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tv   News 9 Tonight  ABC  January 27, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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shelley: now at 11:00, manchester' s police chief calls for action to fight the opioid epidemic. >> we have case after case where toddlers, children, 10-year-olds, are finding their parents dead. shelley: the devastating toll he says the addiction crisis is taking. tom: republican presidential candidate rand paul' s campaign office hit by burglars. the expensive items taken. shelley: newly-released documents are providing new insight on the boston marathon bombing. the information we' re learning about the hours immediately after dzhokhar tsarnaev was captured. mike: after another run into the 40' s for many today, it does cool down a bit. when a few flakes could move through, plus when it warms up again. tom: the season is over and tom brady is saying thank you to fans. the optimistic message he has
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>> no one covers new hampshire >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now, wmur news 9 tonight. shelley: new hampshire' s opioid crisis was center stage on capitol hill today with the state' s senators and a police chief taking their case to washington. good evening, i' m shelley walcott. tom: i' m tom griffith. news 9 was there as lawmakers listened to how new hampshire is battling the crisis, and finding solutions that could be in place nationwide. as jean mackin shows us, the police chief from the state' s largest city was invited to share his expertise. >> in 2015, we suffered 69 fatal overdoses with this agora and 39% being straight fentanyl. jean: the manchester police chief testified. >> the poison the cocktail is putting on the streets of america is an affront to our way of life.
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leaving children without parents. >> i can assure you this is hitting every family in some way in new hampshire. jean: new hampshire' s senators were front and center, cosponsors of the comprehensive momentum. senator ayotte shared what she witnessed on a ride-along with first responders. >> i watched our first responders bring people back to life with narcan. without these lifesaving measures they would have died. it just really struck me how devastating this is. stephanie: senator shaheen spoke about two other bills pushing for $600 million in emergency funding and a grant to reduce the backlog of drug cases at the state police. >> i believe what we have now is
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white -- rich and poor. country. stephanie: chief willard urged lawmakers to add fentanyl to them with some encouragement, saying treatment centers and interaction, instead of imprisonment, can work. >> with the eyes of the first in the nation primary upon us, i think it's important to note the city of manchester is a vibrant exciting city with an engaged and compassionate citizenry. stephanie: the chief sent out a night, saying, " heading home to my beloved manchester. what a day." he tells us he' ll step out of the national spotlight and right back into the police station here, saying there' s a lot of work to be done in manchester, jean mackin, wmur news 9. tom: as jean said, chief willard also touted all the wonderful things about new hampshire, mentioning the primary and encouraging tourism. committee chairman chuck grassley from iowa wasn' t going to let the chief forget there is
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visiting. >> your commercial for new hampshire, first in the nation primary. i heard all those nice adjectives. they all apply to iowa. >> indeed they do, sir. s shelley: manchester police are investigating a break-in at the campaign headquarters of rand paul. someone made off even with some of the supply of snacks. adam sexton' s live with reaction from the campaign. adam: it' s safe to say this entire cycle has not gone according to plan for rand paul. this break-in an unwelcome distraction as the campaign tries to break into the republican top tier here in new hampshire. with less than two weeks to go before primary day rand paul' s volunteers and campaign staff
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re down some equipment right now. overnight someone broke in through this door and rummaged through the office, stealing computers and ipads. >> these are tools that we use every day to manage our data, look up voter data, and contact our supporters online. adam: while there was initially some uncertainty the campaign now says no sensitive data was compromised. the plan is to replace the stolen items and continue the high-intensity grind to election day. >> the work continues. we' re still full phone bank, contacting voters today. we' re going to keep chugging. adam: senator paul got one of the earliest starts in the 2016 cycle, building campaign infrastructure nationwide. but like the rest of the republican field he has struggled to find an answer to the donald trump phenomenon. dedicated supporters see paul as the candidate who has remained true to his values. >> he' s the most consistent on principle, which is important to me, but also in a way that doesn' t get in the way of being pragmatic.
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queen city means buying some new laptops and continuing to work for that coveted break-out so many candidates are seeking in new hampshire. at least from the campaign' s perspective it does not appear that there is any kind of political link to this break-in. in addition to the stolen food, they also stole some clothing. live in manchester, adam sexton, wmur news 9. tom: a new poll shows hillary s lead over bernie sanders nationally is at its smallest margin yet this campaign. the abc news-washington post poll found clinton with a 55-36% lead over sanders, among democrats and democratic-leaning independents. support for sanders is up eight percentage points since last month. clinton led sanders in this poll by 31 points last month and by 52 points back in july. vermont senator bernie sanders was at the white house today, for a private meeting with president obama.
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president discussed domestic issues, foreign policy, and a little politics. political analysts say that political talk was likely about the state of the race, as sanders is leading in polls in new hampshire and iowa. >> i suspect the president will talk to him and say you know bernie theres a chance your , going to pull this off. tom the white house says the two : men last met privately in d enter the presidential race. so far, president obama has stayed neutral in the democratic primary. shelley: tonight, we' re learning new details about the federal trial of convicted boston marathon bomber dzohkar tsarnaev. hundreds of pages of court documents were unsealed today, because of a judge' s order. wmur' s stephanie woods is here to let us know about the fbi' s
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hospital. stephanie: about 600 pages of case documents are now public. these documents were all sealed to protect the integrity of the high-profile death penalty trial. now we know the april 2013 shootout with police in watertown that killed tamerlan tsarnaev left his younger brother seriously injured. in documents just released we learn that tsarnaev was not only suffering from gunshot wounds following the shootout in watertown, massachusetts but also had damage to cranial nerves that required his left eye be sutured shut an injury to his jaw that required it to be wired closed and injuries to his , left ear that left him unable to hear on that side. within 24 hours the court documents show that fbi agents began questioning him. prosecutors argued tsarnaev also made statements to 2 fbi agents in which he expressed the opposite of remorse regarding killing 3 and injuring more than 260 in the marathon terror
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prosecutors argued that they should be allowed to use the statements to challenge the testimony of a nun and death penalty opponent who testified for tsarnaev during the penalty phase of his trial. but also in the court documents, the defense filed a motion to exclude these statements saying the fbi relentlessly questioned tsarnaev for 36 hours while he was seriously injured and repeatedly requested an attorney. according to the court papers tsarnaev did not know that his brother was dead during the questioning. he reportedly said, is he alive, show me the news. what' s today? where is he? the documents also included items seized while executing search warrants including chrome-colored shoes that matched those worn by the person seen inside the fireworks store in seabrook, new hampshire in there are still many key february 2013. documents in dispute and they remain sealed as the defense and prosecution debate their release. we should know more about those
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woods, wmur news 9. tom cole: the fbi says there is no threat to the public after an investigation that shut down a road in brentwood this evening. fbi agents were conducting a search related to an investigation at a house near the intersection of middle road and crawley falls road. brentwood police shut down crawley falls road from middle road to ole gordon road but the road is now open. we' ve learned new details tonight about the crash that injured a manchester police officer. investigators say officer aaron brown was on duty and driving this ford explorer when another car collided with him while changing lanes. the crash snapped a utility pole in half and left officer brown with a serious leg injury. this crash remains under investigation. shelley: the executive council recognized the work of dozens of first responders today. a commendation was presented for the response to a crash in wakefield last month that injured four secret service agents. the driver who hit their car was killed. among the agencies recognized were the wakefield fire and
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ambulance service, and paramedics from huggins and frisbie hospitals. the executive council has approved new hampshire' s new commissioner of health and human services. the vote was 4 to one. jeffrey meyers has been serving as acting commissioner for several weeks. dhhs is new hampshire' s largest state department. tom: massachusetts is one step away from joining new hampshire in banning minors from using tanning beds. the massachusetts house joined the senate in approving the bill today. law currently allows teenagers ages 14 to 17 to visit tanning salons with parental consent. new hampshire banned people under 18 from using tanning beds last summer. shelley: tomorrow will mark 30 years since the space shuttle challenger exploded just after liftoff. the mission of that shuttle crew including concord teacher christa mcauliffe is still reaching people. >> a tribute of something they love so much something they were
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for. shelley: coming up on news 9 tonight, we' ll take you to the challenger center to show you teacher in space lives on. mike: after a bright and cooler thursday a weak disturbance moves through on friday with a (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a
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shelley: it was a national tragedy that was deeply personal for many here in new hampshire. tomorrow marks 30 years since the loss of the shuttle challenger. tom: among the crew of astronauts was a 37-year-old high school teacher from concord christa mcauliffe. tonight as wmur' s erin fehlau reports, all these decades later the challenger mission lives on. >> christa' s husband tells news 9 that for his family the challenger accident will always feel like an event that occurred just recently, and he appreciates the strong community support he and his children have received over the years. in concord, a school now bears christa' s name, and the mcauliffe-shepard discovery center welcomes children each day. but what you may not know is that christa and her flight crew also continue to inspire kids to reach for the stars at learning centers all over the country and the world. >> they' re traveling to the international space station, and conducting experiments at a new
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antonio, texas. in framingham, massachusetts, where teacher christa mcauliffe attended college, students are working together as a team on a mission to mars. >> it' s so cool, honestly, i love it so much. >> these highly interactive, space adventures, are the creation of challenger center, a non-profit organization formed by the families of the challenger crew in the days after the tragedy. >> people who really cared, people who believed in them, wanted to continue that mission. erin: june scobee rodgers was s shuttle commander, dick scobee. she led the effort to start challenger center which aims to carry on the mission of the the teacher in space program in memory of the flight crew. loved so much, something they were willing to risk their lives for. helped christa prepare some of
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space. >> i think she is the nations teacher, and we all respected and admired her courage to fly aboard challenger. >> these centers hope to encourage children to explore, and get them engaged in the areas of stem, -- science, technology, engineering and math. >> it' s better learning here than at school. >> astronaut mark kelly is on the challenger center board. >> the goal is to inspire some of these kids to be scientists, engineers, maybe medical doctors, because we really need that. >> 30 years after the shuttle tragedy, there are more than 40 challenger centers, in 27 states and 4 countries. and 20 communities are now vying to be next on the list. >> years later, almost 4 and a 30 half million children have had the experience of going up into space in our challenger center mission and being
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greatness in their life. erin: christa' s husband says christa would be very proud of the challenger learning centers . tomorrow night on a special new hampshire chronicle, touching the future, the challenger legacy, you' how these centers are making a difference, plus june' s memories her husband and the other astronauts and how the concord teacher hoped to share her adventure with the world. erin fehlau wmur news 9, shelley: there' s also an effort underway to create a national holiday to honor christa mcauliffe and the challenger crew. tom: members of the concord high school class of 1986 have started an online petition to the white house. they' re trying to collect 100,000 signatures. we have posted a link to the petition on our website, >> now, mike haddad with your
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mike: take a look at the time lapse out at the lakes region. fairly quiet until right around 2:30. what you are looking at is a mix of snow showers and grapple, a mix of snowflakes and very cold droplets of water. the water freezes as i crystals and you end up with little snow pellets. that' s what we had on the lake by midafternoon before the sun went down. a thin film of eyes, not big enough to venture out there. the high today 44 in concord, 31 is the average, so well above that yet again today but nowhere close to the record high of 60
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any mixed showers gone by mid-to-late afternoon. a little more active back to the west. the next disturbance will spring over new hampshire friday kicking up scattered snow showers but most in the northern and western part of the state. chilly up north, 12 a top mount washington, 20' s for many. tonight much colder than last night, single digits far north, a couple of low 20' s in rochester and down toward the coast and manchester and nashua as well. temperatures across the country, will still remain above the norm. once that clears later saturday, here comes mild air yet again, at least 10-15 degrees above average starting sunday and lasting into monday of next week. one system we are tracking between now and the start of the
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lots of sun tomorrow, a few high clouds in the afternoon. next disturbance will be close by on friday. could be passing snow shower during the afternoon anywhere else. another weak system approaches saturday but that may trigger a few flurries or light snow showers in the afternoon or evening. once that clears, 30' s give way to 40' s again and they could be mid to upper 40' s and possibly near 50 on monday. monday the first of february. that is something else. signs of cooler air preceded by a storm on wednesday, maybe more snow.
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jamie: the denver nuggets and the celtics hooked up at td garden tonight and that has not been a good place for the nuggets to play over the last 20 years. just 3 wins on the parquet floor in all those years. did it go any better tonight? the celtics got off to a good start. avery bradley three pointer, 7-5 boston. for denver, danilo galliinari drives and dunks. celts up 19-15 23 points. 2nd quarter, back to back 3' s for bradley as the c' s went up
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at the half, c' s up 55-45. bradley with 21 points at the break. they did not slow down. 4th quarter, shot clock expiring, evan turner throws it up there, and it falls. the garden crowd loves it as the celts take a 20 point lead. back to bradley' s big game, he drives and scores in the paint. he finishes with 27 points, 4 steals as well. boston wins 111-103. 4 straight wins for them. big showdown in america east hoops, vermont at unh. the teams came in tied for second place in the league. vermont comes out firing a 3 for ernie duncan. first points of the game. watch ronnel jordan go to work for unh, a deep turnaround jumper, but he buries it. the senior out of san antonio 10 points. let's check out some good defense. big darren payen going to work down low for vermont, but tanner leissner draws the charge on the baseline. the unh pep band out for this one. on the other end, leissner
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draws the foul, and he finishes with the score off glass. 8 points, 2 of 10 shooting. nice drive here for the catamounts. kurt steidl drives and scores, plus the foul. he turned it into a 3 point play, 13 points. bill herrion' s troops in a close one tonight. jacoby armstrong scores inside. team high 13 points. vermont led by 7 at the half and the catamounts win 66-50. unh only shot 24% from the field, not good. same teams for the womens game, but they played at patrick gymnasium in burlington. 1st quarter. uvm jumps out to an early lead. andreana thomas buries the 3. wildcats battle back, carlie pogue denied at first, tries again, bucket and the foul. 17. later elizabeth belanger in , transition. pullup jumper is good. she had game-high 24 points. but her unh wildcats lose 83-63 at vermont. if you saw our report last night, you may remember bruins goalie jonas gustavsson came out
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he had an elevated heart rate. he spent the night at mass general, but tests were negative and he will rejoin the team after the current all-star break, so good news there. the manchester monarchs played at the orlando solar bears, a 3-0 win over the last place team in the south division. 25 saves in the shutout for colin stevens. they will also tomorrow and friday nights. it is pretty clear what the unh hockey teams needs this weekend -- a win. or two. the wildcats have lost 6 straight games. but it will be really tough to turn it around this weekend. they play friday and saturday night at the defending national champs, the 4th ranked team in the nation, providence college. >> it' s a tough schedule right now but the mood is the team -- of the team is to get better. we have games to play yet to find out where were going to finish.
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with the opportunity we have ahead of us in providence, we' ve got to get back in the win column. tom: i like that name, the orlando solar bears. still to come on news 9 tonight. tom brady has an end of season
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shelley: tom brady sharing his message to facebook nation tonight. come: brady said the team fog hard all year right down to the final play. the road to the next one is a by seasons like this one. >> i think we need to analyze that note.
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tonight at 11:00. shelley jimmy kimmel live is : next, followed by night line. have a good night. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its
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i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. jeb bush once stood tall. before his campaign sank like a rock and he started desperately slinging mud on fellow republicans. that's not presidential, jeb. john kasich did cut ohio's taxes. cut state spending. turned a deficit into a surplus. brought back jobs from mexico and china. that's john kasich, that's conservative, and that's presidential. new day for america is responsible for the content of


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