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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  February 9, 2012 2:35am-4:00am EST

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, a decade after 9/11 this country does somewhat suffer from amnesia. i hope we don't put convenience over safety. >> exactly. >> let's just still be safe. >> i'm with you. if i have to be inconvenience ford a couple of minutes, so be it. >> yes. terrorists will find loopholes. that's the thing. let's hope it's good for convenience. let's just stay safe. shall we? moving on now, aviation inspectors in europe have ordered the entire fleet of airbus a-380 super jumbo jets be checked for cracks on the wings of the planes. airbus said it has developed repair kits to fix that problem, which are currently being installed, and the jets are still fit to fly. and now overseas, international pressure is mounting on syria. with the european union's announcement that it would impose some new sanctions. syrian troops are ramping up their assault on the city of homs, with shelling nearly around the clock. sniper fire makes it simply too dangerous to go out for food or even water. the 11-month-old uprising is now
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threatening to turn into a full-scale civil war. in tennessee a facebook slight appears to have triggered a double homicide. a man was in court yesterday accused of murdering a couple who had defriended his 30-year-old daughter. he was charged along with an accomplice. the murdered couple's baby was found unharmed in his mother's arms. they had complained to police that the suspect's daughter had been harassing them. and a pregnant teenager got the better of an intruder coming through the doggie door of her house in suburban phoenix. lacy love says she was home alone when a man stuck his hand through the doggie door and tried to unlatch the back door. she saw her father's gun on the table, picked it up, and took a shot. she's not sure whether she injured the man, but he ran away and he has not been seen since. >> ran like a dog. well, a judge in the fort lauderdale area is taking some heat for ordering a domestic
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abuse suspect to take his wife out to red lobster and then take her bowling. wplg's nicki mohan reports. >> he's going to get flowers, and then he's going to go home, pick up his wife, get dressed, take her to red lobster, and then after that red lobster they're going to go bowling. >> reporter: judge john hurley ordered this plantation husband to take his wife to a belated birthday dinner after a domestic violence arrest on monday. in broward county's first appearance court you can hear his wife pleading for clemency. >> i love my husband. >> i know you love him. and you don't want anything bad to happen. >> reporter: the 47-year-old bray was released on his own recognizance because he has no criminal past. still, plantation police say when they responded to the couple's apartment on monday, things were heated. >> the victim indicated that she wasn't wished a happy birthday and because of that as a result she got upset with him and in turn he apparently pushed her over the back of the couch,
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grabbed her around the neck, and cocked a fist back as if to punch her. >> reporter: bray was charged with one count of simple battery. we knocked on the couple's door. mr. bray answered. and he did not want to comment on his sentence, for better or for worse. but it appears he's the only one who doesn't want to comment, especially advocates against domestic violence. they're outraged. hurley is going to get a letter from mary reedle of women in distress, who gave me this statement. "i am very disappointed at the judge's ruling and the frivolous nature, to trivialize this is disturbing. strangulation is one of the strongest indicators for lethality in a relationship. a push today can be deadly tomorrow." hurley is not allowed to comment on an open case. his supporters say he didn't take this lightly, even if his unorthodox bond makes it seem like it. >> i need to make sure that we're not going to have any repeat incidents here. >> i don't get that ruling whatsoever. >> red lobster but not with a
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man that -- >> just tried to strangle you and threw you behind a coach. i don't understand that at all. that's to me making light of a very serious issue. i don't get that at all. no cheddar biscuit's going to make up for that kind of mileage. are you kidding me? >> now to our nbc fbs question of t of the day. do you agree with women's rights advocates who say this judge was out of line? let us know at have you taken me to red lobster in. >> a little-known paula faris fact, you used to be a waitress at red lobster. >> i used to. back in the day, in college. you dip those biscuits in cheese before i went out to a table. you want admiral's feast? >> they do make some good biscuits. got to say that. >> i love red lobster. i do. we'll go sometime. >> we'll go check it out. well, forget donuts. these two macho tennessee cops are all about cupcakes. don't let the guns fool you. police officer shawn posey and sheriff's deputy terry johnson have been baking for years. they make designer cakes and
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cupcakes for birthday parties, and now they have a shot at competing on the food network show cupcake wars. if they win, they plan to use prize money to open a shop. and rob, cupcakes are not cheap. sometimes you pay upwards of $3, $4 for a really good cupcake. >> good luck, fellas. here's a look at your weather today. another day of showers in south florida. thunderstorms and much-needed rain for parts of texas and oklahoma. some light snow in michigan and the rockies to montana. warming up on the west coast with showers from northern california to seattle. >> 57 in portland. 43 in colorado springs. 30s from minneapolis to detroit. 40s in the northeast. near 80 in miami. 59 in new orleans. and 56 in dallas. well, emergency drills of course are very important in this post-9/11 world. with terrorism, global pandemics, and escaping rhinos. that's why the tokyo zoo tested what it would do if a rhinoceros did go rogue. that's two workers inside that fake animal there.
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>> the rhino charges. the workers knocking one of them down. eventually another worker shoots the animal with a fake tranquilizer dart, ending the threat. the zoo's real rhinos didn't seem to be too impressed. is it rhinoceroseses? >> rhonoceri. we'll figure that out during the commercial. stay with us. ♪ running now ♪ running now
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oooh, what's her secret? [ male announcer ] dawn hand renewal with olay beauty. improves the look and feel of hands in just five uses. [ sponge ] soft, smooth... fabulous! [ male announcer ] dawn does more... [ sponge ] so it's not a chore. and fair warning about this next story. more than a couple people around here called it uncomfortable. but we're going to let you be the judge of that. >> it's all about a very young beauty pageant contestant and the controversial drink her mother gives her to help her performance on stage. here's abc's andrea canning.
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>> reporter: she's making waves on the pageant circuit for her bold moves that are oh, so wrong. >> this is what i show to the judges. >> reporter: alana thompson even has a nickname she came up with on her own that seems to be, well, sticking on the hit show "toddlers & tiaras." >> reporter: but perhaps what honey booboo or alana has become best known for is how she gets all this energy. >> here, here. drink, drink. two big gulps. >> reporter: her mother june is stirring up controversy with a concoction she created to give alana a kick on those long pageant days. >> we kind of just -- an empty bottle of the mountain dew, and then we take the mountain dew -- >> reporter: they named it go-go juice. part mountain dew, part red bull. the two drinks combined have about the same caffeine as two cups of coffee. >> she may drink to about right there, maybe. >> reporter: june says she first tried giving her daughter two
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bags of pixie sticks to prepare her for the kiddie catwalk. but the candy also known as pageant crack wasn't enough to keep her alert all day. so they turned to the go-go juice. she says the sugar highs and caffeine fixes are a staple on the pageant circuit. >> it doesn't refer to hey, we're giving our kids drugs. there's normal people every day that give their kids this. why is it such a big issue with us pageant moms that do it on a weekend to keep our kids energized and awake? >> reporter: but according to a 2011 report from the american academy of pediatrics, too much caffeine for a young child can lead to neurological and cardiovascular problems. june claims alana is a well-addusted, active 6-year-old who normally eats healthy and is always on the move when she's not competing. so she gave us a glimpse into her life far away from the glitz and glamour with some good old mud bogging.
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hmm. maybe i asked a few too many questions about the go-go juice. andrea canning, abc news, new york. >> and of course, folks, we had to try it for ourselves. we mixed up a little red bull and mountain dew. the wnn go juice -- go-go juice right here. >> go-go juice. >> i don't think it tastes that bad. do i think a little girl should be drinking it with all that sugar and that caffeine for her young body and young heart? no. and then to grow up and end up looking like her mother, who clearly has a weight problem as well, that's a bad role model for your little girl. that story's disturbing on a lot of levels. get out of the mud and get to the gym. >> stop living vicariously through your daughter as well. >> amen. morning papers is next. oh, no, it's not. another story is coming up after the break. >> too much go-go juice. >> see, the juice hit hard. we'll be back.
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♪ oh. that's kind of sexy. no matter what you think of their cause, most people can probably agree that the group peta, people for the ethical treatment of animals, knows how to get attention. >> the latest example comes to us from downtown tulsa, oak. latoya sillman of ktul lays out the details. >> you come here often? >> reporter: one look and it's no wonder so many people in downtown tulsa did a double take. >> i'm puzzled at this. i'm just -- i'm just struck beyond belief. >> yes, it's very crazy. >> don't see this every day. no. too irresistible to come down and take a peek. i have to admit. >> i don't know why you do it on a cold day like this. >> reporter: on the corner of fifth and main peta staged a makeout session to turn heads in hopes of changing minds about meat. while a scantily clad couple kissed underneath the sheets, two peta reps passed out information they consider life-saving. >> this is really just a fun and uppy way to draw attention to a
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very serious issue. and considering that over 10 billion chickens, turkeys, cows, and pigs are abused every year in ways that if it were cats and dogs that were the victims it would warrant felony charges. >> reporter: but the slogan vegans make better lovers, well, more than a few had questions about that. peta's point? >> nobody wants a dud in the bedroom. and one in four men over the age of 60 have admitted to suffering from impotency. and the saturated fat and cholesterol found in meat not only clogs arteries to the but to other vital organs. >> reporter: peta says people are paying attention. but will they change their eating habits? >> i even told my wife i was coming. so. i told her we're aughting cauliflower and beans for supper tonight. >> humans were made to eat meat. that's why we have canines that tear meat off bones. >> they're just a little crazy. my mama taught me better. >> i don't know how that girl's a vegan. she clearly likes meat. >> i'm not going to go there.
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>> i always go there. >> not going to go there. >> you thought you were -- you were grossed out, though. >> speaking of, fertility tests to go. coming up. >> punked out.
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>> announcer: "world news now" delivers your "morning papers." all right, fellas. this is a story for -- >> too much go-go. >> -- all of us this morning from bloomberg. obviously you know fertility is a big issue in this country and you see all those products out there for women to test how fertile they are. well, there is a new product in stores in april, starting in april, called sperm check. and this is a test for all of us fellas to make sure our boys can swim. it's a $40 test. it is a home sperm test. and what a man will do is mix his product with a solution in that kit, drop it onto a test strip. it basically lets you know if you have low sperm count or not. it says it's correct about 96% of the time. people who don't like the study say this only measures one
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factor, that there are other factors you should consider what your doctor would do, but this is like a home kit to see if your boys are in good shape or not. >> if you've ever been to the fertility expert and had to perform this test, you know, everybody knows what you're going into the room to do. so it's a little humiliating. >> there are worse doctor's appointments than that one. the tim tebow law has been passed in virginia. tim tebow, who was home-schooled in florida but was allowed to play at a public high school, play football. well, virginia is the latest school to allow home schoolers to play varsity sports at public high schools. up in arms over this. there are 25 states that now allow home-schooled students to play sports at public schools. but opponents of the bill say that varsity sports is a privilege surrendered when students opt out of the public school system, that home schoolers might take roster spots. but home schoolers will say they pay taxes, why can't their kids? there's really strong arguments on both sides. >> i think it's a really tough debate, totally. you know what i mean?
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i think there are a lot of good points on both sides. i'm skeptical about home schooling. but it's kind of like if you pay taxes can you take part in the system? i don't know. there's no right answer on that one. it depends. so. also, good news if you happen to like -- >> chocolate. >> chocolate. >> cake. >> they say if you eat chocolate cake for breakfast it's actually a good thing to help you keep off your weight. or keep weight off. a team from tel aviv university found that eating chocolate cake as part of a balanced 600-calorie breakfast that also includes proteins and carbs and all that can help you lose more weight and keep it off in the long run because you indulge a little bit breakfast when your met bliz simm high and at its most active and you work all those extra calories throughout the day. >> is this breakfast? >> well, this is breakfast on the show. one bite. mm. mm, mm, mm. see? now we're good for the day. >> i took the -- >> you're a hungry girl. >> i like to eat, man. i like my meat and i like my
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this morning on "world news now," school scandal. l.a. detectives uncover even more disturbing details as they investigate a teacher accused of some unspeakable crimes. >> they say they found more pictures of students in this widening case of child abuse. it's thursday february 9th. good morning, everybody. happy friday eve. it feels good to say that. i'm rob nelson. >> it would be better if we could say happy friday, though. >> 24 hours. >> that's right. 24 hours away. i'm paula faris. just when parents at miramonte elementary school in south l.a. thought they had heard enough about this disturbing investigation, it gets even worse.
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what an emotional week it's been as administrators make drastic changes at the school like replacing the entire staff. they just found more pictures. the total picture total is now 600 they have found in this investigation. >> that's just unbelievable. and what the school district is saying is look, this is such an awful case, the only appropriate response was to clean the entire house, get everybody out. almost rebuild the school from scratch. so it seems like the appropriate move. just an awful story. also this morning, mitt romney reacts to this week's major campaign setback. how could he lose in three states to rick santorum, whose campaign actually had appeared to be losing steam but not now? seems to be the latest poster boy for the true conservatives who at this point still refuse to rally around romney. >> i guess there's time to hop on that santorum bandwagon, isn't there? >> it's rolling. and later this half hour, the new online social media game that's not only fun, it's helping to make our world a better place. i'm going to show you how it works a little bit later in today's show.
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>> very cool little game there, too. wetopia. i like it. a little play on utopia filip. but first, students returned to their classrooms at that l.a. school where two teachers are now accused of sex crimes. >> the entire staff of the school from the principal to the cav to cav-tieria workers has been replaced. and now we learn even more disturbing details about this scandal. here's abc's carlos granda. >> reporter: 200 additional photos allegedly belonging to suspect mark berndt. investigators say they're similar to the others with children blindfolded and their mouths covered. about 25 photos have children that have not yet been identified. in the case against the second suspect martin springer began after several students alleged he had molested them. it now appears the family of one student does not want to get involved in the investigation. >> many times kids are afraid. they make a statement. and in this case we are not saying that the kid, you know, gave us information that was not factual. but many times kids don't know what the court proceedings are.
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there are different things that are going on within that particular situation, and they don't want to proceed with it. >> reporter: meanwhile, new teachers are arriving at miramonte elementary school, are not getting a friendly reception from parents. these parents are telling them to get out. maria espinosa says her son juan liked his teacher and she's worried all these changes during the school year will be traumatic to all the kids. there is a petition to do background checks on these teachers and keep them here. some students worry about the upcoming california standardized tests. >> and i don't know. maybe we could have -- maybe we're going to fail cst because we're already used to our old teachers and how they taught us. >> a lot of them were just crying yesterday, for days already, because they just miss their teachers. they have that strong connection with them. >> i feel good about coming in and being a positive influence on these children here. >> reporter: new teachers such as katisia davis know it will be a difficult task. she is ready to help the kids. >> i feel comfortable in what i came here to do.
3:04 am
so if everyone does their job, then we'll be all right. >> reporter: carlos granda reporting for abc news. >> so 600 pictures. and those new photos were found at an l.a. pharmacy's photo printing database. what happens if you're the developer of those photos and you come across these pictures? you have to report them. >> i assume there's a legal and moral obligation certainly to report it. and it doesn't stop there. detectives say a teacher's aide wrote love letters to fourth-grade students. and complaints about those letters were apparently disregarded. a parent of one of the kids found the letters nearly three years ago. so this has been a years-long situation at this school that's now just bubbling to the surface. who knows what else they could find at this point? well, overseas now the white house is debating what to do about syria. where the government's war against civilians is growing exponentially worse. syrian troops launched their fiercest assault yet on the city of homs. at least 50 were reported killed on wednesday, including some premature babies at a hospital. it is too dangerous to go out
3:05 am
for food or water. one activist is sending video messages pleading for help. >> you can see over there another rocket landed in one of the civilians' houses. this is a life we've got used to. rockets, bullets killing children dead in the street. body parts. on these civilian houses over there. these human beings that live in that house. there was another rocket landed over there. see, this is happening every day. this is happening. where's the u.n.? where's the humanity? where's america? >> the european union is responding to that call, promising to impose new sanctions. but a united nations proposal for international action failed because of a veto from china and russia, a move some say has emboldened syria's government. there's a facebook campaign for arab nations saying they should boycott any products that are made in china or russia. we'll see if that -- >> see if sanctions work. but russia and china 2k7b9 sign on to that because they said it would involve them in military
3:06 am
conflict the way it did in libya. so they're afraid of another military conflict. but a government slaughtering its own people, how do you stand by? well, foreign policy does seem to be one of president obama's strengths during this election year. the latest abc news poll shows 56% approve of the way the president handles the threat of terrorism. nearly half support the president's foreign policies. far more americans simply trust the president when it comes to fighting terrorism more so than they trust the republican front-runner. on top of that nearly 20 points now separate the president from romney on foreign affairs issues. meanwhile, rick santorum's campaign is scrambling to take advantage of his newfound momentum following his victories on tuesday. santorum has scheduled new fund-raisers, and staffers are trying to set up offices in key states. abc's david muir explains how santorum swept to his upset wins. >> and if you can get a hand on rick and -- >> reporter: a group prayer in texas after rick santorum's sweep. supporters hopeful santorum's moment in the spotlight after winning colorado, missouri, and
3:07 am
minnesota will last. santorum pointing out moments after his stunning victories that this time the difference, he wasn't wildly outspent. >> tonight we had an opportunity to see what a campaign looks like when one candidate isn't outspent 5 or 10-1 by negative ads. >> reporter: but the same spotlight also reveals the scope of mitt romney's losses. four years ago he clearly won two of those three states. the governor then. fast forward to now. >> this was a good night for rick santorum. >> reporter: and when you dig into romney's numbers, political observers say you also see something else. >> only 1/3 as many people in minnesota came out to vote for him as came out in 2008. only 1/3 came out to vote in missouri as 2008. >> reporter: it was clear from governor romney himself that he recognizes santorum as his immediate threat. >> rick santorum was a major earmarker, continues to defend earmarks. under rick santorum -- i believe that while senator santorum was serving -- >> reporter: when i asked the romney campaign are they
3:08 am
concerned that the time spent now on santorum whether or not that's time lost taking aim at president obama, they indicated they believe there's plenty of time to squarely aim their rhetoric, their target at president obama and his stewardship in their words of this economy. david muir, abc news, new york. >> of course the next two big contests arizona and michigan on february 28th. mormon numbers are higher in those states. they're hoping romney will kind of bounce back in those two contests. we'll see. here's your thursday forecast now, everybody. showers in south florida. some much-needed rain. thunderstorms in texas and oklahoma. snow showers in michigan and the colorado rockies. idaho and montana. also some showers from san francisco up to seattle. >> 65 in sacramento. 55 in albuquerque. 48 in salt lake city. it's 30s from the twin cities to indianapolis. 48 here in new york. 53 in atlanta. and near 80 in miami. it's always 80 in miami. always warm. always yellow down there. >> we love it. well, is it or isn't it? an amateur video posted online claims to prove that iceland's own version of the loch ness
3:09 am
monster is very real. the legend of a gigantic mythic river worm goes back to the year 1345. but no one has captured pictures of the creature until now. >> okay. so iceland's national broadcast network immediately posted this video online. and now it is the hot topic of debate throughout the country and the world. but the skeptics say it's just a bit of fishing net moving through the ice as the river thaws. >> the myth here is that a small heather worm was put on a golden ring so that ring would grow. instead the worm is what grew big-time. so the owner threw it into the river, where the worm continued to grow. >> let's go to iceland. let's check it out. >> if you believe that -- >> we'll go scuba diving. >> -- we'll be right back after this. ♪
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♪ thank you for being a friend ♪ i want to thank you ♪ thank you for being a friend that reminds me of the
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"golden girls." >> that's my song to you. >> aw. you're so sweet. >> ding. >> ding. "thank you for being a friend." that is, though, man's best friend. >> okay. >> there's a whole new reason why dogs are now living up to that distinction this morning. >> told you that was about -- it has nothing to do with companionship or anything like that and everything to do with, believe it or not, fighting cancer. abc's dr. richard besser has the details. >> reporter: in the war against cancer -- >> speak up. >> reporter: -- the cavalry is wagging its tail. this is dutch, a beagle mix. in august he was diagnosed with non-hodgkin's lymphoma. his cancer is the exact same kind as 7-year-old payton's. >> yeah. >> reporter: payton's meeting dutch because incredibly they're both being treated at m.d. anderson cancer center. and the cutting-edge treatment he's getting could help kids like payton. >> the dog's like the little cancer partner. >> it's one example of a brave new world that these dogs are
3:15 am
blazing for us. >> yes. >> reporter: remember how one dog year equals seven human years? >> dutch. >> reporter: that's a huge advantage researchers have in studying cancer in pets. because you can learn much faster if the treatment is working. dr. ferry fossum created a registry to link sick dogs with clinical trials. >> they don't have to create disease in animals. they can use these animals that have gotten the disease naturally. and they are going to be more predictive models. >> reporter: and even the national cancer institute is supporting dog to human research at 20 centers. >> we could use the same types of immune-based therapies that we want to apply for humans and understand whether or not they work in the dog. it's a win-win. >> roll over. >> reporter: an even bigger win for patients like payton. >> thank you, dutch. >> reporter: dr. richard besser, abc news, houston, texas. >> an interesting note. at one point dutch was given six weeks to win. now it's been six months since
3:16 am
he got involved in that trial. you know, what it's good. good news for a lot of families with that disease. and the pets themselves. the pets can make a difference and get better. great story. coming up next, making a difference through a video game. >> see how social media, a social conscience, and online fun can improve the world. it's all next on "world news now."
3:17 am
♪ we're gonna have a party, yeah ♪ ♪ all night long ♪ all night aw. love some lionel rich yeerks man. back in the good old days. the jheri curl afro. here are some astound numbers. studies show that internet users spend more than 900 million hours a month on social networks. and they spend more than 400 million hours every month playing games. >> do you play games? >> no. not video games. >> okay. well, a new game that has some
3:18 am
high-profile supporters is now giving those users a way to actually do some good while having a little bit of fun as well. >> reporter: from bejeweled to words with friends, social online gaming has become just as popular as stalking your ex on facebook. nearly 12 million people spend hours building fake villages on farmville. but what if you could build real villages instead of fake ones? that's the idea lincoln brown had when he created the new facebook game wetopia. >> wetopia is an online free to play social game on facebook where you build a better world for children in the game but while doing that you earn joy and then you get to give that joy to real world projects around the world to help give back and do good. >> reporter: so instead of winning points you win dollars to donate to your favorite cause. it's an idea ellen degeneres liked. >> it is a fantastic game. it's brand new. i asked my viewers to go check
3:19 am
it out. and boy, did you. so many people went to wetopia the website that you crashed it. >> wow. >> thank you. >> reporter: and now justin bieber is the latest celebrity to get behind it. ♪ like baby, baby, baby so what makes it so special? >> with wetopia we're able to create a relationship between the causes that our players want to support and the charities that they seek to help. >> reporter: charities such as build on, which is working with wetopia to build schools around the world. >> when i heard lincoln's vision for this, i thought it was brilliant. i thought it was brilliant because it democratized philanthropy. you did not have to be wealthy to make a difference. >> reporter: it was the devastation from the haiti earthquake that inspired lincoln to create wetopia. with the help of ad revenue and sponsors like mattel and clorox wetopia was able to start supporting projects. >> we built 32 schools in haiti collectively. there are 60 refugees. 60 people that came from the -- that came from port-au-prince
3:20 am
after the earthquake in moline village that are impacted that helped to build that school that so many gamers on wetopia contributed to. >> reporter: and players get to watch how their money is spent. >> you'll see videos that take you through the very beginning of a project when it was just a piece of dirt all the way to when the school is fully built. you'll see pictures. you'll see blogs from the field, from people actually working there. >> reporter: and see pictures of the people they're helping. >> i met this one girl in -- not long after the earthquake in one of our villages named wadashin. and wadashin told me her story. she told me she was in port-au-prince, that's where her family lived, and her house collapsed on top of her. >> reporter: after many hours of digging wadashin's father rescued her from the rubble. her mother didn't make it. for 15 days they were homeless on the streets. >> and her dad didn't know what to do. he had to figure out how to take care of his daughter. so he went out to one of our villages and the community
3:21 am
embraced them and adopted them, adopted her. and she immediately started going to our build on school. and she's in the fourth grade. >> reporter: wadashin's dream is to be a doctor one day to help other people who have suffered. >> by being involved in wetopia, by helping us build schools in haiti, we can empower kids like wadashin in haiti and around the world achieve their dreams. >> reporter: dreams we all have for utopia. >> a good story. >> great story. >> philanthropy at its finest. >> people are just wasting their time getting obsessed with that you about they're giving back to a great cause. so far over 200,000 meals and over a million liters of clean water because of folks playing that game. >> just here in the united states. >> just here in the u.s. for homeless child care in the u.s. their next project is going to be in detroit. you can choose the charity of your choice, whether here domestically or internationally. but again, their next project is in detroit. it's just amazing what they've
3:22 am
done. and a big shout out to our d.n.a. jace henderson for putting that whole piece together. >> and congrats to you, jace. and all the people who have spent their money on very, very good causes. [ female announcer ] have you met your skin twin? covergirl trublend has skin twin technology. other makeup can sit on your skin, so it looks but trublend has skin twin technology to actually merge with yur skin. how easy breezy beautiful is tha? trublend...from covergirl. when i got my medicare card, i realized i needed an aarp... medicare supplement nsurance card, too.
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wake up. >> hey, insomniacs. you're watching "world news now." >> sleep is overrated. ♪ 'cause i believe in ♪ i'm digging that song. >> it's a good song. this is a great story. >> yes. oddly this half hour, that was a song called "love is louder." you may have heard it. you may not. it just happens to be the subject of our boom, favorite story of the day. >> the guy singing it is lending his voice to a national anti-bullying campaign. wfaa's shelly slater has more on
3:26 am
this from dallas. ♪ love is louder >> reporter: those words written, sung, and deeply felt by cameron ernst. ♪ >> it really shows like the power of music, i think. >> reporter: the 23-year-old's message to north texas, love is louder. >> love is louder than hate, than fear, than loneliness. love is louder than pain. >> reporter: cameron is taking his message on the road already to 20 local schools. this assembly at bishop lynch high school made an impact on sabrina di genova. cameron asked the students to write down one stop by finishing this sentence. love is louder than blank. >> i said love is louder than stress because junior year there's a ton of stress about grades, about starting to look at colleges, about the s.a.t. >> i think a lot of people say love is louder than bullying. >> reporter: with three simple tasks cameron challenges the students to love harder. say hi using people's names in the hall. reach out to someone new during lunch. and write encouraging notes. >> the three that i wrote on my
3:27 am
hand almost every day is just to remind me that i can do three simple things that'll remind everyone that love is louder. ♪ >> reporter: cameron set out to be an actor and singer. his talents just won him a grammy recognition. but his career took a turn when he saw his impact here. >> if you focus on others first, then you're going to have success. it might not be the success you imagined. ♪ love, love, love >> reporter: but it turns out he admits it may be even better. >> oh. nicely done, man. great cause there. and certainly these days when you hear all these horrible stories out of schools, the more anti-bullying stuff that gets out there the better. >> he says the first time he performed at a high school and invited all the children to sing and chant love is louder, he thought the students would think it was stupid. but of course, pleasantly surprised and they've been buying in. >> big-time. even got, as you heard in the piece, some grammy recognition. catch the grammys, actually. they'll be on this sunday. crossed he brings home a little gold for good work.
3:28 am
good song and good work. >> i like the song a lot.
3:29 am
3:30 am
this morning on "world news now" -- contagious crisis. public health investigators in indianapolis say someone with the measles may have spread the disease around the super bowl. >> and it could be posing a serious threat to anyone who went near the football stadium. it is thursday february 9th. hey, good thursday morning, everyone. i'm paula faris. >> and i'm rob nelson. at least four cases of measles symptoms are now under investigation in the indianapolis area. and the scary part is there could be many more on top of that. that's because the warning signs can actually show up days or even weeks after the initial exposure. that's the last thing public health officials want to hear,
3:31 am
is a potential outbreak of a serious disease. and at of all things, the super bowl. >> which is just going to take that disease from indianapolis to various parts of the country. >> particularly new england and new york. all those fans. yeah. also this morning, an attempted kidnapping right in the toy aisle at walmart. store cameras caught the suspect in the act. and the police say the little girl knew what to do to stay safe. a very brave, a very quick-thinking little girl. this is a lesson to all of you parents out there. don't leave your kid in the toy aisle by themselves. even at walmart. >> a very brave little girl. a very stupid criminal with 8 billion cameras in those super wal-marts. >> you have to be pretty dumb, don't you? also, later this half hour a lesson in duplicates and even triplicates. a school that is full of twins and triplets. that of course is a big challenge for teachers on that campus trying to tell all those students apart. >> how do you do that? >> that's when you let the smart twin try to take the math test or the spelling test or whatever.
3:32 am
that must be fun for those teachers. >> you would have been the smart twin, right? >> i'm an only child. >> i know. i said you would have been the smart twin. >> yeah. until high school. but we are going to begin with that measles outbreak still posing a major threat to super bowl fans days after the big game. >> yeah, one of the infected patients may have mingled with thousands of folks while enjoying all those super bowl festivities. wrtv's station matthews has the latest on this from indianapolis. >> reporter: this is what the measles look like. an itchy rash spreads down the back and trunk and then extends to the rest of the body. if you were at super bowl village last friday, you may have been exposed to the virus. >> well, it's a real remote may. >> reporter: indiana's health commissioner says the infected person, who hasn't been publicly identified, stayed outside while visiting the super bowl festivities. >> our investigation says they attended the village. they did not go inside. so at best they were outside in
3:33 am
an open air environment. >> reporter: still, the measles is highly contagious. droplets from a sneeze or cough spray into the air and can remain active and contagious on infected surfaces for up to two hours. one case is considered an outbreak. measles start with a high fever, cough, runny nose, and bloodshot eyes and is then followed by a rash. typically, it fades in about a week. although rarely fatal, some people develop pneumonia, which can lead to life-threatening complications. >> so the reason we let providers know about this is they may have people walking into their office that have unusual rash which they haven't seen and they just need to know that we actually had a couple confirmed cases. >> reporter: the first signs of the measles generally appear about eight days after exposure, meaning anyone infected could see symptoms as early as this friday. >> how scary is that? and they think the exposure took place on friday, when more than
3:34 am
200,000 folks were in that square area. so we're talking about a nice chunk of folks who could be potentially exposed to this. >> reporter: and again, those chunk of folks are from new england, massachusetts, new york, all over the country. >> and health officials here in new york and massachusetts have been alerted. an interesting side note to this, too, is that some people have stopped getting the inoculation for the measles because there are studies out there that suggest the inoculation can lead to autism in some children. so some parents are like, oh, they don't -- >> there are a lot of parents who have resisted the vaccinations. >> there may not be a link. but food for thought for sure. >> for sure. well, an investigation into that deadly stage collapse at the indiana state fair has found plenty of blame to go around. seven people were killed when powerful winds blew the stage down. the indiana labor department fined the company that built the stage, fair officials, as well as the stage hands union. sugarland, the band that was
3:35 am
about to perform, was not fined but is named in several lawsuits. >> that video still hard to watch months later. also a terrifying scene in upstate new york as bullets fly in a courthouse. a gunman was shot and killed after walking into the building yesterday morning and opening fire on security officers. one officer was grazed in the arm. that gunman has been identified now as timothy mulqueen, described by residents as a troubled homeless man. he recently got in trouble for menacing the mayor's daughter. now to a quick-thinking little girl from georgia who managed to scare off a man trying to kidnap her. her amazing act of bravery was captured on the store's security camera. wsb's ross cabot reports from suburban atlanta. >> reporter: any doubts the man tried to kidnap the 7-year-old vanished when police viewed the chilling video. the kidnapper wrapped little brittany baxter in his arms until her screaming and kicking forced him to drop her and dash off. brittany told me the man had started talking to her as she looked at toys. >> i said i want to see what my mom is doing. he just grabbed me and picked me
3:36 am
up. >> reporter: mom was picking up some groceries a few feet away. >> i was freaking out at that point because i thought that she just maybe had started looking for me and couldn't find me. and i thought that she was just scared. so when she told me somebody had tried to get her i just couldn't believe it. >> yeah, i was just trying to do this, kick as hard as i can. >> she did exactly what we teach the little ones to do at a time like that. she fought, screamed. >> reporter: walmart has cameras everywhere. they not only caught the suspect in the act but caught his car. the lookout led to the quick arrest of 25-year-old thomas woods in nearby talapoosa. recently released from state prison, he told us he was not in the store. >> what happened in the store? >> i didn't bother nobody. i was never there. >> reporter: but his car and the store video matched. rehman police charged him with attempted kidnapping. >> i couldn't believe somebody would do that to a little kid. so it was very scary. >> i think they should like scream and try to kick as hard as they can to try to get away.
3:37 am
>> wow. >> a dumb criminal. >> that is the moral of that story. >> really? with all those cameras around? kudos to that little girl. i read that earlier today, and i used that example for my little girl. what do you do? you kick, you scream, you elbow him. whatever you have to do. >> you make a scene. you know, teach them what to do if you're approached or touched or grabbed by a stranger. case in point right there. >> and that guy was out on parole after being convicted of voluntary manslaughter in suburban atlanta. >> so dumb and dangerous, which is always not -- >> dumb and dumber. >> congrats to that little girl again. >> yes. shifting gears now, foreign policy seems to be one of president obama's strengths during this pretty tight election year. the latest abc news poll shows that 56% approve of the way the president handles the threat of terrorism. nearly half, meanwhile, support the president's foreign affairs. far more americans seem to trust the president when it comes to terrorism than they trust the republican front-runner. on top of that nearly 20 points now separate the president from mitt romney on foreign affairs issues. a major change is coming to the united states military.
3:38 am
female service members will soon be able to serve in jobs closer to the front lines. abc's jonathan karl reports on the pentagon policy. >> reporter: later today the pentagon will make a major new announcement governing women in combat. right now women are not permitted to serve in combat units or in units operating on the front lines. but with the pentagon's announcement this will change, but only partly. the pentagon is opening up 14,000 jobs, most of them in the army, that have been closed off to women because of the ban on women in combat. the jobs will include those in areas of intelligence, logistics, and communications in combat units. it doesn't mean that you're going to see women fighting in foxholes next to men, but they will be able to be part of forward-deployed units. the pentagon sees this as a first step toward more equal opportunity for women in the military. it's also a recognition that warfare has changed.
3:39 am
and the whole notion of front lines have changed. after all, women have certainly been serving in war zones. some 300,000 have served in support roles in iraq and afghanistan. now with this policy shift they'll have more opportunities open to them. the policy is expected to take effect later this summer. jonathan karl, abc news, washington. >> so you watched don't ask don't tell get repealed. now more women joining the forces. particularly in the army. it is the changing face of the nation's defense. >> they say it won't open up the navy s.e.a.l.s or the army delta force to women but navy officials say they may eventually be open to that as well. but hey, those ladies want to be on the front lines, more power to them. >> they're all heroes regardless. that's for sure. a new view on those spectacular northern lights dazzling north america. this is what it looked like from 240 miles up. you're looking at time lapse video of the aurora borealis taken from the international space station, one showing the colorful patterns lighting up the skies from mexico to new brunswick, canada in fact. the video was actually shot between january 25th and the 30th. what a view. >> that is quite a phenomenon.
3:40 am
>> good stuff. >> that is amazing. wish i would have been able to see that. but then i wouldn't have been able to be here doing this show next to you. >> life is about choices, paula, about options. >> northern lights. >> here we are. northern lights or these lights. >> here's your thursday forecast. just one day till the weekend, everybody. thunderstorms across south texas. rain for the rest of texas. and north to oklahoma city. showers from west palm beach to miami. flurries in michigan from traverse city. that's where my sister lives, my oldest sister. up to marquette, light snow in the central and northern rockies. >> hello, paula's sister this morning. we know you're watching. >> diane. >> diane. >> she's watching. >> upper 40s in boise. 53 in seattle, 76 in phoenix, fargo 23. kansas city 42. 50s in dallas and new orleans. 44 in beantown. they're still depressed up there, i guess. well, forget the super bowl champion giants. new york has a new if unlikely sports hero. and he's a point guard. jeremy lin of the knicks.
3:41 am
most people are like who? who's this guy? >> you'll like this story. lin scored 23 points last night, helping the knicks beat washington. even better, though, is lin's backstory. he's actually a second-year player out of that traditional basketball powerhouse harvard. yeah. and he wasn't selected by any team actually in the 2010 draft. >> he is the first player to score over 20 points and have double-digit assists in his first two career starts. so back-to-back double-doubles. since lebron james eight years ago. and he's such a sensation that he's now got over 60,000 twitter followers, all in just five days. we're fans. >> you see? that's it. it's not where you start. it's how you end up. and there you go. congrats. we'll be back with more world news right after this. swish. ♪ put it up ♪ slam dunk the funk let me tell you about a very important phone call i made. when i got my medicare card, i realized i needed an aarp...
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♪ we are family ♪ get up everybody and sing you have more soul than i do. >> you've got to feel it. uh. the shoulders down a little bit. >> i don't feel anything in the middle of the morning. >> i know. the caffeine just hit. that's why i can dance. you'll quickly know why we played that famous song there when you see our next story. it takes us to where admittedly we rarely go on this show. south dakota. >> keep dancing for me, will you? south dakota is where on a regular school day plenty of folks are doing double and even triple takes. right? dylan scott of ksfy has our head count. >> reporter: from the outside the hanson school looks pretty much like any other. but just step inside and there's no question you'll be seeing double and even triple. that's because unlike any other school in the state this institution has a special
3:46 am
feature which includes seven sets of twins and three pairs of triplets. >> it's very remarkable. it makes for a very fun time at school in the classrooms and the hallway at throughout all aspects of school. >> reporter: with so many alike faces walking these hallways, you can tell why teachers might have trouble telling these kids apart. >> you can find little things like maybe a freckle on their face that the other one doesn't have, things like that. but again, it takes some time. i think it takes some time before you can tell them apart completely. >> reporter: and there's always a good sibling rivalry or too. >> sometimes if i get a better grade than her on a test i brag all the time. >> me and him and him get along, and him and him get along, but me and him don't get along. >> you play tag. who's usually it? >> reporter: like kevin and deanna, i too am a fraternal twin. this is a picture of my twin sister samantha. and like the two of them, it's the older sister who's always looking out for the younger brother.
3:47 am
>> she just always annoys me. like she's always texting me, asking me, did you get your math done? no. >> just looking out for him. that's what twins do, right? >> reporter: clearly it's a family affair at the hanson school. >> aw. lots of cute kids there. >> i had to babysit some twins. couldn't keep them apart. >> it's tough. >> trying to play into that. >> i didn't know you -- >> people have always asked if i had a sister. a twin sister. >> really? >> i don't. i have two older sisters, and they're both married. >> really? do they look alike? >> i have a single brother, though, if anybody's interested. >> pimping your brother. i like that. coming up next, going broke in hollywood. the actor who is broke. >> and nasty comments about ellen degeneres. her response. it's all next in "the skinny." t in "the skinny." how you doing? my name is steve. my family's lived in this neighbrhood for ears. recently, things got so tight we had to go to our local food bank for help. i lost a lot of sleep worrying about what the neighbors might think.
3:48 am
that is, until i saw them there, too. how'd i do, steve? a little stiff. ou could ave done v a little better. what? come on. you know, i have an academy award., yeah, but not for playing me. announcer: play a role in ending hunger. visit and find your local food bank.
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3:50 am
to a million dollars in debt. he owes the irs, owes some lawyers, owes a storage company. but apparently tmz caught up with him in malibu on monday and he was in a parking lot dancing and having fun and looking like life was great. the next day he's filing for bankruptcy. so folks, gary's not doing well. send him your pennies, your extra nickels or whatever, because the world would be a scary place if he ever got off his meds. >> he's broke but he can dance. >> he can dance. >> he can broke dance. okay. so ellen degeneres, you heard the controversy from one million moms, the conservative group, when she became the spokeswoman for jc penney. they demanded that she be removed from that title. well, at the start of her show she says, "normally i try not to pay attention to my haters but
3:51 am
this time i'd like to talk about it because my haters are motivators." take a listen to what she said. >> i really want to thank everyone who is supporting me. and if you don't know me very well, if you're just watching maybe for the first time or you're just getting to know me, i want to be clear. and here are the values that i stand for. i stand for honesty, equality, kindness, compassion, treating people the way you want to be treated, and helping those in need. to me those are traditional values. that's what i stand for. >> and jc penney is standing by her unwaveringly. >> well said, ellen. take the high road in more ways than one. actually some funny clips now from the jimmy fallon show. obviously, the first lady's let's move initiative is a big thing. she's in great shape, so she challenged jimmy. >> i love him. >> he went to the white house, not afraid to make fun of himself. they competed in a series of competitions there. they did push-ups. they did -- >> come on, jimmy. >> tug of war. and the first lady whooped his butt. this was on his show earlier this week. she also was on jay leno too, where she punched out roker jokingly. it was funny. good stuff there. jimmy was a good sport.
3:52 am
so was the first lady. and she joked in the end -- he said oh, it's not about who wins and loses. and she kind of joked back it kind of does matter because she clearly won. you go, mrs. obama. because she clearly won. you go, mrs. obama. [ female announcer ] have you met your skin twin?
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♪ grab somebody sexy, tell them hey ♪ ♪ give me everything tonight and finally this half hour, an incredible, insane amount of money has been thrown around over the last two days, all for works of art once owned by the late, great elizabeth taylor. >> 38 pieces were sold, in fact. three of the most well-known went for a combined 22 million bucks. abc's nick watt watched as the gavel came down. >> reporter: she was the grand dame of 20th century cinema. vincent van gogh, the grandmaster of 19th century art. together that makes dynamite. taylor's beloved van gogh sold at auction. >> sold at 9 million pounds.
3:56 am
>> reporter: 16 million bucks. all in to a mystery buyer. >> she bought it in 1963. she kept it all her life. it was in her living room in bel air until she died. >> reporter: these paintings are our glimpse behind those bel air gates, a glimpse of the real elizabeth taylor. the world knew her from the red carpet and the silver screen. a child star of "national velvet" -- >> nothing to be frightened about. >> reporter: and the brightest star in the world by the time of "cleopatra." we knew her from the gossip pages, the seven marriages, and the spectacular jewels, which raised $115 million at auction in new york late last year. the cartier pearl and diamond necklace given by richard burton went for $11.8 million. but the jewels were often bought by admirers. the art she bought for herself.
3:57 am
her father francis had been an art dealer and his daughter a passionate and canny collector. through the triumphs and the tragedies of her turbulent life van gogh, calm and constant, hung above her mantle. caught her eye every day. >> the idealistic, optimistic nature of van gogh i think she liked. she was profoundly like that. she was actually a very positive person. >> reporter: nick watt, abc news, london. >> wow. so christie's, who's actually the auctioneer last year -- actually after she passed if you remember they sold her collection of jewelry, fashion, and memorabilia for over $100 million. going once, going twice. >> can i get that diamond necklace for a buck 99? please? no? >> we need up to the ante. >> $2.99. >> i had to be an auctioneer once and it was horrific. >> it's a tough gig. >> it was for a charity event, though. i told them they have to know what they're expecting. >> that's a well-heeled crowd. making it rain. >> announcer: this is abc's
3:58 am
"world news now," informing insomniacs for two decades.
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