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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  February 6, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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p good morning, america. pthe high stakes debate. prepublican candidates just hours paway now from taking the stage pin new hampshire. ptonight's face-off, right here pon abc, may be one of the most pfar. pinspiration. p>> i almost want to just go in pand pray. p>> and can rubio ride the iowa pbounce to the top. p>> get a call on tuesday saying pi dropped out, it's a lie, keep pvoting. p>> team coverage from new phampshire on this quickly pshifting race. p breaking news, dramatic prescues after a quake topples pthis apartment building.
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pafter baby, pulled from the prubble. pthe desperate efforts to save plives happening right now. p train collapse. pthat moment caught on camera. poh, it broke. p>> this morning, investigating pwhy this 50-story monster came pcrashing down onto a new york pcity street. pmeltdown. pthe latest blows for the ptroublinged quarterback. pthe police investigation, his pagent cutting ties and his pfather's fears that johnny won't plive another year if he doesn't pget help. p hey, good morning. pwe've got two major events fast papproaching right now. pone of them, of course, super pbowl 50. p>> you've waited all year for pthis moment, dan. pthis morning as the panthers and pbroncos, that's who's playing, pby the way, dan, get ready to
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pflocking to the san francisco layed. pwe're learning about a major new pmusical addition to the halftime pshow. p>> i was surprised to hear this. pthe big game in american olitic, the final republican rimary. pit's going to take place in this phall here in manchester, new phampshire and air live right phere on abc. p>> and the stakes couldn't be phigher. pit's crunch time. pevery candidate on the stage all pseven of them need to make a pmark. pwe have team coverage this pmorning starting with abc's tom pllamas live from the debate phall. p>> reporter: good morning to pyou, paula. ptwo big battles happening ptonight. pthe first center stage, donald ptrump and senators marco rubio pand ted cruz fighting to take pover this race and then there's peveryone else left in the field, phoping to have a moment that presonates with new hampshire pvoters and there will be men on pthat stage tonight fighting for ptheir political lives. pthis morning, donald trump is pheading to new hampshire and pstaying there till the voting is
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p>> you have the most beautiful pchurches i've seen. pi mean, these churches. pseriously. p>> reporter: but overnight a pquick stop in south carolina. p>> i almost want to just go in pand pray. p>> reporter: trump hopes his plast-minute new hampshire blitz pwill deliver a better result pthan iowa. phis team of volunteers going pdoor to door. p>> we just wanted to send out a preminder, hand you a reminder pand see if we can get your psupport for trump on tuesday. p>> reporter: we're with them ptrudging through the snow. pis it worth it. pit. pwe have to take back our country pand not let it be in the wreck p>> reporter: another ground parmy, as well. p>> good morning. p>> they're showing the type of pdedication that helped cruz win pin iowa. p>>'s and a walking around here robably not going to change a pindividually. p>> reporter: you never know. pit. p>> reporter: senator cruz hoping pto extend his winning streak pnew hampshire voters.
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pamendment is in the bill of prights, each and every one of us phas a god-given right to defend pchildren. p>> reporter: but cruz is feeling pthe pressure. prubio surging in the polls, the ptarget on his back getting pbigger. p>> his record of accomplishment pis slim. p>> he's willing to break his pword to the voters and make pdeals with democrats. p>> we know who the boy in the pbumble is up here. p>> reporter: rubio feels the pattacks are growing because his pcampaign is taking off. p>> get a call on tuesday night psaying i dropped out, it isn't ptrue. pit's a lie, keep voting. p>> reporter: now, rubio, of pcourse, referring to the cruz pcampaign's effort on caucus day pin iowa suggesting that dr. ben pcarson was dropping out of the prace. pthat, of course, never happened pand cruz later apologized to dr. pcarson. prubio's gone into this debate pfeeling that everyone will be pout there to attack him. phe did get a boost overnight, pformer rival and louisiana pgovernor bobby jindal endorsing phim. p>> a little boost there. ptom covering this campaign every pstep of the way, tom, thank you.
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pwith matthew dowd also right pthere in the debate hall. phey, matt, good morning. pi guess my first question is how phigh are the stakes generally ptonight? p>> i mean, i think tonight is pthe most important event in the prepublican race up until this ptime. pit sets everything up for psuper -- i mean for tuesday in pnew hampshire and this moment pwith all seven on stage, each of pthem has a huge stake in what's pgoing to happen tonight. p>> what the individual pcandidates need to do tonight. ptrump is leading in the polls pbut others have been gaining on phim so how does he maintain poll osition? p>> reporter: i think donald ptrump, he needs to make sure phe's about ten points up right pnow. phe needs to make sure he stays pthere and i think one of the pways to do that, be strong but phe actually needs to deliver a pvery calm and steady way, not in pthe manner he's done in previous pdebates but straightforward but pexceedingly calm and cool. p>> exceedingly calm and cool. pwe'll see if he can go there. pmarco rubio got the best bounce pout of iowa. phe's now in second place in the olls. pwhat do you think his strategy
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pface of the inevitable attacks pfrom his rivals? p>> reporter: well, you know, pit's interesting, marco rubio pfinished third in iowa but he pstepped all over ted cruz who pfinished first in iowa and ted pcruz hasn't gotten any lift out pof iowa. pi think marco rubio will be punder assault by everybody on pthat stage especially the pgovernors or former governors ptrying to figure out a way to pmove on from here. pi think what you'll see tonight pis basically everybody knows pthat there's only four tickets pout of new hampshire so of those pseven on stage only four are pgoing to be able to get out of phere once tuesday voting starts. p>> as you said stakes incredibly phigh, matthew dowd, we pappreciate your analysis on psaturday morning. p>> then there would be four. p as we head into tonight's pdebate we're getting a glimpse pin the candidates' pregame prituals courtesy of the website pthe independent journal review. p>> my favorite thing to do on pthe day of the debate is play lants versus zombies on my
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p>> siri, what questions will pdavid muir be asking. p>> i normally call my mom to get padvice. p>> interesting. pi didn't know there was a zombie pgame he was playing. pthat's an odd way to prepare. p>> download that now, dan. p>> i'm all over it, david muir pand martha raddatz will be pmoderating tonight's debate. pthey've got a preview now from pthe debate hall. p>> hey, dan and paula, good pmorning. pwe're hours away from the seven pgop candidates taking the stage pright here behind martha & me in pmanchester, new hampshire. p>> and donald trump will be at pthe center because he is the pfront-runner based on polling, pcruz and rubio will be on either pside of him and that's the top pthree. p>> but there's going to be a lot pof focus on the other four, pcarson, kasich, christie and pbush looking to survive the race pso they'll make their case pcertainly to voters right here pin new hampshire to try to pchange the course of the race. p>> anything can happen so join pme and david only on abc here plive in new hampshire, we'll be pasking the questions and it all pstarts at 8 p.m., 7 central.
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psee you tonight. p>> looking forward to that. panything can happen, anything pwill happen tonight. p>> absolutely. p>> we want to thank david and pmartha and they're certainly pgearing up for what will be a ptooth and nail fight. pon the other side things are palso brewing and abc's cecilia pvega at the debate hall with a plook at how hillary clinton and pbernie sanders are tangling poffstage with just three days puntil voting begins in new phampshire. p>> reporter: hillary clinton prallying her troops. p pbernie sanders firing up his pbase. p>> all: bernie, bernie. p>> reporter: this morning the platest polls showing a sanders psurge, once presumed to be a pshoe win for the nomination pclinton now ahead by just two oints. pi spoke with the former psecretary of state in that field poffice in nashua. p>> how are you? p>> reporter: clinton says she's pconfident despite the polls. p>> numbers go up and go down. pwe have a strategy and feel good pabout it. p>> reporter: heated rivalry pcenter stage in their debate pthis week.
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pvery artful smear that you and pyour campaign have been carrying pout. p>> let's talk about issues. p>> reporter: and clinton is pstill not holding back. pyou seem like you walked out pthere ready for a fight. p>> i'm tired of the innuendo, psmear from a campaign that says pit's running a positive pcampaign. p>> reporter: sanders slamming pher ties to wall street. p>> madam secretary, it is not pone street. pin my view, the business model pof wall street is fraud. p>> reporter: but clinton is pstill not saying whether she pwill release transcripts from aid speeches to groups like pgoldman sachs. pwhy not just put them out there pand put this line of attack to pbed once and for all. p>> we will look into it but plet's get to what's really going pon. pit is a smear. pnobody buys me. pnobody has ever influenced a pvote. pi don't have to prove that. p>> abc's cecilia vega on the pcampaign trail, thank you. p we move on to another major pstory, that deadly crane
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pyork city. pa 50-story crane collapsing pgoing down one man was killed. panother seriously injured after pthat crane crushed his car. pabc's gio benitez is on the pscene in lower manhattan, gio, pgood morning to you. p>> reporter: dan, good morning pto you. pthe wind was strong and workers pwere actually trying to lower pthis crane for safety. pbut instead just take a look. pdisaster. pthis morning, a massive pinvestigation under way into pwhat caused this crane to pcollapse. p>> oh, it broke. pholy bleep. p>> reporter: the terrifying pmoment captured on camera. pit falls right on to the street pand onto cars. pthis video from tmz shows good psamaritans springing into action pto help people in those cars. p>> somebody in the car? p>> keep going, keep going. p>> came down made a loud noise pand hit. p>> reporter: three were injured
9:11 am
pcars one man wasn't so lucky. p38-year-old wall street worker pdavid wicks died after the crane pfell on him. pnow, after tragedy, that big pquestion, why did the crane pcollapse? pnew york city's mayor saying poperators were trying to secure pit in the wind and snow. p>> the winds were in the p20-mile-an-hour plus range and pwere proceeding to bring it down pwhen this incident occurred. p>> reporter: one of the cane's plifting pieces ended up crashing pthrough a roof and into an poffice. pnobody inside was injured. p>> the difference is we saw it pcoming and there was nothing to pdo about it. pwe could do nothing. pwe were paralyzed. p>> reporter: and this morning pinvestigators are still trying pto figure out exactly what phappened here. pspeaking with the crane's poperator, but they say this just pappears to be a terrible paccident. pthe mayor says that it was the pright decision to lower it for pthe wind, paula. p>> just a tragedy. pgio, thank you. p moving on this morning,
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pthe zika virus outbreak. pthree deaths in columbia have pbeen blamed on the virus. pnow the cdc is issuing a new pwarning for pregnant women. pour own chief medical editor dr. prichard besser recently traveled pto ground zero in brazil and pjoins us with more. prich, thanks for joining us. pfirst and foremost we know zika pis here in the u.s. pthere has been a case discovered pthat was sexually transmitted. pwhat are the cdc's new pguidelines? p>> this is the third case in phistory that they think was ptransmitted sexually so what pthey're saying is pregnant women pshould abstain from sex or use a pcondom during their entire regnancy if their male partner phas traveled to an area where pzika is transmitted. pwithin a week you can't find it pin the blood but for two weeks por longer they can find it in pthe semen. p>> it's changed into the pspread. pspread. p>> clearly the primary way is by pmosquitoes. pthat's where the big focus is
9:13 am
pshown and from the blood psupplies so don't donate blood pif you've been there for a good p28 days and found it in saliva pbut haven't shown spread that pway. p>> no vaccine, no cure for zika. p>> that's right. pa lot of work in that area but, pyou know, it's going to be a plong time before we have a pvaccine. p>> let's check in with ron with pa look at the other news pheadlines we're following. p>> hi to you, paula. pgood morning, everyone. pwe begin overseas and the pdesperate search for survivors pof a massive earthquake in ptaiwan. pthe death toll now climbing at pleast 11 people killed. pmore than 200 others rescued. pamong them children who were pasleep at the time. pdramatic rescues happening right pnow. pthis after a powerful 6.4 pmagnitude earthquake struck ptaiwan overnight. prescue teams drilling through ptons of rubble frantically pworking to pull out small pchildren trapped in the pwreckage.
9:14 am
pbuildings including a 17-story phigh-rise apartment complex in pit a care center for newborns pand mother, the residents psleeping when the quake hit. prescue workers digging through pdebris and climbing over tacks pof concrete to bring out people pand pets trapped under mountains pof debris. pso far nearly 250 people rescued pand 73 hospitalized. pand back in the u.s., searchers pare now off the waters of los pangeles after two private planes pcollided in midair. pit happened friday afternoon. pthe planes seen plunging into pthe ocean. pa total of three on board. pthose two aircraft, coast guard pofficials say they recovered psome wreckage and a pilot's plogbook. p twitter is cracking down on pisis terrorists using the site pto threaten or promote violence. ptwitter announced it is psuspending more than 125,000 pisis-related accounts and says pit's expanded the number of pinvestigators monitoring the psite and review reports of paccounts connected to extremism.
9:15 am
pexplosion aboard an airborne jet pover somalia at the time. pthe fbi is on the scene in that peast african country and pinvestigators now suspect the pexplosion was caused by a bomb pin a laptop computer. pone passenger was killed, sucked pout of the hole blown in the pside of the plane. pan al qaeda affiliate al shabaab pis the leading suspect. pinvestigators have not yet ruled pout isis was possibly also pinvolved. p a race car that sold for a pjaw-dropping $35.7 million. pthe french auction always pcalling it the most expensive pcar ever sold in terms of euros. pthe sale, though, fell a little pbit short of the record -- pbreaking a record for the dollar psale of for ferrari auctioned poff for 38 million bucks, a lot pof money. p finally l.a. is of course pnotorious for its traffic. phow do you tell drivers one of pthe major freeways they'll be pshut down for 40 straight hours.
9:16 am
pon facebook trying to smooth pover the bad news with a little pr&b teaming up with a local jazz pband with a little slow jam. plisten. p see we're bringing down the psixth street bridge making way pfor something new p and the demolition will cause pdelays but sometimes just psometimes you have to get your phands dirty to build something pbeautiful p>> and the 101 freeway shut down pfriday night and it's expected pto re-open tomorrow afternoon. p>> is that your radio voice? p>> just in time for motorists to pget to the super bowl. p>> that's radio ron. p>> that's radio ron. p>> it's something ron. p>> hello. p>> i'd like to make a pdedication. pcould i dedicate the next song pto indra petersons because you phave a lovely forecast, right? p>> yeah. ptotally what i'm going with. pyesterday i was in boston or i plike to say the airport because pall i did was watch flight after
9:17 am
pwhy didn't i drive? pyou you are looking at it pslipping and sliding all over pthe road. pbrought a foot around the boston parea. pnow, that storm is out of the parea this morning. pyou can see here on the psatellite, but wait for it, you pgot another one-two punch. phere it goes by tomorrow into pthe southeast already looking at psome showers and monday wouldn't pfeel like a monday without a phuge mess at commute time. pthere you go in towards new york pcity and boston. psliding up the coastline and i pknow groundhog day was last week pbut here you go. rimary's new hampshire why not pbring in some snow showers right pinto the region monday night in pthrough tuesday, even in through pwednesday, snow in through new phampshire. phow much? pmodels, haven't decided. pwe have to take our time but peither way talking about pmoderate snow areas around pboston, new hampshire will watch pfor it and kind you posted as we p>> all right. pwell, those temperatures have pbeen making it up into the teens
9:18 am
retty chilly out there this pmorning. pwe should be able to get into pthe 30's through the state ptoday. psunshine, some clouds building pin, so it's going to be a mix of pclouds and sunshine with more pclouds in northern new hampshire pand a couple of flurries or a pshower or two today and ptomorrow. pyour forecast today with the pfreshly fallen snow out there. phighs between 34 and 38, bright pand seasonably p>> i hope that was the perfect pweather you were looking for. pshowers on the way. p>> cars smashing. p>> just deliver it in your radio pvoice. p>> you'll get another shot the pnext half hour. pwe want a better forecast then. p the big game, more than 100 pmillion people expected to watch psuper bowl 50 tomorrow and we've pgot some fun numbers for you. p>> the age difference between pthe two quarterback, cam newton pand peyton manning is 13 years pand exactly 48 days. pwe haven't narrowed it down to pminutes and seconds but i'm sure pwe could. pthe biggest difference in super pbowl history and ryan smith in
9:19 am
pgame as well as the halftime pshow. pgood morning, ryan. p>> reporter: good morning, aula. psuper bowl 50 just one day away. pwe're here at the nfl experience pwith the carolina panthers pcheerleaders and mascot. pyeah, the denver broncos pcheerleaders. pah, i love it. pfootball frenzy is already here pand peyton manning looking for phis second ring. pcam newton for his first and pabout the supersecret halftime pshow, well, a new star has been prevealed. psuper bowl 50, just one day away pand the hype is seen in full pswing. pdenver versus carolina. pone of the game's greatest eyton manning in what could be phis last game. p>> this may be my last rodeo so psure has been a pleasure. p>> reporter: versus the league's pdazzling young star, cam newton. p>> if you're going to any game por if you're going to a season pthinking you can't win them all, pshame on you. pthat's a loser's approach.
9:20 am
pexpected to practice. ptheir game faces on. pand stars and celebs hanging out pat the super bowl experience. p>> who did your suit? p>> this is new york site. pthis abboud. palready making their picks. psuper bowl? anthers. p>> i think denver wins it. p>> reporter: the halftime show pcoming into focus. pbruno mars announcing he is the platest star to join headliners pcoldplay for the star-studded pevent tweeting mars has landed. p#superbowl50. p>> "uptown funk." p>> "uptown funk" probably my pfavorite song. p>> could we see drew brees get pon that stage? p>> no, listen, i was not blessed pwith the musical genius. p>> what about you? p>> reporter: yeah, not a chance, pguys. pby the way beyonce, when she erforms she will be making phistory, the first female repeat erformer and now about the pgame, carolina panthers are pfavored by six. pif you want to stop by and get a
9:21 am
pbring your wallet. pthe average ticket price at this oint over $4800 a ticket. pthe highest since 2007, dan and aula. p>> that's what we call a very phot ticket. pryan, i think the consensus at pthis table we're going with our pheart, not our head necessarily pand picking peyton manning and pthe broncos. pwho are you going with? p>> reporter: wait. eyton manning and the broncos, pthose guys are picking. pwhat do you guys think about pthat? pah, little panther, guys, i got pto go with the panthers. pi'm sorry, broncos cheerleaders, pi love you but peyton manning is pa sentimental favorite. pit's a tough one. p>> ryan sent me an e-mail that phe wants every live shot phenceforth to be done with the pquiet sizzle of pom-poms from pcheerleaders. p>> yes, thank you, dan. p>> i called the boss. pi think we'll be able to make it phappen, ryan, appreciate it. penjoy the game. p what's coming up, the resident of an elite fraternity pat cornell university under
9:22 am
pthe serious charges he's facing pright now. p manziel's meltdown. pknown as johnny football facing pa mountain of troubles. pwhy his own father is so pworried, he says he's afraid for phis son's life. p we've got a super fun super pbowl edition of "pop news" pincluding a sneak peek at one of pthe new ads that involves a new pcolonel. p>> a new colonel. p>> that one there perhaps. p>> there's only one. pthat's a tease, ron. p>> i got to watch. p "good morning america" is
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p>> now from wmur news 9. pcoveno. pa quick check what's making news pat this hour. ptonight these seven republican pcandidates are taking the stage pone more time before the first
tv-commercial tv-commercial
9:27 am
pthe abc news-wmur republican pdebate is taking police at st. panselm college. pit takes place on wmur and pand officials in hampton are pmonitoring and testing for pbacteria following a sewer leak. pthe sewer main failure caused pwaste water to seep into the ptide salt creek marsh area and palong hampton beach. presults from water samples shows pthere's no danger in terms of pholding the penguin plunge this pweekend. pthat's good news, right, josh. pjosh: yeah, the temperature pthere 22 degrees. pwe're in the teens and 20's peverywhere else today. pmixture of clouds in northern pnew hampshire where you could phave some flurries. phighs in the mid t (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay
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p welcome back to "gma" on a psaturday morning. phappening right now the prepublican candidates getting pready for what undoubtedly will pbe a key moment tonight, the pfinal debate before the new phampshire primary. pthe candidates on a blitz across pthe granite state before psquaring off tonight right here plive on abc. p also right now the so-called paffluenza teen waking up in an padult prison in texas. pethan couch now 18 has been in pcustody ever since he was pdeported from mexico. pcouch is accused of violating phis probation stemming from the pdrunk driving crash that killed pfour people. p paris jackson, the daughter pof michael jackson revealing on pher instagram that she attends paa meetings, the 17-year-old palso comparing criticism
9:30 am
pthe harsh review her father preceived from the public. p>> can't be easy to be in the ublic eye in that way. p also another person in the ublic eye and it's going from pbad to worse for the troubled pcleveland browns quarterback pjohnny manziel. pthe criminal investigation and pthe shocking comments from his pown dad this morning. pthat's coming up here but first pthe prestigious cornell puniversity, the ivy league pschool dealing with serious pcharges against the president of pan elite fraternity there. p>> wolfgang ballinger, 21, resident of psy upsilon chapter pwas been charged with attempted prape and we have more from hillip mena. p>> reporter: paula, dan, good pmorning. pthe alleged victim went to olice and identified the p21-year-old fraternity president pas her attacker. pand this morning, while he sits pin jail his entire fraternity pnow suspended by cornell. povernight, wolfgang ballinger is pbehind bars. p>> i was born to a very large
9:31 am
pwhile many may have felt lost i pbelieve my family life and small ptown nature has given me the ptools to drive as an pentrepreneur. p>> reporter: the president of an pelite fraternity at cornell puniversity seen here in a video osted on youtube arrested pfollowing an alleged sexual passault in his fraternity house pbedroom. pthe alleged incident took place pin the early morning hours of pjanuary 31st. pthe 1-year-old new york native pturned himself in to authorities pon february 4th. pand was charged with first pdegree attempted rape, first pdegree criminal sexual act and pfirst degree sexual abuse. p>> at a young age i was taught pto appreciate the value of hard pwork and self-made work. p>> psy upsilon was suspended pmonday according to the dean of pstudents at cornell. pthe fraternity's executive pdirector, thomas fox said in a pstatement, sexual assault and pany form of sexual harassment is pagainst our policy and in pupsilon. pour chapter is cooperating with pcornell's investigation into
9:32 am
paccountable. pwolfgang ballinger is due back pin court for a preliminary phearing in ithaca next week. phe has pleaded not guilty. pdan, paula. p>> such a huge issue in american plife right now and on american pcampuses. pthank you. pappreciate it. p the weather once again and pindra petersons is here. p>> good morning. pi'm sure these are the words you pwant to look for, major cold pblast, yes, let's bring it. pby next week, tuesday, let's ptake a look. pwell, about 15 below maybe in pthe midwest or maybe 15 above, pit really doesn't feel any pbetter. pno one is feeling good out here pas this cold air is expected to ush on through. pthat's tuesday. plet's roll you out to thursday. pyeah, still cold, talking about pnew york city into just single pdigits. pthis is with a windchill. pi don't think it matters. pit's cold. pthat's all you need to know. pin through the midwest talking pabout a clipper and look at all pthe blizzard warnings we're ptalking about there and the pblizzard is not for the snow,
9:33 am
pa clipper going through and it pbrings a little snow but more pthe strong winds building icking up that snow blowing it paround, visibility is going to pbe poor and you're p>> all right this weekend looks pgreat. ptemperatures in the 30's and plower 40's for tomorrow. lenty of sunshine, but as we go pinto the upcoming week as you pcan see, there's certainly some punsettled weather ahead, p>> that weather is brought to pyou by wise. pwas that a better forecast? p>> not only was it not a better pforecast. pi don't mind you telling the ptruth but she has to seem so phappy about it p>> that's true. p>> as if i'm not living here peither. p>> that's the redeeming quality. pshe does it with a smile on her pface, blowing snow, everyone. p>> you're welcome. p>> cold arctic blasts. p>> tah-dah. p>> i wish i could get that low pvoice you had going on. plow voice. p>> that was your low voice.
9:34 am
p>> my speaking voice. p>> getting weird, ladies and pgentlemen. pup. pfootball. pwhy the cleveland browns pquarterback is at the center of pa criminal investigation this pmorning and the dire warning pfrom his own father.
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p new troubles to tell you pabout this morning involving the pcleveland browns quarterback pjohnny manziel, also a famous pheisman trophy winner. phis family now begging him to go pto rehab. p>> his dad actually laying it pout plain and simple. pif johnny does not get help, he pwon't make it to his next pbirthday and abc's tony reali phas more on the story. p>> that's right. pa heart wrenching plea from a pmore trouble. pa one time football star but pthis has become far from a pfootball story. pdallas police say cleveland pquarterback johnny manziel is pnow the center of a criminal pinvestigation. pafter an allegedly violent night pin january with his now pex-girlfriend colleen crowley. p>> i heard her screaming so i pcame down and she said her pboyfriend assaulted her. p>> no charges have been filed by pfriday a judge signed an order pbarring any contact between the ptwo for two years.
9:38 am
pduring the incident telling pauthorities manziel threw and phit her with his open hand. plater reporting she thought he pwas on drugs or having a sychotic break. pin the report, crowley says pmanziel had one point threatened psuicide shouting shut up or i'll pkill us both. pmanziel denying the accusations ptelling tmz sports it didn't phappen. p>> a litany of bad decisions by pthis guy and doesn't seem to pchange. p>> reporter: the 23-year-old pdubbed johnny football during phis career as texas a&m star prelationship with crowley. pin october, police dash cameras pcapturing the moments after hysical confrontation between pthe pair who were admittedly pdrinking that day. p>> he hit me a couple times. p>> while you were in the car. p>> yeah, but i don't want -- lease don't make me -- p>> reporter: earlier in 2015 he pstep add way from his nfl career pfor treatment in a rehab pfacility and while crowley told pofficers manziel was not pintoxicated on the night of the palleged altercation his father
9:39 am
prefused to return to rehab. ptelling the dallas morning news, pi truly believe if they can't pget him help he won't live to psee his 24th birthday. pon friday manziel's agent pterminated his professional prelationship with him saying his pcareer is now in his own hands. pit's been wildly reports the pcleveland browns will do the psame in the next month but pfootball the least of his roblems now. p>> hearing from his dad even pthough we didn't get to see him pi think you can only imagine how pwrenching it is. p>> and the dashboard cam and pvideo we've seen, very tough and phis football career is a side pnote at this point. p>> you would hope at this point pit's not about football anymore. pyou hope he does what he's best pand takes care of himself. p>> absolutely. p>> get some help. pthank you. p>> the number one priority. p>> you're right. p coming up on "good morning pamerica," super picks for super pbowl snack time. pthe healthier way to go in our pweekend download. ndvpuffing. plike you do sometimes, grandpa? p well, when you have copd,
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p this morning on the weekend pdownload getting ready for the pbiggest party of the year, super pbowl sunday and here to show us pour game plan for your super pbowl party, the author of "the pzero belly diet" dave zinczenko. pthe first key to the game, izza. p>> pay have. p>> this is a good one. pgo for healthy toppings on your istorius. izza. pif you get a ham that's lean and ineapple that has fewer pcalories than a plain slice of izza because you're pdisplayersing the cheese so put phealthy options on it. p>> a second key to the game. p>> second, what are you going to pdrink? pbeer and you're going to go for plighter versions. psome 1-ounce bottles go over 300 pcalories so look on the beer for pwhat's called an abv, alcohol by pvolume percentage and look at p4%.
9:43 am
pto be around the 100-calorie prange and if you're having a pbeer a quarter you could save up pto 500 calories. p>> crunch time. phow do you close it out? p>> you're going deep, you're pgoing deep in a bucket of wings pbut what you're doing is pgoing -- you're going for the pones that have the bones in them pbecause the boneless are usually pbreaded and you get to do a lot pof mindless eating. psave up to 300 calories for pevery eight wings when the bone pis in plus bones piling up as a pvisual reminder of everything pyou're eating. p>> i will try, try to adhere to pthem. pback to you, guys. p>> thank you, ron. p we are on the periscope, eople because we are getting pready for "pop news" super bowl pthemed, of course. pi have some food because you pguys have pretty much told me i pcan't talk unless i bring food. p>> rainbow bagels. p>> don't give it away. p>> dan. p>> way to ruin it. p>> sorry. pgetting up. pgetting picked on here. pi'm going to throw it to pcommercial break. pwe'll be right back. p>> he's awful. r he misses touchdowns...
9:44 am
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p p "good morning america" is pbrought to you by abreva. pheal your cold sore fast. p all right. ptime for our super bowl edition pof "pop news." psara, what you got? p>> all our props. pi brought a blanket? pand a football. p>> enjoy, people. pyou don't keep this gang pentertained they won't be pentertained by me. pwe begin with an exclusive first
9:48 am
psunday commercial starring one pof america's most popular pcomedians as colonel sanders. pnow you might remember we've palready seen darryl hammond and pnorm mcdonald previously fill pthe role of the chicken king. pany guesses as to who the new pcolonel could be? p>> looks like mark ruffalo. p>> that would be awesome. p>> a comedian. p>> comedian. p>> he's funny. p>> yeah, you guys aren't getting pit. pyou're not getting -- keep -- p>> amy schumer. p>> no, not a lady colonel. pnow, here we've got him. pokay, hey, big reveal. ptah-dah. phere is the real colonel psanders. pwe're going to take a look at pthe commercial. pyou'll recognize him in this. p>> kfc's nashville hot chicken ponly available for a limited ptime. p>> fake colonel pretending to be pme but i'm me so only i can pintroduce kfc's delicious new pnashville hot chicken. p>> jim gaffigan.
9:49 am
p>> i think pop-tart. pdid you see his stand-up. p>> he's hysterical. p>> another pop topic and can we peat. p>> he opened up for the pope in hiladelphia. p>> i remember. pjokes. p>> he's like the clean comedian pbut hysterical, one of the pfunniest guys you'll ever hear. p>> i love that. p this time last year one of pdan's favorites, katy perry was pgetting ready to take the stage pat the super bowl and one year plater she might not be chilling pout with left shark anymore but pby all accounts she appears to pbe having a super time stepping pout with the totally hot orlando pbloom. p>> what? p>> yes. p>> the stars were first spotted phanging out together at the pgolden globes and as these new hotos show their blossoming pfriendship is still going strong penjoying dinner together at west phollywood this week but there phasn't been any official pcomfortable make on a prelationship just yet but we're pkeeping our fingers crossed for pour favorite california girl.
9:50 am
p>> i like the pause before the pword friendship. p>> i like -- i was doing the pverbal air quotes, friendship. pif that's what we're calling it. p>> that's a very good-looking pcouple by the way. p>> that's a great-looking pcouple. pso many carolina fans are pdetermined to keep pounding all pthe way to the super bowl with pan adorable viral video. pthe kids at polar ridge pelementary in charlotte came up pwith their only ricks to walk pthe moon's tune "shut up and pdance" then shot this video. p we know you won't give up you pare the greatest team you're pgonna win this game just believe pand keep -- p>> more than 1,000 people took art including teachers and kids pfrom kindergarten to fifth grade pand got the thumbs up from anthers coach ron rivera. p>> coupe cute. p>> pretty cute. p>> like drew pictures and, oh, preally cute. pwe've got to do one of those. p>> do you want to hear me sing pagain.
9:51 am
pfrom indra. p finally the perfect sugary psnack for your super bowl party. pcarolina and denver bagels made pby the bagel store in brooklyn pwho created the amazing rainbow pbagels. pnow the pro tip here add a layer pof cotton candy to your cream pcheese filling and if that sugar prush doesn't get you fired up pfor super bowl sunday i don't pknow what will. p>> paula, you're going to -- p>> there's cotton candy in the pmid. p>> this looks like refried pbeans. p>> taste it and let us know. p>> i was going to go with psomething else. pgoing. p>> that's actually tasty. pmikey likes it. pshe always takes a bite. p>> so it's a bagel. pdoes it taste like refried pbeans. p>> this doesn't mean that i'm pendorsing or cheering for the pcarolina panthers. pi'm going for the broncos, by pthe way. p>> you're holding the wrong one. p>> is it good? p>> it's good. pit's really good. pit's sweet. p>> it does taste like cotton pcandy. p>> will you please eat psomething.
9:52 am
pfingers on. pa few seconds to go. pthank you, everybody for pwatching. pdon't forget the big debate pright here on abc. pdavid muir and martha raddatz phosting at 8:00 eastern and as pthey fix my toupee we'll see you ptomorrow morning. p>> now from wmur news 9. pamy: good morning, everybody, pit's 9:56. phere is a quick look at local pheadlines. ptonight, these seven public pcandidates are taking the stage pone more time before the first pin the nation primary. pthe abc news wmur republican pdebate is taking place at st.
9:53 am
pnow. pour own josh mcelveen will be on pthe panel on wmur and pwe'll have a special edition of pnews 9 at 5:00 and a full pwrap-up starting at 11:00. ptuesday's primary will have a psystem available for visually pimpaired voters. ptablets for those who are blind por visually impaired and when pyou're done it will be submitted pto the voting machine. pcool technology, josh judge. pjosh: it is, i've got a little pof my own, a look at sunshine pand clouds and as you head into pthe mountains as you see here in lymouth. phere is the technology, the ptemperatures in the 20's and 31 pshowing up, dropped a degree in pnashua, it was 31 as we see the ptemperatures slowly rising, give pand take as that sunshine warms pus up into the 30's, by the way.
9:54 am
p30's in southern new hampshire. plots of sunshine and clouds pdrift in. phigh clouds that will be around. pit's northern new hampshire that pcould see a few of the showers -pdrifting through not only today pand tomorrow as well, but some pflurries or light snow. pa mixture of clouds and psunshine, not bad at all with ptemperatures in the mid and pupper 30's and even lower 40's ossible for tomorrow. pwith you then things change as pthe storm system will be out of pthe ocean on monday and could pbring us afternoon or evening psnow on monday. pon tuesday, another weather psystem very the american people can't afford to wait for ideas that sound good on paper... but will never make it in the real world. the grandmother who has to choose between paying for medicine and paying rent... can't wait. the single mom who desperately needs a raise... can't wait. the student with a mountain of debt can't wait. p we can make real progress, r
9:55 am
and families who need it. p i'm hillary clinton and i
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