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tv   Closeup  ABC  January 31, 2016 10:00am-10:30am EST

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prices in the world for prescription drugs at the end of the day, we are spending far more per capita on health care than the people of any other country. we are spending three times per person than the british spend. i believe if we establish a medicare for all single-payer program, we will save the
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health care plus. >> at some point we need to shift money around, where does that come from. senator sanders: we have $15,000 per year on private health insurance. they will not have to pay that anymore. for the average middle-class family there will be a small increase in taxes, but more than overcome by the large reduction in costs on health insurance premiums. >> it is no secret you tap into some frustration or energy out there.
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i guess my question would be realistically what can the president of the united states due to rain -- due to rein them in or break them up? senator sanders: you can break them up and that is what i intend to do. we bailed out these huge banks. many of them turned out to be ridden with fraud. goldman sachs reached a $5 billion settlement with the federal government for ripping off investors. it turns out three out of the four largest banks in this country today are bigger than they were when we bailed them out because they were too big to fail. i think when you have such economic and political power resting in the hands of a few banks and the six largest banks in the country have assets
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i believe we have to break them up >> as president you talk about it trillion dollar stimulus package. to pay for that you pointed to the wealthy having to pay their fair share. how do you reconcile? senator sanders: here' s what happened in america in the last 30 years, there has been a massive transfer of wealth from the middle class to the top 1/10 of 1%, whose percentage of wealth has doubled in the last 30 years. and the people of our country
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and seeing all the new income and wealth going to the top 1%. what we are saying is our infrastructure, roads, bridges, collapsing. yes we should be rebuilding our infrastructure and create up to 13 million decent paying jobs. outrageous loophole. to stash their money in the cayman islands, bermuda, and on the tax havens. do away with that loophole. we can in fact have the money we need to rebuild our crumbling infrastructure. them a lot of people pointing to
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how cool is that having it right that -- having it like a that he? >> i have not personally talked to art garfunkel. we appreciate his endorsement. it is a beautiful landing. to create the kind of beautiful country i believe we can create. >> we will see you back here in the granite state soon. we will be right back with republican presidential candidate jeb bush also joining
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of the few in the republican field to take on frontrunner donald trump paid months ago he predicted he would win the new -- win the new hampshire primary. now making a push in iowa hoping
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week. , how do you feel? we just built a really good team. i think we will be better inspected here and look for to being back in new hampshire. >> no candidate wants to talk to how they will do. how do you feel heading into new hampshire? >> those are the states that define the primary process going into march. the best organizer. >> when you speak with voters in iowa and new hampshire, one thing that matters on caucus day
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what we are seeing in the polls is not necessarily reflective of what they will be in these really -- in these elections? >> it never has been. 30 through 40% today say they could change their minds. first in the nation primary status. i have detailed plans to fix the mess in washington. that is why i' m proud to have the support of both medal of honor recipients and 30 generals who helped make craft my policy. >> you have been perhaps most willing to engage republican frontrunner donald trump,
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it is not about him, it is about 63 percent of americans who can' t afford a $500 car repair. talking about ideas and the proven leadership skills to change the direction of the country resonates when you have a chance to talk to real people. >> doesn' t bother you that you are the only one out there engaging people? >> it shows i have a backbone. ted cruz is taking on a little bit. he' s not a conservative, he is not a serious candidate. not to my disadvantage. i scratch my head. there are those who believe what i believe. >> do you have any regrets in signing the pledge?
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republican. donald trump has supported the clintons. i' m going to support the party' s nominee. it' s going to be me. >> there are a lot of london' s who say when it comes to the governors in this race, there is only one ticket out of the contest -- comes to a lot of the pundits say when it comes to the governors in this race, there is one ticket out of the contest. jeb bush: my record of accomplishment goes up against there' s pretty well. when they were expanding medicaid, i fought alongside the house of representatives to not expand medicaid. most people credit my
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i think a governor ought to be present. i believe it is going to be me. it doesn' t end in new hampshire, it starts in new hampshire and iowa. i believe people are going to want to have a nominee that can beat hillary clinton. >> let me ask about the evolution of campaign. you had all the expectations on your shoulder speed is the pressure eased up a little bit? jeb bush: i always knew it was going to be a hard fight. i always had high standards on myself. we found our footing. we found it in town hall meetings and iowa. real people have real questions.
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the primaries. >> are there any identifiable differences you can point to when it comes to the issues themselves? >> iowa is a big agricultural state. it is the second or third highest in terms of farm income. in new hampshire there is a big interest in the fiscal issues. new hampshire is a live free or die state. and veterans issues. there are variances. that is what the common denominator is. that is what i' m excited when i get to talk about a balanced budget amendment. ending lifetime employment
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the things i got to do as governor in the state of florida resonates with people. >> what are the issues that define the decisions in the polls with iowa and new hampshire? >> can you leave, do you have a backbone? are you tested? there are a lot of fine people running for president but not all of them have a proven record. an untested person got elected and he did have the leadership skills. he spent all of his times and talents dividing us. we can' t seem to get anything done. we better start solving problems or people are going to be in permanent decline. we can fix these things that they require leadership.
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republican frontrunner, you have said his demeanor could be in gate -- could be dangerous for this country. is that something you are picking up on? >> they are picking up on it. he brags about his unpredictability. when you are leader of the freeware old, you better provide some unpredictability and certainty. the world is anxious for american leadership. when we pulled back our friends no longer think we have their back. donald trump' s views on foreign policy are scary. he has had five different versions of a policy, all stated in a sentence about isis. putin praises him and folds like a cheap suit.
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i discounted a lot. michael bloomberg is a capable man, very successful. i don' t see it happening. >> is this a symptom of a divided party when we talk about donald trump? there is a large pool of republican voters who say they won' t vote for donald trump. >> absolutely it does. michael bloomberg, i don' t think, will run unless he thinks he can win. i don' t think he will be a
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, it would seem some of his support would have to migrate to yourself or an alternative. the energy he is able to generate in this crowd and get him over to your side. jeb bush: i do think the reason why people are latching onto donald trump is they are angry, they are worried about the future, their concerns are legitimate. when i go after trump as being a serious candidate, they have no disrespect for the people supporting them. we need to unite this -- unite the conservative side. you have to get to 52 in a two-person race and that will be one of the important challenges. >> i know you are certainly busy.
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make or do you have any expectation when you head back here he echoed >> i had no expectations. i' m proud of the support. i work hard until monday and sometime on monday we will fly to new hampshire and have an incredible eight days there. josh: good luck to you and i' ll a. see you back in the granite state. -- good luck to you in iola. see you back in the granite state soon. ce between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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josh: fist bump, it is flu season. let' s talk on the democratic side of things. this is going to be something else if bernie wins iowa. >> it is certainly going to be a problem for him. here. it is consistent. it will be a matter of who gets the vote. the clinton people are actually practicing their election day tactics on almost a daily basis.
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sanders has a good organization and a lot of enthusiasm. i think it will make it much more interesting here if hillary clinton ends up winning and iowa. >> republican side of things, what are we looking at? >> next week is going to be something unlike i have seen over the years. he' s going to come in here with all that momentum having defeated donald trump. he already has a pretty good slice of concern and support. down the road, eight days in politics. the iowa caucuses could be fading into the past.
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rubio, who do you think has the most to lose? >> the one who has most to lose is marco. kristi has been playing somewhat in iowa. he has nothing to lose. it' s just a matter how much attention is going to be fought through. >> he is the only candidate here. nine newspaper endorsements. he could wind up being the surprise story. >> he could be. focused entirely here in new hampshire. case against doing very well and
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governors and rubio. i' m not putting it past the possibility of k-6 finishing second in new hampshire. if the momentum keeps going. >> that is what everybody is driving four. anything can happen. >> ready to wrap this up. thank you so much for watching.
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