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tv   News 9 at Five  ABC  February 6, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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p pshelley: right now at 5:00, the pdebate hall is ready for the plast face off between the top ptier republicans before the new phampshire primary. pthese seven candidates will take pthe stage at saint anselm pcollege tonight right here on pwmur. ptom: plus, as the primary grows pcloser, protesters take to the pstreets to fight for a higher pminimum wage. pshelley: and the democrats are pcampaigning in new hampshire as pwell. pwe take you to events held by phillary clinton and bernie psanders. phayley: clouds and a few pscattered snow showers pass pthrough tonight and sunday. pthen watching a few storms early pin the week.
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phampshire like we do. pnow, wmur news 9 at 5:00. p ptom: right now, we' re three phours out from the abc wmur prepublican debate at saint panselm college. ptonight a live look at the p, debate stage inside the carr pcenter. pgood evening, new hampshire, and pspecial edition of news 9 at 5, pi' pshelley: and i' m shelley pwalcott. pthe top republicans were invited pseven to take part in tonight' s pdebate. pthis is your line up, donald ptrump, senators ted cruz and pmarco rubio, dr. ben carson, pformer governor jeb bush. pand governors chris christie and pjohn kasich. pthis is the last chance for all pseven to be on the same stage pbefore tuesday' s pfirst-in-the-nation primary. plet' s head right out to our live pteam, wmur' s jennifer vaughn and pour political director josh pmcelveen, who will be asking
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s debate. pjosh: you just saw live pictures pof the debate stage. pright now, we' re live inside the pgoogle spin room at sullivan parena on the saint anselm pcampus. pjennifer media is coming into p: the room as the countdown for pthe last republican debate pbefore the new hampshire primary preally begins. pof the top five candidates in pthe latest wmur-cnn poll only ptwo were on the first in the pnation campaign trail today. pjosh: wmur' s adam sexton is live poutside the debate hall with a plook at jeb bush and john pkasich' s days. padam: those two candidates are pleaving it all on the field in pnew hampshire, campaigning like ptheir candidacies depend on it. pgovernor bush was drawing a psizable crowd. phe held a townhall meeting. phe did not shy away from going pafter the republican front prunner in new hampshire, donald ptrump, saying he needs therapy. pbush also said he' s rooting for eyton manning in the super
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phimself. pjohn kasich spent the day in pmanchester. phe stayed busy with stops at one pof his campaign offices where he pkicked off a door-to-door pcanvassing efforts. pboth candidates say they are pready for tonight. p>> tonight is a debate. pwe are making a sprint to ptuesday. pthis is where the ground game ptakes over, all the work we have ut in and positive ads. pthere' s no hail marys coming out pof me, maybe there' s some coming pout of others. pwe feel great. p>> who on the stage tonight will phave a proven record a proven precord of fixing problems? prunning to the fire rather than prunning away? pwho has the record of not pcutting and running but solving roblems? pyou' re looking at him. phis name is jeb bush. p[applause] padam: candidates ted cruz, marco prubio, and donald trump keeping pa lower profile today getting pready for the big stage tonight. pjosh and jen, let' s go back to
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pjennifer: three other republican pcandidates campaigned across the pstate today as well. pgovernor chris christie, dr ben pcarson and carly fiorina are all phoping to garner more support as pthey head into tuesday' s rimary. pwmur' s heather hamel live now pwith more on how they aren' t pdiscouraged by the polls. pheather: from town halls to pthanking volunteers these p, candidates were out there. pthey all tout records that they pbelieve prove they can lead and psay no one should count them pout. pdr. carson: they have written my pobituary every week for the last pyear and half, and then they pturn around and say he is still phere. pi can' t believe he is still phere. pheather despite his low p: standings in the polls, his oor showing in iowa, and rumors pthat he may drop out, dr. ben pcarson told a group of psupporters in manchester today pthat he is not going anywhere. phe will join others on the psix debate stage tonight p, including governor chris
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pchris christie: on that stage ptonight, you will see a pdifference. pwe will make sure you will see a pdifference between those repared to lead and those pcontinuing to talk. pheather: christie today picked pup two more endorsements p, governor charlie baker of pmassachusetts and governor larry phogan of maryland. pand at a town hall event in pgoffstown carly fiorina pexpressed her frustration over pbeing left off the debate stage ptonight but says the large group pof supporters today is an pindicator that her message is presonating with voters. pcarly fiorina: we have ptremendous support in new phampshire and be a -- and pbeyond. psend me out of here with win at pmy back and we will take our pcountry back. pheather: undecided voters will lay a big role in tuesdays rimary so rather than worry pabout polls theses candidates pare all focused on garnering as pmuch support as possible before pthe polls. preporting live heather hamel p, wmur news 9. preporter the democrats aren' t p: debating tonight, but right pnow both senator bernie sanders pand former secretary of state phillary clinton are meeting with pvoters. pjosh: sanders holds a big lead
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pwmur-cnn poll. psenator sanders is at 61% ptonight with clinton at 31%. pbut, a third of voters say they phave not yet firmly committed to pwmur' s andy hershberger attended pand joins us live with more. pandy: hillary clinton energized pa crowd of supporters today in pconcord while bernie sanders got ierce college in rindge. pthe former first lady and psecretary of state hit the pbricks today in manchester, pgoing door to door talking to otential voters knowing that pthis race could be decided by pthe slimmest of margins. phillary clinton clinton: this is pwhat is real to me. pgoing inside someone' s home and ptalking to them about what' s on ptheir mind and having a chance pto give them my ideas. pi love that. pandy: a short time later at a pcampaign rally in concord, it pwas the first female secretary pof state madeline albright who ptalked about how ground breaking pit would be for this country to phave a woman president.
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pstart here on tuesday. phillary clinton: these plast days here. pthe first in the nation primary pare always to me the real soul pof american democracy. pi am so grateful to the people pof this state who take this presponsibility so seriously. pandy: clinton talked about her rogressive ideas on a host of ptopics, criticizing the prepublican candidates, but never pmentioning her democratic popponent bernie sanders. psanders was in rindge this pmorning saying that he is pembracing his role as an poutsider. phe told the crowd he' s pleased pwith his second place finish in piowa and is positioned to pull poff an upset here. pbernie sanders: she won the pdemocratic primary back in 2008. pher husband cmpaigned psuccessfully in a number of pcampaigns here and have in new phampshire. pif we can bring out a decent pvote on tuesday, i' m confident pwe are going to win.
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p"saturday night live" tonight pwhile clinton will be pcampaigning here tomorrow and pwill then head to flint, pmichigan where she will address p, the water problems facing that pcity. preporting live, andy phershberger, wmur news 9. psheley right now, protesters are p: filling the lawns of saint panselm college, to support their pcandidate and sound off about pissues. pearlier today, demonstrators pdemanded a higher minimum wage pover on south willow street. pwmur' s mike cronin live now at p with what they are saying. pmike: those protestors are cooks pand cashiers from new hampshire pfast food restaurants. pthey' re striking today and pdemanding to be paid $15 and phour and receive union rights. pthey are expected here shortly pto protest the debate. pthis is video from earlier this pafternoon outside of fast food prestaurants on south willow pstreet. pworkers had similar walkouts to pcoincide with primary debates in pwisconsin, south carolina, and piowa. pthey say underpaid workers make pup a large portion of the voting pbloc and they want presidential
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pmessage. p>> i' m fighting for 15 because i pcan' t live off of $8 an hour. pi can' t go to college and i want pto go to college. pi can' t do that with $8 an hour. pi' ll be 30 by the time i go to pcollege if i work off $8. pand i feel like i deserve more. pi feel like i' m a good worker pand i should get more than what pthey pay me. pmike: more people are arriving pto this designated area outside pof the college to show support pfor their candidates. pthe majority of people are psupporting their candidate ptonight. plive outside saint anselm pcollege, mike cronin, wmur news p9. pshelley: thank you, mike. pwe remind you tomorrow morning pto join us for a special lineup pof programming. pwe will be breaking down the pdebate and setting the stage for rimary week. pa special edition of news 9 pbegins at 6:00 a.m. pthat is followed by "good ll have a live, hour-long pedition of close up. p"this week with george pstephanopoulos" will have more
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p"matter of fact." pbut our coverage of tonight' s prepublican debate continues here pon news 9 at 5:00. pjosh: next, we take a look at pour latest republican poll pnumbers and sit down with an panalyst from seeing and some pcollege. phayley: we are going to talk pabout snow chances. psnow showers on the map as we pspeak. pi will talk about the rest of pthe forecast and look ahead to rimary week. pshelley: at 5:30, carly fiorina psitting down one on one with pnews 9 today. pwhat the only female republican
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r one of the areas that r i've been particularlyt interested in ris the area of children. we intend to be sure thatr everybody in this room and every child in this statet is somebody. no matter where they're born,pno matter to whom they are born. ri want to make sure that every child has a chance to live up to his or herr god-given potential. r i've spent my life fighting for children, and i'm not stopping now. i'm hillary clinton,
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p p>> welcome back to saint and psome college for tonight' s pdebate. p>> we are joined by the rofessor of politics. pthanks for joining us. pdonald trump remains the front prunner on the republican side. phe is not the candidate coming punder fire the most from the prest of the field.
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punder fire more than any pcandidate. phe was the big story coming out pof iowa. pif he does well here, that could psee many good position going pforward. pa lot of candidates need to do pvery well on tuesday. ptonight is a good opportunity pfor them to do that. p>> donald trump to get his pmomentum back with a win here. pwho is positioned best to become pthe story tonight and on ptuesday? p>> i think you will see jeb bush pand john kasich and chris pchristie trying to get a mark in pon senator rubio. pif they can bring him down or lace a strong third coming off pnew hampshire, that gives them a pgood reason to continue. pthey have all gone all pinherent so i think if they pdon' t do well here, that is the pend of the road. p>> concerning the 30-point pspread between bernie sanders pand hillary clinton, do you pthink that holds through ptuesday? p>> it is a big spread. pi don' t know if it will hold. pif it does not, i think that is pgood news for the clinton pcampaign. pit is unlikely she is going to pwin at this point.
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pof that margin, if she only ploses by 15, they might be able pto spin that as pbetter-than-expected. peveryone who is not rubio needs pto do very well tonight. p>> three days before the rimary, this is the eighth time pthe republican candidates have pbeen on stage. pthis might be the most pconsequential form. p>> if you are an undecided pvoter, this is your last chance pto see all the candidates pface-to-face and see what they psay on stage with each other. p>> we have a lot of undecided in pnew hampshire. pthey will be watching tonight. pthank you. pwe will have more from saint panselm college next half hour. pfor now, we are going to send it pback to the studio. ptom: everybody is keeping a pclose eye on the weather pconditions with the primary. pshelley: hoping tuesday will pbring nice weather. pit was beautiful with snow on
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phayley: this makes new hampshire pgorgeous after fresh snow with pclear skies. pit was so picturesque. pthings are going to change pbeyond the weekend. pthat is what we are watching pclosely. pin the meantime, a very nice pevening in portsmouth with sunny pskies. pa lot of clouds in the lakes pregion and north and even a few psnow showers passing through. pwe have thick clouds overhead. pit was a mild day, good for pcleanup with temperatures above pfreezing. pas they fall below freezing ptonight, it is going to be icy pin many spots, especially puntreated areas. pbe careful of that. pwe are close to freezing already pin a lot of locations, even pnashua 34. p35 in manchester. pthe winds have been moving paround. pit is starting to take down some pof the wet snow out of the ptrees. pbut still beautiful across the parea.
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pwith the winds out of the south, pwe have mild air coming in ptomorrow. pnorth of the manchester area. pif you are in concord and north pand west, you are stuck with pclouds much of the overnight. pthere are a couple of snow pshowers moving through in the ast couple of hours. pyou might run into light snow pshowers. pcertainly into meredith, psandwich, toward freedom, it pmight be slow going with light psnow showers. plittle to no accumulation plightly with these just passing pthrough. phere is the thing. pwe have a couple of disturbances pgoing by. ptomorrow, we will have more pflurries, especially in the pnorthern part of the state, and pa few clouds. pwatching closely this system pdown in the florida area down ptoward the southeast. pthis may end up coming up the
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pweather closer to the beginning pof the work week. phere' s how things go on pfuturecast. ptonight, scattered snow showers. plittle to no accumulation. pearly tomorrow morning, 8:00, a pfew snow showers north. pmost of tomorrow looks pleasant pagain with a mix of sun and pclouds. pjust a few passing clouds up pnorth and again in the southern pareas past dark tomorrow pevening. pwhen the sun sets, you will see pa few clouds coming through. pi want to give you a comparison pof what could be happening into pthe workweek. pthis is one computer model we plook at. pthis is 1:30 on monday pafternoon. pnotice the snow over the patlantic. pthis is storm number one. pit makes a very close pass at pnew hampshire but just moves by. pon tuesday, we have barely panything across the area. pmaybe a few flurries. pmodel two, we have much more psubstantial amounts of snow
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pthere is tuesday, primary day, psix akaka a.m., and it is psnowing across the area. pit looks like it tapers off in pthe afternoon. pwe are talking about two storms pin two days that may wobble to pthe coast or inland. pthat will have huge implications pfor us. pthe forecast is very uncertain pfor both those days. pbut high chances for snow pshowers and accumulating snow, pso we ask you to please check pback with us throughout the pweekend and early next week. pbe prepared for snow showers pbirthdays. ptonight, flurries north. pmainly quiet. artly cloudy skies. ptomorrow will be nice. pmild, temperatures in the upper p30' s. pmaybe close to 40 in a lot of plocations. pwe will get things melting. pthere is next week. palmost every day, we have a pchance of snow showers. pit is questionable how much.
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pbut people -- the be prepared pfor snow monday night into ptuesday and lighter stuff later pin the week. pit gets cold next weekend. pback into the 20' s. pa little reality of winter pcoming back to us. ptom: thank you so much. pcoming up on the special edition pof news 9 at 5:00, jean mackin pwill join us live from the floor pof the google spin room. pwhat social media trends google pis following for the debate ptonight. pshelley: at 5:30, a special
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p hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm-hmm they've all comer to look for america all comer to look for america all comer to look for america i'm bernie sanders,
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p pjosh: back live inside sullivan parena at saint anselm college, psocial media is now playing a pbig role in the presidential pcampaign. pjennifer: that is right. pwmur' s jean mackin is live pinside the google spin room to ptalk about the trends google is pfollowing tonight. pjean: pthis is an amazing space. pwelcome to the red carpet inside pthe google spin room. pthis is where press from around pthe world will meet up with the pcandidates immediately following pdebate so they can get in pquestions and see how they felt pthey did. pthis is an innovative space like
5:22 pm
ptell us how you designed this pspace so media from around the pworld can get the best pexperience during tonight' s pdebate. p>> spin rooms are nothing new pbut we try to bring more energy pto them. pwe partnered with the r.n.c. to pbring more data. pone of the things people are pinterested in is what people are psearching for, the questions pthey are asking. paround the room, we have data oints, visuals, really bringing pdifferent stories to life and phelping journalists see other pways to cover the story. pjean: we see the big board and pscreens around the room. pwe can see the trends on google pup-to-the-minute. p>> you are seeing how candidates pare moving in a real-time data pway. pright now, donald trump is at pthe top. pand then ted cruz. pwe see how they move through the pday as people start to search
5:23 pm
pjean: because state-by-state so pwe can see what people are pthinking in texas, florida, and pnew hampshire. p>> the primaries are coming up pin new hampshire so that is pcritical. pwe are interested in those data oints. pwe are interested in what is pgoing to happen in texas, pflorida, nevada. pthat is what we are trying to pbring, more data here and pinteresting points. pjean: let' s look at members of pthe media from around the world. pthey are set of tables around pwhat used to be the ice rink. pthis used to be the ice rink. pnow we are covered with red, pwhite, and blue carpet. pmembers of the press are here pfrom around the world. pthey will be filing reports pusing the internet, social pmedia, to be part of the pexperience. p>> this is a social experience. pwe are seeing a lot of tweets. pwe are seeing people on pfacebook. pwe are seeing people search for pdata on google. pthis is a very social experience pnow. pit is fun to be in the middle of pan fun to watch play out.
5:24 pm
pmiddle of it. pwe are happy we can bring you in pthe middle of it and get behind pthe scenes access of what it ptakes to put on a debate like pthis and bring everyone pinformation, including the ptrends and what is striking eople at the moment the pcandidates are saying it on the pstate. p>> there is also coffee because pwe know people need to stay pcaffeinated. pjean: thank you for the coffee. pwe need that on the campaign ptrail. phave a great night. pwe will be back reporting from pbehind the scenes. pback to you. pthat coffee. pit is very good. peverything you could ask for. pjosh: working for more on news 9 pat 5:30. p>> i' m grateful to the people of pnew hampshire because i have pcome further from further behind pthan any other candidate. pcarly fiorina sharing tonight pwhat she wants the voters of new phampshire to know just days
5:25 pm
pjosh: as we mentioned, media pfrom around the country coming pin for the primary. pa look at the changing scene p so, let me get this straight -- r you're looking for, r to give you coverage p where the other guys don't, pand 6 gigs for only $40 a month. than verizon and at&t. so, why on earth twould you ever go p with one of those other guys? switch to u.s. cellular now and get 6 gigs of data for $40 a month plus get $300 back.
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phours away from the last prepublican debate before the pfirst-in-the-nation primary. pwe take you live inside the pgoogle spin room. pshelley: plus, not on the stage ptonight -- carly fiorina. pwe sit down with her to find out pwhat she wants new hampshire pvoters to know four days before pthe primary. phayley: milder temperatures to pend the weekend, then we dip pinto some colder air early next pweek. pearly next week. pi will have the forecast. ptom: and the annual pond hockey pclassic underway in the lakes pregion. pthe challenges organizers faced pafter moving from lake pwinnipesaukee. p pannouncer: no one covers new phampshire like we do. pnow, wmur news 9 at 5:30. p pshelley: commitment 2016 ptonight, and the stage is set pright now. pwe' re only hours away from the plast republican debate before pthe new hampshire primary. phere are live pictures right now
5:28 pm
pand the google spin room. pwelcome back, i' m shelley pwalcott. ptom: and i' m tom griffith. pseven republican candidates will ptake the stage inside the carr pcenter over at saint anselm pcollege. plet' s head over to the google pspin room where we find wmur olitical director josh mcelveen pwho will be asking some of the pquestions at tonight' s debate pand jennifer vaughn. pjennifer: thanks, shelley and ptom. pwelcome back. pwe' ve been covering the pfirst-in-the-nation primary for pwell over a year. pjosh: and then some. pbut it is getting crowded now as pmedia from all over the world is pcoming in to cover the debate pand primary on tuesday. pstephanie woods has a live preport of all the media that has pdissented on new hampshire and pjoins us live from the spin proom. pstephanie: i know you can feel pit. pit is electric in the google pspin room. pi am not just talking about the pcameras, lights, and laptops.
5:29 pm
pcommittee has credentialed more pthan 500 reporters and media rofessionals to come here ptonight. pthey are coming in from as far pas london to as close as pmanchester to cover this pall-important debate. p>> the news department is very pinterested in doing everything pthat we can to get our audience, pthe spanish-speaking language paudience, all the information pthat we can about all campaigns p. pstephanie elections coordinator p: francis copelayo of univision ptraveled from sunny miami, pflorida, to snowy manchester, pnew hampshire, to cover psaturday' s abc republican residential primary debate. phe says univision has always pcovered the first-in-the-nation rimary. p pbut after national g.o.p. pfront-runner donald trump made pcontroversial comments about pillegal immigrants from mexico, pthey have a laser focus. p>> what donald trump said was pvery personal to our community, pso i think we balanced our pcoverage and covered everything,
5:30 pm
pstephanie: wmur political preporter john distaso has pcovered the new hampshire rimary since 1979. p>> so this is my 10th. pstephanie: and he says although plocal, national, and pinternational media have always pcovered debates in our state, pthere' s a bigger media crush pthis year and that leaves no proom for candidates' mistakes. p>> there' s always been a pmicroscope on the candidates but pnever like this in terms of pevery little thing down to marco p, rubio' s boots, to why donald pand not the next. pstephanie: we asked them why pnew hampshire. pbe? pthe importance of the new pmore palpable. pthat makes us more excited to psee what develops on tuesday. pstephanie woods, wmur news 9.
5:31 pm
pwhere else would we be is right. pthe "independent journal review" pis partnering with wmur and abc pin tonight' s debate p. pthe online website is bringing pthe at-home audience an pinnovative way to watch and take art in the debate you can log pon from home to take an active prole with your reaction to what pthe candidates say. p>> with the second screen pexperience, we are inviting the paudience at home. pshelley: after tonight' s debate, pyou can go online to see how pyour cheers and boos compared to peveryone else who took part. pjosh: republican carly fiorina pdid not meet the criteria for s debate. pdespite that, the presidential phopeful says she will continue pto push on to the primary. pfiorina has several campaign pstops planned over the next few pdays here in new hampshire. ptoday, she spoke on-on-one with
5:32 pm
pto say to voters. pcarly fiorina: we have to take pour country back, we have to ptake our future, our politics pand our government back. pwe have a professional political pclass and an out of control pgovernment and neither one of pthem work for us anymore. pi am running for the presidency pbecause we need to restore, pcitizen government, so citizens pof new hampshire voters, stand p, with me, fight with me, vote pfor me because we have to take pour country back. pjosh: we asked fiorina what pshe' ll be doing during tonight' s pdebate. pshe says we' ll have to wait and psee. pformer virginia governor jim pgilmore also didn' t make the cut pfor tonight' s debate. pgilmore made a number of stops paround the state today. ptomorrow, he has a meet and pgreet at center school in pwindham. pjennifer: don' t forget, you can pwatch tonight' s republican residential debate right here pon wmur starting at 8:00. pif you' re not near a tv you can p, also watch it live on pand our mobile apps. pwe still have much more ahead
5:33 pm
panselm college. pjosh: until then, we will send pit back to you in the studio. ptom: thank you very much. pwe still have much more to come pon news 9 at 5:30. pshelley: including an pinvestigation in portsmouth pafter a sanitation worker was inned between a garbage truck pand a car during yesterday p' s storm. ptom: we will have more about the pdocumentary on james foley. phayley: another mild day before pit gets colder. pthere is snow in the forecast
5:34 pm
p hmm hmm hmm-hmm-hmm-hmm p hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm-hmm let us be lovers, we'll marryr our fortunes together t [ cheering ] i've got some real estatet here in my bag counting the carsp on the new jersey turnpike they've all comer to look for america r [ cheers and applause ] all comer to look for america
5:35 pm
all come to look for america i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. p ptom: right now, portsmouth olice are investigating a pserious motor vehicle accident pinvolving a sanitation worker. pshelley: state police say that pjames murray of rye was clearing ptrash when a car hit his truck pfrom behind pinning him down. pit happened yesterday on lang proad shortly after 3:00 p.m. p pmurray was taken to the hospital pwith serious, life-threatening pinjuries. olice are investigating whether pany charges will be filed pagainst the driver of the car. ptom: tonight, the story of slain pnew hampshire journalist james pfoley will debut on hbo. pthe documentary, titled "jim: pthe james foley story," remiered at the sundance film pfestival last month. pfoley was killed by isis more pthan a year ago. pthe documentary looks at foley' s
5:36 pm
pthrough his kidnapping overseas, pand his family' s efforts to pbring him home. pshelley: right now, rescue teams pare searching for more than 100 eople missing after a deadly pearthquake in taiwan. plast night' s 6.4 quake killed at pleast 14 people, many of whom pwere inside a 17-story building. pemergency officials say nearly p250 people were pulled from the pcollapsed building. ptom: right now an investigation pis underway to figure out why a phuge construction crane came pcrashing down in manhattan pyesterday morning. pthe crane landed on parked cars pkilling a harvard graduate pinside one of the vehicles. pthree other people were injured, ptwo seriously. pit happened while the crane was pbeing lowered as a precaution pbecause of strong winds. pinvestigators are analyzing data pfrom the recording computer. pshelley: still to come on news 9 pat 5:30, ptom: live pictures right now pinside the debate hall in the pcarr center.
5:37 pm
pandy smith to break down the platest g.o.p. poll numbers. lus -- p>> they are still waiting for psafe ice on lake winnipesaukee.
5:39 pm
pwe are inside the google spin proom on the campus of saint panselm college closing in on the pfinish line. pthree days away from the first pin the nation primary. pthe latest wmur-cnn poll has pdonald trump holding on to the pstrongly. pjosh: donald trump is on top pfollowed by marco rubio at 17%. pgovernor john kasich is tied pwith senator ted cruz at 13%, pboth tight for third. pjeb bush, 9%. pcarly fiorina at 5%. pchris christie at 4%. pben carson at 1%. pjoining us for a closer look at pthe numbers, andy smith of the punh survey center. pwhat is your takeaway? pthere was an impact when it pcomes to marco rubio. p>> he seems to have gotten penough media attention to get a pbounce here. pthe thing i am focusing on is phow popular and unpopular the pvarious candidates are. pdonald trump' s leading in polls pbut also has about 35% of prepublicans saying they will not
5:40 pm
plot of headroom. pjosh: you have not heard them t win* pdo you expect to hear that ptonight? p>> i think we will hear that ptonight. pi think these polls are starting pto indicate the fact he is down pto almost single digits. psingle digits is striking good pto -- striking distance. pi think they will go after him pmore strongly. phe is not so far ahead of the prest of the pack that they will pfeel threatened. pjennifer: how much are we psolidifying the undecided pblocks? p>> on the recovered inside, more pthan half are undecided. p2012, three days before the pelection, 46% said that is when pthey made up their mind. pi think we are looking at the psame position this year. pjennifer: do you think chris pchristie and john kasich, there pis still room for them to rise? p>> christie is going to have a
5:41 pm
pis in the wrong direction. pbush has a formidable campaign, plots of advertising. pa good showing tonight might be penough to get him to pthird-place. phe is not far from third-place. pjosh: he is in third-place and prising. p>> he could be rising as well. pall these guys have to be pmanaging expectations going pforward. pif trump loses, the expectations pare gone for him. pthe person who can come second, pif it is john kasich or jeb pbush, who comes from way back in pthe pack in to second or close pthird, that might be the ticket pto south carolina. pjennifer: this could be a make por break debate for some of them ptonight. p>> we don' t know which part of pthe debate makes the difference. pyou cannot tell until pafterwards. pjosh: especially in the prepublican field, 61% -- 65% phave not made up their minds? pa lot of votes to be had.
5:42 pm
pso much and why they are not pthat accurate in predicting who pwins is because we are asking eople who they will vote for pand they really don' t know yet. pjosh: thanks very much. pjennifer: they really don' t know pyet. pback to you. pthat is it for us for now. pannouncer: meteorologist hayley plapoint and your stormwatch nine pforecast. phayley: this looks very cold. plook at this video from the enguin plunge, the eighth pannual high school plunge that pbenefits the special olympics in pnew hampshire. pthat guy looks familiar. pand here he goes. pthere goes kevin skarupa into pthe freezing atlantic ocean. pi know mike haddad has been pdoing this. pthat looks so cold. pthey did this for a great cause. pit looks like they' ve raised pover $150,000 for the special polympics new hampshire. pi don' t know.
5:43 pm
pi don' t know if that fully pcounts. phere is a look at what is going pon across the state. pit was not a bad day to take a pdebt. ptemperatures got into the 40' s pat the seacoast earlier today. pit could be worse at this time pin february. pthe skies are not clear, pespecially north of manchester. pthere are even a few snow pshowers we have been tracking pnorth of concord. psome of this not hitting the red pground -- the ground, but i pwould not surprised if you are pseeing flurries from maryland -- pmeredith to conway. pnot expecting anything more than pmaybe a dusting, little to no paccumulation from this ptonight. potherwise, mostly cloudy skies. peventually, those clouds will pbreak up through the night. pthe winds out of the southwest pbringing in more mild air. ptemperatures today cracked 40 in pa few locations.
5:44 pm
p35 in manchester. p33 in portsmouth. pthe winds now coming out of the psouthwest bringing in mild air, pabout 10 miles an hour the platest sustained wind at the pairport in manchester. phere' s how things are going to pgo through the rest of the pweekend. pa few scattered snow showers, pmainly to the north of concord povernight tonight. plittle to no snow accumulation. ptomorrow morning, another round. pa weak frontal system will come pout of quebec and bring in light psnow showers, only to the north pcountry. pagain, little to no snow paccumulation. pthese clouds will continue to ptravel south. pmidday, we will probably have pclouds from the lakes region pnorth. pacross the rest of the state ptomorrow, another sunny, leasant day. pgreat to be outdoors doing pwinter activities. pnight into monday. pall eyes are next week' s pforecast.
5:45 pm
pto call now what is going to phappen. pwe have a coastal system, two of pthem moving up the coast. pthis is monday afternoon. pit brings in may be a few snow pshowers at the coast. pby tuesday, it is gone. plook at this next model i' m pgoing to show you. pthis brings in heavier snow late pin the day on monday and pcontinues into tuesday. pi' m leaning more toward pmeasurable snow, especially of phis seacoast -- at the seacoast pmonday night into tuesday. pthe timing looks good for the rimary on tuesday. pwe will keep close tabs on the pforecast. lease check back with us as we pgo through the weekend. povernight tonight, temperatures pin the 20' s. pa great ski day tomorrow with s pwith more sunshine. pthere are your snow showers. pand then much colder air comes pin next week. peven next weekend, our highs ponly in the 20' s.
5:46 pm
punsettled forecast as we push pforward and then a real february pchill coming in next weekend. ptom: we will be able to nail pdown the snow situation in the pnext few days. pthank you. pshelley: in the lakes region ptonight, hundreds of hockey layers are competing in the ond hockey classic. ptom: the mild winter is forcing porganizers to move it from lake pwinnipesaukee to lake waukegan. pwmur' s suzanne roantree is in pmeredith with the challenges pthey faced. preporter: for the last six pyears, this ice hockey ptournament had been held on lake pwinnipesaukee. p pbut because of safety concerns, pwith open water on the lake, the pice hockey tournament has been pmoved to lake waukegan just up pthe street. p>> you can' t imagine how these eople worked on this lake to pget it ready for this. pthey worked their buns off. preporter: pond hockey classic porganizers say the move to lake pwaukegan has had it challenges.
5:47 pm
pmeredith, it is in the pvillage. pit is a unique feel. pyou have to be transported in. pbut when you are here, it is the psame hockey action. preporter: mother nature as well pgiving crews a run for their pmoney. p>> we are at the mercy of what' s phanded to us rain, snow and wind pand obviously we need the laying surface to be nice and psolid and safe. preporter: thousands of pspectators and as many as 1800 padult skaters from allover new pengland have made the pond phockey classic a yearly ptradition. p>> get back to the roots, out of pthe ice, tons of people, a lot pof fun. preporter: this is the third year ptara kelly and her team mates phave made it to the pond hockey pclassic and it is likely one p, they will never forget p. p>> we got our first win ever. preporter: even though the ptournament was held here on to plake waukewan instead of pwinnipesaukee organizers and the phockey players themselves as pwell as those attending the
5:48 pm
pthat the event happened. pshelley: that looks like fun. pas we approach the new hampshire rimary -- ptom: one manchester organization phelping teach children about the rimary and the importance of olitics. pjosh: and our coverage of ptonight' s republican residential debate continues plive at 6:00 from the campus of pst. anselm college in pmanchester. pshelley: new at 6:00 tonight, a pgroup of undecided voters is pwaiting to watch the debate pinside wmur' s studios. phoping to hear from the pcandidates tonight. pjosh: and right now protestors
5:49 pm
p pjosh: welcome back to st. anselm pwe' re now roughly two hours away pfrom the abc-wmur republican pdebate the final debate before p, tuesday' s primary. pjennifer: here is another look pat the candidates who will be on pstage tonight. p pdonald trump, senators ted cruz pand marco rubio, dr. ben carson, pformer governor jeb bush, and pgovernors chris christie and pjohn kasich. pthe debate begins at 8:00 ptonight followed by complete p, debate analysis and a special pone-hour edition of news 9 at p11:00. pwe invite you to join us ptomorrow for a special line-up pof programming. pwe have a special edition of pnews 9 begins at 6:00 a.m., pfollowed by "good morning pamerica" at 9:00. pat 10:00, we'
5:50 pm
phour-long edition of "close up." p"this week with george pstephanopoulos" will have more panalysis at noon, followed by p"matter of fact" at 1:00. pwe remind you to follow our pcoverage of the debate as it phappens on our wmur twitter and pfacebook pages. pgreat resources. pif you' d like to track the pconversation, use #gopdebate. pjosh: that' s it for now here at pwe' ll see you again at 6:00. ptom and shelly, back to you. ptom: having a little fun and plearning about the primary was pon the menu today at the ywca in pmanchester. pshelley: today, the first-ever pnew hampshire primary family fun pday. pkids and their parents were pencouraged to participate and plearn about political issues pthat are important to local pfamilies. pthings like affordable child pcare and early childhood peducation were some of the pthings discussed. pthere was also plenty of games pand food for everyone who took art. ptom: everybody having fun.
5:51 pm
pon news 9 at 5:00. pthe news at 6:00. pwe will see you then. p
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