be as president fighting radical islamic terrorists. lisa: republican voters will not go to the polls again until april 5, while democrats caucus in alaska, hawaii and washington on saturday. mark: vice president joe biden stopped in cincinnati. he attended an event for former ohio governor ted strickland, who' s running for the u.s. senate. and he had plenty of extra security on hand at the westin downtown. we' re told he did not address the brussels attacks. new details about overtime in the cincinnati police department. an internal audit found more than half of overtime wasn' t properly approved. that figure jumped to more than 90% in the chief' s office and community liaison unit. the audit also found some officers working overtime when they had paid time off. the city is recommending the
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entire process, train time-keepers, and get a new database. lisa: more planning on the union terminal construction project, as the museum center prepares for a major overhaul. bids are coming in for the project. it' s expected to cost nearly a quarter billion dollars. they hope to get started this summer and finish by the fall of 2018. side museums, the omnimax, and part of the lobby will be shut down during construction. mark: the cincinnati zoo' s newest animals now have a surrogate parent. a doggie named blakely has stepped in to nurse the cubs born prematurely two weeks ago. the mother of the cubs has died. the zoo says blakely will provide cuddling and a body to climb on for the babies. blakely has also nannied for several other zoo babies. lisa: i do recall that. speaking of the zoo, happening today, the western lowland gorillas will get an early start on easter egg hunting. zookeepers will hide colored
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gorilla enclosure. this has become a tradition at the zoo over the last 25 years. the hunt for eggs begins at 11:00 this morning. >> cincinnati' s certified most accurate forecast. randi: we are in for another warm and windy day today. today the wind, 10- 20 miles per hour. a increasing clouds. occasionally fairly gusty wind. this evening clouds increase. rai will ben rolling in our direction tomorrow morning. potentially some stronger storms into the evening commute. tomorrow night they will be gone by sunset. 67 degrees today. this morning temperatures in the 50' s.
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a windy wednesday ahead. off-and-on showers and thunderstorms on thursday. looking gorgeous on saturday and sunday with temperatures in the upper 60' s on easter sunday. kyla: we are off to a pretty decent start. you can see green conditions on the map at this early hour. 19 minutes from the split into downtown on 71, 75. there is an accident near the 275 loop that is not blocking any travel lanes. 13 minutes on 275 on the northeast corner. 275 at loveland, north and southbound looking good and still very light.
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lisa: taking a look at some of trending stories this morning. mark: there are 15 cameras in a spherical dome which add up to a 360-degree camera system. those cameras take a photo every two seconds. those photos are then put together to make up maps. travel nevada announced tuesday that they' ll be using the trekker to collect images of the state' s public lands, which are often unseen by travelers. lisa: a dog in new york gaining qute the reputation as an artist. dagger, also known as dog vinci, is a 3-year-old black lab who loves to paint. dagger paints by following his owner' s commands and uses a brush made of duct tape and a paper towel tube that he holds in his mouth. his paintings generally sell for between $50 and $100 and all the money goes to animal-related charities.
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albums left? a rare beatles album hidden away for decades sold at auction tuesday for $110,000. the 10-inch vinyl record, which has been called the holy grail for beatles collectors, was sold to an anonymous british collector. it was the first disc released under the beatles name and includes the first song john lennon ever wrote, called "hello, little girl." the album had been stored away in the attic of les maguire, the keyboard player of the british band gerry and the pacemakers. remember them? lisa: no but what a fine. , a local woman experiences the brussels terror first hand. mark: coming up at 5:00, what happened when this student was in the airport as the bombs went off, where she hid, and her reaction after the deadly event. lisa: a show of solidarity here it home. you see the cincinnati skyline letup in the colors of the belgian flag. you'
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wlwt news 5 today. there's a freedom about asheville. an unspoken invitation to discover who you really are. here, the world is a big, beautiful place filled with adventure.
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come up for air. asheville. discovery, inside and out. lisa: winners are projected this morning for tuesday' s western contests. whether the front-runners were able to maintain their sizeable lead among their opponents. mark: another accident near the
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what we know about the victims this morning. lisa: and new developments i n the terror attacks in brussels. state media now reporting that officials now know the identity of two of the three suspects. >> from cincinnati' s wlwt, leading the way, this is wlwt news 5 today. lisa: solidarity being shown all across the world this morning as in belgium that occurred just 24 -- for the tragedy hours ago. the eiffel tower lit up in the belgian flag' s colors overnight. the city of light is still recovering from its own terrorist attacks in november of last year. the latest on brussels is just ahead. 5:00 a.m. on your wednesday. good morning. i' m lisa cooney. mark: and i' m mark hayes. thanks for joining us. randi rico and kyla woods are in this morning with your weather and traffic. let' s go straight to randi rico for the forecast. we' re starting off in gorgeous territory. randi: it is 54 right now. we'


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