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tv   News 9 Tonight  ABC  February 4, 2016 1:07am-1:42am EST

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tom: town hall meetings are the focus of the republicans on the campaign trail tonight. the busy agendas ahead for the candidates. shelley: carly fiorina might be she' re still here and we' re going all the way. shelley: why she says the reputation of granite state voters keeps her fighting. mike: unseasonably warm for now with temps in the 40' s and 50' s in many spots. how much longer until that winter chill makes a return. tom: the governor of florida is declaring a health emergency over the zika virus. the precautions the red cross is now taking. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now, wmur news 9 tonight. tom: bernie sanders and hillary clinton took questions from local voters in a town hall meeting aired on cnn tonight. the democratic candidates explained their views for the country and how they' d carry them out. good evening, i'
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m shelley walcott. wmur political reporter adam sexton has a wrap up of tonight' s discussion. adam: one of the great things about this last week of campaigning here in new hampshire is that there are literally so many events for these candidates to squeeze into each day. by the time they get around to having a nationally televised town hall at 9:00 or 10:00 at night, the gloves are starting to come off. the get a little tired and the answers get very candid. the focus of the number -- democratic primary race turned to downtown dairy. -- downtown derry. >> are you still an underdog? retaking on the most powerful political organization in the country. adam: he took questions on
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>> to date, we have not heard from any democrats. have you seated the support of veterans to the republicans, and if your answer is no, what is your evidence? >> we' ve had some success, still have a way to go. i think if you check my record, it will tell you that i' ve received the highest award from the american legion and vfw. adam: hillary clinton received a question on end-of-life care. >> i wonder what leadership you could offer in an executive role that might help advance the respectful conversation that is needed around this personal choice that people may make.
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catalyze that debate, because i believe you are right. this is going to become an issue more and more. adam: hillary clinton had the second hour of the town hall and she is just wrapping up within the last few minutes. she said she believes that the vast right-wing conspiracy against her still exists. she says she feel they play for keeps and tried to take down people that would not otherwise be able to stop. tom: we have word now that the democrats have officially added four more debates to their schedule including one tomorrow night in durham. the debate will be held at unh and will air on msnbc. the democratic national committee announced today that it was sanctioning that debate, along with 3 others. clinton and sanders will also debate on march sixth in flint, michigan. the dates and locations for the new debates in april and may haven' t been set yet. republican presidential candidate marco rubio noted the
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the high ratings for debates tonight at a town hall meeting in dover. >> but why are people turning out and tuning in? and the answer is because you know, you know this is not a normal election. this is not a regular election year. this is not a choice between rpeublicans and democrats. this election is a referendum on our identity. the question before us is what kind of country is america going to be in the 21' st century. tom: rubio has town hall meetings set for portsmouth, manchester, and salem for tomorrow. tonight at a town hall meeting in derry, ohio governor john kasich explained the steps he' s taken in his state to fight the opioid addiction crisis. >> the other thing we do is we rehab you if you are addicted. amd we' re actually in the prisons with our rehabilitation in the prisons, treating the person who is in there for drugs, we release them in the community and the return rate is 20% or less. tom kasich has campaign events
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tomorrow. shelley: new jersey governor chris christie says he' ll work up to the last day to earn the support of voters. >> we went and knocked on 11,000 doors last weekend and our campaign and our guys came back and told us 50% of the people were still undecided. i love you people. shelley he spoke tonight at a : fire station in milford. tomorrow, he' ll be in keene, newport, and henniker. jeb bush is making the case that his experience makes him the best fit for the white house. >> we need someone who understands how the world works and why this extraordinary country needs to lead the world. and why we need to fix the mess in washington so incomes can rise. shelley the former florida : governor will speak to employees at globe manufacturing in pittsfield tomorrow, and will also hold a town hall meeting in derry. tom: iowa caucus winner ted cruz held another town hall in nashua tonight. the texas senator is fending off numerous attacks from donald trump, who says he doesn' t like
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hawkeye state. cruz appeared at ease as he campaigned across new hampshire today taking on trump and the media. >> i' m so glad to be back. tom at a town hall at elm street : middle school in nashua. texas senator ted cruz talked about some of the first things he would do if elected president including promising to secure the border and end sanctuary cities. >> we' re going to build a wall, and i' ve got someone in mind to build it. tom a reference to donald trump : who he beat by four points in the iowa caucuses. but cruz is now fending off a new set of attacks by trump. >> look its yet another trumper tantrum. tom in a one-on-one interview : with wmur political director josh mcelveen cruz reacted to some of trump' s latest tweets which accused the texan of stealing the caucuses in iowa , alleging his campaign fueled a rumor that ben carson was dropping out, to pick up his
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>> listen donald is so erratic , you wonder do you really want his finger on the button? he' s melting down, listen i don' t think people are interested in a cicrus or side show. you need a commander in chief who doesn' t break into tears at the latest opinion poll. tom: ted cruz apologized to carson about the remarks from a campaign worker. but hasn' t apologized to trump. and while cruz has crept up in the polls since iowa, trump still holds on to a commanding 24 point lead in the granite state. shelley: republican carly fiorina returned to the granite state today and is making a series of stops around new hampshire. she said she is still running part in believe she is making headway, convincing voters she is a good choice to lead the nation. an upbeat carly fiorina arrived at st. anselm college this afternoon. the republican presidential candidate has her sight firmly set on the new hampshire primary insisting that she is still in it, to win it. >> nobody said i could make it
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i started out with less than 4% of voters knowing who i was. shelley: but the former hewlett packard ceo is now second-to-last in the national polls. and earned just one delegate with less than 2% of the vote in the iowa caucuses. still, her glass remains half full. >> i beat christie and kasich in iowa. i' m tied with jeb bush in delegates and he spent tens of millions of dollars. i beat mike huckabee who was way ahead of me in the polls. he has now dropped out. shelley: fiorina was a guest speaker at the new hampshire institute of politics at st. anselm college today. part of their life of the party series, where students get to ask questions of the candidates. fiorina tells me, she hopes new hampshire voters, who are notorious for making up their minds at the last minute, give her a closer look. >> because i am not a member of the professional political establishment. i' m not a billionaire like donald trump who' s made his millions buying people on the inside of the establishment. i' m running to restore citizen
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shelley: and with several stops around new hampshire in the days leading up to the primary, fiorina says she won' t stop, until she earns your vote. >> i' ve always said that this was a long game, it' s going to be a process of elimination, half the candidates are gone, and we' re still here and we' re going all the way. shelley: for more on where carly fiorina and all of the candidates will be in the coming days, check out the candidate tracker, in the politics section of our website, tom: the republican party lost two candidates today eerie rick santorum threw his support behind marco rubio. rand paul also suspended his campaign today. he has not endorsed any of the other republicans in the field just yet. the remaining candidates in the republican race will rather for a final time before the primary vote.
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we will have complete coverage beginning with a special edition of news 9 at 5:00. shelley: the results are in from the first round of voting in new hampshire a mock election for students. bernie sanders and donald trump received the most votes. on the democratic side, sanders earned nearly double hillary clinton' s vote total. among the republicans, trump won by a wide margin. marco rubio came in second, followed by jeb bush and ted cruz who tied. more than 11,000 students voted. a road race that was scheduled for primary night here in manchester has been postponed. the fat tuesday 5-k was set for next tuesday night, with the starting line on elm street. the race will now be run on saturday the 13th at 1pm. millennium running is expecting more than runners. 1000tom: now onto the weather. a burst of strong win lose
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tonight, bringing down trees and including these pictures from hooks it. and businesses are in the dark. let' s check in with cheap meteorologist mike -- chief meteorologist mike haddad. mike: they drove temperatures up considerably, to record levels along the coast. it was all behind the rain that moved through earlier in the evening. all of that has cleared and you notice the wind is still out of the south but much lighter than they were two or three hours ago. on average 5-15 miles per hour. driving temperatures up to around 60 at this late hour of the evening. the warm air making its presence felt in the lower part of the the coast. we are one of the warm spots
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even atlanta georgia down to new orleans, we are warmer. doubt -- outside of florida. shelley: one state is taking new action because of the zika virus. what prompted florida to declare a health emergency in the action one expert once the olympic committee in brazil to take. tom: plus a major computer problem hits the irs. the work the agency is putting on hold until they can get the issue resolved. shelley now to our ulocal hot : shot. a fresh coating of snow in franconia notch. you can submit your pictures a wall street... wall street regulates congress. it's a rigged economy that sends most new wealth to the top 1%. and it's held in place where wall street banks and billionaires buy elections.
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by over two and a half million people who know you can't by taking more money i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. join the fight
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an assault on lake avenue last night. tom: the 21-year-old male victim was hurt but is expected to recover. the lyce considered armed and dangerous. firefighters say a child was hit afternoon. fire officials say the child was not critically injured. shelley: florida authorities have declared a health emergency due to four cases of the zika virus.
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>> tonight, the zika epidemic continues to spread. florida now the first state that has declared a health emergency because of nine cases in four counties to just 24 hours after an alert about a new danger posed by travelers returning to the u.s. from affected areas. the latest case in dallas was transmitted sexually after a person infected with the virus travel from venezuela to texas and passed the virus on to his partner. now doctors are seeing a rare but alarming neurological complication in the general population that may be linked to zika. in brazil the real olympics committee reassuring athletes that they will be saved, but today some are calling for the olympics to -- for brazil to cancel the olympics.
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recommended anyone who' s been to a country where zika is being transmitted way 28 days before donating blood. shelley: the sexual assault case against bill cosby is moving forward. a judge in pennsylvania refused to throw out the case today. cosby is accused of assaulting a woman at his philadelphia area home in 2004. defense attorneys tried to get the case thrown out, claiming the previous district attorney granted immunity in exchange for his testimony in a related civil case between four years ago. tom cole and president obama went to the islamic society of baltimore. the president has visited mosques in the past, but never in the u.s.. he met at the mosque with muslim american leaders from around the country. computer system problem at the irs has forced them to temporarily stop accepting e-files.
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t anticipate any major disruptions. the system problem is affecting electronically-filed tax returns and the refund-tracking service. some systems are expected to remain out of service until at least tomorrow. >> now, mike haddad with your storm watch 9 forecast. mike: linear changes over the last 24 hours. you' re looking at time lapse photos from out of the coast from you too late morning into the afternoon. a little wintry off to the north and west for a short time. all of a sudden a brief gust of wind, up to as high as 50 plus miles per hour along the coast driving in very warm air, record-setting temperatures especially run along the coast. a few showers possible during the overnight but they will be widely scattered as temperatures continue to head higher.
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weather on thursday in that it cools back to reality friday and over the weekend. we could see a little bit of light snow early in the day but now mostly dry. quiet across new hampshire at this hour but there is one more line of scattered showers back to the west that has to work through. we cannot rule out a passing shower overnight and into the morning commute especially in central and southeastern areas, holding on during the early part of your friday. beyond that it is dry and cooler and eventually we get back to the cool air we go into late tomorrow night, friday and the weekend. right now very warm, especially in extreme southern parts of the state. made its way up into whitefield, topped off your 50 today. even mount washington only three
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record-setting 50' s at the coast . it feels like early spring out there from manchester and points south and southeast. overnight tonight temperatures 30' s and lower 40' s north. it doesn' t make it in here tomorrow. southerly wind means temperatures into the 40' s and 50' s for thursday in back to near 40 as we going to friday and over the weekend. the extreme cold back in the northern plains will retreat and go to the north and not blast in across new hampshire. it will cool down but not bitterly cold by the end of the week. a little wave of low pressure may scoot along creating a shield of snow from boston and points south and the northern edge of that fits great southern parts of new hampshire early
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takes hold over the weekend. partial sunshine each of the weekend days, saturday and sunday. monday looks relatively quiet. there could be a flurry but evening but right now the best chance of snow comes in four primary day on tuesday. tough call how much we will see on tuesday. it' s too early to take it out just yet. it' s too early to call. tom: but you will keep us posted . the whole world is waiting to find out about mike'
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jamie: a jamie are you catching celtics : fever yet? on a current hot streak, they have climbed up to 3rd place in the eastern conference standings.
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garden. isaiah thomas and the gang. boston takes control early behind isaiah thomas. he takes it to the bucket for the reverse lay-in. look at this one, crossover dribble for the tough lay-in and the foul. thomas, 17 points, 7 assists. the celts led by 20 points at the half, 56-36. the c' s come up with a steal. isiah thomas takes it all the way in and misses the shot, but avery bradley is there for the put-back. he scored 15. then in the 4th, thomas hits the shot, plus the foul. he turned it into a 3 point play. and then marcus smart with a 3 to seal it. boston wins 102-95. tough one coming up at cleveland friday. a granite state showdown, franklin pierce and number 7 saint anselm college in rindge. mike mccahey to harrison taggart for the bucket. he scored a team-high for the 18. ravens, mike mcdevitt posts up
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21. guers for 3. ravens trailed by 17 points in the second half, but the ravens wanted this one. for the easy bucket. a huge win for the ravens at 79-76 over 7th ranked st a' s. it has been a tough year for boston college. all 9 of their acc games have been double-digit losses, including tonight. at number virginia, 1st half 9-7 nine. virginia win 61-47. the manchester monarchs played the reading royals tonight, on the road. reading scored 3 times in the 3rd period to earn the win. maxim kitsyn scored twice for manchester. and when the monarchs return to their arena, pink ice will be waiting. the monarchs and catholic medical center are hosting their annual pink in the rink game on saturday night, to raise funds and awareness of breast cancer. the monarchs will wear pink jerseys.
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auction, to benefit the cmc breast care center. high school hockey this afternoon, concord against londonderry in salem. coach dan legro of londonderry, coaching his 500th career game. lancers cody baldwin makes a few quick save on multiple shots. later in 1st, liam obrien shoots and ethan donlon pokes it away then bradley murphy finds alex marceau on the wing for an easy goal. concord beat londonderry 3-2. the first wednesday of february, a big deal for young athletes and college programs. it is national signing day, and for unh football, it is an important and much needed class coming to durham, including quarterback christian lupoli from east haven,connecticut. here is coach mac on his new players. >> we got 15 kids. we had to feel some positions that are very important to us.
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we brought in a new hampshire kid at wide receiver. we saw him at preseason camps and then had a great season. he' s a big target, 6' 3", 200 pounds. tom: still to come on news 9 tonight. a wild and weird scene at a zoo in japan. a zoo worker to wear a zebra
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shelley: an animal at one zoo emergency drill, because it t an animal at all. tom: zoo workers in japan were practicing their plans for t want to let any animals out, of course, so one employee dressed up as a zebra. he ran all over the zoo, even knocking down another employee before workers tranquilized him and got him penned in a crate. combat pay.
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for news 9 tonight at 11:00. tom: jimmy kimmel live is next, followed by night line. today in america, the top 1/10 of 1% owns almost as much wealth as the bottom 90% this great country and our government belong to all of us. wall street, corporate america, wealthy campaign donors have so much influence that the only way they are defeated is when millions of people begin to stand up and say loudly and clearly, "enough is enough." i'm bernie sanders,
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