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tv   World News Now  ABC  February 8, 2016 3:05am-4:30am EST

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polls show that 21% of democratic voters in this state have not yet made up their minds. cecilia vega, abc news, portsmith, new hampshire. >> lumberjack look is in. >> told you. i wore it friday. who wore it bet silver. >> now we know. all the republican candidates are making their last minute push in new hampshire, donald trump, marco rubio feeling the pressure, rubio after his less than cityler performance
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coming in second in the iowa caucuses. speaking to abc's george steven op lis, trump says the u.s. needs to go beyond waterboarding in order to better fight terror groups. >> they chopped off heads snee chop off heads. >> perhaps if that happens to come. >> as for rubio, he tried to downplay saturday night's debate performance in which he repeated the same rehearsed line four times. that performance seemed to halt his momentum, giving new life to the campaigns of christie, bush and kasich. >> north korea facing more condemnation and new sanctions after its latest rocket launch. pyongyang successfully launch aid satellite into orbit yesterday morning. in an emergency meeting, the u.n. security council pledged to adopt a new resolution with significant new sanctions. >> the accelerated development of north korea's nuclear and ballistic missile program poses
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security. to the peace and security not just of north korea's neighbors but the peace and security of the entire world. >> north korea has denied claims that it's testing ballistic missile technology insisting the launches are strictly for peaceful purposes. >> turning to an incredible survival story after a devastating earthquake rocked taiwan over the weekend. a woman was butted from the rubble this morning more than 48 hours after the powerful quake toppled a high-rise apartment building. rescuers say she was shielded by her husband's body. it was a 6 of 48 magnitude quake that claimed at least 36 lives. more than 100 others are believed to be buried in the collapsed building. >> the northeast u.s. is bracing not for a single snowstorm but a series of small ones. one storm brought cold rain and some wet snow to the carolinas yesterday. some schools have delayed openings this morning. they're completely closed in boston and providence.
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>> it could be a messy morning commute. >> the storm moving up the atlantic now. it's one of two i storms accuweather's paul williams is tracking. good morning, paul. >> same to you too, reena, kendis. pressure systems. first of all the initial dip, low pressure creating snow showers along the coast southern new england states. the second helping of low that i was referring to, around the great lakes region and within icy air along with this frontal boundary will bring that opportunity for snow into the region. then there's the icy air that comes in from the north to the south. dropping the real feel to really below zero. well below zero down for sue falls to des moines down towards the st. louis area. you combine that with very strong winds, moving at 50 to 60 miles per hour throughout the bismarck had, minneapolis area. kendis, reena. >> thank you so much. now au nightmare for a florida family who returned home from several months away to find
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>> alicia meddling, her wife and their two kids left to take care of a sick relative. when they got home, they found everything destroyed, everything inside broken or stolen. she says crack pipes and needles littered the floors. even her kids' toys were taken. >> everything metal from inside the house was gone. any type of valuables, a lot of clothing. >> sad part is the family had no insurance. so they lost everything. they have started a go fund me page to try and begin over again. >> some volkswagen diesel owners could be in for a windfall. the head of its claims fund says the automakering will offer generous compensation packages to those whose cars exceed emissions limits. but volkswagen hasn't decided whether owners will be offered cash, repairs or replacement vehicles. the company still awaiting approval from government agencies on this plan. lawmakers in rhode island are introducing two bills this week aimed at legalizing
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similar legislation failed in the past. this time it calls for the governor taupe tax patients and caregivers for the plants they grow. the lawmakers behind the new bill say the burden should be placed on recreational users not patients who need it for medal purposes. >> we learneded last night that penguins are just as good as predicting football games as perhaps groundhogs are with the weather. this is pebbles the prognosticator who assured our tampa affiliate that the panthers would win the super bowl by waddling to the panthers the picture. the star had been right the last three. but not this time. break. much. let this one go. >> got all dressed up and got it wrong. >> sometimes you get into the pressure. >> but we can say that the white house dog got it right.
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bowe yesterday was wearing a did he ever broncos jersey. however, sunny was showing her support for the carolina panthers. no word if bowe gets an extra >> very nice. >> good job there. >> nice jerseys. like them. >> we're going to talk more about the super bowl. party. >> wasn't at my house, because i was here. >> or my party of one at home. >> also ahead, it looked like a good place to park. a frozen lakeshore. the costly lesson drivers just learned. >> later, the super bowl ads that cost $5 million for 30 seconds of your attention. were this year's commercials as good as last year's? >> and tell us what you think on facebook, and twitter @abcwnn or #wnn fans. you're watching "world news now." your heart loves omega-3s. but there's a difference between the omega-3s in fish oil and those
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tt4w`t3n`!d$" entq ddh tt4w`t3n`!d$" gzt& ]c0 tt4w`t3n`!d$" hnt& mm\ tt4w`t3n`!d$" iztq '$$ tt4w`t3n`!d$" jntq 5td tt4w`t3n`!d$" lzt& -98 police in baltimore have made an arrest after this violent hit and run. it was caught on camera. the driver in the minivan was trying to escape a fight in a bar when he rammed into a car. then reversed on to that sidewalk there. seriously injuring a bystander. police acknowledge that the driver was being attacked but they believe he was drunk when he got behind the wheel. well, close call for three kids florida suburban philadelphia. they were rescued after falling through the ice. neighbors who rushed to the scene were able to pull one boy to safety.
3:16 am
used an inflatable boat to rescue the others. they are expected to be fine. >> let's talk about thin ice. it was also a hazard for wisconsin driver who's parked near a lake while they visit aid winter festival. turns out it wasn't a parking lot but the lake itself when they returned they found some of their cars had been moved without anyone behind the wheel. here's abc's gloria riviera. >> reporter: the scene, ended with over a dozen vehicles sinking in the frigid waters of wisconsin's lake geneva. left them in a good spot. >> we saw that people were parked on the iso we said, heck, yeah. let's park on the ice. >> reporter: they did. heading off to a local winter festival. conor long snapped this photo showing car after car in the background tightly packed together. within hours, this -- >> we have vehicles through the lake with no subjects in it. we need manpower. >> reporter: emergency crews, crawling out on thin ice to save cars. at least ten are a total loss. >> they were all parked within
3:17 am
that's a lot of weight for ten inches of ice. >> reporter: safety experts say ice must be 8 to 12 inches thick to hold a car or small pickup. 12 to 15 inches thick for a mid-size truck. but who is measuring? >> the minute you decide to drive a vehicle onto the lake, you are basically rolling the dice. >> reporter: no ice is 100% safe. >> i think it is stupid to park on the ice, now. wouldn't do that again. but, live and learn, right? >> reporter: luckily no one was hurt. gloria riviera, abc news, washington. proof something a florida girl would do. if only florida got -- i guess up in those parts, it's probably normal concept to just say let's just park on the lake. >> i would never do that even if it's like the north pole. >> yeah. the temperatures, by the way were, slightly above 32. >> that terrifies me. terrifies me. >> coming up in our next half
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talk about terrifying. highlights from the big game that only reena can provide. and we really do mean that. >> a segment that cannot be missed, folks. first the other people tuned in. the commercials, how do they rate this year compared to the past and did we see the best ones before the game even started. we'll explain. you're watching "world news
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>> favorite spot in the
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>> comedian kevin hart as the overprotective father in a hyundai commercial. this add titled first date the highest rated on usa au today's add meeter. >> one of many commercials that took on a decidedly more jovial tone compared to last year, which was a sad year for commercials. with a rundown, here's abc's clayton sandell. >> reporter: let's face it, a lot of last year's super bowl commercials were downers. >> i couldn't grow up, because i died from an accident. >> reporter: the super bowl was more like the "bummer bowl." about you, >> puppy monkey baby. >> reporter: advertisers are bringing back happy, singing sheep -- take a look at yourself in a mirror >> reporter: aliens -- >> this simple puzzle was actually considered unsolvable by the humans. >> did they not have brains? >> simple ones. >> reporter: weiner dogs in costume. your face as you were leaving . hollywood hotties. what a man what a man what a mighty good man >> reporter: kids are back, but this time, it's girls getting hairstyle help from their nfl
3:21 am
>> can you put the bow inside the braid? >> reporter: this being an election year, there is politics. >> that's why we're forming the bud light party. >> reporter: but it's a lot more fun. >> today we celebrate our independence day! >> reporter: the kung fu panda even spoofs the old spice guy. >> hello ladies, look at your panda. now look at me. i'm on a tiger. >> reporter: even the serious stuff, like dame helen mirren telling us not to drink and drive is funny. >> if your brain was donated to science, science would return it. >> reporter: so this year -- >> you get a little cranky when you're hungry. >> better? >> much better. >> reporter: even if your team gets you down, advertisers are making sure the commercials won't. clayton sandell, abc news, denver. what was your favorite? >> you know what? i only saw a few of them. i thought the mountain dew with the dancing baby monkey was both disturbing to my brain when i finally slept and kind of fun.
3:22 am
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okay. super bowl theme mix for the most part. >> the why not. >> including a view of levi's stadium. there were so many cameras of levi's stadium in santa clara but nonewith theviewthati'd say astronaut scott kelly had. so he was obviously, he's spending a year in space. and he was having what he pointed out on twitter as the loneliest super bowl party there. just kind of watching it on a small screen tv. all by himself. well, with a couple of friends in the space station. and then his view of levi's
3:26 am
him saying got to see super bowl in person, after all, but at 17,500 miles an hour. it didn't last long. >> oh, whoa. but it's a beautiful view, huh? >> it is a nice view. santa clara. >> do you think they tailgate. >> up there in space? >> yeah. >> probably. >> serious. that would be a fun party to attend. >> some tang-flavored beer. >> yes, that's true. you're right. i bet they do tailgate. >> i didn't know this about the super bowl that even if you are playing in the super bowl, you still have to pay for your family members to go. even if your family member is a newborn. this is britain colquitt with the broncos, he's a punter and he has a 2-week-old newborn daughter. he had to pay $1800 for a seat for his newborn even though his wife nickey on the right, she held the newborn in her lap the whole time. that's the empty seat the newborn didn't even sit in. they still had to fork up the cash.
3:27 am
deprive his child of the game and wanted to make sure all his children were able to attend and the other two kids 40 minutes before kickoff, they were asleep. >> of course. >> you know, his dad made it to -- >> to the stadium. >> no, played in the nfl. >> great. also, by the way, at the stadium, they had a special hot dog. of course, it was the 50th year. gold is the theme. and this was the special gold flaked hot dog that was offered only in the stadium itself. it was only 12 bucks. >> uh-huh. >> and there was actually a chef there that had like the gold flakes. that's where it came from. the container. >> real gold. >> yeah. would flake the gold make on. >> clearly ed be gold. >> edible gold. >> how much was beer? >> about 15 bucks. >> that's really a steal then. >> not bad at all considering a super bowl hot dog. >> i would buy one. if the super bowl was too
3:28 am
option that some people got. fish bowl. the fish bowl. get it?
3:29 am
this morning on "world news now," denver's big win at the super bowl 50 from the celebrations to the most exciting plays and unforgettable moments. we have you covered. >> political challenges, the day before the new hampshire primary, can bernie sanders keep his democratic lead? can donald trump recover from his loss in iowa? >> new this half hour, a message going out this morning from a member of the royal family. >> britain's duchess kate speaking up today about children who need special attention. the cause capturing her attention. >> and later, the british rock
3:30 am
bowl fans, coldplay's colorful performance and the other artists who joined in. that's in "the skinny" on this monday, february 8th. >> announcer: from abc news, in this is "world news now." >> good morning on this monday, post super bowl. >> i'm reena ninan. >> i'm kendis gibson. a lot of people still nursing the hangover from the super bowl. >> it was a big night. >> most people in denver. what did you think of the halftime show? >> i loved it. >> it was pretty fun. good. >> especially great when beyonce and bruno mars got there to rescue it. >> it was fabulous. i love coldplay. i thought they were really good. >> i'm a big fan of coldplay, as well. songs. >> you didn't recognize the songs? >> most of them. >> got to get you some coldplay tunes then. i've met chris martin. >> just to name drop. just picked that up off the floor, many times. but still, you know, we'll get into that a little bit more.
3:31 am
you know, the super bowl, denver, 24-10 victorious over the carolina panthers. this by the way, the broncos, this is the key to it. they were all over qb cam newton, sacking him seven times. >> in fact, the super bowl mvp was linebacker von miller. denver quarterback peyton manning now gets his second super bowl ring but leaves us hanging on his future. with more, here's abc's ryan smith in santa clara. hey, ryan, morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, kendis and reen fla. as you can see, the denver broncos going out in a blaze of glory taking down the carolina panthers tonight in super bowl 50. and right now, all eyes on peyton manning, winning his second super bowl. will he ride off into the sunset? but this game starting with lady gaga bringing down the house for her national anthem. her beautiful rendition set twitter on fire. then the game began. and it started slow. many people favoring carolina in this.
3:32 am
the broncos went to halftime with the lead and the halftime show an epic performance for the ages. coldplay in a dizzying array of colors thrilled the crowd and then bruno mars took the stage clad in black and gold chains dancing to some "jun uptown funk," until beyonce brought the house down premiering her new song getting into a dance-off with bruno mars, a tribute to all the stars past. two final quarters of the game. the broncos holding on, a defensive battle in this one. at the end of the day, the broncos come out on top, people wondering will the into town for one more year or will he ride off into the sunset? kendis, reena. >> thank you ryan. >> i didn't know they called him sheriff. i learn new things from ryan. as soon as the game was over,
3:33 am
police blocked off streets. a victory parade scheduled for tomorrow in denver. and look for more super bowl coverage coming up, a super bowl edition of sports with reena. that's in "the skinny." it's all about the halftime performances and some sports too, don't forget that later this half hour. got to talk football, too. >> duly noted. super bowl viewers in new hampshire and south carolina, they saw former president george w. bush's first public appearance for his brother's presidential campaign. it was a 30-second ad. it cost about $320,000. the money was raised by a super pac that supports jeb bush who has been struggling in the polls recently. bush and the other republican and democratic candidates are in new hampshire today ahead of the state's first in the nation primary tomorrow. so is abc's marci gonzalez who is in manchester. >> reporter: candidates were out hoping to score with voters this super bowl sunday. >> i enjoyed the debate.
3:34 am
plays saturday night on the debate stage. >> let me talk, quiet. >> front-runner donald trump appearing on "this week" standing by some of his most controversial stances. >> as president, you would authorize torture? >> i would absolutely authorize something beyond waterboarding. >> do we win by being more like them? >> yes, i'm sorry. you have to do it that way. >> reporter: marco rubio unapologetic for this. >> let's dispel once and for all this fiction that barack obama doesn't know what he's doing. he knows exactly what he's doing. let's dispel with this fiction. he knows what he's doing. >> there it is, the memorized 25-second speech. >> brushing off criticism from christie and voters. >> marco should have ever been >> leads me toward pushing for >> i'm going to say this every chance i get. barack obama is trying to change america. >> meanwhile, bernie sanders back in new hampshire. following his appearance on "saturday night live." >> hillary clinton here now,
3:35 am
>> thank you, thanks so much. >> reporter: after a stop in flint, michigan to discuss the water crisis there. >> what happened in flint is immoral. >> reporter: and a new poll just out shows the gap between the democrats narrowing with sanders now ahead of clinton here by just seven points. kendis and reena? >> marci, thank you so much. a white chicago police officer suing the estate of a mentally ill black college student after fatally shooting the teen and a 55-year-old neighbor. officer robert rialmo is seeking $10 million in damages saying he was traumatized by the shooting which took place the day after christmas. rialmo claims the actions of 19-year-old quintonio legrier forced him to open fire killing the teen and accidentally killing a grandmother. a cornell university fraternity president charged with trying to rape a fellow student is due in court tomorrow. as he claims his innocence, the school has suspended his fraternity. we get more now from abc's phillip mena.
3:36 am
president of an elite ivy league fraternity is in jail, accused of sexually assaulting a female student on campus. 21-year-old wolfgang ballinger, president of psi upsilon at to police four days after the alleged attack. the college junior, seen here in this youtube video talking about his goals. >> at a young age i was taught to appreciate the value of hard work and especially self-made worth. >> reporter: ballinger, whose father owns a famous new york music club, is charged with three felony counts. >> the speed with which they took this case from the university's purview and brought it into a criminal setting suggests that the prosecution believes they have a strong case. >> reporter: according to court documents, the alleged victim claims ballinger tried forcing himself on to her in his fraternity house bedroom "several times," despite her saying, "i don't want to." in a statement to abc news, ballinger's attorney denies the accusations, saying, "wolfgang ballinger is not guilty of the charges that have been filed against him." cornell university president elizabeth garrett released this
3:37 am
fraternity. "sexual violence has no place at cornell. we will be considering what additional steps should be taken to ensure the greek community at cornell is living up to our institutional standard of others." a sentiment shared by students here on campus. >> it's not representative of us as a community and us as a school. >> wolfgang ballinger remains in county jail awaiting his next court date on tuesday. if i lip men na, abc news, ithaca, new york. >> a royal message of support from britain's duchess kate for children facing mental health challenges. prince william's wife seen in this video speaking to a group of school children. she asked the group if they feel that they can talk to their friends at school and whether the friends are helpful. then she delivers a message to the camera. >> while we cannot always change a child's circumstances, we can give them the tools to cope and to thrive.
3:38 am
learn to manage their emotions and feelings and know when to seek help. >> the duchess is the royal patron of the uk children's charity which provides counseling for children in schools. hundreds of millions of people are celebrating the lunar new year today. huge fireworks display lit up the sky over china's capital to mark the start of the year of the monkey. >> yes, there were also fireworks closer to the ground, and some observed tradition by burning paper money. here in the u.s., facebook founder mark zuckerberg and his wife and daughter wished viewers a happy new year in mandarin. [ speaking foreign language ] >> the zuckerbergs announced they've picked a chinese name for their 2-month-old daughter max. it's chen mingyu. facebook's annual lunar new year
3:39 am
chefs from china. if you were born in the year of the monkey, look at the dates, my girlfriend roni's mother says you have to wear red underwear. like today. the start of the -- yes, you must wear red underwear to protect yourself from the evil spirits out there. >> little did i know. >> yes. >> okay. thank you. >> very important. go buy them. >> thank you. i was ahead of the game. coming up in "the skinny," the lady in red. lady gaga and her version of the bowl. >> also ahead, coldplay's unforgettably colorful performance during halftime and band. we'll have the memorable moments. >> first the frightening scene in london. a bus exploding on a bridge. why there are many people who are angry about this after finding out it was a stunt. england. you're watching "world news now." >> "world news now" weather, brought to you by mucinex sinus max. to you by mucinex sinus max. so how ya doing? enough pressure in here for ya?
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we're getting new details this morning in that plane explosion in somalia that left a hole in the fuselage. authorities say surveillance tape shows two men handing off a laptop to a third man before the flight. they believe the computer was rigged with a bomb which triggered the explosion. the suspect who died was believed to be a member of al shabaab, the terror group. >> a lazy sunday afternoon in london was slattered by a massive explosion and fireball on one of the city's most iconic bridges. >> there was a good reason for the blast but not everyone got the heads up about it. jennifer eccleston explains. >> reporter: an iconic
3:44 am
flames. debris flying into the air. >> oh, my god. >> the scene so realistic, so terrifying, many didn't know what was happening. >> it was quite a drama. >> author sophie kinsella was at a nearby playground playing withler kids. >> i really thought what i was looking at was possibly a major >> reporter: but the explosion on london's lam beth bridge just a stunt for action star jackie chan's new film "the foreigner." nigel huddleston catching it on camera. clearly aware it was staged. the production team sent out this flyer alerting the public, saying, "the explosion is controlled." but not everyone was informed. bringing back memories of the other time a london bus was targeted, the deadly terror attacks in the summer of 2005. some finding the similarity insensitive. city officials reassured the public the explosion was just a
3:45 am
heightened terror fears, even fiction can hit too close to home. jennifer eccleston, abc news, london. terrifying, especially after london bombings that took place years ago. >> a little insensitive indeed. absolutely. >> coming up in "the skinny," the big nonfootball moments from the super bowl. >> including a wrap-up of the halftime show. you're watching "world news
3:46 am
tt2wlr=[hk po j# /ml tt2wlr=[hk p!!*n _m$ tt2wlr=[hk p4!j# )[p tt2wlr=[hk px#*&`:.u$ tt2wlr=[hk pt#j'`::u@ tt2wlr=[hk pt#j)`:15$ tt2wlr=[hk pp#j*`:&.8 tt2wlr=[hk pp#j,`:gtx tt2wlr=[hk pl#*.`:n]t
3:47 am
skinny, so skinny >> hey, let's start "the skinny" like they started the game last night with the national anthem. >> yes, of course, singing the star spangled banner was lady gaga. they came out in a custom cherry red suit with flared leg, trousers. >> loved it. >> this was custom made by gucci, by the way, the designer there. she started out a little slow but let it build to a soaring finish.
3:48 am
the brave >> nailed it. >> chills at the end there as incredible job and getting lots of praise for her stern rendition. >> yeah, very nice. good job for her. next the other highly anticipated performance, the halftime show starring beyonce. >> and featuring coldplay. it's technically the other way around but it didn't turn out that way. the four british lads were cute and all on stage with their colorful display, a kid orchestra, plus a marching band. you make me feel like i'm alive again >> they sounded all right. but that was really just the opener. >> soon enough, bruno mars would arrive injecting much needed
3:49 am
hallelujah, girls. cause uptown funk going to give it to you >> bruno doing sort of like an mc hammer version of "uptown funk," a nod to the bay area's early '90s superstar. >> now that we're all warmed up, it's time for the queen. >> bring it. >> i love her moves. everyone. >> right on. >> try to copy that. >> okay, and many viewers agreeing she should just do the halftime show every year. the show had a lot of nods to the past. her outfit and dancers looking
3:50 am
halftime show. the dancers, the black panthers also marking 50 years this year wearing berets and black leather. >> love the homage. very interesting. they came together at the end for a very moving ending with a colorful message, believe in love. many reading it as a tribute to same sex civil rights. >> there was a pride flag that chris martin had when he reached down into the stands. but all of that was to say that beyonce is going on tour. the formation world tour, the new video that she released on saturday and the formation world tour kicks off in miami april 27th. >> you got to go. >> and beyonce announcing that presaes go on in two days. >> i was wait fog are some sort of announcement. i thought maybe there was a baby announcement of some sort. remember when she did that big baby move? >> world tour. could be almost as good as a baby. >> yes. >> and finally here in "the skinny," the love of family on a big day.
3:51 am
manning's big win. >> little brother eli doing what little brothers do best. when the eldest gets all the attention. oh. >> he didn't really celebrate. >> we also felt for you, bro. but beyonce is going on tour. bro. but beyonce is going on tour. jill and kate use the same dishwasher.
3:52 am
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everyone's life. that's why there's delsym. delsym's advanced time release formula helps silence coughs for a full 12 hours. all night... or all day. well, this should be a good one. the football season has now officially ended. but that mercifully means we still have one more football-filled sports with reena. >> that's right. maybe you ate too much or fell asleep or maybe you watched idea what happened in the game. you're lucky. this is your cheat sheet for the big moments. as the saying goes, it doesn't start until the lady sings. oh, say can you see >> or at least until peyton finishes his gatorade. >> peyton manning. >> well, okay.
3:55 am
the coin toss. joe montana looking more like bro montana for carolina. pumping them up with nice form, too. >> carolina wins the toss. >> finally we have some football. denver hopped on the board first with a field goal. then panthers qb cam newton on his very own 11 yard line gets sacked and stripped by von miller. losing it in the end zone. the broncos bump their lead to ten. but then carolina running back jon stewart reveals he left the dailey show apparently to get his pilot's license. going airborne into the end zone. with some more confidence, the panthers drive again but the party ended with cam man getting canned again right before halftime. a bunch of people come out, do some singing and dancing. enough of that. back to the field. the panthers get the ball
3:56 am
they hope to score with a field goal but graham gano gannot kick it through. the ball bounces off the upright. panthers get another chance. here comes von miller again. with the panthers deflated, c.j. anderson sees the end zone on a two-yard run. with the clock running out, manning and his broncos convert getting two points with the pass to ben fowler. nailing the coffin shut at 24-10. so peyton just won the super bowl. what's he going to do now? >> i'm going to drink a lot of beer tonight. budweiser, von miller's buying. > all right. good thing you're fully hydrated. >> after some gatorade. >> i thought maybe he was going to announce his post career was going to be with gatorade and then he did the budweiser thing. >> yes. so what's your take away from this game? i mean, what does it say? >> the nfl? it says that there's going to be a super bowl next year. i'm very confident of it. around the same time. >> deep thoughts. >> with reena.
3:57 am
good morning. i'm reena ninan. >> and i'm kendis gibson. here are some of the top headlines we're following this morning on "world news now." broncos quarterback peyton manning is getting his second super bowl ring. but give credit to the denver defense for smothering the carolina panthers in the super bowl. the final score, 24-10, full coverage straight ahead. >> survival stories. at least two people were rescued in taiwan this morning two days after a powerful earthquake killed dozens of others. one survivor just pulled from the rubble of a high-rise was shielded by her husband's body. >> a dramatic blast on a london bridge had some onlookers on edge.
3:58 am
actually looks. it turned out to be a stunt for a movie. notices were sent out ahead of the bus explosion, but not everyone got that memo. >> and happy lunar new year. it's now the year of the monkey, celebrated by hundreds of millions of people around the world. there were fireworks, firecrackers and for the first time, new york city schools are closed for the holiday. those are some of our top stories on this monday, february 8. from abc news, this is "world news now." >> happy lunar new year. >> happy monkey. we are the monkey year. >> but you know, it's not actually a good thing. i just realized this. somebody was informing me over the weekend, if your birthday falls on the year of the monkey, actually it's projecting to be a bad year. that's why you've got to do special things. >> okay. good to know. thank you. not so happy birthday monkey folks. the winners of the super bowl, huh? >> there are celebrations all around across denver and beyond.
3:59 am
the denver defense suffocated the carolina panthers who had the best offense in the nfl during the season. panthers quarterback cam newton was sacked seven times and carolina coughed up the ball four times. >> in fact, denver's first touchdown was scored by the defense. the game's mvp was broncos linebacker von miller seen there. but he says the entire squad and his coach agrees. >> they've been doing it all year long. i mean, we kept him contained for the most part. he got out a few times. we played great defense all year long and today was no different. >> very cool. not only did kubiak coach the team to a super bowl but he also went with denver to super bowl, as well. as for cam newton, he took the loss hard. he gave reporters a few short answers and then he walked out of the post-game news conference. come on, man. >> we feel for him. come on, cam. i feel you. don't worry.
4:00 am
he's coming back next year, right? >> he'll probably be back. >> come on. >> it was a hard moment. i understand, cam. >> stay with abc news for super bowl coverage all morning long. we're going to take you live to california later on "america this morning" and on "good morning america." the big game in politics met for a brief moment last night when donald trump tweeted so far the super bowl is very boring. not nearly as exciting as politics. trump and all the presidential candidates are campaigning today in new hampshire, ahead of the state's primary tomorrow. it's your voice, your vote. and abc's david wright is covering the republicans. >> marcomentum ran smack into chris christie. >> you have not been involved in a consequential decision where you had to be held accountable. you just simply haven't. >> reporter: marco rubio didn't exactly help himself. >> let's dispel with this fiction that barack obama doesn't know what he's doing. >> reporter: by getting stuck in his own talking points. >> this notion that barack obama doesn't know what he's doing it's just not true. >> there it is. >> he knows exactly what he's doing. >> the memorized 25-second speech.
4:01 am
>> reporter: trotting out the same well-practiced line four times. >> he knows what he's doing. >> you're getting pounded for repeating that speech. >> well, look, we raised more money last night in the first hour of that debate than any other debate. >> reporter: rubio did his best to ignore the headlines. >> after last night's debate, oh, you said the same thing three or four times. i'm gonna say it again. >> reporter: but, it was a red flag for some of the voters attending his event. >> he's a young senator just like obama was. i'm not so sure he's ready. more. >> just going for the newest or shiniest thing we did that seven years ago. >> another headline, donald trump practically endorsed torture. >> i'd bring back a hell of a lot worse than waterboarding. they chopped off heads. >> so we're going to chop off heads? >> we're going to do things beyond waterboarding, perhaps if that happens to come. >> trump seemed to enjoy torturing jeb bush. >> how tough is it to take property from an elderly woman. quiet.
4:02 am
you looked like you wanted to deck him. >> shush me, come on, we're running for president. >> have a good time. >> trump was at it again. >> they booed me when i attacked poor, poor jeb bush who brings out his mother because he needed help. no, he needed help. mommy, please come, walk in the snow, mom. >> reporter: the oddest moment of the night, dr. ben carson missing his entrance cue and causing a bit of a traffic jam. the candidates focused on their big game tuesday. and rubio's got to be hoping he didn't fumble too badly. david wright, abc news. >> definitely a fun debate. some 12.5 million people watched that debate saturday night. hillary clinton is back in new hampshire after spending yesterday in flint, michigan. clinton called the water crisis there immoral and urged congress to approve $200 million in emergency aid for the city. back in new hampshire, bill clinton launched an attack on bernie sanders portraying him as
4:03 am
hermetically sealed and dishonest. >> that's a hard word. that's a very hard word. >> just, you know, normal day words. >> s.a.t. shrunk by the way to seven points. latest polls. perhaps more troubling for the sanders campaign since iowa, clinton's favorability ratings have increased to 75%. during a speech in portsmith, sanders barely made mention of clinton, sticking close to his standard speech. boy, tough lesson for drivers in wisconsin who thought that they found the perfect parking spot. problem is they parked on the frozen edge of lake geneva. the ice didn't hold up, it buckled sending more than a dozen cars into that frigid water. emergency crews scrambled to save some of the cars but at least ten of them are a total loss. the cars were empty. thankfully no one was hurt. thin ice also a danger to three kids near philadelphia. they had to be rescued after falling through. neighbors who rushed to the
4:04 am
to safety. rescue teams in cold water gear used an inflatable boat to rescue the others. thankfully, they're expected to be fine. boy, to be one of those mamas. >> winter storm watches and warnings are being posted in the northeast again this morning. >> a snowstorm from the mid atlantic is threatening new england while the midwest is expecting snow and dangerously cold windchills. paul williams is covering it all. morning to you, paul. >> good morning to you too kendis and reena. real feel dropping to 10 below or worse throughout minnesota and actually feeling like single digits to teens all the way down as far as south as kansas city. then strong winds will be a problem. we're looking for isolated power outages, gusty winds with localized white outs.
4:05 am
i-94," i 90, i 80 and i 29. >> in the northeast the jet stream will dip to the south and create opportunities for more snow. kendis, reena. >> thank you so much, paul. and every chipotle restaurant in the country will close for several hours to review food safety. the restaurant has made several changes since then including paid sick leave so that employees will stay at home when they're not feeling well. >> the cdc is apologizing after its latest recommendation about alcohol and pregnancy had many women angry. some saying the advice aimed at protecting unborn children went too far. abc's gloria riviera has the details. >> reporter: women across the country sounding off over the cdc's new guidelines on alcohol and pregnancy. >> it just makes no sense to me. >> are you serious? is this really what you feel comfortable telling your wife, your sister, your daughter. >> reporter: while many women support the cdc's long-standing warning about the dangers of drinking while pregnant, the new guidelines hit a nerve because
4:06 am
professionals to advise a woman to stop drinking if she is trying to get pregnant or not using birth control with sex. outrage exploding on social media. reactionary and sexist. the women we spoke to telling us they can be trusted to make smart, safe choices. >> i do feel they're overstepping their boundary in terms of what a woman can do with their own body. >> this is perhaps the right intention with a very wrong execution. >> reporter: the cdc points out half of all pregnancies in the u.s. are unplanned. many women don't know they are pregnant for several weeks. possibly unintentionally putting their child at risk. the cdc telling abc news, we were sorry some people took offense at our communications. the cdc is standing by its advice which it says was only intended to clearly explain the risks drinking may have on an unborn child. gloria riviera, abc news, washington. >> and a new dad in alabama may be up for father of the year after rushing his pregnant wife
4:07 am
>> talk about danny lowe who couldn't get his wife shawna to the emergency room fast enough. so he had to take matters into his own hands. literally after the couple got pulled over for speeding, he delivered his own son on the side of the highway. >> instead of getting a speeding ticket, he got a helping hand from the state trooper. i'm always amazed at how people are able do this. >> quickly. >> very quickly. but in a car and trying to get there and your nerves. thankfully the baby is just fine. >> yeah. >> coming up, more super bowl coverage including the celebrations in denver. >> also ahead, clearing the clutter out of your home and your life. the big business of getting rid of junk and the difference it can make. >> and the two young women posing as fund-raisers preying on the elderly in a senior citizens home. the consumer alert. you're watching "world news
4:08 am
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a class action lawsuit has been filed against the university of central florida following a data breach that breach involved 63,000 social security numbers belonging to current and former students as well as workers at the orlando campus. the lawsuit alleges ucf may have known about the breach as early as december, 2015. many iphone owners are angry at apple. their iphone 6s have stopped working after an operating system upgrade. they get an error 53 message. apple says it's a security measure. they were repaired by someone other than apple. the scanners often need replacement when the phone is dropped and users who get the error 53 say they've lost all their data. i worry about this. >> i worry about this. >> i just upgraded mine. >> i did not for my very reason. now my e-mails are not working. can't get any of my company e-mails, either that or the
4:12 am
message to me. >> we'll see you at 9:00 a.m. in the front office. >> the search continues this morning for two young women posing as bubbly teens and allegedly preying on retirement homes to make quick catch. >> they've been caught on tape in action. police hope to catch them before they scam even more vulnerable seniors. here's abc's aditi roy. >> reporter: the hunt is on for the two young women in this surveillance video, who police say have scammed residents of at least three retirement homes around houston. with the shake of a hand and a bounce in their step, watch as the women appear to sweet-talk their way into this apartment at the hallmark retirement community. >> they're very smooth. said they were the granddaughter of one of my other residents, so she let them in. >> reporter: the retirement home says the women claimed to be from a nearby high school, collecting money for a band trip. minutes later, they come out of the apartment, with a $250 check, and a victory dance. later, the resident had second thoughts and cancelled the check.
4:13 am
hundreds of dollars from seniors. police, reminding the public, always ask for an i.d., before giving money to solicitors. >> our goal is to get this stopped. we want to protect our residents. >> reporter: photos of the pair, now splashed across the walls of the hallmark, where officials hope the alleged thieves who were caught on camera, will soon be caught for real. aditi roy, abc news, los angeles. horrible. coming up, a championship celebrates overnight. >> and we're going to take you to the streets of denver as they revel in their super bowl win. you're watching "world news
4:14 am
tt2w`tiy %t- bt@q u@ tt2w`tiy %t- "a@q0y$ tt2w`tiy %t- bm@q;r( tt4w`tiy %t-" dztq l'<
4:15 am
tt4w`tiy %t-" gzt& %$$ tt4w`tiy %t-" hnt& 5*h tt4w`tiy %t-" iztq _c0 tt4w`tiy %t-" jntq m3p tt4w`tiy %t-" lzt& u^, what a nice tribute from new york city. the empire state building lit up in broncos colors shortly after it was official. talking about our top story, of course, the denver broncos super bowl victory over the carolina panthers. >> moments after the 24-10 win, broncos fans filled the streets of denver in celebration. take a look at how our denver station kmgh covered it all last night. >> welcome to 7 news.
4:16 am
panthers 24-10. let's get to molly right away to talk about what's happening in denver. >> police in riot gear and keeping a handle on crowds tonight. excitement is building. air tracker 7 was just over downtown denver. crowds have fwiled the -- filled so far we haven't heard of any injuries, just a lot of people flooding downtown. denver 7's mark stewart leads mark, it's pretty crazy on market street tonight. >> okay, molly. 20th and market. take a look into the street. we are just in the shadow of coors field. as you can see, a large crowd has blocked the intersection. police are nearby where i am at least, we haven't seen anyone -- well, there are some officers in tactical gear. but at this point, nothing has been done to break up this crowd. we will be here throughout the night and keep you posted. again, stay away from downtown denver. back to you. >> we are back live at levi stadium, the site of super bowl 50 where the broncos made history tonight.
4:17 am
levi's stadium. so many fans were lucky to be inside including denver 7 reporter marshall. you were talking to some of the fans who got to see everything firsthand. marshall? >> inside those seats where they're now sitting empty, i was able to capture what it's like for the fans like this one in the steve at water jersey. what it's like to sit inside and see a super bowl from one of those seats. >> we won. >> we've told you how expensive it is to go to the super bowl. this is what it looks like if you actually had a chance to buy a seat for an ungodly amount of money. >> the view is pretty bad ass actually. you get to see everything. >> this is our game. >> inside levi's stadium where the beer was 13 bucks and the food was crab, the broncos were well represented. more than half the stadium cheering for the good guys. with the score 3-0, this is what it looked and sounded like when
4:18 am
malik jackson scored. >> whoo-hoo. >> then the broncos kept pounding away much to the liking of denver mayor michael hancock. >> let's go. >> as the field went from football to halftime show -- back to football and day turned into night. broncos fans got nervous, then not so nervous. then this. >> yeah! no. yeah. oh, my god. >> denver broncos, super bowl champions. >> big night for them. >> very big night for them. very cool perspective getting to see it there from their standpoint there. from our affiliate kmgh in denver. i guess they'll be celebrating a whole different sort of bowl in colorado tonight. >> i wonder if the kids get off of school on tuesday.
4:19 am
yeah. >> i liked your bowl joke. >> thank you. >> a little lady gaga action there. >> lady. >> no national anthem will ever be the same. >> no, absolutely not. pump up your look plumpify your lashes with new plumpify mascara a ginormous lash lifting brush boosts lashes to 50 times the volume and lifts lashes up up and away... new plumpify mascara from easy breezy beautiful covergirl r and try new trunaked shadows and liners (coughing) coughing disrupts everyone's life. that's why there's delsym. delsym's advanced time release formula helps silence coughs for a full 12 hours. all night... or all day.
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finally this half hour, the battle against clutter as many as one in four americans have so much junk in their two-car garages there's no room for a car. >> for the actual car. i guess it's become a trend to try to get rid of excess stuff. for some it sounds easier said than done. here's abc's lana zak. >> reporter: it's said humans adore chaos because we seek to produce order in our lives.
4:23 am
two best seller books are by marie condo, a japanese organization guru. according to one estimate, we spend a total of 3700 hours rummaging through include the ker searching for items we've misplaced. >> i have tried hard to have places where things should be. yet it's still where is this, where is that. >> lisa says she struggles to keep up. school papers, actual work stuff all in the same teeny tiny space >> reporter: a message heard again and again. >> i tend to keep other people organized and forget about myself. >> i get too tired. then i don't do anything for like three days. then i look up and my house is a disaster. >> reporter: i enlisted the help of professional organizer amy dobson to teach us her expert secrets. >> if you haven't used it in six months to a year, get rid of it. >> reporter: amy says, the first tip, don't overthink it. sort everything into a keep pile, donate or trash recycle pile.
4:24 am
>> turn your hangers around and that way you can see what you actually wear and what you don't wear. >> reporter: her third tip, design systems with the whole family in mind. one parent couldn't get her kids to put away their laundry. >> they had a lot of bins and they could get the clothes into the bins. they weren't folded but it didn't matter because it wasn't in the living room anymore. >> one of the biggest pitfalls is one when person sets up the organization system and the rest of the family doesn't follow along. so to avoid this, do it together. if you need more motivation, by decluttering your kitchen, you could decrease how much you snacked by up to 44%. lana zak, abc news, des moines. >> so that's how you lose weight. >> i believe it. i read the book. i did a lot from the book. a girlfriend of mine noticed that. >> we have an actual photo of you in your closet. >> but my shoes don't count. shoes are always perfectly organized. >> look at you with your manolo
4:25 am
>> jimmy choo shoes. 'se. >> jimmy choo shoes. se. >> jimmy choo shoes. e.
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