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tv   Nightline  ABC  January 26, 2016 12:37am-1:07am EST

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this is "nightline." >> tonight, the missing persons case that captivated the country. 7-year-old kyron horman's disappearance from school sparking the biggest search in oregon's history. now more than five years later, his stepmother the focus of dark accusations is breaking her silence. >> did you have anything to do with his disappearance? >> no. none. >> and the boy's biological mother reacting tonight. >> she did this. plus some bachelorettes look for love on "the bachelor." some women date digital. but these singles are turning to modern movemakers and paying thousands to find love. >> are you single?
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good evening. thanks for joining us. it was a missing persons case that captivated the country. 7-year-old kyron horman goes to school and vanishes. seemingly without a trace. and the police never named her as a suspect. his step mother has been the subject of sinister accusations. tonight she's breaking her silence explaining what she thinks really happened to kyron. >> reporter: this gap-toothed little boy is kyron horman, smiling in front of his tree frog project on june 4th, 2010, the day the 7-year-old disappeared, seemingly without a trace, from his oregon elementary school. his stepmother terry horman took that last photograph of him. >> when you see that picture now what goes through your mind? >> just -- take him home. just go home. >> reporter: kyron's face was
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billboards, terry appearing on television alongside her husband cain and kyron's biological mother. >> we know how difficult and stressful this is but your memories and statements can help us find him. >> reporter: only days later cane and desiree young began questioning terry saying they thought she may have something to do with his disappearance. the dark shadow of suspicion has followed her ever since. >> did you have anything to do with his disappearance? >> no. none. and i don't -- i don't resent you asking that question, but it hurts my heart to -- to even be asked. every sense of the word, he's my son. >> reporter: for the first terri horman says she's speaking out to set the record straight, an abc news and "people" magazine exclusive. >> more than five years since kyron disappeared. why sit down now? >> because the focus has been on me and i should not be the focus. >> i think the reason why she
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people to hear her speak. and hopefully get people to believe that she had nothing to do with this. >> reporter: kyron lived with his father cane and step mother terri since he was an infant, along with terri's older son james and the couple's infant daughter kiara. his mother lived south in medicaled for, oregon. mom? >> he'd call me mom and he'd call december ever ray mom. >> reporter: she's been his primary caregiver. she loved being a mom, especially being able to help with homework. >> she was very proud of that? >> yes, we spent some time on that. >> reporter: she watched kyron walking toward his classroom around 8:45 before class began that day. >> that was the last time you saw him? >> yeah. >> reporter: kyron was marked absent but wasn't reported
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>> the secretary says, he's not here. your heart sinks. you're like, how could hi not be here? >> reporter: kyron vanished. the school had no surveillance cameras. >> kyron! >> reporter: or police launched the biggest and most expensive search in the state's history. >> we're going to bring you home. >> reporter: as the family pleaded for help police seemed interested in terri horman, especially after she failed two separate polygraph tests. >> why do you think you failed lie detector tests? >> especially because of my hearing. i'm deaf in my left ear. >> why would that affect a lie detector test? >> i'm reading your lips as we're speaking. also i hadn't slept in days. >> did you at any time lie to police? >> no. >> a lot of the people think if you flunk not one but two lie detector tests there's gotting to something going xw going on. >> i think they'd already settled on me to be their patty. >> reporter: terri said she left
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her 19-month-old daughter it with her. she said she drove to a nearby fred myer pharmacy to hook for a specific kind of medicine for kiara. terri said she didn't have it so she drove to another forehead high tore see if they had it in stock. then a period of unaccounted time. many who followed the case closely question. terri said she pulled her to tend to her fussy toddler. >> i parked awhile, a half hour, i rocked her to sleep and got her to crash a little bit. >> why pull off the side of the road? >> she works best -- at the time, works best to be rocked to sleep. >> reporter: she said when her daughter was asleep she began to drive around to keep her napping. much of the media speculation about her whereabouts that day centers on sav very uvie island where police search ed ed there were unconfirmed reports her cell phone was pinging from that location during the unaccounted time. >> highway 30 runs parallel to sauvie island. i was on highway 30.
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never. >> reporter: a month later desiree young came forward claiming terri had something to do with it. >> we implore terri horman to fully cooperate with the investigators to bring kyron home. >> reporter: terri's husband cape files for divorce and a restraining order. in the filings, cane writes that police told him they believed terri was involved with kyron's disappearance, even though publicly she was never officially called a suspect. but there's more. a bombshell accusation. cane claims police told him terri tried to hire their landscaper to kill him. in court documents obtained by abc news, terri's part-time landscaper, radolfo sanchez, told police terri "told me she wanted me to help her get rid of her husband." terri denies this happened and says sanchez made up the story advances. she was never charged. >> you're saying this murder for
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>> yes. >> yet that was the basis on which -- >> my daughter was taken. >> reporter: cane horman was granted a restraining order and sole custody of their daughter kiara. >> i've lost two children in three weeks. two children. >> reporter: terri's entire life became the subject of public scrutiny. surprising pictures of her days as a female body builder surfaced. as well as a mugshot of her 2005 dui. meanwhile, entire websites devoted to her supposed guilt cropped up on the internet. and in the midst of it all, it's discovered terri has been sending salacious texts to a male friend. >> you're sexting with some random guy. >> sure. >> it doesn't look good. >> no, it doesn't. i'm not going to make an excuse for it. i'm going to own up to it. >> reporter: terri tells us she believed the police zeroed in on her too quickly in the investigation. >> why do you think the police have never charged you, called you a suspect, even a person of interest? >> because they have exonerating
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public and they should come >> reporter: terri says she told her pediatrician and later the police that she suspected something was off about kyron in the weeks leading up to his disappearance. >> i'd walk into his room and there were things he was doing to himself that -- that would tell me there was something wrong that somebody may be touching him improperly. >> up applying maybe he had been >> possibly. that was a concern of mine. >> what's your theory on what happened? >> that he was taken from school. >> you think a stranger came in and abducted him? >> yes. there's pedophiles in the area. definitely. >> reporter: investigators repeatedly denied our request to comment on terri's story citing the ongoing investigation. but desiree young, kyron's mother, says she is sure of her guilt. >> i'm certain. confident. i would stake my life on it. >> reporter: desiree says the sexual abuse comments are a
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>> he was never abused. very loved child. i think terri, and she's been doing this since he went missing, throws up other flags to try and detract from herself. >> reporter: desiree claims police showed her details that point out inconsistencies in terri's story. the details of which investigators would not confirm with abc news. >> it was all her lies. all of her inconsistent stories. the different versions of her timeline. i will search for him until the end of time. i'm going to look until he comes home. >> reporter: though he's spoken out against her in the past, terri's ex-husband cane declined our request for comment. he still has custody of their daughter kiara, who's now 7 years old. terri says she hasn't been permitted to see her in five years. what would you say to her? >> i've missed every moment with you. i can never get it back. i'm so sorry. >> reporter: terri tells us the court recently allowed her to start the process of reuniting
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what is that like, living as quote-unquote a prime suspect? when the authorities have never arrested you, they've never charged you with anything formally? >> not being able to get a job. >> you're unemployable? >> absolutely. i actually sold my car in order to purchase food, in order to pay her support. >> either you're a very convincing liar or a grave injustice has befallen you. >> people can say what they want about me, i really don't care. my purpose is to find my son, to get my daughter back, to get my life back in order. in that order. >> clearly the one thing everyone wants in this investigation is to find kyron. and the search continues. up next, are old school matchmakers the key to finding love in the modern dating world? and later, #snowmageddon2016 sparking a social media starm online. guys, it's just the two of you. the setting is just right. there's something in the air.
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think about it. going on "the bachelor" to find true love is an innovative way to find prince charming in the modern era. approach. modern matchmakers taking advantage of old school methods to help singles find love. here's abc's linzie janis. >> reporter: oh the cringe-worthy hoops we'll jump through for love. it was all on full display as the women of tonight's "bachelor" continued the battle for ben higgins' heart.
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life, dating is no cakewalk. just ask these ladies working the room at this chicago networking mixer. >> so i have to ask, are you single? >> are you single? >> reporter: but these ladies aren't in it for themselves. they're professional matchmakers. >> are you single? we spotted a couple of people in the corner, two parties in mind. we're going to head over this way. >> reporter: these days there's apps. it can be time-consuming which is why old school style matchmakers like anna and vesty are able to make match making a full-time career. >> you're a wing woman or a wing man for a few months? >> exactly. that's one thing clients love is they can have a long day at work and decide they don't want to go to that event, they know we're out at different events, networking events, they don't necessarily have to do that.
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matchmakers patty stanger has found love for the rich -- >> meet my millionaires! >> reporter: you could say anna is more a thousand dollar matchmaker. her match hunting costs $3,500 for three months. or up to $5,000 for half the year. >> at the point they're willing to pay $3,500, are they desperate? >> i had that same question when i started this job. and i have not yet met a desperate person. >> you've met not a single desperate person? >> no. >> a woman with a biological clock that's ticking desperate to meet a man inside a year? no? >> no, we do not promise deadlines. people we're working with normally have a lot going on in their lives. they lead full, busy lives they're happy with and it's just this one missing piece. >> the picture you sent was recent so he looked just like it when i walked in. >> nice surprise, right? >> absolutely. >> reporter: kelly barrett is a client of anna's. >> i had a couple of dear friends of mine get married and
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to these things by myself. >> reporter: kelly, who's in her early 40s, signed a six-month contract which gets her a professional photo shoot, six introductions to dates who have been vetted for compatibility, and anna's full-time focus on all aspects of her love life. it's a price kelly was willing to pay. >> i thought that investing in something a little bit more serious would be a good investment. >> do it's of you guys happen to be single? >> i am. >> reporter: one of anna's strongest skills? a willingness to talk to strangers. >> ready to settle down? with the right woman? >> the right woman, yes. >> i'm glad we met, i think this is going to be good. >> reporter: hunting for eligible bachelors and bachelorettes anywhere, even in this public market. >> if you could meet anybody in there, who would you choose? >> okay, i'll see who the unicorn is, right? i would say early 40s guys, because normally they're in a
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>> reporter: anna works for the national matchmaking company three day rule. jokingly named for this bad advice from the movie "swingers." >> i used to wait two days to call anybody. now it's like everyone in town waits two days. i think three days is kind of mine. what do you think? >> two's enough not to look anxious. >> what are some of the common problems you're seeing with people coming in who haven't been successful dating on their own? >> i think modern dating is challenging. the system itself, it's great how many options we have these days with apps and websites, but a.d.d. sometimes. >> reporter: she and her colleague heather only take on month. >> have you guys single? >> reporter: those who don't pay to become clients end up part of three day rule's free pool of lower-priority potential matches. >> hi, are you annalisa? >> so nice to meet you, i'm anna. >> reporter: on this day anna
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client named annalisa. >> i'm totally going to spill this. i had been on a couple tinder dates and wasn't finding what i was looking for. some of them were just like -- bad. >> yeah. >> bad. i've been on a lot of bad dates. sorry. >> reporter: they spend more than an hour going through annalisa's relationship history, profile, and dating desires. >> how tall are you? >> five two and a half, five three on a good day. >> how about religion, is that part of your life? >> yes, yeah, i'm a christian. i go to church. i try to go to church every sunday. >> how about cigarettes? >> no, no, no. >> do you have a problem -- >> that's a deal breaker. >> reporter: in the end annalisa decides to give the free database of singles a try. >> i'm excited. after talking with anna i was just like -- there are a lot of things that i am looking for. so i just feel like it's nice to have somebody else take that difficult part out. >> reporter: she won't be
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but if she eventually decides to pay up, anna will be there to help her get to happily ever after. for "nightline," i'm linzie janis in chicago. up next, snowball fights and sledding wars. people rejoicing in the winter storm. can you stay warm in this igloo getaway? guys, it's just the two of you. the setting is just right. there's something in the air. but here's the thing: about half of men over 40 have some degree of erectile dysfunction. well, viagra helps guys with ed get and keep an erection. ask your doctor if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take viagra if you take nitrates for chest pain or adempas for pulmonary hypertension. your blood pressure could drop to an unsafe level. to avoid long-term injury, seek immediate medical help for an erection lasting more than four hours. stop taking viagra and call your doctor right away if you experience a
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you know the record-setting snow storm churned out more than just snow, it sparked a social media storm as well.
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slalom in the streets of manhattan. as hard as that snow pounded down outside, winter storm jonas couldn't keep people indoors. some getting innovative trying to make green off that white. patrick and roommates having snow day fun built this igloo, putting it on airbnb for rent, $200 for this charming but chilly abode. it didn't last long, airbnb taking down the post saying, while very well constructed it failed to meet their occupancy standards. start spreading the news >> downhill? more like downtown. this youtube video snowboarding with the nypd exploding online over the weekend with over 30 million views. plus it turns out pandas love a snow day too. the national zoo's tian tian waking up to a winter
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50,000 instagram likes. spurring this challenge video. snow dives. and sledding wars. #snowdogs. and cats. this weekend reminding us that we're never too old for a snow day, or a new hash tag. who knew snow could be so much fun. thanks for watching abc news. "world news now" is coming up with overnight breaking news. tune into "good morning america" tomorrow. as always we are online at good night, america. shelley: now at 11:00, nashua school district will soon stock narcan in its schools. the steps that still need to happen before the overdose-antidote is distributed. tom: a local man'
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