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tv   News 9 Noon  ABC  February 8, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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r i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message, and i ask for your vote. p psean: now at noon, commitment p2016. pthe candidates are out in full pforce today. pwe have team coverage of the pfinal push for votes. pit' s not too late to participate pin the first in the nation rimary. phow you can register to vote. pkevin: the snow is moving in. pwe will give you the latest on pwhat to expect and how the pevening commute is looking. p p>> no one covers new hampshire plike we do. pnow, wmur news 9 at noon. p[captioning performed by the pnational captioning institute, pwhich is responsible for its pcaption content and accuracy. pvisit] perin: we' re following two big pstories this noon, primary eve, pand a winter storm. pcandidates are right now fanned
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ptheir final push for your votes, pas many graite staters remain pundecided about who they' ll cast p-- who they are going to psupport. pand snow that is already pstarting to fall in some parts pof new hampshire, and there is a pmess that is expected for the plinkmen. pgood afternoon to you. pi erin fehlau. pamsean: i' m sean mcdonald. plet' s get started with pmeteorologist kevin skarupa. pkevin: light snow and wind will pbe factors through the evening pnews. pstarting to let up quite a bit ptomorrow morning. pin portsmouth, a little bit of plight snow and that is sticking pwith temperatures down below 20 pdegrees. pthat and the wind will be pfactors through the afternoon. pwinds gusting over 25-30 miles pan hour. pnot everything you are seeing is preaching the ground. pa lot of dry air it initially phas to battle. pin areas from the seacoast to
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pthat snow reach the ground. ptemperatures right now in the pteens and 20' s. pwe will see those temperatures pcontinue to fall a bit as the recipitation continues to come pdown. pwe are looking at those wins, pwhich will gust through the premainder of the afternoon. p30-30 miles an hour -- 30-35 pmiles an hour and potential for pit to be quite slick in a few pareas. pfor more on the totals region by pregion, let' s go to josh judge. pjosh: we have seen the snow pbeginning in some areas of psoutheastern new hampshire in articular and those are the pareas we are looking to see the pmost snow. pletter amounts for the to the pnorthwest. pwe will zoom in and take a look pat what to expect. pthese areas around the mass-new phampshire border, from ortsmouth to the dover areas pand almost manchester, plondonderry area, 5-8 inches. pthis includes over to the west
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pwe are at probably 5-8 inches. pit begins to fall just a little pbut because it is 5-8 inches, a plot of terrain will have to do pwith this. pyou are farther away from the pstorm center so the amounts drop poff just a bit. palso, the air is an drier and pless of the snow can make it pdown in. pit really dries out as it goes pover the mountains and down the pother side. pthat shadowing effect is pexpected to play a main factor pin areas far west of the pconnecticut river valley and arts of northern new hampshire pas well be we will look a closer pminutes. perin: all right, and member that pwhen winter weather hits, you pcan stay tuned to news 9. pup-to-date information and preal-time information about pschool closings and delays at pthe bottom of your screen and pwhen we are not on the air, pdepend on and our wmur
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psean: topping our commitment p2016 coverage, we are hours away pfrom the first in the nation rimary. pwe will have the latest poll pnumbers before you decide who pshould be on the ballot in pnovember. pthe first votes in the state pwill be cast in dixville notch, phart' s location, and millsfield pright at midnight. pat last check 39% of likely pdemocratic voters haven' t made a pdefinitive decision about a pcandidate,and more than half of prepublicans are still deciding, ptoo. p crowd gathered for phillary clinton and manchester pcommunity college. pclinton has a couple of events pscheduled for today and she made pa stop to greet voters and speak pwith them one-on-one. pshe is joined on the trail by pher husband, bill, former resident, and daughter, chelsea pgood primary event will be at palvirne high school in hudson. perin: democrat bernie sanders is pgetting ready for his first
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phis first get out the vote event pwas in it nashua this morning. pcrowd. pcare in america today. pmajor country in this world ptoday that does not guarantee phealth care to all people as all pright -- as a right. pyou are living in a country. perin: sanders has events planned pafternoon. psean: now to the republican prace. pbusinessman donald trump is pjoined on the campaign trail by phis 2 sons. phe kicked off his day at a town phall event at the derry-salem pelks club in salem where he pspoke to a packed house. pduring the event, he talked pabout how his opponents in the p-- are accepting large amounts pof money for their campaigns but phe is not. pmr. trump: i can' t be bought, pand that is what you need, pfolks. pyou need somebody who can' t be pbought. pthere is nobody else in this pwhole deal that is not accepting
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plook at the ads on television. pthere are so many ads. psean: in just a few minutes he pwill hold a town hall in pmanchester, followed by another pin londonderry at 1:30. prally at the verizon wireless pcenter at 7:00. perin: ted cruz just wrapped up phis first event today. pthis was the scene in barrington pthis morning. pturbo cam, where he spoke with otential voters. pcruz has events planned in praymond and manchester this pafternoon. pmarco rubio kicked off his day pwith a tour of bae systems in pwmur' s jennifer crompton was on pthe trail with him today and pcontinues our team coverage. pjennifer: senator marco rubio phas over half a dozen stops on pfirst in the nation primary. phe spoke to employees at defense pmonday morning, where he focused
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phe says the number one job of pgovernment is to keep americans psafe, and then adds his senate precord on defense makes him the pbest candidate to be pcommander-in-chief. psenator rubio: i spent the last pfive years in the u.s. senate pfocused on this issue squarely, pand my role on the intelligence pcommittee, and my role on the pforeign relations committee. pi believe it is the fundamental pobligation of the federal pgovernment. pjennifer: he has stops in boston pand conquer before his final prally tonight back international p . pjennifer crompton, wmur news 9. psean: and it' s another busy day pon the trail for john kasich. phis first stop of the day was pthe plastow public library. pin the next hour, he will make a pevents in merrimack, manchester, pand hooksett. pright now jeb bush is kicking poff a rotary luncheon at the pnashua country club, before he pfinal town hall, tonight at p7:30. pchristie is also making a big pfinal push in new hampshire ptoday.
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pmorning. pright now he is hosting an event pin hampstead, followed by two ptown halls in manchester. perin: right now carly fiorina is pmeeting with voters at the red pblazer restaurant in concord. pthis morning she stopped by pblakes restaurant on south main pstreet in manchester. pfiorina says despite her low pshowing in the polls she has a pground game in place and is pfully funded to carry on. pspeaking to voters, she said pever since she announced her pcandidacy she was counted out pbut she feels her proven pleadership experience makes her pa viable candidate. pms. fiorina: the pundits all pwouldn' pyet you showed up. pand here we are. perin: after her speech, fiorina pwent table the table taking ictures and signing autographs. phas an event planned for 2:30 pthis afternoon in hudson.
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s secretary pof state is expect in high voter pturnout tomorrow. t registered to pvote, it' pyou can register on site ptomorrow. pidentity, age, citizenship, and pwhere you live. pundeclared voters will be pallowed to choose either a pdemocrat or a republican ballot. pbut if you are already pregistered as a democrat or prepublican, it is too late to pand remember, voter i.d. rules pare in effect. pyou' ll find all the registration prules and information on polling psites posted on our website, pthis evening, the candidates pwill make their final pitches to pvoters right here on wmur, pstarting at 5:00. ll visit the pcandidates on the campaign ptrail, followed by a special pedition of "new hampshire pgranite state' s voting ptraditions. pa special show called "setting pthe stage" will air at 10:00
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p, the campaigns. perin: it is hard to believe the rimaries are hours away. psean: coming up, a cornell pfraternity under investigation. pwhat the fraternity' s president p-- why the fraternity' s resident is in a jail cell. perin: fighting the zika virus. pthe new proposal from president pobama to help combat the disease p pkevin: we' re not completely done pwith snow chances. p
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p hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm-hmm let us be lovers, we'll marryr our fortunes together t [ cheering ] i've got some real estatet here in my bag counting the carsp on the new jersey turnpike they've all comer to look for america r all comer to look for america to look for america all come to look for america i'm bernie sanders,
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psean: accusations of attempted prape and sexual assault at an pivy league university. pright now a fraternity president pattacking a female student in pthe frat house. perin: he maintains his pinnocence, but the school has pabc' s elizabeth hur has the platest. pelizabeth: the president of an pelite fraternity at cornell is pseen in this youtube video ptalking about his goals. p>> at a young age i was taught pto appreciate the value of hard pwork and self-made work. pelizabeth: now fighting charges phe sexually assaulted a female pstudent inside his fraternity phouse on campus.
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pdoor and forced himself on to pher after she verbally protested pseveral times. pballinger pleaded not guilty to pfirst-degree attended rate, pfirst-degree criminal sexual pact, first-degree sexual abuse. p>> the speed with which they ptook this case from the puniversity' s perfume and brought pit into a criminal -- puniversity' purview and brought pit into a criminal setting pthey have a strong case. pelizabeth: the college junior pnow sits in jail after psurrendering to police 4 days pafter the alleged attack last psunday. phis lawyer is denying the paccusations, telling abc news " phis innocence will be pestablished at the proper time pand proper place." pballinger is scheduled to face a pjudge tomorrow and the puniversity says it is
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perin: at least four people, pincluding an 8-year-old girl, phave been rescued today from a phigh-rise taiwanese apartment owerful quake. pmore than 100 people are pbelieved to still be under the pstruck during the lunar new psaturday' p38 people. psean: president obama is asking pcongress for $1.8 billion to phelp fight the zika virus. pthe request comes as the world phealth organization calls a ublic health emergency. pthe administration wants the pmoney for emergency response in pthe u.s. and overseas. pit' s also targeted for cdc presearch of the virus. pzika is transmitted by pmosquitoes and is tied to birth pabnormalities in newborns. pthe virus has spread to at least p29 countries. perin: the snow is coming down pand some students are leaving pschool right now early. pkevin: temperatures well below pcomes down. palthough a light snow, it will pwe'
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perin: your forecast after the pbreak, and our u local hot shot. pour very own kevin skarupa and plittle levi. psuzanne roantree having some fun pwith you at the penguin plunge pyesterday. plooks like a little chilly out pthere. pyou can submit your pictures and pvideo, and join the thousands of pu local members, by logging onto
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p hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm-hmm they've all comer to look for america all comer to look for america all comer to look for america
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and i approve this message. p p p>> now, meteorologist kevin pskarupa with your storm watch pnine forecast. pkevin: it has been battling a plot of dry air as we have gone pthrough the morning. pmatter of fact, let me show you pradar. pit usually indicates where the pmoisture is falling from the pcloud, but does not necessarily pmean it is reaching the ground pmight yet. pit is battling dry air and has pbeen doing so in portsmouth. pnotice the temperature, below 20 pdegrees. pthat is sticking on area proadways. pyou get below a certain ptemperature and treating the proadways becomes a lot less peffective. pas it starts to pick up pgradually through the remainder pof the afternoon, we will
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pfarther north you go, central pareas of the state are generally plooking at 1:00 to 3:00 for pcontinuing to progress from pthere. pofficially north of the notches pwaiting until late this pafternoon for the snow to lift pnorthward in your area. pthis is a strong area of low ressure but well offshore but pclose enough and strong enough pthat it is providing light snow pthrough the afternoon and into pthe evening, that will be the pmain push of this. p3/4 of this snowfall from 3:00 pthis afternoon to 1:00 in the plighter version of that as it pquite a bit. pthere is the area of low ressure and it is making its pclosest pass right now but as it pmoves into the north atlantic, pyou get the northeast wind pfeeding the moisture back in our pdirection. pwith the darker shades indicated pessentially across the psoutheastern areas of the state
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pwith a chance for at least pseeing a few snowflakes at the resent time. pa lot of this is serving to pmoisten up the atmosphere, ptrying to reach the ground. pyou have a little bit of time, pand certainly going to a good art of the afternoon north of pthe notches before you see the psnowflakes there. plesser duration, winding down pafter midnight tonight. pyou see what we have to go pthrough as this lifts northward, pand eventually the western edge pcontinues to slide across the pstate overnight tonight. pthat will be what we see out of ptemperatures in the upper teens s. pyou notice that temperatures phave fallen a bit where it has pstarted to snow and that means pwe will have a light, fluffy psnow falling out of this. pdew points are coming back from pbeing below zero. patmosphere at this point. pwith the light, fluffy nature of pthat snow, you have the wind to
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pgus already 35 must our across phigher terrain. pstopping this at 5:00, 6:00 this pevening, a lot of this will have pa tendency to stick, but the pcolder temperatures out there, pit will wind down overnight ptonight, a few passing snow pshowers, but your primary day pshould be all right. pthat is really about it as far pas this system is concerned. plight coating of a few inches by pthe time we get to the evening pcommute. pfor the southern third of the pstate, lesser amounts. pfarther north, general pfive-three inches of regulation. pfluffy nature of this snow will pbe blowing and drifting around pfrom there and then we will pcontinue to see temperatures pwork that way backward. pas a matter of fact, by the time pwe get toward the end of the pweek. pwe will watch a cold front pmaking its way in and that means ptemperatures as high as the pteens for southern new hampshire pby the time you get to next pweek. perin: early tomorrow morning we
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pkevin: i think people will be pdigging out by that point but by pthat time, a couple light snow pshowers left over. psean: coming up after the break,
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p psean: welcome back. pright now every chipotle is pclosed for a food safety pmeeting. perin: the move comes after an pe-coli outbreak at the mexican prestaurant last year. pabout 500 people got sick. pat the meeting, employees will pgo over an updated food safety rogram implemented by the chain pin january. pall chipotle restaurants should pwhile many of us will be pbreaking out the snow shovels ptoday, dozens in a new mexico pused their shovels for something pdifferent. pcompeted in the 37th annual pangel fire shovel race pchampionships.
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psee, on aluminum shovels and priding down a hill trying to get p, the fastest time. pthey go 65 miles per hour. pwe can get kevin or josh to try pmoment. pkevin: if winter continues to pramp up this way, a lot of few pworlds -- viewers will want to psee us -- pnot all of this reaching the pground yet but it continues to pcome down in places and we' re plooking at snowfall to continue pthe remainder of the afternoon. perin: 519 coverage from the pcampaign trail at 5:00.
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we cannot defeat a corrupt political system and fix a rigged economy. but i believe we need p above the obstacles in place and lookr to the american horizon. to a nation where every child can not only dream of going to college, but attend one. where quality healthcare will be a birthright of every citizen. where a good job is not a wish,
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where women receive equal pay and a living wage is paid to all. an americapwhere after a lifetime of labor, there is timep for rest and grandchildren. a nation that defendsrour people and our values, but no longer carriesp so much of that burden alone. i knowrwe can create that america if we listen to our consciencet and our hearts and not to the punditstand the naysayers. r i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message,
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