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tv   ABC World News  ABC  January 3, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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welcome to "world news tonight." developing right now, the armed standoff. a militia group seizing a federal building. the tight over land. they have to. their call to arms for others to take on the government. counterpunch. donald trump taking on hillary. propaganda video. he says hillary is to blame. >> hillary clinton created isis with obama. and angry protesters in iran, storming the saudi embassy, setting it on fire. saudi arabia, now severing ties.
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vengeance. flu year's nightmare. the home trashed by a renter. the cover story he used before turning the property into an animal house. what you need to know before you offer up your home. and, greatest game. the college team, losing their starting quarterback, falling way behind, then launching one of the biggest comebacks in bowl history. did the winning coach's superstitious move give them a edge? and good evening. thanks for joining us this sunday. i'm tom llamas. we begin with the armed occupation of government property by a militia in oregon. it began with a peaceful march, protesting land rights and the sentencing of two local ranchers convicted of burning federal land. but tonight, armed protesters have taken over a federal wildlife refuge. determined to stay as long as it takes and prepared to use violence. and leading the charge, a family
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to stranger to facing down the feds. the fbi is watching closely, neal karlinsky starts us off from oregon. >> reporter: tonight, dozens of armed militia members have seized a federal building, angry at the government. >> it's the duty of the people to put the government back in its place. >> reporter: the takeover following this rally yesterday. militia marching through this remote, snowy area of oregon, they say they're prepared to use force if necessary. >> i'm at the compound the militia has taken over. there appear to be 50 to 80 militia members here. they've blocked off the roads, and several members are carrying handguns. >> reporter: one of the grievances, the sentencing of two local ranchers for arson. they're in a dispute with the federal government for land
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bundy, along with his father, nevada rancher cliven bundy, were involved in a standoff with the government two years ago. now, he says they've brought in generators and other supplies, preparing to hunker down, possibly for years. >> this refuge here is rightfully owned by the people, and we intend to use it. >> reporter: local schools have closed for the week. and the sheriff warning people to stay away. locals here fearful of an armed standoff. >> saying we're doing to rise up if we don't get our way. we're going to use armed resistance, that's just not right. >> reporter: the local ranchers say they plan to turn themselves in peacefully monday morning. but that's not likely to end the standoff. authorities are monitoring it closely. >> thank you. let's turn to politics.
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four weeks until the first state but donald trump is looking beyond the primaries, and taking on hillary clinton. here's mary bruce. republican rivals, tonight donald trump is going full steam against hillary clinton. saying as secretary of state she spread terror, not diplomacy. >> hillary clinton created isis with obama. >> reporter: he's also shrugging off an appearance in a recruiting video from al shabaab. which shows him calling for a ban on muslims entering the u.s. tonight, he says it comes with the territory. >> what am i going to do? i have to say what i have to say. >> reporter: and he's pointing a finger back at clinton and her husband. >> he's in a propaganda, and they really put him down as a degenerate. >> reporter: citing this isis video. >> foreign kay tors. >> reporter: today, clinton
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laughed off this charge. >> republicans tend to have a particular fixation on blaming president obama and me for everything that happens in the world. i've noticed that. >> reporter: she did not mention trump by name. but her message to trump was clear. >> you hear all this rhetoric, attacking muslims and muslim americans. it's not only shameful and offensive, which it is. it's counterproductive. >> reporter: and a preemptive tweet from trump. do you remember in 2008 when bill worked long and hard for hillary? she lost. now bill is at it again. just watch. clinton likes to call her husband her sect weapon. and the popular former president will give his wife a big boost on the trail tomorrow. tom? >> mary, thank you. overseas to growing tensions between two muslim giants in the middle east. tonight, saudi arabia has
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of its embassy was attacked. as abc's alex marquardt reports, this conflict is centered around religion, but also politics. >> reporter: tear gas filled the air in mass protests outside a saudi consulate in iran. as a mob torched the iranian embassy. protests spending around the world. angry chants and flag-burning. shiite muslims outraged at the execution by saudi arabia of a prominent shiite cleric, nimr al nimr. the furious response, showing that relations could get worse, and dangerously so. >> this is going to make a broken, angry and dysfunctional middle east even more broken, angry and dysfunctional.
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leader of the world's see revenge. the cleric had railed against saudi arabia. he was executed alongside 46 others, most of them accused al qaeda militants. the u.s. criticized the executions, saying it worsens region. and now saudi arabia announced it has cut ties with iran. and ordering all diplomats out of the country in the next 48 hours. >> alex, thank you. two jewish extremists for an arson attack that killed a palestinian boy and his parents in july. one suspect admitted to tossing
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a firebomb through a window. the attacks fueled a wave of palestinian knife attacks. now back here another -- at home to the midwest. the mighty mississippi turning this illinois neighborhood into an island after cresting at a record high. this home in the town of olive branch now reachable only by boat after a levee breach. now, all that water is flowing south. indra petersons reporting in from the flood zone. >> reporter: roof after roof peeking from the swollen mississippi. tonight, the toll from the devastating floods is growing. in illinois, authorities recovering the second body of two teenagers whose truck was swallowed last week by rising waters. three still missing. 25 lives lost, and more than 100 homes destroyed. hardest-hit this weekend, alexander county, illinois. where the ohio river and mississippi now meet. the ohio river has already crested. the mississippi, now threatening.
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>> it's the worst we've seen in alexander county. >> reporter: the mississippi is four miles away, across what is typically corn fields. today, this overflow is backed up against this home. it's a flashback to the record floods of 1993. >> my mom, she's older, and this is where she lives, and this is where she wants to stay. so we're going to do everything we can to make that happen. >> reporter: a rare winter scare for the communities in the south, dreading what's coming their way. residents will be closely monitoring the river level today, hoping for the best. if you look at the map, the south. memphis expecting to see all of the water cresting in the area. tonight, they're at the add a week to that, greenville, way.
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starting from a huge rain event at this point in time, it will be a month prior, will be in the and it's hard to believe that weather. the temperatures by monday and tuesday, the jet stream dropping out there. teens and even single digits is northeast by the time you wake up on tuesday morning. tom? indra, thank you. next, to an oklahoma neighborhood shattered by a neighborhood shattered by a powerful explosion. the blast erupted in the middle of the night. people waking up to the noise and flames. today, it's clear some homes are so damaged, families won't be able to return. here's phillip mena. >> reporter: tonight, a massive cleanup in this oklahoma city neighborhood. after a home exploded into pieces early saturday morning. >> this house just exploded. >> reporter: the force of the blast so strong, it measured on
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an earthquake seismograph. nearby. >> the whole house is gone. >> reporter: a neighbor shooting this dramatic cell phone video. >> reporter: incredibly, a man sleeping inside the house survived. tonight, he remains hospitalized. locals say a gas company was working on a gas meter. moments later, an explosion. neighbors could smell a problem. >> i told my dad that i smell natural gas, and my next thought was, something exploded. >> reporter: the company says it's still investigating. we've seen dangerous gas explosions before, like this one in new jersey. safety experts say if you smell natural gas at home or in your neighborhood, that means immediate danger. get out, do not turn on any
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ignite the gas, and call 911. phillip mena, abc news, new york. president obama is back at the white house tonight after his holiday vacation. arriving home after visiting the president's native hawaii. the president says he's fired up for his final year in office. first up, a meeting with loretta lynch about what he can do about gun violence. and in san bernardino, california, greering up to return to normalcy after the shootings there. the buildings where the shootings happened will remain closed. county workers will gather tomorrow to remember those lost. and a huge story out of the world of sports. everyone will remember this alamo bowl. tcu coming back from a 31-point deficit in triple overtime. there's so much more to the victory.
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>> reporter: this amazing come from behind win is not what many saw coming for texas christian university. >> that matches the largest comeback in bowl history. >> reporter: against oregon in the alamo bowl saturday, tcu was down at half-time, 31-0, and down on its luck, a ton of injuries and a starting quarterback benched after allegedly getting in a bar fight. just days before the big game, seen in this tmz video. so, they turned to their backup quarterback, his very first start. despite the first-half pummeling, he says he wasn't worried. >> at half-time, nobody had no doubt we could take it to three overtimes and win. >> reporter: nobody, except for maybe head coach gary patterson. at half-time, he changed shirts from black to tcu purple. >> black wasn't working.
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>> reporter: the team battled back, and in the third overtime, the quarterback ran the ball himself to score a touchdown. >> it was 31-0, and tcu wins, 47-41. >> i said, can you imagine your dad passed away, he's watching, can you imagine if you come back and win the football game? can you imagine what he's thinking? and he did. >> reporter: clayton sandell, abc news, denver. >> what a story, and what a game. still ahead, what happened in this home that left it looking like a scene from "the hangover." what you need to know before renting out your place online. and why star chris brown could be in more trouble. what happened in vegas? those stories, coming up. why pause to take a pill? and why stop what you' re doing to find a bathroom? pcialis for daily use, is the only daily tablet approved to treat erectile dysfunction so you can be ready anytime the moment is right. plus cialis treats the
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if you have high blood pressure like i do, many cold medicines may raise your blood pressure. that's why there's coricidin hbp. it relieves cold symptoms without raising blood pressure. so look for powerful cold medicine with a heart. coricidin hbp. [ male announcer ] pain not sitting too well? burning to feel better? itching for relief? preparation h offers the most maximum strength solutions for all hemorrhoid symptoms. from the brand doctors recommend most. preparation h. don't stand for hemorrhoids. back now with a new year's eve party that one couple is still recovering from, and they weren't even there. their home became party central
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airbnb. when they returned, it was completely trashed. the police now looking into the incident, and the owners having second thoughts about ever using airbnb again. here's lauren lister. >> reporter: tonight, this oakland, california, couple, cleaning up from a new year's party they didn't throw. >> tons of the booze in the kitchen, beer cans and broken glass in the house. >> reporter: remnants of a rager thrown by their airbnb guest. said he would be in the area visiting family and friends. >> he sounded mature, responded, >> reporter: but in reality, the couple says the renter was a throwing their 18th birthday party. >> people were either jumping on >> reporter: luckily, the couple neighbor. a spokesman for the company saying we have zero tolerance for this behavior.
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we have banned this guest, and problems like this for hosts are extremely rare. but the couple says they'll never rent again. airbnb says it is working with the couple to cover their but they reccommend verify renter i.d., and meet your guests in person. you, the host, have the final say on if they stay. and the company says to read reviews of guests posted in the site. the party boy was a first-time renter with no one to vouch for them. >> lauren, also, welcome to "world news." >> thank you. when we come back, powerball fever. how much is up for grabs? our "index," up next. i am his sunshine. i am his advocate. so i asked about adding once-daily namenda xr
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hit a woman. the woman saying she allegedly was hit when she tried to take a picture of him. brown's probation over the 2011 assault on rihanna ended just this year. to boston, now, where the staff for the boston globe hit the pavement before the sun came up. reporters, editors and newsroom staff getting a new assignment. old-fashioned paper routes. writing the front page story to delivering it. the team pulling double duty to make up for a recent problem in and you still have a chance since no one picked the winning numbers last night, the jackpot jumped to $400 million. it's welcome -- becoming one of the biggest prizes in the game's history. you have until wednesday to get your tickets. still ahead, two boy scouts put to the test. the survival skill they used
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finally tonight, two hero scouts with a story to tell. when their scout leader was have run off.
6:57 pm
knew exactly what to do. and their survival skills saved the day and saved a life. here's marci gonzalez. >> climbing, first aid. >> reporter: there's not a badge for the kind of bravery it took for these scouts to help save their scout leader from a bear attack. >> i thought it was a serious situation, like he may not make it out alive if we don't do something. >> reporter: they were part of a small group hiking in new jersey. saying their scout leader was near a gave when a black bear grabbed him by the leg and pulled him inside. >> i thought he was joking, and then i heard the bear and he called 911. so, i called 911. >> reporter: their boy scout training kicked in. >> the main thing to do was just to stay calm. >> reporter: calling 911. >> he's bleeding from his neck, arm, and head. >> reporter: and coming up with a plan to help rescuers find them deep in the woods.
6:58 pm
>> yeah, if you could start a fire. >> reporter: the fire, and their dog barking, scaring the bear off. rescuers arriving soon after, the hospital. >> it was very scary, yeah. overpowered by purpose. alive, i love you guys. >> reporter: and they did make it out alive. to heart their oath, to help people at all times. >> i felt like a hero because i saved someone. we saved somebody's life. >> reporter: marci gonzalez, abc news, new york. >> we thank marci for that story. "gma" first thing in the morning, and david muir right back here at night. i'm tom llamas in new york. have a great evening.
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this epidemic of gun violence knows no boundaries. hillary clinton has what it takes to stand up to the republicans and the gun lobby. we need to close the loopholes and support universal background checks. how many people have to die before we


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