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tv   News 9 at Five  ABC  January 10, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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>> now at 5:00, tracking heavy downpours and the wind is really picking up especially at the coast. air returns. >> the power ball jackpot breaks records again. it is now over $1 billion. the biggest new hampshire winners from last night's drawing. >> right now democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton is getting the endorsement of the political arm of planned parenthood. it's something the group has never done before. >> i was a purple panther at
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>> tim danches is once again mayor of nassua. >> it's been a wet day in new hampshire at times with strong winds that knocked down power in some areas. >> taking a look at portsmouth. i'm adam sexton. >> haley la point joins us with a big cool down that is coming our way. haley: january-like temperatures. we were close to breaking records. we had a line of thunderstorms in western vermont that are on
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it has lightning with it. it's crazy for this time in january. it's moving about 15 miles an hour towards the east. keen and jaffry you'll likely have heavy downpours and thunder and lightning within the next half hour to 45 minutes. we've had some power outages at some of the markets. i know we've had reports of trader joe's without po we are. you can -- without power. this is mid january. 52 degrees in concord. 54 in manchester. 51 portsmouth. very uncharacteristics when our average high is upper 20's low 30's. tonight we'll have heavy rain gusty winds.
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probably by midnight most of us the rain is over with but the winds are going to be shifting. they'll still be strong tomorrow but instead of bringing back the warm air. it will bring in the cold air. >> $1.3 billion for wednesday's power ball drawing beating the wordwide record of $950,000 prize that no one won last night. it matched four numbers. those are worth $50,000 a piece. one of the ticks sold in manchester. the owner put a sign up on the door letting them know they might be a winner. >> really, really really busy. it's been raisey. last three or four days and we expect more. >> with the jackpot going over $1 million many of the digital signs advertising the big prize can't even take it.
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we have more of the power ball fever that's sweeping the nation. >> let the frenzy and the daydreaming continue. >> if i win, i'm just going take a trip around the world. >> despite million of americans dipping into their pocketbooks for their tickets, no one won the record $949 million power ball jackpot. >> i was very surprised last night to see the results. saturday night results stumped the lottery officials especially when it's estimated at $1.3 billion, a number so high. even for billboards from buffalo, new york that don't have room for that unthinkable number. recent rule changes are making it harder for you to win but insist the chance to take home the money is still there. >> this may be the future
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so what if this ticket really is winner? >> first thing you should do is sign the back of your ticket and then put it in a safe place. you need to reach an attorney so they can help you make a plan. >> wait at least six months before purchasing anything. >> probably take my family on a big vacation. >> so that vacation will have to wait. >> this is by far the biggest jackpot this country has ever seen. the lottery game known as el gordo paid up to $2.4 billion last month in spain. >> el gordo, who knew? if you did play last night, the winning numbers are 16, 19, 32, 34, 57 and power ball 13. once again wednesday's drawing
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billion dollars. >> in commitment 2016 democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton is being endorsed by planned parenthood. that endorsement is still going on right now as we speak. it's the first time the organization has publicly backed a presidential in a presidential primary. planned parenthood wants to rep mind voters of what it calls extreme positions from republicans on parent -- planned parenthood. >> all across our country, it's threatened. just like here in new hampshire. and the executive council voted to defund planned parenthood. >> supporters, millions of people around the country are keenly focused on this election more than ever before. in large part because there are
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president on the republican side who have pledged for decades for women in america. >> she expects to vermont senator bernie sanders. as of now the only other candidate to announce a trip to new hampshire in the coming week is republican donald trump. he will host a town hall in wyndham tomorrow morning at 11:00. you'll need to reserve a ticket online. mayor. tim dunches took over a job he left back in 1992. >> as mayor of the city of nashua -- >> it's back to the future for nashua where tim was sworn in as mayor sunday afternoon, two and a half decades after his last office.
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streets and keep the schools going. but there are some things. certainly technology has changed. the economic -- the challenge of economic growth and jobs is different. >> in 1980, he was a young rising star and one of the few new hampshire democrats to hold high profile elected office, a bit for congress came up short. and from there he focused on his law practice tosm give you a sense of how many political' ons have passeded, when he first took office kelly aot was in high school. >> i was a purple panther at nashua high school. to see him come full circle is really terrific. >> this restoration now joins a long and storied position of political comebacks. >> you're never dead. you're never gone. you can always come back and do great things.
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place to live in america by "money" magazine. but in 2016 the focus will be on the heroin crisis. after returning to the job after a nearly a quarter century break -- >> i'm a little older and wiser. i believe i did a good job back in the 1980's and 1990's but i think i'll do a better job now. >> and the mayor says he will convene a series of town hall meetings to make sure he continues to hear from voters when he's in office. >> president obama invited two guests to sit with him and the first lady. among the guest is a syrian scientist who is suffering from cancer rm and a person who is
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and one of the experts will be attending that speech. dr. seden savage. she is on addiction recovery and addiction. her expertise is critical to fight the heroin epidemic. some state lawmakers are launching an impeachment investigation made by that state's governor. paul lepage said that young white girls are being impregnated by out of state drug dealers. it's said to be debated on the house floor this thursday. >> next on news 9:00 at 5:00, we take a look back at a race that saved a presidential candidate. it also made a national figure out of a granite state governor. >> tracking some storms making their way through new england as well as the winds that have been incredibly gusty.
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finally winds down and a look at the workweek ahead. >> today belongs to the n.f.c. jason will have the scores and highlights coming up in sports. >> ahead at news 5:00, a fire breaks out at a popular new england wedding venue. >> police prepare for a day they hope will never come when they
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you got people working incredibly long hours. median family income today -- $4,000 less than it was in 1999. the bottom line of this economy is that it is rigged. what this campaign is about is to demand that we create an economy that works for all of us rather than a handful of billionaires. if you work 40 hours a week in america, you should not live in poverty. i'm bernie sanders,
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>> in this 100th anniversary year of the first in the nation primary, we are taking a look back at the races that changed history. some of those contests not only had consequences for the nation, they also elvated people here. one that went to a national figure was governor john sununu. he discussed with us the george h.w. bush's win. >> i wasn't apprehension. it's typical election day jitters. you feel a little bit of that before we get the count.
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great confident, a candidate who got his message out. a candidate that engaged certainly with his nearest rival. made it very clear what the difference was and what i think was the most discriminating voters, did a little comparison but decided george bush was head and shoulders above him. >> we saw a change in his campaigning, driving trucks, going to mcdonald's. was this a turnaround? was this a planned strategy? >> this was coming into new hampshire and campaigning the way judd and his father wants me to campaign in america, feel me, touch me, feel me. >> we in new hampshire know it's over since new hampshire has never been wrong. but we've got to go through the formalities of the rest. >> you see yourself in a capacity in the bush administration? >> just a friend at the other
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>> governor john sununu. we hope to have the vice president himself live shortly after 11:00 later on. back to the studio. >> joining us now one of the arc teches of that crucial victory governor john sununu. how much pressure was on that candidate coming out of iowa to new hampshire? >> always the normal pressure of having to put those two pieces of the primary process together back-to-back. but we were very confident. the vice president at that point had been in the state a lot over the previous year. we estimated we had him shake 50,000 hands and take 5,000 polaroid pictures of him with supporters. he had worked hard here. we had done a couple of important things with wmur. we had worked hard to get our ads on the friday, saturday and sunday before the tuesday election.
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part of it. and he had come down for a long interview over the holidays times. we had tried to leverage what had been a print me kivende a focus and campaign to one that began to include at that point the significance of -- of our local television station. >> on the retail campaigning strategy here that last week you pulled out all the stops. you had the vice president eating fast food, three meals a day. >> three breakfasts a day. >> why was so it port to get the president into those press the flesh situation, as you mentioned feel me, touch me, hear me. >> people like to have that. there seems to be a communication process by osmosis when people see him and talk about him. we had planned that all along.
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it was exactly what we had intended to do and he did it very well. >> digging through our primary vault, log on to wmu we have from more than 30 previous nation campaigns. >> haley la port. haley: it has been a stormy day across the state of new hampshire here. we've had heavy downpours. some very thick fog, gusty winds, power outages, very uncharacteristics for january, of course. if it had been snow there would have been a lot of it. it's very tough for travel because of low visibility and the heavily rain. speaking of low visibility. look at this this is a camera in dublin and there is some patchy thick fog across the area tonight. and it is very patchy. but when you get into some of this it's like driving into a wall. you can't see more than even the
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so be very careful this evening with that fog as well as, of course, the rain still falling in many locations. the wind is the other ang with this storm and it has been very gusty, particularly at this seacoast. we've had some wind gusts up near 40 miles per hour. the latest wind gusts at peas was at 40 miles an hour right out of the south and east. we've had some wipped in rochester approaching 35, 30 miles per hour. because of the threat of the winds getting very gusty causing some sporadic power outages there's been a wind advisory that has been posted. this is mainly for the coastline and in that brown area. it goes until 8:00. that's when we expect the strongest of wind gusts to have move through. this is looking at future wind gusts. this is 9:00 tonight. we will likely have the winds gusty even in places like
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to 30 miles per hour possibly as we go through the overnight hours. winds would have shifted monday morning. they're still going to be gusty tomorrow and with the colder air returning, it's going to feel so much colder because of the winds getting going. so tomorrow as the cold air comes back, it's still going to be rather windy. here's the latest on radar. certainly the heaviest rain over and done with. you can see the yellows and the orange colors lifting. but we still have some more to go including this line to go. i've been tracking this. it's moving at about 55 miles per hour towards the east. and yes, it does have thunder and lightning with it. be ready. you guys will have likely winds, heavy downpours maybe thunderer and lightning within the next hour or so. look at all this rain. it's a healthy dose. most of us over an inch of rainfall today. there's still a flood watch
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of the snow amount and all of this rain coming down. so far flooding has not been an issue today. 53 degrees in concord right now. very close to a record by the way if we go up to one degree, we would have tied the record-high temperature for today. the heaviest rain is gone through the overnight. all of that rain will be gone including that line of thunderstorms. few snow showers and these are lake-effect snow streamers that make it to new hampshire and some of the most vigorous snow showers there could be a dusting of two inches of snole. so no more heavy rain tomorrow for the kidos. it will be good waiting at the bus stop. it will be cold and windy. and there will be some snow showers passing through and across the state. another front has the potential to bring us a couple of inches of snow. the timing could be better during the evening rush there could be some snow coming through.
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very heavy rainfall. >> if it were a little colder this would be a granite state january, how much snow would we be talking about? >> usually the ratio one inch of rain would equal 10 inches of snow. but there's a lot of of things that could happen. im sure the snow lovers would love that. fan. the a.f.c. is all set. we'll tell you what bill
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jason: wild card weekend continues with two games the n.f.c. including cold kick-off tell. it was minus 6 degrees in minnesota. and that doesn't even include the wind chill. seahawks down 9-0. baldwin made ate 9-7 game. on the next vikings' possession they're going dump it on to adrian peterson and he coughs it up and the seahawks recover. that would lead to the go ahead field goal, rather. and seattle led 10-9. but the vikings with a chance to win it.
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and the field goal is to the left. no good. so the seahawks survive 10-9. they will go to carolina next weekend to take on the top seeded panthers. right now the panthers and the red skens are playing in the other nmple f.c. game. they're still in the first quarter. the winner of this game will go on the face arizona in the divisional round next weekend. all right. the chiefs and steelers they were winners on saturday on the a.f.c. side. kansas city shutout the houston texans winning their 11th straight game. they did lose wide receiver jeremy maclin to a high ankle sprain according to today's mrm . that could be huge as they take on the patriots in last week's divisional round. the chiefs will advance to their
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while the pats are trying to get consecutive season. the chiefs will be very difficult to prepare for because they have no examples of any team being successful against them over the last 11 weeks. so there you see the chiefs in new england and the pittsburgh steelers they will go and play against the denver broncos. that's sports. i have more at 6:00. >> i say bring on the chiefs. we'll get an update on the wet weather moving across new hampshire at 5:30. >> also ahead new details on what led to the arrest of mexican druglord el chapo. the hollywood star who helped police nab him.
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>> now at 5:30 winds have picked up and has caused some power outages. when the rain moves out and the workweek forked ahead. -- forked -- forecast ahead. how firefighter had to rescue three guests that couldn't get
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>> and the actor that led to the mexican drug kingpin's arrest. >> just to build awareness and what we can do to make a difference. >> plus, the work in effing is doing to safe magnificent and powerful birds of prey. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now, wmur, news 9 at 5:30. >> we are on the storm watch tonight taking a live look at i-93 in hooksett after a rainy and windy sunday. i'm stephanie woods. >> and i'm adam sexton. haley, we're not done with that wind yesterday. haley: at the seacoast primarily and that's where we've had some power outage issues as well into the mount washington valley. lines. we actually have a line of
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the kentucky river valley and that line not only has thunder and lightning in it which is so uncharacteristics for january but it also had some very gusty winds. not only will the seacoast will dealing with the winds but also within this line that is racing towards the east at about 55 miles per hour. get ready those of you at levidan, jaffrey, jackson and then on to plymouth, maybe concord within the next hour it will be accompanied by very heavy downpours, the gusty winds and you might hear some thunder and lightning. i know some of you in southern new hampshire heard some of that too. 35 miles per hour at portsmouth. 26 rochester. half hour. but we could have some gusts at the seacoast up wards of 50 miles per hour in the next few hours and the other thing, look at these tells in the 50's even
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we've been breaking in some spots. >> tonight investigators are trying to find the root of a fire. flames broke out at the sister house. firefighters had to rescue some guests at the hotel. >> guests were being rescued before firefighters arrived this four-alarm fire at the stir bridge country lodge got started between 4:00 a.m. the twin's sister was saying help me, help me, help me. so one of the wedding patrons scaled the building and got her out somehow. and then another guest at the wedding how she lived, i don't know. she was in a room right above where the fire was and i guess they had to take her don on a ladder. it's horrible. i'll never want to stay in a hotel ever again. the fact that the smoke detectors didn't go out.
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>> the fire chief upon hers saying hers didn't go off. he heard them going off. whether or not one particular room went off, they can't say no. >> someone put a cigarette in a flower pot. their wedding is in the nearby historic house. >> the majority of our guests are staying in the motor lodge. and flames where the their guests floon stay is a rude awakening. >> first thing in the morning i we had a baplor party. matt came in and the public house had a four-alarm fire. >> i think we'll be ok. many cars caught on fire too. >> it was scary. very, very sarey. >> not only will that boston couple get married in just 13 days, there's a wedding going on and the building looking beautiful.
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richardson, wmur news 9. the druglord known as el chapo, information the actor obtained while interviewing el chapo made all the difference. the first ever interview surfacing after a day after capturing him in his state of sinaloa. it conducted sean penn and kate del castillo who would make a biopic of his life. the man credited with thousands of guests and a quarter of narcotics into the u.s. said he would defend himself. with that proof of interview picture, penn describe as harrowing trip to the jungle to meet him.
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bodyguards. on friday mexican authorities said el chapo's communication with actors and producers helped lead them to the druglord. authorities saying they may send him off again extraditing to the charges. he's broken out of two maximum security prisons in his career. most recently last years caping through this tunnel built right into his prison cell. >> mexican officials say they chapo. they warn it could take six months for that to happen. a memorial today in paris which would have solely remembered the anniversary of an attack on a satirical newspaper became a ceremony for those who suffered the violence in 2015. the french president unveiled a black -- a plaque for the
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people who died in november. at least one attacker is still at large and french intelligence still don't know his wearabouts. >> right now more than 1,000 people remain without power after a tornado touched down in southwest florida. the twister hit with speeds of 135 miles an hour. homeowners and city inspectors spent the day surveying the damage. it is expected to exceed $1 million. three people have minor injuries but no deaths have been reported. take a look at this video from the island of hawaii. the rock fall landed in lava and caused a massive explosion. volcano watchers say this happens more frequently when lava levels are relatively high. the heat from the level causes rocks to expand and loosen. they eventually fall in. kilauea has been erupted since january of 1983.
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you to spend atop of the mountain. we've been tracking rain showers all day long some heavy downpours and now even a few thunderstorms making their way into western new hampshire. when all this rain finally moves out coming up. >> and later harrison ford has
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>> the department of fishing game will be putting collars on thousands of mouse cows an caffles. -- calves. helicopters will be used o so people living there can expect to see helicopters flying lofmente once captured, they will take blood and other samples from the mouse before they set them free again. easter mountain sports is offering a rare chance to get avalanche training and stay at observatory. learn how to prepare for a trip into the back country and learn how to rescue someone caught in an avalanche. attendant dees will spend two nights and three days at the weather station. for more information visit the escape section of our website >> a woman from epping has
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next at 5:30 what prompted her to start nursing sick birds of prey and the m cordes: most nurses are tough. they're problem-solvers. they like making things better. people don't have access to healthcare because they just can't afford it. bernie sanders understands how pharmaceutical companies and major medical companies are ripping us off. bernie tells the truth, and he's been consistent. he understands that the system is rigged, and he's the only one who can bring real change. i'm bernie sanders,
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>> now meet, haley la point and your storm watch 9 forecast. haley: we've had some drenching ravel moving across the -- rainfall moving across the state.
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newberry just over an inch and a half. same thing at waterville valley. in canton where there actually was a road closure right near the elementary school due to some down tree lines and power lines. you guys got 1.3 inches of rainfall. we've been melting the snow too as all of this warm air and all of this rain has continued to move from the south up towards the north. there's been a little lull in the action in central and southern new hampshire. that's about to end. look at this line of thunderstorms getting into eastern vermont and it's just about getting into the kentucky river valley within the last couple of minutes. this line making a b line moving at 5:00 -- 55 miles per hour. just about to get into lebanon. clairmont you're about to hear the rumbles.
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even jaffrey and concord be ready for heavy downpours and gust by winds with that line of thunderstorms. a flood watch has been posted for central and northern new hampshire just because of the threat of this heavy rain and then the melting snow. but so far today, other than some big puddles in the urban areas there hasn't been in flooding or reports of flooding which is good news. it has been very gusty especially at the coastline. we could have a wind advisory up to about 50 miles per hour during the evening. that will go until 8:00 tonight. so the worse winds will be happening right now through 8:00. these are the current temperatures. we're one degree shy of meeting a record in concord. of 54 degrees if we get there. it's been since 1939 since we've been this warm in this date. tomorrow we'll have mostly sunny skies and in the afternoon a few
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right off of lake ontario. you see that line there. and some of the more vigorous lines of snowfall. for it to be snow that means the temperatures are going to cool down and boy, will they do that. tomorrow, high temperatures under in the 20's and then the 30's for the next few days. tuesday we'll have some snow showers moving through and it will be during the evening commute. it could make it a little messy and laettner the week some quieter weather. but coosm >> it's finally starting to look a little bit lie wenter out there. thank you for that. >> i'm trying. this rain didn't help things. but we'll see what happens. >> thank you, haley. it is rare to see a raptor up close and personal but there is a woman in epping that spends every day with these powerful creatures. >> jane kelly spends her time
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and educating people on how truly magnificent these birds really are. we met her for new hampshire chronicle. >> jane kelly lives on a farm in epping where she has company from a variety of feathered friends, raptors. i rehabilitate birds of prey. and i practice falconry. >> this is an american falcon. the way she's fanning her feathers, she's protecting her food. >> she found herself to be a reha bill they tor after she found a dozen of owls and hawks dead on the side most of them
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>> i volunteers up at a wildlife certain and learned the ropes from a really cool girl and decided to flore it on my own. -- decided to explore it on my own. jane's first an mall to move on the farm. >> this oil. one of the largest species in the world. start from zero to hero. i start with the biggest. >> so our great horned owl is about three and a half to eight pounds. in the wild she's native to siberia, russia. deer. i'll lift her up and show you her wingspan. it's pretty impressive. >> the raptor seize their meat with their feet. it could be, have ulls, snakes,
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gray horned rabbits their favorite is skunks is which is a pretty big han mall -- animal to take on. it's a bird of prey, there's a level of respect there that you -- you know what i mean, it's not that kind of relationship. >> the animals come to jane in a variety of ways. fish and game, local animal hospitals, even people who have rescued them off their feet. >> this is a little western screech owl. you can see how they blend, you know, so well, right? just to build awareness on the birds and what we can do to make a difference. >> so what can we do to make a difference? >> jane says her message is to stop, look and listen. >> the majority of birds that come to me have been hit by cars. i've had two birds that were shot and an eagle that was just
5:43 pm
emaciated. this is a barred owl. he was hit by a car. and he was brought to me by fish and game. he, unfortunately, his eyesight is impaired. so he's not able to be released back into the wild. so he'll be used for education. >> their eyes are brown. they look like they're black. i feel like they're looking in your soul when they look at you. and they're very, very docile bird. the goal is to release them back into the wild if they will have a good quality of life. or it could be an education bird or a zoo, by all means let's try and place that bird. >> of the two dozen or so birds jane has taken in only a handful
5:44 pm
the rest of them placed into the owl. like this owl who's release was captured on camera. >> with the goal to give them back to mother nature because when they fly out of your hands it's the most amazing feeling ever. >> i have a special place for owls for sure, yeah. but i just recently got a black vullchure and he is by far the holiest thing you'll ever lay your eyes on but he makes my eyes melt. >> this is a black vulture. they have better eyesight than our turkey vultures. you'll see the turkey ones soaring. these guys will fly a level above the turkey vultures. so went they hone in on a carcass, these guys will follow
5:45 pm
i call them our diurnal removal. without them we would be invested with disease. >> so this is a red tail that was transfered to me from another reha bill they tor down in massachusetts. and she needs for it to be conditioned. so this is where my falconry training comes in. and i'll condition the bird and fly it. >> i work with her two times a day maybe for a half hour or . so have her do jump-ups and have her fly. it's building endurance, right? just what we could do to condition ourselves. >> in time, jane hopes to continue her work for raptors by opening a rescue facility on her property. she says her favorite part of what she does is meing new people every day and watching their expressions as they witness these creatures in her care close up. what are a better way to deliver
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seeing the things up close and personal that will be affected by us. >> coming up this week some bright ideas from new hampshire. inventors that are picking up steam all over the country. watch new hampshire "chronicle" here on wmur. >> the new "star wars" movie keeps blowing away all the competition at the box office. >> next at 5:30 the newest mild stone has reached the record in the box office weekend. >> the band known for its performances with trash cans is
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>> harrison ford has hit a big milestone. he's he's grossed than any other actor in history. his movies have packed in about $4.7 billion. awakeness." it's atop of the box office for the fourth straight week. maintaining its spot as the biggest movie of all time. it's earned more than $1.7 billion. harrison ford is hains solo.
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>> you can't lose. thanks for joinings at news 5:00 at 9. >> stay with us.
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