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tv   News 9 Tonight  ABC  January 23, 2016 1:07am-1:42am EST

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country. >> we' re probably not going to make it back. we' re probably going to be staying here for the next few days. shelley: the changes travelers in manchester are making. mike: our weather remains dry and seasonably chilly for now. a look at the weekend forecast plus the track on this powerful nor' easter. tom: hillary clinton is campaigning to win over voters. the issue she says has raised the stakes in this election. shelley: jeb bush is on the attack. mr. bush: do you want someone who is an egomaniac or someone who have a servant' s heart? s angry with donald trump. like we do. shelley: a serious snowstorm is hitting much of the east coast right now with a number of states under a blizzard warning. you' re looking at shot north carolina, where as you can
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tom: i' m tom griffith. as many as 50 million people will likely be affected by this storm. new hampshire won' t see much but we could be brushed with a little bit of snow. chief meteorologist mike haddad is tracking the storm for us. mike: being brushed, if it means a dusting, it is certainly a southern track. you will notice, it is clear all over northern new england. take a look. not only is the cloud cover thicker but the snow is coming down. 1-3 inches per hour, just south of new jersey. d.c., baltimore. up to dover, delaware. portions of virginia. take a look at all that blue. indicating the snowfall rates
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the snow totals, in and around d.c., baltimore, and philadelphia. including southwestern connecticut. if your plans take you into southern new england, keep in mind conditions will deteriorate. shelley: washington d.c. and baltimore are two of the cities expected to see the most snow from this storm, as well as gale-force winds. officials are urging people to stay home and not go out. in washington, the federal government closed its offices at noon, and mass transit is shut down through sunday. this could be the biggest snowfall in the nation' s capital in 90 years. tom: all major airlines are waiving change fees as they cancel thousands of flights due to the storm. and a number of travelers going through manchester-boston regional got caught up in the mess. that' s where we find wmur' s stephanie woods.
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snow storm is slamming the mid-atlantic states doesn' t mean we don' t feel the headache hear re in new hampshire. moving forward there are nearly a dozen departing and arriving flights that are canceled going in and out of manchester. that is leaving a lot of people out in the cold. >> just trying to get home before things totally shut down so keeping my fingers crossed . manchester on business and trying to get home to phoenix. even though skies are clear in both cities southern snow has left her stranded. >> i was supposed to fly out of manchester tomorrow but they canceled my flight. and i was to connect in that one so i' m hopefully headed to boston tonight to catch a flight in the morning. phoenix. hopefully i will make it. stephanie: across the country more than 6,000 flights were canceled friday and saturday, about 13% of the airlines' schedules according to flightaware. in manchester even those not heading to mid-atlantic states
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impacted. re probably not going to we' staying here couple more days. stephanie: after visiting family. noah and shelton were supposed to fly back to st. louis tonight but they didn' t see their flight on the board. >> they' ll probably send us to chicago first, then to st. louis, just because of all the storms. we' ll probably end up in chicago and be there for 4 or 5 hours and then st. louis we go. stephanie: some bumped up their flights to friday afternoon. naomi gauthier' s flight to chicago is on-time but she feels her son, a freshman at wake forest university. >> he was very excited to not have to deal with a new england winter. so north carolina' s getting the brunt of this storm and we' re up here in toasty new england. stephanie: i wouldn' t call it toasty. if you' re headed to manchester
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flight chassis -- status before you leave. live in manchester, stephanie woods. shelley: to commitment 2016 news. democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton spent today campaigning in new hampshire. and while she' s trailing rival bernie sanders among granite state voters, she still drew enthusiastic crowds tonight. with less than 3 weeks until the first in the nation primary , hillary clinton spent part of the evening in concord. at the 43rd anniversary of the supreme court' s 1973 rove versus wade decision legalizing abortion. >> women' s rights and reproductive rights are as high a priority as any other. shelley: clinton has been endorsed by naral pro-choice america. and friday night, she pointed out that the stakes could not be higher in an election where republican candidates are vowing to defund planned parenthood, >> . ms. clinton: all women deserve to have their rights respected. all women deserve to have access
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choices they are entitled to. it should not be that some who are fortunate economically can access their rights while all others are left behind. shelley: clinton next held a town hall in manchester, where she received a rousing introduction by senator jeanne shaheen. clinton spoke to the crowd about issues she said she knew she would be paramount in this campaign, like the economy. ms. clinton: i know that we need to get our economy producing good jobs with rising incomes to rebuild the middle class. shelley: but she also said she discovered unexpected issues like the depth of the heroin and opiod crisis in new hampshire, / . ms. clinton: i was not prepared to hear form so many about what was happening in the families of new hampshire. addiction, the heroin epidemic , which is at one highest rates
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country. shelley: clinton also talked about what she called inflammatory and dangerous comments by some republicans regarding the muslim community, saying the goal is to unite all americans in the fight against terrorism. hillary clinton is also a guest this sunday on closeup with josh mcelveen. tom: all 3 of the democratic presidential candidates were campaigning in new hampshire today. bernie sanders held 3 town hall meetings today including in bedford. mr. sanders: if people say we like bernie, we like his ideas, but he just can' t win, that is really not accurate. tom: the vermont senator referenced a number of polls showing support for him, including this week' s wmur-cnn granite state poll that showed sanders with a 27-point lead over clinton with new hampshire voters. democratic presidential candidate martin o' malley also spent today campaigning in new hampshire. here you see the former maryland governor meeting with voters at the tilt' n diner.
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jeb bush was on the attack tonight criticizing gop frontrunner donald trump. bush continued campaigning today in new hampshire with several events throughout the state. wmur' s mike cronin joins us live with more on what he had to say. mike: when it came to the issues bush talked about defeating isis and strengthening the economy. when it came to his republican competition bush had some strong words and says he' s counting on voters who haven' t chosen their candidate. jeb bush is on the campaign trail in rochester friday night he' s trying to win over voters from the gop front runner. mr. bush: their definition of strength is not plans to fix things for people. their measurement for strength is i' m winning in the polls. i' m the big guy. really? let' s start solving problems. mike: just weeks from the primary his campaign released an ad attacking donald trump for
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in a one on one interview with news 9, bush says he' s angry with trump. mr. bush: if you start with the premise that life is a gift from god and everybody has a chance to make a contribution, you don' t go tearing people down like that. that' s not strength. that' s just real insecurity and real weakness. mike: at the same time a group backing bush is running negative ads against marco rubio and john kasich. is this an indication that new hampshire is really do or die for you? mr. bush: no, you also see superpac ads going after me. it' s called politics. mike: earlier bush spoke to about two hundred seniors at the riverwoods retirement community in exeter. mr. bush: i think at the end of the day, people are gonna want to know who can keep us safer and stronger and freer, who is a leader, who can do this job. mike: back in exeter, bush says new hampshire voters make the difference in shaping what the general election looks like. mr. bush: do you want someone
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to unite around common purpose? do you want someone who is an servant' s heart? planned tomorrow with events in nashua, bow, pelham, and merrimack. 11 the studio, mike cronin. -- live in the studio, mike cronin. shelley: ohio governor john kasich addressed that attack ad from jeb bush supporters today at a town hall meeting in franklin. mr. kasich: the campaign is going to do what it has to do, we are not going to have people pound on us or beat us up but i didn' t start that and i let my campaign do what they want as long as it' s not personal. shelley: a super-pac that supports kasich has now launched its own attack ad. kasich also held a town hall in dover this afternoon, and attended a house party in rye. florida senator marco rubio finished his day of campaigning with the townhall in merrimack, where he met with voters and answered questions. he also toured geophysical survey systems in nashua today. tom: kentucky senator rand paul started his day with a trip to the puritan backroom in manchester.
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the republican presidential candidate finished up his day with a town hall meeting in new boston. rick santorum returned to the granite state today. the former pennsylvania senator has been focusing his campaign efforts on iowa. the republican presidential candidate held a town hall meeting tonight in wolfeboro. shelley: new jersey governor chris christie is back in his home state tonight because of the massive storm. after saying yesterday he planned to stay in new hampshire to campaign this weekend, he tweeted today i' m sorry, new hampshire, but i gotta go home we got snow coming. his wife, mary pat, will campaign in his place this weekend. tom: now on to the other big story. the patriots have landed in denver, one giant step closer to big -- the big afc championship game at the broncos. the patriots players arrived for practice at 6:00 this morning. by early afternoon, the buses were on their way to the airport. on the latest injury report, 16
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listed as questionable for the game including key guys like rob gronkowski, julien edelman, and chandler jones but this happened last week as well, and they all played. edelman, in particular, is key to the team' s success on sunday. >> when the season is over, you look back. but right now, you don' t think about those things. you think about getting to the next one. we have the toughest team on the schedule with the denver broncos. ll have live coverage starting tomorrow from denver. wmur' s jason king is there. shelley: everybody is looking forward to this weekend. coming up on news 9 tonight. from ronald reagan to mitt romney they' ve seen it all. the candidates may change, but there are a few things that stay the same. we' ll introduce you to a few journalists who' ve covered decades of the new hampshire primary. tom: here' s a reason to celebrate cold temperatures the
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when you can see this beautiful sight for yourself. mike: a dry and cold start to the weekend, but when will temps
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shelley: this year marks the 100th anniversary of the new hampshire primary, and during that time candidates have come and gone. tom: but there are some constants here in new hampshire like persistent and engaged journalists. wmur' s jean mackin introduces us to three who' ve covered decades
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jean: if you want a snapshot of the new hampshire primary, just look through the lens of associated press photographer jim cole. he' s been preserving the primary, frame by frame, for decades. collects i started with ronald reagan, howard baker, george bush. jean: did we mention he has a photographic memory? he picked up the camera at 14 with a childhood dream to be published in life magazine he' s done that 3 times. now he' s focused on this primary , known for capturing the extra-ordinary moment on the campaign trail. campaign event, chris christie staring down a bolt. flax one thing i always try to do is come up with something not.
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i have covered just about everyone who has run for the last 30 years. jean: wmur political reporter john distaso is considered the most experienced political writer in the state. he' s moving into double digit primary territory. this will be his 10th. >> the democratic convention. >> so many memories of candidates. jean: he' s noticing more of a national press presence and how technology is speeding up the political presses. >> it' s so much different now because of social media, because of the internet, constant deadlines. there' s no deadline and yet very minute is a deadline. >> i think new hampshire has been a very interesting phenomenon to watch over the decades. jean: cokie roberts, with abc news, has covered her share of primaries and sees a trend in recent cycles. >> in the olden days you' d come
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talking to individual voters, now it tends to be a huge staff and hoards of cameras following everyone around. on the hunt for that perfect primary moment. jean mackin, wmur. >> and now mike haddad. mike: we will start you with the headlines. watching of course that powerful nor' easter to our south. it will be a blizzard for some south in new england. as we track the nor' easter, it made barely brush extreme southern parts of rockingham and hillsboro county with a dusting of' s no tomorrow. that is basically it. behind it, bright and pleasantly cool. by sunday and early next week. only about five or 10 miles per hour.
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four below. 10 above atop mount washington. really not that frigid. if we get a lot of sunshine, we are up near 30 and even milder in the weekend to read the valleys, back to the single digits and load teens. concord, a bit about that. frigid up north. baloney row -- below zero. same story down through nashua and toward salem. clearly, the focus the entire week has been a on this storm. here it is, intensifying. energy pulling through the southern part of the appalachians. and will reemerge off the virginia coast by say later on tonight. continue to intensify.
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that track would hit over cape cod. deck us with a lot of heavy snow. not in the cards this time around. as for the heavy snow show old, a good portion of jersey. parts of west virginia and virginia. some spots expected to get over three feet of snow. that would be in the mountainous areas of west virginia. as for the snow shield, approaching new hampshire, cloud cover is lower and ticker during the afternoon. heavy snow stays away. light snow showers or flurries approaching rockingham county. maybe a dusting. that is it. clears out by early sunday. a few early clouds will visit us.
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baltimore, philadelphia, d.c.. southwestern connecticut. if your travel plans take you to southern new england, it will be on the slick side. conditions deteriorate the further south you go. lower 20' s on average. milder on monday. a couple of mixed rain showers later tuesday. cooler but quiet, wednesday through the end of next week. snow happening to the south. tom: if you want skiing, go north. let' s go and get a look at home it' s.
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jamie: part of the big snowstorm hit charlotte, north carolina. didn' t stop the carolina panthers from getting a practice in outside. panthers are three point favorites. patriots coverage coming up. the whittemore center. notre dame, the fighting irish. scored 3:12 in. mario lucia with his 7th of the year. right away, 2-0, notre dame. second, 2 more notre dame goals, including bhork anders on the power play. the iris took a 4-0 lead. the wildcats finally got on the
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the 2nd period. a penalty shot. unh' s first successful penalty shot since 2006. the irish cruise to the 5-1 win . 5 straight losses for unh the teams play again tomorrow night at 5:00. huge win for dartmouth at cornell, 3-0. great defense. dartmouth, 6-1 in all of that 2016, after a 6-3 loss to unh in late they are at colgate december. tomorrow night. the goal and assist for adirondack. nba tonight, the chicago bulls and celtics. a three pointer, 14-8. 2nd quarter jimmy butler has become the star of the bulls he . scores on the break. butler with a double-double before halftime.
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open up a nice lead. the most points for boston in a first half this year. celtics win, 110-101. and they are off. the patriots left gillette stadium early this afternoon, heading to the airport and then to denver for sundays afc championship game. the pats wanted to get one last practice in, which they did early this morning. for the 10th time in 14 years, tom brady leads the pats into the afc championship game. >> they are a tough team to prepare for. two really good days here. the guys are locked in. a lot of time between now and game time. >> they are all good players. they have a good quarterback. it is going to be a lot.
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>> this is a different game. mindset. we have a good game playing. we had execute it. but' s they have quick receivers. a big tight end who can run and catch. they don' t have tom brady. it is a tough task. jamie: eric crew is -- are crew is in denver. they are live from denver, starting tomorrow. all the way to colorado, to eat at -- shelley: going to be a fun weekend. tom: still to comment, a spectacular sight. shelley: the challenges before opening the ice castle this
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tom: it' s opening weekend for the ice castles in lincoln. work was happening around the clock to get ready for tonight after warm weather last month forced the company to delay the opening. the castles are on the same property as the hobo railroad. shelley: at night, they' re lit by colorful changing lights. new hampshire is home to one of three ice castles in the u.s.. the castles are open every day
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reserve tickets online.
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