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tv   News 9 at Six  ABC  February 1, 2016 6:00pm-6:29pm EST

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candidate shows up. josh: it begin police two hours from now and polls showing one race the particular is too close to call. josh mcelveen begins our live coverage tonight in iowa. hi there, josh. josh: the time for campaigning is drawing to a close here in the hawkeye state and there are some tight races out there. donald trump is the republican frontrunner, he's trying to ward off a strong challenge from senator cruz, while hillary clinton and bernie sanders are locked in a tight battle for the democratic nod out of iowa. a couple of candidates though i should mention did decide to duck out early ahead of a major storm that's forecasted to hit iowa in a few hours. but even so the final hours of this day have been hectic ones. >> it's what gets me up every day, no matter how long the days are, no matter how hard the days are. >> we can transform this country and we can win here in iowa. reporter: for these two democrats the final day meant a
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as the race in iowa appears to be abe dead heat. drp political correctness is totally out of control. reporter: while on the other side the republican frontrunner stayed busy, but so did the texas republican. >> how do we turn america around, reignite the promise of america. reporter: beneath the surface candidates like fiorina still remain confident. >> i was 17 out of 16, nobody had ever heard of me, the media wrote me off, the establishment wrote me off, but voters haven't written me off. voters show up. reporter: while rand paul is planning a surprise of his own. >> i think we're going to beat all expectations. we just had a public poll today that shows we're leading in people underage 30. most of those people haven't been showing up on the polls because they all have cell
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reporter: both bush and christie left iowa early to watch the results from new hampshire. while marco rubio continued the push that he thinks will put him in good position for the primary. >> we are rebuilding the u.s. military because the world is a safer and better place when america is the strongest military in the world. reporter: after months of hard work by these candidates the first votes in the race for the white house will be cast now in just under two hours. the moments will be anxious ones for the candidates and supportsers, but we'll bring you the results and reaction as they come in. i'm josh mcelveen, wmur news 9. tom: thank you. in a few hours all eyes will be on new hampshire for the new hampshire primary. but one candidate, john kasich, is keeping his focus right here right now, campaigning as we speak. heather hamel joins us live with kasich's approach. reporter: governor kasich feels he has a better shot here, smaller state, more
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people. and he thinks that it is paying off. the ohio governor completed had his 88th town hall in green land today and right now is holding one in loudon. kasich says his ground game as well as his positive approach are some of his strengths and he tries to stay away from negative ads, and his campaign blasted a super pc when they heard that they planned on airing an aad attacking marco rubio. >> we'd like to add, ask everybody to take your negative stuff off the air, tell people what you're going to do and don't trash someone else. reporter: kasich says he will reach 100 town halls this saturday right before he competes in the debate sponsored by wmur and abc news. heather hamel, wmur news 9. jennifer: also tonight, two other presidential hopefuls are already turning their focus back our way. chris christie and jeb bush gave their final pitches in iowa this morning.
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campaigning again here in new hampshire. mike cronin live in hopkinton where governor christie was earlier this afternoon. mike? reporter: governor christie had a full morning of events in iowa, then flew to new hampshire as he kicks off his final bus tour before the primary with a town hall in hopkinton. christie says he's now completely focused on the granite state. he talked to voters about rebuilding the military, reforming entitlements, and cutting government spending. krition tee drew a comparison between senator obama and marco rubio and red cruz who are also in their first team. >> just because we're republicans doesn't make us right. we have to be right because we make the right decisions. and to put a first-term united states senator back in the oval office immediately after the last seven years we've just had, is crazy. reporter: this event just wrapping up at the town hall here tonight.
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at nashua community college and between now and friday he has 15 events planned throughout the date. mike cronin, wmur news 9. tom: looking ahead to new hampshire tonight, jeb bush, the former florida governor, holding a town hall in manchester, that's where we find adam sexton live at the alpine club on the adam? reporter: well, tom, only a matter of hours now before the political world turns its attention from iowa to new hampshire. and governor jeb bush says he is ready for that race to the finish line. we spoke with the governor and wmur studioan hour ago, he says he's going to finish better than expected tonight in iowa and then turn his full attention to the granite state where he has invested heavily in a campaign ground game. with donald trump still maintaining a big lead in the polls, we asked governor bush what he would consider a victory here next tuesday.
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counter to trump. trump is not a conservative. leader. he's certainly a great personality, fills the space. reporter: but in the latest wmur-cnn poll, it does paint a fairly bleak picture for governor bush. it has him in sixth place with 6%. but the governor continues to draw big crowds on the campaign trail, decent sized ones any way. we'll have a wrapup for you tonight at 11:00. adam sexton, wmur news 9. tom: this weekend the republican candidates will meet on stage the new hampshire one last time before the primary. wmur and abc news are sponsoring saturday night's debate at st. anselm college, it begins at 8:00 here on wmur. we'll have complete coverage beginning with a special edition of news 9 at 5:00 and a full wrapup starting at 11:00. jennifer: this mild stretch of
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dreaming of spring. let's get a look at live pictures. after a runup to 60's in spots earlier today, cooler air is coming back in. let's get over to chief meteorologist mike haddad for a look at the landscape out there. mike: an aamazing day. if you were outdoors you know the story about the warm weather, certainly felt like spring. even mid to late april with those temperatures up to 60 plus. concord just two shy at 58. and four shy of the record of 62, by the way, that 61 at the coast, five off the record of 66 for the date. to the north still in the 50's, so very warm even along the canadian border. right now beginning to cool down a bit, but still above average. you will notice cooler air upstream, but even though temperatures drop some over the next couple days we still remain well above the average that. means the next storm that moves in mid-week will be more rain as
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but when could roads be dicey, we'll look at that in a few minutes. tom: an investigation under way right now in rochester after a weekend assault. jennifer: the assault was reported in the parking lot of gary's bar and lounge. a victim was taken to maine medical center, he's in serious condition tonight. police won't say whether or not a weapon was involved here. but they do say the public is not in danger. >> at this point we've identified many of the key involved participants in this incident. so we do have our identities, we have several witnesses and we're still actively investigating this. jennifer: though police are stopping short of calling anyone a suspect at this point. tom: straight ahead at 6:00 tonight, a new charge against the man accused of sexually assaulting high school students as they walk to class. and police say this investigation isn't over yet. jennifer: enjoying the sights
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february, before the harsh reality of winter returns. >> this day in history has been very good for the patriots, we'll talk about t today in america, the top 1/10 of 1% owns almost as much wealth as the bottom 90% this great country and our government belong to all of us. wall street, corporate america, wealthy campaign donors have so much influence that the only way they are defeated is when millions of people begin to stand up and say loudly and clearly, "enough is enough." i'm bernie sanders,
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tom: the trial for the man accused inry savage attack is set to get under way this summer. jennifer: charms normil -- charles normil was tried in massachusetts for pistol whipping a woman in her apartment after the alleged home invasion in bedford. she lost her eye the that attack. normil was sentenced to 25
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without bail until his june trial. the investigation into a manchester man accused of causing a digs rugs at central high school last week is expanding. ahmed abukar is accused of groping students as they walked on beach street. today he faced an additional charge connected to the incident groped. he allegedly made sexual comments to some of the teenagers and tried to lure them to come back to his home. tom: tonight a hollis man facing serious charges after residents say he pointed a gun at them. police were called to flint pond for a report a disturbance involving an off road recreational vehicle, and found kenneth did you train arguing dufresne arguing with residents. he is charged with criminal threatening with a deadly weapon and operating under the influence of drug others alcohol. mike haddad in, he's watching the weather in iowa. but the weather here today, tell you what, nice and warm.
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iowa when you can just watch the temperature go up and up like it did today. but yes, there is a system out in iowa that eventually will affect us. there's a blizzard warning there. what does that mean when it
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tom: certainly was a great day
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really feels more like april than the beginning of february. jennifer: winter just doesn't feel like it's arrived yet, does it? andy hershberger took a trip around manchester today and found that not too many people are complaining. reporter: joanna mitchell brought her 4-year-old twin boys to livingston park monday morning to climb up and slide down this jungle gym. quite a treat for this mom on the first day of february. >> i love it. it's nice that we're able to get outside and not have to put snow gear on, i love that. no as to pants, for a little while. >> it's definitely unique for january and february. i'm looking for to maybe getting more snow before the end of winter, but it sure is nice to come to the park. reporter: it is freakishly warm for this time of year. mcintyre ski area is open, but could use a little winter magic. they opened late this year and ticket sales are off by about 20%. >> well, you know, we've had
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and down, but mother nature is always someone to contend with and after wednesday the temperatures drop and we'll be making a lot of snow. reporter: turners car wash is one place that's loving temperatures in the 50's, last week was one of their best in several years. >> we're actually doing pretty good compared to usually we like the salt, but this weather is doing great for us, we're not explaining. reporter: as we all know, winter could punch back at any time. and stick around for as long as she wants. so have fun while you can. in manchester, andy hershberger, wmur news 9. mike: good point, andy, you never know when things are going to turn around. take a look at the changes we've seen on february 1st, just over the past year today. 58 degrees in concord. the average high 32. nowhere close to that.
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february 1st, brr, a high of only 22 after a morning low of one. so, yes, we've seen it all february 1st over the past couple of years. take a look at the almanac data for the norms for concord, 33 the average high for the first. on average over the concord to manchester area, by the end of the mob up to 36 degrees. the average low creeps up from 12 to 14. also notice sunrise and sunset times stretching out so we get more daylight. by the end of the mob that sun set after 5:30. average rainfall, one of the driest months of the year, just under 2.6 inches. and the average snowfall, by the way, one of the highest in the calendar year, 15.1. will we see any snow, though this month. we're starting off on the mild side we'll cool down quite a bit, but still above average for
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by early tomorrow morning it's much cooler, but still closer to the normal high temperature for this time of year, as opposed to the normal low temperature. so another warm start relatively speaking to your tuesday, although tuesday will not be nearly as warm as we saw today. here is that cooler air beginning to creep on in from the midwest, northern part of the plains states and in towards new hampshire. as it does so, again we start to see temperatures falling off a little but still remaining above the norm and well above freezing, that means the next storm that's producing quite a mix out west with heavy snow for some, even in portions of iowa, especially from the capital points north and west. by the time that gets in here, it will be more of a very light mix early, quickly over to heavy rain. but for tonight mainly clear skies, lots of sun for your tuesday and temperatures nice and mild, although again much cooler than we had today. 40's for many, 30's to the north, early wednesday morning, a bit tricky, any light precipitation would be in the form of light snow across the great north woods, into the
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there could be a touch of sleet or freezing rain lakes region south and then by late morning and afternoon that's when most of the precipitation arrives. by then it's mainly rain and some of it heavy before it clears on out of here by early in the evening. highs tomorrow again much lower than today, but still well above the average, low to mid 30's north to the lower 40's in central areas and low to mid 40's far south. notice again the rain is in on wednesday, a light mix early, dries out thursday, it will be nice and mild in the 40's. then it's cooler right on friday, could be a snow shower or brief snow squall saturday night or sunday morning as an arctic front comes in here. so the highs on sunday will be early in the morning before it cools back down. maybe a touch of rain or snow tuesday. >> we have the bean pot starting up, an annual tradition no
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and b.c. p
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hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm-hmm let us be lovers, we'll marry our fortunes together [ cheering ] i've got some real estate here in my bag counting the cars on the new jersey turnpike they've all come to look for america to look for america all come to look for america all come to look for america i'm bernie sanders,
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jamie: february 1 a good day in patriots history. in 2004 the patriots beat the carolina panthers 32-29 in super bowl 38, winning it on the field goal. it was the second tight in franchise history, tom brady earned his second super bowl mvp. also on this day last year the pats beat the seahawks, brady getting his third mvp trophy. bruins and celtics will have
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until tomorrow, both teams are off tonight. the b's end their all-star break when they host toronto tomorrow night. at the same time celtics will be playing at the new york knicks. bruins have placed goalie gustafson on the injured list, he left the game and taken to the hospital with an undisclosed illness. the general manager said that gustafson is waiting to be cleared for full participation by the medical staff. here we go, college hockey right now. the bean pot tournament, number 7 harvard, number 4 boston college, tournament is wide open, all four teams ranked in the top 25. k.c. fets gerald scored in the first, made it 1-0, b.c., that was two minutes into the first period. harvard answered with two goals. the coach especially son, ted donato, was a former boston
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beginning. b.c. just added another power play goal, so in the second period right now b.c. leading harvard 3-2. tonight it's northeastern, just taking on boston university. congratulations to the dartmouth big green, now ranked in the top 20, the first time since february of 2013 that dartmouth cracks the top 20. u.n.h. has a tough weekend ahead at number 4 boston college friday. congratulations to the 600 or so nhiaa student athletes in divisions two and four that were honored today in concord. the governor declared it scholar athlete award day. i was on hand to enjoy the festivities. students need a b plus average and to earn a varsity letter. and over 1400 statewide have been able to do that. jennifer: thank you, jamie. tom: right now on, before iowa holds its caulk ukes tonight, refresh up on how a caucus works, we have a video
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jennifer: and it is machine -- mansion monday on
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