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tv   News 9 at Five  ABC  February 7, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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tom: right now at 5:00, the latest polls in new hampshire primary is the gap closing in time for the first votes. kristen: republican -- shelley: many picking up where they left off last night. hayley: colder temperatures and a storm headed right for us. the latest forecast and timeline, coming up. announcer: no one covers new hampshire like we do.
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tom: it is sunday night and we are 31 hours away from the first ballots being cast in the new hampshire primary. tonight, about half of likely granite state voters tell us they have not made a decision. shelley: we have live commitment 2016 team coverage on where the candidates are on the issues and where they are on the campaign trail. thanks for joining us at 5:00. i' m jennifer vaughn. tom: and tom griffith --i am tom griffith. new hampshire is expected to be hit with snow one more time before the hail holes open. hayley: it will likely be significant meaning we will have measurable snow starting tomorrow during the midday. the morning commute will not be an issue tomorrow. travel midday on word would be problematic with the snow falling. let me show you what is happening now. we had a beautiful sunday. more clear skies.
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to the south, there is a storm brewing. it is spinning off the coast of the carolinas. it is showing green on radar because it is over mild waters and in mild air. it will meet up with much colder air and it is going to be heavy snow as we look forward. 40 degrees in concord now. 41 in manchester. what you can expect is the timing of the snow to begin midday tomorrow and it would end in the predawn hours before tuesday. good timing for the primary, but it could be significant snow. i will have details ahead. jennifer: thank you. you can track this storm any time using and our mobile app. the hour by hour timeline of the snow, the latest storm projections, weather alerts and , a complete list of closings. tom: right now, presidential hopefuls are spread out all over re s moving, and who' s let'
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commitment 2016 team coverage, starting with wmur political director josh mcelveen. josh: with a little snow in the forecast, it will be interesting to see what kind of impact the weather will have, if any, on turnout. this is supposed to be a record showing for the 2016 new hampshire primary. both parties have their front runners. but with so many people still undecided, this race could be ripe for a few surprises. the donald trump express shows no signs of slowing in new hampshire, as the businessman remains atop the republican field with 33% support in the first in the nation primary state. beyond that however, marco rubio, ted cruz and john kasich are all separated by five points a statistical tie considering , the margin of error, while jeb bush carly fiorina, chris christie and ben carson all need a surprise election night bounce. and with 55% of likely republican voters still
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>> donald trump is still outside and everybody else is in a snow globe, and that has been shaken up and we don' t know how its going to fall out over these last few days. josh: on the democratic side, bernie sanders still holds a commanding 23 point lead over hillary clinton, even so the vermont senator is bracing for a battle. bernie sanders: i think it will be a close rate race. josh what matters is turnout, : and who has the ability to get their support behind the curtain on tuesday. it' s getting out the vote, people calling going to their homes and taking them to the polls, identifying their voters , and getting them out. josh: and just like the republicans, there is a large pool of democratic voters who do not know who the candidate will be. less than 48 hours before voting begins, a lot remains up in the air. josh mcelveen, wmur, news 9. jennifer: and one of those g.o.p. governors tonight, proud of his debate performance.
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right now with his busy town hall schedule. wmur' s heather hamel live now with kasich' s strategy. heather: it comes down to staying positive, focusing on the issues and meeting as many , people as possible. and when we sat down with him today, he told us he is having a blast. john kasich: this is ridiculous. there' s a super bowl. go home. heather: another packed town hall in nashua for john kasich. he said he could not be more pleased. his wife will be here tonight, not often here because she spends most of her time caring for their daughters. john kasich: we said a lot of pictures because i do not think they would believe what is happening with her daddy. i have to look at the pictures because i cannot believe the turnout. heather: he admits this is his strong suit.
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john kasich: there was a party. i got there about 12:30 in the morning. 200 plus people. the wind is at our back and i think we will do well. heather: john kasich made positive calling on others to do the same. john kasich: i want to say the campaigns, take down your negative ads and tell people what you want for the next 48 hours and let people decide. heather: he stuck to the issues talking about is pro-life stance to balancing the budget in eight years. he says he is making sure everyone in attendance is having fun which leaves him plenty of room to joke. john kasich: i' m doing this because i feel this is my mission, this is part of my service. you know what? if i don' t get to do this by carrying this forward, i am blaming you. [laughter] be clear about that. heather: this makes 101 town halls for governor kasich. and he was on to another one he left nashua.
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new jersey governor chris christie back out campaigning today following last night' s g.o.p. debate. right now, christie is in manchester. this is his third stop of the day. jennifer: that is where we find kristen carosa live tonight. is chris christie going to be watching the super bowl there? kriten: i am not sure where he is watching the super bowl tonight. i can tell you he is having fun today. chris christie, there is no stopping him after last night' s debate. chris christie was full of enthusiasm and energy today, even on just four hours of sleep. he started his day with a town hall in tempted where he talked about his debate performance and how believes the republican race is now changing because of it. last night, christie targeted florida senator marco rubio saying multiple times he is not experience. that message was echoed later in
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shooters pub where he spoke to reporters. chris christie: there is a big difference between me and marco rubio between my experience and , his, who' s ready to take on hillary clinton, who' s ready to run this country. this is about the country. the country needs a president who is ready. we have had seven years of a president who was not ready for the job. i am ready for the job. senator rubio is not. is not focusing on south carolina yet. he' 60 hours. manchester, kristen carosa, wmur news 9. jennifer: former florida governor jeb bush is tonight saying he is the only g.o.p. candidate willing to go toe to toe with frontrunner donald trump. this is fresh off the abc-wmur republican debate where bush went after trump about the government' s seizure of private property. tom: wmur' s andy hershberger just got back from the trail with bush, andy' s here live now.
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today, jeb bush clearly set his sights on donald trump picking up where he left off last night. fresh off what many felt was a strong showing in last night' s republican debate, jeb bush hosted town hall meetings in salem and nashua where he continued to hammer away at front runner donald trump. jeb bush: who' s the only guy going after trump? i am the only guy. last night, i had my chance and i let the big dog eat. >> there are people on that stage that aren' t conservative like donald trump and there are people there that are really good at turning a lint that don' t have a proven record. i think the governors did well and among the governors i have the most proven conservative record. andy: bush took questions at both stops on everything from national security and isis to reforming the foster care system. there were good sized crowds at
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message bush delivered. jeb bush you in new hampshire : can set the stage for what the race looks like going forward. and i am sick and tired of politicians who put people down to make them feel better, because it' s not about them -- it' s about you. andy bush says he feels like his : campaign is building momentum, but a win here is not critical for him. he says he' ll continue on no matter what happens tuesday. bush will be in nashua again tomorrow afternoon and will hold one last town hall meeting tomorrow night in portsmouth. reporting live, andy hershberger wmur news 9. ,jennifer: the two major democratic candidates hard at work right now. tom: enthusiastic crowd welcoming bernie sanders to a rally in portsmouth. plus, why hillary clinton made one quick stop today. jennifer: the celtics played a sunday matinee. we will have those highlights later in sports. hayley: tracking a nor' easter moving up the coastline.
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and especially at the coast. i will have the forecast ahead. tom: hundreds making a splash at hampton beach including members
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they're one of the wall street banks that triggered the financial meltdown -- goldman sachs. just settled with authorities for their part in the crisis
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out of work and millions out of their homes. how does wall street get away with it? millions in campaign contributions and speaking fees. our economy works for wall street because it's riggedt by wall street. and that's the problem. as long as washington is bought and paid for, we can't build an economy that works for people. sanders: i'm bernie sanders,
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jennifer: right now, we pick up our live commitment 2016 team coverage with the candidates on the democratic ticket. tom: hillary clinton made one quick stop this morning, while bernie sanders revved up this crowd in portsmouth just a short time ago. that' s where wmur political reporter adam sexton is live tonight. adam: an estimated 1200 people here today at the community college. that is approaching barack obama 2008 levels in terms of numbers and enthusiasm. bernie' s bernie sanders can see the first in the nation finish line and he is looking for a win. it' s time for closing arguments in new hampshire, and while bernie sanders has burning enthusiasm behind him, he' s still facing questions about how he will pay for things like free college and universal healthcare. bernie sanders: we will get them done because people will demand
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adam: on top of putting pressure on washington, sanders said it' s time for a redistribution of wealth. bernie sanders: and we can afford these programs because we' re going to transfer some of that wealth back into the hands -- adam: the vermont senator stands on the cusp of an historic primary victory. former new hampshire state senator burt cohen was one of the first to endorse sanders. >> he came to portsmouth may 27 and i introduced him then, and we were worried about how many people would show up and if it would be big enough. now, oh, my goodness, it' s huge. adam: but the campaign continues to tamp down expectations, saying this election will be close. the candidate himself keeping the heat on hillary. bernie sanders: lately i have policy. the most important foreign policy issue the in modern history of this country was the war in iraq. i was right on that issue and
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adam: this was the only event of the day for senator sanders in new hampshire. he' ll be back on the campaign trail tomorrow. reporting live in portsmouth, adam sexton wmur news 9. , jennifer: now to hillary clinton' s day on the trail. it was a quick one as she headed to flint, michigan, where she is meeting with those impacted by the water crisis. tom: but her message was still getting out thanks to her husband who held two rallies this afternoon. wmur' s mike cronin is here now with what he told voters. mike: former president bill clinton told supporters in keene that his wife has the experience in foreign and domestic policy to be president. hillary clinton echoed that in her brief visits this morning. hillary clinton shook hands and took pictures with voters sunday morning at dunkin donuts in manchester. because she was campaigning in portsmouth last night she says she didn' t get a chance to watch the republican debate. hillary clinton it' s going to be : interesting whoever they nominate. we' re going to have a great contest because we have very
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mike: in a taping of "closeup" this morning with wmur political director josh mcelveen, clinton insists she is the most qualified candidate to handle all aspects of being commander in chief. clinton also addressed north korea' s long range missile launch. hillary clinton: we need to look hard at missile defense in both south korea and japan. we have to do more with china to try to squeeze the north korean regime, to make them pay a price. mike: clinton left new hampshire this afternoon to travel to flint, michigan. hillary clinton occasionally you : go off the campaign trail. new york to be on "snl," and i' m going to flint to see if we can help with the kids. mike: she says flint' asked her to visit to get a closer look at the water issues clinton hopes the state and federal governments will provide help. hillary clinton: it is just so fundamentally wrong that people would allow children to drink and bathe in poisoned water for so long. mike: clinton says her visit in flint is quick, then she' ll be back in new hampshire tonight to
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get before tuesday. live in the newsroom, mike cronin wmur news 9. , tom: our commitment coverage is just getting started tonight just minutes away we join marco , rubio, ted cruz and ben carson , on the campaign trail after their final big night on the same stage before the primary. plus, where carly fiorina and jim gilmore spent their day . that' s all straight ahead on news 9. hayley: take a look at these live web cameras. we have a beautiful sunset going on now. beautiful site as the sun goes down. we have much more light at the end of the day. the sunset happening after 5:00 now at 5:06 officially. we are starting to gain more light at the end of and the beginning of the day. the days are getting longer. we do have some clouds. they have been of the high variety in the northern part of
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for the most part today, it was beautiful. lots of sunshine and just a few high clouds. otherwise, crystal clear blue sky. a nice day to be outdoors. a good winter day. the weather about to turn ugly as this storm system is going to climb northward over the next 24 hours. look at the spin on it. it is the center of the low-pressure system. it is going to continue to move north. the national weather service has brought out its advisories and even a warning for coastal new hampshire, where you see the pink. also into eastern massachusetts. there is a winter storm warning that goes from tomorrow morning at 6:00 until tuesday morning at 6:00. across the rest of the state of new hampshire, purple indicating because they are expecting lesser amounts of snow. this is going to be something that is going to impact your travel anytime tomorrow other than the morning commute.
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look at the temperatures we got to today. nashua, 47. durham about 44 degrees. the mild air will be flushed out soon. 40 degrees in concord. 41 in manchester. temperatures are going to continue to go down. as this storm system arrives, it will pull down colder air. we will be talking rain. it will be all snow for us. in some locations, heavy snow. let me show you the timing. this is sunday tonight at 8:00. mainly clear, a few passing clouds. 7:00 on monday morning, just about reaching southern new england. hampshire. to noon. the snow has climbed into southern new hampshire. for the evening commute, the snow is coming down heavy, especially in southern new well.
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the good news is for the primary when the polls open tuesday morning, the heavy snow is gone. it will just be a few flurries on tuesday. cleanup might take time early in the day. the heaviest snow gone by primary day on tuesday. some good news. here is our latest numbers. we didn' t have to u -- we did have to up them for the seacoast and communities in rockingham county. three to five inches. lesser amounts into the north and western part of the state. tonight, partly cloudy. tomorrow, temperatures only in the 20' s with snow arriving from south to north. we have a few chances for snow showers. tomorrow. look at the high on saturday.
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much colder air making a big return at the end of this week. don' t see that far. tom: hopefully the campaign tires. let' s go to jason and find out what is coming up in sports. jason: the celtics had another
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one of the areas that i've been particularly interested in is the area of children. we intend to be sure that everybody in this room and every child in this state is somebody. no matter where they're born, no matter to whom they are born. every child has a chance god-given potential. i've spent my life fighting for children, and i'm not stopping now. i'm hillary clinton,
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announcer: now, jason king and news 9 sports. jason: in just over an hour, the broncos and panthers will kick off super bowl 50. the 17-1 panthers and 14-3 broncos kick it off. the panthers are six-point favorites. afternoon. rajon rondo and the sacramento kings in town. the game was never in jeopardy for boston. isaiah thomas cross court pass to avery bradley for three. he had a team-high 25. marcus smart with a great look to jared sullinger for the easy bucket. he finished with five-point game 21. in the fourth quarter. thomas off the screen knocks down a three. he also had nine assists. six players scored in double figures. celtics win 128-119. that' s four straight wins and nine wins in their last 10 games. they are now in third place in the eastern conference.
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the monarchs today, but it wasn' t enough to lift manchester past elmira. allan mcpherson had three goals and an assist for the visitors. jackals win 5-4. the monarchs are off until next sunday when they host wheeling. in the indoor track and field championships held at dartmouth college today, milford, oyster river, and lebanon. milford' s olivia rougeau division record in the high jump. the division i meet is still going on. we will have those results later tonight. that is sports. jennifer: the political eyes of the nation on new hampshire now primary. tom: next at 5:30, the message republicans are telling granite staters to secure their votes for tuesday. jennifer: and taking a giant leap into the chilly atlantic. we are there to see hundreds take a penguin plunge.
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jennifer: presidential candidates packing and events in the final hours before the primary. for republicans, that means cashing in on last night debate or making up for lost ground. tom: super bowl kickoff is minutes away. hayley: tracking a nor' easter this evening. the impacts it will have here and if it could cause problems on primary day. >> bracing the chilly waters of the atlantic for a good cause. how much money was raised at this year' s penguin plunge. announcer: no one covers new hampshire like we do. now, wmur news 9 at 5:30. >> we are on storm watch. tomorrow, these live cameras will likely boast snowy ones.
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tom: fresh snow expected hours before new hampshire voters start going to the polls. let' s go to meteorologist hayley lapoint tracking that approaching storm now. hayley: it is convenient the timing. we have been watching this closely hoping it would not impact the primary. it looks like it will be hours before the storm rolls through and hopefully enough time for the cleanup crews to clean up around the schools and halls holding the voting areas. i want to show you what you can expect from this nor' easter moving closer to us. the timing would be for the snow to begin midday monday. in far southern communities, it could be as early as 9:00 in the morning in places night -- like nashua. in seabrook, it could be earlier. it would end in the predawn hours tuesday. heaviest snow will be at the coast. in the southern areas we could
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nothing going on now. we have quiet weather at the moment. i will show you more on this winter storm and the impacts on us, coming up. jennifer: to commitment 2016 now, and every major presidential candidate scrambling to pick up every last vote they can. tom: marco rubio is in manchester after three other stops today. jennifer crompton has been with him throughout the day today and joins us live. jennifer: he has just arrived at the ultimate sports academy in watch party. his campaign switched venues to crowds. night' s debate much except in passing. he is not referencing any of his republican rivals by name. senator marco rubio fired up by the big turnout at the town hall telling news 9 he feels great
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marco rubio: we raised more money in last night' s debate than any other debate. jennifer: staying on theme of saving the american dream. marco rubio: it is interesting after last night' s debate, i' m going to say it again. the reason these things are in trouble is because barack obama is the first president in my lifetime that wants to change the country. jennifer: defending his experience and record, only referencing democratic contenders by name. and not just clinton anymore. marco rubio: i don' t want to be socialist. jennifer: his family is here, introduced at a town hall in bedford. marco rubio: they pray for snow. [laughter] i told them, don' t do that. new hampshire does not want snow. i' m telling them to pray for tuesday night. who are we going to nominate to represent the conservative movement in the republican party in this election?
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[applause] jennifer: as the clock ticks down, making time to talk to as many voters as possible. that is true right now. he is here. he says he feels very positive. this is his fourth event today. tuesday. jennifer crompton, wmur news 9. jennifer: tonight, senator ted cruz is taking aim at the new hampshire front runner in the democratic primary race. the republican gave his remarks to a standing room only meeting in peterborough and a meet and greet in keene. that is where we find shelly walcott with more on that. shelley: huge crowds turned out to sea ted cruz earlier today in peterborough. another large crowd turned out at this restaurant as senator ted cruz tries to earn more
5:33 pm
s primary. ted cruz walked into thunderous applause as he brought his vision for america into focus. ted cruz: my number one priority in the senate and as president' s economic growth. why is that? because economic growth is foundational to everything else. shelley: he took aim at the front runner in the democratic primary, bernie sanders. ted cruz: to all the young people who show up at the bernie sanders rallies, i would just say if you cannot get a job now -- how bad do you think it would be doubling down on this path? as margaret thatcher said, the probable socialism is eventually you run out of other people' s money. shelley: he vowed to destroy isis and touched on a topic that came up during last days debate,
5:34 pm
ted cruz: we have had enough with political correctness, especially in the military. political correctness is dangerous. the idea we would draft our daughters to forcibly bring them into the military and put them in close combat i think is wrong. shelley: senator cruz has no events scheduled tonight. trail tomorrow. shelly walcott, wmur news 9. tom: tonight, republican front runner donald trump is in new hampshire talking to voters about last night debate. jean mackin joins us with what he had to say about big money in the presidential race. jean mackin: donald trump talked to a rally at plymouth university this afternoon. he told the audience he earned high grades the debate stage last night telling the crowd the winner.
5:35 pm
the crowd he is the only presidential candidate funding his own campaign. donald trump: i am $40 million under budget. isn' t that nice? i am $49 under budget and number one in the polls. a guy like jeb has spent $110 million and is down here. can you imagine that? jean mackin: he told the crowd he wants their vote on tuesday and if they don' t plan to vote for him, don' t vote at all. he plans to hold a primary eve rally at the verizon arena in manchester. jean mackin, wmur news 9. jennifer: republican ben carson was in manchester this morning grabbing breakfast at the airport diner. night' s debate. he says he does not think he got enough time. used the national debate stage to apologize for the rumors his
5:36 pm
dropping out in iowa. tom: carly fiorina throwing a super bowl pregame party in excluded from the big game in politics last night. she is speaking to an overflow crowd of 300 supporters at the yard on mammoth road. about not meeting the criteria s republican debate. gilmore also to not meet the criteria. carly fiorina: he does not have a real campaign. but i have a real campaign. i have leadership teams in 25 states. i am on the ballot in 33 states. i have a real campaign and have beaten people on that stage. tom: carly fiorina also held an event at the cheshire historical society this afternoon. jennifer: jim gilmore right now is making a stop in nashua. late this afternoon, he visited the puppy bowl watch party at
5:37 pm
tonight, he is doing a meet and greet in windham. sunshine is welcome. but it was not quite beach weather. tom: that did not stem from -- stepson from taking a dive in the ocean to raise money for special olympics. jennifer: one of the oldest carnivals in the country kicked off this weekend. we will tell you where, coming up. hayley: a lot of us cracked 40 degrees. it was mild. colder air returning as this storm system moves in.
5:38 pm
tom: a super bowl sunday tradition lives on at hampton beach, and what a beautiful day to run into the icy waters all for a good cause. jennifer: that included our own kevin skarupa and mike haddad. wmur' s suzanne roantree was there and shares the excitement centered around this special olympics event. reporter: for the last 17 years, thousands of people have plunged into the icy atlantic no matter how cold it was. >> little warmer than last year by about a degree. >> cold plus cold equals cold. reporter: between saturdays high school plunge and sunday' s penguin plunge, more than a thousand swimmers facing 42-degree water temperatures raised more than $553,000 for new hampshire special olympics. >> it means everything to me. >> it' s really just to signify everything our athletes go
5:39 pm
and effort they put into their training and competition. everybody that is doing it is just celebrating and that they do. reporter: senator kelly ayotte joined the swimmers as they braced themselves before heading into the atlantic. while the experience is guaranteed to be a chilly one, they keep coming back year after year. >> it' s a fun thing for people to do. it gives them a little bit of bragging rights. >> the weather changes from year to year. this is balmy compared to last year. it was 20-below. >> we are doing it for a great cause. it' s just pretty much all about that. it beyond that, other than jumping in and having a good time. reporter: and when senator kelly ayotte got out of the water, she in political correctness said the water was refreshing. suzanne roantree, wmur news 9. jennifer: the town of newport is hosting its 100th annual winter carnival. the event is one of the oldest of its kind in this country and this year'
5:40 pm
of memories. the festival includes activities like skating, dodge ball, tug-of-war, and even a winter parade. warmer temperatures along the east coast this winter has -- have triggered sap to flow early in maple trees. this has come as a surprise for many maple producers in the granite state not expecting to start their boilers for a few weeks. a third of their yield is normally in by march but if things continue at this pace , those numbers may be changing. new hampshire' s maple weekend is scheduled for march 19 and you 20. can find out more about new hampshire' s maple season and other outdoors news on the "escape outside" section of our website, tom: super bowl 15 minutes away.
5:41 pm
they've all come to look for america all come to look for america all come to look for america i'm bernie sanders,
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tom: we have less than an hour until super bowl 50. excitement continues to grow regarding the big game. jennifer: the high security operations off the field are also getting a lot of attention. abc' s brandi hitt in is santa clara, california with the latest on everything from security to the halftime show to the commercials.
5:43 pm
50 here. excitement building for the ultimate football showdown, between the denver broncos and carolina panthers. at peyton manning is one of the 39, best quarterbacks of all time. the super bowl champ, uncertain, if tonight' s game will be his last. peyton manning i catch myself : being a little more emotional at times. reporter: manning, and the tough broncos defense. take on the nearly undefeated panthers led by 26-year-old cam newton. cam newton: i plan on this being the marquee win we need as a franchise. reporter: off the field all eyes , are on the massive security presence on the ground and in the air. agent david johnson: the f.b.i. is unaware of any significant, credible threats specifically targeting super bowl 50. reporter: and with an estimated 189 million americans expected to tune in - >> i spent all my years believing you. reporter: those famous super bowl ads are also competing for attention. >> richard, are you looking for these? reporter: along with coldplay
5:44 pm
and bruno mars headlining the half time show. chris martin: it' s the biggest honor, the biggest privilege, and so they put their life and soul into it. reporter that same feeling, felt : by the players on the field tonight hoping to win super bowl 50. if you can' t be here, you may be one of the 70 million americans expected to attend a super bowl party consuming some 1.3 billion chicken wings this day alone according to the national , chicken council. brandi hitt, abc news, santa clara, california. announcer: now, meteorologist hayley lapoint and your stormwatch 9 forecast. hayley: a good night for chicken wings. we have clear skies in portsmouth. a few fairweather clouds across the sky. temperatures are starting to get cool. look at where we reached today. 44, manchester. compare that to the average high of 33. everywhere, we were above that today. it was another mild one.
5:45 pm
the way down overnight as usual. but even tomorrow, high temperatures will struggle to get into the mid-20' s. with the storm coming up and cold air in place, it is going to be all snow. no threat for mixing even with temperatures as mild as they are at the moment. 40 in concord. 39 in nashua. 31 in plymouth. below freezing in laconia. as you would expect with any melting throughout the day, there could be black ice in spotty areas. it could be slipped in parking lots and walkways this evening so be careful that. we have completely clear skies. temperatures are going to get cold. a lot of places up north in the teens. 20' s across the rest of the state. all eyes are on this. look at it spinning off the coast of the carolinas. this is going to be a real nor' easter.
5:46 pm
it will have big impacts on us because at the same time it arrives, the cold air will be on us. it will change any rain over to snow easily. here is the full timeline of what you can expect. this is 8:00 tonight. maybe you are traveling for the super bowl parties. there will be a few passing clouds. just patchy black ice you would have to worry about. nothing falling from the sky. tomorrow morning 7:00, you can see a few light snow showers just about reaching the mass pike and boston. not in new hampshire yet. tomorrow morning' s commute will be ok. what' s when we get to noon. light snow starts to creep into southern new hampshire reaching manchester by noon. it starts to move north after that. the heaviest snow will be during the evening commute time and
5:47 pm
good news is it is out of here by 7:00 a.m. on tuesday for primary voters. it might take a while to clean things up in the morning. on and off snow showers tuesday. we will take it compared to that big storm. good timing for the voters. this system moves away and we will have a few scattered snow showers tuesday into wednesday. here is the latest from the national weather service. they have issued a few advisories and warnings. the winter storm warning is for at the coastline where we expect the heaviest snow. coast. the rest of the state is a winter weather advisory for lesser amounts of snow. we are expecting three to five inches for concord into the mount washington valley. lesser amounts of the upper river valley toward littleton. higher amounts, between five to eight inches, in rockingham county and especially of the coastline. overnight tonight, the cold settles in. teens and 20'
5:48 pm
might be a day for an early dismissal. not my call but something to think about with most areas and recess. much colder temperatures late week. next weekend, highs only in the teens. we take a big dip down. tom: next at 5:00, chief willard outdid himself this time. jennifer: check out this video. find out what he busted out the dance moves at the police station this weekend. tom: new poll numbers just out days before the primary. how many granite staters still have not decided who to vote for. jennifer: g.o.p. candidates,
5:49 pm
jennifer: who knew the chief had moves like these? a local nine-year-old loves police officers so chief willard invited him to hold his birthday party at police headquarters. as you can see, everyone got in on the fun, including the chief himself. this is one birthday that will be hard to top.
5:50 pm
even puppies are suiting up and taking the field for the big game. tom: three local pooches are taking part in the 12th annual puppy bowl on animal planet today. ranger, tate, and timber were rescued in san antonio texas and then came to the humane society for greater nashua. puppy bowl officials say ranger is skilled at handling both stuffed and rope toys while timber is relentless while chasing a ball and tate is fiercely competitive when he steps out on the playing field. weather, perhaps animals at the san francisco zoo can tell us who will win tonight' s super bowl. the zooper bowl race pitted a lioness representing the carolina panthers versus a rhino representing the denver broncos. fans watched to see which animal would rip into their football-themed food container first. >> the lions had a time of 1:13 and the rhino had 1:32, so if the zooper bowl prediction is correct, panthers are going to
5:51 pm
tom: zoo officials say the event keeps the animals engaged and hiding their food helps nurture their natural hunting and scavenging habits. jennifer: and it is fun to watch.
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