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tv   News 9 Tonight  ABC  February 6, 2016 11:00pm-12:00am EST

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unless something happens. >> more coverage on see you tomorrow on "this week." >> the primary voters are making the assessment for each of us. truancy. >> experience is not just what you did, but how it worked out. >> let me talk -- >> quiet. >> town hall meetings in new hampshire were a lot more fun than what i saw here today. so much more positive. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now, wmur news 9 tonight. >> right now, all the candidates are finalized in the last 48
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campaign. i'm tom griffith. shelley: and i'm shelley walcott. at this moment, the crowd is filing out of saint anselm college where seven run candidates faced off tonight for the last time before new hampshire's primary. tom: josh mcelveen was part of the panel with that debate, with jennifer vaughn. jennifer: one of the candidates is here, we say thanks ohio governor john kasich, fresh off the stage coming to talk to us. governor for you. how did it feel? governor kasich: i felt like i'm home. 100 town hall meetings. i've met people everywhere and i've fallen in love with the people of this state. i felt i had home-field
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the town halls are fantastic. people can see who you are. the debates are difficult because you're so short but i felt maybe they got a better glimpse of john kasich with the national audience. hopefully the people of new hampshire appreciated what i had to say. >> is there a particular issue that came up tonight that you felt you made a good point? governor kasich: i love talking about what we did in ohio, what i did in washington. tonight i was able to say, this is what i did in washington, this is what i did in ohio and this is what i'm going to do in the first 100 days. that felt great. jennifer: governor, you have been mindful throughout your campaign to keep things positive and not go on the attack. what do you tell yourself when you might want to? governor kasich: i don't go there. here's the thing.
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because their message isn't working and i just feel like, you know what, a lady said to me the other day, she said, regardless of how you feel, because of the campaign you've run, you can leave this state with your integrity and head held high and i'm trying to tell people, if you like a positive campaign, help me get out of here because historians are going to study what happened. josh: for the governors, it seemed to be a good night collectively. do you think there's a reason for that? you pointed to each other saying you have a good record. governor kasich: i think the debate was well controlled. the beginning was a little crazy but when debates are controlled and we have a chance to speak, it's great. i'd like to change the debate format and go to the town hall meeting, that style and maybe down the line we can. josh: best of luck to you in two days. jennifer: josh, you were one of the moderators posing questions to the candidates.
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came after your question that had to do with northern pass and eminent domain and after that, google searches about eminent domain went up 740%. josh: mr. trump, you have said, i love eminent domain, the seizure of private property for the sake of the greater good, theoretically. you've tried use the measure in business endeavors and said you would support its use for the keystone pipeline project. in new hampshire, a project known as the northern pass would bring hydroelectric energy from canada into the northern grid. do you see eminent domain as a means? it. mr. trump: eminent domain, that person gets two or three times the value of their property. without eminent domain, you don't have roads, highways, schools, bridges or anything. eminent domain, it's not that i love it but eminent domain is a
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certainly it's a necessity for our country. josh: is that a yes on the northern pass project? governor bush: what donald trump did was use eminent domain to try to take the property of an elderly woman on the strip in atlantic city to turn this into a limousine parking lot for his casinos is not public use. in florida, we made that impossible as partly -- part of our constitution. mr. trump: he wants to be a tough guy. a lot of times you'll have -- and it doesn't work very well. governor bush: how tough is it to take the property from an elderly woman? mr. trump: let me talk, quiet. josh: that was a moment and an issue worth talking about. joined by another candidate on stage tonight, center podium, donald trump, republican frontrunner in new hampshire.
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mr. trump: i thought it was a great debate. you did a great job. i thought everybody was on tonight, it was excellent. josh: moments where it did get contentious with governor bush. was there a point where you felt you -- mr. trump: he wanted to show he's a tough guy and he's not. i don't know why he did that but i think i handled it properly. jennifer: he said in the process of negotiations you want to touch him and reach him and hug them. new hampshire is a grass roots political state where they appreciate the hands-on, looking you in the eye and shaking your hand. have you been able to translate your "art of the deal" in business over to new hampshire undecideds? mr. trump: i hope so but i won't know until tuesday. we're doing well with undecideds and they're great people.
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before the political thing because i have so many friends here but they're fantastic people and i hope they enjoyed what they saw tonight. josh: i want to point out -- i asked you this last week -- you were asks to react to something that another candidate had said and you declined to do that early in the debate especially and wanted to talk about the issues at hand. do you continue to evolve as a candidate and do you think you're showing that? mr. trump: i don't know what you're referring to. josh: ted cruz. mr. trump: no, he refused to say it to my face. josh: you didn't go after him personally. mr. trump: no, no, i think he's a nice person. he had a bad moment with ben carson. i thought it was unfortunate what happened in iowa but he was very nice and he didn't go after me but i think i wanted to bring it out that he didn't go after me because that's a little bit about leadership. jennifer: you also said post-iowa that campaigning in
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what surprised you that it is so hard? mr. trump: it is hard but the caucus system is hard. the iowa caucus system is much more complex. i like this much better where you walk in, you pull the lever, you like somebody and you walk out. the other one, you're sitting around for a long period of time, everyone is trying to get your vote. it's a difficult system. i guess it has its place but fortunately there aren't too many of the caucus deals going around. i think the new hampshire experience, it's an amazing experience. i came in second in iowa and possibly came in first but i came in second and i've never done this before. you know, i've never done it before but i enjoyed iowa but i like this system because you vote for the person you like, who's going to make america great again which is my whole theme, make america great again. you go in, you vote, you leave and you go home. i think that's so much nicer than the caucus system and not quite as complex.
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you're dealing with the burden of expectations. if you didn't have the last name you have, you finished second in iowa and hypothetically second in new hampshire, that would be a pretty good run but pundits are saying donald trump somehow comes in second in new hampshire, he's in real trouble. mr. trump: by the way, i should say i'd love that but i have to say, my relationship with the vets in new hampshire, with so many people in new hampshire, i would be so disappointed and i will be so good, we're going to work on the heroin problem, we're going to work on so many different problems. it's amazing that new hampshire has this amazing heroin problem. you don't see it. you see beautiful trees and you don't associate it with that but i hope we do really well here. the person that came in third in iowa, they're saying what a great job they did. i came in second and people don't say that and i've never done it before. josh: burden of expectations. mr. trump: congratulations.
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jennifer: nice to see you, sir. josh: there were fireworks and key moments that will likely play into how the candidates campaign over the next a couple of days before the primary. jennifer: adam sexton is live outside the debate hall to take a closer look at that. adam: wow, there was so much heat coming out of this building, it feels like they melted snow out here and there is one candidate walking out of the building with most of the burns. rising in the polls, marco rubio wore a target on his back in this debate. exchanges with governor chris christie dominated the early action. governor christie: you have not been involved in a consequential decision where you have been held accountable. senator rubio: the notion that
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he's doing is not true. adam: donald trump took on an audience that booed him. mr. trump: the r.n.c. told us -- the reason they're not loving me is i don't want their money. i'm going to do the right thing for the american public. i don't want their money. i don't need their money. adam: ben carson looked back on his loss in iowa where the cruz campaign told voters he was dropping out of the race. mr. carson: it gives us a very good example of certain types of washington ethics. washington ethics basically says, if it's legal, you do what you need to do. adam: senator cruz said he'd give the military more leeway to fight wars by loosening the rules of engagement. >> we should use overwhelming force, kill the enemy and get the heck out. don't engage in nation building but allow our soldiers to do their jobs instead of risking
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making it impossible. adam: john kasich continues to pitch himself as the positive candidate, staking out issues and moderate territory. >> we've got to get done. adam: jeb bush says it's time for an overhaul of the veterans' administration citing a living vet who received his own death notice. governor bush: he was told he died. the veteran's administration took a death certificate to the guy. i met him and he's voting for me. adam: donald trump skipped the ghant iowa and paid the price there. obviously he was here on this stage tonight. but he wasn't dominating the action like he usual did. in fact, the only people willing to engage with him were jeb bush and the audience. josh and jen?
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jennifer: we have more to get
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governor: anybody whose here tonight, if i get elected president, head out tomorrow and buy a seatbelt because there will be so much happening in the first 100 days, it will make your head spin. josh: while the republican candidates took part in and obviously prepared for tonight's debate, democrats stayed busy on the campaign trail. jennifer: mike cronin joins us with the warm reception that both hillary clinton and bernie sanders got from granite staters today. mike: senator sanders spoke in ridge while clinton spoke in a manchester neighborhood and held rallies. hillary clinton wrapped up a full day of campaigning at portsmouth community college alongside al franken and maggie
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secretary clinton: you have the first in the nation primary for a reason. granite staters pay attention. you follow this, you care about it. mike: earlier, clinton promised to give every american the chance to succeed. secretary clinton: will we rise up against those who would turn us back! mike: clinton knocked on doors in manchester's north end, talking to voters, and spoke one-on-one with news 9. secretary clinton: i try the best i can to have more personal contact with people because it's easy to be in the big events and all that goes with it but this is what's real to me. mike: senator bernie sanders held a rally at franklin pierce university talking the economy, tacking wall -- taxing wall street and climate change. seth sanders: we don't have one republican candidate prepared to deal with that. mike: sanders says if there's a high turnout in the granite
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next week. senator santers: if we can win in new hampshire, the eyes of the world will know this country is about to move in a new direction, that we are going to take on the billionaire class. mike: while senator sanders will make a cameo with larry david on "saturday night live," meanwhile, clinton will continue campaigning in new hampshire tomorrow before flying to flint, michigan, where she will address that city's water issues. live in the studio, mike cronin. jennifer: tonight's republican debate featured seven of the nine republican candidates, carly fiorina and jim gilmore criteria. josh: in a one-on-one interview, fiorina told news 9 she would have wanted to leave voters with this message. carly fiorina: we have to take our country back. we have to take our politics and government back. we have a professional political
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government and neither work for us anymore. i'm running for the presidency because we need to restore citizen government so citizens of new hampshire, voters, stand with me, fight with me, vote for me because we got to take our country back. josh: fiorina did hold a town hall in goss town while jim gilmore made several stops around the state, including target shooting in exeter.
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the american people can't afford to wait for ideas that sound good on paper... but will never make it in the real world. the grandmother who has to choose between paying for medicine and paying rent... can't wait. the single mom who desperately needs a raise... can't wait. the student with a mountain of debt can't wait. we can make real progress, right now for people and families who need it. p i'm hillary clinton and i
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josh: live with dr. ben carson -- does she have him? jennifer: stand by for kristen carosa who spoke with dr. carson. in the meantime, we'll bring in andy smith. give us a sense of your thoughts
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tonight? andy: if you look at what people had to do, i think they did kind of what they had to do. first off, it was a fascinating debate. this i think was the best of all the debates so far and the most meaningful, people in new hampshire. rubio started badly but he recovered and i think he did really well but that interaction with chris christie boosted christie and i think that will be repeat the over and over again. donald trump i thought did pretty well. i know in the hall he was booed on several comments and actually attacked the audience which usually isn't a good idea but the audience he was interested in were the people at home, not watching in the hall. governors kasich and bush, the best debates for both of them. all in all, it was a good debate. even ted cruz did a pretty good job. josh: nobody had one of those moments they'll second guess and keep them weak tonight? andy: rubio will rue the day he
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wanted to get those first points in because he'll hear them over and over again. josh: you mentioned all three of the governors had their moments. anyone separate themselves from the pack? chris christie has a lot of ground to make up. andy: i see donald trump still probably in the lead and the snow globe has been shaken up for the candidates underneath and we have to wait to see how they settle out. i think they go in a lot of directions after this debate. jennifer: when you have this kind of debate heading into the voting booth tuesday, it's hard to say which will stick with the voter because they all turned in pretty good performances. andy: the thing i'm most interested in, to see which one of those clips from that debate tonight gets repeat the over and over and makes it into the newspapers in the next few days and becomes part of popular lore
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you're likeable enough, hillary, or i paid for that microphone, mr. green. those are the things, three or four things that could become the signature moment of that debate. josh: we'll see which one makes it into the campaign ad. andy: we'll see them in a commercial soon. josh: candidates have two days left to win over undecided voters but is it possible mother nature could have something to say about this and throw a wrench into the strategies? jennifer: the latest word on the
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>> now, meteorologist hayley lapoint and your storm watch 9 forecast.
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we got to see sunshine, good for cleanup. temperatures were above freezing but not the case now. we have fallen below freezing and it's chilly in a lot of spots. down to 26 in concord, 29 degrees in manchester. anywhere we had melting going on earlier today, now freezing on the road-wise so be very careful if you step out this evening or early tomorrow morning, as well. any snow showers that we had in central new hampshire earlier this evening, long gone. it's just a few passing clouds, mainly north of tilton, along 93 and up north, too, in the great north woods. we shouldn't have any more snow showers coming through until early tomorrow morning and only up north from this line here that you see in southern quebec. in the meantime, mild air starting to come in so tomorrow temperatures will be even warmer than today, almost all of us cracking 40 degrees and then watching closely this system which eventually will work its way up the coast and likely will bring us interest -- some snow
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snow showers early tomorrow morning, up north. the rest of us, passing clouds tomorrow but tomorrow, good day for skiing, more snow cleanup or cleaning the branches that might have fallen with the heavy snow. tomorrow night, a few passing clouds. then on monday, things get interesting. we've got a storm system that will form off the coastline and look at this, snow starts to move in probably after noon time on monday. our latest computer models looking like it's more of a monday afternoon/monday evening thing which looks like it would be a good situation for primary tuesday. comes through, the bulk of it, overnight. by tuesday morning, on and off snow showers. too early to give you accumulation totals but could be plowable tuesday morning. tomorrow, temperatures close to 40 degrees in many locations with a mix of sun and clouds and temperatures will get much cooler as we push forward here over the next few days. we'll be back in a a couple of minutes.
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we cannot defeat a corrupt political system but i believe we need to lift our vision above the obstacles in place and look to the american horizon. to a nation where every child can not only dream of going where quality healthcare will be a birthright of every citizen. where a good job is not a wish, but a reality. where women receive equal pay and a living wage an america where after a lifetime of labor, there is time for rest and grandchildren. a nation that defends our people and our values, but no longer carries so much of that burden alone. i know we can create that america if we listen to our conscience and not to the pundits and the naysayers. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message,
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governor: this is a disease. it's not a moral failing, it's a disease. >> new hampshire's opioid epidemic front and center at the debate and resonated on a personality level with the candidates starting the final stretch of this campaign. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now, wmur news 9 tonight. >> welcome back to this special edition of news 9. i'm shelley walcott. tom: i'm tom griffith. the last presidential debate before new hampshire's primary is in the books. there are just two days left for candidates to convince granite state voters. shelley: wmur's political director josh mcelveen was part of the panel questioning republican candidates tonight. he's live with jennifer vaughan at saint anselm college where
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josh: two days away from the new hampshire primary, very consequential debate and jennifer: you covered a lot of ground but one of the most pressing issues in new hampshire is the opioid crisis. did you touch on that with candidates and it sparked an emotional response. josh: last month new hampshire senators, republican and democrat, went down to washington along with the police chief of the state's largest city to testify before the judiciary committee in d.c. senator cruz, you're a member of that committee. the police chief called your absence outrageous given the severity of the problem. last week, though, you told a personal story of a close family member struggled with addiction. what can you say to law enforcement right now to convince them that you understand the severity of this problem and you're not just saying what people want to hear
11:29 pm
seth: senator: we know how to secure the borders. what is missing is the political will to do it. we will end the deluge of drugs. josh: governor christie, you've talked about the issue in new hampshire, state reforms, criminal justice reforms, access to treatment. to senator cruz's point, let's take it a step further. would you engage in cross voter enforcement into mexico, a place where law enforcement in new hampshire has traced a lot of this supply back to, would you engage in cross border enforcement without the cooperation of the mexican government? governor: of course i would, as a former state's attorney who spent years fighting this. jennifer: this is an issue new hampshire is engaged in. manchester police chief nick willard responding after senator cruz answered your question about not attending the committee hearing where willard
11:30 pm
he's tweeting -- josh: an issue of such importance, ted cruz couldn't attend the committee he chairs. jennifer: towards the end of the debate, the focus turned to journalist james foley, new hampshire native viciously executed by isis. josh: the question to candidates, what would they say to james foley's mother should families of hostages be able to raise money for ransoms for loved ones? senator: putting in place regimes that encourage the payment of ransom has the effect of putting a bounty on other americans. mr. trump: you cannot negotiate
11:31 pm
if you do, you'll have many, many more james foles. josh: the question is how did tonight's debate resonate with voters? news 9 gathered a focus group, undecided voters, to this get their take. jennifer: three days out, you wonder what they're looking to hear from these candidates to push them into one corner or not. let's check in with shelley walcott who spent the debate with them. shelley: i spent the last several hours talking about the debate, watching the debate with undecided voters and at the end of the evening it came down to two governors. two in particular stood out for undecided voters. jane, who really got you interested tonight? jane: i felt the governors were very strong and kasich and bush, i felt, had made a mark tonight. i was disappointed with marco rubio.
11:32 pm
this evening but i didn't feel he did. shelley: interesting because a lot of people were looking to rubio as potentially the establishment candidate. laura, who stood out for you? laura: the same, governor bush and governor kasich. i think they both presented well and both seemed very qualified, more so than some of the other candidates. shelley: i'm going to speak to a couple of other people. i also asked our undecideds about the front-runners in the race. what do you think about donald trump and his performance? >> mr. trump talks a good game. he is always an entertaining speaker but he's not presidential material. he just says things for effect. i've never been impressed with him and i'd never vote for him. shelley: marco rubio is a name that is supposed to be a standout in our state and is polling second. how do you think he did tonight? >> i do not think he helped himself whatsoever.
11:33 pm
>> he just didn't stand out. the governors were much more aggressive than he was. shelley: some people here saying they felt marco rubio was repetitive. how many felt that way? >> very much. shelley: we'll try to return later in the evening and speak more with undecided voters. governors kasich and bush standing out for this group of undecided voters tonight. josh: that's just a small sample size, unofficial and unscientific tale but there were watch parties, as well. jennifer: stephanie woods is here with more. stephanie: guys, the campaigns gathered supporters tonight in manchester to watch the abc news republican new hampshire republican debate and cheer on the g.o.p. hopefuls. florida senator marco rubio, former florida governor, jeb bush, and ohio governor john
11:34 pm
the queen city. an overflow crowd of more than 300 packed the riverside room on commercial vete in manchester routing for kasich. also on commercial street, more than 300 gathered for senator rubio. more than 150 of jeb bush's supporters watched the debate on elm street. do they all think their favorite candidate won? >> so far, so good. he's coming across as the adult in the room. he hasn't attacked anyone unlike the other candidates. >> i think he's right on the point when he talks about how obama, you know, knows exactly what he's doing. it's not lack of experience, it's just a path he wants to take the nation on. >> he's laid out his clear, conservative record as the most accomplished conservative governor of a large state in modern times and he's demonstrated that right now we're electing a commander-in-chief. stephanie: it's safe to say that's a yes all around from all
11:35 pm
texas senator ted cruz and also new jersey governor chris christie also held watch parties in manchester tonight. stephanie woods, wmur. josh: one of the things that makes this election cycle different from previous cycles is the prevalence of social media. jennifer: the immediate information, right. so let's take you to the spin room and get a closer look at that the with jean mackin. jean: coming to you live from the google spin room floor where members of the media are gathered, trying to get a few soundbites with the candidates. during the debate, they were registering and checking in on social media to see what was important to new hampshire voters. here's a really interesting statistic we found from google immediately after wmur political director josh mcelveen questioned the candidates about northern pass and eminent domain. the top search on google was
11:36 pm
it's a 740% spike in search interest. the questions immediately following that at number two on google, what time's the super bowl, and number three, where's my tax refund. but the g.o.p. debate, past searches on google momentarily tonight which shows a lot of people not only in new hampshire but across the nation were paying attention to this debate. you can see members of the media, 15 networks represented here, 500 members of the press. reporters, photographers, writers, producers, all covering tonight's g.o.p. debate in the days leading up to the new hampshire primary. we were also following the trends, state by state, and in the state of new hampshire, the top searched candidates were rubio followed by trump followed by cruz. that bucks the trend if you look at this map here. you can see it's all red meaning that the top searched candidate in the nation is donald trump, only in new hampshire and three other states did rubio become the top search and one of them was right here in the granite
11:37 pm
very interesting. also, a quick statistic for you, the top facebook issues searched during tonight's g.o.p. debate -- immigration, isis, the economy and healthcare. it's just a little snapshot into what people were talking about and what piqued their interest on social media. back to you, jen and josh. jennifer: ok, jean, thank you. the social media aspect really gives us that immediate sense of what the voters are thinking about at the moment of the debate. interesting perspective. there are those who say we cannot defeat a corrupt political system and fix a rigged economy. but i believe we need to lift our vision above the obstacles in place and look to the american horizon. to a nation where every child can not only dream of going to college, but attend one. where quality healthcare will be a birthright of every citizen. where a good job is not a wish, but a reality.
11:38 pm
and a living wage is paid to all. an america where after a lifetime of labor, there is time for rest and grandchildren. a nation that defends our people and our values, but no longer carries so much of that burden alone. i know we can create that america if we listen to our conscience and our hearts and not to the pundits and the naysayers. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message, and i ask for your vote. one of the areas that i've been particularly interested in is the area of children. we intend to be sure that everybody in this room and every child in this state is somebody. no matter where they're born, no matter to whom they are born. ri want to make sure that every child has a chance to live up to his or her god-given potential. i've spent my life fighting for children,
11:39 pm
i'm hillary clinton, and i have always approved this message. josh: thanks very much for joining us again. joined by assistant professor of politics from saint anselm college. winners, losers? >> i think one of the big winners was chris christie, i think he had a strong debate.
11:40 pm
early in the night and also spoke eloquently about his positions on things like drug addiction, which is a huge issue in new hampshire this year. another winner, i think, oddly enough, was donald trump. for the most part, the other candidates didn't go after him. he didn't get into the same sort of, you know, mud slinging, schoolyard fight types of debates. the one exception is when he went after the audience. i've seen candidates go after moderators and each other but never attack the audience. josh: he did engage governor jeb bush, held up his finger. perception is different when you're watching on television and sitting there. >> i think the exchange with bush wasn't as bad as we've seen last summer and seen on "saturday night live." it was a more isolated part of the debate. jennifer: marco rubio must have
11:41 pm
receiving end of incoming. did it appear he was unprepared to defend himself? >> i think so. he had to know he was a man with a target on his back especially for kasich and christie. it was surprising to me that a candidate that we've heard again and again, criticized as being too scripted, too programmed, gets attacked for that and responds by repeating the same words four times in a row. jennifer: his goal was to prove himself ready to lead. so perhaps the argument out of this debate from his competitors here is that he did not do the that. >> that's a real danger for him going forward. he needs a strong second if he doesn't get into first place. any doubts the rest of the field
11:42 pm
rubio. rubio -- josh: back to shelley walcott. shelley: new hampshire voters are notorious for making up their minds at the last minute and some members of our focus group still don't know who they'll vote for. bennett, why don't you know, even after tonight's arguments, who you're going to vote for? >> it comes down to one of the three governors and they're all very qualified candidates. each one of them did a great job demonstrating leadership a little bit, ability to make tough decisions and to be accountable which was not the case in some of the other, particularly marco, we saw how thin he really is compared to those three governors. shelley: do you feel marco rubio was exposed tonight? >> i think so. certainly for me he was. i sort of suspected it and i think the first four answers
11:43 pm
the same answers to different questions because that's really all he had. shelley: that's the view from here. we're going to send it to break.
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as john kasich has risen, rubio and bush have gone negative. doing "whatever it takes to win," is not presidential. john kasich did cut ohio's taxes. cut state spending. turned a deficit into a surplus. brought back jobs from mexico and china.
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that's conservative, and that's presidential. new day for america is responsible for the content of this advertising. josh: welcome back, preparing for the debate no easy task. jennifer: republican hopefuls reveals pre-debate rituals. jeb bush calls his mom, barbara bush, for advice. senator ted cruz says he plays plants vs. zombies on his iphone. marco rubio relies on siri. dr. ben carson says he has a flammable strategy. he takes papers full of advice regarding what to say during the
11:46 pm
the democratic presidential hopefuls -- john: they were also busy today. jennifer: very busy today. josh: hillary clinton -- we're going to jason king and see what he thought of all this. jason: i thought it was great. we're going to talk sports right now, though. bruins and sabres played the back half of their home at home series tonight. sweep. tied at 1-1 in overtime, brad marchand with the chance and the defender loses a stick. marchand draws the penalty shot and brad marchand with a beauty, bruins win 2-1 in overtime. boston will host the kings on tuesday. and plenty of pink over at the verizon wireless arena as the monarchs help to raise money and awareness for the fight against breast cancer. team taking on the elmira jackles. jackles.
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gets them on the board. monarchs would win 4-2. huge win for u.n.h., beating eighth ranked umass lowell on the road. danny tyroney made 43 saves. high school hockey, mir mack hosting spalding, 1-0 spalding in the first period. ashton langeis takes the shot. jake mccutchen with the redirection. 2-0, red raiders but tomahawks rallied and mir mack wins 6-4. super bowl 50 kicks off sunday night at 6:30. the denver broncos and carolina panthers. panthers' quarterback cam newton was named nfl offensive player of the year tonight as well as the league m.v.p. back for the second time in three years and peyton manning's
11:48 pm
kickoff is 6:30 tomorrow. josh: one of the more fascinating aspects of this has been the quick reaction, realtime reaction on social media. jennifer: let's go back to jean mackin on the floor of the spin room with more. jean: it's been fascinating to track social media throughout the night and see not only what people in new hampshire were doing online but also across the country. as you mentioned, we're on the spin room floor in this room and we have been looking at these interactive screens brought to us by google. one of the most fascinating facts i found throughout our social media trending night was just before 10:00 p.m., the search for g.o.p. debate passed the search for the super bowl. then it went back to the super bowl but for a moment all you political junkies can celebrate the g.o.p. debate was the top search on google. we are now back to the super bowl sports fans. also, we talked a moment ago
11:49 pm
question to the candidates about eminent domain sparked the number one question on google, what is eminent domain, a 740% spike in search interest for that. also, we are talking about how the top search candidates in most of the nation, in every state except for four states, the top searched candidate tonight has been donald trump but that changed in the state of new hampshire during the debate, top search candidate turned out to be marco rubio. in this order, the searches for the candidates were marco rubio, donald trump, cruz, followed in new hampshire by bush, kasich, christie and carson so interesting to follow the candidates as they were searched on google. also following other social media, facebook, searches for issues they talked about like immigration, isis, the economy and healthcare so that's a little bit of social media that played into the debate tonight to see what people were
11:50 pm
to candidates talk about them and what got people getting on online and asking questions, getting involved, something new hampshire is famous for doing in days leading up to the primary. josh: joined again by chris. asking about ben carson, how do you think he did tonight? >> i don't think he had a bad passed. i think he was doing well in iowa late last fall but like a lot of candidates we saw last time around, he wasn't able to haul. i think once people got a closer look at him, they decided to move on to other candidates like him but seemed more in it for the long haul. jennifer: the social media aspect is huge so if we're watching this, what internally within the campaigns, what are
11:51 pm
>> they're looking for who's searching for them, who's visiting their websites. they were pushing sweets from the campaign accounts throughout the debate and were busy on facebook. they know people watch these things with two screens, with the tv and their laptop or tablet or phone and they're engaged with their friends and see facebook advertising, google advertising. so those people who were searching for epinent domain might have been seeing results coming up for the candidates while getting their results. josh: we talked about ben carson. kristen carosa caught up with him on the spin room floor. dr. carson: i don't need to change the strategy. i just need to get in the front of more people and i will be doing that. the key thing is messaging. jennifer: that was dr. ben carson in the moments right after the debate.
11:52 pm
begins now or moments from now so we have a special lineup of programming to really help kick things off, when you wake up bright and early tomorrow morning. josh: special edition of news 9 this morning starts at 6:00 a.m. followed by "good morning america." 10:00 a.m., join me for a live one-hour edition of close-up. at noon time, you get more analysis from this week with george stephanopoulos and at 1:00 p.m., stay tuned for "matter of fact." jennifer: in addition to our regular programming, we have a special broadcast coming up monday at 10:00 p.m. to set the stage for the very first battle and on tuesday, primary day, join us for continuous live coverage from the time the polls close and the winners are declared. josh: are we done? jennifer: at this point i think we're done. josh: that closes our coverage from the campus of saint anselm
11:53 pm
republican debate, three days before the new hampshire primary. we hope it helped. jennifer vaughan and josh mcelveen. tom: the crew, a great job and josh mcelveen, outstanding on the moderator's job. having fun and learning about the primary was on the menu at the wyca in manchester. shelley: the first ever new hampshire primary family fun day. kids and parents were encouraged to participate and learn about political issues important to local families. there were plenty of games and food for everyone who took part. >> we want them to learn that there are issues that are important to new hampshire families. we should be talking to them about them and we should be talking to candidates about them so we want kids and families to take away they have a role in deciding who's going to be leading our country and what their priorities should be. shelley: the event was sponsored
11:54 pm
video booth where kids cannital candidates about issues that are important to them. hockey players are competing in the seventh annual pond hockey classic. tom: mild winter forced organizers to move the competition from meredith day. thousands from all around new england make the classic a tradition. pond hockey classic organizers say the move had its challenges. >> on the bay in meredith, it's right in the village with a unique feel. this had to be transported in but once they're here, it's really the same hockey action. tom: that tournament runs through tomorrow. we want to take this time to thank you so much for joining us for this special edition of news 9 tonight. shelley: we are off and running. stay with wmur online and on air for complete coverage leading up to tuesday's new hampshire primary. thanks so much for looking in.
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