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tv   News 9 at Six  ABC  January 25, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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goffstown are now working together to solve this case. and they are hoping video and photos of the suspect will help them make an arrest. this surveillance video from the concord mart convenience store shows the disturbing encounter. a man in a hooded jacket walked into the store and threatened the clerk. >> he made a comment to the clerk, something like do you want to die, or if you don't give me the money you're going to die. reporter: it was 2:30 sunday afternoon and except for the clerk and robber the store at 242 north main street was empty. the surveillance video then shows the clerk moving behind the counter and that's when the struck -- struggle starts. >> the suspect began taking money out of the register and the clerk tried to fend off the suspect with a stick, and during the struggle the clerk's hand was lacerated by the suspect's knife. reporter: the suspect then left the store and was last seen running on franklin street. but this afternoon police say a man with a similar description
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village. these are surveillance photos of that suspect. >> he's described as a male, possibly in his 40's, we're not certain, appears to be some gray facial hair, wearing a dark hooded jacket. reporter: goffstown police describe him as a six foot tall male with light brown skin and some missing teeth. wearing a dark gray or black hooded sweatshirt with a pocket off the left chest. the suspect handed a note to the teller but did not display a weapon. he got away with some cash. again concord and goffstown police are now working together on this case. the f.b.i. has also been notified. live in the studio, i'm shelley walcott, wmur news 9. tom: right now in new ipswich, police are investigating what led to the rollover of a propane truck. this was the scene this afternoon on route 124 near the wind blown recreation center, as can you see the eastern propane truck left the road and struck several trees. firefighters from both new
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responded to the scene. and open water as far as the eye can see on lake winnipesaukee right now. that has organizers of the upcoming pond hockey tournament making a change in plans. jennifer: those organizers have announce in addition the games will go on, but this year all the action will happen on nearby lake walkewon. suzanne roantree has more. reporter: yes, the ice out behind me here on meredith bay is just about safe enough now to have a bob house put on it. it wasn't until this last friday that many of the bays on lake winnipesaukee even had any ice on them. time was of the essence in determining where next week's hockey tournament in meredith would be. that decision is to be on lake wonkewon. organizers of the great meredith roe rotary ice fishing derby say it too will go on as schedule forward the valentine's day
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>> ice in the area is safe on the smaller ponds, and some of the bays. a lot of the lakes starting to catch now. people starting to venture out in some new areas. >> just make sure that before you go on the ice you inspect it first, cut a hole or use an auger. reporter: fish and game officials say you should have at least 4 to 6 inches of ice under your feet if you are an angler. up to 8 inches of ice should be below you if you're going to be using a snow mobile or atv out on the ice. suzanne roantree, wmur news 9. jennifer: well, there won't be too much freezing going on this week with another warmup just around the corner. the frigid air has moved out with milder air on the way back in. chief meteorologist mike haddad looks at the changes set to arrive. mike: yes, you really have to watch it out there, big lakes, small lakes, really test the ice
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because we are not going to see much freezing, for this reason. the high today, upper 30's and warmer air is to our south and west. even though we're sub freezing right now, we're not going to see a big addition to the ice sheet that is out there beginning to form on the big lake, and on some of the other smaller ponds and lakes out there. across a good part of the nation, at or above freezing. a wedge of warmth building in through the ohio valley and that begins to budge in here starting tomorrow as temperatures jump to the 40's. we'll look at the rest of the week, straight ahead. tom: now to commitment 2016, right now several presidential candidates are keeping their focus on new hampshire despite the iowa caucuses only being a week away. jennifer: that includes the republican frontrunner, donald trump, who will hold a town hall meeting in less than an hour. however, late this afternoon wmur canceled an interview with trump after he demanded we omit
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poll that shows 30% of likely republican primary voters here in new hampshire won't vote for trump under any circumstance. adam sexton is live now in farmington where trump will be holding his rally a bit later. reporter: just last week donald trump told us that he would be here so much that we would be him. bus he's taken a week to get come back to new hampshire after today until friday. that's still a fairly sparse schedule for just two weeks to go until first in the nation votes. also we've noticed another thing about the schedule, there have been a lot of visits to border towns in new hampshire. here we under farmington, right across the border from maine. he's been to nashua recently, he was just in lowell, massachusetts, claremont new hampshire, just across the border from vermont. so a lot of visits around the margins of new hampshire, but he can still draw a big crowd. concord last week, the difference between 500 or like
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he could fill this gym. coming up, we'll have more about what he talks about in farmington. adam sexton, wmur news 9. tom: while officials in new jersey assess the damage from a record breaking blizzard, that state's governor is back at campaign trail in new hampshire, chris christie spent less than 48 hours in his home state before returning here. amy coveno has some of the criticism christie is facing. reporter: yes, governor says tree says he was bound to be did. he stands by his decision to come back here and campaign and says as governor of new hampshire he's never off duty, assuring the media that things in his home state are under control. >> i think i said this, no matter what i did i was going to draw criticism. reporter: governor christie on the defensive monday for doing a drive by of the damage in his home state and then coming right back to new hampshire to campaign for president. while assuring critics and constituents he can do both. >> i've been on the phone a half dozen times today with my staff
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are going on in the aftermath of the storm, regarding damage assessment and other issues. reporter: the governor says he made the decision to come back sunday morning. >> i woke up sunday morning, i was told the following. the roads are all clear, new jersey trance it will be ready to go back up and begin thingsing around noontime on sunday. that we had no major flooding anyplace in the state. reporter: as for federal disaster assistance, governor christie says the damage assessments are under way. it could be 72 hours before they'll know if new jersey qualifies for federal aid. to those in hard hit north wildwood, christie says it simply don't compare to hurricane sandy. >> to try to compare this to hurricane sandy is an insult to the people who suffered so much in hurricane sandy. and had their homes destroyed and all the rest. reporter: governor christie is polling in the middle of the pack and today was asked about where he hopes to finish february 9th. >> we intend to be the best
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we intend to finish the highest in new hampshire and to move onto south carolina to do as well as we can do down there. reporter: governor christie is in hooksett right now for a town hall meeting. he heads back to new jersey tomorrow. jennifer: republican hopeful john kasich continues to make his primary push in new hampshire, with seven campaign visits over three days. kasich spoke to the rotary club in manchester where he talked about his own record on fiscal issues and other topics. the ohio governor says he knows a good showing here in the state is very important. but he stopped short of saying he's putting all of his eggs in one basket. tom: straight ahead at 6:00 tonight, the story a lakes region man who is facing a long road to recovery. jennifer: this after a vaporizer battery exploded in his pocket. the message his mother wants shared. mike: dry for now, but will it stay that way the west of of the
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the forecast is coming up. announcer: where do you line up with john kasich on the issues? take the kasich quiz! forced obamacare expansion in ohio. voted for massive defense cuts and defended the process that closed pease air force base, which cost thousands of local jobs. even had the worst rating on spending of any governor in the country - republican or democrat. john kasich - wrong on new hampshire issues.
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tom: a moultonborough man is recovering in a boston hospital tonight. jennifer: his family says a vaporizer battery exploded in his pocket. surveillance video from where this man works shows the smoke from the explosion, and then he runs off. 26-year-old matthew gilson suffered second and third degree burns on his legs and hand. he has received multiple skin grafts, recovery will take months. his mother says he bought the vaporizer a month ago in an effort to stop using cigarettes. >> when i saw his, just the
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i mean, if my grandson had been here and he had picked that up, it would have killed him. and it just breaks my heart. i don't want to see anybody else get hurt like that. jennifer: the battery company is based in china, could it not be reach forward comment. tom: a hot topic again on nashua school board agenda, should the city schools stock the overdose narcan. the debate over this proposal started earlier this month and will continue at 7:00 tonight. school nurses will be trained, and it was also suggested that principals be trained as well. mike haddad is back in with world of a warming trend on the way. mike: yes. we started to feel it today, really not all that bad. upper 30's after wind chills in the teens, it's a nice stretch around here, at least through tomorrow.
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(phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong.
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tom: tonight the nation's capital continues to dig out. jennifer: look at this time lapse video of just how much snow fell, how quickly it added up in the d.c. area, in just a day and a half. it fell at three to four inches an hour. of course we dodged that big storm, but we're not always that lucky. josh judge is here now with more on when we last faced a storm like that one. josh: you probably have some good or bad memories of last year, many of us, where the snow
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there was one storm one year ago this week on january 27, let's take a look at video of that in a moment. but there were as much as three to four inches of snow falling many times. this is plaistow that we're looking at here when they were digging out of that snow, where almost 30 inches of snow fell during that storm in the plaistow area. and just as much if not more in many other locations as well. other locations that saw three inches per hour, nashua with 33 and seabrook 32, as well as hudson. salem, exeter, litchfield all al 30 inches or more. during that snow from about 4:00 a.m. to 10 or 11 in the morning, there was many heavy bursts of snow that rolled through with at least three to four inches per hour that came down. so this kind of mimics what they saw in the d.c. area as well. this was the storm system that
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parts of the state there in that area, with 34 to 36 inches as you see right there. that was quite the storm that we saw this past weekend, and of course mike haddad is here with a look at our forecast and a look at how much they saw down there. mike: yes, very impressive numbers, josh. there were a couple spots in west virginia, 40 plus inch eggs of snow. but in terms of the bigger cities, they topped off around two to two and a half feet including d.c. at dulles airport, just under 30 inches of snow. baltimore just under 30 as well. hershey, pennsylvania with 29 inches of snow. 28.1 in newark. and central park, new york over two feet of snow. the last of the storm pulling out during the day on saturday and as it cleared not all that bad over the weekend. and even a little more pleasant today with the sunshine building in. temperatures running above the average, by several degrees. time lambs out of newfound lake,
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are stating to see ice forming on some lakes, but not all spots, so you really have to watch it, the ice is not safe in many areas. by later tonight we drop down to near 10 on the canadian border, upper teens near 20 in the lakes region. good part of the country experiencing at or above normal temperatures. south. until you factor in several hundred miles. so we don't see a big jump from the midwest to the deep south, and because of that no major storms. yes, is there a weak disturbance back to the west, but outside of a couple widely scattered showers that's it. the best bet will be mainly up north tomorrow. so tomorrow partial sunshine, clouds will tend to build in during the afternoon. and there could be a shower, but again if you're going to be out tomorrow it should be a mainly dry, breezy and warmer day. 40's.
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cooler wednesday. northwesterly winds take over. still a couple of widely scattered flurries or light snow showers around the great north woods and white mountains. towards the end of the week we start to see another system approaching through the midwest and great lakes. so as this approaches on friday, a good bet of scattered flurries or snow showers as another coastal system develops. but this one looks to pass out the sea to our east, later on friday morning, into friday afternoon. what about temperatures tomorrow? not all that bad. we're back into the 40's statewide except far north where the great north woods will top off in the upper 30's. quite a few clouds, could be an isolated mixed shower north. outside of that it will be dry, breezy, and again well above the average. for tonight, fair skies, nice and cool, again near 10 in places like putsburg and errol and colebrook. 15 to 20 in the lakes region and upper valley.
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days, again notice temperatures climb up tomorrow. slightly cooler but still above average on wednesday. and those temperatures remain at or above the norm right through the next seven days. best chance of snow showers will be on friday. maybe a few more flurries or late snow showers later saturday and early sunday. and a couple of mixed showers early next week. so if you don't like the frigid air that we've had for the past couple of weeks, that seven-day is not too bad. tom: thank you. jamie: we're going to warm things up in sports and talk new hampshire golf association, the state amateur championship
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jamie: one last walk into the locker room for the patriots, our wmur crew was under the stadium to get the video as they came in from the hard fought battle in the afc championship game with the broncos. seven of the patriots made the pro bowl, hopefully most will be on the field this weekend in hawaii. the good-bye happened quickly. coach belichick held one final press conference this morning, putting the wraps on the 2015 patriots season. all of this after the disappointing loss to denver last night. the broncos played great defense for sure. but pats missed some great opportunities, just couldn't get enough big plays.
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record of 13-5. >> we knew we were playing one of the greatest quarterbacks, and he played good football and got them a win. >> came down to the last play. came down to the last play of the game, fourth quarter, game's on the line, it's what you dream about. and it hurts for sure. i'm proud of our group. at the end of the day we didn't get where we wanted to go, but like i said i'm proud of everyone in this organization. jamie: celtics and bruins venturing into the heart of where the big snowstorm hit over the weekend, c's play at the washington wizards tonight. the bruins will play at the philadelphia 76ers, also at 7:00. here's your latest u.s. college hockey online national poll, dartmouth creeping closer to the top 25. they've won seven of their last eight, they will put their skills to the test friday night
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they host pruns ton on saturday -- prinze ton on saturday. the new hampshire golf association released its schedule for 2016. the big event will be the 113th new hampshire state amateur to to be held at laconia country club beginning july 11. they last hosted in 2004, the champion that year derek mcallister from rochester country club. the defending champion this year is windham's connor greenleaf who golfs at boston college n. year our sports department is trying to get highlights from all 88 high schools in new hampshire and tonight we'll be in the forth country, the combined team from pittsburg and canaan, vermont. tough to put basketball teams together with those numbers. jennifer: right now on, if you like mountain views, this week's mansion monday home will
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a tour through the house in north conway. three bedrooms and a chef's
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our fortunes together i've got some real estate here in my bag counting the cars on the new jersey turnpike they've all come to look for america [ cheers and applause ] all come to look for america all come to look for america all come to look for america i'm bernie sanders,
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