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tv   World News Now  ABC  January 6, 2016 3:05am-4:30am EST

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the weighing-down conditioners that you have to put in after the shampoo, and know that you're gonna have beautiful, healthy, shiny hair with wen. >> male announcer: the preceding was a paid presentation for the wen healthy hair care system,
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sanders is drawing large crowds as he vows to break up the nation's biggest banks.
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house which is prepared to take on the greed of wall street, of corporate america. >> reporter: both marco rubio and ted cruz are also in iowa with trump now taking aim at cruz's canadian birth to an american mother, telling the "washington post" it's a very precarious issue. >> i tweeted out a response to donald trump's rizing questions about my natural-born citizenship. it was a link to fonzie jumping the shark. and i think i'm going to let my response stick with that tweet. >> reporter: brandi hitt, abc news, los angeles. and one more political note for you. an announcement from the republican south carolina governor nicki haley will deliver the gop's response after president obama's state of the union address next tuesday. hailey made waves when she called for the confederate flag to be removed from the state house grounds after the massacre at mother emmanuel church in charleston. a chicago-area christian college now wants to fire a head scarf-wearing professor. laurisia hawkins made headlines
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wearing the hijab to show solidarity with muslims. she got into troubling with her employer was when she declared that christians and muslims worship the same god. wheaton college says that is not within its line of view. a u.s. marine is accused of road rage killing on new year's eve. sarah mussquackner was a university of north texas student acting as the designated driver for friends after a party. police say that shots were fired at her car and marine corporal eric jamal johnson is responsible. johnson was arrested at his military base in arizona. we're going to turn our attention to the weather, extreme weather in the west. the first major el nino storm of the season has slammed california with record rains. flooding roads, stranding motorists. inundating buildings as well and turning back yards into raging rivers. up to 3 1/2 inches of rain predicted to fall across the coastal and valley areas of southern california through saturday. with 5 inches falling in the mountain areas.
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and in san diego the torrential rains were too much for the roof of this marriott hotel. collapsing the ceiling and flooding the lobby. fortunately no injuries reported in this one and the o'worst may still be yet ahead. more storms threaten the west coast in the hours ahead. we turn to paul williams at accuweather. paul, good morning. >> thank you, kayna, kepd is ndis. el nino inspired storms. this jet stream will keep it very much wet throughout the southern california area. the moisture surge and that strong jet, that combination is going to bring a serious and significant amount of misery for the west coast in the form of flash flooding around the los angeles area, as far north as san francisco, and over toward the east we'll have the warm mild air running to the rescue. high pressure moves out, warm air moves in. kendis, kayna. >> paul, thank you. 2015 pretty good year for amazon. the online retail giant says customers ordered more than 23 million items on cyber monday
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that is 40% more than the previous year. amazon also says it shipped more than a billion itemsa as part of its fulfillment by amazon service. i'm so responsible for like 60% of that. >> are you? yeah. me as well. late at night. totally sober working on amazon. today is a very special day here for all of us, as you know. it is the anniversary of this very show you're watching right now. >> i think that's so cool. so how old is "world news now," you might ask. kendis is leaving already. >> oh, no, no. >> okay. sorry. if the show is a person it's old enough to survive. it's old enough to vote. my hat doesn't fit in the screen or on my head. >> wow. or if it was a taylor swift song you'd be singing you're feeling 24.
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those, you know it. just shove it down. by the way, we asked you to celebrate, all of you insomniacs out there. we wanted you to share your favorite memories on social media. we dug up an oldie but a goodie. nearly 20 years ago. >> the tickle me elmo was a thing on the anchor desk. >> what is going on with elmo? >> elmo. please. >> i didn't know elmo did that. >> okay. this is "world news now." >> so elmo's still doing that. by the way, in honor of this big day we're asking you on social media a simple question. so cute. why are you watching us?
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>> don't get us wrong. we appreciate every single viewer. and both of you know who you are. but it's the middle of the night. so like really dudes, tell us on facebook, twitter, instagram, and e-mail. >> we already got some responses. by the way, some really good ones. we're giving away mugs. >> yeah. mugs. >> how does this not fit -- >> it looks beautiful. coming up in "the mix," the number one pastime of the rich. any idea what it is? >> i believe it's wearing hats like this. powerball jackpot. should you go with your trusty numbers or dot quick pick? >> and new details about the aa teen and his mom and what they did in k340ex. did they go to a strip club? >> and on you're watching "world news now." but these liquid gels are new.
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the 20 or so militia members occupying a federal compound in oregon say they will not leave until there is a plan for local control of federal lands. there's no visible law enforcement presence near the remote spot. but the local sheriff says steps are being taken behind the scenes to resolve the situation, also saying that the occupiers will eventually face justice. there's a new development in the case of the so-called affluenza teenager who was detained in mexico. the mexican lawyer for
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visited with his client but has refused to tell the media whether couch will be returning to the u.s. for trial. couch and his mother were apprehended in mexico last week after he violated his probation in a drunk drunk driving crash that killed four people. >> couch's mother meanwhile has already been deported to the u.s. and appeared for an extradition hearing in los angeles yesterday. >> tonya couch has agreed to be sent from california to texas to faes a criminal charge of hindering apprehension. abc's matt gutman is on the case. >> reporter: when ethan couch visited this mexican strip club last month, sources tell abc news he brought someone with him. his mother. staff at the harem strip club say the 18-year-old affluenza teen proceeded to order beer after beer. and when his mother left, he stayed for lap dances in the vip room, ultimately racking up a $1,000 bill. when he couldn't pay it, sources say a waiter brought him to this
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he left his rolex as collateral. detention center. first time. >> everything's okay. >> reporter: his mother whisked to the u.s. in a los angeles courtroom waiving her right to fight extradition to texas. questions. >> yes, i do. >> our biggest concern is this has become less about the law and whether she broke the law >> reporter: tonya's attorney says her client has broken no texas law. >> it's been a hard fall for the suburban mom. she hasn't been allowed to change her clothes since she was taken from mexico on wednesday. and her attorney tells me he will likely remain in texas because she won't be able to make that million-dollar bail. matt gutman, abc news, los angeles. coming up in our next half hour, on the run, the brazen thief wanted across five states
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tying up her victims at gunpoint and sporting a different look while she cases the stores ahead of time. but first, hacking the jackpot. you can't really do that. but there are some things you should know about obsessing that massive powerful payday. you're watching "world news
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luck be a lady tonight luck be a lady tonight i'd love to meet that lady tonight because there's certainly a lot of luck involved with the lottery. filter. but is it better to go with -- >> i know. >> -- your numbers or try your hand with the quick picks? >> i'd just like you to assume it is a lady winning. i'm all about. >> frank said it. >> i know, he did. how much might you come away with if you take the cash option?
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handled by abc's nick watt. >> reporter: a $2 ticket gets you in the game but which snubs well, 26 has been drawn 266 times. 55 has been drawn just 95 times. but that does that mean 55 is due for a little more love? only 30% of you pick your own numbers anyway. 7 0% buy quick picks. and either way your odds of winning are the same. pennsylvania is the winningest state. 17 jackpot tickets sold since 2002. if you win and take if all at once after tax we're talking maybe $165 million cash. that's 825 condos in boca or 8 lear jet 85s. thank you. and i'm in the game. you may never see me again but chances are you will because the odds of this ticket winning are 1 in 292 million. nick watt, abc news, los angeles. >> i still want to play powerball, though. >> still want to play powerball.
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break down waste, helping you avoid a septic disaster. rid-x. the #1 brand used by septic professionals in their own tanks. okay. topping the mix here this morning, there has been a study. trying to figure out something all rich people -- most rich medium have in common and it goes back to a pastime. a man interviewed 1,200 rich people and he said the read. they self-educate by reading. we have a stack of books here. >> it's not playing powerball. >> it's not playing powerball. they self-educate. actually, what i took away from it really is that they educate themselves after college. they go to college but they never stop their learning. >> like bill gates who never went to college and just kept reading. >> just reading and then we'll
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>> so it's simple as that. >> i liked it. also they don't watch a ton of tv, especially reality tv. >> only about an hour of tv a day. less than an hour. >> so we know there's only one queen bey. beyonce. p of course. but there's one woman trying to challenge that. take a look at this cringe-worthy video from national geographic. this is sarah mapeli. and she has about 1,000 bees on her person. she's stopless during this. and she says she does this to try to help others conquer fears. she says they tingle a little bit, it's a little painful but it's sort of a performance art to help people go through this. they call her the bee queen, not to be confused with queen bey, of course. >> there's no way. i got stung by a bee last year in the neck, by the way.
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>> she could call you a wimp. >> probably. now i think to probably the best video you've seen in a really long time. thank you for wearing the anniversary hat back there. if you're a dog owner, you know exactly what these people are going through. when they come home, their couch totally torn apar. that's bad enough, right? then what? their husky is stuck inside the couch with its head sticking out. apparently had chased a mouse in through the couch and tore it apart and then got stuck. by the way, the husky is just fine in all of this. it's one thing to lose your couch, but it's another thing to have your dog -- >> they still have a mouse problem. real quickly there's been this ongoing debate on how to wear pants, how dog wear pants. you have this debate that's been going on -- >> not a debate pf neither of those work. >> muddy mutts, a canadian dog clothing company, has come up
3:28 am
it's both, a little bit of both. a four-legged pair for your dog. the only other debate that's ongoing is is that yellow and
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this morning on "world news now" -- el nino storms hitting the west. from the torrential downpours to snow and ice, causing an airline accident. the watches and warnings in the hours ahead. and breaking news, concern worldwide after north korea claims to have tested a hydrogen bomb this morning. the uproar and reaction coming in. and new this half hour, dangers of sleep deprivation. >> the medical research just this morning about insomnia. whose health is most in danger because they're not getting enough sleep? and later, in "the skinny," baby battle. bristol palin's newborn daughter born over the holidays. the little girl in the middle of
3:30 am
this wednesday january 6th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." and we do say good morning to you, everyone, on this wednesday. on the 24th anniversary of this little show we called "world news now." i'm kendis gibson. >> still called that. >> it is. >> i'm kayna whitworth. i'm in for reena ninan. and we've been asking about why you watch this show. we cannot wait to share your responses. >> and there are so many people who are up for different reasons. whether you're still partying or whether or not their kids keeping them awake. >> doctors on shift change. >> absolutely. so let us know. also, though, this morning we do start with these record-breaking floods that are slamming southern california right now. >> the first major el nino storm of the season has brought record rain. nearly 1 1/2 inches of rain poured down on los angeles, and more than two inches in pasadena alone. >> the rain triggered a collapse of part of the ceiling at a marriott hotel in san diego. and farther north the storms
3:31 am
abc's rob marciano has that story. >> reporter: scary moments at spokane airport. a united flight bound for denver with 166 passengers on board skidding off an icy taxiway right into the snow. >> as we were turning to take off, we kind of just went sideways, kind of like drifting in an airplane. >> reporter: passengers tweeting photos from the plane. thankfully, no injuries. it's part of the same el nino-fueled system that's slamming the west. from the flooded bay area to van nuys. this man forced to climb out of his car above the rushing waters. at areas burned by wildfires, residents are shoring up homes in case of mudslides. abc's andrea peters is in azusa, california. >> take a look what this homeowner's done. boarded up the side of his home. seen mud a year ago. hoping this time with another storm on the way this house may be saved. >> reporter: meanwhile in the east after a record-breaking warm december a sudden burst of the coldest air so far this winter, even derailing this train near boston and taking
3:32 am
>> i was shocked. i was like, the world's ending. that was my first thought. >> reporter: that cold air over the warm atlantic ocean even bringing snow to the outer banks of north carolina. that cold north wind generating snow pretty much off any large body of water across the eastern third of the country. here on the upper west side of manhattan no snow up the hudson the season. will be short-lived. we'll see wind chills that will be again in the teens and 20s but then warming up. let's talk about the west coast. we have several storms lining up. through on tuesday. heavy rain from san francisco down to san diego and more waves friday, and saturday. york. morning. north korea claims it has tested its own hydrogen bomb. there's no confirmation from other countries, but a strong about five miles from the north
3:33 am
tv announced the test, saying it needs to protect itself from the evil threat of america. the national security council says the u.s. cannot accept north korea as a nuclear state. another highly controversial move by president obama is threatening to further divide the nation over gun control. making an impassioned plea for a national sense of urgency, the president broke into tears while recalling mass shootings including newtown, connecticut. his plan bypasses congress. he says it will make it harder for criminals to get their hands on guns. >> and from every family who never imagined that their loved one would be taken from our lives by a bullet from a gun, every time i think about those kids it gets me mad.
3:34 am
association responded in a proposals would not have prevented any of the horrific events he mentioned in his news and many republicans are calling the president's actions yesterday an abuse of his power. the alleged accomplice of the couple that staged last month's terror attack in san today. and the fbi wants the public's help in its investigation of that couple's every move, including an 18-minute period during which their whereabouts still remain a mystery. abc's brian ross has that story. >> reporter: the fbi knows when the attack began and almost everything until it ended, when the husband and wife terrorists, syed farook and tashfeen malik, were shot dead in their black suv. but in between, officials said there is an 18-minute mystery, an unaccounted gap in their whereabouts not detected by
3:35 am
>> we have accounted for three hours and 42 minutes of their time. we are missing 18 minutes of their time. >> reporter: and the fbi made a plea for the public's help to solve the mystery, showing pictures of their vehicle. >> we want to ensure that if they made contact with anyone that we don't already know about that we're able to fully investigate those matters. >> reporter: and the fbi also wants to know what happened to the hard drive removed from the killers' computer at their home the morning of the attack. the two were tracked to this san bernardino lake around 11:45 a.m. by the fbi. but a search by divers did not turn up the hard drive or any other evidence on the lake bottom. solving the 18-minute gap mystery is important for the fbi because agents believe that may be when the couple ditched the hard drive of their computer, the hard drive that could provide clues as to other targets that were possible or other people who were involved. brian ross, abc news, new york.
3:36 am
also to politics now. and donald trump's latest the gop front-runner reprising his double-barreled attack on the clintons, saying that once again hillary lacks stamina while denying that that was a subtle suggestion that she is a member of the weaker sex. as for her husband, trump said bill clinton if he has any different -- if he's any different than bill cosby. >> he was impeached. he wasn't allowed to practice law. he settled for a tremendous amount of money. i mean, there's a lot of things >> well, trump also attacked fellow republican ted cruz, saying his canadian birth was a precarious issue. cruz is challenging trump in the polls, now neck and neck with him in california. as for the democrats, bernie sanders blasted wall street in a fiery speech on monday saying the industry's business model is flawed. he said that if a bank is too big to fail it's too big to exist, and he promised to break
3:37 am
sanders also said that his rival, hillary clinton, is too close to the financial industry and that her plan for reform does not go far enough. we have a health alert this morning about lack of sleep and america's changing family dynamics. are the most sleep deprived among all of us. a new survey shows 44% of single moms say they get less than seven hours of sleep a night, percentage than moms in a two-parent family. women living alone or even single dads are more likely to have more financial resources. >> and overnight workers are all single moms. sleep deprivation. burger king is raising the heat in a battle over cheap fast food. its new promotion now offers five items for four bucks. that cleverly named 5 for 4 deal trumps wendy's 4 for 4 and answers mcdonald's new mcpick 2 for 2, which is two for $2. for their four bucks burger king customers will get a bacon
3:38 am
chicken nuggets and a drink as well as chocolate chip cookie. and a gym membership hopefully along with it. >> oh, my gosh. >> no? this morning we're celebrating a very special day. it's our 24th anniversary. so to celebrate we've been asking all of you to send in your favorite moment from years past. >> we got some great responses including some fond memories featuring the former anchor team of paula faris and rob nelson submitted for your approval. their moment on food on a stick. >> this is something new from starbucks. >> what are they called? >> cake -- i was going to say cake balls. but that's not right. cake puffs? what are they called? >> here you go. cake pops. >> it's a little chilly in here. >> you want to try one? >> no. i'm a popsicle person. i'll tack a popsicle. why don't you try that corn dog? >> i'm not putting that in my mouth. >> come on. >> heck, no. >> just the tip.
3:39 am
>> i've never seen one. they look good, though. >> that's awesome. kayna doesn't know this, but we have a special surprise guest. rob has decided to join us here in studio to mark the anniversary. hi, rob. >> oh, hey. >> hey, rob. >> oh, my gosh. that's so creepy. that's so funny. >> it's just the tip of rob. >> oh, man. only paula could handle that so well. >> brian, what are some of the responses we're getting? >> yes, you guys on social media, we asked you to tell us why you're watching. we got some great responses. star harris tells us on facebook -- where am i? there i am. "i love the anchors. all of them." >> there's a few. >> there are quite a few. >> maria ann smith says number one is for the laughs, number two is for the news. i get those other stations with their stuffy boring reports. you make news fun.
3:40 am
>> don't tell my parents i said that. >> oh, my god. how old is that person? >> you're getting mugs. >> you get a mug. >> you get a mug. >> i don't want to be a party pooper but at this hour i think i need espresso in this cup. >> more than just the water? we're going to keep celebrating. we both went to j school. can't you tell? coming up, the real reason why janet jackson stepped off the concert stage. also ahead, giving up social media connections for an entire year. could you break your digital habit? and the woman wanted for a series of jewelry store heists in several states. the surveillance pictures, the loot, and who's searching for her. you're watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" weather, brought to you by colonial penn life insurance. colonial penn life insurance. >> i'm alex trebek.
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a new year's fishing trip in australia nearly turned deadly for connor cogan. he's in the blue shirt there. so watch what happens. this marlin -- oh. weighs almost 200 pounds. basically leapt out of the water there. he says as you watch closer he thought it was going to harpoon him. so his instinct maybe to duck and cover could have saved his life. >> wow. but did he ever get the fish? >> that is so scary. looks like it dove right off the other side. >> the one that got away. >> right. now to an urgent search for this woman seen robbing jewelry stores in at least five states. >> she's armed. she moves quickly. and may be ready to strike yet again. abc's steve osunsami with more about the suspect. >> reporter: police say she's armed and dangerous.
3:45 am
on monday allegedly robbing her sixth jewelry store in the last several months. this one in north carolina. state and federal authorities are releasing surveillance video from what they say is her biggest robbery of all in panama city, florida on august 10th. authorities say she made off with nearly 400 grand in jewels. they say her m.o. is always the same, that she likes to take down outlet stores where she ties up the salespeople at gunpoint and then steals watches and diamonds, wearing gloves to prevent fingerprints. the day before in florida police say this is her in the same store casing the joint, seen here wearing a black dress and looking directly into surveillance cameras. she's also accused of robbing stores in georgia, south carolina, and this one in tennessee on october 16th. the fbi says she's probably getting help from this man, seen with her in images from the first two robberies in georgia. >> there's definitely accomplices. they're going to do it again and they're going to get caught. >> reporter: now a u.s. jewelry store security association is offering a $10,000 reward,
3:46 am
young woman in. steve osunsami, abc news, decatur, georgia. >> our thanks to steve, and welcome back. coming up, the man who says he is the father of bristol palin's newborn daughter. and which hit show may soon be coming to an end? "the skinny" is next. g to an end?
3:47 am
so skinny topping our "skinny" headlines bristol palin and a potential custody battle over her newborn child. >> the 25-year-old daughter of former vice presidential candidate sarah palin gave birth to a baby girl, sailor grace, right before christmas, but has been tight-lipped surrounding the identity of the father. tmz now reporting that dakota meyer, bristol's ex-fiance, has filed legal documents seeking joint custody of the three-week-old. >> well, their wedding was called off, you might recall, just days before it was scheduled to go on in may, and a month later she announced she was pregnant. there have been some reports that meyer is seeking child support, but his attorney tells nbc news that's not the case. the attorney adds that he simply seeks to be a part of his daughter's life. no word yet from palin on meyer's paternity claim. some insight now on why janet jackson is postponing her "unbreakable" world tour. last week she asked for prayers on instagram when she told fans that she had no choice but to postpone the tour.
3:48 am
surgery. and now according to radaronline after that surgery janet's doctors have found a potentially cancerous growth on the 49-year-old's vocal cords. >> this is the second time she's postponed this current tour for medical reasons. concert dates were also put on hold in october to give her voice a rest. >> we wish her luck. the hit hbo series "girls" apparently has an end in sight. this is according to e! news. lena dunham's show will wrap after its sixth season. >> well, if you're a fan of the show, maybe you are not too sad. season 5 is about to premiere. if you've never seen the show here's a sample. >> my friend rachel is fully addicted to blueberry red bull. and she always tells me she hasn't had one. she tells me like with a blue tongue. >> i just don't think you understand the nature of female friendship. >> you're right. i don't. and i don't want to if it involves ignoring all logic and being totally hysterical. >> he is awesome. some great movies as well. over the past few years "girls"
3:49 am
by fans and critics alike, winning a golden globe, an emmy and top honors in the u.k., a bafta, for its sharp take on the lives of a group of 20-somethings in new york city. the show's creator and star neither confirmed nor denied the conclusion of the series. big fan. next, "star wars: the force awakens" closing in on "avatar's" record as the highest-grossing film of all time. but merchandise makers are under fire for apparent oversight when it comes to the movie's main character, rey, played by daisy ridley. perhaps because she's a woman. just saying. >> fans are calling out monopoly for not including rey as one of the four main pieces in the board game. the characters they do have are all male including new characters finn and kylo ren and favorites luke skywalker, darth vader. hasbro, the maker of monopoly, said in their decision they didn't want to give away any major spoilers. yeah, right. yeah, right. you're not at all upset about
3:50 am
>> but darth vader's in there. >> darth vader, what the heck is he doing there? >> it makes sense. first of all, i haven't seen the movie, so no spoilers. >> i feel like he would be a popular monopoly piece. >> that is true. in jail maybe. r monopoly piece. >> that is true. in jail maybe. i'm gonna take mucinex sinus-max. too late, we're about to take off. these dissolve fast. they're new liquid gels. and you're coming with me... wait, what?! you realize i have gold status? do i still get the miles? sinus-max liquid gels. to unleash max strength medicine. start the relief. ditch the misery. let's end this. forget about the cowboy walk because of a saggy diaper" " it's time to dance freely" thanks to new pampers cruisers" the first and only diaper that helps distribute wetness evenly into three extra absorb channels." " so it doesn't sag and stays dryer"
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that's why there's delsym. delsym's advanced time release formula helps silence coughs for a full 12 hours. all night... or all day. many of you if you're like me you're lost without your android or iphone device. but a popular new year's resolution is to stop wasting time on your phone. >> exactly. after you download your kemoji. one woman is going on a digital diet and we can all learn a lot from her experience. here's abc's mara schiavocampo. >> reporter: darla bunting has
3:54 am
>> i'm giving up social media for an entire year. >> reporter: she's going on a digital detox. for the next 365 days darla vows not to use facebook, instagram, snapchat, or twitter. >> five minutes here or there turn into hours just scrolling. >> reporter: the 30-year-old education entrepreneur says she was on social media for up to five hours a day and only realized how obsessed she was after giving it all up for one month last year. >> i'm walking to the bus stop, i pull out my phone. i need a break from work, i pull out my phone and i'm scrolling. >> reporter: but this year she wanted a harder challenge. >> i have to be honest. it's not easy. i had to delete the apps off of my phone. >> reporter: levi felix is the founder of digital detox, a company that offers phone-free retreats to help people disconnect. >> our mission at digital detox
3:55 am
lives off the screen and gain mindfulness over how much they're using their devices and when it's okay to turn it off. >> reporter: the retreats offering activities like yoga, art, and medication. >> humans should be looking into themselves for happiness. and the moment we can start slowing down and say oh, i don't need a like to feel great, that's when we all feel more connected to each other. >> reporter: as for darla, she has a long list of things to do in 2016 that don't include looking at her phone. >> i look forward to going to the gym, saving for a home, spending quality time with folks that i love most. >> reporter: mara schiavocampo, abc news, new york. >> something to think about. >> just so you know we have a similar hipster retreat here in new york. it's called williamsburg. same thing. by the way, you heard mara there. we do have to say congratulations to mara and tommy. and look at that. >> oh, my gosh. >> she gave birth to a baby boy, cruz. very cute. i think sara haines is next. >> yeah. i think so.
3:56 am
them, right? >> yeah. >> congratulations to you two.
3:57 am
good morning, everybody. i'm in for reena ninan. >> and i'm kendis gibson. headlines we're following this morning on "world news now." just hours ago north korea claimed it has tested a hydrogen bomb. there's no confirmation from other countries as yet, just condemnation. north korea says it needs the bomb to protect itself from, quoting here, warmongers like the u.s. full details in a moment. tonya couch, the mother of the so-called affluenza teen ethan couch, appeared for an extradition hearing in los angeles where she agreed to be sent to texas to face a felony charge for allegedly helping her son skip out on his parole. >> the militia group occupying a
3:58 am
oregon is vowing to stay until federal land is turned over to local control. but the local sheriff says steps are being taken behind the scenes to resolve this situation. and a new survey by the cdc shows that single moms are among the most sleep deprived people in america. with nearly half of them reporting that they get less than seven hours a sleep of night. those are some of our top stories on this wednesday january 6th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." good morning, everyone. we're going to start this half hour with the breaking news that developed overseas. out of north korea. it claims it has tested a hydrogen bomb. >> and there's no confirmation from the u.n. or other countries. the u.s., though, keeping a close eye on this and says if it's true it's unacceptable. abc's yuki cho is in south korea. >> reporter: overnight the surprise announcement read on north korean state tv. the secretive nation saying it
3:59 am
hydrogen bomb. the news anchor talking about the north's sovereign right to protect itself from "evil warmongers like the united states." the hint of a test first came when a 5.1 magnitude earthquake was detected near the nation's nuclear testing facilities. unlike in the past north korea did not give an advance notice to the international community. the nation's leader, kim jong un, did mention a month ago that they could miniaturize hydrogen bombs, far more powerful than the atomic bombs they have tested in the past. the international condemnation to today's test was swift. japan's prime minister saying this morning, "we absolutely cannot allow this." the u.n. called it a grave threat to security and a likely breach of an international treaty. the major concern for the u.s., with advanced missile technology, in theory north
4:00 am
mainland united states. but u.s. officials are skeptical. north korea has often bluffed over what they have, and there's no way to confirm today's claims. juhi cho, abc news, seoul, south korea. a developing story this morning, the first major el nino storms are hitting the west. southern california getting slammed with record-setting torrential rains that are flooding roads, triggering mudslides, and inundating entire communities. nearly an inch and a half of rain fell over los angeles. pasadena got more than two inches. we want to show you a scene inside a hotel. this is in san diego. the torrential rains too much for the roof of the marriott. it collapsed the ceiling there, flooding the lobby. there were no injuries reported. the thing is the worst might yet to have come. more storms threaten the west coast in the next few hours. here is paul williams at accuweather. paul, good morning. >> thanks, kendis, kayna. well, it's all about el nino and the effect that he's having on the west coast. we have a strong jet along with the moisture building up. and we'll have a continuous series of storms pushing through
4:01 am
flash flooding. we'll have snow levels dropping down to the 4,000-foot level and high surf as a result of that. now, what we'll have is higher temps actually throughout the northeast. wednesday going into thursday. high pressure system will slide more so toward the east. it will allow for the mild air to finally overtake the entire northeast and give us a break from that single-digit weather. and towards the central part of the country we're looking for a surge of moist air that's going to overtake and cause problems with flash flooding along the reaching up toward oklahoma kendis? kayna? >> our thanks to paul. the next round of trials in the death of freddie gray begins in baltimore next week. cesar goodson drove the van in which gray died. he's charged with manslaughter. but 9 first baltimore police officer to be brought to trial says he cannot be forced to testify, pleading the fifth. william porter's first trial ended in a hung jury. a retrial is set for june. the fbi is trying to solve a mystery from last month's terror
4:02 am
they've accounted for all but 18 minutes of the terrorist couple's time. during the hours between the attack and the fatal shootout with police. the fbi thinks that that might be when they got rid of their computer's hard drive. so it's asking for the public's help in filling that gap. to washington now and hoping to stem what many call america's rising tide of gun violence. president obama coming under fire for his controversial executive action on gun control. but even as he broke into tears, critics are calling the president's move an abuse of power. here's abc's kenneth mouton. >> reporter: in a defining moment during his last year in office president obama shed tears as he made good on his promise to act on gun control. >> every time i think about those kids it gets me mad. >> reporter: the 20 first-graders of the sandy hook massacre. their families and others impacted by gun violence sat in the audience and stood behind the president as he made another emotional plea.
4:03 am
background checks requiring all gun dealers to be licensed. the president also plans to overhaul the fbi's background check system and calls for increasing the use of mental health information for checks. >> this is not a plot to take away everybody's guns. you pass a background check, you purchase a firearm. >> reporter: the nra tweeted the president's plan will do nothing to improve public safety. gop reaction was safe. calling it an attack on the second amendment. house speaker paul ryan said, "rather than focus on criminals and terrorists, the president goes after the most law-abiding of citizens." >> president obama's executive actions limiting gun rights will restrict our law-abiding citizens. >> these orders today i believe are not worth the paper they are written on. >> if there's an issue related to federal gun laws you ought to go to congress and try to forge consensus to make it happen. he cults have this power. >> reporter: the white house
4:04 am
court challenge. tomorrow president obama will hit the road for a gun control town hall in virginia. kendis and kayna? donald trump is focusing his strongest criticism now on the democratic front-runner and it is a double-barreled attack. trump saying once again that hillary clinton lacks stamina while denying that's a subtle suggestion that she's a member of the weaker sex. as for her husband, trump said it would be interesting to ask bill clinton if he's any different than bill cosby. okay. let's talk about the democrats because bernie sanders is focusing his strongest criticism at the financial industry, telling wall street that greed is not good. in a fiery speech in new york he promised to break up the big banks during the first year of his presidency. abc's cecilia vega was there. >> reporter: senator bernie sanders, the democratic socialist from vermont, drawing those massive crowds and twice as many donors as president obama had at this stage in 2008, also beating clinton in the
4:05 am
hampshire. in new york sanders bringing his fight against corporate america directly to wall street's front door. >> if a bank is too big to fail, it is too big to exist. >> reporter: sanders pledging to dismantle the nation's biggest banks and financial firms within the first year in office. we met up with the senator. [ applause ] >> thank you. >> reporter: the mob of supporters there every step of the way. you sound like you despite corporate america. you sounded angry. >> what i despise is the greed, is the contempt. >> reporter: so i asked about that pledge to break up those banks deemed too big to fail. >> a lot of people are going to hear this promise from you today and say there is no way, it hasn't been done before, this sounds like an election year promise. how can you really do this?
4:06 am
change, we get change. that is the history of america. this is the history of the civil rights movement. of the women's movement, of the gay movement. of any movement that has brought about change. >> reporter: one more promise from bernie sanders. he told me he hopes donald trump wins the republican nomination. he promises to beat him in a general election by 15 to 20 points. cecilia vega, abc news, new york. >> cecilia, thank you. americans are buying new cars at a record rate. nearly 17 1/2 million cars were sold nationwide in 2015. that breaks a record set 15 years ago. and analysts predict that if fuel prices remain low another record can be set this year. by the way, the ford f-150 pickup remains the hottest seller. that's 34 years in a row. >> okay. good job. we've barely finished off the christmas cookies as yet. or dessert. but believe it or not, today kicks off mardi gras season. >> mardi gras. >> the 12th day of christmas marking the feast of kings. so of course you have to bring on the king cake.
4:07 am
tradition. i love it. they're elaborate cakes braided with sin with cinnamon and plastic. there's either a plastic like that one or a porcelain baby that is baked inside. >> little baby jesus. >> so the person lucky enough to get a slice with the baby inside then is said to be bestowed with the luck and prosperity of millions and is responsible for throwing the next mardi gras party. and purchasing next year's cake. >> i love king cake. i love new orleans. i got married in new orleans. we had king cake a few days before. >> is it a different texture than just regular little pound cake i'll get from starbucks in. >> yes. it's just the most glorious thing in the world. plus the food in new orleans is top notch. sow wouldn't expect any less from king cake, right? >> yes. sorry i asked. >> don't let the colors fool you. coming up it's the 24th anniversary of "world news now." we have some surprises as we celebrate.
4:08 am
controversial hit show on netflix getting so much buzz. making some people angry. have cost a car salesman his life. what he did to save his own life after getting locked in a trunk. you're watching "world news now." weather. brought to you by airborne dual action. approaching medicare eligibility? you may think you can put off checking out your medicare options until you're
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that one doesn't. uh...think fast! you dropped something. oh...i'll put it back on the shelf... new from mucinex fast max. the only cold and flu liquid gel that's max-strength and fights mucus. start the relief. ditch the misery. let's end this. the cdc is taking new aim on ads for electronic cigarettes. for more than a generation there's been a ban on tv commercials and other types of marketing for regular cigarettes. but there are no restrictions on ads for e-cigarettes. a recent survey indicated about 7 out of 10 kids say they've seen an e-cigarette ad. cdc officials worry e-cigarettes may hook a whole new generation on nicotine. in the meantime, a routine test drive took a wild turn on monday. this was crazy. when the car salesman was beaten up and then shoved into the trunk. >> two armed suspects still on
4:12 am
about the terrifying ordeal. kaitlyn mccully from our houston station is working the story. >> i pulled over. they tried to steal the car. >> reporter: jose martinez is nursing a bruised and bloody face after he survived a kidnapping during a car test drive. >> they hit me. they put me in the trunk. >> reporter: martinez was working at a gilman car dealership when he says a man came in wanting to test drive the dodge challenger. martinez made a copy of the man's driver's license according to company policy and they left the parking lot. then the suspect pulled the car over, hit martinez and stuffed him in the trunk. >> he hit me. they thought they knocked me out. but they didn't. they left the trunk open. i jumped out. i started fighting. then another guy pulled a gun.
4:13 am
>> reporter: according to police, a possible third suspect pulled up and loaded the injured suspect and another man into a car and drove away. police found martinez walking along the side of the road and took him to the hospital. but let's rewind for a minute. martinez had his cell phone with him inside the trunk and used it in his escape plan. >> called the cops. let them know what kind of car i was in, what description it was. >> reporter: to demonstrate what he was able to do while locked inside the trunk, i climbed inside the back of a dodge challenger. okay. so he knew this latch was in here, and it glows in the dark. you can see it right there. but before he did that he pulled out his phone and he knew that there was a find my iphone app on his phone. he made sure to hide his phone inside the trunk before pulling the release latch to get out. he saved his life and helped police find the car the suspects ditched. >> i'll keep working.
4:14 am
police, finding those suspects. >> our thanks to kaitlyn mccully from our houston station with that report. >> what an unbelievable story. >> talk about a bad day at work. geez. >> hopefully he's going to be on the mend soon. but man, that is an unbelievable story up and down. >> and we're hoping they find those guys soon, the ones responsible. coming up, "making a murderer." the popular netflix series face a backlash. >> claims filmmakers left out critical information about the murder mystery itself. we'll talk about that and a whole lot more, up next. you're watching "world news
4:15 am
tt2wat^(@%4 bt@q9op tt2wat^(@%4 "a@q)c4 tt2wat^(@%4 bm@q"h8 tt4wat^(@%4 " dztq l
4:16 am
tt4wat^(@%4 " iztq _x4 tt4wat^(@%4 " jntq m(t tt4wat^(@%4 " lzt& ue( well, a made for streaming series is generating a lot of buzz. viewers of "making a murderer" on netflix say the central figure should be pardoned. >> this has been controversial. but another key player says the show isn't very accurate. the story now from abc's linzie davis. >> reporter: the netflix series "making a murderer" has hundreds of thousands in an uproar after watching the story of steve avery, who was freed after spending 18 years in prison for a crime he didn't commit. not long after, avery is arrested for the murder of theresa hallbeck, a young
4:17 am
remains were found on his property. >> he wanted us to help him get rid of the body. >> reporter: the series showcases riveting courtroom testimony questioning the state's evidence against avery and his then teenage nephew. >> because i didn't really do it. >> reporter: the defense attorneys suggest he was framed. >> you're hearing the evidence of the conspiracy. >> reporter: avery and his nephew were convicted of halbach's murder and sentenced to life in prison. >> nothing in your life suggests that society would ever be safe from your behavior. >> reporter: now outraged viewers want them freed. more than 200,000 people have signed a petition on and another 30,000 are asking for a presidential pardon for avery and his nephew. >> we wanted to present as many sides as we could. but at the same time we also wanted to tell a compelling story. >> reporter: but in a statement
4:18 am
krantz alleges important evidence was left out of the documentary, evidence like avery had drawn a torture chamber while in prison. that avery called the victim's job to specifically request halbach the day she died. and that he called her cell phone three times, twice using the star 67 feature to hide his identity. the filmmakers say they were always concerned with fairness and accuracy. >> from my perspective it's a fair representation of what we witnessed going on and that the prosecution and the victim's family have voices in the we hear them talking about how they're feeling. we hear the prosecutor talking about why he thinks his case is strong. approached netflix, we were told there was no further comment. linzie davis, abc news, new york. >> wow. that is so interesting. i haven't started watching it yet. but i will. >> yeah, it's been very, very popular. and it's sort of like -- it's really gone viral. i was watching some of the reaction to this. mindy kaling tweeting about it, saying "make a murderer or the
4:19 am
i need to know which murder >> oh, no. >> putting it all in perspective. >> and levity. over here. >> the birthday of "world news now." tv now, i'm walking them. life is unpredictable one thing i need to be predictable is to be flake free. because i have used head and shoulders for 20 years. used regularly, it removes up tot 100% of flakes r keeping you protected every year you ready ma? always life is unpredictable, so embrace it! head and shoulders. live flake free for life there's moving...
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okay. is that really yanni music? >> yeah. original. >> wow. yanni of course best known as that's right. it's birthday time. >> i like that your hat's off to the side. >> in fact, 24 years of "world news now." and to celebrate we've got all the party favors -- >> yeah. love it. >> cakes, giant mugs, cutouts, how about this cake from it looks pretty good.
4:23 am
>> yeah. >> i'll let you do the honors. another special treat for all you insomniacs. an early version of the "world news polka." you've got a string -- >> it tickles. >> it's the theme song that heralds the arrival of the weekend every friday. so here's a special montage of some of our favorites over the years. da, da, da, da, da, da politics and foreign wars all the weather, all the scores that's the world news polka business news from london town that's the world news polka pants so grab your world news now hey have some fun, be a pal >> you may have noticed some celebrities in there. and weird al yankovic. but we're happy to say that last year we landed our biggest polka get yet.
4:24 am
very green. kermit the frog. here with the "world news now" maestro barry mitchell who has been at the heart and soul of the show from the very beginning, 24 years ago. >> i like kermit's take on it. i like the banjo. who doesn't like a good polka? i get a lot of e-mails from people that love the polka. we're also giving away our "world news" mugs for all of you watching right now. >> i'm still caught up on you going who doesn't like a good polka. >> who doesn't like a good polka? >> yeah. of course. and our social feed monitor. brian. >> he has some good stuff. >> we've got a lot of things going on. you had me at world news polka, says jess langston. >> hey, jess. >> lynn says you help me pass the night away with tears of laughter instead of tears of frustration. sorry, lynn, not sure what's going on. >> oh, no.
4:25 am
>> he wasn't good for you >> and you know, everyone is just saying great things. we thank all of you, our facebook fans. happy birthday to us. it's your birthday too. >> it's your birthday. happy birthday. >> you get a mug.
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