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tv   News 9 Noon  ABC  February 2, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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sean: now at noon, the granite state is now the center of the political universe. how candidates are campaigning, and what they' re saying about the first in the nation primary. and voters focus. what they' re looking for, who they' re supporting, and how they plan to help write history. kevin: the next system approaches tonight. we will give you details on what to expect with the latest timeline and futurecast up ahead. sean: opioid epidemic. the announcement made just moments ago by the white house. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now, wmur news 9 at noon. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute,
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visit] sean: right now, the week of non-stop politicking is underway here in new hampshire. the candidates have more than a dozen town hall meetings planned today, along with rallies and other organized events. good afternoon. i' m sean mcdonald. the candidates today on the democratic side, bth bernie sanders and hillary clinton, are here. bill and hillary are speaking to supporters. bill just wrapped up. ms. clinton: now, this is an exciting week for a lot of reasons. it is, after all, the process by which we choose who each party will nominate for the most important job in our country, some say even in the world. it is up to new hampshire voters to weigh in in the first primary
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what i am excited about is i think in the last few weeks we have seen the arrival at the right time in this campaign for you to understand what the contest of ideas really is between me and my esteemed opponent, senator sanders. i am excited by that because that is the best way for you to make up your minds. sean: you are listening into clinton speaking and t an event in nashua right now. on the republican side, very busy as well. jeb bush, donald trump, chris christie, ted cruz, john kasich, and marco rubio are in the granite state today. now of course, this comes on the heels of the iowa caucuses, a late night that saw republican ted cruz edge out donald trump and marco rubio. and on the democratic side, so close.
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50% apiece, with clinton ahead s marci gonzalez with more on that contest. first taste of victory. ever cast for any republican primary went. marci: and defeat in iowa. mr. trump: we finished second, and i want to tell you something, i am just honored. marci: it is all about new hampshire. >> the center of the political universe. marci: marco rubio working to maintain momentum after surpassing expectations, coming in a close third. senator rubio: they told me we had no chance because my hair wasn' t grey enough and my boots were too high. marci: the democratic race the closest ever. some precincts, it came down to
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ms. clinton: as i stand here tonight breathing a big sigh of relief, thank you, iowa. marci: hillary clinton only ahead of bernie sanders by a fraction of up point. senator sanders: what iowa has revolution. malley dropping out of the the rest of the candidates' in the granite state. some of them were ramping up before the caucuses were over. bush, case it-, and chris-- kasich, christie spent the weekend not in iowa but in new hampshire hoping to get a head start on their opponents. sean: right now florida senator with an event planned tonight for exeter. who arrived in manchester overnight. this morning he picked up the endorsement of south carolina senator tim scott, and at the airport diner, rubio said this republicans can'
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lose. senator rubio: we need to unify the conservative movement and the republican party and i can do that better than anyone who is running. we need to grow it. i can do that better than anyone who is running. we need to defeat hillary clinton and bernie sanders and i give us the best chance to do that. sean: rubio also says it is about growing the conservative movement and drive people to the party who believe in limited government, free enterprise come and a strong national defense and says he is the candidate who can deliver on those issues. democrat bernie sanders also arrived in new hampshire overnight and was greeted by a crowd of supporters. our political director josh mcelveen caught up with him when he got off his plane. josh: concerns about voter irregularities? senator sanders: we are starting that right now, we will see what happens. but i' m just very proud of the campaign that we ran in the thousands of volunteers who work so hard. sean: for more than a year in some cases, candidates have been making their pitch to new
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now that marathon is down to a sprint, as there is just a week left before ballots are cast. the candidates are blanketing the state, in advance of the voting. ray brewer is live on elm street in manchester right now, and ray , it is certainly crunch time for the candidates. ray: it is, sean, both literally and figuratively, as reporters and voters are jockeying for position to hear the candidates and ask a question. in the early morning hours, fresh off a strong finish in iowa, democratic senator bernie sanders addressed a crowd of supporters. elizabeth was in the crowd. >> i stayed up watching the caucuses, i' m feeling the bern and has been since bernie sanders threw his hat in the ring and make -- in may. ray: people at the airport diner in manchester got a chance to coming off a strong third-place finish.
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i think he has what they call marcomentum in new hampshire. ray: they are giving granite staters that unique access. >> i met marco a year ago on the special election and marco came over and campaign with me and we had a great day that day. ray: in iowa, exit polls suggest many in the hawkeye state made up their minds at the last minute. polls show that here in new hampshire, many voters are still undecided. even as they make up their minds can even for those who have been through this before, the thrill is still there. >> i always think it will not be that big of a thing when i see somebody who is famous but i have done it a couple of times and when i do, i feel excitement my feel exhilaration. ray: the turnout in iowa is historically large and well the secretary of state in new hampshire has not made his official prediction yet, the turnout is also expected to be heavy here in the granite state. the big question, who does that
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reporting live in manchester, ray brewer, wmur news 9. s rick santorum. the former senator from carolina. he is presented himself as the conservative alternative to ted cruz. he is hoping his first place -- third-place seed with voters will deliver this month. we have more on our website, ll also find biographies and fun facts for each of the candidates. will be making stops in new hampshire over the next week on our candidate tracker. and the republican candidates will meet in new hampshire one this saturday. wmur and abc news are sponsoring this weekend' s debate at saint anselm college. it begins at 8:00 right here on wmur. we will have complete coverage
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of news 9 at 5:00. fight against the opioid epidemic. last month, senator jeanne shaheen wrote to president obama, asking him to increase epidemic in his next budget request. the president' s 2017 budget includes $1 billion in new mandatory funding over two years to expand access to treatment for prescription drug abuse and heroin use. in a statement, senator shaheen says -- " the federal government needs to be doing much more to stem the tide of this pandemic, and i' m pleased that the president' s budget will reflect this urgency." we will have much more on this story tonight on news 9 starting at 5:00. a bill would raise a punishment from a class b felony to a class a felony, which means convicts face an additional 20 years in jail for the theft. they say the approach is consistent with other new hampshire laws that carry stiffer penalties for crimes
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involved. coming up, back in court. the latest fight for comedian bill cosby. job. what happened to them during an early morning report in california. kevin: temperatures for this take. time for the weekend. sean: and in "grow it green," when looking for new house
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sean: comedian bill cosby is he' s asking a judge to dismiss a sexually assaulted a woman in his home in 2004. cosby says the encounter with ex-temple university employee andrea constand was consensual. at issue is a promise cosby says he made a decade ago with the former district attorney of montgomery county, if cosby testified fully in a deposition in constand' s 2005 civil suit it would never be used against him. prosecutors say there is no such evidence of such an agreement. a california tv news crew was injured while covering storm cleanup monday morning. reporter marie coronel and photographer mike gold were hit
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mira mesa. -- when it fell near san diego. the two were rushed to a nearby coronel' s husband says she suffered serious injuries which will require a long recovery. gold broke his leg, which also required surgery. the zika virus is now an international emergency. the world health organization held an emergency meeting yesterday to assess the outbreak after noting a suspicious link between zika' s arrival in brazil last year and a surge in the number of babies born with abnormally small heads. although the agency' s directors said there is no definitive proof that the zika virus is responsible for birth defects, she did acknowledge that the level of alarm is extremely high. southern new hampshire university has purchased the naming rights to the current verizon wireless arena in manchester. the newly named snhu arena will continue to host the monarchs, concerts, sporting events, and other events. the arena will reopen with the
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kevin: sunshine, a breeze through the afternoon, but tomorrow not the greatest of days. sean: here come the clouds in the rain. your house plants may be beautiful. but they could be deadly. what you need to know in today' s "grow it green." now time for our u local hot shot. check out this beautiful sunrise yesterday in gilford. wow, love that picture. the american people can't for ideas that sound good on paper... but will never make it in the real world. the grandmother who has to choose between paying for medicine and paying rent... the single mom who desperately needs a raise... the student with a
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we can make real progress, right now for people and families who need it. p i'm hillary clinton and i
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>> now meteorologist kevin' s your storm watch nine forecast. kevin: another day where temperatures are 10, 15 degrees above normal for this coming year. they are 10 degrees cooler than where we were yesterday at this time. a good deal of sunshine in the southern half of the state that lingering clouds up north. not really anything as far as precipitation until at least after midnight tonight and anything we have after the overnight hours will be on the light side come with temperatures near the freezing mark. in pittsburgh, 26 degrees there, but even there, a few breaks in
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fairly light breeze and may be more noticeable in the open areas where they are gusting 10-15 miles an hour. much lighter wind than the gusts we had yesterday. we will start is the clouds the next system is producing blizzard like conditions from nebraska through minnesota and eventually stronger along the gulf coast. the center of this circulation passes to our west, which will the system. the only snag to that scenario is the fact that it may arrive early tomorrow morning. the faster it arrives, the better chance we will see light snow or a light next are initially -- light mix initially concord. freezing mark in the north 20' s. temperatures 10, 15 degrees cooler. it is a much lighter wind by a
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we will continue to see the flow try things out out of the northwest for the remainder of the afternoon. if anything, the priest tomorrow will be out of the southeast as the system approaches. big temperature difference down through the southern plains. then moves up through portions of canada through the great lakes later on tonight. fair skies for the afternoon. evening commute should be just fine. for a lot of locations we will tomorrow. as he stopped is just before sunrise tomorrow, there may be a couple late snow showers up north for a lifetime wintry mix -- light wintry mix. apart from also going over to rain. times. lower visibility due to the later tomorrow evening. back to partial sunshine for skies for friday. from there the temperatures cool off.
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s on thursday. friday with highs in the 30' s and that is where we will be in the air mass that will be in time for the weekend. i temperatures by the time we get to the weekend looks to be in the 30' s statewide. could be snow showers later saturday afternoon or saturday evening did that will pull away on sunday. let system possible by later let' s go to "grow it green." ray: welcome to today' green." m joined by margaret hagen from unh cooperative extension. stay we will be talking about plans that -- today we will a little dangerous. if you suspect a small child or pet has ingested these plans, what do you want to do? control center.
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in the search engine and you one. ray: in front of you is one of the plants that is very popular but it can be dangerous. what kind of animals or small children are we talking about? margaret: mostly children under three and cats especially. if caps on of getting vegetables in their diet -- if cats are not houseplants. they have a fairly small body and it is not take as much as it would for somebody like you or me. ray: but we have a solution for that and you are holding it in your hands. this is the solution. margaret: this commonly known as cat grass. if you wanted and vegetables in your diet, put this out and they will stay away from houseplants. ray: some of the houseplants need to be concerned about -- we what are these other ones? margaret: a lot of these have oxalate or sometimes -- this one is fairly commonly grown, probably one of the most
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have. you have to watch out for those. believe it or not to english ivy can sometimes cause -- ray: and here we have the striking variegated plant. corn plants. it has the oxalate in it. ray: if you are not sure, where do you go what should you do? margaret: the american humane pretty competence of that plants and the one thing to remember is if you have some of these plans in the leaves or berries drop, you want to keep those up off the floor away from your pets for young children. your pet or young child, a child under three, or a cat has should you do?
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today in america, the top 1/10 of 1% owns almost as much wealth as the bottom 90% this great country and our government belong to all of us. wall street, corporate america, wealthy campaign donors have so much influence that the only way they are defeated is when millions of people begin
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"enough is enough." i'm bernie sanders,
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sean: now for kevin' s favorite story. the groundhog has spoken. this morning punxsutawney phil did not see his shadow, predicting an early spring this year. the annual announcement was made at sunrise on gobbler' s knob in pennsylvania, just outside the
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m sure phil is thrilled to be out there. kevin: there were lights out there and he didn' t see his shadow at all. sean: things are magical. you didn' t see that coming? kevin: not at all. i couldn' t forecasted. looks like any sort of early mix will go to rain and i will be heavy at times. sean: starting tonight at 5:00 live team coverage of the , candidates running for president as the focus for this next week is on new hampshire. who has the momentum and who needs to gain ground. plus, if you travel a lot, staying healthy can be a battle. the growing trend when it comes to what hotels are offering to
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car repairs, home improvements, a family trip's not easy to afford them. what did marco rubio do?
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expenses on a republican party credit card. rubio's bad judgment caused a scandal and for five years rubio refused to release the credit card records. marco rubio: skipping major votes... all over the place on immigration... bad judgment. r he's just not ready to be president. pnright to rise usa is responsible


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