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tv   News 9 Noon  ABC  January 27, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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sean: now at noon, a suspect on the run in manchester, chased down by officers. our camera was rolling as he was taken into custody. plus, an early-morning fire rips donuts. now officials work to figure out the cause. kevin: it was a mild start to the day, but temperatures are starting to cool off. what that means for the rest of the week with futurecast ahead. s police chief are testifying on capitol hill. a look at what they are pushing in the fight against opioids. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> no one covers new hampshire like we do.
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sean: a foot chase this morning suspect in cuffs. i' m sean mcdonald. police had stopped a vehicle on south willow street when the wmur' s jennifer crompton witnessed the arrest and joins learned about this. j jennifer: hi, sean. it really was a routine stop. an officer pulled over a white running. so the officer did as well. he took off, calling it into the station as he chased the suspect on foot. quite a scene for anyone in the area as the two ran at full tilt. at one point, the suspect hid under a trailer and was flushed out by the k-9. police say that is when the suspects normally give up, but this guy took off again, ending up in a yard on beach' s read where he was taken -- on beech street where he was taken into
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lt. o' keefe: turns out he decided to bail for an unknown reason. an officer showed up to assist as well as one of our k-9 officers, and he was apprehended about 10 minutes later. jennifer: the suspect is being charged right now. he is facing resisting arrest, driving after revocation. certainly an eye into the kind of work these officers do on a regular basis. in jennifer crompton, wmur news 9. sean: right now, crews are investigating an early-morning two-alarm fire in tilton. officials say around 2:45, a dunkin' donuts employee noticed black smoke coming from the eatery on route 3 and sounded wmur' s ray brewer has the story ray: at this point, t know how deputy fire chief says there' no reason to believe it' s suspicious.
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of hard work. ray: all consumed by these flames early wednesday morning. the two-alarm fire at the dunkin donuts on route 3 in tilton was reported around quarter to 3:00. deputy chief robinson: it was an noticed heavy, heavy black smoke in the building and called the fire in. trouble gaining access to the building. deputy chief robinson: once we were able to gain access to the heavily charged with fire and smoke. the fire from the inside, but there were concerns that the fire had spread to the wooden might collapse, so the firefighters were pulled out. was the business owner, who remembered back nearly three decades when the business began. nick rathosis: the store opening up 28 years ago, how happy we massachusetts to new hampshire to start a family business. ray: rathosis says thank god no one was injured, and says he rebuild. but some things will be
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nick: i was old-fashioned in my records. i did everything by hand and i don' t put anything in the computer, so i had tons of notebooks with 28 years worth of information. ray: the fire has left some 20 to 25 employees without a job . the tilton police chief says as an effort to help those employees out, they' ve started to collect a fund for them. in tilton, ray brewer, wmur news 9. sean: all right, ray, thanks. today, police in manchester are increasing patrols near central high after a man allegedly sexually assaulted three teenage girls. police say the girls were walking on beech street yesterday morning when 19-year-old ahmed abukar approached them. he allegedly made inappropriate comments, trying to lure them to his home before touching them. the girls went to school and incident. abukar was arrested and will face a judge today. an update to a story we told you about last week. police in somesworth have made -- police in somersworth have with a robbery on main street
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craigslist and backpage. matthew nuernberg, chelsey barrat, and joel leary were all arrested in connection with the robbery. jennifer chandler was also arrested. of hindering apprehension. police accuse her of helping leary avoid apprehension. police also arrested, her passenger tyler irving he' s facing two counts of a possession of a controlled drug. right now, new hampshire lawmakers and the manchester police chief are on capitol hill discussing the fight against senators kelly ayotte and jeanne shaheen and manchester police chief nick willard are testifying before the senate judiciary committee about what new hampshire is doing to fight opioid addiction. willard says he hopes his comments will help on a national level by explaining the dangers funding for treatment and recovery programs. ayotte pushed the committee to approve bipartisan legislation called "the comprehensive addiction and recovery act." sen. ayotte: it focuses on a holistic approach, expanding opioid abuse and prevention and educations efforts. the chairman is right -- we'
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got to get into the schools, we' ve got to get the prevention focused on opioids, prescription drugs, and also heroin, expands the availability of narcan to first responders and law enforcement, supports additional resources to identify and treat incarcerated individuals so we can end this revolving door that we see in our prisons. sean: we will have live reports from washington, d.c. starting tonight at 5:00. today, key court documents will be unsealed in the case of the boston marathon bomber. among them, the items expected to be released is the fbi interview with dzokhar tsarnaev. there are thousands of pages of documents, including search reports. in court, but material that was never introduced will likely be unsealed. today, the warm trend continues here' s a live look at meredith. today, we expect it to be breezy , but temperatures still remain s a chance for snowflakes.
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here with our forecast. kevin: moisture-starved systems are coming out of canada, but kind of a back-and-forth between s at times this afternoon and a few more snow showers up north. the westerly wind has been picking up over the last couple of hours. it eventually brings in that cooler air later on this afternoon and evening. for now, temperatures are coming to a screeching halt, but it is very mild for the sum of year as we continue to run a solid 10 degrees above normal. off tonight. temperatures ease back into the teens and lower 20' s. highs mainly in the 30' s. we are not done there. another warming trend is on the way. we will detail that and how the pattern shakes up for the weekend coming up in a few minutes. sean: commitment 2016 now, gop frontrunner donald trump says he is skipping the next republican debate before iowa caucuses and is planning to hold his own event. this as democrat bernie sanders with the president. s stephanie ramos has the
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stephanie: apparently, he' s not joking. donald trump' s campaign says he is skipping the next gop presidential debate on fox news this thursday. just days before the first votes are cast in iowa. trump: i won' t be doing the debate. stephanie: today on "good morning america," trump' s campaign manager saying its it is rather an issue of fairness, claiming that one of the debate moderators megyn kelly is obsessed with trump. lewandowski: it' s not appropriate to have someone like that on the debate stage. it' s impossible to have a fair and honest debate. stephanie: trump reigniting the feud he had with fox news anchor megyn kelly after the first gop debate. in true trump fashion, he posted this message on social media. mr. trump: megyn kelly is really biased against me. she knows that. i know that. stephanie: but he seemed caught off-guard by fox news sarcastic response, which said in part -- "we learned from a secret back channel that the ayatollah and
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donald trump unfairly." mr. trump: i do not know what games roger ailes is playing. stephanie: on the democratic side, a new abc news washington post poll shows hillary clinton leading bernie sanders nationally 55% to 36%. to the smallest it' abc poll. sen. sanders: my god, what a turnout. stephanie: overnight, 15,000 people showed up to see the sen. sanders as we' here today that has the energy, that has the enthusiasm, that has the momentum to take us all stephanie: bernie sanders will get a little taste of the white house today. he' ll visit with president obama for a private informal meeting in the oval office before traveling back to iowa. stephanie ramos, abc news, washington. sean: a standoff at a remote wildlife refuge comes to an end after weeks. coming up, one person is dead and 7 people arrested. next, we take a look at how officials got control back. plus, a man is facing charges accused of plotting a terror attack. what the fbi says he had
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means abrupt changes. we will talk about chances for coming up. s re making sweet and re
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armed group occupying a national widlife refuge in oregon are in custody, and one person is dead. officials say militant leader ammon bundy his brother and three others were arrested yesterday during a traffic stop that prompted gunfire. arizona rancher robert lavoy finicum was killed. the group was driving to a community meeting 70 miles from the refuge. there is no word on who is still inside the refuge. a wisconsin man has been arrested and is facing charges accused of plotting a terror attack at a masonic temple in milwaukee. the fbi says samy mohammed hamzeh planned to kill at least 30 people with a machine gun. two fbi informants say he also had plans to travel to the west bank in october to attack israeli soldiers. hamzeh is charged with receiving and possessing a firearm not new details on what caused a deadly railroad crash in philadelphia are set to be released. investigators have a new theory, saying the amtrak engineer was other train operators.
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expected to release new details on the accident. the crash killed eight people and injured more than 200 others. the water crisis continues in flint, michigan. a new lawsuit has been filed, asking a federal judge to force michigan and the city of flint to replace all lead pipes in the water system to ensure residents have a safe drinking supply. the complaint says service lines from water mains into homes should be replaced at no cost to customers. this is at least the fourth lawsuit filed over the water crisis. meantime, outside does not feel like midwinter. kevin: no, and temperatures have not really moved much from the warm start we had this morning. if anything, we will start cooling off here. weather. plus, coming up, we' ll show you how to make some delicious pork
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s got a sweet today in america, the top 1/10 of 1% owns almost as much wealth as the bottom 90% this great country and our government belong to all of us. wall street, corporate america, wealthy campaign donors have so much influence that the only way they are defeated is when millions of people begin to stand up and say loudly and clearly, "enough is enough." i'm bernie sanders,
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>> now, meteorologist kevin forecast.
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commonly mild in many locations, a solid 25 degrees to even 30 degrees above normal this time of year, and more like the highs in march. that leads us into the afternoon with a west windham starting to get going. the cooler air from the west will go with a, so if anything, temperatures holding steady or even starting to fall with a blend of sunshine and cloud in the afternoon. that is mainly for the southern half of the state. up north, a figure cloud cover, running the risk of a passing snow shower before withering away this evening. a couple of these could make their way across the upper valley and maybe one or two trying to slide into southern new hampshire later this afternoon. again, we' re not ask acting any problems caused because of that for the afternoon -- again, we are not expecting any problems caused because of that for the afternoon. this morning, it was 30' s to lower 40' s.
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that will be with a lighter wind out there and a good deal of sunshine for tomorrow. you can see the cooler air out west and up north making its way southeastern areas. of the 40' areas. s up north. afternoon. westerly wind direction continues to bring in the cooler air back to our west. you see it clearly on the temperature map. note huge arctic outbreaks. we continue to watch these fairly weak systems glide across the northern tier of the united that is the feature over the next four days to five days. one of those with a cold front this afternoon, a couple of snow showers of north, and futurecast possibly one moving in southeastern new hampshire. skies clear the ceiling journey temperatures back into the teens to lower 20' s. tomorrow, a good deal of sunshine around until late in the afternoon when high clouds
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next system, which tries to link up like a weak alberta clipper system out of the great lakes. a large storm system located hundreds of miles offshore that may be just enough to cut off friday evening. there will be another system running in right on its heels sometime late saturday, early sunday with a chance of a few snow showers or flurries. while the next four days or five days look fairly quiet, we will not be able to dodge any shower chances in the way of snow showers. over with cooler air, and it days. temperatures much cooler than this afternoon and certainly cooler than what we had out there yesterday. again a couple of snow showers here or there, and then we start another warming trend for the first half of next week before an even stronger cold front of arrives right around the middle of the week. let' s head to cook' s corner.
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we are joined by blake kuhn from clayhouse adobe winds out of california, welcome to new hampshire. and chef tim baines from mint bistro. what are we making for food today? tim: sweet and spicy pork belly garnished with fresh egg. i will show you had him make that all the way through right now. we take the raw -- i will show you how to make that all the way through right now. we take the raw pork belly, season at top and bottom with salt-and-pepper. we have got a little bit of chicken stock going. sean: you brought the largest peppermill i have ever seen in my life. [laughter] tim: hey, good utensils produce good food. place that in a moment right in our chicken stock. we will add some carrots, some celery, and some onions. sean: the basics.
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our pork belly goes into it. as it goes to a boil, we will cover it up with aluminum foil. sean: tell me a little bit about clayhouse adobe wines. blake: clay house wines is based out of california, about 15 miles from the coast, so we have got some great oceanic influence and produce wonderful wines. what we have here today is the adobe white, and it goes really well with the pork belly that steve is making here. the acidity in the wine breaks up the fat, see you can taste the pork belly one so been over and over for the first time for we have some other winds. we have the ck layhouse cabernet.
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mall back, which is acidic. sean: we should remind folks, has some great wines that you can test out. do we have the finished product? >> egg of the oven for three and a half 50 degrees -- it goes in the oven for 350 degrees. and this is our sweet-and- salty pork belly dish. sean: where do people go for more information? >> we finish it with puffed rice as well. sean: that is visually stunning as well. >> every day we have at mint bistro, and you can find that at sean: and
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kevin: starting off in the 30' s and 40' s, but the west wind is picking up and will bring a cooler air. there in mind, all of these numbers and your seven-day above average for this time of year. sean: we will take a little bit at least. starting tonight at 5:00, a fast food chain is investigating signs of a credit card hack. what customers need to know. and a new survey of tipping habits shows new england is pretty generous. we will tell you about it. that does it for us.
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