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tv   News 9 at Five  ABC  February 1, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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like we do, now, wmur news 9 at 5:00. >> you have to be a little bit nervous. >> we think we're going to surprise a lot of people. >> every vote and caucus member counts. jean: the first major test of the 2016 presidential race has arrived. participants are gathering now in iowa for the caucuses. thank you for joining us. i'm jean mackin. tom: and i'm tom griffith. it's been almost a year since the first candidate threw his hat into the ring, that was ted cruz way back in march. tonight we're going to find out who has enough staying power to claim success in the caucuses. jean: we do have live team coverage from iowa. our political director josh mcelveen talked to the candidates who have been everything on the hawkeye state. but first let's go to aixa diaz. reporter: jean, tom, tonight a iowans are meeting in churches,
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their pick's for the party's nomination. >> by 10:00 tonight we'll be out of our hair. >> i ask for your support to caucus with me tonight, thank you all very much. reporter: presidential hopefuls make their final pitches to iowans. >> i'm the only one that would balance the budget. reporter: hillary clinton visited her desmoines headquarters. bernie sand ders the same as the two fight. >> we're going to try to get as many people to caucus as we k. reporter: a new poll shows sanders with a three-point lead over clinton. >> this is where we start, this is day one. country. reporter: that same poll has donald trump ahead of cruz by seven points. >> we have now been to all 99 counties in the great state of iowa. reporter: and marco rubio the third place. >> i feel very positive about what's happening here in iowa
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reporter: tonight at stake for these candidates, 44 delegates at the democratic national convention. 30 at the r.n.c. aixa diaz, wmur news 9. jean: thanks. several candidates are counting on a strong showing in iowa. wmur political director josh mcelveen has more on those contenders tonight, he's continuing our live coverage from desmoines tonight. josh? josh: yes, it's hard to believe that after months of campaigning the debates, the town hams, the diner stops, 2016 election cycle gets under way officially with the start of the iowa caucuses. for the frontrunners they're looking for a solid finish to solidify their position atop their respective fields and carry that into new hampshire. the primary itself of course. but for other candidates it make or break in a washington a lot like ohio governor kasich is betting on new hampshire, putting his focus on the granite state to do well. there are three candidates and they're familiar names who are
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life into what are fading campaigns. >> i think we've proven our electability over the years, and, against the long odds four years ago. reporter: it's been a humbling year for the winner of the iowa caucuses, and rick santorum is trying to stay 'this race one vote at a time. >> so my message to the people of iowa is practice what you preach. don't compromise. vote for who you think is the best candidate. reporter: a couple months ago it was dr. ben carson who was the rising star the iowa, but since then his stock has dropped amid campaign troubles and the fickle nature of voters. >> i'm willing to do what makes sense for our society. reporter: as for mike huckabee, his campaign could be considered lackluster compared to 2008. but even in rare appearances in new hampshire, he admits that iowa this time around is his focus. after tonight there is a real chance that none of these three
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momentum or money to move on. or one could be a surprise heading into new hampshire. of course in the big republican field there's also that middle tier of candidates who really just need to avoid a disastrous result in iowa in order to move on, among them rand paul and carly fiorina. coming up at 6:00 we'll hear from them and we'll also show you what's been a very frenzied day here ahead of the iowa caucuses tonight. a lot of candidates covering a lot of ground. josh mcelveen. back to you. jean: you've been in iowa now for several days. what differences do you see with the candidates campaigning in iowa versus here in new hampshire? josh: ideologically there's a couple differences, obviously iowa is viewed as a more conservative state, historically going toward the conservative candidate. new hampshire is viewed as more independent. but the biggest difference logistically and strategically is geography.
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new hampshire. so they spend a lot of times in cars and on the phones rather than being at town halls. and it goes for reporters as well. jean: i bet it does. we'll share that same frenzy, thanks, josh mcelveen, live in desmoines tonight. news 9 will have put results from tonight's caucuses as soon as they're released. you will also find a special live wire on our website and mobile app tonight with live updates from our crews in iowa. tom: one wild card in iowa tonight is the weather. part of the state is under a blizzard warning right now. the worst snow shouldn't arrive though in late into the night, but it could cause big problems for candidates hoping to get out of iowa in the morning tomorrow. but they'll be greeted by very different conditions when they arrive in the granite state. temperatures were in the 50's today across the southern tier, that plenty plenty of play time in places like livingston park in manchester. they're still skiing at macintyre, and all those ski
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to open a little rate this year and ticket sales are off by 20%. it's been a very unusual winter so far. >> we're in the home stretch, i hope. i looking forward to spring days. tom: so how warm did it get today? here's mike haddad. mike: so warm this winter season so far, so why not kick off february with close to record high temperatures in spots, 60 plus in some areas including manchester, nashua, rochester and portsmouth all at 60 or above today. 58 in concord, a few shy of the record for the date and that's 61 in portsmouth, five off the february 1st. even up north it hit the 50's washington. it is beginning to cool down a still above the average for normal daytime highs. you notice the cooler air drifting in through the midwest
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that's why they're concerned for blizzard conditions. across the northeast, by the time this system approaches here by the middle of the week it will be too warm to support anything but rain or maybe just a little bit of a mix early in the morning. speaking of warmth that we had in the day today, what about the month of january, we all know it was warm, but here's josh with a look at some of those numbers. josh: it really has been a warm january, nobody disputes that, except the numbers tell us something that we might not have expected. this is a list of the top five januaries in terms of temperatures, the highest temperatures ever recorded in january. take a look at this. 1932, 1818, number three is 1913. then 1933. and 1917 as well. and 37 rather. take a look at. that where are we, because the average snowfall
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all these years below average snow as well. where are we this month? january 2016, 18th place with an average temperature of 26.9. these are all much higher than that and we have 8 inches of snow. it was mild, well above average and lower snow than average, but we came in at 18th place overall. tom: thank you very much. right now an active investigation is norway in rochester after an assault at a sports bar there, it happened early sunday morning, and as wmur's jennifer crompton reports, the victim remains in serious condition. reporter: gary's sports bar and lounge in rochester was quiet monday afternoon, employees not saying much. about an incident there called in to police about 1:30 sunday morning. >> i came in, there was a disturbance in the parking lot. reporter: the victim was taken
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portland in serious condition. police are not confirming whether or not the people involved had been patrons or if they knew each other. >> it was a physical fight, can't disclose whether there were weapons involved. reporter: police would like to speak with any witness hose might have left before they arrived. >> at this point we've identified many of the key involved participants in this incident, so we do have our identities, we have several witnesses and we're still actively investigating this. tom: that was jennifer crompton reporting. police aren't calling anyone a suspect just yet. but they don't believe that the public is in any danger. jean: let's turn to the traffic watch and see how our ride home is shaping up as we start a new work week here in february. live pictures in manchester, this is 293 near exit 5.
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with a look at the evening commute. >> hi, tom and jean. one problem to our south in massachusetts on 49 r5 northbound, a rollover accident between exits 50 and 51. just took place aa while ago, so use calling through that stretch. 495 northbound pretty much from the, up to route 110 is slow as you're approaching the state line. once you get past that it's a good ride on 93 all the way up to 293 in manchester and no problems around the city. slight slowdowns in concord. the everett turnpike building volume between nashua up to merrimack and 101 west, your usual slowdowns at the light at 114. no problems to the seacoast and the spaulding turnpike is starting to get heavy in both directions. the reports being brought to you by dunkin' donuts. i'm peggy james for 95.7, wzid. jean: thanks, peggy. all eyes on iowa tonight but several candidates have already
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tom: up next, why several white house contenders decided to hampshire. mike: after a warm one today, a bright and cooler tuesday follows. jean: another charge against a man accused of assaulting students as they walked to school, police suspect more victims to come forward. tom: and a key step forward in the trial of a man accused of a
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tom: commitment 2016 again, the iowa caucuses begin in a couple hours. but some candidates have already left the hawkeye state to campaign here in new hampshire. jean: bush, christie and kasich are all here tonight. wmur's heather hamel spent the day with kasich who has made it clear he's counting on the granite state. reporter: governor kasich says he had to use his time wisely and he felt in a smaller state like new hampshire he had a better chance of meeting more people. and that's exactly what he was doing again today. >> there's our new logo, looks pretty good. very nice. i want to thank the academy, wayne to thank my family. reporter: laughing and joking as
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kasich took on his 88th town halle vebility in greenland monday. >> this is not like going to the dentist. we try to make sure people enjoy themselves when they come to these. reporter: speaking on his tour bus, he said a strong ground game is key. >> i'm not a celebrity candidate, i'm just the governor of ohio. so this is a place where we thought we could really gain traction, and we are. reporter: he says one of the contributing factors may be his positive approach. monday even poking fun at some of the negative ads targeting him. >> look at all the good pictures of me, these are good pictures, wow, my gosh, i'm in every gosh darn one here. look at this. i sided with obama, argh. reporter: he says he was upset this morning when he found out a super pac who supports him planned on airing an ad featuring senator ayotte and blasting marco rubio. his campaign fired back and the ad was pulled.
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everybody take your negative stuff off the air, tell people what you want to do and don't spend your time trashing somebody else. reporter: kasich is focusing on getting all the support he can. >> if i get smoked here i'm going to ohio and that's the end of it, but i don't think that's going to happen. reporter: if all goes as planned kasich will reach 100 town hall meetings in new hampshire come this friday. jean: chris christie is holding a town hall in hopkinton right now. these are live pictures from that event as it happens, and when it's over he'll be heading south for another town hall and a rally tonight in nashua. tom: jeb bush is also back in the granite state tonight, he has a town hall in manchester starting at 6:30. the republicans will debate each other in new hampshire before our primary next week. saturday's debate will be held at st. anselm college. you can watch it right here on wmur. new hampshire's primary is one week from tomorrow.
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to narrow down your choice. on our conversations with the candidate delve into policy and things get personal cafe. you'll find one on one interviews and campaign signal says and closeup and primary source. and follow the twitter hash tag, wmur politics. for team coverage as the candidates con verge on new hampshire one last time. mike: those temperatures today running close to where they normally would be, late april, early october. 60's for some today and out there at newfound lake through the time lapse a lot of open water still to be had out there at newfound lake. the breeze kicking up, driving in some waves and no ice to be had in that shot. so you really have to watch it, the ice is still quite thin. the high in concord today, 58 degrees, well above that
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of the record 62. notice sunset time, 4:58, two more days we hit 5:00 as the day light hours continue to stretch out each and every day. radar scopes nice and quiet. there was a cool front slipping to the south, so temperatures are beginning to fall off. but having said that we still remain well above the norm at least through the next several days. that means the next storm that moves on in here much more in the way of rain as opposed to a mix or even wet snow. right now down at 16 atop mount washington, upper 30's near 40 in the great north woods. 40's for many, still a couple of low 50's in manchester, nashua and portsmouth for the next few minutes before you dip down into the mid to upper 40's. fair skies, cool tonight, but still above the norm. the average low this time of rear around 12 or 13. again we'll be well above that by early tomorrow morning, near 20 north to around 30 in southeastern new hampshire. now, there is some cooler air building in, but not
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we don't have any arctic air at weekend. that means the next storm that is producing snow in parts of the plains states and eventually will split iowa with heavy snow and blizzard conditions in the northwest side and rain to the southeast of the capital, that system by the time it gets in here will be mostly in the form of rain. early wednesday morning, there could be a touch of wet snow north and a slight chance of an icy mix near the morning commute on wednesday in central and southern new hampshire. sunshine tomorrow. a little light snow early wednesday. anything that falls prior to 9:00, 9:30 could be sleet or freezing rain in central, southern new hampshire. but take a look at that wall of heavy rain that builds in for the midday and afternoon and into the early evening before it moves off to the east by later wednesday night. clearing, cooling down tonight, near 20 north, lower 30's south. here's a look at the next seven days, quite a few changes with the rain maker coming in here on wednesday, it colors out wednesday night. thursday looking good.
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cooler, we get to the weekend, it will be an arctic front that moves in, right now looks like the high temperatures sunday will be early in the day and temperatures fall off during the afternoon, a snow shower late saturday up north, anywhere saturday night early sunday morning, just a flurry or brief snow squall. monday for the most part quiet there. could be rain or snow coming in monday night or tuesday, but that is still a weak out. tom: a political storm could be abrewing, we know that's for sure. coming up next, candidates weigh in on how to bridge the political divide in washington. jean: and at 5:30, the issue of
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jean: in more commitment 2016 coverage we ask the candidates what their number one priority will be in the white house. >> obviously the white house first responsibility is to keep america safe, and i think iran is the principal one we have to be concerned about. and creating opportunities for working families to do better, you know, create opportunities for american workers. you do those three things, america is going to be a much better place.
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i'm going to repeal obamacare and replies it with something great. we're going to strengthen up the border, we're going to have a absolutely powerful border where only people who are legally allowed to come into the country can. i'm going to take care of our vets, build up our military. and maybe the easiest and the one i will do so well on is jobs and the economy and bringing trade where you have these horrible trade pacts made with other countries, bringing them into line, bringing them into order. we will bring jobs become into jobs. the economy will boom and every single poll says by a factor two of and three and four times, not just a little bit up, trump is the the best on the economy. economy. >> the number one priority is to restore confidence that our country can grow again ask that we can be safe. across the spectrum of policy we knee to focus on that.
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we need to declare war on the overreach of regulations and freeze in place or eliminate rules so that the entrepreneurial spirit of our country rises again. we need to restore america's leadership in the world. i would on the very first day i would announce that we were closing the embassy in havana and opening the embassy in jerusalem to send a signal to our friend, we got your back, we're back. to our enemies, you have to earn our support and our respect. we want to make sure we live in a peaceful world, but oh we're not going to unilaterally concede things just because we think you're going to change. you have to change first before you improve your relations with the united states. >> key priority is saving the next generation. we're about to destroy them with debt. and thomas jefferson said it's immoral to pass debt onto the next generation. if we could bring him back to the day he would stroke out doing.
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i'm not willing to increase the budget by one penny. for the next three years. if you just did that one thing alone you would have a balanced budget. in addition to that, you know, cutting back, you have 4.1 million federal employees, tens of thousands that retire each year don't rehire, just shift people around to critical positions. we have 645 federal agencies and sub agencies. all of them have fat in them, we need to reduce them in a way that doesn't hurt the people and in previous administration they were told do it in the a way that hurts the people most so that nobody will be talking about cutting budgets. jean: we'll hear from more candidates coming up in the next half-hour. tom: also ahead, the iowa caucuses are getting an upgrade. results will be tallied in a new way this year.
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what's has to solve problems and as small as that's the job. and now, the first lady who helped get healthcare for the senator who helped the secretary of state who stood up for america, and stared down hostile leaders around the world. is the one candidate for president who has everything it takes to do every part of the job she'll never let anyone privatize social security and medicare... or shut down planned parenthood... she'll take on the gun lobby... finally get equal pay for women... and stop the republicans from ripping all our progress away. so on february ninth, stand up for hillary. because if you want a president who knows how to keep america safe... and build a stronger economy... hillary's the choice. "i'm listening to you, i'm
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i'm going to deliver." i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. car repairs, home improvements, a family trip's not easy to afford them. what did marco rubio do? he put $22,000 in personal expenses on a republican party credit card. rubio's bad judgment caused a scandal and for five years rubio refused to release the credit card records. major votes... all over the place on immigration... bad judgment. he's just not ready to be president.
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jean: now at 5:30, another charge against the man accused of assaulting students on their way to school.
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tom: a verdict against the man accused of planning a vicious stabbing, his former girlfriend already admitted to the attack. mike: a spring-like feel to kick off february today, but how much longer will the pattern last. a timeline coming up. reporter: political polarization in america is at a 20-year high k. the next president be a unifying force? your commitment 2016 report is just ahead. jean: tonight a manchester man accused of sexually assaulting students outside central high school faces more charges. welcome back. i'm jean mackin. tom: and i'm tom griffith. police say ahmed abukar groped several students. jean: investigators say the this case is still expanding.
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continues to be very active investigation, right now investigators are moving to revoke became for abukar because last week's incident they say violates his bail conditions stemming from an arrest last september in which he's accused of giving police a false name. in court this morning, another victim was added to the sex assault charges against 19-year-old abukar. police confirm a total of five young women who say they were globed by him as they walked along beach street last tuesday. court documents allege abukar made sexually aggressive comments to the underaged teens and grabbed their butt oh. one of the victims said she felt embarrassed. >> they're very upset. any time a man approaches a young lady and he's overly adegreesive and wants to touch them, it's alarming, very much so. he's still in custody and i'm going to do everything i can to ensure that he stays in custody.
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accosting teen-aged women in the city of manchester. so we're going to do everything we can to keep him in jail. reporter: have a probable cause hearing march 24. tom: the man accused of orchestrating a violent stabbing has been found guilty of conspiracy to commit murder. jurors rejected buffum's claim of insanity. his ex-girlfriend already pleaded guilty for the attempted murder of andrea halvorson. the couple left her in the woods but she managed to survive. jean: a ski lift at granite gorge will be shut down until investigators figure out why two of the chairs collided. crews rescued the people but had to take two to the hospital. three others who were on the lift but not involved in the accident were also lowered from their lift chairs.
5:30 pm
pinpoint what caused a loud explosion sound that was heard from hooksett to raymond yesterday. several people called 911 around 5:30 last night to report the loud boom in the south end of hooksett nearby pass 28. crews searched the area and found nothing. police would like to hear from anyone who has any information about what may have happened. tom: tonight people will get to tell fish and game what they think a plan to issue 50 bob cot hunting permits. this would be the first legal bobcat hunt in the state in more than two decades. a lottery would be used to give out the permits, the hearing begins at 6:00 at the state house, a second hearing tomorrow in lancaster. we have -- there we go, that's the commitment 2016 bumper, you're going to be hearing lots of that over the next couple weeks. we've used the eight weeks counting down to new hampshire's primary to look at eight key issues in this election and tonight wmur's sally kidd looks
5:31 pm
the next president will have to face. >> it's a political vendetta. >> outrage us witch hunt. >> in congress. >> nothing is short of atrocious. >> how could anyone defend that? >> where compromise is rare. >> repulsive and repugnant. >> gridlock and dysfunction rule the day. >> what's right is what's right. >> you can't be serious about this. reporter: the partisan warfare reflecting a deepening re-blue divide in america. >> don't walk in here and tell me -- >> don't go there. reporter: partisan rancor is nothing new, but the political gulf has been widening over the last 20 years. republicans have become more conservative, democrats more liberal. the center is shrinking. can the next president be a unifying force? >> it's a pipe dream. reporter: it's a pledge candidates often make. until the realities of the office intrude. >> thinks he can just sit in the oval office and write his own laws.
5:32 pm
our politics. >> the notion that you can unite the country as a promise is more of an illusion than a reality. >> sure, there have been major bipartisan achievements in decades past. but it's not always the case that the country makes progress simply when the parties and people of good will come together. reporter: sometimes big things can get done with one party in doesn't like it. the bush tax cut, wall street reform, and obamacare to name a few. the bipartisan policy center set up a 29-member commission to study polarization in america. among the recommendations that the president hold regular monthly meetings with congressional leaders. i'm sally kidd. tom: we want to know what you think of the partisan divide in the u.s. go to the wmur facebook page to weigh in on this issue and share your thoughts on how to address the problem.
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tom: there's your video of the closing bell, provided by the new york stock exchange. it was an up and down day on wall street today. the dow jones was down almost 150 points, then came back, and closed the day at 17 points down, not too bad. s&p down a fraction. nasdaq was up by six points. gasoline prices nationwide 1.80 a gallon, here in new hampshire averaging 1.81. i paid 1.67 over the weekend. jean: good for you. tom: a new app called curb is launching this week it will make easier. jean: the app is expected to link smart phone users to a network of about 600 taxis in the boston area. the app is similar to ride
5:37 pm
today a team at general motors began efforts to get self driving cars out on the roads. g.m.'s goal is to become the leader in self driving technology. g.m.'s vice president is leading the effort to build autonomous vehicles. some good news for fliers. some u.s. airlines are bringing back the inflight snack. they return to united airlines flights today, and after 13 years without them american airlines announced it will also offer complementary snacks in the economy section of some flights. delta and southwest to name a few never stopped offering those snacks. tom: peanuts, i say, peanuts. a new smart phone app will tally the result of the iowa caucuses tonight. before this year results had to be called in by phone. precinct captains will log into a secured system to enter the number of votes for each candidate.
5:38 pm
john distaso file their reports tonight. next in sports, he's a junior world champion in buy biatholon. tom: also at 6:00 this warm weather may be tough on the other businesses. tonight on "chronicle." >> we have a lot of people that say jump rope isn't a sport.
5:39 pm
tom: back to commitment to 16 coverage now and we asked the candidates what their number one priority will be in the white house. >> my number one priority is the number one priority of any american president. it is to protect the safety and security of the american people. there's nothing more important than that. and every morning when i wake up as president of the united states my first job will be to figure out if we are doing everything we can as a government to protect your neighborhoods, your you the states and this country. folks will know i know how to do it, i don't need a lesson plan on it, i don't need a how-to man wul. i've done it in new jersey and i can do it for this country. so protecting the safety and security of the people of america is the most important
5:40 pm
it's been for all 44 presidents before. >> the very first priority for any president is to keep this country safe. the most solemn responsibility of the president is to be commander in chief and we are facing radical islamic terrorism. we are facing a manifest threat of jihadists who have declared war on this country and it is their intent to carry out attacks like the paris attack, the san bernardino attack, like the police officer in philadelphia who was shot at 13 times by a terrorist declaring his allegiance to isis. for seven years we've had a commander in chief who will not identify the enemy, who is unwilling or unable to fight the enemy and will not defeat the enemy. if i am president, we will terrorism. president obama told europe he doesn't believe in american leadership or america winning.
5:41 pm
ronald reagan were rolling over in their graves the president saying something like that. my philosophy, to borrow a beige from ronald reagan on cold war, we win, they lose. we're not going to weaken, we're not going to degrade. we will utterly destroy isis. we will secure the borders because border security is national security. and by the way, the front in isis is not just iraq and syria. it's kennedy airport and the rio grand. we won't be bringing in syrian refugees, we will put safety and security first and i will keep america safe. >> i think actually there are three things. each of which are equally important. number one, we have to restore possibilities in this nation to every american regardless of their circumstances. and that means we have to create more jobs and it means we have to ensure that every child gets a quality education. number two, we have to cut this washington d.c. bureaucracy down
5:42 pm
government no longer serves the people who pay for it. and number three, we must lead in the world. only the united states of america can lead. we do not have to be the world's policeman. but we do need to be the world's leader and the world is a dangerous place when we don't lead. tom: you can find this entire series of questions to the candidates in the politics section of mike: important website there, because you can also get more information on this, countdown to the penguin plunge continues to support special olympics new hampshire. keep in mind there are two dips in the ocean this upcoming weekend, one is the high school plunge on saturday. second is the traditional penguin plunge that occurs at noon on sunday. out at hampton beach again all for a great cause for special olympics, log onto our website, click on the community section for much more information.
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photos from the day where we had a blend of clouds and some partial sunshine. how about those temperatures close to record highs today, low 60's. are you kidding me, this is not even close to where we should be for even late february or early march. temperatures in the mid to late april range today. fair and cooler tonight, then a bright and cooler tuesday will follow. as for the next system that moves in on wednesday, if it does begin early enough and it may with light showers it would be a light mix of rain, sleet and freezing rain, central and southern new hampshire. then farther north could be a touch wet snow. but most of what falls on wednesday will be late morning on. and by then it will be too warm to support anything but heavy rain. could see over an inch of rain in some spots by the time it begins to taper off wednesday evening. then dry for the rest of the week. warmest on thursday, and a little cooler on friday. beginning to cool down a little bit off the daytime highs of the lower 60's in spots.
5:44 pm
southeastern new hampshire. upper 30's, lower 40's monadnock stretch. and about 40 to 45 on average through the heart of the lakes region. bit colder north, 30's on average. but a few upper 20's showing up in pittsburgh and stewartstown, but that's still above average. so future temperatures, we do coast down somewhat, near 20 north to around 30 south. but again that's well above where we should be for overnight low, and by the time the next storm gettings here, the one hitting the plain states with rain and heavy snow, it will be moving to our north and west and that means it's more rain than anything else. here's a look at sky cast over hours. a few clouds, but they'll be moving out quickly for mostly sunny skies for sunup tomorrow, right around 7:00 a.m. is your sunrise. and throughout the day a bright and cooler day, but still about 10 degrees above normal for this time of year. we get into wednesday, could be
5:45 pm
untreated surfaces through at least mid morning, anything that falls will be very light. but it could mean that light mix of rain, freezing rain and sleet. that's the only commute between now and friday night that we have to watch. by wednesday the concern will be heavy rain and ponding on the roads. quiet end of the week, and maybe a snow shower saturday night early sunday as we cool back down again. tom: all right, sound good. word about a professional surfer who is okay after he fell 40 feet while trying to ride a giant wave. josh: at the told surfer magazine this felt like being in a car crash, he says he was mine forward a few second because of the strong sea spray before falling, and he was in shock once he surfaced again. dolan was back surfing again the very next day. jamie: incredible video there. it's a monday off for both celtics and bruins.
5:46 pm
tomorrow to take on the knicks in madison care garden. the all-star break end for the bruins tomorrow when nay host the maple leafs. in case you missed this yesterday, sean doherty of center conway won the gold medal at the junior world biathlon championships in romania sunday, we won by nearly 30 seconds. doherty also took bronze in thursday's individual and saturday's sprint. he nows that 10 medals, making him the most decorated junior bi athlete in history. congratulations to the 600 or so nhiaa student athletes that were honored today in concord. the governor declared this february 1 as scholar athlete awards day, divisions one and march. all told over 1400 student athletes will be honored. essay award winners came from --
5:47 pm
average and earned an letter in a sport. tom: modern relationships often look different from what we're used to. jean: up next, why these two tied the knot the very first time they met. jennifer: tonight at 6:00, the process begins tonight, iowa is now just hours away from deciding who will come out on top in the caucuses. we're live on the ground in iowa. as this race now becomes all about turnout.
5:48 pm
waxer you know the basic bargain of america is if you work hard, and you do your part, you should be able to get ahead and stay ahead. but so many families don't feel like their hard work pays off. that's not the way america is supposed to operate. i want to go to bat for them every single day. get incomes rising... get equal pay for women... cut the cost of health caret and child care so people canr actually get ahead. hillary clinton, she has what it takes to get things done. i'm hillary clinton and i
5:49 pm
tom: technology can have a role in a good relationship. jean: just ahead of valentine's day, u.s. cellular asked smart phone users for some etiquette tips and here are a few. 44% of those asked say it's okay to ask someone on a date via text message. but once you're on the date, please put down the phone. 68% say it is rude to check a phone when dining out with others, especially on a first date. you could call this love at first click. tom: two people got matter just minutes after coming face to
5:50 pm
the couple met on instagram over a year ago and have been in touch ever since. they eloped just minutes after the groom landed in california after a flight from new york. >> you don drag your feet with real love, you leap into that like there's no tomorrow and that's what we're doing. tom: the couple says this insta wedding was an instant success, their advice to love seekers out there, don't listen to your head, listen to your heart. jean: i'll say, she leapt right in and gets the ring. tom: very nice. thank you for joining us. jean: news 9 at 6:00 heads your
5:51 pm
(phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates, answer the call already. glrp just under on hour to first votes of the 2016 election will be cast with the start of the iowa caucuses.
5:52 pm
had a busy day in iowa. we'll have a live report. jennifer: but for these candidates, they're heading to new hampshire and the final sprint is onto the first in the nation primary. mike: spring 60's for some spots today to start the month of february. how warm it got statewide, plus when it starts to cool back down. tom: plus a victim is in serious condition after a weekend assault outside of this rochester bar. and police need your help. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now wmur news 9 at 6:00. tom: we begin tonight on the campaign trail, as the first votes in the presidential race are about to make their choice, the voters are. good evening, new hampshire, i'm tom griffith. jennifer: and i'm jennifer vaughn. final pitches have been given and now it's up to the residents of iowa, some saying though they're still making up their minds. >> sometimes they give speeches at the caucuses, either
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