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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  February 5, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message, and i ask for your vote. p tonight, the deadly crane paccident. pcrashing down in new york city. pa construction crane plunging ponto a busy street, killing a pman. pthe race to save victims trapped pin crushed cars. p breaking news in new phampshire. pthe new polls on the eve of pabc's big republican debate ptomorrow night. pis there a shift in the race? p the deadly winter storm this pfriday. pdrivers losing control on ice. phundreds of crashes. pa foot of snow in some places. pand tonight, the new storm we're ptracking for the weekend. p the major new concern. pthe zika virus now turning pdeadly. pand the new warning tonight pabout the disease and sexual pcontact. pa health emergency declared in
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p and tonight, investigators pnow asking, was it a bomb hidden pin a laptop that ripped a hole pinto that jet? pa passenger blown from the lane. p and tonight, with the super pbowl nearly here, how much is p"made in america"? p and good evening tonight pfrom new hampshire. p24 hours until the big prepublican debate here on abc. pand the new poll numbers just pout tonight. pwe'll get to that in a moment. p>> but first, the breaking pheadline in new york city. pthe image of a deadly crane pcollapse not far from the world ptrade center. eople trapped in their cars. pyou're looking at live pictures pfrom wabc in new york of the pscene. pfirst responders on the scene in pseconds. pgio benitez leads us off from pthe scene tonight. p>> oh, my god. p>> reporter: tonight, a crawler
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pthe monster of a machine capable pof lifting 330 tons, crashing pdown in 30 seconds of terror. pthat moment caught on tape. p>> whoa! p>> reporter: pure steel more pthan 50 stories tall. psuddenly collapsing right onto pcars on the road. p>> oh, it broke! pholy -- p>> reporter: tmz video showing eople nearby rushing to help pthat man inside. p>> i saw the crane coming down pand push in. pwhen it came down it made a loud pnoise and it hit. pand we all ran to see if we pcould help out. p>> reporter: at least three pinjured. pbut on the street, a 38-year-old pwall street worker, david wichs, pkilled. pofficials say crane operators pwere trying to secure the crane pbecause of wind and snow. p>> this incident occurred pliterally as they were trying to plower the crane and secure it.
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pfifth-story window, you can see pit was being used to replace pgenerators and air conditioners pbehind me. pthe crane sending debris pbricks scattered, and in this proof, a hole from a piece of pequipment crashing through, pending up here on a desk. pfor much of the day, a threat of pgas leaks. pthe deadly crash follows one in p2008, killing seven people. psparking safety measures that pwill no doubt be looked at it pagain. pand david, officials are ordered pthat all cranes in new york city pbe secured just in case. pthis crane was just inspected pfine. p>> gio, thanks. p and 24 hours until our prepublican debate on abc, and pthe stakes could not be higher. prepublicans squaring off for the plast time before new hampshire pdebates. pon the other side of trump,
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pnew polls. pand the newest numbers, trump pholding on to his lead in new phampshire, followed by rubio pwith 17%, and cruz and kasich pwith 13%. phere's tom llamas with the pall-out push, even in the middle pof today's snowstorm in new phampshire. p>> reporter: donald trump ptonight, snowed out of new phampshire. psending voters this video from ptrump tower in manhattan. p>> the great slogan of new phampshire, live free or die, pmeans so much to so many people. pwhat a great slogan. pcongratulations, new hampshire. pwonderful job. p>> reporter: today, trump force pone, grounded in new york. ptrump's new hampshire event, pempty. pthe seats unfilled. pjeb bush tweeting, "my p90-year-old mother made it out pto campaign." pand so she did, former first plady barbara bush at a new phampshire diner.
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pstill, trump tells me he's plaser-focused on winning here. p>> i am only worried about one pthing, and that's new hampshire. pwe've got to win new hampshire. pi want to win new hampshire. pand then we go to south pcarolina. pbut let's see how we do. pso far we are doing okay. p>> reporter: today, his team of pvolunteers going door-to-door. p>> we just wanted to send out a preminder and see if we could get pyour support for mr. trump on ptuesday. p>> reporter: and we are with pthem trudging through the snow. pit's freezing. pis it worth it? p>> i think it's absolutely worth pit. pwe've got to take back our pcountry and can't let it be in pthe wreck it's in. p>> it's a nice day for pcampaigning. p>> reporter: but trump's closest prival, ted cruz, has a ground parmy of his own. p>> hello. p>> reporter: they're showing the ptype of dedication that helped pcruz win in iowa. p>> he and i walking around here, robably not going to change a plot of hearts and minds pindividually. p>> reporter: but you never know. p>> it's -- if it's one vote, pit's worth it. p>> reporter: especially worth it pnow that cruz and trump are pfeeling the heat from marco prubio. pas the florida senator surges, phis rivals on the attack.
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resident of the united states. p>> his record of accomplishment pis slim. p>> reporter: but rubio brushing pit all off in an interview with pour jonathan karl. p>> are you ready for the ponslaught? p>> i think that's a good sign. pi mean, it shows that our pcampaign is growing and that pothers are growing desperate. pit's fine. pwe'll be okay. p>> and tom llamas with us live pfrom a cruz event. pyou heard rubio saying he's pbrushing off attacks and bracing pfor incoming fire, due to his pnew strength in the polls? p>> yes, i just got off the phone pwith the rubio campaign. pthey are expecting a lot pincoming tomorrow night. pbut they said rubio will stick pto his message, that he gives prepublicans the best chance in pnovember. pdavid? p>> tom, thanks. p meantime on the democratic pside, a fight to the finish.
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phampshire caucus. ptonight, an eye-opening new pnational poll, showing clinton pahead of sanders by just two oints. pcecilia vega, one-on-one with pclinton. pasking do these numbers worry pher? p>> reporter: the crowds so big pfor bernie sanders today, they pcouldn't all fit inside. p>> in the midst of a snowstorm, pyou can't get all the people pinto a room. pthat's momentum. p>> reporter: and hillary clinton pmaking a pitch directly to those psupporters. p>> and i want to say a word to pthe young people, who are psupporting senator sanders. pi know you may not be for me pnow. pbut i am for you. p>> reporter: today, at her field poffice in nashua, i spoke with pthe former secretary. pand asked her about those polls pshowing this race tighter than pever. pi have to wonder if these pnumbers go through your mind and pthey bother you. pand you think, maybe i'm just pnot doing something right. pi haven't cracked it. p>> no, not at all.
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pbe the next president. p>> reporter: this, the day after pthe most heated exchange in this prace so far. p>> enough is enough. pif you've got something to say, psay it directly. p>> reporter: clinton and sanders psparring onstage. p>> being part of the pestablishment is in the last pquarter, having a super pac to praise $15 million from wall pstreet. p>> i think it's time to end the pvery artful smear that you and pyour campaign have been carrying pout in recent weeks, and let's ptalk about the issues. p>> let's talk about issues. p>> reporter: clinton bristling pat this suggestion. p>> she has the entire pestablishment or almost the pentire establishment behind her. p>> i've got to just jump in here pbecause, honestly, senator psanders is the only person who pi think would characterize me, a
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pthe establishment. p>> reporter: today, she's still pon the attack. pyou are a former senator, you pyet you don't want to be labeled pestablishment? p>> well, my opponent's been pin elected office for 25 years pso it's a little bit amusing pwhen i get this charge from psomeone who's been in public poffice a lot longer than i have. p>> cecilia vega with mrs. pclinton today. ptonight. pthe clinton camp has got to be pconcerned about that national oll, a near-tie now? p>> they say they always expected pit to be a close race here. pbut i spoke with hillary pclinton, and i said, do these pnumbers mean you're not doing psomething right? pshe said she's sticking to her pit. p>> thank you. p we do have one more question
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pjonathan karl, here with me ptonight. pwe're just hoping you could give pus a lay of the land, where will pfolks be standing? p>> i expect two debates tomorrow pnight. phere with donald trump and ted pcruz. pthey've been locked in a blood pfeud, this is the first time pthey've gone face-to-face since pcruz beat trump in iowa. pthe second debates , featuring pmarco rubio versus everybody pelse. pespecially the governors, jeb pbush, john kasich, and chris pchristie. pthey want to emerge from this pdebate as the primary palternative to the outsiders, pand the only way they can do pthat, knock down rubio. p>> thank you. p super bowl weekend is here,
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pbig republican debate. pjoin us tomorrow, 8:00 p.m. peastern, on abc. p and to taiwan, a powerful p6.4 earthquake. phitting at night as many slept. prescue workers pulling a woman pfrom debris. pthe search for survivors coming pin. pat least five strong aftershocks pfelt already. p back to the storm hitting, pand the new one we're tracking pfor the weekend. pwhiteout conditions on i-95 poutside boston. pin new hampshire, cars and ptrucks spinning out, power lines pcollapse ing under the weight of pthe snow. pand a new storm coming. phere's linsey davis. p>> reporter: between downed ower lines and icy conditions, psome roads in the northeast pdoubled as obstacle courses
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pmaking for treacherous, pwhite-knuckle rides. p>> my car kind of slid and did a p180. p>> reporter: by late afternoon, pconnecticut state police preported more than 400 crashes. pin massachusetts, the speed plimit on the turnpike lowered to p40 miles per hour. pabc meteorologist indra etersons is in boston. p>> the combination of heavy wet psnow and wind is causing tree plimbs like this one to snap, ptaking down power lines. p>> reporter: in pennsylvania, a pwoman is dead and her husband phospitalized after a tree pcrashed through the roof of ptheir home as they slept. proughly 100,000 customers in the pnortheast are without power. ptemperatures are expected to pdrop below freezing. prefreezing the wet roads. p>> let's get to rob marciano. p>> reporter: hey, david. pwe're getting into an active
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pthe northern plains with the pthis is a clipper that will come pdown across the great lakes and pthen develop into a nor'easter poff the coast of the carolinas pmonday and tuesday. punlike today's system, it has pmuch colder air with it, so a pdecent chance of snow from hiladelphia all the way up to pcould be significant snow at pthat. pand significant cold air behind plook at these wind chills pthursday morning. pminus-5 in pittsburgh. pit'll feel like 4 degrees in pd.c. and for manchester. pso if snow does fall on monday pand tuesday, it will stick. pdavid? p>> rob marciano, with us ptonight. pthank you. p and there are breaking pdevelopments in the zika poutbreak, turning deadly. pand a new warning from the cdc pabout the risk of transmitting pthe virus through sex. phere's linzie janis. p>> reporter: tonight, a drastic pnew recommendation for expecting pcouples. pthe cdc saying men returning pfrom zika-affected countries pshould use protection with their artner for the entire regnancy, or abstain paltogether. pbut mosquitoes are still the rimary way zika is spread.
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pmother, got zika over the pholidays while visiting el psalvador. p>> you have no strength, no penergy, to do anything. pnot to even sit down. p>> reporter: her symptoms psubsided. pbut three deaths in colombia now pblamed on zika. pbiologist matthew degennaro pshowing us a potential tool to pfight the virus -- genetically pmodified mosquitoes. p>> when you release the males, pthey go breed with females just pof this species and render them psterile. p>> reporter: so that knocks down pthe population? p>> yes. p>> reporter: david, in miami, pthey're spraying where there are pconfirmed cases of zika, hoping pto get rid of mosquitoes. p>> dr. richard besser is just pback from brazil. pi want to get to the precommendation from the cdc, pleading to the question, do we
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p>> once you're no longer sick, pyou can't find it in your blood pwith similar viruses. pbut the concern is that it may pstay for longer with sex. pof course, the main push is pgoing to continue to be mosquito pcontrol. p>> rich besser, thank you. p there are also new pdevelopments after the deadly pexplosion. pa jet in midair. pthe fbi on the scene in somalia. pa passenger pulled from the jet. pinvestigators suspect it may be pa bomb smuggled in a laptop. pthe leading suspect, al shabaab. pbut they're not ruling out isis. p major concerns about a
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p and the so-called bonnie and pclyde wanted in four states. pthe shootout, after the break. p and the new volcano, the new pconcern just miles away. p and the question for you at phome. phow much of what you'll see in pthe super bowl is "made in pamerica"? pcan you come up with a list? what if one sit-up could prevent heart disease? one. wishful thinking, right? but there is one step you can take to help prevent another serious disease. pneumococcal pneumonia. if you are 50 or older, one dose of the prevnar 13 vaccine can help protect you from pneumococcal pneumonia, an illness that can cause coughing, chest pain, difficulty breathing, and may even put you in the hospital. even if you have already been vaccinated with another pneumonia vaccine, prevnar 13 may help provide additional protection. prevnar 13 is used in adults 50 and older to help prevent infections from 13 strains of the bacteria that cause pneumococcal pneumonia. you should not receive prevnar 13 if you have had a severe allergic reaction
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when you've got a house full of guests on the way and a cold with sinus pressure, you need fast relief. alka-seltzer plus severe sinus congestion and cough liquid gels rush relief to your tough symptoms. to put you back in control. [doorbell] woman: coming! alka-seltzer plus sinus. p next tonight, the dramatic pend to the manhunt for a crime pspree stretching from new york pto florida. phere's steve osunsami. p[ gun shots ] pgunfire. pthis was early this morning, as olice were finally cornering pthis young missouri couple on pthe run, accused in kidnappings pand armed robberies in at least pfour states. p>> the suspects refused to psurrender. p>> reporter: people were calling pblake fitzgerald and brittany pharper another modern-day bonnie pand clyde. pseen monday in this surveillance pvideo robbing a gas station in
6:49 pm
pattendant. pthis was their m.o. olice say the couple did not go pdown easy. pleading them on two high-speed pchases that lasted for three phours across the florida anhandle. pfitzgerald was killed in the pgunfire, though police say in pthe end he turned on his pgirlfriend, trying to save phimself by using her as a human pshield. pshe was hospitalized with pgunshot wounds to her leg, and pis in custody tonight. psteve osunsami, abc news, patlanta. p when we come back tonight, pwhat's "made in america" at the psuper bowl? p and news about johnny pmanziel. phis family now speaking out. p and the erupting volcano, pand the one thing nearby that pmay be too close for comfort. pwe'll be right back. filling room) about 50 percent of people die (dog whimpering) within 5 years of getting diagnosed. but there's something
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p to the "index" tonight. pspectacular images coming out of pjapan. pmt. sakurajima roaring back to plife.
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pfrom a nuclear power plant. pluckily, no injuries. p breaking news on johnny pfootball. pquarterback johnny manziel, who phas battled substance abuse pissues. ptonight, his father speaking pout. psaying they tried to get him to penter rehab twice in the past pweek. psaying of his son, quote, "if pthey can't get him help, he pwon't live to see his 24th pbirthday." ptroubling development from the pfamily. p also, a rush hour surprise pin london. p p>> sir elton john on the piano, pin their subway, playing his phits. pit was a surprise. pleaving this note -- "enjoy the iano. pit's a gift." p when we come back, the super pbowl nearly here. pand so is the "made in america" pteam. pasking, is there anything "made pin america"? that instantly gives you stock prices, earnings, and dividends... an equity summary score that consolidates the stock ratings of top
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p finally tonight here, the p"made in america" super bowl. pjust 48 hours until kickoff. pbefore the panthers and broncos pbattle it out, we wanted to meet pthe american workers already pwinning. phow much of what we see on the pfield is actually "made in pamerica"? pturns out, a lot. pstarting with the venue. p300 iron workers working to pconstruct levi's stadium. pboth teams vying for this ptrophy, made in rhode island by ptiffany and company. pbut before they get their hands pon it, they have to handle this, pa wilson football. p140 worksers ers stitching them ptogether. p>> they think it's awesome.
6:58 pm
pfield just we do. p>> "made in america"! p>> and how about the players? p90% of the helmets on the field, p"made in america." pand many made in illinois, 750 pworkers, making the helmet for pcam newton . pand finally the ads, the ones pthat make us laugh, and the ones pthat make us think. p>> you can't do that. psuper bowl ad. p$4.5 million, and their message. p>> it's the people. pamerican workers. p>> they've hired 100 new workers psince last year. pnow employing more than 1,000 pright outside chicago. p>> "made in america"! pthanks for watching. pwe'll take you straight to the pdebate stage. pi hope you'll join us tomorrow pnight, 8:00 p.m. eastern, right
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p hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm-hmm our fortunes together t i've got some real estatet here in my bag counting the carsp on the new jersey turnpike they've all comer to look for america r [ cheers and applause ] all comer to look for america all comer to look for america all come to look for america i'm bernie sanders,


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