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tv   News 9 Tonight  ABC  February 3, 2016 1:07am-1:42am EST

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candidate donald trump picks up a new endorsement. why scott brown is giving his support to the billionaire developer. tom: vermont senator bernie sanders says even though he didn' t win iowa it was still an important step in his campaign. the concern he' s expressing with the caucus process. shelley: marco rubio is coming off a third-place finish in iowa. why he' s rejecting the idea that he' s an establishment candidate. mike: the next system races in tomorrow with a messy mix for some and eventually rain for all. a timeline, plus when the heaviest will fall. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now, it wmur news 9 tonight. shelley: the campaign trail brought more than half the major presidential candidates to the granite state today. the focus will be on new hampshire until next week' s primary. good evening, i' m shelley walcott. tom: i'
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donald trump held his first post i what campaign event tonight. he was joined by former massachusetts senator scott brown. adam sexton begins our coverage live from milford. adam: tom and shelley, mr. trump and scott brown held a joint press conference but most of the questions turned out to be about iowa. the national media trying to provoke a response and get him express something about his second-place finish and donald trump trying to not go there. from what he said at the rally it' s clear from what he said , tonight, the way it' s being portrayed is getting under his skin. coming off a second-place finish in iowa, donald trump is looking to reclaim his momentum in new hampshire. tuesday night in milford, he picked up the endorsement of former massachusetts senator, scott brown. >> one person who has the independence and can be the
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working again, it was clear to me that was donald trump. >> everybody wanted his endorsement, and i' m very honored that he' s giving it to me. adam: donald trump trying to put things in perspective. >> i didn' t expect to do so well. one poll came out that maybe be built up a false expectation for some people. adam: he let a little new york slip into his vocabulary in his stump speech, swearing twice. once talking about russia. >> let them use some of their weapons at cost billions and billions of dollars. adam: and again, discussing ted cruz. >> the democrats have already said they are going to sue him. adam: but the crowd ended up with their unconventional candidate sounding nothing like a politician. they are not worried at all about what happened and i will. >> i would not say he didn' t
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i think second is pretty good in iowa. adam: so we have all these candidates pounding away at the first in the nation campaign trail and tomorrow donald trump will be in little rock, arkansas. we asked him if he would spend enough time in new hampshire to -- he said he has no problem and he is confident in the way things are going. shelley: florida senator marco rubio has called the 2016 election a pivotal one, that republicans can' t afford to lose. after a strong showing in iowa, he headed straight to new hampshire and immediately found himself under verbal attack by another candidate. fresh off his surprising strong third place finish in iowa, florida senator marco rubio greeted supporters at a rally in exeter. during a one-on-one interview
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the notion his strong caucus showing made him the republican establishment choice. >> i am not the establishment candidate. i' ve had $40 million of establishment money spent attacking me, more than every other candidate combined. so i got to the u.s. senate running against the establishment. i' ve had to run for president against an establishment that thought i needed to wait my turn in line. shelley: rubio found himself squarely in the crosshairs of new jersey governor chris christie, who today described rubio as " the boy in the bubble." christie accused rubio of always offering canned and rehearsed answers to questions a criticism rubio shrugged off. >> i think chris has had a bad couple of days and sometimes when people are having a tough they don' i' that' s not what this campaign is about. shelley: circling back to the issues, rubio said he' s keenly aware of the challenges on the minds of new hampshire voters. >> people are concerned about our national security. i mean, we have this rapid
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killers into the united states. we have to deal with that. we have an economy that' s not creating good paying jobs. an issue you have in new hampshire that we' re facing in florida is opiate addiction and the deaths of people suffering from overdoses. these are issues that the federal government can play a role in. shelley: and he said he is the only candidate, who can beat hillary clinton, should she become the democratic nominee. >> if they nominate me, i will beat hillary clinton, and the democrats know that. they don' t want to run against me, but i can hardly wait to run against them. shelley: marco rubio finished just one percentage point behind donald trump in the iowa caucuses. tom: republican senator ted cruz -- he asked the crowd to help him win by bringing in 10 extra votes apiece and by praying for him. cruz compared himself to ronald reagan both on policy and upset victories. >> 36 years ago new hampshire
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a candidate who the mainstream media despised, ronald reagan and giving him a shocking come , from behind victory that literally changed the course of world history. tom: senator cruz returns to the granite state tomorrow for 5 events starting with a town hall in henniker. shelley: john kasich had a town hall meeting tonight in plymouth. tomorrow he has town hall meeting scheduled in durham, raymond, manchester and derry. new jersey governor chris christie had a town hall meeting in londonderry. he attacked marco rubio today saying it is not a student council election. former florida governor jeb bush
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veterans at a town hall meeting tonight. he has been campaigning in new hampshire since last night. tomorrow he plans to host town hall meetings in new london and laconia. >> and vermont senator bernie sanders is in second place. today in new hampshire he said he is not accepting defeat just yet. wmur' s mike cronin explains. mike: riding his momentum from iowa, senator bernie sanders rallied supporters in keene and here in claremont as he turns his attention back to the first in the nation primary. senator bernie sanders opened his speech at the claremont opera house by calling his narrow defeat in iowa an important step in his campaign. >> we showed that working people and lower income people and young people are prepared to stand up and fight for fundamental changes in the way politics and economics is done in america.
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the iowa caucus. earlier at the colonial theater in keene, he said his campaign will look at the results. >> i don' t want to misspeak here, but it may be the case that some delegates were selected based on a flip of a coin. not the best way to do democracy. mike: speaking to crowds, sanders kept to his talking points, including raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour, equal pay for women, and making public colleges and universities tuition free, ideas he says are not radical. >> i will tell you how we are going to pay for all of these things. we are going to impose a tax on wall street speculation. mike: back in claremont his supporters are optimistic about next week' s election. >> everyone' s waking up to what we' ve known up here all this time. mike: despite a double digit lead over hillary clinton in a cnn/wmur poll of new hampshire, sanders says he' s not taking anything for granted. >> if we bring out large numbers of people, we are going to win
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s what will happen. >> as senator sanders and hillary clinton sprint to the finish, sanders says his political revolution will continue in new hampshire one week from tonight. in claremont, mike cronin, wmur news 9. tom: former secretary of state hillary clinton was joined by former congresswoman gabbie giffords and her husband, astronaut mark kelly. >> i' m honored by the courage and commitment to saving lives. tom: tomorrow clinton has rallies in derry, dover, and manchester. >> carly fiorina has five events on her schedule, including a meeting agreed in portsmouth, a town hall meeting in stratham at
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the candidates will debate in new hampshire one last time before the primary. wmur and abc news are sponsoring this saturday' s debate at saint anselm college. it begins at 8:00 right here on wmur. we will have complete coverage on saturday beginning with a special edition of news 9 at 5:00, and a full wrap up at 11. tom: president obama is proposing $1.1 billion in new funding to address the heroin and opioid epidemic. senator jeanne shaheen is among a bipartisan chorus pushing for federal resources to help state and local communities respond to the crisis. shaheen says funding should go to things across the board that are working, from law enforcement and drug courts, to prescription drug monitoring, to prevention and treatment. >> it's about individuals who can' t get the help they need. this is a disease that's decimating families. it's hurting our communities. we need to respond, and i' m
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help it needs. tom: here in new hampshire, an opioid death occurs every 22 hours. shelley: an inmate who walked away from a transitional housing unit in manchester is now back in custody. robert clayton was arrested the department of corrections said he walked away from the evening without permission. coming up on news 9 tonight. former district attorney testifies about why he didn' t follow criminal case against bill cosby more than a decade ago. shelley: the helicopter accident that killed 12 marines up the coast of hawaii is still under investigation. the discovery may today that could bring some closure for families of the victims. mike: after another very nice one today, lots of changes
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shelley: bill cosby left a courtroom in pennsylvania today, after hearing testimony from a key witness for his defense. that witness was a former district attorney, who chose not to prosecute cosby more than a decade ago. tom: as abc' s elizabeth hur reports, the former district attorney confirmed he cut a deal because at the time, he saw serious flaws in the case. elizabeth: bill cosby, entering court today without answering questions from reporters, is hoping to walk out of court, free of sexual assault charges filed against him.
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former district attorney, bruce castor, explaining he did not believe there was a strong criminal case against the comedian back in 2004, citing red flags in the case including the fact that the accuser in the case first contacted lawyers, then waited a year after the alleged assault to go to police so castor confirms a deal was made, an oral agreement that said cosby wouldn' t be charged if he testified in a civil suit, but the current d.a. maintains, because the deal was not in writing, that agreement is not binding. lawyer gloria allred in court in california for another civil case involving cosby calls the defense' s arguments, nonsense. >> i find it ironic that mr. cosby wants to exclude evidence that he gave quaaludes to women when that was his testimony.
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truth? elizabeth it was last december, : just days before the statute of limitations was set to expire, the embattled comedian was charged with drugging and sexually assaulting former temple university employee, andrea constand at his pennsylvania home. the prosecutor saying the charges stemming from cosby' own deposition. cosby admitted he had a number of affairs, got qualludes to give to women he wanted to have pills at his home. of the dozens of women accusing cosby of sexual assault, this is the only criminal case filed against him. cosby has denied all the allegations. the hearing resumes first thing tomorrow morning. elizabeth hur, abc news, norristown, pa. tom: a woman behind a different lawsuit against cosby is dropping her case. federal court records show the woman dismissed her lawsuit today without explanation. she accused the comedian of drugging and sexually abusing her at the playboy mansion in 2008.
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not to file criminal charges against cosby over the claims. shelley: prosecutors in virginia say a 13-year-old girl was stabbed to death the same day she disappeared from her home. two virginia tech students have been charged in connection to the death of nicole lovell. 18-year-old david eisenhauer is charged with kidnapping and murder. his classmate is charged with being an accessory before the fact to first-degree murder and helping to dispose of the body. today, lovell' s mother talked about her daughter who went by colley. >> colley had a passion for pandas, music, dancing. dreamed of being on american idol, someday. her favorite color was blue. shelley prosecutors haven' t : given a motive for the tom: investigators have found trace elements of dna from the
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a spokesperson for the marine corps says the dna was found during the search and rescue operations that ended on january no other remains have been found. 12 marines were killed in the crashes, one was from massachusetts. health officials in texas have confirmed that the zika virus can be sexually transmitted. a person who had not traveled to a country affected by the mosquito-borne virus contracted it after having sex with a person who had returned from latin america. health officials had said the virus was only spread through mosquito bites. mike: the temperatures into the low 60' s yesterday along the coast. here' s a look at time lets voters out in market square where it was a little bit cooler , but still well above the average. take a look at the on data for concord today, up to 48 degrees. how long can this go on? at least for the next couple of
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the normal high 32, nowhere close to that. the record low 28 below. the sunset at 4:59 today. starting tomorrow the sunset will be after 5:00 all the way through until november 6. so we are getting more daylight each and every day. it' s over 20' s to near 30 elsewhere so we are all below freezing. if any precipitation moves in beef -- before about 90 much more morning it could be light rain mixing with the touch of sleet or freezing bud light and spotty in nature. overnight tonight of her teens north and generally in the 20' s elsewhere. notice a lot of snow sitting back in the mid-west then it changes quickly over to rain in southern portions of michigan and points south. as it bumps into the cold air,
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mixed develop during the mid to late part of morning. that comes right at the end of the morning commute. good news for those heading out now through about 8:00, mainly dry pavement but shortly after that time frame in western areas it could be a mix of wet snow, rain. it will be to form by mid to late morning so primarily rain in the lakes region and south. speaking of the afternoon, rain heavy at times, a couple of downpours and ponding on area roadways. as we advance to the lake for the day, dry air will knows in through eastern new york and eventually evening showers will give way to clearing. then it looks like a beautiful thursday with high temperatures back in the low 50' s. we can touch near 50 tomorrow
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a good part of the day will be in the cool upper 30' s and lower warty' average. once we get past then it could s and lower 40' s but well above average. then it could be a dry and cooler friday. there could be a morning snow shower early on sunday but mainly dry. monday looking dry and chilly in there could be some snow sometime on tuesday. there will be a big ocean storm southeast. will it zap all the energy and keep us dry or give way to a big storm by primary day? shelley: there will be too many people moving around on tuesday. tom: let' s check in on sports with jamie.
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over for the boston bruins. if they started tonight, they would be in the playoffs as a wildcard team, so the job for the b' s is to maintain or improve their playoff position. they skated at home with the toronto maple leafs. just one goal in the first period, and it belongs to the home team. brad marchand with his 21st of the year, finishing the rebound after a jimmy hayes shot. 1-0 boston. one goal in the second period, it belongs to toronto, and it belongs to a former unh wildcat. danniel winnik tips it in, past tuukka rask, 4th of the year. 1-1 after 2 periods. check out this pass from david pasternak as the puck comes off the sideboards. leads to an easy goal for marchand, 22 2-1 boston. and then just 26 seconds later, david krejci scores. but it wasnt over. toronto came back to tie it up, including another goal that was deflected out front. this one by nazem kadri, his 11th.
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so this one went to overtime, and toronto gets their first sudden death goal of the season. it's p.a. parenteau with the winner maple leafs win 4-3 in overtime. the celtics played tonight as well at the ny knicks. third quarter, isaiah thomas gives the celts a six-point lead. 16 points, 10 rebounds, double-double in the fourth quarter. a four-point game but evan turner with another good one. turner 14 points, 10 rebounds off the bench. celts go on to win 97-89.
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at michigan. duncan robinson of michigan. this bucket ended an incredible 28-0 run by indiana. robinson knocks down a 3 pointer. 14 points for robinson but indiana wins 80-67. high school hockey, pinkerton s. astros in red. a steal leads to a 2-0 break and sophomore patrick hare finds the net. 1-0 pinkerton. from there, all bedford. came with just one second to go in the 2nd period. after 2, 4-1 bulldogs. is out front and able to clean up a rebound. 5-1 bedford. they score 2 more, including zachary bayer on a power play. bedford rolls to the 7-1 win. the saint anselm college mens
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rankings. they are now seventh in the country for division two hoops, up two spots from number 9. the hawks are 17-2 on the season. they hit the road to play at franklin pierce university tomorrow night. looking ahead to tomorrow, it' s national signing day for athletes for their colleges, including football programs. bishop guertin star receiver nick lorden, number 7, is expected to sign with the unh wildcats. he may be the only new hampshire player signing with coach mcdonnel's team this year. high schools around new hampshire will have all kinds of signees. bedford, for example, always an exciting day to see where everybody is headed. tom: still to come on news 9 tonight. trainers have recruited birds for a high-tech task. shelley: the job these eagles
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shelley: authorities are still trying to find effective ways to control the increasing number of drones in the sky. tom: these eagles have been trained to swoop in and dispose of any unwanted devices. the dutch company that came up with the idea cost them a low-tech solution for a
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mike: relatively quiet right now, tomorrow morning a little bit dicey especially in western parts of the state. rain in the afternoon and a nice thursday. shelley: thanks for joining us
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