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tv   Closeup  ABC  February 7, 2016 10:00am-11:00am EST

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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] josh: this sunday on "close-up," a special hour-long live show. we have the latest on what the landscape looks like.
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governor christie: the people of new hampshire are smart. senator cruz: i am certain that everyone standing on this stage would be a beverage president than bernie sanders or hillary clinton. josh: a fiery debate here in manchester, gives voters a good look at where the candidates are on the issues, and each other. joining us live, democrats hillary clinton and bernie sanders will make their case, among other things, to try and reach the independent voter. and using his star power in an effort to get money out of politics, from the newsroom, and law & order, actor sam waterston sits down with us. i' so much to get to with less than 48 hours until the first votes are cast here in new hampshire. right off the top our very latest wmur-cnn poll just released this morning. starting on the republican side, last night'
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coal so far, donald trump still dominates. marco rubio at 16%, ted cruz at 14% after winning the iowa caucuses. ohio governor john kasich at 11%, jeb bush at 7%, new jersey governor chris christie at 4%. rounding out the polls to the gop, carly fiorina at 6% and dr. ben carson at 2%. their minds. more than half of voters trying to pick their candidate. joining us, andy smith from the unh survey center obviously donald trump is still there, but when you consider the margin of error, everyone is in second place. andy: everybody else' s in a snow globe and that snow globe has been shaken up and we do not know what is going to fallout. one of the interesting things i
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definitely made up their minds. that is typical though. we have over half of the voters still trying to decide. using polls to predict this race -- josh: sure, and i want to point this out, these poll numbers came out before -- the simple was taken before the debate, so this is not included to read but if anyone needed a good night last night it was chris christie, and he got it. andy: chris christie had a good night. the question is whether he wil get credit for standing up and taking it to marco rubio. often you see the person who stands to be side can rise up. certainly christie had to do something. what happens. race. andy: it certainly does and effort into the ground game storms. josh: let' s give it on the republican side of things with donald trump. we saw what happened in iowa. he had a few points lead with
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underperforming. a victory? andy: the biggest weakness for trump -- he does best, he gets a 5% of the voters who did not vote in 2008 or 2012. newcomers. josh: still a big lead for poll. he has 58% to four, former secretary of state you were clinton, 35%. it' s still a big gap. andy: a couple things are interesting. certainly sanders has supports among people who have not voted before. he is getting 84% of people who did not vote in 2012. he gets 75% of people under 35. the key is, they are least likely to vote. when you look at this campaign versus 2008, in 2008, 40% of likely democratic voters in a
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this time, it is 51 percent. that is a big difference in the ideological makeup of new hampshire. josh: we will break down these numbers in a little while longer. things very much, andy. let' s talk about the republican debate you saw a right here on wmur. it started with a heated exchange between governor chris christie and senator marco rubio. senator rubio: let' s dispel this fiction that barack obama does not know what he is doing. he knows exactly what he' s doing. he wants america to become more like the rest of the world. we do not want to be like the rest of the world. states of america. and when i am a president, it will leave the single greatest nation in the world. >> we want to bring in governor bush -- governor christie: excuse me -- he directly mentioned me, so i think i get a chance to respond.
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everyone to think at home about this. that is what washington, d.c. does -- the drive-by shot at the beginning and the memorized 25- second speech that is exactly what his advisers told him -- [cheers and applause] governor christie: you see, marco, the thing is this -- when you are president, when your governor of a state, when you memorize a 32nd speech that -- a 30-second speech, it does not help anyone. none of that stuff happens on the floor of the united states senate. it' s a fine job. i' m glad you ran for, but it does not prepare you for president of the united states. [applause] senator rubio: chris, your state
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you did not even want to go back. they had to shame you into going back. josh: all right, we are joined by our political analyst. hi. we were talking about that exchange in particular. if there was a moment where one candidate took another candidate up, that might have been it. >> that is the moment that chris christie one. he turned it into a referendum on the importance of experience in office and having boots on responsibility. for marco rubio and it was really exposed last night. josh: marco rubio had to know that he would be a target in one shape or form. how do you think he responded? scott: he was either clearly told by his team or decided to pivot on every attack and make it an attack on president barack obama. that fell flat.
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josh: he was criticized for repeating his answer and he basically said the same thing again. did he play into the hands of people saying you are not ready for this? scott: definitely. you see chris christie saying, we do not another freshman senator barack obama thing as republicans and is played right into that narrative. my predecessor here, andy smith, who was just talking about numbers, i feel bad for him try to figure out how this will come out. with something the significant, the few thousand votes will make a difference. josh: i want to point out that this may be even more glaring because marco rubio has had such good debate performances in the past. we asked the candidates about imminent domain. >> we bring hydroelectric power in from the northeastern grid. dcm the domain as -- do you see
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that done? mr. trump: i love it. eminent domain is a way to get that done. governor bush: the difference between eminent domain for public purpose -- that' s a public service, but what donald trump did was use eminent domain to try to take the property of an elderly woman in atlantic city. that is not public purpose. mr. trump: he wants to be a tough guy. [laughter] mr. trump: and it doesn' t work very well. governor bush: how tough is it to take property from an elderly woman? josh: another one of those moments there, as donald trump and jeb bush have mixed it up before, but you think this is an important exchange? scott: jeb bush did well. he showed that i' m not going to back down mentality.
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punch to the new jersey casino owner. but your question about eminent domain and northern pass -- kudos for educating the nation on eminent domain. we saw the google searches. that was good. but number two, this was an issue that gets people fired up. we know the eminent domain and northern pass are not part of it. he took the bait. that is a local issue that could have a weird extract or four people in -- a weird x factor for people do not like these energy projects. josh: when he put up his hand -- i think new hampshire voters reacted differently to donald trump than in the past. scott: completely. he did not have a cheering section that night. it was very clear the governors had a good night and jeb bush was having a good night and he fought back admirably. josh: john kasich had some moments, no question about that.
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laying out the 100-day strategy, promising people that he could deliver. that has been his record as an ohio governor. his best decision was one that behind the scenes was perfect. he and his campaign coordinated getting on the wmur set to lead the news to talk about the debate. that was a masterstroke in a really good idea to just push the minds towards him. josh: first-come, first serve, i will point out. is there any memo for the candidates? bought and paid for? scott: definitely. we are seeing a trend wrote down a little bit for donald trump. can he stay above water? again, all due respect to andy smith, it is so hard to figure out the exact numbers with a big that makes a difference in the
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josh: a 45% undecided voter cushion.
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josh: back now live with a special edition of "close-up." we have two days for campaigning. former secretary of state you clinton trying to does a gap in the polls. she is making the case she is the most experienced. secretary clinton, how you feel? a couple days to go. secretary clinton: i feel great. i have an uphill climb. i love this process, josh. i love the first in the nation primary. i am so grateful to the people of new hampshire who gave me first, second, and third book, and i will keep making my case about what we need to look or at the next president, someone who can do all aspects of the job, president, commander-in-chief,
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that is what i will tell the folks here. josh: is the pressure off in new hampshire because the polls -- even if you close the gap, he comes out on top? secretary clinton: i have always loved this process. last time i was behind and it was a near miracle. this time, you know, he has been part of the new hampshire-vermont seen for 25 years. i totally get that and respect it. i do think we have serious work to do in the country and everybody needs to be asking the hardest possible questions of both of us. it is like this big giant job interview and i' m going to keep going out there and doing my best to make my case. josh: part of his appeal maybe he is from vermont. but obviously, bernie sanders, wherever years, is drawing huge crowds. how you tap into the frustration, the energy, however you want to characterize it, that so many people are feeling
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secretary clinton: first of all, i understand what is going on in the country. there is very legitimate anger, frustration about the economy, better government, about why we can' t get things done. i totally get that. and what i am trying to present to people is the fact that we deserve to be angry, we deserve to vent, but anger is not a plan and venting is not a strategy. once we get through the really tough experience of believing the great recession was a disaster of economics, government contributed to it, we have threats around the world, let' s do what we are best at as americans. let' s roll up our sleeves, figure out how we will solve our problems. i have been making the case that i' m a progressive who likes to make progress. that does not mean we will get everything done right away, but the history of our country is to continue to move forward, to really make a difference in peoples lives, and that is what
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josh: i want to ask you a question about policy brought up during last night' s debate, about north korea. the concern of testing missiles. last night they said they would knock it out on the launch pad. how concerning is it to you they are testing missiles? secretary clinton: it' s really concerning. we need to bring the region together -- japan, south korea, china -- we need to understand we need to look hard at missile defense in both south korea and japan. we have to do more in china to squeeze the north korean regime to make them pay a price, and i think it is part of the pattern of new challenges that the next president is going to face. it in and of itself is a problem that is going to demand a lot of chinese. it is part of a larger set of issues we have to figure out how
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russia' s aggression, the irani china' s behavior in the south china sea. you' one. you don' s going to come in the door. the republican candidates, a lot going to do this and i' m going to bomb that. if you listen to my opponent, you know -- you just keep getting answers about the economy and that' s an absolute critical high priority. i think the american people deserve someone who can do every aspect of the job and i think i am the most ready. josh: the republicans on this particular issue last night said the irani and nuclear deal, the way it is framed, and five years we would looking at a situation where they are where north korea is right now. i mean --
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the agreement, and you know i put together the coalition to enforce the sanctions that got us to the igo table, so i take this very seriously -- if we in force this agreement, we have access to their nuclear sites that is unprecedented. we have to be clear. one deviation from that agreement, there will be consequences for it. but we are in a strong position -- with the rest of the world that did sign on to this agreement -- to keep the lid on their nuclear weapon program. it is more conjugated with north korea because they are an isolated, sometimes called the hermit kingdom, nation. and they have a dictatorship of the family, and now the latest incarnation with kim jong-un, who cares little about his people, takes whatever resources they do have, pumps it into the military in order to maintain
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so, that is why this has to be a multisided effort. the chinese have influence they have to exercise because in the absence of chinese pressure, it' s very difficult to get the changes we want. i have an understanding of how complex this is. it' s different from iran. i think we are in better shape than we were, but i take nothing for granted. josh: of easily concerning for both parties. let' s go back to the campaign, a couple minutes to go. the democrats had a debate this week, too, in case you did not know. bernie sanders came up with you being an establishment candidate. i thought your answer was very interesting. how do you counter that? secretary clinton: is pretty antiestablishment to elect the first woman president. we have had 44 men. i think there is a great opportunity to break that highest and hardest glass ceiling for our daughters in our
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s also amusing because he has been elected office a lot longer than i have. i will keep making the argument i bring a set of experiences. think about this as a job interview, and think about who you want actually to come to work every day to do the job to protect you and your family, to get the economy working, to finish the goal of universal health care coverage, to make us safer around the world, to protect our men and women in uniform. i think there is a real advantage to having the experience i do bring, but i think there is a really great outsider looking in, from my perspective, as a woman, as an advocate, as someone who has been in the trenches for a long time, too. josh: real quick, let' s say bernie sanders beats you in new
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first may nation primary safe under your presidency? secretary clinton: 100%. this is a great process and i think all of the granite stater' s for taking it so seriously.
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josh: all right, welcome back. big money in politics is a major issue this campaign, and there are a lot of people speaking out strongly that we should change the way candidates run for office. one of those people is actor sam waterston, best known for his roles in "law and order and the wmur' s adam sexton sat down with him earlier this week. andy: we are here with sam waterston. longtime activist for campaign finance reform. thank you for being here today?
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been following for maybe 10 years has traction it has not had, and it has been very frustrating to me, and i think very frustrating to a lot of other american citizens because the polling indicates 84% of americans think that our election system is very badly messed up and needs to be fixed. precipitating event. i think citizens united horrible things that it did and is, it had one good effect, which was the penny has finally dropped completely with the american people. what ever it is you care about, what ever it is you want to see change -- if you want your voice heard, election reform is absolutely the essential the
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andy: what can be done, with campaign-finance reform intertwined with the first amendment essentially? money equals speech question mark how do you separate those in a constitutional way? sam: there are moments, including in the united states congress to make an amendment, that makes a distinction between the free-speech rights of natural persons and corporations. so, that was prompted by citizens united, and it had enough legs to get before the senate. andy: you feel like this is a critical election for this particular issue? sam: i feel like this could be the year for this issue. and that is why i feel the new hampshire rebellion is such a great thing. you live here. they have been walking all over the state.
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they have been making as much noise as they possibly can and putting that issue on the table, and it is because of the efforts of people. you know -- i' m talking to you because i was on a tv show, but actually, i represent 84% of the american public who want this to change. the new hampshire rebellion also represents that same 84%, so they are just the good guys, the great volunteers who are making it possible that something might really happen this time. andy: all right, thank you so much for your time. josh: i wanted that interview. lucky. we will be right back right after the ad with more live close up -- bernie sanders and john mccain
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our fortunes together [ cheering ] here in my bag counting the cars on the new jersey turnpike they've all come to look for america [ cheers and applause ] all come to look for america all come to look for america all come to look for america i'm bernie sanders,
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josh: right now as "close-up" continues live, just two days before the first in the nation primary, we' re covering all the angles. we will tell you how candidates are positioned to campaign going forward, and a look at last night' s abc news wmur debate. governor christie you weren' t : even there to vote for it. that' s not leadership. that' s truancy. governor bush: how tough is it woman? millionaires. we need to rise up. josh: the republican presidential primary campaigning is as intense as ever, and on candidates debated just 12 hours ago in our abc news, wmur debate from saint anselm college. and still developing this morning, the threat from north korea, critics say the country' s launch of a long-range rocket is meant to test banned technology for a missile that could strike , one day, the u.s. mainland. here is what some of the gop
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senator cruz: it is qualitatively different dealing with a country was they have nuclear weapons. it is what you prevent them having nuclear weapons in the first place. governor kasich: we have to intercept both ships and aircraft. they are trying to proliferate this very dangerous material along with the technology, the instruments that can be used for mass destruction. governor bush: the next president of united states will have to get the united states back in the game, and if they strike is necessary, we should do it. senator rubio: it is in the constitution of the united states -- i understand your question is about a preemptive strike, but my point is, there is in place a contingency to avoid any strike from going errant and destroying any assets of the united states are implicating her hurting any of our allies. -- or hurting any of our allies.
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clinton on this issue. and now for a democratic take on that another aspect of the race, we have presidential candidate bernie sanders joining us now live from bow, senator sanders, welcome. thank you for joining us. senator sanders: thank you. expectation? senator sanders: i don' t believe we are running a close race. i will be all over the state. we have thousands of volunteers, doors. we will do everything we can to bring out every possible vote for us, and i hope very much that the turnout is large. if there is a good turnout, i suspect we will do just fine. josh: sorry -- i wanted to talk about the turnout. andy smith talking about all the
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i have asked you this before. i will ask again. getting new voters to the polls can be difficult. how organized are you getting students and others there? senator sanders: first of all i am very proud that, not only in new hampshire, but all over this country we are bringing new process. the last election, 63% of the american people did not vote. that' s not good. 80% of young people did not vote. to the degree that we are bringing young people, more people into the political process, i am very proud. obviously, we have a failing -- a fairly sophisticated approach to make sure our supporters do get out and vote, and we are going to do everything we can to make that happen. josh: let me get your take on what occurred yesterday in north korea. hillary clinton just weighed in on that.
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she is saying she has more experience. what is your take? senator sanders: look, this is a country that is isolated with paranoid leaders who have atomic weapons and are now testing long-range missiles. this is an issue of huge concern. i support the president' s effort of leaning on china, among other things, to make certain that north korea is brought to heel here. that they cannot threaten south korea or other countries with a very dangerous weapon. josh: is this something that you feel would require, under a sanders presidency, to take up his technology before it could be used against us? senator sanders: i don' t know that you can get the specific right now. obviously, a nation which is isolated with her annoyed leadership, nuclear weapons -- with paranoid leadership, nuclear weapons is a very dangerous situation. you' ve got to look at all of our
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terrible events to not occur. josh: there are some of the republican side, senator, who believe the iran nuclear deal will eventually evolve into what years with north korea. do you share that concern? senator sanders: look, unfortunately, many of my republican colleagues seem to think that force and war is the last resort. i think the agreement negotiated with iran is very sensible. i think it will prevent them from getting a nuclear weapon and i strongly support it. josh: let' s get back to the race itself now. they are in the 30' s. are you concerned that the poll says you are so far ahead, there may not be energy -- some people
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senator sanders: first of all, josh, there is no way on earth we are 20 points ahead. i think anybody who is going to stay home because they think this is an easy race is mistaken. look, hillary clinton won the state in 2008. she has a very strong political organization. and we are going to work as hard as we can to capture every vote that we possibly can. so, i' m not sitting you' re thinking we are 20 or 30 points ahead. at i don' t think that is the case at all. josh: let me ask you -- obviously you tapped into something here. i first interviewed you more than a year ago. you said, let' s see what happens. we don' t know. if it turns into a revolution, great. that' s what we want. there are a lot of people behind you. hillary clinton says she understands the inergy. a lot of the people on the republican side they they understand it. what have you been able to tap into that?
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i think -- without oversimplifying it -- we are telling the truth. and the truth is we have a corrupt campaign finance system. i talked to conservatives and i talked to progressives. nobody i know thinks it is appropriate that billionaires can buy elections. that is not what american democracy is supposed to be about, and people see the connection between our corrupt campaign finance system and the fact that almost new -- all new income is going to the top 1%. the federal government, because of the illegal activities they pursue, nothing happens with the executives on wall street. they get away free. we talking about real issues. the fact that we have to create millions of decent paying jobs by rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure, raise the
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hour, that we have to address the reality of climate change, that we have to make public colleges and universities tuition free -- and by the way, there is so much wealth inequality, we do have to ask the wealthy and large corporations to start paying their fair share of taxes. josh: we have about a minute to go, senator. less than 48 hours before voters go to the polls. how are you going to spend the next couple of days? senator sanders: we have been working as hard as we can. we are going up to portsmouth, and then i believe we have four rallies tomorrow. i will be shaking as many hands and talking to as many people as i possibly can. we take nothing for granted. so, i am my political followers will be working very, very hard, and let me take this opportunity --
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senator sanders: two thanked the many thousands of volunteers in participated in our campaign. i appreciate that very much. josh: senator, you' re always very sizable. best luck -- you' accessible. best of luck.
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there are those who say we cannot defeat a corrupt political system and fix a rigged economy. but i believe we need to lift our vision above the obstacles in place and look to the american horizon. to a nation where every child can not only dream of going to college, but attend one. where quality healthcare will be a birthright of every citizen. where a good job is not a wish, but a reality. where women receive equal pay and a living wage is paid to all. an america where after a lifetime of labor, there is time for rest and grandchildren. a nation that defends our people and our values, but no longer carries so much of that burden alone. i know
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if we listen to our conscience and our hearts and not to the pundits and the naysayers. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message, and i ask for your vote. josh: in some circles, there has been a lot made of this primary and there' s too much party involvement. joining me to talk about it and the race this morning, we are joined by numbers of their respective parties, kathy sullivan and steve from the rnc. let' s start with you. let' s talk about the race itself. how do you think things are going? where is the energy? >> there is a time of energy on the democratic side for both candidates. it' s really exciting. we have the 700 club dinner on
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we had screaming democrats for both candidates. every time someone said, after this is over, we have to be united, everybody cheered. excitement. whatever happens on tuesday, we are going to be electing a november. josh: no matter what happens on tuesday, were definitely going to november. >> where you elect a democratic president is where you lost me. we are not about when a wing people out. we are giving a lot of candidates the opportunity to be the republican nominee. if we had a rotating or large primary, he could not happen. we had candidates who basically lived here making their case. that is the beauty. we do this well. every candidate on the republican side said i get a betty -- a better hearing in new hampshire than any other place
10:41 am
josh: let me ask about the parties -- this is happening both sides -- is there too much involvement, they are trying to orchestrate everything? is that a matter of the ring such a large field? steve: in 2012, everyone said, do not call them on a weeks notice, do not concentrate them in three states, spread them out geographically, and cut the number down. we did that. in addition, we have done them in front of larger audiences, we had conservative voices, we had input on which networks get them based on their performance and how they are treated -- it has been a success. is it perfect? i argued long and hard, in the early ones, have the candidates divided into two lots. but we have to work with the networks. it' s a big improvement. it could get better.
10:42 am
argument is that it is an arm of the hillary clinton campaign. kathy: that is not true. bernie sanders has been welcomed into the process. he was an independent until a few months ago. he has been given the same opportunities as hillary clinton and martin o' malley in this process. i had my disagreements with some of the things that were going on with the schedule. i really wanted to see a debate in new hampshire, and a very glad that happen. i thought that was important for the people of new hampshire. i do think there are issues with the debates though. i actually think some of the power should be taken away from the networks. i think they play too big a role in scheduling. they play too big a role -- especially on the republican side, deciding who gets into which debate win and i also think some of the moderators -- not you, josh. you are wonderful. but some moderators were injecting themselves into the debate too much.
10:43 am
they should not be intervenors. i also suspect that -- i also object that carly fiorina was not allowed into the debate. she had beaten three of the men on the stage in iowa. josh: very quickly, i want to get your look at this, the first hampshire. is it under threat? kathy: on the democratic side it is looking pretty good, but we always have to talk about the primary, why it is a great place for candidates to get a start. the getting even -- they get an even playing field. steve: i am hosting 30 members of the rnc this week, to show them how well democracy works. we take a lot of people who are critics and they become a big advocate.
10:44 am
and then we get the lesser-known , lesser funded candidates. there are those who would like a national regional primary. we will be fighting it not only up until the convention, probably for the next two years. it' s a hard battle every time. josh: keep us posted. steve: you did a fine job last night. thank you. kathy: it was great to have that new hampshire voice at the table. josh: highly intelligent guests at my table. great analysis. we' re joined now by a man who knows a little something about the first in the nation primary process we' re joined live now by senator john mcain,a two-time winner of the new hampshire primary. good morning, senator, how are you? senator mccain: fine, thank you. i' m sorry i am not up there in part of the fight, you most exciting time of any campaign. i agree with a lot of the views that were just expressed. i was listening to it. if you take away new hampshire' s
10:45 am
you will be enhancing dramatically the role of money, and that' s not good. people in new hampshire do not care about money. you can' t buy a vote in new hampshire. they want to see you, they want to touch you. you know that joke about a guy in concord, what do you think about most udall for president, and he said, i don' t know. i only met him twice. the reason that is funny is it is true. what percent are still saying they are undecided? 30%, 40%, something like that? josh: on the republican side, 55% now, senator. you got that right. washington, d.c., we have a couple candidate saying there are voices in washington though that do what new hampshire to not have two disproportionate a say in this. what are you hearing outside of the borders of the state? senator mccain: i just don' t see it happening. i would think there would be an
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like this system as it is. we have not done a bad job picking nominees. we are going through a process that only new hampshire can do. i love the united states of america. i love my own state. the fact is this has become a national tradition and one that -- as i said, money plays too great a role in politics today. if you did it on a regional basis, honestly be one with the most money would obviously have a tremendous advantage because they can buy the media. in new hampshire, i don' if you buy every minute of wmur. because people want to see a candidate. person' s living room in concord. after it was over, a woman came
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great, senator dole, but you are not in my neighborhood. people in my neighborhood expect to see you if you really expect their support. so he got his team together and said, look, we' ve got to go. and he found out that the woman lived two blocks away. one of the reasons john kasich is coming on, i believe, is because he have done 100 town hall meetings. the reason why i won in 2000 and 2008 was i outworked everybody and you cannot buy that. josh: senator, i want to ask you one more question and i will let you go. senator harry reid has been critical of new hampshire. he says new hampshire and iowa should not be picking presidents. as you know, you win the primary, not the white house. how did you involve the visit -- how to do evolve as a candidate from the first time you visited to your second primary? senator mccain: i evolved as a candidate because i was
10:48 am
important questions, which made me think about the issues a lot more than i normally would. because i had to be prepared to answer those questions in a way that would be satisfactory to that audience. it' s a great training program as well. i believe the people of new hampshire understand this responsibility better than anybody. that is why i think on tuesday surprises. we always do. so many of the voters and the independents make up their minds literally when they go into the is good. the candidates and listen to those candidates' it' end to another.
10:49 am
and the people, no matter whether they' re going to vote for your not, are always glad to see you. whether it be at a drugstore or a restaurant or wherever, they are always very receptive, very pleasant, and ready to listen. that is what america should be all about. josh: senator john mccain. i surely appreciate your time. i got to point out, very funny stuff with u.n. lindsey graham opening the debate. senator mccain: thanks again.
10:50 am
josh: welcome back to "close-up ." this was a live show. want to point that out. to close the show, we have john and andy smith. john, did the debate make a difference for anybody? john: it will be up to the voters whether it made a
10:51 am
i thought it was a tough night for marco rubio. maybe not as tough as the national media is making it out to be. i trump well, chris christie did very well. -- i thought donald trump did very well, chris christie did very well. i think it probably helped jeb bush make a couple points, for people to understand what eminent domain is out there. josh: andy? andy: we really will not know the impact until we start counting the votes and then we will make up some story to explain how the votes got from saturday to tuesday. but i think is really important to point out that year after year after year that new hampshire voters decide late. they decide late because they do not have to decide early. most voters here are not going to be getting anything out of so it is more of a vote that gets considered longer. they consider all of these things. it' s very important. josh: over the course of the
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i don' t believe the polls or whatever. i want to point this out, john. we have donald trump whose ground game has been criticized. john: has been. josh: bernie sanders, we do not know what his ground game looks like. john: we know it is massive. i' m thinking about "the lord of the rings" when the orcs come down and there are millions of them. but do they know exactly where to go question mark you know what i am saying? maybe they do not have the numbers, but they have the strategy. that is my take. bernie sanders could blow me out of the water. i think the democratic race is going to be -- no offense, and close. josh: i think that, too, and you probably do agree with that. it. i know i have got to get people
10:53 am
s talk about the republican side. andy, is anyone better positioned than anyone else because of the ground game? andy: it' s always hard to rate the ground game, because everybody is going to say, we' ve got a great down -- ground game. i think the bush campaign, k-6, they have -- kasich, they have experience in running campaigns. below them would be christie and review. cruz is interesting because he has spent a lot of money. it may be a stealth ground game. when we do not know a lot about. i agree with john that the trump ground game remains to be seen, i think. john: i think there are very good people in the trump organization. i not saying that they do not have a ground game. i think it is better than it has been made out to be. but i think it will be hard to get all of this people waiting in line, all those thousands of people who have been to his rallies to actually get out
10:54 am
i do not see any upset here in terms of the actual 1, 2, 3, with trump being on top. it will be a matter of the margin. andy: the key for trump is to identify those who came to his of its because they support donald trump versus those who came to this rallies because they wanted to see donald trump, the "apprentice" boss. john: the people who follow ted cruz are going to come out. there' s no question about that. tuesday? john: the only bold production i will make is it will be a close race on the democratic side. i think bernie sanders will be the victor, but hillary clinton will be close enough to proclaim victory. josh: we' ve got to wrap it up.
10:55 am
we will be back, of course, next week. we hope this coverage has helped you.
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