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tv   News 9 at Six  ABC  February 6, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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p ptom: now at 6:00 -- pcandidates are preparing to face poff in new hampshire' s only prepublican debate. pwe' re live at st. anselm college pwith what you can expect ptonight. pshelley: and democratic pcandidates' are making their pfinal pitches for your votes. psenator bernie sanders and phillary clinton are hosting town phalls and rallies across the pstate. ptom: and right now, protesters pare gathering outside debate phall. ptheir demands for the candidates pto change the minimum wage. phayley: pleasant weather to end pthe weekend. pthen a few storm chances with psnow likely early next week. pthe timing and how much we could
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pannouncer: no one covers new phampshire like we do. pnow, wmur news 9 at 6:00. p ptom: happening now, the final reparations at saint anselm pcollege are underway, where prepublican candidates will face poff in the last debate before pgood evening, i' pshelley: and i' m shelley pwalcott. pwe have live team coverage right pnow, including analysis of what pto expect and coverage of pcandidates on the campaign ptrail. lus, we will be speaking to pundecided voters about what they pwant to hear tonight. olitical director josh mcelveen pwill be asking some of the pquestions tonight. phe and jennifer vaughn are live pat saint anselm college to panchor our commitment 2016 pcoverage. pjosh: thanks, tom and shelley. pwe' re just a few hours away from
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residential debate. pjennifer: donald trump senators p, ted cruz and marco rubio, dr. pben carson, former governor jeb pbush and governors chris pchristie and john kasich will pdebate live right here on wmur. pcarly fiorina and former pgovernor jim gilmore did not pmeet the criteria for this pdebate. pjosh: some republican residential hopefuls hit the pcampaign trail before heading to pthe debate stage tonight. pwmur' s adam sexton is live poutside the debate hall. padam, how did the candidates pthe primary? padam: you know as well as they pdid this is a big night on a big pstage. pmost of them spent the day pgetting ready. pbut two of the top-five prepublicans spent the day going pall out on the campaign trail. phis dad talked about the big mo, pmomentum, and it looks like jeb pbush might be getting some in pthe final days before the new phampshire primary. pthe florida governor drew an poverflow crowd to the mckelvie pschool in bedford. pjeb bush: you' re looking at a pguy -- i don' t give a pyou-know-what about whether i' m opular or not. pthat is fleeting.
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roblems for people. padam: after yet another question pabout how he' d be different in poffice from the other presidents pin his family, bush said, yet pagain, he' s his own man. pjeb bush: the bush thing? eople are just going to have to pget over it. p[laughter] p[applause] pjeb bush i am who i am, you p: know? padam: a few miles away in pmanchester, john kasich greeted pthe lunch crowd at the puritan pbackroom. phe says he' s ready for the pdebate and spent his prep time pon the treadmill. pjohn kasich: tonight is a pdebate. pwe' re making a sprint to ptuesday. pthis is where the ground game ptakes over, all the work that pwe' ve put in and the positive pads and all that. pthere' s no hail marys coming out pof me, maybe there' s some coming pout of others. pwe feel great. padam: while the ohio governor phas complained about negative pads against him he says he won' t pconfront any specific candidate ptonight and is looking ahead to ptuesday. pjohn kasich: we' re going to do preally, really well up here. pthere'
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pabout it. pon: the candidates running out pthe other top donald trump, pfive, marco rubio, ted cruz they pwere laying low today staying pbusy with debate prep. plet' s go back to josh and jen pinside. pjosh: other rub republican pcandidates were talking to pvoters. pjennifer: governor chris pchristie held an event in pbedford today picking up two pmore endorsements the governors p, of massachusetts and maryland. phe says tonight on the debate pstage voters will see a pdifference between those repared to lead and those just repared to talk. pjosh: carly fiorina held a town phall in goffstown while she pexpressed her disappointment pthat she wont be on the debate pstage tonight she says he p, she has the funds to continue.
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pjennifer: dr. ben carson with pvolunteers and thanking them for pall of their hard work. phe says people have counted him pout for the last month and a phalf. pbut despite his low standing in pthe polls and poor showing in piowa, he isn' t going anywhere. pjosh: democratic candidates are palso here in the granite state phosting town halls and rallies. pwmur' s andy hershberger is live pin the studio with how hillary pclinton and senator bernie psanders spent their busy day. pandy: hillary clinton started pher day in manchester going door pto door in the city' s north end. pclinton was talking with otential voters just days ahead pof the primary. pconcord speaking to a gym full pof supporters about her rogressive vision for the pcountry and criticizing the prepublicans for wanting to turn pback the clock on positive pchange. pher opponent, bernie sanders was p, at franklin pierce college in prindge talking about his role as pan outsider. psanders said this is clinton'
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pturf, but he is sensing a win. pbernie sanders: where in new phampshire where our opponent won pthe democratic primary in 2008. pher husband campaigned psuccessfully in a number of pcampaigns here and here in new phampshire. pif we can bring out a decent pvote on i' m confident we are ptuesday, going to win. phillary clinton: i am grateful pfor those of you who are already psupporting me. pand i hope to be able to ersuade other as well because pwe have to win in november. pandy: clinton will be in the pstate again tomorrow while psanders is traveling to new york ptonight to be on "saturday night plive." reporting live, andy phershberger, wmur news 9. pjennifer: right now protestors pare gathered outside debate phall. pjosh: some are gathering in psupport of their favorite pcandidate while others are pdemanding changes to the minimum pwage.
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pwith more on that. pmike: the protesters are pstriking manning to be paid $15 prights. pbehind me is mostly campaign psupporters for candidates poutside of the college. pdozens of campaign volunteers pare holding signs and rallying pas cars drive past them. pthey say they' re looking forward pto hearing from the candidates pas they get out the vote for ptuesday. pas for the fast food protesters, pthey work at chain restaurants pin new hampshire. pthey demonstrated in manchester pearlier this afternoon and want presidential candidates to hear ptheir message. p>> i am struggling. pi have to live with my cast pbecause i cannot live on my own. pi have to help them pay bills pand have them support me as well pbecause i cannot make it on my pown. pmike: some other groups have pmade their way outside the pcollege, including the new phampshire rebellion, a limit to pget big money out of politics.
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pjennifer: thank you, mike. pstill to come on news 9 at 6:00. preporter: i am jean mackin on pthe floor of the spin room. pan innovative, modern hundreds pof members of the media will be pwatching the debates and filing preports. pnext, we are taking you behind pthe scenes. pjosh: and undecided voters are phoping to hear answers to their pquestions when republican pcandidates face off tonight. pyou' ll hear from the focus group pinside wmur' s studios. phayley: tracking might snow phampshire. ptomorrow we are back to sun pbefore the chances of more snow.
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p p josh: welcome back to wmur' s pcommitment 2016 coverage of the prepublican presidential debate phere at saint anselm college.
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ptrack what viewers are searching p-- what viewers are doing online pduring the debate. pwmur' s jean mackin is live pinside the spin room with how pthat will work. pjean: it is impressive. pwelcome to the google spin room. pthis is the spot where members pof the media will meet with the pcandidates immediately following pthe debate. pthey will be filing reports and pwatching the debate from inside pthis room tonight. pit is a big, innovative, modern pspace. plook at the big board following pgoogle trend searches pstate-by-state, sorted in real ptime. palso, you can see what trends eople are interested in as the pcandidate speaking tonight' s pdebate. pmore than 500 members of the pmedia from around the world are phere. p15 networks going live, as you pcan see preparing for the big pdebate tonight. pover here, all the members of pthe press to file reports.
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pthe topics people across america pand in the first in the nation rimary state are interested in, pwhat people are reacting to on pgoogle and the internet. pwe spoke to the man behind the pmodern press spin room about pwhat it takes to connect new phampshire to the rest of the pworld. p>> underneath this red carpet is pice. pthis is a hockey rink. pwe have enough cable here to go pfrom here to concord. pwe have enough power to run over p40 homes. pthis is a mecca office space pthat all goes into a truck ptomorrow and goes on to pgreenville, south carolina, to pdo it again one week from ptonight. pjean: we wanted to take you pbehind the scenes. pwelcome to the google cafe. pthis is a treat for members of pthe press who have been out on pthe campaign trail for so long pand now are in new hampshire
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pa snack and even pastries. pone of my favorite spots. pcome on over here. pexcuse me. pi' m not cutting in line. pi wanted to show you that they pflew in a cafe so members of the ress can feel up on coffee. pwe appreciate that. pthat is a glimpse of our pbehind-the-scenes look at what pit takes to cover the big debate ptonight. pwe have much more online at pfor now, i think it is time for pa little caffeine. pback to you guys. pjennifer: that is what we pfunction on, on debate night. pthis is debate coffee. pjosh: a google twist. pgood stuff. pjason: that -- jennifer: that' ll pdo it for us for now. pback to you. ptom: they will need coffee on ptuesday morning because we are pwatching the weather. phayley: it is questionable. pmonday, we might have more of pthe brunt of the snow.
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pi will have the latest data pcoming up. ptom: a group of undecided voters pwaiting to watch the debate in pour studios. pwe are going to check in with pthem about what they are hoping pto hear from the candidates ptonight. pshelley: and in sports, plenty
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the american people can't afford to wait for ideas that sound good on paper... but will never make it in the real world. the grandmother who has to choose between paying for medicine and paying rent... can't wait. the single mom who desperately needs a raise... can't wait. the student with a mountain of debt can't wait. p we can make real progress, r right now for people p and families who need it. p i'm hillary clinton and i
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they're one ofr the wall street banks p that triggered the financialr meltdown -- goldman sachs. just settled with authorities for their part in the crisis that put seven million out of work and millions out of their homes. how does wall street get away with it? millions in campaign contributions and speaking fees. our economy works for wall street because it's riggedt by wall street. and that's the problem. as long as washington is bought and paid for, we can't build an economy that works for people. sanders: i'm bernie sanders,
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p pshelley: welcome back. pmany new hampshire voters are pstill undecided. pi am here with a group of pundecided voters to ask what it pwill take for them to make up ptheir minds. pwhat is your name? >> my name is bernie. shelley: what are you looking for in tonight' s debate? >> i' m looking for the next 10 seconds. there is a sound bite and i want to know what comes next. what are they going to do and how it will be accomplished, the next 10 seconds. shelley: carolyn, what are you looking for tonight? what will it take for you to make a decision? >> i' m looking for substance and social security. shelley: what do you mean by substance? do you feel like we have not been getting substantial answers on things? >> yes. shelley: too much mudslinging? >> exactly. shelley: let me squeeze a couple more people in here.
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>> i want to hear what they have to say about small businesses and where they are taking health care and what will be the consequences for the country. shelley: thank you very much. we will be speaking with you later. how many of you think this will be a great debate tonight? it will be fiery. hopefully, it will be a debate that helps people finally make up their minds. 45% of new hampshire voters still undecided. back to you. announcer: now, meteorologist hayley lapoint and your forecast. hayley: it was beautiful today with fresh snow on the trees and pthe blue sky. peven some melting went on which pwas good for cleanup. pyou see the wet pavement. pwith the wet pavement and ptemperatures falling below pfreezing, there could be spotty pareas with black ice, especially pon the secondary roadways. pbe careful of that tonight. plook at the temperatures we got
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p39 in concord. pwe cracked 40 in lebanon. p35 in portsmouth. pwe have fallen into the 30' s pacross the state. peven a couple of 20' s. pit is going to be cool tonight. pbut not as cold as last night pbecause of the winds coming out pof the southwest about 10 miles er hour in concord in pmanchester. pwhenever we have winds out of pthat direction, that is milder pair starting to move back in. pin the meantime, lots of clouds pbegin to thicken up across pnorthern parts of the state. pflurries mostly in the lakes pregion. pa lot of this has not been phitting the ground. pi would not be surprised if pthere are a few light flurries pfrom laconia into sandwich and pas far north as conway. pbe very careful if your travels ptake you in this area because pthere could be a light coating pof snow where these more through.
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degrees. in the gulf of mexico and into florida because that could be into next week. a few scattered snow showers tonight. tomorrow, a few snow showers up north in the morning. another nice one. passing clouds with temperatures more mild. monday into tuesday, i' m going comparison. we have two systems that moves through. this one model monday afternoon into tuesday, it basically misses us. nothing in the forecast according to that model. model. it brings in heavier snow monday night into tuesday morning. it is still very questionable as to what is really going to occur into early next week. please keep it tuned to us. we will have the latest updates into the weekend and early next week.
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cloudy. temperatures in the 20' s. tomorrow in the 40' s for highs. there are your chances for snow monday and tuesday into wednesday. and then colder air returns. announcer: now, jason king and news 9 sports. jason: plenty of hockey on the schedule tonight for our professional teams. the bruins host the buffalo sabres and the monarchs are home with the elmira jackals. both games are 7:00 p.m. starts. unh and dartmouth are also both back on the ice tonight. the wildcats take on 8th-ranked umass-lowell, while the big green skate at brown. games at 11:00. high school hockey this afternoon, memorial and pinkerton at the ice den. memorial in the dark sweaters, leading 1-0 in the first period. ryan cardow pokes in the rebound. 2-0 crusaders after one. second period. nick trask skates in and scores on the backhand for pinkerton. that cut the lead to 2-1. this would go to overtime. memorial wins 3-2. top 25 college hoops today, michigan and michigan state. second half, duncan robinson
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first points of the game. robinson is a great shooter from new castle, new hampshire. but he was not hot today. robinson finished with just two points. 10th-ranked michigan state wins it 89-73. the southern new hampshire men and women played on television today, hosting saint michaels. first half, good ball movement. chris walters gets it on the backside. he throws it down. he had 14 points and eight rebounds. second half, rodney sanders buries the baseline jumper. he had a team-high 20. closer in the second half, for 70-65. the women, it was their annual penmen pink day showing their support for the fight against breast cancer. second half, kylie lorenzen buries a three from the wing. that gave the penmen a nine-point lead. lorenzen had a team-high 20 points with 13 rebounds for the double double. snhu wins it 60-52. don'
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super bowl 50 will kick sunday night at 6:30. the denver broncos and carolina panthers print cam newton playing in his first super bowl while peyton manning has the broncos back for the second time in three years playing his fourth super bowl. tom: a busy sunday. shelley: i almost forgot about the super bowl with the primary. tom: our live team coverage of the debate continues in just a few minutes. shelley: you' re taking a live look inside debate hall at saint anselm college where we are waiting for candidates to arrive.
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jennifer: we are just an hour and a half away from the start of tonight' s debate.
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