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tv   News 9 Tonight  ABC  January 26, 2016 1:07am-1:42am EST

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this video shows the moment an e-cigarette battery exploded in his pocket. >> it breaks my heart to see him go through this. i don' t want anybody to. tom: the serious injuries he was left with. mike: temps well above freezing today and it turns even milder tomorrow. -- warms up even more starting on how high temps go and if the tuesday. pattern stays storm-free. shelley: republican presidential candidate donald trump stepped into a controversial issue tonight in farmington. his full embrace of eminent domain. tom: a week before the iowa make their final pitches in a like we do. now, wmur news 9 tonight. tom: narcan will be going into nashua schools. the school board voted tonight to stock nashua city schools with the medication that can reverse opioid overdoses. good evening, i' shelley: i' m shelley walcott.
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state are considering the same move, and tonight, nashua voted to take the step. our jean mackin explains how it will work. jean: nashua' s school superintendent says there' s never been an opioid overdose in any of the schools in his district that he' s aware of but he called on the school board to stock schools with narcan just in case, and the board agreed. nashua' s school superintendent urged the school board to be proactive by having the nasal mist version of naloxone in the nurses office. he wants school nurses and narcan. in a district with more than 11,000 students it would also be available for use on staff and overdose. >> it' s easy to administer a nasal spray, no known allergies, if you administer it to someone you' ve misdiagnosed to his
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jean: he explained the narcan does not have to be administered that it would be provided by the state. while there were some questions. >> i question whether we enable people with the narcan. jean most members of the board : of education want narcan in the school medicine cabinet. >> i would be mortified if i learned someone died because we didn' t have narcan. >> so i think its important and a very responsible thing for the district to do. jean: the narcan proposal passed by an 8 to 1 vote. >> we felt it's one more tool that can available in the hopefully unlikely incident that we have an overdose. jean before narcan is available : in nashua schools, a committee will review this policy and school nurses and principals will be trained on how to use it. in nashua, jean mackin, wmur news 9.
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recovering from serious burns after his family says an electronic cigarette daddy -- battery exploded in his pocket. these are the pants he was wearing at the time. mike cronin spoke to the victim' s mom, who wants to warn others. >> his mom said he is in good spirits but in a lot of pain. video surveillance shows machinist matthew gilson at work last week in tilton. he runs off, as a trail of smoke follows him. his mother says a vaporizer battery exploded in his pocket. >> it just blew up within a matter of minutes. mike: his underwear and pants were shredded. >> everything is singed inside. it' s so crsty. mike: gilson had his second skin graft monday as he recovers in a boston hospital. >> i mean he was burned so badly, it was down into his flesh. mike: he has second and third degree burns on his leg and hand. >> it' s very painful. he calls me every day and he' s in a lot of pain. mike: gilson bought the vaporizer about a month ago in
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cigarettes. >> i' ve been trying to get him to quit for a long time. but now i don' t like this idea either. mike: the battery was made by a company based in china. it couldn' t be reached for comment. gilson' s mom is now having an attorney investigate. >> and the problem is the fda hasn' t caught up to it yet. and they' re at the point now where there' s too many complaints and they have to investigate to find out what' s going on just like we' re investigating to find out what happened here. mike: gilson has months of recovery ahead of him. his family doesn' t know why the explosion happened but they don' t want others to suffer the same or an even worse fate. >> when i saw just the underwear, i almost fell apart. i mean it' s your kid. if my grandson had been here and he had picked that up, it would' it would' s mom isn' t sure if he had the vaporizer in his pocket in addition to that battery.
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live in the newsroom, mike cronin, wmur news 9. shelley: it appears a vaporizer may have played a role in a fire last week in somersworth. the flames broke out at a home on grant street. an 18-year-old suffered facial injures in an accidental explosion. family members of the teen said he was using a vaporizer at the time and believed the battery exploded. tom: two weeks to go before new hampshire votes and donald trump continues to draw massive crowds. tonight he addressed a thousand people at farmington high school. while he was there, he said some things that might upset voters in other parts of the state. adam sexton joins us live right now from farmington to explain. adam: donald trump spoke for about an hour, covering a lot of familiar territory. he did say something that might be raising some eyebrows tonight in southwest new hampshire and
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donald trump has proven impervious to controversy, but on monday night before an estimated crowd of a thousand in farmington he fully embraced one of the most contentious issues in new hampshire today, eminent domain. >> you' re going through the backyards of farms, you' re going through the front yard of a house, you' re going through different places. adam: trump brought up the topic at the end of a nearly hour-long speech. the context was the keystone pipeline in the midwest, but for many first in the nation voters, eminent domain means northern pass and the kinder morgan pipeline. while trump said he doesn' t love eminent domain, he described it as essential. >> you couldn' t have a pipeline, you couldn' t have a road, you couldn' t have anything. and i' m being attacked about eminent domain. give me a break. adam: neither northern pass nor the pipeline are local issues for farmington and everyone we spoke with after the rally agreed with trump. it is a third rail at the moment in other parts of new hampshire, but state rep susan delemus says it ought to be clear by now that voters aren' t going to punish trump for speaking his mind. >> one of the things i think is
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trump is that he really brings out subjects that everyone else -- like you said, third rail scared to talk about, they just sort of mum' s the word he just comes out with it. adam: the candidate readily admits he' s been a greedy businessman, but now he wants to use that power for the people. >> my whole life has been taking, and now what am i going to do? i' m going to take, and i' m going to be greedy for the united states of america. taaaaake. taaaaake. adam: he will return to new hampshire on friday for a town hall meeting in nashua. adam sexton, wmur news9. shelley: chris christie address topics at a town hall in hooks it tonight. >> that' s what i think the basis of the second amendment always
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the right to bear arms because they never knew who the enemy is going to be. shelley: he defended his decision to return to new hampshire to campaign instead of managed the storm damage in his home state. he said this was no hurricane sandy and all that' s left to do is fall damage assessments for admiral insurance. john kasich had seven campaign events over three days. he spoke to this rotary club meeting this afternoon in manchester. the ohio governor says he knows a good showing in new hampshire is very important, but he stopped short of saying he' s putting all his eggs in one basket. >> i' ve got stuff in south carolina and nevada and we do things in iowa, but this is where we put most of our resources. this is like running for congress, it' s doable. it is scalable. shelley: he has events scheduled tomorrow. tom: the 3 democratic candidates
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tonight a week before the state holds its caucuses. they answered questions from voters and made their final pitches in a town hall meeting hosted by cnn. karin caifa has a recap. >> voters took center stage at cnn' s democratic town hall in des moines. after greek -- brief introduction, chris cuomo and is the stage to many women trying to decide which candidate to' s work. bernie sanders face the question about his embrace of the democratic socialist label. >> the ideas i' m talking about are not radical ideas. what democratic socialism means into its essence is we cannot continue to have a government dominated by the billionaire class and a congress that continues to work for the interest of the people on top while ignoring working families. >> that was followed up by tough questions about his health care
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>> we will raise taxes, yes, we will. we may raise taxes, but we are also going to eliminate private health insurance premiums for individuals and for business. >> martin o' malley was next, who joked about his third-place standing. x with only three of us in the primary, there is only one of us who can still upset the apple cart. >> hillary clinton took the stage last. >> i understand that you get into the arena and you are going to get pummeled and pushed and criticized. didn' t think it was absolutely necessary to try to build on the progress that we' president obama. >> it' s up to democratic voters now to choose a candidate that best represents their interest. housing and urban development within new hampshire today on
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julian castro says he supports clinton because of the vision she has for the country. he and his twin brother were broke in new hampshire where they met with supporters. his name has been mentioned as a possible running mate should she win the nomination. he brushed off that speculation. >> these days i' m just trying to make sure i do a good job with my day job, and i' ve learned that the best way to create a good future for yourself is never to forget about the present and what you' re doing now. so i' m just trying to do a good job with what i have now. shelley: castro attended an event with volunteers in nashua and another rally with supporters in manchester. tom: as you prepare to decide how you' ll vote on primary day our politics page on our website and mobile app has all the information you need to make an informed decision. you can watch our entire conversation with the candidate series compare where the candidates stand on the major
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out about scheduled events in your area with our candidate tracker. all that and more at and on our mobile apps. department is now searching for a man suspected into crimes. the injury he is accused of clerk. ,: the people now facing charges are not who you may expect. mike: lots of sunshine out there today, but is there bright sunshine tomorrow? shelley: the fate of the patriots t-shirts and hats that we won yesterday' s game. tom now to our ulocal hot shot. : a surprise visitor in farmington fierce but beautiful.
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tom: concord and goffstown police joining forces to search for two robbers. >> police say a man took money out of the register and when the clerk try to defend him off with a stick, the man' s last his hand with a knife. police say man with a similar description robbed the citizens bank and goffstown this afternoon. >> it' s a male possibly in his 40' s. there appears to be some great
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>> the f ei has also been notified about the case. tom: the clerk says a mask man came in just after 7:00 last night, showed a handgun, demanded cash rent lyce e he took off with the money. anyone with information should call manchester police department. a serious warm and about -- europe' s top police agency is issuing a serious warning about the islamic state group. europol says the extremist group will keep attempting deadly the warning coincided with the official opening of a new law enforcement center in europe to coordinate the fight against pviolent extremism. shelley: two anti-abortion activists involved in making covertly-shot videos targeting planned parenthood are now facing criminal charges. a grand jury in texas investigated the video which alleged the organization illegally sold fetal tissue for profit. it found planned parenthood did nothing wrong.
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the two activists today. both are charged with tampering with a governmental record, a felony. one was also indicted on a misdemeanor count related to purchasing human organs. at least 37 deaths are now linked to the blizzard that hit much of the east coast over the weekend. many of the deaths were from car accidents, carbon monoxide poisoning, or heart attacks while shoveling. in new york, city leaders are asking for patience as they still work to clear secondary streets. in washington d.c., federal government offices were closed today. tom: rivier university institutes innovative employment promise program rivier university announced an innovative employment promise program designed to enhance career preparation and employability of students in all academic disciplines. the program demonstrates the -- through this initiative, the university promises invested students that they will secure a job within nine months of
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if they do not, they will receive additional support in the form of payment of monthly federal subsidized student loans up to one year. dick' s sporting goods says it plans to donate the unsellable patriots gear to a non-profit. the t-shirts and hats will go to the charity world vision, which will send the clothing to countries in need. mike: an update on the countdown to the penguin plunge for special olympics new hampshire. the high school plunge on saturday, february 6 but the traditional penguin plunge is sunday. all for a great clause -- rate cause, special olympics new hampshire. you can also go to her website for more information. click on the community section and learn how you can support special olympics. chilly out there but not all that cold compared to how it could be this time of year.
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above average for january 25. can you believe we are moving through the last week of january? the heavy snow is down to our south with a mild stretch taking over, no chance of any measurable snow in southern new hampshire over the next couple of days. we could see a little bit midmorning tomorrow as a week front moves through. outside of that, relatively dry and temperatures well above the norm. a couple of scattered showers and maybe a sprinkle in southern new hampshire. behind concord 38 degrees, the record 55. look at the record low for today, 22 setback in 1882. notice the sunsetted 4:48. a light hours longer and longer, approaching 5:00. not all that cold, a good indication of the warm-up heading in our direction
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18 degrees atop melt washington, not all that cold and the valleys of north or falling back in the upper teens to near 20. it will bottom out in the low teens north and upper teens and lower 20' s in southern new hampshire. a few high, with be clouds in a whisper of a breeze right now out of the south and southwest. notice in that direction, temperatures climbing into the 40' s and 50' s at this late hour of the evening, heading right in our direction for one day and then it banks around to the northwest to drive in slightly cooler but above normal air for wednesday and into thursday. terms of any precipitation, not for the overnight or the morning commute. work through northern parts of tomorrow morning through the lunchtime hour. southern area should be mostly
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any precipitation on wednesday will be in the form of snow showers in the mountains. there' s a chance of a couple of big showers up north and sprinkles south. partial sun but well above the average and then snow showers come in on wednesday. beyond that, quiet for thursday. a couple of scattered snow showers on friday and another chance of snow showers saturday evening into early sunday. if concord does not get more than .3 inches of snow through sunday, this will be the fifth least snow is through january 31. look at what a difference a few hundred miles makes. s go to jamie and check in on some north country hoops.
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jamie both the bruins and the : celtics played on this monday night. lets get rolling with the green team, playing in snow-covered washington dc. games on back to back nights for boston. they won at philly last night. 2nd quarter. a layup for marcus smart. but bradley beal of the wizards takes an elbow to the mouth, and had to leave the game. he did not return. end of the half, isiah thomas steps back and drills the 3. team high 23 points. 4th quarter. evan turner gets inside and hit' s the layup. then turner pulls up for the jumper and hits. turner 18 points off the bench for boston. and the celtics win their third in a row, easy 116-91. wednesday night, the celts host the denver nuggets. 150 miles to the north, the bruins skated at the philadelphia flyers. two goals for the visitors in the first frame. 5 minutes into the game and on a power play, patrice bergeron
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s. and then late in the period, another power play, and brad marchand scores #20 of the year. 2-0 boston after one. 2-1 in the 3rd, and philly gets the equalizer. it's wayne simmonds out front for his 2nd goal of the game. ties it up 2-2. but with just under 2 minutes to go in the game, brett connolly gets an unassisted goal for the bruins, his 7th. 3-2 boston. the bruins win 3-2. boston will host the anaheim ducks tomorrow night. country basketball the combined , team from pittsburg high school and canaan vermont high school with 115 total students, took on lisbon. lisbon had 132 kids in their school at the start of the year. the yellow jackets at the panthers. good start for the jackets, here justin lindor over to mitchell roy, and he buries the 3 pointer in the corner. nice effort by josh woods under the basket. misses his shot, but gets the rebound and scores in one motion for lisbon. it worked once, do it again.
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both teams shooting well early on. woods inbounds to zach smith, he buries a 3. nice shot there. canaan-pittsburg coach jeff noyes and his guys looking for a nice road win. merik marchesseault just misses here, in and out. but logan hailey is there for the rebound and score. canaan pittsburg wins on the road, 60-47. same teams in the girls game. the canaan pittsburg yellow jackets at the lisbon panthers. lisbon at home in white. they come up with a steal, and emma champagne takes it all the way in for the layup. 51-12 lisbon led. canaan-pittsburg hitting the glass here. jordan becker with a shot. amber grabs the rebound in the paint and puts it back up for the basket. great looking jump shot here by kiara burke. good rotation for the lisbon score. and then hayley dumont hits a set shot from the baseline. big smile from her to her teammates on the bench. final score. lisbon over the yellow jackets 61-16.
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of warmer weather and green grass, this story is for you. the new hampshire golf association released its schedule for 2016. the big event will be the 113th laconia country club beginning on july 11. laconia last hosted the event in 2004, as pictured here the champion that year was derek mcallister there in the yellow shirt. the defending champion this year is windham' s connor greanleaf, who golfs at boston college. just dreaming of the warmer weather and green grass there. tom: that green grass looks outstanding. still to come, less than three months to go until opening day for the fisher cats.
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shelley: the fisher cats are putting them on tickets. tom: winning photos were selected from photo submitted to channels last fall. special edition fan tickets are only available as part of full luxury suite ticket books. so there you go. shelley: thanks for joining us for news 9 tonight at 11:00.
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have a good night. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy.
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