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tv   News 9 at Six  ABC  February 8, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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@now and midnight tonight. @and the heaviest is lining up @anywhere from the merrimack @valley, points east and north @into the lakes region, where we @could see snowfall rates of @about a half inch to possibly an @inch per hour. @a general three to five-inch @tally from the mount washington @valley, points south and west, @slightly higher amounts @manchester to the coast and @lesser amounts in tupper valley. @wind is playing a factor as @well, out of the north and @northeast, and also the cold @temperatures. @that results in a different @consistency of the snow than @what we had with the last storm. @haley is in manchester with a @look at some of those @temperatures. @hayley, yes, you can really feel @the difference when you step @outside because temperatures @under the teens and 20's. @i can just pick the snow up and @it's that granular, light fluffy @around. @but with the cold temperatures @the the teens and 20's, it will
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@well with the winds. @back to you the the studio. @jennifer: right now this new @coating of snow is making the @ride home difficult for some. @and on the seacoast there was @flooding in hampton and @seabrook. @for a live look at the @conditions, stephanie woods is @live in hampton beach. @reporter: right now the seacoast @is just getting slammed with @snow, in fact all day it's been @relentless. @we're just past low tide right @now, but some water is pooling @into these back yards here. @the worst was just before @11:00 this morning. @to the south, up to six inch @eggs of snow could fall on @nashua. @nashua public works says it @wants to keep all the major @arteries open, and plow trucks @are salting and plowing the @roads. @some plow drivers, however, were @busy today doing double duty, @delivering polling materials @before the worst of the storm @sets in. @here on the seacoast before the
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@see up to eight inch eggs of @snow. @tom: turning our tension to @commitment to 2016 coverage, the @candidates have packed @schedules, while their @supporters are canvassing @neighborhood for any last minute @votes. @jennifer: a big factor tomorrow @could be all of the undecided @voters. @p>> if you're a democrat it just @seems ease yerks obviously we @are two choices, but the @republican side there's so many @of them. @so i think it's more they're @very undecided. @jennifer: the first polls in new @hampshire open at midnight. @our live coverage begins with @josh mcelveen with some breaking @numbness the democratic race. @josh: yes, no matter what @happens tomorrow, the democratic @race has been a remarkable story @here in new hampshire, because @in the last year a little known @senator from vermont is on the @verge of an upset in this state @that few thought was possible. @just hours before the voting
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@energy -- @underdog remains a favorite. @36% say they are still @undecided. @as andy smith points out, much @of sanders' support comes from @the younger electorate, many of @whom are first time voters. @p>> if those people come out in @the kind of numbers we're seeing @in the poll right now, he could @win big, because of the weather, @because of campaign factors, and @people out from their side like @they did in 2008, could it be a @closer race. @josh: with 3s% support, donald @trump heads into the primary @election the clear favorite in @the republican field, and that's @about the closest thing you'll @find to a sure thing, because @from there marco rubio, ted cruz @and john kasich are all within @the margin of error.
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@but with more than half of @likely republican voters still @on the fence, there's lots of @room for movement. @p>> you've got five, our four @people who can finish between @second and fifth place, and i @don't think anybody could tell @you right now which one of those @people has the best chance of @coming out of there. @josh: it's about time to turn to @the numbers that matter, and @it's fair to say that there @could be a surprise or two come @election night. @josh mcelveen, wmur news 9. @tom: senator bernie sanders @going all out in this final full @day of campaigning with a series @of rallies across the state. @live pictures now at pinkerton @academy in derry where the @vermont senator is set to speak @tonight. @sanders also drew big crowds in @manchester and nashua, where he @told support narys unlike last @night's big game in the primary, @everyone can get involved. @p>> we can't afford these @programs because we're going to
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@back into the hands of the -- @[cheers and applause] @tom: we'll have complete @coverage of this final stop @before the polls open beginning @tonight at 10:00. @jennifer: now to hillary @clinton's day on the trail. @she was joined by her husband, @the former president, and their @daughter chelsea. @amy coveno spoke to her one on @one, and amy is live from hudson @now. @reporter: good evening, it is @loud and crowded here in alvirne @high school in hudson. @this final get out the vote @event is still an hour and a @half away @the day started at manchester @community college. @governor hassan and senator @shaheen warmed up the crowd, @followed by bill clinton and @daughter chelsea. @earlier today hillary clinton @talked us with about @trustworthiness and the infamous @e-mails, but she defended her @decision not to release trance
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@p>> i want to be held to the same @standard, i'm a little bit tired @of being held to a different @standard. @i'm happy to release everything, @let everybody else out there @release everything. @reporter: hillary clinton told @news 9 she'll miss new hampshire @after tomorrow's primary is @over, she says she finds the @state warm and welcoming, says @she's made a lot of friends @here. @live in hudson, amy coveno. @tom: how to the republican race @tonight, nine candidates hoping @to get your vote. @right now set up for donald @trump's final rally, this one at @the verizon wireless arena. @he started the day in salem @before stopping by the @londonderry lyons hall. @he said snow couldn't keep him @away today. @p>> we're coming to the end of a @beautiful, beautiful journey. @i hear we're going to do well, @but the snow is out there, what @effect will the snow have, will @it have an effect?
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@we can hand tell snow. @tom: the trump foundation @presented a $# hundred thousand @check to benefit homeless @veterans, we're told it's part @of the money raised during the @skipped iowa debate. @jennifer: ted cruz held a rally @this afternoon, let's go out to @shelley walcott. @shelley: jen, it was standing @room only as people piled boo @this american legion to see and @hear ted cruz. @take a look at this video, it @was really jam packed in there. @people standing elbow to elbow. @earlier we caught up with the @senator from texas in raymond. @his campaign has received @support from strongly @conservative voters and @evangelicals. @but new hampshire doesn't have a @large evangelical community, so @i asked him if he thought that @tomorrow. @p>> we're seeing the old reagan @coalition coming together, so
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@evangelicals and libertarians @and young people all coming @together. @we saw that in iowa a week ago @where we had the largest turnout @in history of the iowa caucuses. @reporter: he says he's hopeful @for a strong showing tomorrow. @tom: happening now, set up for @an event with florida senator @marco rubio who made seven stops @today, starting and ending in @nashua. @that's where jennifer crompton @joins us from, live tonight. @jen? @reporter: tonight senator rubio @will make his final campaign @appearance at a rally here at @nashua community college. @but he did have a busy day. @he hit the puritan pack room in @manchester at lunch time, and @made his pitch to employees of @too. @along the way he was citing his @record saying he spent the last
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@defense on the senate @intelligence and foreign @relations committees. @and on the girls count act, with @a high profile democrat. @p>> i worked with jeanne shaheen @on that, and it basically @leverages u.s. foreign aid tone @sure that when girls -- @when a little girl does not have @a birth certificate, they become @a prime target for human @trafficking. @reporter: the rally set to begin @within the next half-hour. @live in nashua, jennifer @crompton, wmur news 9. @tom: thank you. @our commitment coverage @continues. @coming up next, how the @governors running for president @are spending this primary eve. @and a snowy night across new @hampshire as the latest system @moves through, when the flakes @stop falling plus the rest of @the week ahead.
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@ @mike: there it is, the snow @flying out there at the coast, @in portsmouth visibility cut @down to a mile or less. @we're not going to be measuring @this in feet, but nevertheless a @few inches of snow will continue @to take it very tough on area @roads for traveling right @through the predawn hours. @tomorrow morning the bands of @snow building in from the west. @the actual center for the storm @is way out to sea and it @continues to build away from new @hampshire. @we'll take a look at when the @snow exend the rest of the week, @in a few minutes. @tom: back to our commitment 2016 @coverage now. @jennifer: these are live @pictures of john kasich's 106th @town hall, this one at the derry
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@he started off his day in @plaistow speaking to a standing @room only crowd in wind ham, @where he referred to himself as @an independent kind of guy. @now to live pictures across town @where chris christie will be @holding his own town halle vent @at st. george greek orthodox @church. @you know him, though, that's the @cake -- @he is telling the crowd that he @has the experience to become @president and is ready to win in @new hampshire. @tom: jeb bush was at the nashua @country club speaking at the @rotary luncheon. @the former governor continued to @go after donald trump, saying @this, talking about how @washington has broken into two @camps who don't work together to @solve problems. @jennifer: carly fiorina was @telling voters today that she's
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@proven leadership is what this @country needs. @she held a coffee with carly @event at blake's restaurant @where he thanked new hampshire @residents for their support. @tom: the first polls open in @less than four hours. @we'll carry the midnight votes @all the way through the returns @tomorrow, so join us at 10:00, @we have a special edition of @news 9, it's called setting the @stage for the primary. @live team coverage then @continues at 11:00 and we will @be back live at midnight from @dixville notch for the first @votes tonight. @we got a lot going on. @mike: are you traveling to @dixville? @tom: no. @ray brewer, he's on the road as @we speak. @mike: weather wise we've got the
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p hmm hmm hmm-hmm-hmm-hmm p hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm-hmm let us be lovers, we'll marryr our fortunes together t [ cheering ] here in my bag on the new jersey turnpike they've all comer to look for america r [ cheers and applause ] all comer to look for america all comer to look for america all come to look for america
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and i approve this message. r interested in ris the area of children. everybody in this room is somebody. no matter where they're born,pno matter to whom they are born. every child has a chance god-given potential. i've spent my life fighting for children,
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i'm hillary clinton, tand i have always approved this message. ` @mike: it started off nice and @quiet, as was the case in @warner. @but through the afternoon lower @clouds and boom here comes the @snow. @on average it's a steady light @to moderate snow. but having @said that, there are some bands @that are a little heavier. @as you can see on doppler radar, @the snow is filling in. @and the steadiest that we'll see @during this storm will be from @now up until about the midnight @hour. @for a closer look at where these @heavy bands are lining up and
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@new hampshire, we'll toss it out @to hale lee who is in manchester @with a look at the snow. @hayley: hi, mike. @we've had this steady almost @moderate snow for the last @couple hours here, it's very @lightly accumulating. @it's that very light fluffy @snow. @but that tends to accumulate @quicker. @the radar in southern new @hampshire, these are the areas @that we're most concerned about @for getting the most amounts of @snow. because of that fluff @factor, and the snow coming down @heavier too. @where you see the darker shades @of the blue, those are the bands @of the heavier snow that will be @moving through from time to @time. @so back live in manchester i'd @say we've got an inch or two @here and the road still covered. @cars moving, but definitely a @much slower pace because the @roads are completely snow @covered. @i'm hayley lapoint. @back to you, mike. @mike: thanks. @in terms of timeline for the @snow, we'll be tracking it
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@out of here by later on tonight. @so the steadiest is filling in @right now up until about @midnight, maybe one in the @morning. @then you'll notice the back edge @shortly after midnight or @1:00 a.m. racing off to the @north and east. so that by @daybreak tomorrow, most of @southern new hampshire, maybe @not in the clear, but at least @just overcast skies with a few @scattered flurries. @a few scattered snow showers @northern lakes region into and @through the great north woods. @during the afternoon maybe a @couple breaks of sun, couple of @popup flurries, but nothing like @the steady snow we'll be dealing @hours. @another weak system approach @degrees the west on wednesday. @so a couple of afternoon snow @showers or even a brief snow @squall, then it turns colder by @the tail end of the week. @a general three to five inch @snow tally from the mount @washington valley into the lakes @region, down to about concord. @then from manchester points @south and east, that's where the @heavy bands will likely line up. @and we could see five, six,
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@inches of snow here and lesser @amounts in the upper valley and @western great north woods. @temperatures on the chilly side, @but they'll hold stead foyer the @next couple hours. @lining between 18 and 23. @the winds fairly gusty a few @hours ago, still active on the @coast. @but during the course of the @next several hours the wind will @actually go light, because the @storm is well out to see and @will continue to pull away @during the overnight stretch. @having said that, that storm @well out to see is really @cranking up the wave action, so @near the time of high tide, @between 9:00 this evening and @one in the morning and then @again tomorrow at the time of @high tide, between 9:00 in the @morning and 1:00 in the @afternoon, we could see @flooding, beach erosion and @splashover along the coast, so @keep that in mind if you live @along shore roads. @for the primary tomorrow, snow @will be done falling in many @spots. @early morning 15 to 20. @low to mid 20's midday.
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@when the polls are closing, @upper teens and lower 20's. @snow continues tonight, tapers @off by morning. @a few scattered flurries @tomorrow. @most of them up north early, @could be a popup flurry anywhere @in the afternoon. @wednesday a couple of afternoon @snow showers, notice the trend @in those temperatures, some @arctic air ready to move in by @the tail end of the week and the @weekend. @but road crews should take care @of business. @you can get out to the polls @tomorrow. @tom: sounds good. @p>> a huge basketball game @tonight, number one u. conn,
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@ @jairpz in what turned out to be @perfect timing with the @snowstorm, the u.n.h. basketball @team is having a white out as @they get ready to host the @rivals from u. maine tonight. @wildcats are giving free t-shirt @to the first 500 games. @talk about hoops games, it's @definitely the regular season @matchup of the year in women's @college basketball, number one @u. conn takes on second ranked @south carolina on the road in @columbia. @both teams 22-0 this year, u. @conn won three straight national @championships and nine this @century, no other program has @won more than two. @one day after the primary we can @start talking red sox baseball
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@up wednesday and ship out of @fenway park at noon on @wednesday, how about that. @so the denver broncos super bowl @champs, their defense dominated @the carolina panthers, 24-10. @here's the m.v.p. with his final @press conference. @p>> it was truly a team effort. @if it wasn't for peyton making @the decision thanks he made, so @we could punt the ball and get @the ball back, it was truly a @team efforts. @everybody is used to seeing @peyton go out there and throw @for 35 points a game, but in @year it was truly a team effort. @we all had a percentage in this @super bowl win. @jamie: so football season is @over. @tom: thanks, jamie. @we have everything you need to @fine information about your @polling place and examples what @was the ballots will look like. @jennifer: you can also compare @the candidates on their issues, @read their biographies,
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@chronicle" following "world @news." and join us at 10:00 for
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there are those who say we cannot defeat a corrupt political system and fix a rigged economy. but i believe we need to lift our vision p above the obstacles in place and lookr to the american horizon. to a nation where every child can not only dream of going to college, but attend one. where quality healthcare will be a birthright of every citizen. where a good job is not a wish, but a reality. where women receive equal pay and a living wage is paid to all. an americapwhere after a lifetime of labor, there is timep for rest and grandchildren. a nation that defendsrour people and our values, but no longer carriesp so much of that burden alone. i knowrwe can create that america if we listen to our consciencet and our hearts
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