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tv   World News Now  ABC  February 9, 2016 3:05am-4:30am EST

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doorfor much pcolder weather and more snow
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ptowards the d.c. area, as well pas chicago around the great plakes and dipping around ptennessee. plow possible system, possible pstorm tracks. pwe'll continue to track with pback end scat areaed showers. pthat strong jet will open the pdoor for colder weather for the psoutheast and towards florida. pnortheast, a double dose of low ressure systems producing more psnow. pkendis, reena. p>> paul, thank you. p the white house is asking pcongress for 1.billion to fight pthe zika virus as the state of pemergency expands in florida. pthe money would be used on a pvaccine and other measures to rotect women from the mosquito pborn isis. pwe're six months away from the psummer games in brazil, home to poutbreaks. pu.s. public officials are padvising athletes to get the pfacts from the cdc. pbut for some, there's no
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p>> i don't care what kind of pviruses, we're going to fish pthis one out. p>> the cdc placed its command pcenter on its highest level of palert. pofficials insist there's no need pfor panic. p>> a big move by chipotle aimed pat customer trust. pthe chain closed all restaurants pacross account country for four phours to hold a presentation. pit was broadcast live to p1550,000 employees. pthey urged workers to stay home pwhen they feel sick. pchipotle is trying to recover pfrom a string of outbreaks, pincluding the norovirus. p>> starbucks rolled out its pspecial valentine's day drinks pcalled the molten chocolate ptrio. pspecifically from left to rye phere, they are molten hot pchocolate.
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pthat last offering the latte is pavailable hot or iced. pat least one was impressed pcalling the trio one of the pintroduced in years. p>> it probably burns all your pcalories for a week. p>> you've got to indulge. p>> we've got to test those out. p>> fat tuesday, the last day to arty new orleans before the pstart of lent. p>> the parades have ever been prolling through the streets of pthe big easy for weeks now. ptoday the last few of them will ptake place. pas usual ush, there will be lenty of bead tossing, pcelebrating in the french carry pthe. pall the partying ends at at pmidnight begins with ash sense. p>> you know, what i found pfascinating was the pope came pout and said you don't need to
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pbooze or your cars this year. p>> really? p>> he said you don't have to pfocus on that. pinstead sort of consider the pactivities of the heart this plenten season. pand to treat each other i guess pwith kindness is what he's psaying. p> great. p>> share the. p>> here's what i was going to pgive up for length. p>> you were going to give up -- p>> no, i was going to give up so pbright. pdon't be indifferent, have a pconscious. pyou can boos booze it up and phave a conscious. p>> i'm not sure that was quite phis slogan from the vatican. p>> exactly. pcoming up in the mex," a look pinside beyonce's diggs during pthe super bowl. pwenned for $10,000 a night. atemaning's celebration at pdisneyland and the tough
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phe got tangled in power lines pnear daytona, florida. pfirefighters used a ladder truck pto untangle him and get him to pthe ground. pthe guy was not injured. pcan you imagine? pjust wild. p>> quite scared, i'm sure. eeking of scary situations, one pof the world's largest krus krus pships around yesterday after pwinds. p>> gusts of more than 100 miles er hour. pabc's steve osunsami has the platest. p>> oh, my god. p>> reporter: this was supposed pto be a relaxing vacation, and pinstead, the thousands sailing proyal caribbean from new jersey pto the bahamas this weekend came paway with these pictures, saying pit looked like a hurricane. p>> the amount that things were pshifting around our room was a plittle frightening. p>> reporter: families recorded ptheir cell phones. pfurniture went flying and glass pshattered. assengers and 1,600 crew pmembers to stay in their rooms pfor hours.
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pbadly. ete aloupis, still onboard pblames the captain. p>> i really resent the fact that phe put 6,000 people's lives at prisk, taking us into a storm pthat was predicted. p>> reporter: as early as pwednesday, the forecast was for p30-foot waves and near phurricane-force winds. pin a statement, royal caribbean papologized to assengers and turned the ship pback to new jersey. pdue to weather forecasted for pthe next few days. p>> the cruise line is promising pattentions a full refund and pmore, but their vacations are pruined. psteve osunsami, abc news, port pcanaveral, l. p>> a lot of people were looking pon twitter and told their ship pwas sinking on twitter. pcan you imagine being on the pboat and feeling like it was -- p>> why would you sail with those psort off force winds in your ath? p>> that's a good question. p>> i know it's the third largest pship in the world and it's a pbrand new one. pso it has the latest technology. pbut still.
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pwatch a super bowl. pthe television signals went out. p>> that is the good news. pthe bad part is they were robably throwing up all of pthis. pcoming up, in our next half pshopping. p360 scans, pay as you go, smart pboards with diet info. pthe interactive experience you pwould expect from the pnow. pthe tech innovations improves phow you get your groceries. p>> and peyton manning enjoying phis bowl win but what might he pdo next if he hangs up cletes? pcould budweiser be be in the pmix?
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p the sheriff then retired and pthe paper said two guards were
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p>> a picture of the empire state pbuilding as we listen to the man pin black sing about the sheriff. p>> snow coming down. p>> beautiful picture there, live pone. p>> we're not sure if the sheriff pis retiring from the nfl, but eyton manning is dropping phints. p>> as the star qb enjoys time at pdisneyland, we look back on his pincredible career. pwe're "up all nightline" with pabc's chris connelly. p>> he's the oldest quarterback pever to lead his team to a super pbowl victory. pthe underdog broncos beating cam pnewton's carolina panther. p>> gets pass to fowler. p>> reporter: but was manning's psecond super bowl victory his plast rodeo or just the latest pride in the hall of fame career. p>> i'll take time to reflect. pi want to go his kiss my wife pand my kids. pi want to hug my family. pi'm going to driching a lot of pbudweiser tonight. pi promise you that. p>> manning going. p>> week after week, for 18
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pcolts and then with the broncos. porchestrating the thrilling pmoments that have suspended the psports's popularity. plike the colts super bowl xli pwin in the rain. poff the field, a perennial pitch pman. pfor apapa john's. ptop mastodon. p>> do i really look like this. p>> singing under his breath for pncaawide. p>> i always told my father pcertain players are stars but pcelebrities. p>> even crossing over on p"saturday night live." pshowing a true performers comic pgifts. p>> i'm not saying i have, you pknow what i mean. p>> that cynical peyton a far cry pfrom the boy who idolize his pfather archie manning. p> who is your favorite player? p>> growing up, i had my hero
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p>> peyton would dominate before pbecoming the number one overall ick of the 1998 nfl draft. phe beat teams with his arm and pleg. p>> meticulous presnap routine pearned him the nickname of the psheriff putting up huge numbers peven as his teams somehow felt pshort in the postseason. phis body taking a beating. pfor what threatened to be a pcareer-ending neck injury. p>> the doctors and i have ever pbeen in good constant pcommunication. peverything they're saying was peverything looks good. pthat i'll be cleared and ready pto go. p>> now as he ponders his next pmove, his options abound. p>> you could play one more pseason perhaps with the moving pto los angeles and in desperate pneed of hollywood star power. pand growing evidence over the
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pyou could walk away into the parms of his family, pro pfootball's preeminent passer pgoing along for good. pfor "nightline," i'm chris pconnelly in los angeles. p>> coming up, women silenced pduring the bowl. pwe'll explain. pbls he t v musicx introducing new k-y r touch gel cr me. p for massage and intimacy. pevery touch, gently intensified. pa little touch is all it takes. t k-y touch. jill and kater use the same dishwasher. t same detergent.
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happier still, megared is proven to increase omega-3 levels in 30 days. megared. the difference is easy to absorb. p time for "the mix." pthe oscars have the hash tag i papparently there was a lack of pwomen in the super bowl ad. pmotto looks at the voices and pdreggers and the stars of the pads and found that women had no pvoice in more than 60% of the pcommercials. p>> even steven tyler with all pthat hair. p>> even steven tyler. phe didn't really count though. pthey looked at 25% of the pcommercials had no women at all pcompared to 5% that had no men. p41 of the commercials that pcontained women 56% didn't have pa speaking role. p>> wow.
3:26 am
pthe directors out of 55 were pmale. pthe directors of the pcommercials. p>> wow. p>> good spot, we did see serena pwilliams and abby wambach and pbuddize wiser put out helen pmirren and amy schumer but we pneed to up our game with women pnext year. p>> speaking of the super bowl, pwe saw beyonce's amazing erformance at the halftime show pwhere she performed her new psingle "formation." roof stars are just like us. pthis is where beyonce spent psaturday night. pthis beautiful house and with p270 views of san francisco bay. pguess how she got this house? pan airbnb. p>> stop it. pwho's is this? p>> some lucky person. pit's $10,000 a night. p>> a night? pwhat do you get for that. p>> five bedrooms. pyou get these beautiful views.
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p>> orchard trees. pa cooke. rivacy. p>> fit for a queen. pshe deserves it. pshe nailed it. p well, basketball. p>> your expertise. p>> my expertise. puniversity of rochester pintentionally missed a free pthrow. pyou've got to see this. pit's down to a couple minutes. punder five seconds left. pthe best thing to do is pintentionally mis. pthis never really worked here. pit did work. p>> nice. p>> it's incrediblebly difficult pto do but these folks managed to pmake it happen. p>> good job for the u of r. pwe love our panda. pand from bay to bey, the pnational zoo in d.c., the p6-month-old panda bear went up a pstucking.
3:28 am
p>> mama panda bear came to prescue her to, get bei bei down. pisn't that cute?
3:29 am
p this morning on "world news pnow," primary day in new phampshire. pthe last-minute campaigning and pthe very early votes already pcounted. pwe'll take you live to pmanchester. p>> dire warnings about the zika pvirus. pserious concerns from the cdc pand safety questions for olympic pathletes heading to south pamerica. p>> new this half hour, smarter pshopping at the supermarket. p> technology designed to speed pup checkout and answer questions pabout the food you buy. pa look at the stores of tomorrow ptoday. p>> and later in "the skinny," pfrom group dates to getting pserious "the bachelor." pour senior analyst is here with phis exclusive kiss count.
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p>> announcer: from abc news, pthis is "world news now." p>> good morning. pit is a busy tuesday on this pmorning. pi'm kendis gibson. p>> and i'm reena ninan. pwe begin with the nation's psecond contest in the residential campaign already punder way. p>> yeah. pthree tiny communities in new phampshire opened their polls at pmidnight, including dixville pnotch with just nine registered pvoters. pthe early returns have trump, pkasich and cruz in a three-way ptie. pamong the democrats, sanders is pleading clinton by 28% in an pelection that could be an easy pit is your voice, your vote. pabc's cecile yeah vega who is p>> hey, my friend. p>> reporter: with hillary pher life, her husband, bill, pfeeling the pressure, too. p>> the hotter this election pgets, the more i wish i were pjust a former president, and pjust for a few months, not the pspouse of the next one.
3:31 am
pbe careful what i say. p>> reporter: the former resident taking on a new role pin this campaign -- attack dog pin chief, phitting bernie sanders. p>> i mean, when you're making a prevolution, you can't be too pcareful about the facts. p>> reporter: clinton accusing psome sanders' supporters of pmaking offensive comments online pto female hillary backers. p>> to vicious trolling and pattacks that are literally too rofane often -- not to mention psexist -- to repeat. p>> reporter: when i asked about pthose charges -- do you think pthe sanders campaign is playing pdirty? pafter a long pause, finally an panswer. p>> no, i believe we ought to phave the same rules for peverybody. pand if there is -- and i think pwe should be pstraightforward and transparent pabout all of this. p>> reporter: bill clinton, not pthe only hillary surrogate on pthe offensive. pformer secretary of state pmadeleine albright playing the pgender card. p>> and just remember, there's a pspecial place in hell for women pwho don't help each other.
3:32 am
pconfident. p>> join with us in making that olitical revolution. pthank you all very much. p>> reporter: this is bernie psanders final campaign stop pbefore the voting starts. pa university crowd expected to pbe in the thousands. pthis is exactly the group he pneeds to show up to push him to pvictory. pcecilia vega, abc news, durham, pnew hampshire. p>> you know what's so pfascinating about new hampshire pis the fact that 60% of the eople usually come out and vote pand they're poverwhelmingly independent. pthey can show up to the polls pand vote democrat or republican pit's interesting to see how they pvote. phuge voing bloc so important. p>> by the way, for the prepublicans, donald trump has pheld a strong lead in new phampshire. p>> the undecided voters, what pare they going to do? pmarci gonzalez is live in pmanchester. pmarci, what is trump saying pabout this important race? pwe've got to get his take on pthis. p>> reporter: hi, guys. pgood morning. pdonald trump at his last event plast night gave a speech similar
3:33 am
pinto the iowa caucuses where he ptold people no matter what's pgoing on in your life, how sick pyou are, the terrible situation pyou're dealing with, you have to pget out to vote saying after pcoming in second in iowa here in pnew hampshire, he would be happy pif he wins even by just one pvote. p>> yeah. phe he was saying it doesn't pmatter if your wife is breaking pup with you, cheating on you, pget out and vote today. pbut there's been a back and pforth going on with trump and pjeb bush all today throughout pthe day yesterday on twitter. pwhat's with the war of words? p>> i mean, this has been going pon really heating up over the ast few days. pit really kind of started at the pdebate on saturday night when pthe jeb was going after trump on peminent domain and trump went pafter bush and told him to be pquiet. pso they've been going back and pforth sparring with insults and pall kind of things since then. pand then today on twitter, bush
3:34 am
psaid that trump is a loser, a pliar and a whiner. p>> high school president. p>> abc's marci gonzalez live in pmanchester. pmarci, please clap now. p>> stay with abc news all day pand all evening as our political pteam covers the primary. plook for our wrap-up from new phampshire tomorrow morning on p"world news now."" p>> as wild and contentious as pthe presidential campaign has pbeen, we may need to brace pourselves for even more chaos. pformer new york city mayor pmichael bloomberg confirms to pthe "financial times" that he's pconsidering a run for the resident himself as an pindependent. pthe eighth richest man in pamerica says the current pcampaign is an insult to the pvoters. p>> be interesting to see if he pruns. p the last day of campaigning pbefore the new hampshire primary ptook place during a powerful pstorm that battered all of new pengland. pin connecticut, a tour bus pskidded and crashed on i-95. pmore than 30 people were pinjured, three critically.
3:35 am
pyork city to mohegan sun casino. pmore than a foot of snow felt on psome parts of new england. p meanwhile, a second weather psystem in the upper plains ptriggered blizzard warnings in pseveral states. pwhiteout conditions forced even ptractor-trailers to pull off the proads in minnesota. pseveral inches fell in pwisconsin, as well. pthe storm is moving across the pgreat lakes headed for new pengland and behind it, arctic pair on the way to the east. p in today's forecast, pblustery across a wide area. pmore snow falls on the pnortheast. pup to 7 inches expected, very pcold with more snow in the upper pmidwest. pthe cold snap chills the psoutheast, too. pbut there's record warmth in the pwest. p>> lucky l.a. in the '80s and hoenix, as well. p11 in minneapolis, 60s in both pmiami and seattle. p50s in new orleans for fat ptuesday. p>> some folks trying to escape pthe winter were in for something pelse. pthe cruise ship they were on pdamaged by hurricaneforce winds pin the atlantic. pit's heading backing to its home ort in new jersey.
3:36 am
pfire for allowing the ship to psay despite warnings about a pstorm. pthe ship battered sunday by p40-foot waves and p76-mile-an-hour winds that sent pfurniture flying and forced 4500 assengers into their cabins for phours. proyal caribbean decided not to pcontinue to the bahamas citing pconcern for the comfort of pguests and more bad weather. p president obama is hoping to pstep up battle against the zika pvirus asking congress for p$1.8 billion to use on vaccines pand other measures aimed at rotecting pregnant women from pthe mosquito born virus. pas u.s. athletes decide whether pto take part in the summer polympics in hard hit brazil, the pcdc moved its operation center pto the highest alert center. p>> denver will salute the pbroncos today with a pchampionship parade and a pdowntown town rally. pthe team arrived back home with pthe trophy yesterday. pfans were at the airport to pgreet them and at their practice pfacility, as well where they parrived by bus.
3:37 am
arade route to salute the team pwho will also be honored at an pevent in denver's civic center ark. p>> it seems all but certain that pseattle seahawks running back psmaurn lynch is retiring. pthe guy known as beast mode has layed nine seasons in the nfl. phe's leaning the game ranked psecond among active players with p74 rushing touchdowns. phe's is only 29 years old. pthere's no question his most pfamous quote came at super bowl pmedia day last year. pi'm just here so i won't get pfined. p>> my favorite quote. pthis is a first here on "world pnews now." pwe don't think we've ever done a pstory about a college level pgymnast before. pthis is going viral so we may, pas well. p>> this is sef fina dejesus of pucla. pher floor routine this past pweekend against utah knocked pthem out and had teammates and pfans dancing along with her. p>> her final tumbling pass was pincredible. pwe're not going to try to pdescribe it here. pthe crowd was calling for a
3:38 am
pbut she received a 9.925 from pthe judges. p9.925. pgood going. pi think she deserved a 10 pthough. p>> what had have required her to pget the perfect score. p>> i hesitated for a second. pwhat's the missing factor? pit helped ucla defeat utah. p coming up in "the skinny," pthe group date, the roses. pand who is getting serious "the pbachelor." pour senior analyst is standing pby. p>> also ahead, challenges for pmichael jackson's daughter aris. pthe daily struggle she's faces pand the help she's getting. p> and smarter stores and pspeedier checkouts. pwe're revealing the secrets of pthe supermarket of tomorrow. pyou're watching "world news pnow." human coronavirus... hepati-
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p p (sounds of birds whistling) t v musicx introducing new k-y r touch gel cr me. p for massage and intimacy. pevery touch, gently intensified. pa little touch is all it takes. t
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p>> the canopy of a gas station pnear los angeles collapsing pyesterday, trapping two cars pthat were there filling up. ptwo maintenance workers were on pthe canopy when they noticed pcracks in it. pthat's when it began to pgive way. pone worker scrambled away, the pother rode it down as it fell. phe was slightly injured. pthe gas station is closed. p>> we know being a teenager can pbe hard for anyone. pbut what if your dad was the plate michael jackson, one of the pmost famous humans on the lanet? ptrying to have a normal life can pbe very difficult. p>> michael jackson's teenage pdaughter paris is the one having pa tough time, and she's opening pup about the pressures she's pfacing from fame, including a pstruggle with alcohol. pabc's linsey davis with more. p>> reporter: she's the king of op's only daughter and paris
3:43 am
pthe pressures of fame. pin a now deleted rant on pinstagram, the late michael pjackson's 17-year-old daughter ptells her more than 170,000 pfollowers she's being attacked ponline. psaying that she feels ridiculous pexpectations to respond to pcountless people she doesn't peven know. p leave me alone p>> reporter: while her father paired his frustrations in his p1987 hit "leave me alone," paris pis turning to social media, psaying she faces similar ressures writing, he was ripped pto shreds daily. pi will not let that happen to pme. p>> paris jackson happens to be pthe daughter of possibly the pmost famous pop star who ever plived. pso she's got more pressure than pmost celebrity kids. p>> reporter: while it's unclear pjust what prompted her posts, pthe teenager also hints she's precently had to struggle with paddiction, writing pi'm expected to literally sit pall day.
3:44 am
psince her father's death in 2009 aris has spent time at a ptherapeutic boarding school in putah, recovering from an pattempted suicide in 2013. psomething her grandmother pkatherine jackson discussed with p"60 minutes" australia. p>> i guess she was suffering and pwe didn't know it. p>> reporter: paris now seems to pliken that time in her life to pthe weight of stardom writing, pwhen i was 14, people were psending so much hate to the oint where i was suicidal. padding while she's the only erson in the public eye that pshe knows that responds to pcomments online, apparently pthat's not enough. plinsey davis, abc news, new pyork. p>> people don't realize comments pyou make how hurtful they can be pto someone, especially a pteenager. p>> people are on their couch psending comments on twitter and ptargeted to teenagers. pthat's tough. p>> we wish her the best of luck. p>> coming up, the night "the pbachelor" got serious. pour analyst breaks it all down pfor us.
3:45 am
p"the skinny" up next.
3:46 am
p skinny, so skinny p welcome back, skinny time on pa tuesday morning. pthat means a critical review of plast night's super dramatic
3:47 am
p>> here with the details as panalyst, jack sheehan himself. p>> brought the bouquet this pnight. pentrance thing. pforget about that. pi'm sitting here at the desk, p>> seriously. p>> seriously, no doubt. pfirst some housekeeping. pepisode started with a rose pceremony. pjennifer, she's gone. pthen ben and the nine survivors pwent to the bahamas. pkayla went on a one-on-one date pwith ben. pthey got the rose. pgroup date, ben, the women and a pbunch of pigs. p>> a bunch of pigs? p>> a bunch of pigs that we'll psee in the water. pthere they are. p>> real pigs. p>> yes. pour intern ebony just called it pa really cool group date. pso it must have ever been. pthey were hanging out with them, pthey're feeding them. pthe pigs were rather aggressive. pjo jo i would say had the line
3:48 am
pshe said, "it was like a bar in pdallas. pthere were pigs everywhere." pamanda on the group date gets pthe rose. pthat was leah looking concerned. pleah then goes over to ben's proom to visit. pshe's trying to throw our girl plauren b. under the bus. p>> no, she didn't. pshe's telling ben that lauren b. pisn't the same person as she is pin front of ben. pyou know, in front of the girls. pshe's a different person. pyou get the idea what i'm trying pto say. pben's not having it. pben's like, she's being catty, pshe's not being genuine. pben's like, girl, you got to go. pleah is shown the door. plast chance desperate attempt. pit in british soccer. psee you, leah. pshe is gone. pthe two-on-one date, this was pthe real showdown of the pevening. polivia who everybody still hates pand emily so somebody's going phome. pthey had pretty poor weather. p>> it's a hurricane. pyou get the whole deal.
3:49 am
pon a private island. pwhen it was all said and done, polivia was basically left pbehind. p>> no. p>> yeah. pso basically the world has pmercifully been saved from polivia. pshe was about as upset, olivia pwas about as upset afterwards as pcam newton was after the super pbowl. p>> that upset. p>> that was upset. psee you later. p>> she was the anchorwoman, pright? p>> she was the anchorwoman, who pknows. pbut anyway, thankfully olivia is pgone. pthe rose ceremony, there was no pcocktail party. pben said forget about that. phe said he was emotionally, hysically exhausted. phe felt alone. pcomes down to it, it's the end pof the road for lauren h. pwe're down to only one lauren. pwe've thinned out the crowds of plaurens, only one left. pkiss count, kiss count also preflecting the seriousness of pthe episode last night.
3:50 am
pless than half. pand they'll get at it again next pweek. pthere's six women left, caila, pamanda, emily, beckka, jo jo and pour girl lauren b. p>> all right. p>> analyst out. p>> senior analyst jack sheehan. pthank you, sir, so much. p>> we didn't get to hang out pthat long. pthanks, jack. pso we're going to turn now to psome other "skinny" headlines. pkris jenner mother to the pkardashians and the world's best pmomager. p>> she's taken a lot of heat pover the years for how she put pher family in the public eye. p>> in the new issue of "harper's pbazaar" magazine, she opens up pabout her fame and everything pthat comes with it including pthis photo shoot taken by bad pboy photographer terry prichardson poking fun at her pkardashian lifestyle by posing pas a ringleader of the circus. p>> there was a much more serious pmoment when jenner was asked pabout her serious criticism she psold out her family for fame. ut it up on the screen. pshe responded taking off her
3:51 am
pinterviewer and saying no, i pmade and created a show that my pfamily was all on board with and pwe were so excited because we pgot to work together. pmama has spoken p>> health headlines coming next. p>> health headlines coming next. t seriously? pwhere do you think you're going? r to work, with you. r it's taco tuesday. you're not coming. i took mucinex to help get rid of my mucusy congestion. oh, right then i'll swing by int like 4 hours. r forget the tacos! rone pill lasts 12 hours. r i'm good all day. v wait! t your loss.
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3:54 am
p p okay. pso whether you like it or not, pgrocery shopping is one of those pthings that simply just has to pget done. pand depending on the store, the rocess really could use some pimprovements. p>> thankfully new technology pcould make the next trip down pthe aisle a little easier. phere's abc's tina trinh. p>> reporter: attention shoppers. p the supermarket is about to get pa hi-tech makeover. ptech companies are working on pways to make your next trip down pthe afls even more convenient. pcheck out interactive smart pshelves that recognize when you oint at an item and take it off
3:55 am
p>> a bag of pasta, it will pnotice that it's the bag of asta. pit's going to show all the pingredients along with the pallergens. pit will tell you the origin. p>> behind the scenes motion psensing cameras are at work. pin the checkout lane, the jade x p7 scanner from data logic uses pmultiple cameras to scan pgroceries from all angles making pcheckout foolproof. p>> it doesn't matter what porientation i put on, i can even pread items facing the bottom. pi can take this barcode and face pit down. pwe measure volume. pin case i have a stacked item, pit will identify it to the user. pyou can do this blindfolded. pit doesn't matter where you put pit on or how you put it on pthere. p>> over at swedish company i ptab, representatives are showing poff the 2.0 version of conveyor pbelts. p>> this is not any conveyor pbelt. pa smart one, right? p>> it's really smart. p>> how does it work? p>> it works by identifying the
3:56 am
p>> by scanning it it, placing it pdown on this belt which includes pa weighing system. p>> that weighing system can't be pfooled either. p>> reporter: right. p>> which includes a weighing psystem. p>> that system can't be fooled peither. pif i scan this. p>> you can try it. pright? p>> but you put down that pinstead. p>> i put that one, yeah. p>> it doesn't go because it pknows this isn't on the conveyor pbelt. p>> if i remove this one -- p>> there it goes. plane all together. pa new app lets you scan bar pcodes as you shop, pay on your hone and go. pit all adds up to a checkout pthat puts you in the virtual pexpress lane. p>> tina trinh, abc news, new pyork. p>> i love my grocery store. pi probably spend two or three ptimes a week at the store. p>> two or three times your aycheck probably at the store. p>> look how our graphics pdepartment happened to have that hoto ready. p>> and i do think that's spam. p>> it's actually pasta and pcanned tuna and canned tomatoes. p>> i think it's spann spam. pdon't miss our updates on pfacebook, p>> it's what's for breakfast.
3:57 am p>> it's your favorite. our updates on pfacebook, p>> it's what's for breakfast.
3:58 am
r one of the areas that r i've been particularlyt interested in ris the area of children. we intend to be sure thatr everybody in this room and every child in this statet is somebody. no matter where they're born,pno matter to whom they are born. ri want to make sure that every child has a chance to live up to his or herr god-given potential. r i've spent my life fighting for children, and i'm not stopping now. i'm hillary clinton,
3:59 am
p good morning. pi'm kendis gibson. p>> and i'm reena ninan. phere are some of the top pheadlines we're following this pmorning on "world news now." pearly primary returns are in as pthree tiny new hampshire towns pvoted at midnight. pthe rest of the state follows pthis morning. pfull primary coverage ahead. p>> former new york city mayor pmichael bloomberg is calling the residential campaign an insult pto the voters. phe tells the "financial times" pthat he may yet launch his own prun for president as an pindependent candidate. p rough ride. pwaves and hurricane force winds pheading back to new jersey with pthousands of shaken passengers. pnow royal caribbean is facing pquestions about its decision to psail even though the storm was
4:00 am
p and the super bowl champs pdenver broncos will be saluted pby their fans today during a pdowntown parade and rally. pthe team arrived home yesterday pfrom the bay area following psunday's victory over carolina. pthose are some of our top pstories on this tuesday, pfebruary 9th. p>> announcer: from abc news, pthis is "world news now." p>> we do say good morning to pyou. plet's get started this half phour. pthe early votes already cast in pnew hampshire. p>> three tiny communities in the pgranite state have counted 65 pvotes with trump, kasich and pcruz in a three-way tie and psanders outpacing clinton nearly p2-1. pit's your voice, your vote. pand our coverage begins with pabc's marci gonzales in pmanchester, new hampshire. p>> good morning. pthe endless events here are now pover. pthe candidates made their final itches to the voters and are pnow just waiting to see if it pall paid off.
4:01 am
p>> got the result. p>> after three small precincts pin new hampshire cast their pballots at midnight. pfor john r. kasich, we have pthree. pon the democratic side, we have pfour votes cast for bernie psanders. pnone for hillary. p>> reporter: with the rest of paway from making their pdecision -- p>> i want this job because i plove this country. p>> i. p>> reporter: the candidates pworked into the night to win pthem over. p>> this is sort of our final plove fest, all right? pbecause tomorrow you have to get pout and you have to vote no pmatter what. p>> reporter: donald trump still pahead by double digits in the olls, leading marco rubio. p>> i need your vote. p>> reporter: and ted cruz. p>> at this point it's all about. p>> reporter: front-runner trump pdrawing huge crowds and pborrowing a message from pdemocrat bernie sanders. p>> it's a movement, folks. pit's a movement. p>> reporter: sanders with what phe calls a revolution is ahead
4:02 am
p>> tomorrow, the people of new phampshire will have the popportunity to say that enough p>> reporter: clinton though pfeeling confident. p believe p>> reporter: with bill and pchelsea's help, hoping for a prepeat of the success she had in pnew hampshire in 2008. p>> i will get up every day and pdo all that i can to make a real pdifference for you. pyour families and our country. p>> reporter: and while there are pclear front-runners, the outcome pcould end up being much pdifferent with about 44% of pvoters here still undecided. pkendis and reena? pthere in new hampshire. pthank you, marci. psaucy language was tossed around pduring a campaign stop for ptrump. plast night in manchester, it phappened as the front-runner pmentioned his chief rival, texas psenator ted cruz, and a woman in pthe crowd shouted out an
4:03 am
phe asked her to repeat it. pbut she still couldn't be heard pthrough the big sports arena so ptrump repeated it. p>> she said he's a -- that's pterrible. pterrible. p>> trump gently reprimanded the pwoman for using the term, ptelling her never to repeat it pagain. pcruz's campaign responded preminding trump who won the iowa pcaucuses. p>> senator marco rubio is coming punder fire after saturday pnight's debate from two of phis chief opponent. pjeb bush and chris christie are pcriticizing rubio for what pchristie calls his memorized p25-second speech. ptom llamas is covering the rubio pcampaign. p>> the next president of the punited states of america, marco prubio! p>> reporter: senator marco rubio phoping new hampshire voters have pshort memories.
4:04 am
p>> reporter: voters bringing up pthat debate debacle. pfor you. p>> i feel good about it. p>> reporter: i asked the senator pif he's going to change his pmessage. pyou're going to stick to the plines, even those in the debate pthey are criticizing you for, pright? p>> we're not going to change our pmessage the entire campaign. pright up to the general election pwhen we defeat hillary clinton. pbarack obama is doing terrible pdamage to america. p>> reporter: you still feel pmomentum? p>> i wish more republicans would psay that. p>> reporter: you still feel pmomentum? p>> absolutely. pevery day, we have more people pjoining our effort. pwe feel great. pwe really do. p>> reporter: for rubio, the ptiming couldn't be worse. pundecided voters telling me the pdebate moment stuck with them. p>> i personally didn't think prubio did so well. pi think he kind of got beat up pon. p>> rush limbaugh coming to his pdefense acknowledging the debate pwasn't his finest moment but psaying what he kept repeating is pa winning strategy for prepublicans, that president pobama "executed a plan to ptransform america into something pit was not founded to be." prush said that's a line more
4:05 am
ptom llamas, nashua, new phampshire new hampshire. p>> look for more live coverage pfrom new hampshire in our next phalf hour as the votes are pcounted. pstay with abc news for complete pcoverage. p we're going to turn our pfocus now to the zika virus. resident obama asking congress pfor nearly $2 billion to battle pthe disease. pstate of emergency in florida phas expanded yet again. pnow spanning seven counties. pbut will the virus stop u.s. polympians in their tracks? pwe get more now from abc's plinsey davis. p>> reporter: big pquestions about travel to pbrazil, home of one of the pbiggest outbreaks of the zika pvirus. pand the 2016 summer games. pwith the olympics six months paway, and an estimated half pmillion people expected to pattend, the real dilemma is for pthe athletes. p>> it's very difficult to give padvice to people who have pdevoted the last x number of pyears, training for that. pthe cdc and the nih can just pgive them the facts and the pevidence-based information. p>> reporter: the u.s. olympic pcommittee is advising athletes pto listen to the cdc, while
4:06 am
ptrying to downplay the threat. pu.s. soccer's chief medical pofficer tells us, members of the pu.s. women's soccer team, who phave won three consecutive polympic gold medals, are taking pall necessary precautions in pregard to the zika virus. pfor 33-year-old u.s. sprinter pdeedee trotter, there's no pquestion at all. p>> i don't care what kind of pviruses and stuff come out, pwe're going to finish this one pout. p>> reporter: rising concern pabout the zika virus prompted pthe white house to ask congress pfor $1.8 billion to help deal pwith the threat. plinsey davis, abc news, new pyork. p the president of a pfraternity at cornell pmorning to face attempted rape pwolfgang ballinger was arrested pfor an incident a week ago. pa fellow student accused him of pabusing her at his room at psi pepsilon. pballinger has been jailed since pturning himself in on thursday. phis fraternity chapter now psuspended. p>> strong winds and dry pconditions raising the wildfire pthreat from kansas to central
4:07 am
pfueled several fires around poklahoma city. pthis is on monday. psmoky conditions caused several paccidents on interstate 44 pbefore authorities shut down the pwestbound lanes. pwind gusts are expected to reach p30 miles an hour today. p and blowing snow and icy pconditions caused this tour bus paccident on i-95 in connecticut. pthe dangerous weather part of a pmajor winter storm battering pcoastal new england on monday. pthe accident injured more than p30 people. pthree of them critically. pthe bus was traveling from new pyork city to the mohegan sun pcasino. p>> here's one indication how opular drones are these days. pthe faa says there are now more pregistered drone operators in pthe u.s. than there are pregistered planes. pthere are now about 325,000 pdrone owners. pthat's about 5,000 more than the pnumber of registered aircraft. pthe drone registration program pwas launched just before
4:08 am
pbreak the rules. p>> as you know, jet lag is one pof the worst things about making pa long trip. pnow researchers say they've pfound a new way to fight it. pa study done at stanford puniversity says sleeping amid pshort flashes of light the night pbefore your trip can help you pspeed up the process of padjusting to a different time pzone. pthat so-called light therapy is pa way of speeding up the brain's padjustment to time changes. p>> what are you saying? psleep with a disco ball and have pit flash? p>> pretty much. pit's not hot flashes you're phaving. pit's just you're just getting pused to jet lag. p>> i don't know about that one. p>> me either. p>> several of the hollywood pstars who attended the oscars pnominee luncheon would probably pbe jet lagged. pthey gathered at the beverly philton hotel. p>> there was plenty of pdiscussion about diversity and
4:09 am
pscreen will roll during pacceptance speeches. pallowing the winners to say pwhat's in their heart as opposed pto just naming people. pthe oscars will be handed out on psunday, february 28th right pon abc. p>> there's a little bit of pdiversity there. pthere's a yellow guy in the pmiddle. p>> there is. pand the second is up in the pstands. pso there's a little bit of color pat the oscars. p>> coming up, turning a beauty ageant blunder into memorable padvertising. pthe huge hit from steve harvey. p>> got to love steve harvey. phe's a funny guy. p>> also ahead, the spectacular pcelebration of the chinese new pyear. pelaborate fireworks few people pget to see. p>> and cyber bullies attacking pstudents in elementary. pand the live in it to win in it pin great falls down to two eople. pliving in a truck. ptwo weeks now. p>> you've been obsessed with
4:10 am
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to unleash max strengtht t medicine. start the relief. ditch the misery. let's end this. p scientists in india are pinvestigating whether a man was pkilled by a meteorite. phe was in the area where the pobject struck. pfragments of it are being panalyzed to determine whether it pwas actually a meteorite. pthe tragedy is rare because the procks burn up in the earth's patmosphere or fall into a ocean. pthe last death believed to be pcaused by a meteorite believed pto have happened in 1825. p>> wow. p>> so unlucky for that man. p>> guess it was his time. p experts say there were a precord number of shark attacks pworldwide.
4:14 am
punprovoked attacks at 98 with 59 pof them taking place here in the pu.s. pthe previous record was 88 pattacks. pthat happened in the year 2000. pthe number of attacks is pexpected to continue growing as phuman and shark populations pclimb. p>> well, personal attacks made ponline can be especially brutal pand damaging and in the new age pof cyberbullying kids and arents have even more to worry pabout. p>> trying to stop bullying can pbe like a disease and new ptechnology is helping to prevent pthe spread of the hurtful pbehavior. pabc's megan hughes with the pstory. p>> reporter: at shipley pelementary school in harper's pferry, west virginia, these pthird graders already have pstories about being pcyberbullied. p>> i was kind of sad because he pwas calling me stupid. pi was a little like depressed pafter that. p>> you want to bully back but pyou know it's not the right pthing. p>> reporter: high school senior pand teen pageant winner lexie
4:15 am
p>> step one. p>> say stop and nothing else. p>> step two. p>> don't retaliate. p>> experts say children bullied poften become bullies themselves. plexie has also been a target. p>> people who cyberbully panonymously are cowards and pthat's all they are. p>> some kids do it for power. psome do it just for a lark. pthey just think it's funny. p>> psychologist dr. susan pbartell says children are often pstill developing impulse control pand their parents need to get pinvolved. p>> your child who is the bully, peven if they're doing it for pchildhood reasons that later in plife will be meaningless can phave a police record. p>> what if your child is the pcyberbully? pone study found more than 80% of pyoung people think it's easier pto get away with bullying online pthan bullying in person like at pschool. p>> i wanted to create this pfilter system that would monitor pso parents would feel a little prelief knowing and trusting that ptheir kid could use these social
4:16 am
pmessages. p>> reporter: michele joel shows pus one of several tech solutions pfor parents. pher software my social sitter puses algorithms to filter. pso when a teen types a negative pmessage, it gets blocked. arents get notified. p>> if you love your kids, you've pgot to keep up with the ptechnology. p>> diana gibbs hasn't gotten psupervising software yet, but psays all parents need to police ptheir children's cyberlives. p>> it's real. pyou know, kids will put things pon twitter and they can get in a plot of trouble for it. p>> reporter: megan hughes, abc p>> this is why i'm grateful pthere was no social media when i pwas in high school. pit's so serious and so pdevastating when you're at that page especially. p>> coming up, firing up the new p>> the breathtaking light show pin china and its dedicated partists braving the cold and the pheat. pyou're watching "world news pnow."
4:17 am
the beautiful and risky display. pyou're watching "world news
4:18 am
tt2wlr=[hk po j# /ml tt2wlr=[hk p!!*n _m$ tt2wlr=[hk p4!j# )[p tt2wlr=[hk px#*&`:.u$ tt2wlr=[hk pt#j'`::u@ tt2wlr=[hk pt#j)`:15$ tt2wlr=[hk pp#j*`:&.8 tt2wlr=[hk pp#j,`:gtx tt2wlr=[hk pl#*.`:n]t tt2wlr=[hk pl#*0`:uk< p the new year is always a ptime to celebrate. pof course, in china with nearly p1.5 billion people you know the psblags got to be a big one. p>> when it comes to one of the pcountry's most beautiful pfireworks displays, you might be psurprised to find out just how pthey pull it off. phere's abc's bob woodruff.
4:19 am
pcorner of china, the night psky lights up with a remarkable pand unique kind of fire works. pfew people in the world will pever get the chance to see them. pthese breathtaking and extreme yrotechnic displays that pwelcome in the lunar new year pare known as dash y ku kua. pthey're made by brave black psmiths hurling molten iron pagainst a wall, causing sparks pto rain down. p>> this is one of the black psmiths who puts on the main pattraction. p[ speaking foreign language ] p>> reporter: how long does it ptake you to learn how to do pthat?
4:20 am
pmetal at 2900 degree heat. p>> the warmest place in the pentire show. pduring the performance, the men pare only protected by a sheep pskin vest and a wide brim hat. p>> do you feel it's dangerous pfor him to just throw this pburning metal up in the sky like pthat? pdo you ever get worried about pit? p>> reporter: that fire and the pcenturies old tradition still pilluminate the entire town. p>> is this the most beautiful pkind of fireworks in the world? p>> reporter: i'm bob woodruff in pchina.
4:21 am
ponly bob could sort of describe pit that way and show it to us. p>> it's an art, it's unique and pit is the most beautiful pfireworks out there. p>> it's incredible and pfascinating to me that they do pthis. pby the way, it's the year of the pmonkey. pif you were born in 2000, 1962 por 196, happy year of the pmonkey. you see, medicare doesn't cover everything - only about 80% of your part b medical expenses. 8, happy year of the pmonkey. the rest is up to you. so if 65 is around the corner, think about an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare like all standardized medicare they help cover some of and could save you in out-of-pocket medical costs. call to request your free decision guide. and gather the information now to help you choose a plan later. these types of plans let or hospital that takes and there's a range of plans to choose from, depending on you needs and your budget.
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4:24 am
p p if we've only got this love pyou get me through p after his epic fail at the pmiss universe pageant, the
4:25 am
pmusic to steve harvey's ears. pso when he popped up during that psuper bowl ad, you saw it, it pout of the scandal and to the pother side. p>> not only that, he's now phaving fun with the flub proving pit's not whether you win or plose. pwell, okay, apparently that does pmatter. p>> reporter: leave it to steve pharvey. p>> listen, folks, i have to papologize. p>> reporter: to turn a big pblunder. p>> i have to apologize, miss puniverse 2015 is philippines. pinto big laughs. p>> verizon got it wrong. pyes, not me. p>> reporter: the t-mobile super pbowl add poking fun at his pdecember hosting mishap when he pannounced the wrong winner at pthe miss universe pageant. p>> it was a tough thing that phappened but after awhile you pgot to start smiling about this. pi like t mobile and love the pconcept. pnice little dig at myself.
4:26 am
pthere the going behind the pscenes with the comedian as he pshot his big ad for the big pgame. p>> whoa, whoa, listen, folks, i phave to apologize. pthose were last year's numbers pit says it right here on the pcard. pi'm not taking responsibility on pthis one. phuh-uh, verizon got it wrong, pyes, not me. p>> reporter: after all the pcontroversy, harvey now says phe's finally able to laugh at pit. p>> when something really major phappens that's kind you have pnegative in your life, you've pwhoever thought that this mishap pwith miss universe would turn pinto a super bowl commercial. p>> yes, not me. p>> a super bowl windfall is more plike it. pman, he's just rolling in the pdeep right now. p>> i'm a huge fan of steve's. pi think he's so funny. p>> he's a good guy. p>> he turned lemons into plemonade. p>> he was really hurt by it p>> that's the news for this half
4:27 am
4:28 am
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