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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  February 8, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message, and i ask for your vote. p tonight, breaking news here. pa blizzard hits with the pshowdown in new hampshire just phours away now. pabc's powerhouse political team, pout in force tonight. pone-on-one with donald trump. pcan he close the deal here? pone-on-one with marco rubio, pafter taking fire. p>> did you fight from your own plegislation? prepeating his lines on stage. p>> there it is. p>> what he says now. pand hillary clinton in a fierce pbattle with bernie sanders. p the blizzard warnings across pseveral states tonight. pdozens hurt. pwe're tracking two major storms pat this hour. p the cruise ship on its way
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pgusts more than 100 miles an phour. p the zika virus. pand tonight, the cdc moving to pits highest level of alert in presponse to the outbreak. pand now, the question, should pthe u.s. olympic team be ptraveling to rio? p and, peyton manning's pvictory lap. pwill it be his last? pwhat he's saying tonight. pand why the other star, cam pnewton, walked out. p good evening from new phampshire tonight. pthe countdown is on until the pnew hampshire primary. pa major blizzard hitting. pand we have it all covered ptonight. pbut first, the battle playing pout in the middle of the ice and psnow. pfresh off the big republican pdebate right here on abc. pthe candidates are out in full pforce tonight. pnew numbers coming in at this phour. pdonald trump leading the prepublican race, followed by pmarco rubio and ted cruz, pgaining ground right behind pthem, though, ohio 2k3w06 nor pjohn kasich. pdonald trump, trying to seal the pdeal. pwe're one-on-one with him, as pone poll shows 44% of prepublicans here in new
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pchange their minds. pwe also have marco rubio on his pdebate performance, and the pcriticism he kept repeating phimself. pbut abc's jonathan karl leads us poff with mr. trump. p>> reporter: donald trump has a psimple goal in new hampshire -- rove he can win as presidential pcandidate. pyou got a big lead, is any part pof you a little nervous? pi mean, new hampshire voters ptend to be so independent. pchange at the last minute. p>> totally, i mean, you have to pthink that. pwho knows what's going to phappen. pwe have good poll numbers, but i pwould be happy to win by one pvote. pi just want to win. p>> reporter: to win here, trump pis going hard line. pjust look what he said at the pabc news debate about pwaterboarding. p>> mr. trump, you said not only pdoes it work, but you would pbring it back. p>> we have people chopping the pheads off christians. pwe have people chopping the pheads off many other people. pi would bring back waterboarding pand i would bring back a hell of pa lot worse than waterboarding. p>> reporter: trump was hit phardest in the debate by his old
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ptrump for his support of the pgovernment's right to seize rivate property for public use. p>> what donald trump did was use peminent domain to try to take pthe property of an elderly woman pon the strip in atlantic city. pthat is not public purpose. pthat is down right wrong. p>> he wants to be a tough guy. pa lot of times you'll have -- pyou'll have -- and it didn't pwork very well him. p>> how tough it is to take roperty from an elderly woman? p>> let me talk. plet me talk. pquiet. p>> how tough is it? p>> a lot of times -- a lot of ptimes -- p>> reporter: now, trump is pmocking bush. p>> he's a total stiff, jeb bush. phe's like a child, he's like a pspoiled child. phe spent $110 million on a pcampaign and he's nowhere. p>> reporter: bush is now firing pis back. p>> donald trump organizes his pcampaign around disparaging eople. pi think we need a president that pactually believes in the pamerican people. pthat won't push everybody down pto make themselves look good.
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pformer protege, senator pmarco rubio, he was rising fast pin new hampshire, but is now pfacing questions about whether phe has what it takes, after he pbungled this question about his popponents' claims that as a pfirst-term senator, he lacks pexperience. p>> tonight, what are your paccomplishments in the senate pthat demonstrate you are ready pto be president of the united pstates? p>> i'm proud of my service in pbefore that in the florida plegislature. pand let's dispel once and for pall with this fiction that phe knows exactly what he's pdoing. p>> reporter: moments later, that psame sentence, word for word. p>> let's dispel with this pfiction that barack obama pdoesn't know what he's doing. phe knows exactly what he's pdoing. p>> reporter: chris christie ounced. p>> you see, everybody, i want pthe people at home to think pabout this. pthat's what washington, d.c. pdoes. pthe memorized 25-second speech pthat is exactly what his padvisers gave him. p>> reporter: and then, rubio psaid it again a third time. p>> here's the bottom line. pthis notion that barack obama pdoesn't know what he's doing --
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pthere it is. pthe memorized 25-second speech. pthere it is, everybody. p>> well, that's the reason that pthis campaign is so important. p>> reporter: ohio governor pjohn kasich, now on the rise in pnew hampshire, says he sure pisn't scripted. p>> i think people want to know pyou a then authenticity today, more than pthey ever have. p>> and jon karl is with us ptonight. pi want to get back to donald ptrump, telling you tonight he pdoesn't have to win big, if he pwins by just one vote, that will pbe good enough for him? p>> reporter: well, the polls are paccurate, he'll win by a lot pmore than that. phe's led every public poll in pthis state for seven months and pleads the latest by double pdigits. p>> jon karl with us live ptonight. pjon, thank you. p and as you point out, jon, pmany eyes on senator marco rubio pafter saturday night's debate. punder fire, as you saw, on that pstage, from governor jeb bush pand from new jersey governor pchris christie. pcriticizing rubio for what pchristie called a, quote, pmemorized 25-second speech. pas you saw, rubio repeating phimself during that debate. pabc's tom llamas, one-on-one
6:36 pm
pwho were watching. p>> the next president of the punited states of america, marco prubio! p>> reporter: tonight, senator pmarco rubio hoping new hampshire pvoters have short memories. p>> marco! pmarco! p>> reporter: but on the trail ptoday, voters bringing up that pdebate debacle. p>> saturday night, you didn't do ptoo good but i'm still rooting pfor you. p>> i feel good about it. pwe raised a lot of money online. p>> reporter: today, i asked the psenator if he's going to change phis message. p24 hours to go, right? pyou're going to stick to the plines, even those in the debate pthey are criticizing you for? p>> we're not going to change our pmessage the entire campaign. pright up to the general pelection. p>> reporter: you still feel pmomentum? p>> i wish more republicans would psay that? p>> reporter: you still feel pmomentum? p>> absolutely. pwe feel great. pwe really do. p>> reporter: for rubio, the ptiming couldn't be worse. pthe day before the primary, pundecided voters telling me, the pdebate moment stuck with them. p>> i personally didn't think prubio did so well. pi think he kind of got beat up
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p>> reporter: inside rubio's pmanchester headquarters, the psenator pushing volunteers to pkeep making those calls. pthe campaign feels he's knocked pdown, but not knocked out. p>> and tom llamas joins us ptonight from a rubio rally. psome prominent conservatives are pcoming to senator rubio's pdefense tonight. pdavid. prush limbaugh acknowledges the pdebate was not rubio's finest pmoment, but he says the line pthat rubio kept repeating is a pwinning strategy. prush saying that president pobama, quote, executed a plan to ptransform america into something pit was not founded to be. prush says, more republican pcandidates should be saying pthat. pdavid? p>> tom llamas with us here in ptom, thank you. p meantime, on the democratic pside tonight, hillary clinton pand bernie sanders in a fight to pthe fin inhere, as well. pthe new numbers, bernie sanders pwith a double-digit lead. ptomorrow. phillary clinton hoping to at pleast close that gap to single
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pneighboring state, amid new pquestions, did her own psupporters words about women pvoters backfire? pabc's cecilia vega, one-on-one pwith former president bill pclinton tonight. p>> hi, my friend. p>> the hotter this election pgets, the more i wish i were pjust a former president and just pfor a few months, not the spouse pof the next one. pbecause, you know, i have to be pcareful of what i say. p>> reporter: the former resident taking on a new role pin this campaign -- attack dog pin chief. phitting bernie sanders. p>> i mean, when you are making a prevolution, you can't be too pcareful about the facts. p>> reporter: clinton accusing psome sanders' supporters making poffensive comments online. p>> vicious trolling. pand attacks that are literally ptoo profane, often, not to pmention sexist, to repeat. p>> reporter: today, when i asked pabout those charges -- do you pthink the sanders company is laying dirty?
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p>> no, i believe we ought to phave the same rules for peverybody. pand if there is -- and i think pwe should be straightforward and ptransparent about all of this. p>> reporter: bill clinton, not pthe only hillary surrogate on pthe offensive. pformer secretary of state pmadeleine albright playing the pgender card. p>> and just remember -- there's pa special place in hell for pwomen who don't help each other. p>> reporter: today, sanders pfeeling confident. p>> to join with us in making pthat political revolution. phold on, hold on, wait a second! p>> reporter: but he was all plaughs this weekend on "snl." p>> i am so sick of the 1% pgetting this preferential ptreatment. p>> sounds like socialism to me. p>> democratic socialism. p>> what's the difference? p>> huge difference. p>> huge? p>> huge. p>> reporter: david, this is
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pstop before the voting starts, a puniversity crowd expected to be pin the thousands. pthis is exactly who he needs to pshow up torment to push him to pvictory. pdavid? p>> cecilia, thank you. pand we hope everyone at home pwill stay with abc news tomorrow pnight, as results come in here pin the new hampshire primary. pwe will break in live. pand tomorrow, "good morning pamerica" at "world news tonight" pboth live right here, of course, pfrom new hampshire. p in the meantime, we move on pnow to the blizzard tonight. p60 million americans under pwinter weather alerts at this phour. pand we are tracking two storms. pone in the heartland. pthe other, right here in the peast. pblinding snow and ice from new pyork to maine, wrecking havoc on pthe roads. pa dangerous pileup in pconnecticut. pa charter bus flipping. p30 people hurt. psome critical. pa second storm in the midwest, pwhiteout conditions in east pgrand forks, minnesota. pabc's phillip mena tonight on pthe dangerous commute. p>> reporter: connecticut pfirefighters going through that pbus's windshield to reach the
6:41 pm
ptour bus rollover. p>> reporter: the charter bus pcarrying dozens of passengers pfrom new york city to a pconnecticut casino rolling over pin low visibility on icy i-95. p>> we had a little extra kating pto do. pwe had some guardrails that went pthrough the bus. p>> reporter: at least three pcritically injured. pmore than a foot of snow pexpected in parts of new pengland, with winds and waves ummelling the coast. pthose winds gusting above 60 pmiles an hour in nantucket. pflooding beaches and submerging pstreets. pmeanwhile, a second system pcausing white-knuckle driving in pthe heartland. pwhiteout conditions in pminnesota. ptractor trailers off the road in piowa. ptonight, that storm heading peast. pdavid, this is main street here pin plymouth and it is usually acked at this time, but ptonight, it's a virtual ghost ptown. pemergency officials here are purging everyone to stay home as pthe coast braces for more snow. pdavid?
6:42 pm
p let's get right to pmeteorologist rob marciano, ptracking both systems tonight. prob? p>> reporter: david, this storm pis massive. pthe center is well offshore, but pthe wind field so big, it has pbeen cranking all day long. pthat will continue tonight with pmore accumulating snows in new phampshire, but i think for the rimary tomorrow, we're looking pthe roads could be slick. pnew york, dry, baltimore, d.c., hilly, going to see some paccumulating snow with the next pround of energy coming through. pseveral inches of expected. pbig-time cold coming in behind pthis. plook at the wind chills. pminus 14. pchicago. pbehind this. pthe coldest air of the season pdavid? p>> rob marciano, thank you. p there is a major development pthis evening in the zika poutbreak. plate today, the cdc in this pcountry moving to its highest plevel of alert. pand now, a new state of pemergency in florida. pseven counties on alert. pthe president asking for nearly p$2 billion to fight zika here at phome. pnow, new questions, whether the pu.s. olympic athletes should be
6:43 pm
pabc's linsey davis tonight. p>> reporter: tonight, big quells pabout travel to brazil, home to pone of the biggest outbreaks of pthe zika virus. pand the 2016 summer games. pwith the olympics six months paway, and an estimated half pmillion people expected to pattend, the real dilemma is for pthe athletes. p>> it is difficult to give padvice to people who have pdevoted the last x number of pyears training for that. pthe cdc and the n ih could give pthem the facts and the evidence pbased information. p>> reporter: the u.s. olympic pcommittee is advising athletes pto listen to the cdc, while polympic officials in rio are ptrying to downplay the threat. pu.s. soccer's chief medical pofficer tells us, members of the pu.s. women's soccer team, who phave won three consecutive polympic gold medals, are taking pall necessary precautions in pregard to the zika virus. pfor 33-year-old u.s. sprinter pdede trotter, there's no pquestion at all. p>> i don't care what kind of pviruses and stuff come out,
6:44 pm
pabout the zika virus propted the pwhite house to ask congress for p$1.8 billion to help deal with pthe threat. pdavid? p>> linsey, thank you. p now, to the super bowl ptonight. pnearly 112 million americans pwatching last night. pthe third-largest audience in phistory. eyton manning and the broncos pcelebrating their championship ptoday, and what he's now saying, pwill this be his last victory plap? pand cam newton walking out. phere's abc's ryan smith. p>> reporter: peyton manning phoisting the super bowl p50 trophy last night. pas well as his 4-year-old son, pmarshall, who watched his dad pbecome the oldest quarterback pever to win a super bowl. pnow, the question remains -- is pthe 39-year-old manning going to phang it up? phe spoke to robin roberts this pmorning. p>> i'm very much at peace right pnow. pand i think however it works pout, it will work out the way pit's supposed to. p>> reporter: the broncos sacked pcarolina panther quarterback pcam newton seven times, forcing
6:45 pm
pboard. pnewton was a picture of pfrustration, carrying over to phis press conference. p>> i'm done. p>> reporter: walking out before pit was over. eyton manning celebrating his psecond super bowl win here at pdisneyland today, but the other pbig super bowl winner? pbeyonce. p psparking controversy, performing pher new song "formation," with pbackup dancers clad in all black pand berets. pdancing into x formation. psome suggesting a political pmessage. pbut still bringing down the phouse and paying only h o omage to years ast. pryan smith, abc news, anaheim, pcalifornia. p p pwmur p pmonday. pthe american passengers and the pcruise ship nightmare. phit by hurricane-force winds. pimages coming in. pthe ship hit by gusts more than p100 miles per hour. assengers furious with the pcaptain.
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ptonight after the hole blown pthrough that passenger jet. pone passenger pulled from the lane. pnow a piece of surveillance that pcould be a crucial clue. p and a quiz for you at home ptonight. pwhat were the top five super pbowl ads last night? pand the one ad that got our pattention, with its shoutout to pamerican workers. pdid you catch that one? p>> did you find everything okay psir? t and sometimes, i just don't eat thet way i should. tso i drink boost to get the nutritionr that i'm missing. boost completer nutritional drink has 26 essential vitaminst and minerals, including calciumt and vitamin d r to support strong bones and 10 grams of proteinp to help maintain muscle. all with a great taste. i don't plan on slowingr down any time soon. stay strong.r stay active with boost. now try new boost compact and 100 calories. p i tried depend last weekend. p it really made the difference between a morningr around the house p and getting a little exercise. r only depend underwear has new confidence corep technology for fast absorption pand the smooth, comfortable fit of fit-flex protection.
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planned medical or dental procedures. v eliquis treats dvt & pe blood clots. v plus had less major bleeding. both made switching topeliquis right for me. ask your doctor if it'srright for you. p next tonight here, one of pthe world's largest cruise ships procked by hurricane-force winds, pdamaged by huge waves, gusts pmore than 100 miles an hour. pamericans locked in their pcabins. pabc's steve osunsami now on the pship forced to turn around. p>> oh, my god. p>> reporter: this was supposed pto be a relaxing vacation, pand instead, the thousands psailing royal caribbean from new pjersey to the bahamas this pweekend came away with these ictures, saying it looked like pa hurricane. p>> the amount of things were pshifting around our room was a plittle frightening. p>> reporter: families recorded pthe giant crashing waves on
6:49 pm
pfurniture went flying and glass pshattered. pthe captain ordered 4,500 assengers and 1,600 crew pmembers to stay in their rooms pfor hours. pfour people were hurt. pbut not badly. ete aloupis, still onboard ptonight, blames the captain. p>> i really resent the fact that phe put 6,000 people's lives at prisk, taking us into a storm pthat was predicted. p>> reporter: as early as pwednesday, the forecast was for p30-foot waves and near phurricane-force winds. pin a statement today, royal pcaribbean apologized to assengers and turned the ship pback to new jersey. pdue to weather forecasted for pthe next few days. ptonight, the cruiseline is romising passengers a full prefund and more, but their pvacations are ruined. pdavid? p>> steve, thank you. p when we come back here, the pnew headline. pa famous face, about to get into pthe presidential race? pfor the first time, waking in phimself. p also, new developments in pthe midair explosion onboard pthat jet. psurvey lebs video now providing pa major new clue and you will psee it. p and it's believed for the pfirst time, a meteor rite
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p new developments in that pterror attack on a passenger pjet. pnew images this evening from psomalia. pauthorities say showing two men, pat least one believed to be an pairport worker, handing off a pbriefcase to a passenger. pinside, they say, a laptop, prigged with a bomb. pthat bomb, ripping a giant hole pinside the plane. pthe suspected bomber is now pbelieved to have been the assenger whole was ripped from pthe plane. p a 40-year-old man in indiana pkilled in an explosion, reports ptonight it was caused by a small pmeteorite. pif confirmed, it is believed to pbe the first death ever by pmeteorite. p and former new york city pmayor michael bloomberg telling p"the financial times" he is, pquote, looking at all the poptions in running for resident. p when we come back here ptonight, can you guess the top pfive super bowl ads last night? pand did you catch the one about
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p finally tonight here, the pother battle at the super bowl pevery year -- for the best ad. pevery year, americans and their pfavorite super bowl ads. p"usa today" with their ad meter, pnow in its 28th year, ranking pthe top five. pcoming in fifth, hyundai's pryanville after ryan reynolds, pthe toast of the town. pin fourth, doritos, going to the pdogs. p>> what? p>> reporter: in third place, pdoritos again. pdad proving to be a distraction pduring the ultrasound.
6:58 pm
pthe stampede of the weiners for pheinz. pand number one? panother from hyundai. pthe first date. p>> you know, go ahead and take pmy new car. p>> reporter: and their car pfinder, dad never far. pthe movies, the carnival, the pkiss. p>> you messing with the wrong pdaddy! p>> reporter: and, of course, one pof our favorites, weather tech pfloor mats. pthe third year in a row at the psuper bowl, and their made in pamerica message. p>> it's the people. pamerican workers. p>> reporter: after traveling to ptheir factory a year ago, ptonight, telling us, after their pad, web traffic spiking 388%. pjudging their favorite ad, in pthree words. p>> made in america! p>> thank you for watching here pon a monday night. pi'm david muir. pi hope to see you right back phere tomorrow for the new phampshire primary. puntil then, have a good evening. pgood night.
6:59 pm
p hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm-hmm let us be lovers, we'll marryr our fortunes together t [ cheering ] i've got some real estatet here in my bag counting the carsp on the new jersey turnpike they've all comer to look for america r [ cheers and applause ] all comer to look for america all comer to look for america all come to look for america i'm bernie sanders,


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