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tv   News 9 at Five  ABC  February 2, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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to fight the heroin epidemic facing not only the nation but the granite state. how that money will be spent. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now wmur news 9 at 5:00. josh: this is the candidate focused on the first in the nation primary which is now just one week from today. some are riding momentum out of the iowa, while others have a clear view of the gains they need to make within the week. i'm josh mcelveen. jennifer: i'm jennifer vaughn. the democratic race was oh close it took until this afternoon to declare hillary clinton the winner. for the republicans, ted cruz easily won iowa. wmur's amy coveno just back from the only stop cruz made here in new hampshire today before he headed south to south carolina. reporter: it was a rock star reception for senator cruz this afternoon at crossing life
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they could have filled the room twice as big. one pundit noticed perhaps the campaign had low expectations, but now are riding high. >> y'all treat politics in new hampshire like we treat football in texas. reporter: the junior senator from texas now working to translate the win in iowa to more votes in new hampshire. >> i believe if anyone wants to compete effectively in new hampshire you owe it to the men and women here to look them in the eyes, to defend your record and to ask for their support, that's what we're working to do. reporter: senator cruz took aim at donald trump on immigration. a shot across the bow, but steering clear of insults. >> as a presidential candidate he has discovered that illegal immigration is a good issue. i'm told donald knows some people in the entertainment business. you know, he could have sauntered over to the today show and ed this would be a really bad idea. reporter: a notably more secular
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compared to iowa didn't stop the evangelical christian from quoting the bible and asking supporters to pray. >> just to spend a minute saying father god, please continue this awakening, continue this spirit of revival, awaken the body of christ, to pull us back from the abyss. reporter: cruz compared himself to ronald reagan both on policy and upset victories. >> 36 years ago new hampshire played a critical role in taking a candidate through the mainstream media despised, ronald reagan, and giving him a shocking come from behind victory that literally changed the course of world history. reporter: cruz has a lot of ground to make up here, but there are vulnerabilities perhaps in touch --
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is on his way here to new hampshire, after his second place finish in iowa, he's holding just one event which is a rally in milford. adam sexton joins us now with a live preview. reporter: well, certainly the atmosphere here is that something big is going to happen tonight. we do know that donald trump will be picking up a big endorse not, that being scott brown, the former massachusetts senator turned new hampshire resident who ran against jeanne shaheen in 2014, he will be endorsing donald trump here tonight. again it's expected to be a very large event. they've got a lot of space here that they expect to fill and there are a lot of people lined up outside waiting to get in. of course mr. trump finished second in iowa last night, underperforming in the polls. he gave a very short speech at the end of that campaign, very short by his standards, just a couple minutes, talking about how the election at this point is going to shift to new hampshire.
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and that will be something special, it going to be a great week and we're going to be up here next week and i think we're going to be proclaiming victory, i hope. we will go onto get the republican nomination and we will go onto easily boat hillary or bernie, or who ever the hell they throw up there. reporter: this campaign for weeks now has been projecting such tremendous confidence, that's clipped a little bit today, our interactions with people we've seen here. donald trump supporters are a little moret reticent, but they think the outcome will be flipped in the granite state. adam sexton, wmur news 9. the josh: what about marco rubio? not a bad finish. he made a lunch time stop at the puritan restaurant in manchester this afternoon. he said this is a pivotal election, one that republicans
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and we asked him what issues he's focused on when it comes to hampshire. >> i think new hampshire cares about everything that's happening in our country. people are concerned about our national security. after the rapid growth of isis trying to get killers into the united states, we have to deal with that. we have an economy that's not creating good paying jobs. and opiate addiction and the deaths of people suffering from overdoses. these are issues that the federal government can play a role in. josh: senator rubio says that more establishment money has been used to attack him than any other candidate in the field. he's also shrugging off comments made by governor chris christie who called him the, quote, boy in the bubble today, accusing rubio of offering canned and questions. i'm joined now by dante scala a professor of political science. iowa. do you think you'll be viewed as the alternative to the ted cruz, donald trump? republicans have liked marco
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liked what they saw, but he hadn't clinched the deal, voters were still shopping. but now rubio has shown signs in iowa of electability. for a moderate or somewhat conservative republican here in new hampshire, that's a quality they're looking for in a potential nominee. josh: he worked harder in iowa than new hampshire. he was here a lot, but iowa was clearly his focus. given what we saw happen yesterday, do you view rubio now as the establishment candidate, best perhaps strongest to challenge for the nomination? >> he's got a clear shot. if he can win second in new hampshire, that's going to put jeb bush and chris christie, john kasich in the shadows. and it's going to strengthen the story that this is a three-person race in new hampshire. if he can challenge donald trump, it's a possibility he could make it a two-person race between himself and cruz. josh: a lot of people believe there's only one ticket out of
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do you believe that and if so which governor is best positioned to get that? >> i think that one place finish. and right now john kasich, governor of ohio, has the best shot at putting together a group of moderate republican voters and independents. he's got the cleares lane. i think bush and christie have a lot to worry about with marco rubio, because they're trying to reach the same types of more conservative voters. josh: yes, he put a lot of effort here in new hampshire to focus there. good to see you, thanks very much. jennifer: over on the democratic side both candidates are here in the granite state right now. but they had already been here for hours before a winner was finally declared in iowa. hillary clinton claiming victory by the slimmest of margins, but both were looking forward to this state. >> i will stand up and fight for you every single day! >> last night we began the political revolution not just in
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but all over this country. jennifer: we begin our team coverage with shelley walcott who is here with us live in the studio. shelley: this was bernie sanders' first public event since losing the iowa caucuses by the slimmest of margins to hillary clinton. he spoke to a large crowd at a get out the vote rally in keene this afternoon. the democratic presidential candidate addressed issues including the economy, health care and education. he told the crowd full of young voters that he wants to make public colleges and universities tuition-free. then sanders urged the crowd to keep the momentum of his campaign going with a win here in new hampshire. >> if we win here in new hampshire after a great showing in iowa, we're going to do well in nevada and south carolina. [cheers and applause] together not only are we going
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importantly we're going to transform our great country. shelley: bernie sanders still holds a double digit lead over oh hillary clinton here in new hampshire. i'm shelley walcott, wmur news 9. josh: thank you. after what is now an official win in iowa caucuses, hillary clinton made a wee line for the granite state and the first stop was in nashua after edging sanders by the slimmest of margins. clinton will spend the next week trying to make up ground in this state and has made sanders the clear frontrunner according to the polls. but she also told a crowd that last night's win has given her the momentum that she needs. >> we're bringing all that energy, all that excitement, all that determination right here to new hampshire where we're going to work hard up until the primary next week. josh: clinton also surprised some shoppers in manchester with an unscheduled stop at a market basket this afternoon.
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and talk with clinton one on one today. 5:96 we'll hear why she has praise for both the new hampshire senators. jennifer: this weekend the republican candidates will meet on stage here in new hampshire one last time before the primary. wmur and abc news are sponsoring saturday night's debate at st. anselm college. it begins at 8:00 here on wmur. and we'll have complete coverage beginning with a special edition of news 9 at 5:00 and then a full wrapup starting at 11:00. josh: the weather in desmoines was warm, the state house was visible. today a much different story, they're being pounded with heavy snow and whiteout conditions. some of the schools used for the caucuses are now closed today due to that weather. jennifer: you're looking live at 293 north in manchester.
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with a live look at the road home on a tuesday. >> good evening. we do have an accident that just occurred in manchester, 93 northbound in the area of exit 8, there's a car off into the woods. the right lane is closed, so do use caution as you go through that area. an earlier accident on route 28 in allenstown at deerfield road, should be clearing out shortly. otherwise 93 is a good ride from the border all the way up to the bow junction. we are seeing heavy congestion on 93 north from concord to canterbury. everett turnpike is getting busy northbound and 101 west the usual slow spots through bedford, which is out to the coast and is filling in now on the spaulding turnpike. from the wzid traffic network, i'm peggy james. josh: thanks. straight ahead, a billion dollar proposal to fight the heroin epidemic facing new hampshire and other parts of the nation. what senator shaheen says this money is most needed for right now. jennifer: plus bill cosby was back in court today.
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protects him from facing criminal charges. mike: temperatures still above average again today, but does it stay mild for the rest of the week? the forecast coming up. josh: then a weekend assault outside a bar has turned deadly the information investigators
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jennifer: developing right now, the attorney general's office, state police and new boston police are investigating an untimely death. the person was found dead at the friendly beaver camp ground, an autopsy is scheduled for tomorrow. stay with wmur and for the latest on this, as it becomes available. more americans have died of opioid overdoses in 2014 than in automobile accidents. here in new hampshire that statistic is more -- josh: the president is proposing a s $.1 billion funding panel to address the epidemic. jennifer crompton has more on what it could mean for us here in new hampshire. reporter: well, here in new hampshire every 22 hours someone dies from an opioid overdose. and that means first responders and treatment providers are
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pandemic. she's among a bipartisan chorus pushing for federal resources to help state and local communities respond to the crisis. the proposal includes a billion dollars in mandatory spending, another $500 million discretionary. shaheen says funding should go to things across the board that are working, from law enforcement and drug courts to prescription drug monitoring to prevention and treatment. >> it's about individuals who can't get the help they need. this is a disease, it's decimating families, it's hurting our communities, and we need to respond and i'm going to do everything i can to make sure new hampshire gets the help it needs. reporter: not on the front line the new hampshire talk about the immediate need for access to recovery, to beds and rehab facilities, and to professional training. we'll have that perspective coming up at 6:00. for now live in portsmouth, jennifer crompton, wmur news 9.
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court today, his attorneys asking the judge to dismiss a felony charge alleging he sexually assaulted a former temple university employee in 2004. his attorneys argued that the case violates a deal that was struck a decade ago with the former district attorney. that former d.a. testified today that he believes that the deal is binding and forever closes the door on prosecuting crosby the judge has yet to reach a decision in that argument. so it's groundhog day. jennifer: and punxsutawney phil has made his prediction. >> there is no shadow to be cast, an early spring is my forecast! jennifer: spring is coming early, according to phil, that is. but should we start taking out the flip flops and pack up the winter clothe that we've barely used so far? perhaps not. experts say the ground hog is
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mike: now he can go back to bed. of course we haven't really seen winter yet, so who knows where we're going, certainly looks mild over the next couple of days. still some open water up at the weirs, especially near the shore. even though there is a thin layer of ice in many spots up there in the big lake, still plenty of open water and it is not safe at all to venture out there, just yet. temperatures, yes, here's the reason why. once again well above the average, normal high 32. yesterday upper 50's and lower 60's. today even though we were cooler, still 15 above the average in concord and even up north, well above the norm for the great north woods and the white mountains. temperatures beginning to cool down a little, but not all that bad. temperatures are beginning to fall off a little bit across northern areas down below freezing. so that means when the next storm moves in early tomorrow morning, there could be that light wintery mix that develops up north in the form of snow, sleet and freezing rain.
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starting off in the upper 20's to near 30. there could be a little mix as well. a lot of cold air banked in over the northern tier. but right at or slightly above the norm. then there's another wedge of warm air building in the deep south, and memphis is 70. chicago at 36. so you know in between there is quite a storm developing and right now it's moving in our direction, as the dry weather is ready to give way to this mess. but the storm is tracking northwest of new hampshire, and that means more rain rather than having said that, people heading out early tomorrow morning, great north woods and white mountains may encounter a little light snow and then right at the end of the morning commute, i think those heading out at 6:00, 7:00, even 8:00 a.m. will find mainly dry conditions. but after 8:00 or 9:00 into the 10:00 hour a mix of snow, sleet, freezing rain over southern new hampshire, quickly over to rain by midday and afternoon. while that mix may hang through the lunch time hour in northern new hampshire.
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afternoon into tomorrow evening, tapering to scattered showersover of night. and a very nice looking thursday will follow with temperatures topping off up near 50, again, in parts of southern new hampshire, tomorrow we're into the 40's. but the highs will be reached late in the afternoon. into the early evening, as any mix goes over to rain. it's fair skies early tonight before the clouds come in. on average lower 20's will do it up north, upper 20's and lower 30's across a good part of central and southern new hampshire. plenty of changes coming in our direction, as we jump into friday, we've got some sunshine and cooler after near 50 on thursday, it's upper 30's. get to the weekend, a couple of flurries with the cold front, late saturday night early on sunday. and that will drive in more season my cold air in time for early next week. seems like it's just about always the case where you get near the primary and there's a chance of snow. seven days out there's a chance of snow. we'll leave it at that for now. jennifer: thank you, mike.
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what their number one priority would be if they win the white house.
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hmm hmm hmm-hmm-hmm-hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm-hmm let us be lovers, we'll marry our fortunes together [ cheering ] i've got some real estate here in my bag on the new jersey turnpike they've all come to look for america [ cheers and applause ] all come to look for america all come
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all come to look for america i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. car repairs, home improvements, a family trip's not easy to afford them. what did marco rubio do? he put $22,000 in personal expenses on a republican party credit card. rubio's bad judgment caused a scandal and for five years rubio refused to release the credit card records. marco rubio: skipping major votes... all over the place on immigration... bad judgment. r he's just not ready to be president. pnright to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. jennifer: back to commitment 2016, we asked the candidates
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will be in the white house. >> my number one priority would be to protect the american people from the international crisis that's going on right now. we have an international terrorist guerrilla war against the united states and against the western world. the time has come to say that we're right marks the values that americans express are right and that people like isis are cutting people's heads off and enslaving women and misusing people and talking about the elimination of borders around the world and surreal law. this has to stop. and i believe that with the experience that i have working as the chairman of the national terrorism commission, as an intelligence agent during the cold war, as former governor during the 9/11 attack, i have the experience to address those kinds of issues. and of course the weak economy is something that has to an dressed. there's so much that has to be done, but i have the experience and the background to do it and that's why i'm running for president.
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balancing the budget, creating jobs. it takes a variety of things to do that. to rebuild our military and to try to renew the spirit in america that we realize that we have lives that are just bigger than ourselves that we need to be centers of justice and healing and we need to work together to restore the strength of the american family and the strength of our communities. >> main thing is we should only spend what comes in. we bring in about $3 trillion in tax revenue, we should just spend that. so it's not that there would be no government, there would still be a pretty significant government. i'm just asking that we spend what comes in and that we evaluate how we spend it so we don't injure jobs, injury businesses and chase businesses oversays. one of the biggest problems we face now is that many businesses are reincorporating in canada or oversays and the jobs are going with them. we need to make the environment here a friendly place where people want to do business in america, not only americans but that others will flock to our
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place to do business. and on day one i'll say, you know what, america is open for business again. >> well, undoing the damage barack obama has done to this country by repealing executive orders and regulatory changes that are making america for difficult to be competitive. reforming our tax code, making us economically competitive. the second priority is modernizing higher education so that it's cheaper and faster for people to acquire the skill they need for better paying jobs, and the third is rebuild our national security. america must have a foreign our allies know they can trust us and our adversaries know not to test us. we must have a foreign policy backed up by the strongest military power in the world. jennifer: we'll hear from more of the candidates coming up in the next half-hour. also ahead -- josh: new details about what caused a chair lift accident at a local ski area that sent two adults to the hospital. jennifer: known for their speed and power, what growing high
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are being trained (donkey noise) (elephant noise)
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making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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bubble, okay. we know who the boy in the bubble is up here.
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mincing of words as a trio of governors work to get every vote they can in the coming week. jennifer: a weekend beating in rochester has turned deadly, where police say their investigation stands tonight. josh: a man accused of killing his wife is fighting to keep evidence out of the his upcoming trial. we'll tell you what he says caused him to snap that day. mike: in weather, dry for now but the next system moving in means a wintery mix for some and eventually rain for all. a timeline of when the heaviest will fall. josh: the push is on in new hampshire and at least one candidate calling on another to meet with voters and start answering some hard questions. welcome back, i'm josh mcelveen. jennifer: i'm jennifer vaughn. jeb bush, john kasich and chris christie all had several stops today in new hampshire. andy hershberger is live now from the newsroom with what they
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reporter: candidates christie, kasich and bush want a win or at least a good showing here and they all think their style fits the new hampshire primary way. saying he never expected to do very swell in iowa, republican presidential hopeful chris christie told supporters in bedford this morning it's time for the blocking and tackling of new hampshire retail politics, something he says he's waited for his entire campaign. and he issued a challenge to senator marco rubio, who beat expectations in monday's caucuses. >> this isn't the student council election, everybody, this is an election for president of the united states. let's get the boy in the bubble out of the bubble, and let's see him pray for the next week in new hampshire. i'm ready to play, i hope he is because i'll be ready to see him on saturday night. reporter: in claremont john kasich stuck to his new hampshire primary formula holding but what is his count his 91st town hall meeting. there were familiar themes of leadership and fiscal responsible. but he also stressed the need for a strong showing in the
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>> if i get smoked in new hampshire, i'm going home. if i do well in new hampshire, i'm going forward. so it's all up to you, okay. i'd like to have your vote. reporter: jeb bush spent his day in the western part of the state. in rindge he congratulated ted cruds on his iowa victory but said here is where the dynamic of the republican race can change. >> this is why i love new hampshire, because in new hampshire you see you all sort this stuff out in your own quirky kind of you unique way. you challenge people. reporter: bush has two more town halls tomorrow and kasich and christie both have three. i'm andy hershberger. josh: jeb bush is keeping up his assault on the republican frontrunner over the airways. >> i like people that weren't
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>> he insulted every veteran. josh: in a new ad the bush campaign hits donald trump on statements that he made about veterans like jim mccain and remarks made about carly fiorina's appearance. the ad starts running on multiple stations in the boston new hampshire market almost immediately. jennifer: one candidate who isn't in new hampshire, rick santorum, the former senator from pennsylvania is instead turning his focus on south carolina. he's presented himself as the conservative alternative to ted cruz. santorum is hoping his third place finish in south carolina four years ago will yield a big return at that state's primary later on this month. josh: primary voting is already under way in many new hampshire schools the fourth grade class in eye is one of over 170 participating in a statewide mock primary, organized by new hampshire public television. students learn about the candidates, then choose a democrat or republican ballot. the completed ballots went into a ballot box, just like what
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take that step a week from today. >> first i didn't know what a mock election was. then we talked about you have to be 18 to vote. but just the fact that they goat have a say on who they think should be president, they all loved it. josh: if you're wondering about the 4th grade results in eye, clinton 71, sanders 68, almost as close as iowa. on the republican side of things the teacher says donald trump ran away with things. the statewide results will be posted on the nhptv website. jennifer: new hampshire's primary one week from now. and news 9 has everything you need to narrow down your choice. on our conversations with the candidates delve into policy and things do get personal at the candidate cafe. you can always follow the twitter hash tag wmur politics for team coverage as the candidates converge on new hampshire this one last time. josh: in other news, the victim of a weekend assault in rochester has died. police were called to gary's sports bar and restaurant at
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the report of a fight in the parking lot. 44-year-old james was taken to the hospital where he later died. this case remains under investigation. police are asking anyone with information to give them a call. tonight attorneys for a merrimack man charged with kill his wife more than 40 years arguing about statements -- jennifer: the prosecution says while joseph lawrence was emotional, he was also consumed by guilt. heather hamel was in court and has more. >> the observations consistent with mental health issues? >> no. reporter: detectives are referring to 63-year-old joseph lawrence, charged with second degree murder in the the death of his wife darlene. despite the belief of officers, lawrence's defense is trying to get statements he made thrown out prior to the trial. saying they weren't volunteer
5:34 pm
physical state after the shooting. >> he was lying face down with his head over the -- reporter: the defense is also looking to suppress statements lawrence made at his house read. lawrence himself had called 911 april 30, 2015. he initially said he and his wife had been arguing, that she had a gun and it accidentally went off. and later told a detective from merrimack a different story. >> during that conversation, did the defendant indicate that he shot his wife intentionally? >> he -- reporter: he asked tom look in his eyes and tell the truth. they say lawrence did repeat that story to another detective later on, but only because they had promised that what he said earlier wouldn't be held against him. in nashua, heather hamel, wmur news 9. josh: new details tonight about
5:35 pm
local ski area to collide. investigators say the preliminary investigation reveals a mechanical issue caused a double chair lift carrying two adults to slide backwards and collide with the next chair at granite gorge. two adults were taken to the hospital to get checked out. after testing the chairs and systems, the lifts that been authorized to reopen. coming up next, under fire for months, what an independent review of embattled airbag maker takata corporation has uncovered. jennifer: and staying healthy while traveling can be a challenge, the options hotels are now offering to make it a little easier. mike: after another pleasant one
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over the so, let me get this straight -- u.s. cellular has the phone you're looking for,
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to give you coverage way out here where the other guys don't, and 6 gigs for only $40 a month. that's a lot less than verizon and at&t. so, why on earth would you ever go with one of those other guys? switch to u.s. cellular now and get 6 gigs of data for $40 a month plus get $300 back.
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jennifer: stroof closing bell provided by the new york stock exchange, not the best day again today, the dow was down just under 300 points. getting a look at gas prices. in new hampshire slightly higher at 1.81. the world has a new most valuable company. josh: google's parent company, alphabet, has ended apple's reign for the top spot. alphabet is now worth
5:39 pm
it's now on top because its franchise search continues to dominate, raking in online advertising dollars. microsoft is third, followed by facebook, and exxon mobil. 1700 yahoo employees are losing their job. today's announcement had been expect forward a wild, though, the cuts amount to about 15% of the work force. yahoo will also shut down some of its projects, this is all an effort by the c.e.o. to turn the company around as she tries to save her job. jennifer: new find eggs released today regarding takata corporation. an outside team hired by the company found that takata has no program in place to find quality problems with its products once they're installed into cars and trucks the panel now recommends takata develop its own standards for testing quality and safety the company has been blamed for at least eleven deaths and over 100 injuries relating to faulty airbags. a growing trend tonight, hotels
5:40 pm
guests healthy while traveling. it includes running concierges, the mini bars stocked with local fresh produce, and a training wall in every room. hotels offering in room exercise equipment, by the way, they've nearly doubled in the past 10 years. josh: next at 5:00 it's one assignment a news crew will probably never forget. jennifer: it was a regular daybreak show, they were covering storm damage when they became the story. we'll tell you what happened. josh: then we go to durham to team. jennifer: then at 6:00 the naming rights of the verizon
5:41 pm
josh: back to commitment 2016, we asked the candidates what their number one priority will be in the white house. >> to rebuild the disappearing middle class. to make certain that working families in this country can live with security and with dignity. that we have a full employment economy, that we have health care for all people, that public colleges and universities are tuition-free. what we have seen the last 30 years is a massive transfer of wealth from the middle class to the top one tenth of one percent. that has got to change. our economy, our political system belong to all of us and
5:42 pm
on the top. >> my number one priority is getting the economy to work for everybody and get incomes rising again. because i think the basic bargain of america has to be put front and center. if you work hard and you do your part, you should be able to get ahead and stay ahead. and i'm going to do everything i can to make that happen. josh: tomorrow the candidates share their thoughts on what they believe their most important personality trait is to be commander in chief. you can find these series of questions for the candidates, in the politics section of mike: sunshine and temperatures once again well above average. we're close to the records in many spots, but still running about 15 degrees above the norm for this time of year. take a look at the time lapse photos in market square where we have drying conditions again for today. and after a pleasantly chilly start, a pleasantly cool to mild
5:43 pm
again nowhere close to the norm. official numbness concord, here they are, 47. the official high, 15 above the average of 32, and five off the record of 52 set back in 1981. of course we have the temperatures we had yesterday today we would have shattered a record. so the records today are relatively low. look at your sunset time. for today 4:59. that means starting tomorrow, 5:00, or later, right through part of next fall. so the daylight continues to stretch out here. dry and cool for tonight. wednesday. a light wintery mix or snow up north to start. but by late morning and afternoon it changes over to plain old rain for all. then dry for the rest the week. near 50. again in parts of southern new hampshire, and then cooler, closer to the average as we go into the day on friday. bit. still above average for this
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southeast. 30's and lower 40's monadnock region, on average mid to upper 30's in the lake sunapee zone. elevation. you're either in the lower 30's or upper 30's and lower 40's. in some spots up north already below freezing, like in stewartstown and pittsburg. in these areas we could see a light one to three inch accumulation tomorrow morning before the precipitation changes over to a mix and eventually rain. overnight lows on average, low to mid 20's north, upper 20's lower 30's south. so we're right near freezing tomorrow morning. that means any precipitation that moves in during the 8:00, 9:00 time frame could be in the form of a little sleet or a touch of freezing rain. so untreated surfaces should be just fine through about 7:00, 7:30, 8:00, but as the precipitation moves in after that time frame it's snow to the north and snow or a mix south of the lakes region. rain. late morning and afternoon roadways should just be wet, but there could be significant
5:45 pm
heavy at times in some spots over an inch of rain could fall. scattered showers for later tomorrow night and then it dries out completely for thursday w. the cold air working in for friday, temperatures on thursday could be up near 50 again. speaking of 50, best shot of hitting that tomorrow in places like the monadnock region, back through nashua, through salem, that will happen late in the day. it will be chilly to start with a cool rain to follow around midday before temperatures climb late in the day, into tomorrow evening. fair skies early tonight, clouds will arrive late. 20's and lower 30's from north to south by morning. there's the mess that moves in tomorrow, again most of us see rain, but could it be a wintery mix early. cooler on friday but pleasant. then the weekend looks fairly quiet. could be a snow shower late saturday night early sunday, dry most of monday, then monday night into tuesday there is the chance of some snow, way too
5:46 pm
but i'm sure some people are thinking about that day. josh: a news crew covering an overnight storm and damage in california became part of the story themselves. >> i was like shouting ear over here, we're over here. jennifer: the top of a tree fell right on top of them, crushing them and covering them with the tree limbs. despite his leg being broken, the photographer was able to call 911 for help. his reporter was also seriously injured and will undergo surgery. josh: tonight as authorities scramble to find effective ways to counter the increasing number of drones that are buzzing around our skies, police in netherlands think they have found an answer. they want to use eagles for their speed and power to take out the drones. they have been trained to swoop in and neatly dispose of any of those unwanted devices. the dutch company that came up with the idea calls them a low tech solution for a high tech problem.
5:47 pm
to play tuesday night games in gardens, the bruins hosting the maple leafs at td garden, 7:00. celtics are at madison square garden to take on the new york knicks at 7:30. u.n.h. gymnastics practice this afternoon, wildcats rank number 22 the the nation. this is a terrific program in durham. they will host the wildcat invitational on sunday, they want you to watch them before you watch the super bowl. >> it's really hard for the patriots fans, but it's nice to have people watch you in meets and support the boston area. >> it's like a pregame of the football game. it's really awesome. this will get you excited and then leading into the game and just keep you cheering all day long. >> this is super bowl gymnastics, i guess, it's a four-ring circus, we have four teams going at a time. u.n.h. the top team, then bridge port, towson and brown are all great teams.
5:48 pm
family event. jamie: super bowl gymnastics, good luck to u.n.h. josh: thanks. by the way, super bowl sunday now five days away. jennifer: coming up we'll get a preview of a couple of the costly ads that millions tune in to watch during the big game. tom: we've got more coming up at 6:00 tonight, vermont senator bernie sanders looking to new hampshire to maintain the momentum in this campaign, we'll take you live to his rally tonight in claremont. plus donald trump preparing for a rally at hampshire hills following a second place finish
5:49 pm
wall street... wall street regulates congress. it's a rigged economy that sends most new wealth to the top 1%. and it's held in place by a corrupt political system where wall street banks and billionaires buy elections. my campaign is funded by over two and a half million small contributions. people who know you can't by taking more money from wall street. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. join the fight to take back our government. the american people can't afford to wait for ideas that sound good on paper... but will never make it in the real world. the grandmother who has to choose between
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and paying rent... can't wait. the single mom who desperately needs a raise... can't wait. the student with a mountain of debt can't wait. we can make real progress, right now for people and families who need it. p i'm hillary clinton and i
5:51 pm
josh: apparently the super bowles down to just five days away. jennifer: so we're getting a sneak peek at some of the high priced ads. somebody, anybody find me. jennifer: honda showing off its new truck with help from singing sheep the ad showcases the truck's available truck bed audio system. some other ads promote avocados from mexico and heinz condiments are featured with wiener dogs
5:52 pm
it's hard to beat a wiener dog dressed as a hot dog. finally tonight, big congratulations to the winners of this year's sled dog derby put on the contest. josh: jay boyd took first place, he's the one if the blue ribbon. the winning design will be featured on the official 2016 laconia world championship sled doing derby button. at the vent is scheduled to get under way next week. but if it's canceled the buttons will be available at next year's race. jennifer: great creations. josh: thank you for joining us for news 9 at 5:00. jennifer: news 9 at 6:00 is
5:53 pm
>> this is going to be a great week of campaigning. tom: now at 6:00 hillary clinton is now the declared winner of the iowa caucuses, why she
5:54 pm
beating her in the new hampshire polls. >> y'all treat politics in new hampshire like we treat football in texas. jennifer: ted cruz arrived in the granite state fresh off a win in iowa. criticism he had for the two candidates finishing just behind him. mike: a wet wednesday on the way for new hampshire, but the next system will likely start as a wintery mix for some. when it arrives and where a bit of snow could fall first. tom: president obama is calling for more than a billion dollars to fight the opioid crisis. the way granite staters say that money should be spent. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now wmur news 9 at 6:00. jennifer: new hampshire is now the epicenter of the 2016 presidential campaign, with the first in the nation primary now one week away. good evening, everyone, i'm jennifer vaughn. tom: and i'm tom griffith. the top three republican finishers in the iowa caucuses tonight. donald trump and marco rubio have events getting under way in
5:55 pm
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