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tv   News 9 at Five  ABC  January 23, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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announcer: no one covers new hampshire like we do. now, wmur news 9 at 5:00. adam: now at 5:00 -- a wintery mess down south. several states under states of emergency. new york city now shutdown. the latest on this historic storm. hayley: this is truly an incredible storm so close to us, but not close enough. who could get a few flurries tonight, and the rest of the weekend' s forecast ahead. stephanie: the countdown to the primary is on. candidates are embracing new hampshire' s forecast hitting the trail hard this weekend.
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now, wmur news 9 at 5:00. stephanie: a major winter storm is currently pounding parts of the east coast. but new hampshire is only being brushed by flurries. good evening. i' m stephanie woods. adam: and i' m adam sexton. let' s go live now. reporter: good afternoon from a cold new york city where the snow began falling last night. as you can see, it is still falling. the blizzard of 2016 hitting hard. new york city nearly doubling its expected snow totals. officials forced to ban travel on streets, highways, bridges, and commuter rail' s. even some of the cities subway system frozen. >> go home right now. reporter, in west virginia, whiteout conditions nearly covering this rail of plows. the national guard sending soldiers to help.
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no planes going in or out of new york, washington, and philadelphia. instead, equipment lined up to clear the runways. people in the dcn virginia area expecting three feet or more of accumulation. >> when they are calling for 36 or 40, you start wondering how much the roof can hold. reporter: what it is not all about the snow . entire neighborhoods overrun with icy ocean water. still, new jersey governor chris christie reassuring his state things are under control. chris christie: this is my 17th snow emergency in six years. this is certainly not superstorm sandy. reporter: but it is not misery for everyone. they are enjoying the empty streets and the giant pandas frolicked at the national zoo while great parents help their kids enjoy this historic blizzard. back live, this is the scene
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buried cars, virtually no traffic except for those brave souls venturing out on foot. reporting live, back to you in the studio. stephanie: thanks so much. two sisters visiting new york sent us this picture. there plans to see a broadway play were thwarted. they are chipper about the another day for us. new hampshire is nearly missing the snow from the storm, but it is a cold weekend. meteorologist hayley lapoint is here with a look at your weekend forecast. hayley: it is so close, we are talking 40 miles and we could have significant snow in new hampshire. but this storm continues to track south. you see it trying to climb north. what we have going on is high-pressure to the north that keeps suppressing it to the south. and very dry air on top of us. you cannot get the snow to come to the ground. where we could see a few flurries would be at the
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hampshire, places like salem, you may see a few flurries over the next few hours. but that would be about it. look at how big this system is. it has been snowing for 24 hours in washington, d.c. over 20 inches of snow. we remember what that is like. temperatures are cold now. 22 in my current -- concord and manchester. with winds out of the northeast from the system about 22 miles an hour in portsmouth, it does feel much colder outside this evening. if you have plans to go out tonight, no driving problems in new hampshire. we have mostly cloudy skies. maybe a flurry in far southern new hampshire. temperatures falling through the teens and eventually the storm pulls out. it will be like nothing happened. tomorrow, we will all be enjoying sunshine for the second half the weekend. i will show you more on the track of the system and what we
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adam: a close call for a family in eaton when a driver crashed home. reporter: police are looking into what caused the driver to lose control of her car. you can see behind me where she went through the driveway, plowed through the snow and into the corner of the home now covered by blue tarp. police are telling us the family inside was very lucky. fortunately, they were sleeping on the other end of the house when the crash happened just before 1:00 a.m. the driver of the s.u.v. is a 30-year-old from new bedford. she was in the car with an adult male and four children. fortunately, no one in this house or in the car was injured. >> there were residents in the mobile home. they were an injured. they were at the other end of the mobile home sleeping where the bedrooms are.
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quantity. she also faces a violation for not having the children properly buckled. stephanie: thanks so much. republican candidates descended on nashua today for a first in the nation town hall. candidates had a chance to speak with voters as the primary draws closer. kristen carosa was there. chance to hear from seven candidates eager to get their message out days before the first votes are cast. the first speakers at saturday' s event say the personal nature new hampshire politics is key to their success. >> i think its really great that in america, if you want to be commander in chief, the most important political figure in the world, you need to start by renting a car and driving to town halls and meeting with 30 and 40 people at a time. i think that is fantastic. >> i have learned a lot by being a candidate here and i look
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to be able to continue to make my case that we need a proven leader to be president of the united states. kristen: rick santorum pointed to his track record. rick santorum why wouldn' t you : trust someone who actually has a record you can look to that is actually consistent and put your trust in, someone who actually has proven that they can earn your trust? kristen: john kasich says this is his 74th town hall. john kasich: the idea i have been saying for 25 years that we should run this country from the bottom up, from where we live to the top, not the top down. kristen: rand paul focused on what he would do if elected. sensible foreign policy. i think we need to balance our budget. order, and i' ll do it. kristen: carly fiornia touted her ability to lead. carly fiorina: once we win, we
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of this nation. kristen: and former virginia governor jim gilmore, on his 19th visit to new hampshire, says he' s keeping the granite state a priority. jim gilmore it' s time for the : republicans lead on behalf of the unites states of the america. kristen: you may have noticed donald trump, ted cruz, and ben carson did not speak that even today. chris christie' s wife spoke on his behalf. kristen carosa, wmur news 9. adam: thanks. the snowstorm blanketing the rest of the eastern seaboard forced hillary clinton to amend her campaign plans. the former secretary of state stayed overnight in new hampshire and made a surprise appearance this morning at a neighborhood canvassing kick-off in manchester. the candidate telling volunteers she is feeling good about her chances here. hillary clinton: i believe this is such a consequential election. i know we have a lot of work to do between now and february 9, but i am really confident and pumped up.
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other big names on hand as well today helping with canvassing, including senator jeanne shaheen. coming up at 6:00, we' ll tell you why having shaheen backing your primary bid is like having tom brady as your quarterback. stephanie: always a good thing. speaking of the patriots got out , of new england in plenty of time to beat the snow. now they are gearing up for tomorrow' s afc championship game in colorado. adam: our jason king is live there. jason, the patriots are just one win away from going back to the super bowl. jason: yes, they are. most of the east coast dealing with the snowstorm. thankfully you in new hampshire able to avoid the brunt of it. you cannot ask for better weather in denver. 57 degrees and sunny today. should be cooler for the game tomorrow but should not affect the game at all. let' s look at video today. this is where the game will go down. sports authority field in denver, colorado. a beautiful stadium. it has not been very nice to the patriots through the years.
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played in his career in denver. he has never won a playoff game in denver. the patriots as a franchise are 0-3 in the postseason in denver. but there is a first time for everything. it should be a great game tomorrow featuring one of the best defenses in the league against arguably the best offense and two of the best quarterbacks to ever play the game. >> they got it great tradition there. we have played a lot of good broncos teams, beat them a couple of times. but they beat us most of the time. i would love to get that number three in the win column this weekend. >> going back to the history of those games, usually the better team probably wins no matter where you are playing. but i know we worked hard to earn the opportunity to play here at home. excited to be playing in front
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jason: that afc title game tomorrow a 3:05 kickoff on the east coast. tune in at 11:00 big we will catch up with one of the biggest patriots fan clubs in the country, the pikes peak patriots fan club. they are huge in denver. we will hook up with them tonight. we hear fans reactions to the big afc title game tonight at 11:00. we will talk more football leader in sports. live in denver, jason king, wmur news 9 sports. stephanie: we are jealous. there' s still more news ahead on new 9 at 5:00. adam: we are eight days away from the iowa caucus and just weeks away until the new hampshire primary. the candidates share their thoughts on a pressing topic -- immigration. stephanie: and in sports, jamie has details on a new hampshire basketball player on national tv today. we continue to monitor that monster storm barreling down south. more reports from its biggest target -- washington d.c.
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we can enjoy good travel as a
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stephanie: back to commitment
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series of questions for the presidential candidates. adam: tonight we ask, what should be done to reform the immigration system, including the millions of illegal immigrants already in the country. john kasich: we should protect the border, make sure that we are in control of our border, have a guest-worker program, so people could come in and go back out. and then for the people that have come in here illegally, if they have not violated the law, they need to pay a penalty. they need to assimilate. but if they have not violated the law, they ought to stay. they are an important part of the fabric of the united states, and i think that' s a plan that could pass both the congress and the scrutiny of the american people. rand paul i think right now we : need to put a pause. and so, i' ve introduced legislation to put a pause on immigration from the middle east, but we also have to be careful about even immigration from europe because there is a large population now in europe, most of the attackers in paris were french citizens. right now, there are no rules restricting them from coming over here.
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immigration until we can know with a 100% certainty, who' s coming in, who' s leaving, how long they are staying, and that they are not overstaying their welcome or overstaying their visa. right now, there are 11 million people in the country illegally. 40% of those people overstayed their visa. if we don' t know where they are, or we don' t seem to care, i think that' s a recipe for disaster and a recipe for another 9/11. so i' m for saying let' s push cause cause. let' s have a moratorium on new immigration until we fix the system. marco rubio: the only way forward on immigration is a three step process. step one must be to enforce our immigration laws to bring control. build walls at key sectors at the border; a mandatory e-verify system; an entry-exit tracking . that represents close to half of the people in this country illegally, who entered legally and overstayed visas. once all of that is in place and we can prove to the american people that illegal immigration is under control, then step two immigration system so that it' s merit based. so that people are brought into
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the basis of what they can do economically, what they can contribute, not whether or not they have a relative living here. only after we have done those two things, can we deal with a third problem, and that is what do you do with millions of people that are here illegally? if you haven' t been here very long or you' re a dangerous criminal, you can' t stay and you' ll be deported or you' ll have to leave. but if you have been here for more than 10 years and are not a danger or not a criminal, you' ll have to pass a background check. you will have to learn english. you will have to pay taxes. you' ll have to start paying taxes and you' ll have to pay a fine. and in return the only thing you will get is a work permit, and that' s all you' re going to have for at least 10 years. rick santorum: i' ve said that we need to limit the number of legal immigrants that come into this country. we bring a one million 50,000 a year that' s again, bringing in lower skilled workers to compete against people with wages are depressed already. i think it' s unfair to american workers. so i want to reduce by 25%, the number of legal immigrants coming into this country.
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primarily competing against low wage workers. and the same thing, you have half of them are here because they are here on a visa overstayed. they came here as a visitor, they came here as a student, they came here as an employment visa, and they did not go home. people always say we' re going to round people up, nobody has to round them up, all you have to do is pick up the phone and call them. we know their names. we know where they live. you probably have their phone number. and just say, you know, it' s time to go home. and go through the legal process of removing them and sending them back to their country. and if they want to come back on another visa, fine, but they are here illegally right now and they need to go home. that' s half the problem. the other half of the problem is a lot easier to solve, to be honest with you. all you have to do is say to businesses, we are going to fine here illegally. stephanie: we' ll hear from more of the candidates in our next half hour. you can read more on where all the candidates stand on these and other issues at announcer: now, meteorologist forecast.
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i have been watching the snow trying to creep into southern new hampshire from this massive blizzard to the south of us. it does not look like it is happening. in portsmouth, you can make out the clouds. it looks like a blanket on top of us. to the north and west, you have sunshine. many of you in central and northern new hampshire got to have a bright sunny day while southern new hampshire was close to the system. it is a gloomy day in derry where we had clouds all day long. there may be a couple of flurries tonight in extreme southern new hampshire. i am talking salem, maybe even windham, getting into derry, kingston, and even seabrook. you may it light snow but it would not accumulate. it is having a hard time getting to the ground. you go from salem, new hampshire, to salem, massachusetts, and there is a huge difference in those couple of miles. they are getting a couple of
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as this storm system continues to move north and east. look at how big this is. it really is a monster storm. we are missing out on the brunt of it. i know many of you skiers would have loved to have had this snow. it was not in the cards for us. the low-pressure right off the peninsula. you can see the wind with the colors spinning counterclockwise around the low. especially the new jersey coast getting into new york city, there has been coastal flooding as the strong winds are coming some of the storm surge. temperatures for us on the northern edge of the system are cold, especially with the winds going again today. it felt more like a single digits and teens. we are holding on to the 20' s now. we are so close, only a few miles away from getting some of the snow.
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7:00 a.m. on sunday, beautiful. a beautiful sunny day coming our way. a few late day clouds will stream in. a great day for skiing, outdoor activities. temperatures will be milder with highs in the 30' s. here is the ski forecast. for first tracks, definitely cold. five degrees at first tracks. it will warm into the upper 20' s. a huge game tomorrow in denver. you saw jason at the beginning of the show standing in the sun, 45 degrees will be the temperature tomorrow in denver. a relatively mild temperature for the game tomorrow. that is good news for pay ton. let' s hope that' s not true. temperatures warm up. tuesday, close to 40. with the system on tuesday, we might get raindrops because it will be so mile. things get colder again. highs.
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to happen. coast. stephanie: the candidates are getting a break. it is nice for walking around. not your typical new hampshire january. the super bowl. jamie staton joining us now. patriots. plus, this guy from new
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hmm hmm hmm-hmm-hmm-hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm-hmm let us be lovers, we'll marry our fortunes together
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here in my bag counting the cars on the new jersey turnpike they've all come to look for america [ cheers and applause ] all come to look for america all come to look for america all come to look for america i'm bernie sanders,
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jamie: welcome back. we expected to see the celtics and bruins in action tonight. but due to the snowstorm, the celtics game at in philadelphia has been postponed until tomorrow night at 7:00. the bruins will play tonight. they host the columbus blue jackets at 7:30. monarchs fans have two chances to see their team on home ice in the next 24 hours. they host the adirondack thunder tonight at 7:00 and tomorrow afternoon at 3:00. and by the way, monarchs forward matt harlow grew up in massachusetts and is a huge pats fan. >> i am from bridgewater, massachusetts, so i have been a patriots fan my whole life. i was about eight or nine years old when tom brady took over as quarterback. ever since i can remember, he was playing quarterback for the patriots. i am a huge fan, probably one of the biggest you will ever meet. very excited for the game this weekend.
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but everyone is healthy on the patriots offense now. jamie: good to get his perspective. big 10 basketball, michigan at nebraska. duncan robinson from new castle plays for michigan, and he gets a big dunk late in the game to put the wolverines up by four -- six points. he also had a couple of big free throws down the stretch. he was the top scorer in the game with 19 points. michigan wins 81-68. they are 15-5 this year . the big game is tomorrow. jason king will be live in our news at 6:00 from denver. stephanie: thank you. we' re working on more for news 9 at 5:30. adam: new hampshire receiving the ripple effect of an historic storm down south. the cancellations now in effect at manchester regional. stephanie: plus, a health alert. the listeria outbreak that has sickened a dozen people
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hayley: now at 5:30, only a few mouse to the south, a massive blizzard rages tonight. will we feel any impact from the storm and your sunny forecast coming up. stephanie: the ripple effects
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>> we are home early. we did not get snowed in for two or three days. it is a good thing. stephanie: the travel shakeup that is underway. adam: another billionaire media executive is considering launching a bid for the white house. details ahead. stephanie: the story of new hampshire native jim foley hitting the stage at the nation' festival. the latest on the premier. announcer: no one covers new hampshire like we do. now, wmur news 9 at 5:30. adam: areas up and down the east coast are seeing dangerous wins and flooding. heavy snow is blanketing i.r.a.' s of dcn new york. the last areas of d.c. and new york. stephanie: a travel ban is in effect for new york city. here we are not seeing any snow. let' s check in with hayley lapoint. hayley: only the far southern
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no reports of any of that taking place down by salem or portsmouth. you may see a few of them. we have had a few wind gusts near 30 miles per hour, especially at the seacoast in portsmouth. the wind gusts are higher south. nantucket had a wind gust near 80 miles an hour this afternoon coupled with heavy snow, blizzard like conditions on the vineyard, and also by cape cod and nantucket. it is because of this huge winter storm, officially a blizzard. it is still snowing in places like washington, d.c., and new york city where it has been for almost 24 hours. in west virginia, there are so snow amounts near 40 inches. take a look at the temperatures. we only got into the 20' s in most locations. new hampshire. here is what you can expect going forward.
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maybe a few flurries in for southern new hampshire. tomorrow, back to sunshine and temperatures milder. we will have highs in the 30' s. we will kick the temperatures up as we move forward. how warm it will be in a couple of minutes. stephanie: thanks so much. look at these spectacular image s of the snowstorm taken from space. the storm is causing major traffic trouble. the governor of pennsylvania said at one point, more than 500 cars were stuck in a mile-long pile up. thousands of flights have been canceled because of the storm, more than a dozen in new hampshire. adam: many people changed their travel plans to avoid the mess. mike joins us with an update on how many flights have been canceled locally. mike: there is a lot of red on the travel board tonight. between arrivals and departures, 14 light -- flights listed as
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the sky is clear in manchester, but the weather is affecting flights to and from new jersey, pennsylvania, charlotte, and washington, d.c. many changed their travel plans. we talked with passengers who arrived on a direct flight from florida. some were rerouted, while others called the airline days ago to reschedule their flight. david smith: southwest airlines took care of us, rerouted our flight, actually we got in early, and we' re happy. so they actually treated us well. claire curtice: i think they were lucky to see somebody being proactive in wanting to make the change when we called on thursday. mike: so you kind of got ahead of the game and it worked out to your benefit? claire: perfectly, and we got a nonstop flight. it was quicker. mike: flights coming and going to cities not affected by the storm appear to be on schedule. but a good idea to check your fights ahead of time while airlines try to get back on track. mike cronin, wmur news 9.
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christie hopped off the campaign trail here in new hampshire to oversee the storm response back in new jersey. that left his wife, mary pat christie, to fill in for the party' s first in the nation forum in nashua today. she' s been listening to her husband for so long that it' s not hard for her to deliver his stump speech. she said if she becomes first lady, veterans will be her top priority. mrs. christie: to make sure our men and women on the frontlines have the best tools available, to also ensure we deliver on the promise of taking care of our veterans who have given so much to us. stephanie: governor christie had a full slate of events planned for tomorrow. the campaign says it is not sure yet whether mrs. christie will be filling out that entire schedule. adam: breaking political news this afternoon. former new york city mayor michael bloomberg is considering an independent run for president. reports indicate the media mogul is serious about jumping in if the major parties nominate
5:32 pm
bloomberg was a democrat before switching his party affiliation to republican. chairwoman believes his candidacy would hurt the democratic nominee. >> we are seeing the result of a weak field of candidates on the democratic side. i think michael bloomberg is saying the same thing america is saying. hillary clinton has been dishonest. her lack of honesty has damaged her campaign, and he sees an opportunity here. march. stephanie: claremont officials are trying to figure out the how a house fire broke out this morning on main street. officials say the blaze started in a two-car garage and then spread into an apartment unit. officials say the garage has severe structural damage. no injuries have been reported. adam: the c.d.c. says one person is dead and others sickened from dole salads. the outbreak has affected people in at least six states,
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the salads were made in ohio. dole stopped all production at the ohio facility while an investigation is underway. stephanie: after facing major backlash regarding the lack of diversity in the makeup of this year' s oscars, the academy is now making sweeping changes. the academy is pledging more diversity in its membership and leadership. this includes doubling the number of female and minority members by 2020 and adding three new seats to the board of governors. the reform comes in light of calls for an oscar boycott after academy members nominated an all-white slate of actors for the second year in a row. , nation' s most prestigious film festival is underway in utah. a number of stars have been spotted at the sundance film festival. stephanie: a documentary about new hampshire journalist james film festival. it looks at foley' s journey from his hometown through his family' s efforts to bring him home. troops hitting the slopes. adam: the local ski areas
5:34 pm
of the military this weekend. stephanie: plus, it' s a concept that will make you say ' huh.' how one designer is making dresses out of cars. hayley: that is interesting. we have cold temperatures across the area tonight. temperatures start to go up over the next couple of days. [ horn honks ] okay, this is u.s. cellular, and this is verizon. now, same phones, but with u.s. cellular you get 6 gigs of 4g data for only $40 per month -- $20 less than verizon. and u.s. cellular's network was built to work in places like out here, here, and here. so, with all of that, why would you ever go to verizon? switch to u.s. cellular now and get 6 gigs of data for just $40 a month plus get $300 back.
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stephanie: two local ski areas are offering a special deal this weekend to show appreciation to members of the military. both today and tomorrow, all active, veteran and retired service men and women can ski for free at attitash and wildcat mountains. family members of active duty service members can get discounted lift tickets. the oldest ski club in america is hosting a winter festival this weekend. the nansen-milan winter festival features a 100-mile sled dog race, a nordic ski competition, ice skating, and broomball. for more information, including a schedule of events, head to you can find even more outdoors news on the "escape outside" section of our website, and the mother of that section paul tracey received a very well deserved award today by the new hampshire farm and forest expositions for her media coverage. the expo had to be pushed forward because of the primary. this picture was taken after the award ceremony and shows paula,
5:36 pm
agriculture commissioner. hayley, there' s a lot going on today. what are conditions like in milan? hayley: it will be great tomorrow, especially for people heading out to do outdoor activities. first gear is heading up north tomorrow, conditions look great. here are the temperatures tomorrow. in the 20' s. 26 in littleton. winds out of the north at five to 50 miles an hour. it might be chilly with the breeze kicking up. you see mostly sunny skies, temperatures in southern new hampshire will be milder getting into the 30' s. i will show you the full seven-day forecast in the next couple of minutes. adam: that is first in the nation weather. as the iowa caucus and new hampshire primary quickly approaches, presidential hopefuls are making their voices heard on big issues.
5:37 pm
announcer: now, meteorologist hayley lapoint and your forecast. hayley: there could be a few flurries in portsmouth. it does not look like it. but there is a small chance of a few passing snow showers and light flurries during the southeastern new hampshire. nothing in claremont. mainly clear skies. you had sunshine today. there was such a cut off with the clouds as this major storm
5:38 pm
you can see many areas into littleton and the great north woods had sunshine today while the rest of us in southern new hampshire, it was kind of gloomy with the clouds in place. i will show you where there might be a couple of light snow showers along the new hampshire-mass state line. from hudson into salem, atkinson toward the kensington area, kingston toward hampton, seabrook, it does not even look like it is as far north as portsmouth at this point. some of those snow showers may not be making it to the ground. we have very dry air over us now. a lot of times, the snow on the leading edge of systems are meeting up with the dry air and it does not make it to the ground and evaporates coming out of the clouds. it is not the case in new york city and into washington, d.c. over one foot or even two feet of snow in some of those cities
5:39 pm
22 degrees in concord and manchester. 22 in lebanon as well. 18 in plymouth. 21 and whitefield. the only thing we are getting from this system are some wins, especially in southeastern new hampshire. portsmouth, we have had gusts exceeding 20 miles an hour. we get the counterclockwise motion around this nor' easter. with the winds, there could be minor splash over. it is high tides now. at the coast, there may be minor rises in the high tide overnight. the high tide around midnight tonight. other than that, that is it as this system passes far to the south of us. it will be gone by the time we wake up tomorrow morning. this is 7:00 a.m. for us, bright and sunny tomorrow. late in the day, clouds will
5:40 pm
northwestern communities. as we get into the overnight hours, clouds will continue to pass through across the state as a weak system will slide through. it will bring in milder air as we get into the start of the workweek. temperatures depending on where the clear skies are longer. we have clear skies and light winds, look at the temperature in berlin. five below. compare that to 16 in salem more 18 in portsmouth because the clouds will be around longer and the winds will be moving in those communities. that will keep temperatures warmer overnight. teens are still chilly. tomorrow, temperatures in the mid-30' s. a few degrees warmer than today. 33 in started with sunshine. bright and sunny in the lakes region. meredith, 31. temperatures in the upper 20' s for bethlehem, lancaster. with sunshine on sunday.
5:41 pm
warm up. we will be approaching 40 degrees on tuesday with a few showers possible. same thing on wednesday. warmer temperatures, maybe a few rain showers. and then temperatures cool down at the end of the week. it will feel nice to thaw out a little bit. adam: tuesday sounds like a good day to start shipping the ice out of the driveway. stephanie: hard to believe rain in january. thanks. adam: back to commitment 2016 coverage. stephanie: our next group of candidates weighs in on what should be done to reform the immigration system, including illegal immigrants already here. donald trump: i want a strong border. we' re going to have the strongest border there is. mexico has a strong border. everybody has a strong border. we' re the only fools that take in anybody. and if you happen to be born, the anchor baby syndrome, if you happen to be born here, we' re taking care of that person for 85 or years. 90 that is not going to happen. you don'
5:42 pm
it is already in the 4th amendment, and the proper lawyers have really so stated. the television lawyers turned out to be wrong. i turned out to be right. we are going to have a strong border. we are going to have people come into the country legally. people that are here illegally have to go, and the bad ones, and we have a lot of really bad ones in gangs. if you look at los angeles, if you look at chicago, if you look at baltimore, if you look at some of the toughest gangs in the country, they are composed of illegal immigrants. they are gone immediately. and i want them to go from where they came. i don' t want them to be in our jail so that we have to put them in jail for 45 years and we have to take care of them. i want them out of here, and they will never come back again. jeb bush: we need to secure the border, for sure. we need to deal with the visa overstayers that comprise 40% of illegal immigrants. we need an e-verify system that is serious. we need to end the sanctuary-cities ideas where the local governments defy the federal law. we need to be all-in, coordinating with local law
5:43 pm
border and across the country to coordinate an effort to make sure that the rule of law applies. there is national security considerations for this, public health issues. we see the heroin epidemic here in new england because of the cheap heroin that crosses our border. this is a serious undertaking, and it requires a comprehensive strategy. as it relates to the illegal immigrants already here, i have a plan that suggests that people come out from the shadows and they pay a fine, that they work, that they pay their taxes, that they learn english, that they don' t receive federal government assistance. they don' t commit crimes. and over an extended period of time, they earn legal status. they don' t earn a path to citizenship. i think that' s the best approach. dr. ben carson: well, first of all, we have to stop the flow. and yuma county, arizona was very successful in doing that. they put up a double fence with an asphalt road in between so there' s quick access. they actually put border guards
5:44 pm
you can see them. they' re a quarter of a mile apart. and they prosecuted first-time offenders, rather than the catch and release program that we have now. they stopped the flow by 97%. we can make it 100% if we added motion detectors and drones for early detection. that' s easy to do, and they did that in one segment. you can do that in the other nine segments and close that off. you also have to turn off the spigot that dispenses the goodies. if there are no goodies, there wouldn' t be any reason for people to come here. and then with the ones who are here, the 11.5 million, i would give them a six-month opportunity to get registered, assuming that they have a pristine record. if they don' t, they are out of here. and they can register as a guest worker. they have to work in segments where we need guest workers, you know like farming and hospitality industry. chris christie: first, we need to secure our border. how do we do that? well, we should put fencing in the areas that are most heavily populated. second, we need to use drones and stationary cameras in the
5:45 pm
so that we get real-time intel on what' s going on in those remote parts of the border. we can send folks there if we need to, to stop people from coming over across the border. third, we need to put f.b.i., d.e.a., atfh on the border to interdict drugs and guns that are coming across. fourth, we need to have e-verify. every employer in this country should only be able to hire people who are here legally. and if you hire someone who is here illegally, your fine should be double whatever you made off of that person. that will get business in line and tell them to stop hiring illegal folks. and last, let' s have a visa system in this country where if you come in here on a tourist visa or a student visa, you give your thumbprint. it goes into a database and if you overstay -- you are welcomed here under the visa -- if you are here longer than you need to be, we can kick you out because we will have your thumbprint. the fact is that we invite people here for a certain period of time, and 40% of the overstays in this country didn' t come over the southern border. they came in through an airport with a visa. adam: we' ll hear from the candidates on climate change
5:46 pm
read more on where all the candidates stand on these and other issues at stephanie: we are counting down to the 100th anniversary of the new hampshire primary. you can catch an encore presentation of "100 years of tradition" tomorrow at 4:00 right here on wmur. adam: it is a design stirring chatter. stephanie: would you say yes to a dress made out of cars? adam: ahead at 6:00 -- a blizzard hitting the east coast causing flight cancellations and a mess for drivers. we are live in washington, d.c., with the latest.
5:47 pm
adam: car shows generally draw buzz regarding the latest cars and car models. to a whole new level. stephanie: this week, fashion models became a part of the display wearing the same material used on the instrument panel surface of some cars and trucks. would you say yes to this dress? janna coumoundouros, fashion designer: it' s more durable than leather, and it has an interesting texture to it. and so, i' ve been making dresses out of it. stephanie: auto supplier inteva thought it would be fun to see if the thermoplastic material might have an application in the world of fashion. the results have been shocking people left and right.
5:48 pm
the snow down south has been forcing people to make compromises. here' s a big one. one virginia couple had to change their wedding day with just a day' s notice. matt silver: we uh, were originally getting married on sunday. and the venue told us, ' you should do it tomorrow ' cause if not, we make no guarantees.' so, last-minute wedding came together pretty well. stephanie: the happy couple says the snow is making their wedding even more memorable. i went to school in virginia. i know they panic. of virginia. good luck to them. hopefully, they got there. thanks for joining us for news 9 at 5:00. ll be right back with
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