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tv   News 9 at Five  ABC  February 8, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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@now wmur news 9 at 5:00. @josh: there's much at stake on @the eve of the new hampshire @primary. @plow drivers trying to keep the @road clear as the candidates for @president crisscross the granite @state for what could be the @final time. @good evening, thank you for @joining us, i'm josh mcelveen. @jennifer: i'm jennifer vaughn. @we're just seven hours from the @first votes being cast in new @hampshire. @tonight we have team weather @coverage for you first, @beginning with chief @meteorologist mike haddad. @mike: here we go with the as to. @snow. @in many spots it's light to @moderate, but in some places @nothing falling at all. @take a look at doppler radar. @you're starting to see a few @gaps fill up, between now and @about midnight, 1:00 a.m., the @next five, six, seven, eight, @hours, that's when we'll see @most of the accumulation. @the storm is way out to sea, @coast.
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@north and west. @between now and five or six in @the morning tomorrow, a general @three to five-inch snowfall with @slightly higher amounts the @farther south and east you go @and lesser amounts the farther @to the north and west. @winds will play a factor through @the evening, gusting over 25 to @35, blowing and drifting the @snow around a little, especially @along the coastline. @what happens beyond that later @tonight, tomorrow for the big @primary day? @we'll look at that straight @ahead. @josh: thanks, mike. @it's not just the snow but @flooding causing issues in some @spots. @hampton. @jennifer: road crews are working @overtime to make sure the roads @are clear for primary day. @our coverage continues now with @stephanie woods who is out on @the seacoast tonight. @reporter: i know that the polls @open in just hours. @doesn't care. @road. @this is the hampton river behind @us.
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@about 20 minutes, but you see @how high the water is, it's just @seeping into these people's back @yards. @we did have some serious @flooding earlier today in @seabrook. @brown's restaurant got some @flooding, luckily it didn't go @into the dining area, but they @did have some trouble there. @we heard from sea firefighter @who say that so far they haven't @had to respond to any flooding @incidents, but they are keeping @a watch out for high tide @tonight, just after 11:00. @so coming up the seacoast is @getting slammed right now, and @before the storm is over late @tonight they could see up to @8 inches of snow. @stephanie woods, wmur news 9. @jennifer: you can bet it's a @messy commute tonight, so let's @get a closer look at how the @roads are shaping up right now, @this is 293 north in man kearse. @you rail need to keep your @speeds down tonight.
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@a look at the road home. @p>> yes, that's right, the speeds @have been lowered to 45 miles @per hour on highways south of @concord, so keep that in mind @for your commute home. @just got word of an accident on @93 southbound in bow that just @happened, so that will be a @trouble spot for us. @massachusetts up north not a bad @ride on 93 northbound. @93 south is very busy from @manchester to londonderry. @the ever right turnpike north is @stop and go from twits 10 to 12. @issues on 101 eastbound, two @accidents have things backed up @on the approach to exit 2. @101 west an accident in exeter @at exit 9 has things stop and go @from exit 13. @we also see very heavy volume on @the spaulding turnpike @northbound. @the report being brought to you @by dunkin' donuts, from the wzid @traffic network, i'm peggy @james. @jennifer: commitment 2016, the @final push is under way in new @hampshire. @the candidates for president @pounding the pavement today @trying to drum up that last
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@the first in the nation primary. @josh: the very first votes will @be cast in just under seven @hours at midnight in dixville @notch, mills field and hart's @location, and tonight we have @brand new g.o.p. poll numbers @just in to the newsroom with a @final look at where things stand @before voters head out to make @their decision. @on the republican side of @things, seems a lot of people @are still trying to make up @their minds. @with 31% support, donald trump @heads into the primary election @the clear favorite on the @republican side and that's about @the closest thing you'll find to @a sure thing. @because from there marco rubio, @ted cruz and john kasich are all @within the margin of error, and @then bush fiorina, christie and @carson separated by a mere four @points. @with more than half the likely @republican voters still on the @fence, a lot can happen. @p>> donald trump still on top, he @had a dip last week, recovered @it seems, he's in pretty good @shape, not guaranteed obviously. @but the battle for second place
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@you've got four people who can @finish between second and fifth @place and i don't think anybody @could tell you right now which @one of those people has the best @chance. @josh: many voters still weighing @their choices. @how many democratic voters are @undecided? @we'll look at that at 6:00. @jennifer: now to the democratic @side, both bernie sanders and @hillary clinton are making @several campaign stops in new @snow. @our live team coverage continues @with adam sexton covering the @sanders campaign tonight in @derry. @reporter: bernie sanders has had @multiple rallies across the @state today starting in nashua, @then manchester, he'll be in the @e derry in the next hour or so, @then it's off to durham where @he'll be at u.n.h. @sanders has revamped his stump @speech and is pretty much @sticking to those points. @he's reminding voters that he is @the candidate that represents
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@revolutionary change to the @american political system. @type of outfit, the media and @pundits didn't consider us a @serious candidacy, in fact the @word fringe was used a couple of @times. @reporter: it's a confident @candidate and a exf den campaign @right now, heading toward what @could be an historic primary @victory. @adam sexton, wmur news 9. @josh: hillary clinton is trying @to close that gap in the polls @with just hours until the @primary begins. @and there with her today her @husband, former president bill @clinton and daughter chelsea. @amy coveno is following the @clinton campaign in hudson @tonight. @reporter: hey, josh. @heavy pace for secretary clinton @today, this is her final get out @the vote event, it begins at @alvirne high school in hudson.
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@yesterday that some had to be @turned away, spilling out into @the hallway to watch the clinton @family stump for hillary to a @riled up crowd. @polls show clinton trailing @sanders by double digits. @hillary clinton touched on those @buzz topics for this largely @friendly crowd, health care, @blocking the privatization of @social security and equal pay @for women. @here's what she had to say about @the incoming snowstorm. @p>> i think granite staters are @pretty hardy. @obviously if their roads are @slick people have to be careful. @i hope we'll be able to help @anybody who needs a ride to the @polls to call my campaign, we'll @be happy to get you there and @i've got a great organization @ready to turn out as many voters @as possible. @reporter: at 6:00, more one on @one with secretary clinton. @we talk about those transcripts @of those speeches and what will
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@for now, live in hudson, amy @coveno, wmur news 9. @josh: tonight we're giving the @candidates one final chance to @make their case to new hampshire @voters just ahead of tomorrow's @first in the nation primary. @jennifer: each candidate will @have one minute, and up first @tonight is bernie sanders. @p>> good evening. @and thank you very much for @allowing me to say a few words @this evening. @look, what this campaign is @about is trying to end a corrupt @campaign finance system which @allows billionaires and wall @street and their super pacs to @buy elections. @it's about ending a rigged @economy in which workers in new @hampshire, vermont and all over @this country are working longer @hours for lower wages, wild @almost all new income and wealth @is going to the top 1%. @and it's about ending a broken @criminal justice system in which @kids who get caught with @marijuana get a police record, @but executives on wall street
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@destroy much of our economy, @nothing happens to them. @so what i hope very much in this @campaign, as we can create a @political revolution where @millions of people stand up and @fight back and demand that we @create a government that belongs @to all of us, and not just a @handful of wealthy campaign @contributors. @thank you very much. @josh: thank you, senator, best @of luck to you on primary night. @on the republican side of @things, right now donald trump @is getting ready for a rally in @manchester after a day @crisscrossing the southern part @of the state. @he started at the derry-salem @elks club this morning, then the @londonderryly lions hall. @him. @p>> as much as i love your @people, i could be on a beach, @we could be some place else. @the fact is i love the end
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@going to have a phenomenal @strong powerful rich country @again. @josh: the trump foundation @presented a $100,000 check to @the liberty house in manchester @to benefit homeless veterans, it @part of the money raised during @the debate in iowa which trump @skipped. @jennifer: senator cruz was in @raymond, barrington and @manchester. @shelley walcott is following the @cruz campaign and she's live in @the queen city for us tonight. @shelley: jen, it was a packed @house here at the american @legion sweeney post in @manchester, as the ted cruz @faithful came out out to see their @candidate. @people were elbow to elbow @inside as news media from around @the country and the world came @to hear the senator from texas @speak. @earlier in the day we attended
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@away tavern, that's where i had @the chance to speak one on one @with senator cruz and asked him @how he expects to win over new @england voters. @donald trump is so far ahead of @you here. @you beat him in iowa. @how can you beat him here in new @hampshire? @p>> listen, that's going to be a @question for the voters here in @new hampshire. @but i think the question that @every voter is asking is who can @i trust. @we've seen over and over again @campaign conservatives who talk @a good game, but they haven't @walked the walk. @and i believe what the american @people are looking for is a @consistent conservative, someone @who has been the same yesterday, @today and tomorrow. @reporter: coming up at 6:00 i @ask the senator about how the @rack of evangelical voters in @new hampshire might affect his @chances tomorrow. @that's coming up at 6:00. @for now live in manchester, i'm @shelley walcott, wmur news 9. @josh: joining us now with his @final pitch, chris christie. @jennifer: you have a minute. @p>> thank you. @i want to thank the people of @new hampshire.
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@been thinked to get to know you @and i've let you into by wife @and our children. @we're going to fight for you. @we're going to fight for you in @washington d.c. @we're going to make sure that @the person who is most ready, @most prepared, most mature, to @take on hillary clinton in the @fall, takes on hillary clinton @in the fall. @you watched me on saturday night @in the debate on abc, you saw @that i am the most ready, the @most prepared to take on what @will be a brutal fight this fall @to win back the white house. @but we need to win it back @because we have to lower taxes, @create jobs. @we need to make our country safe @and secure, we need to make sure @that each and every american has @the opportunity to do whatever @is their dream in this country. @i want to be your president @because i am ready to lead this @country, i am ready to make a @difference, and i am ready to @make sure that americans wake up @every morning feeling safe, @secure and ready to be @prosperous. @new hampshire, you've given me
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@i need your vote tomorrow, i @want your vote tomorrow. @but i also want your confidence @and your support. @if you give me that, i promise @you i'll be a president you will @be proud of. @when i get on the stage to take @that oath of office, i'll say @this, four words. @thank you, new hampshire. @jennifer: governor, thank you, @all the best to you tomorrow. @the rest of the candidates will @be joining us throughout the @rest of this hour. @we also invite you to join us @tonight at 7:00 for a special @edition of "chronicle," @featuring some of the granite @state's voting traditions and a @special show called setting the @stage will then air at 10:00. @and that is packed with @everything you need to know @before you go to the polls, that @is then followed by news 9 @tonight at 11:00 with a complete @wrapup of all the campaigns @today. @then ahead at midnight we'll @have live coverage of the first @primary votes cast in dixville @notch. @josh: still ahead tonight, the @final pitches do continue. @jennifer: you're looking live @outside of our manchester
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@about to arrive to make his case @to new hampshire voters. @josh: more live pictures as snow @continues to fall across the @state at the height of the @evening commute. @mike: after snow does fall @tonight, what follows for @primary day tomorrow and beyond, @if we'll see any more snow. @jennifer: will the snow impact @turnout at the polls tomorrow? @voters and candidates weigh in,
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t [ cheering ] i've got some real estatet here in my bag counting the carsp on the new jersey turnpike they've all comer to look for america r [ cheers and applause ] all comer to look for america all comer to look for america all come to look for america i'm bernie sanders,
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` @p>> you're watching wmur news 9 @at 5:00 with jean mackin, josh @mcelveen, mike haddad and jamie @staton with sports. @ @josh: thank you for joining us. @obviously a busy night in new @hampshire, a snowy night as @well. @jennifer: a lot going on. @right now governor john kasich @is prepping for a 6:00 event, in @addition to several that here's @already held today in merrimack, @windham, plaistow, hooksett and @manchester. @josh: live team coverage @continues with suzanne roantree @who is covering the kasich @campaign today. @reporter: yes, this will be the
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@kasich in new hampshire. so far @today he's already had three @town halls in the state. @he started the morning in @plaistow, followed by a stop @this afternoon in windham for a @small business town hall where @he spoke to a standing room only @crowd, trying to separate @himself from the establishment, @referring to him elf as an sinld @kind of guy. @he then moved his campaign to @fidelity investments in @merrimack, here at derry field @country club in manchester crews @are preparing for a town hall @and organizers say the snow @outside won't slow things down @inside. @p>> there is no one running for @president who has a better @understanding or has shown @better judgments on the issues @of national security than i @have. @i've spent the last five years @in the u.s. senate focused on @this issue in my role in the @intelligence committee and @foreign relations committee. @reporter: i think we had a @little screwup there with the
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@heard, but the rally here at the @town hall gets under way at @6:00 tonight. @suzanne roantree, wmur news 9. @josh: thank you. @continuing now our final @pitches, we go to former @virginia governor jim gilmore. @p>> good evening. @thank you very much for the @opportunity to campaign all @across new hampshire over these @past two years, it's been a @great experience. @i want you to know that i think @i'm the right person to earn @your vote in this presidential @campaign. @i'm a former governor of the @state of virginia, former @attorney general, former elected @prosecutor. @i actually am the only veteran @in this race, having served in @the cold war this the united @states army intelligence in @europe. @i was the chairman of the @national commission on homeland @security for this country, and i @was the governor during the 9/11 @attack when actually i became a @war governor and had had to @actually respond to the @challenges that we saw at 9/11. @i want you to know that after @campaigning i'm confident that i @can be the candidate that can @face the challenge that we're
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@north korea and iran. @and also from the radical @islamics who are conducting an @international imril la war @against the united states. @i'm the person that knows we @have to win the war of idea as @military. @we have to rebuild the united @states military, but we have to @stand for american values in the @21st century. @i'm the candidate who @understands from the bottom of @my heart as the only veteran in @the race the challenges that our @veterans are facing and the need @to make sure that -- @i'm the candidate that stand for @second amendment rights as a @member of the board of directors @of the national rifle @association. @with all these credentials i @believe i can meet the @challenges that face the united @states. @thank you very much and i ask @for your vote tomorrow in the @republican primary. @mike: how will the weather play
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@the good news, looks like the as @to that is creating trouble on @area road right now will come to @an en at some point later on @tonight. @take a look at the time lapse @out at the coast today, where it @started off quite breezy, but @just overcast and during the @course of the late morning we @started to see the snow filling @in, and the winds making it seem @even worse. @right now the visibility is cut @down under a mile in some spots, @snow falling at varying @intensities and that will be the @case from now until midnight, @one, two in the morning before @the snow lifts off to the north @and east. @we're not going to get clobbered @with a lot of snow here. @but having said that, all it @takes is what's falling right @now to make the roads really @slick, and in some cases it's @tough to travel. @so if you have to do so, give @yourself plenty of extra time @between now and early tomorrow @morning. @you'll notice on doppler radar a @few holes beginning to show up @here or there, but then filling @back in. so that means the snow @will fall at varying intense
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@heavy burst that builds in from @the east on and off through the @course of the evening. @lighter snows, northern parts of @new hampshire and the great @north woods and upper valley, @where the winds are coming in @out of the north and northeast, @creates a shadowing effect with @lighter amounts in far northern @and person parts of the state @and the heaviest amounts the @farther south and east you go. @future cast for the rest of the @night, notice the steadiest @filling in during the evening @and then quickly after the @midnight hour that snow races @off to the north and east, just @a scattering of snow showers @left over by daybreak tomorrow, @which again is good news for @those heading out to vote on @primary day tomorrow. @could be a few breaks of sun, @couple secured flurries. @but steady snow is out by later @tonight. @on average a three to five-inch @tally. @then slightly higher amounts @manchester and especially over
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@few spots over half a foot. @but temperatures playing a big @role as well, making the snow @dry and fluffy, which is good @news that's easy to push around, @bad news that it sticks to the @roads easily and that makes it @slick right through the early @morning. @some wind gusts 10 to 20 miles @per hour. @overnight the winds will go @lighter and that means the wind @will not be a big issue for the @morning commute tomorrow. @the issue right now with the @winds, driving the wave action @up, high tide kicks in during @the late part of the evening and @between nine tonight and one in @the morning and again tomorrow @morning at 9:00 through 1:00 in @the afternoon we could see minor @flooding a long the coast, maybe @bordering on moderate flooding @with significant splashover and @also some major beach erosion, @all centered around the time of @the next couple of high tides.
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@look at your forecast for the @day tomorrow. @things are on the up and up by @primary day tuesday. @upper 20's tomorrow, so a little @warmer than today. @a few scattered flurries, but @nothing should get in your way @overnight. @wednesday could be a brief snow @shower. @look at the weekend. @jennifer: thank you, mike. @just ahead, we'll have more
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@presidential they're one ofr the wall street banks p that triggered the financialr meltdown -- goldman sachs. just settled with authorities for their part in the crisis that put seven million out of work and millions out of their homes. how does wall street get away with it? millions in campaign contributions and speaking fees. our economy works for wall street because it's riggedt by wall street. and that's the problem. as long as washington is bought and paid for, we can't build an economy that works for people. sanders: i'm bernie sanders,
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` @josh: right now marco rubio is @preparing for a rally in nashua, @his third event of the day in @that city. @jennifer: jennifer crompton is @live at nashua community college @with more on his campaign today. @reporter: well, florida senator @marco rubio has made six @campaign stops before this final @rally in nashua tonight. @he stopped off in manchester, @pressing the flesh with @potential voters at the puritan @back room, appearing relaxed and @energized as he answered @questions. @before that he spoke to work, at @b.a.e. in nashua citing @experience in defense matters as
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@the next commander in chief. @p>> there is no one running for @president who has a better @understanding or has shown @better judgment on the issues of @national security than i have. @i've spent the last five years @in the u.s. analyst focused on @this issue squarely and my role @on the intelligence committee. @and in my role on the foreign @relations committee. @reporter: rubio says that unlike @the democratic candidates, the @republican field is bloated with @potential presidents and vice @presidents. @josh: thanks. @granite state right now, we'll @tomorrow. @jennifer: and the final pitches @continue, carly fiorina, ted @cruz, donald trump, marco rubio, @jeb bush and john kasich all @joining us to address voters one
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rin the middle of a time when senior poverty is increasing. p republicans and some democrats came up with a brilliant idea for cutting cost-of-livingpadjustments for social security. we said, "it will ber over our dead bodies p if you cut social security." as president,ri will do everything i can to extend the solvencytof social security and expand benefits for peoplerwho desperately need them.
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and i approve this message. ` @josh: now at 5:30, the snow not @enough to stop campaigns from @getting out there to get out the @vote, the efforts under way to @reach voters ahead of tomorrow's @primary.
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@in many parts of the granite @state, how much more to expect @and when it begins to move out. @jennifer: and it's one last @chance for the candidates to get @their message straight to you, @their final pitches live from @right here in our studios. @p>> no one covers new hampshire @like we do. @now wmur news 9 at 5:30. @jennifer: first at 5:30, a @powerful storm is making a mess @in parts of the state. @here's a look at live pictures @at the seacoast now, it's not @just snow out there but the @splashover from high tide is @creating problems. @josh: weather coverage continues @from mike haddad. @mike: we're tracking snow right @now, the primary concern on area @roads. @it doesn't take a whole lot, and @this is not going to be a @blockbuster storm, but a few @inches will fall in many spots. @notice on doppler radar there's @a lot of blue, indicating steady @fall falling at the rate of a @half inch to possibly later this @evening an inch per hour.
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@morning a general three to @five-inch snowfall from the @mount washington valley south to @the monadnock region, slightly @higher amounts along the coast. @wild have more in a little bit. @josh: thanks, mike. @back now to commitment 2016, @today's snow not enough to keep @the campaigns from getting out @their vote. @volunteers still going door to @door to encourage granite @staters to head to the polls @during tomorrow's first in the @nation primary. @of course the first votes will @be cast at midnight in dixville @notch, hart's location and @middle field until just under @seven hours. @we'll have live coverage from @dixville notch when that @happens. @jennifer: in the meantime the @candidates continue to make the @rounds across the state, @including republican carly @fiorina. @heather hamel has more. @reporter: fiorina told voters @today that she's confident that @her drive and proven leadership @record is exactly what the @country needs. @fiorina was out bright and early @in manchester, she held a
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@at blake's restaurant and @thanked new hampshire residents @for their support and all the @events they've showed up to. @fiorina says it's the reason @she's come this far and despite @her lower showing in the polls @she says she has a strong ground @game, the right organization and @the funds to move forward. @fiorina didn't let the as to @bother her. @she continued to campaign @throughout the day, made another @restaurant stop in concord and @will ahave a town hall this @evening in the capital as well. @heather hamel, wmur news 9. @josh: joining us now to make her @final pitch to new hampshire @voters is carly fiorina. @jennifer: lowell, you have one @minute. @p>> thank you. @i started out as a secretary and @became a chief exec any of the @most relentlessly competitive @industry in the world, @technology. @i've produced results, solved @festering problems, challenged @the system and led all my life. @that's what we need the the oval @office now, a leader who will @challenge the system. @because the game is rigged, the @system isn't working for us any @more, too much power is
5:33 pm
@few in washington d.c. and new @york city. @it's why i've laid out my blue @print to take our country back. @i've been accountable my whole @life. @you know i can beat hillary @clinton, but you also know i @will fight for our values, the @character of our nation, and the @sphins of this nation. @elect a president who is @actually created a job, saved a @job, protected a job. @i have more foreign policy @experience than anyone running, @having held the highest @clearances, met for world @leaders, advised the c.i.a., @n.s.a., detectives of defense,. @so citizens, stand with me, @fight with me, vote for me. @we must take our country back. @jennifer: thank you. @also standing by in our studio @now is florida governor jeb @bush. @p>> thank you. @i want to thank the people of @new hampshire. @i've had a chance now over the @last year to listen and learn
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@what i've told you is that i @have a proven record, a record @of accomplishment as governor of @a swing state, the largest swing @state in the country where we @cut taxes, where we went to @triple a bond rating, where we @challenged everything and made @things better for people in @florida. @the government was reduced, but @we led the nation in job growth @seven out of eight years. @i want to take that zeal for @reform and apply it to reform in @d.c. and i have detailed plans @to do that. @i know how to grow our economy @because of my 32 years of @experience in the private sector @and eight years as governor of @florida. @finally we need a person who has @a steady hand as chantedder in @chief, someone who understands @the role of america in the world @is not to be the worlds @policeman but to be the world's @leader so we can get back to the @business of allowing people to @be lifted up again. @i believe i have those skills of @leadership and i ask for your @support. @thank you. @jennifer: governor bush, thank
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@chris christie is preparing for @a town hall in man kearse after @several campaign stops across @the southern part of the state. @kristen carosa is live now where @that town hall starts a @half-hour from now. @reporter: jen, governor christie @will be arriving here in @manchester at st. george church @around 6:00 p.m., and people are @already packing into this area. @this is an event that will @surely draw a crowd, one day @before the primary. @christie held three other town @halls today in hudson, hampstead @and manchester. @in manchester he stopped to @speak with employees at dine. @had star of cake boss was with @him, who just endorsed the @governor. @p>> four years ago a lot of @people wanted me to run for @president and i said no. @the reason i said no was because @i wasn't ready to be president. @i had been governor for a year @and a half, i wasn't ready to be @president of the united states. @but i'm ready now. @i think what we showed you on
5:36 pm
@we ready, we showed you that @others aren't. @reporter: again, governor @christie will be arriving here @at this town hall around @6:00 p.m., we'll have more more @on this event tonight. @josh: jeb bush, you just heard @from him in his final pitch, he @was mingling with voters in @nashua earlier. @and andy joins us now live. @reporter: bush says he feels @good about where his campaign is @but says he doesn't need a win @here and will move on no matter @what happens on tuesday. @the former florida governor @spent his morning at the thash @with a country club speaking to @the local rotary. @he talked about how he believes @washington has broken into two @camps. @p>> this has been the culmination @of a l. hard work and we've got @24 more hours to g. we'll keep
5:37 pm
@but i'm excited about the @progress we've made. @i just sense that the end of @this people are starting to @decide, which is good, and @we're, we seem to be doing well. @reporter: bush continued to @hammer away at donald trump @saying he doesn't have a steady @has been and no experience being @a leader. @jennifer: still ahead, more live r of espresso, milk, uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today. r america runs on dunkin'.
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hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm-hmm they've all comer to look for america all comer to look for america to look for america i'm bernie sanders,
5:39 pm
t oh-oh, oh-oh oh-oh, oh-oh, r oh-oh-oh-ooh, oh p hearts are made for sharing. spread some sweetness r with dunkin' donuts' cookie dough p and brownie batter donuts. heart-shaped happiness too sweet not to share. r america runs on dunkin'.
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` @jennifer: welcome back. @our final pitches continue now @with republican texas senator @ted cruz. @josh: senator, you have one @minute to make your final case @to new hampshire voters. @p>> thank you, josh, it's great @to be with you. @every republican running for @president tells the people of @new hampshire they'll stand up @to washington. @the natural question all of us @should ask is when have you ever @stood up to washington, when @have you taken on not just @democrats by leaders of our own @party. @we just saw a powerful example @of this one week ago. @i was the only major candidate @to run in iowa opposing the @ethanol mandate. @when i did so my two leading oh @point it's, donald trump and @marco rubio, both attacked me @for it, promising more cronyism @and corporate welfare. @the sitting governor told iowa @voters, vote for anybody but @cruz, cruz believes this and.
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5:41 pm
@aattack ads, yet the people of @iowa rose to the occasion. @they valled their children and @their future more than @continuing the cronyism. @our country is in crisis and we @need someone who will stand with @the american people and defend @the bifl rights. @if you want someone to repeal @obamacare, ask someone who has @led the fight for that. @josh: thank you, and best of @luck tomorrow.
5:42 pm
@for the democratic side of the american people can't for ideas that sound good on paper... but will never make it in the real world. the grandmother who has to
5:43 pm
paying for medicine and paying rent... can't wait. the single mom who desperately needs a raise... can't wait. the student with a mountain of debt can't wait. p we can make real progress, r right now for people p and families who need it. p i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. from postal workers to nurses... he's been endorsed for real change: bernie sanders. endorsed by friends of the earth action as "a bold, fearless voice for the planet." the nation endorses bernie saying, "you can trust sanders because he doesn't owe his political career to the financial overlords." the nashua telegraph declares: "he's not beholden to wall street money." the valley news says, "sanders has been genuinely outraged about the treatment of ordinary americans for as long as we can remember." i'm bernie sanders
5:44 pm
` @mike: the snow does continue to @fly across new hampshire as we @hours. @you can see the accumulations @not all that impressive, but @just enough to make the roads @slick out there. @there's good news for tomorrow. @take a look at what's been @happening in market square @today. @the snow moved in during the @late morning and continued into @the early afternoon. @notice dry roads, the pavement @not that bad late morning, but @now it's a whole different ball @game out there with the snow and @slush. @and it will continue at least @through early tomorrow morning. @but good news, by early tomorrow @we're talking the heaviest snow @is out of here and beyond that @time frame it's not all that bad @for primary day tomorrow. @take a look, the snow does
5:45 pm
@it tapers off quickly predawn. @after 3 or 4:00 a.m. the snow is @out of here. @breezy this evening, but the @winds will subside, and the @seasonable temperatures last @into the mid part of the week, @before a true arctic chill fills @in. @saw a couple breaks a while ago @in the merrimack valley through @central portions of @massachusetts, now that steady @snow has taken over possibly a @half inch to an inch per hour @for a couple of hours. @the snow breaks up a little bit @the farther west that you go. @that's all due to the fact that @we have winds north northeast @and that's acting as a shadow in @parts of the upper valley. @but later on tonight no matter @where the storm tracks, and it @be racing neetionward at a good @clip, the back edge will pull @through new hampshire so that by @the predawn hours it lifts on
5:46 pm
@so again the accumulation will @be done after three or four a.m. @but not before the three to five @inches piles up from the mount @washington valley, lakes region, @montgomery and merrimack valley. @during tomorrow afternoon, a few @more scattered flurries can't be @ruled out and the same story on @wed, but not nearly the heaviest @snow that we're seeing out there @right now. @higher amounts southeastern @zones, lesser amounts in the @upper valley. @tomorrow it's just a couple of @widely scattered flurries with @some breaks of sun at times. @temperature wise, lining up on @the cold side, so it's that dry @fluffy snow. @bad news, it's easy to blow @around in the gusty winds. @the good news, it's easy to get @rid are. @so tomorrow we're not talking @about a major effort to clean up @the roads, the plows will take @care of business by early @morning and you should be just @fine to get to the polls @tomorrow for first in the nation @primary. @wind speeds not that bad yet. @but notice along the coast a @little active, 20 to 25 and
5:47 pm
@8:00 are or 9:00 tonight. @tomorrow, take a look, just a @few scattered flurries, maybe a @snow showers on wednesday. @a few flakes early on thursday, @and then the real cold air @builds in, highs only in the @teens by the weekend. @jennifer: thank you, mike. @tonight we've been giving the @candidates a chance to address @new hampshire voters one last @time before they head to the @polls tomorrow. @josh: secretary clinton, the @floor is yours. @p>> thank you so much. @i want to be the president who @snoks down all the barriers that @are holding americans back from @economic inequality to creating @new jobs with riding incomes, @from getting health care finally @affordable and available for @everyone by getting those @prescription drug costs down. @i want to be the commander in @chief who keeps american @families safe at home and keeps @america strong and leading @abroad. @and i'll take on those problems @that keep you up at night, @whether it's mental health or @addiction or alzheimer's or @autism, because i want to be the @president who does all aspects
5:48 pm
@i hope that you will give me the @chance to serve you, so please @tomorrow. @we will make real progress for @everyone. @thank you all so much, new @hampshire. @josh: thank you, secretary @tomorrow. @still ahead tonight, the final @final pitches. @tom: then, we have brand new @numbness the democratic race for @president, where the spread @between the two candidates is @right now. @plus we have live team weather
5:49 pm
@ @jennifer: welcome back. @tonight we're giving the @candidates for president one @final chance to make their case @to new hampshire voters before @they head to the polls tomorrow. @josh: joining us live is senator @marco rubio. @p>> thank you. @it's been a privilege and honor @to be part of this campaign. @a campaign that at the end this @election is not just going to be @a choice between political @parties. @this election is going to be a @referendum on america's @identity. @we have a chance to be greater @than we've ever been, but that's @not the road we're on now. @over the last seven years barack @obama has done tremendous damage @to the united states and now we @must either elect someone that
5:50 pm
@elect someone who will put us on @a new path and that's why i'm @asking for your vote. @if you follow nailt me, i will @unite the republican party and @the conservative missouri, but i @won't just unite it, i'll grow @it. @no candidate gives us a better @chance to defeat hillary clinton @or bernie sanders than i do. @and so tonight i ask you for @your vote so that together we @can do what needs to be done to @leave our children and freest @and most prosperous americans @that ever lived and to make the @century. @thank you and god bless. @josh: time now for our final @pitch of the evening. @jennifer: our final final pitch, @we've had all the candidates @come in and this could be the @last time that they'll be able @to talk directly to the new @hampshire voter before polls @open tomorrow.
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5:51 pm
@wick the microphone, time now to @go to governor john indicates @wick his final pitch. @p>> hi, i'm john kasich. @i've done 106 town hall meetings @and they've been fantastic of @what has me miss age been? @scive solutions, create jobs, @build a stronger defense. @and at the end of the day bring @everybody together and have an @uplifting and positive vision of @america. @that's what i've been all about. @it's what i've been about all of @my career, balancing the federal @budget, providing economic @growth. @economic strength is the key, @reforming defense, building a @strong defense. @and in ohio, of course, @reforming regulations, cutting @taxes, shrinking government, all @for the sake of job creation. @i'm going to take that formula @back to washington where i had @success before and at the same @time i want everybody to know @we're not leaving anybody @behind. @the drug addicted, the working @poor, the drug adicked and the @mentally ill. @we're not going to leave anybody @behind.
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5:52 pm
@friend in the minority @community, because we're always @stronger when we work together. @in the first 100 days, if you @don't have a seat belt, get one. @regulatory reform, tax cuts, @governor restraint in spending, @all that will create a more @prosperous america, and i would @really love to have your vote. @thank you and god bless new @josh: thank you very much, best @of luck to you tomorrow. that @will wrap up this edition of @news 9 at 5:00. @jennifer: more commitment 2016 @coverage straight ahead, see you
5:53 pm
there are those who say we cannot defeat a corrupt political system and fix a rigged economy. but i believe we need to lift our vision p above the obstacles in place and lookr to the american horizon. to a nation where every child can not only dream of going to college, but attend one. where quality healthcare will be a birthright of every citizen. where a good job is not a wish, but a reality. where women receive equal pay and a living wage is paid to all.
5:54 pm
for rest and grandchildren. a nation that defendsrour people and our values, but no longer carriesp so much of that burden alone. i knowrwe can create that america if we listen to our consciencet and our hearts and not to the punditstand the naysayers. r i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message, and i ask for your vote. ` @mike: snow for many and gusty @winds for some as we move @through the night. @plus when the latest storm moves @away.
5:55 pm
@the same crew working to keep @the roads clear also must get @ready for primary voting. @jennifer: plus breaking numbers @in the democratic race for @president, has the race @tightened up? @p>> no one covers new hampshire @like we do. @now wmur news 9 at 6:00. @tom: right now, all eyes of the @nation are on new hampshire, as @eleven candidates who want to be @president are in the final hours @of campaigning before the first @in the nation primary. @adding to the excitement of this @final push, the snow that has @been falling across the great @state of new hampshire tonight. @griffith. @vaughn. @tonight we have breaking @president. @but first we begin with our team @weather coverage, and chief @meteorologist mike haddad. @mike: yes, the snow continues to @fly, this is not going to be a @blockbuster snow tally, but @certainly enough to make it @tough on area roads. @radar right now, the steadiest
5:56 pm
@now and midnight tonight.
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