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tv   Closeup  ABC  January 24, 2016 10:00am-10:30am EST

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[captioning performed by the which is responsible for its visit] josh: this sunday on "close up," the primary is on our doorstep. polls show hillary clinton with bernie sanders. carly fiorina' s campaign appears to be losing steam. fiorina also in studio. the clock is ticking towards the new hampshire primary, what was supposed to be an easy win
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bernie sanders has a big lead. let' s find out from secretary clinton. sec. clinton: how are you? josh: 27 points according to our latest poll. sec clinton: i don' t know what is going to happen. there' s an enormous amount of people making up their mind and finding out where they stand. you have a neighbor running, which is an advantage. here' s what i think. i feel good about where my campaign is. we' ve built a great organization staffed by really smart people with tons of volunteers getting out every day. it is my job to begin to draw contrasts, which is what i' m doing in new hampshire. senator sanders and i share some of the same views. we think the economy has to work better for people, not just those of the top.
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we think we have to prevent wall street from knocking main street to its knees. i think i have a better and smarter way. independent observers agree with me. i think we should build on the a fumble care act, he wants to start over, which i' m not sure is the best thing to do, to thrust our country into a debate. there are legitimate differences in substance. but the difference between our debate and what we see on the other side is pretty stark. i hope new hampshire voters will listen to both of us and make up their minds about who they think can deliver what we are advocating. josh: when you look into these numbers in the latest poll, perhaps the biggest issue boils down to trust. do you feel like there' s still an argument that you need to make that you can be trusted with some of these issues that people keep talking about, whether it is the e-mails or whatever? sec. clinton: i want to make the case that people in new hampshire can count on me.
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in 2008, president-elect obama turned to me and asked me to be his secretary of state. he trusted me, he counted on the. the people of new york elected me in 2000 by a good margin and came back when i ran for reelection and gave me a higher margin. the people who know me and do not just listen to the barrage of incoming attacks, i understand and i appreciate it as part of the political atmosphere. people who know me and who have worked with me, i have so many colleagues from the senate. i have the governor of vermont, i have senator lacy from vermont, people supporting me because they have worked with me, they know me and they trust me. i want the people of new hampshire to know that when i tell you i will fight for you, i will. you can count on that. that is the kind of person i am and that is the kind of president i will be. josh: you talk about attacks,
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and some come from the media. seems like every couple days s a new report where an indictment from the fbi is imminent because there is a document that was in her e-mails that is definitely classified. that. is there ever going to be anything more to that story? worry about it? t anything to the story. i cannot control the story and a well-timed political leaks and everything else that seems to be going on. what i' ve said for months remains absolutely true. i did not send or receive any material marked classified. i take that very seriously. i have handled a lot of it. there are things that only i and a handful of people know about. i was one of the few in the room to advise the president about bin laden. so top-secret that when the president called to tell the former presidents and he reached
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said no. i know how to handle the information that needs to be kept carefully out of the public arena. in the latest incident, which really is quite strange, the best we can tell is that these efforts to retroactively classify material that was not marked classified at the time includes a "new york times" article that somebody forwarded to me. i think that there is an effort -- josh: it is part of the game. sec. clinton: it is a sad game. i know that these kinds of political back-and-forth' s will continue. josh: let me ask you this. a lot of important issues. no one is perfect. you' ve been in the public eye for decades. do you fear that the scandals that come of the clinton name has endured, whether you are
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sec. clinton: i don' t think so. individual voter. i went through some hard times. personally in the late 19 90' the whole world knows that. i' ve written about that in my autobiography, "living history." i' m very proud of my husband, the marriage we have, the daughter we raised, the of our lives. i will stand up for all of the really good things that bill did as president was still gets elsewhere. as you said in your question, i don' t think any of us should be judged by the worst mistake or action that we did.
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charity and understanding since everyone of us needs it from time to time. if people want to listen to the republicans who started this up and started it over, that is every voter' s right. i asked them to look at what the economic results were in the 1990' s and the kind of plans i am putting forward that will get incomes rising and will enable more people to lift themselves up. because i believe with economic empowerment. that is the lesson that should be drawn when it comes to looking at the future. josh: you talk about green energy, something like the next internet. let me ask you about foreign policy. i asked you about the iran deal. you said on balance it is in america' s best. interest this week, john kerry said with a lifting of sanctions it is likely that billions of dollars could find their way into the pockets of terrorist groups.
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you have any, how would you second-guess or change the deal in place? sec. clinton: i feel strongly that the deal that was reached, getting the sanctions imposed and laying the groundwork does put a lid on the iranian nuclear weapons program. as i' ve said repeatedly, you cannot just sign the agreement and go home. we have to enforce it, every provision of a. i would intend as president to impose consequences on the iranians if we discover there are problems that they are engaged in that raise red flags. i immediately called for sanctions on their missile development program because they should not be doing that. we have to try to send that signal to them. on the nuclear weapons piece of the complicated relationship with iran, i feel like if we
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there is this other huge area of problems with iran. when they seized our sailors and outraged. when they had done things to destabilize other countries, their continuing support for assad, who is murdering hundreds of thousands of his own people. there' s so much about iranian behavior that we have to be vigilant about and try to bring the world together to deal with that just as i brought the world together on the sanctions. i' m not one of those, as my opponent senator sanders has said, who wants to rush to normalize relations with iran. no we got where we are with respect to the nuclear weapons program deliberate diplomacy. i want us to do the same trying to prevent their support of
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middle east. josh: we only have a couple minutes. you touch on what bernie sanders said about diplomacy. he is a former independent running as a democrat. do you believe he represents the philosophy of the democratic party? sec. clinton: you will have to ask him. that is his philosophy. here' s what i think. i think that we know more about what to do to provide economic opportunity that actually is delivered. we do not need theories are ideas that sound great but are going to be really hard, if not impossible, to ever implement. i want us to work through gridlock by making it clear -- i do not have a monopoly on good ideas. i do have an idea that i think is pretty well-founded in evidence about how we get the
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how we promote small businesses. how we do more on clean energy with all the jobs that has had how we change the tax code so we have incentives to bring manufacturing back to new hampshire and america. i have been clear about what i will do to create jobs. i also have, by many observers' views, the toughest and most comprehensive plan to rein in wall street. i know that is one of the big deals of my opponent, and i agree with him. we passed. frank. dodd frank gives the president and federal reserve the authority to go after big banks that pose systemic risks. we will do that if it is called for. we also have to go after the shadow banking industry. it was investment banks and insurance companies that had a role in the great recession. josh: best of luck to you. you are going to get plenty of support in new hampshire. sec. clinton: i love being in the state. i will be here, as my husband
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josh: thank you for joining us.
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josh: welcome back to "close up ."
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fiorinaknew there would be work today. she did not have the name id of jeb bush and has never held elected office. her credentials as ceo and her determination have her in the middle of things pitch she' s convinced she can gain momentum in the final weeks. good to see you. ms. fiorina: nice to see you. josh: this happened pretty quick, a couple weeks from the primary. ms. fiorina: i am really pleased. in another set of polls i am tired for 5th in new hampshire with a bunch of governors who have spent tens of millions of dollars and i have not spend a dime yet. i am more pleased by the robust ground game we have here. the number of great endorsements including our state chairman. not a single thought has been cast. the pundits have been wrong about this election from the very beginning. i am counting on the people in new hampshire to send me out of
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josh: how accurate is -- do you think the polls will be on election night? ms. fiorina: remember the election in kentucky last year, there was a gubernatorial election in kentucky. the polls, 24 hours before the election, where 17 points off. if polls were accurate, we would have already had it president hillary clinton and president rudy giuliani -- none of those things happen. when i know and what i think the people of new hampshire know is that the people of new hampshire have a very important responsibility. they have not cast their votes yet. 80% of them have not yet quite made up their mind. they all know they want to see me debate hillary clinton. josh: we are notorious for relating to the last minute. the two names people are talking about a lot, obviously donald trump continues to be in the news, and ted cruz, what you see as the difference between the two of them and what you make of
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are they similar or they the same canada, one wearing cowboy boots? ms. fiorina: you know what a similar? both trump and cruz claim to the outsiders and both of them are the ultimate insiders. ted cruz has been inside the political establishment. donald trump has been a chronic capitalist buying influence from those in the establishment all his life. that is how he has rake in billions of dollars. what they engaged in was a fight about their power and position, had nothing to do with their american people, as the game of politics rarely does. it had nothing to do with providing solutions to our problems. that is why people are sick of politics and why i' m running for office. we have to take our country back and restore a citizen government. the game that has been played for decades between the political class and crony capitalism has gone on for too
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josh: if you watch any of the debates and you listen to some of the rhetoric, particularly on the republican side of things, there is a lot to be afraid of, you would think. people want to lock their doors. is there a middle ground between the rose-colored glasses that a lot of democrats are accused of wearing and some of the fear that some republicans say that we need to be considering or is it reality on the republican side? ms. fiorina: people are fed up and now they are afraid. we' ve had two major terrorist attacks in this country since 9/11. hillary clinton is talking about climate change and gun control. yes, people are frustrated and set up. lecturing us about those fears does not help. we need to present solutions. i am the only leader who knows how to solve these. cut our government and hold it accountable. i will lead in the world as
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we need to restore possibilities in this nation. we can do all these things. it' s silly to say that people don' t have a right to be angry and frustrated, we are angry and frustrated, i am. but it' s unproductive to serve provide a solution. a leader provides solutions and that is why i rolled out my blueprint to take the country hampshire about. josh: let' s talk about guns. from your standpoint, gun violence is a problem. everybody can agree with that. it is what to do about it. what is reasonable as far as what the federal government can do, background checks, mental health? ms. fiorina: let' s start by the federal government enforcing the laws we have. we do a lousy job of that.
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should not own guns and wh od o. less than1% being prosecuted today. let' s take guns out of the hands of people who we know should not have them. let' s have enough fbi, deh aft agents to perform background checks. that cannot happen with dylann roof in south carolina. when the president says never mind that congress twice on a bipartisan basis rejected what he proposed as an executive order, he forgets how the constitution works. he said basically we have not in enforcing laws and i' m going to start doing that. let' s start by enforcing laws we have. it would make a difference. josh: i want to ask you about executive orders. you bring a unique perspective having been the ceo of a major company. when is it appropriate? i its hate to hypothesize but
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has done. when is it appropriate for a president to the -- exercise an executive order. ms. fiorina: we have a blueprint constitution. president obama has collected vast amounts of power in the oval office, but so have republican presidents. we have to restore a citizen government. we have to put powerback in the hands of the people. what is that mean? it means taking away the power of the executive branch to, for example, role out rule after rule. the executive branch has been rolling outrules which now govern the psychology and suppress opportunity and our keeping people out of work and who are the rule makers in the executive branch? they are not elected. they are bureaucrats with an ideology. restoring a citizen government, taking our country back starts
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and then holding government accountable. that means we roll back rules and we examine every dollar and we finally reform the tax code, all of these are in my blueprint. josh: we are at a stage in the game when most people know where the candidates stand on issues. i would ask you, a lot of this campaign has been about attitude and going a little too far to you said recently which drew some nervous laughter with regards to hillary clinton, at least i like to spend time with my husband. is that sense of humor or is there a point to be made? ms. fiorina: the point i was making is that bill and hillary clinton have focused on gaining them. they had done it as a tagteam. the clinton global initiative is like a gigantic ponzi scheme hillary clinton herself and bill
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hillary clinton is the one running, she has escaped prosecution more times than el chapo. maybe sean penn is waiting to interview her as well. this is about gaining power. they will do whatever they have to do to gain power. that does not help the american people. the american people are told to sit down and be quiet. we have record numbers of men and women out of work and living in poverty and middle-class wages stagnating and no solution. i offer leadership and solutions. time to take our country back. josh: let me ask you about new hampshire. we are about out of time. you know what the pundits say, i' m glad i' m not a pundit. there are limited take it out of new hampshire. may be one governor, you have ted cruz and obviously donald trump. where do you think you need to finish to keep going?
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with the wind at my back and i think i will. i have exceeded expectations every step of the campaign. i started out 17-16, no one had heard my name. and yet new hampshire showed up and listened. and now, as i said, i am sitting where no one expected me to be. i trust very much that the people of new hampshire take their citizenship seriously. we are packing them in in town halls. people know this country is at a pivotable and perilous time. time to take our country back. the people of new hampshire know that and they will have me come out of new hampshire with the wind at my back. josh: one last question and we will see what happens in the next cycle. suggestions of changing the election process, one includes a regional primary, doing a with the early contest states. does carly fiorina, who came in with no one knowing who you are,
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ms. fiorina: of course the political establishment was to take away power from the voters of new hampshire.the political establishment has wanted to winnow the field as quickly as possible. that is not in voters' interest. immediate once to put on a good show, that is not -- the immediate wants to put on a good show, that is about taking power out of the hands of the voters of new hampshire or iowa or south carolina. and that is not the way this country is supposed to work. let' s keep power in the hands of the voters of new hampshire. people here take this responsibility seriously. it' s new hampshire' s job to vet candidates and winnow the field, nobody else' s. josh: thank you. best of luck moving forward. time is flying. thank you, carly fiorina. back with more. stay with us. congress doesn't regulate wall street... wall street regulates congress. it's a rigged economy that sends
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and it's held in place by a corrupt political system where wall street banks and billionaires buy elections. my campaign is funded by over two and a half million small contributions. people who know you can't level the playing field by taking more money from wall street. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. join the fight to take back our government. (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates, answer the call
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josh: welcome back. joined by john distaso. we' ve got a couple minutes. let' s talk about the polls. you' ve been through the worse, how reflective do you think they' re going to be, election day? john: hillary clinton, for instance, has an uphill climb. whether it is 27 points depends what paul you believe. expectations are lower for hillary. this has been clinton country for 25 years, i don' t know how low expectations can get. on the republican side, i feel
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and who is going to end up finishing second and third i think donald trump appears to be in pretty good shape right now. josh: ground game on both sides is going to make a huge difference. let' s talk about i will quickly. new hampshire lives in a vacuum and i would does not matter. is that different cycle? john: each time it goes back-and-forth. most of the time we overturn iowa. i think this time because of the volatility of the race and the fact that people are looking for some final closure in this, i think the iowa impact will be in the past. josh: one thing we can agree on, this is a cycle unlike anything else. john: this is my 10th and i' ve never seen anything like it. josh: with one minute to go, what do you expect to see in the week leading up to iowa caucuses? do you think people will spread their time and focus -- other than those counting on new hampshire, will they try to balance the two states.
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a couple may look beyond new hampshire who have not been here, santorums and huckabees will go south. we are going to be two busy guys. josh: no question. good to see you. that will wrap up this edition of "close up new hampshire." thank you for watching. we will be back here next week.


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