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tv   America This Morning  ABC  February 9, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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p making news in america this pmorning, primary day. pthe first votes in new hampshire palready in. pwho has the early lead? lus, donald trump like you have pnever heard him before echoing a psupporter's vulgar insult hurled pat ted cruz. pwe're live in new hampshire. p breaking overnight, two ptrains on a collision course psmashing into each other. pvideo of the dramatic scene just pin. prescuers going from car to car pamong the twisted metal. p growing concerns over the pzika virus. pthe cdc now at its highest alert plevel. lus, the white house requesting pbillions to help fight the pvirus.
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pthe intentional miss at the free pthrow line giving one team a pwild win. p well, good tuesday morning. pwe begin with the second pcontest. p>> the new hampshire primary pkicked off in three tiny pcommunities including dixville pnotch. pout of 65 votes cast so far ptrump, kasich, cruz are in a pthree-way tie and sanders is poutpacing clinton by nearly 2-1. p>> statewide polls show trump pand sanders enjoying wide leads. pit's "your voice, your vote" and pwe begin our coverage with abc's pkenneth moton live in pmanchester, new hampshire. pgood morning to you, kenneth. p>> reporter: good morning, reena pand kendis. pyes, all eyes are on new phampshire today. povernight, some candidates were pin reflection mode while others pwere on the attack. pit's finally here, new hampshire rimary day. p>> i want this job because i
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p>> it's all about turnout. p>> reporter: full-court press in pthe granite state. pone campaign event after panother. peven during a snowstorm. p pbernie sanders' supporters pfeeling the bern in a late night pone. p>> unbelievable. punbelievable. p[ cheers and applause ] pi want to thank you. p>> reporter: overnight gop pfront-runner donald trump eager pfor a win. p>> i don't care what happens, no pmatter what, this has been the pmost amazing experience of my plife. pand you people have made it that pway. p>> reporter: trump calling his pfinal rally before the primary a plove fest. pbut there was no love between pthe candidates on the campaign ptrail. pthe attacks kept coming. p>> donald trump organizes his pcampaign around disparaging eople. p>> i think being a progressive pmeans you want to make real rogress. p9 last thing we need is promises pthat can't be met. p>> reporter: this morning, three psmall precincts in new hampshire
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pthe historic dixville notch was pthe first to open to its nine pvoters. pwith all three precincts preporting and sanders beating pclinton in a three-way gop tie pbetween ted cruz, john kasich pand donald trump. p>> i think people want to know pauthenticity more than they ever phave. p>> reporter: the latest polls up pand down but trump and sanders phave kept consistent leads and pthe candidates have started to pturn their attention to next pweekend's south carolina rimary. pkendis and reena. p>> despite the polls we're pseeing what sort of role do we pexpect the undecided will play ptoday? p>> reporter: oh, kendis, the un pundecideds will play a big role. p29% have not made up their mind. pthe weather will also play a pmajor role, 19 degrees. pwe had that snowstorm move pthrough yesterday.
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pright now to clear the roads pfor that expected more than half p>> makes it all the more pexciting. pour kenneth moton live in pmanchester, new hampshire. p>> it does look colder than 19 pdegrees there in manchester. p well, donald trump is under pfire, though, this morning for a pthe stump in manchester last p>> it happened as he was pspeaking about his chief rival, ptexas senator ted cruz. pit was then that a woman in the pcrowd called cruz an obscene pname. ptrump apparent ly ly pcouldn't resist repeating the pwoman's remarks to the crowds. p>> she said he's a [ bleep ]. pthat's terrible. pterrible. pthat's terrible. p>> trump gently reprimanded pthe woman for using the term ptelling her never to repeat it.
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p there could be soon pa major shake-up in the residential campaign. pformer new york city mayor pmichael bloomberg has confirmed pto "the financial times" that phe's considering a run for resident himself as an pindependent. pthe eighth richest man in pamerica says he's distressed at pthe rise of trump, cruz and psanders and the current campaign pis an insult to voters. phe believes he'd have to get his pname on ballots by early next pmonth. p stay with abc news for rimary results both on air and ponline. p"good morning america" and p"world news tonight," our olitical team will be live in pnew hampshire. p first breaking news coming pin from overseas pright now. pthe collision of two passenger ptrains, all this in southern pgermany. olice say the two regional ptrains crashed head-on just pbefore 7:00 a.m. local time. pthis is in the bavaria section pof germany. pnew video shows the mangled pmetal and debris thrown from the ptrains. pthere are reports of several pfatalities and about 100 pinjuries. pthe cause of the crash not known
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p and more breaking news, pviolent clashes with police povernight in hong kong. pofficers using pepper spray and pbatons, even firing several pwarning shots over the rotesters who hurled bricks and pbottles at police. pthe violence erupting as the pgovernment tried to crack down pon illegal food vendors during pthe lunar new year holiday. p the widow of an isis leader phas been charged in connection pwith the death of american aid pworker kayla mueller. pmueller was captured three years pago in syria. pfbi documents say pthe woman admitted last year she pand her husband kept her captive pin a home where she was sexually passaulted by the head of the pislamic state. pshe's now in iraqi custody, pbut it's not clear when or if pshe'll stand trial here in the pu.s. p back here at home, kids in pboston are heading back to pschool today after a four-day pweekend. psnow canceled classes on friday pand also on monday from two pseparate storms. pwell, yesterday high winds
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pground transportation kept the pcity moving. p well, the radar shows that pstorm moving off new england ptoday, but another one heading ptoward it from the midwest, pclouds scattered across the pnortheast and ohio valley at pthis hour. p that said, it should be mild ptoday in denver for the broncos' pvictory parade. pthe team arrived back home with pthe vince lombardi trophy pyesterday. p>> fans were there at the pairport to greet them and pthousands will line a parade proute to salute the team honored pat an event in denver's civic pcenter park. p>> and who doesn't like a parade pespecially on a special tuesday? pit is mardi gras or fat tuesday, pthe last day to party in new porleans before the start of plent. pthe last few parades will roll pthrough the streets. pas usual there will be plenty of pmardi gras beads being tossed paround, not to mention lots and plots of celebration in the pstreets of the french quarter pand ends at precisely midnight
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pwednesday. p>> also looks like so much fun. p>> and it is. p raising the alert level pbecause of the zika virus. p and battered in rough seas. pthe royal caribbean cruise liner pand its passengers riding out pthe storm this morning. pthis morning pwe're hearing from the people on pboard. p the return of that white pbronco, the suv in o.j. psimpson's infamous finally pfound? pfound? with advil, you' ll ask what backache? what sore wrist? what headache? what bad shoulder? advil makes pain a distant memory. nothing works faster stronger or longer than advil it' s the world' s #1 choice. what pain? advil. v before earning enough cash back from bank of america to help pay for her kids' ice time. before earning 1% cash back
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one jewelry store in america... every kiss begins with kay. guys, valentine's day is almost here... r ...and every right now, kay jewelers has the perfect valentine's day gift at the perfect price. so don't wait - come to kay... ...where every kiss p the canopy of this gas pstation near los angeles pcollapsed yesterday trapping pthose two cars that were there pfilling up at the time. ptwo maintenance workers were on ptop of the canopy when it began pto give way. pone of the workers was slightly pinjured in the collapse. pthe driver of both cars are said pto be fine. p president obama is hoping to
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pzika virus asking congress for p$1.8 billion to use on a vaccine pand other measures aimed at rotecting pregnant women from pthe mosquito-borne virus. pthe state of emergency has pexpanded to seven florida pcounties, and the cdc has moved pits emergency operations center pto the highest alert level. p well this morning a new pwatching about a popular make of pcar. phonda is recalling about 45,000 pof its redesigned civics. pthe recall affects 2016 civics pequipped with two-liter pfour-cylinder engines. pthe engines can fail and stall pwhile being driven. pa missing or properly installed iston clip could cause an pengine failure or even a fire. pthere are no reports of any pfires, crashes or injuries. p and the faa says there are pnow more registered drone poperators in the u.s. than there pare registered planes. pthere are now about 325,000 pdrone owners. pthat's about 5,000 more than the pnumber of registered aircraft. pthe drone registration program
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pchristmas to track operators who pbreak rules. pready to spend when it comes to pon average we're going to spend pnearly $147 for the upcoming pholiday, and according to one pstudy, a record total of $19.7 pbillion collectively will be pspent on the occasion. pvalentine's day, a reminder to pyou fellas, is on sunday. pjust in case. p>> a good reminder. p when we come back, the pinvestigation under way. psomeone? p plus, caught on power lines. pnew pictures of his risky
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p well, this is a live look in ptimes square. plight snow falling down. pthe worst of the winter storm is pover on the east coast. pit should not keep people from pvoting in the primary in most pspots though may have to start ptheir day with a little pshoveling. p in southern california, pthey're suffering from record pheat. poh, send help. ptemperatures could reach into pthe 90s today. pyesterday l.a. hit a record of p89 degrees. peven san francisco tied for the precord at 74, but the high heat pand high winds are making the pfire danger worse. pextra fire crews are standing pby. p well, after a look at pmorning road conditions ptrouble-free across most of the pcountry but could be slippery pacross the ohio valley and new pengland. p if you're taking to the air,
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pnortheast, boston, new york, hilly, d.c., plus chicago in pthe midwest and those delays pcould trigger others, as well, pacross the country. p this morning the father of a p13-year-old girl who was pmurdered in cold blood allegedly pat the hands of two virginia ptech students was speaking ublicly for the first time. p>> david lovell, the father of pnicole lovell told dr. phil he ptried to intervene after finding pout his daughter was talking to polder men online. pat one point even taking her hone away from her. pscreen shots of her phone reveal pshe was talking to a man named pdavid. pbet. pi mean she's my kid. pi know she fought like a pwildcat. pi'd like to be locked up in the psame cell with him. pi'm pretty sure i could get panswers out of him. pand, you know, took my little pgirl.
4:47 am
p19-year-old natalie keepers are pbehind bars. plovell's body was found 80 miles pfrom her own home and only two pmiles from the home of her pgrandparents. pthe grandparents of david peisenhauer. pyou can see more of the pinterview on his show tomorrow. p the cruise ship damaged by phurricane-force winds in the patlantic heading back to its phome port in new jersey but proyal caribbean is under fire pfor allowing the ship to sail pdespite warnings about a storm. p40-foot waves and p76-mile-an-hour winds slammed pthe ship sunday sending pfurniture flying and forcing p4500 passengers to retreat to ptheir cabins. p>> the amount that things were pshifting around our room was a plittle frightening. p>> royal caribbean decided not pto continue to the bahamas pciting concern for the comfort pof their guests and more bad pweather in the forecast. pthe ship is expected to arrive pin new jersey tomorrow. p well, scientists in india pare investigating whether a man pwas killed by a meteorite in the parea where it struck.
4:48 am
pconfirmed whether it was an pactual meteorite. psuch tragedies are rare because pspace rocks usually burn up in pthe earth's atmosphere or fall pinto an ocean. pthe last death believed to be pcaused by a meteorite happened p1825. p a skydiver had an punfortunate end to his jump. phe wound up getting tangled in ower lines near a small pairport. pthis is near daytona, that. pfirefighters using a ladder ptruck to untangle him and get phim to the ground. phe was not injured. p well, expect a sea of orange pvictory parade. p>> and now that football is over pfrom espn. p>> he's stan. pladies first. pspotlight. p>> unone versus two, connecticut ptaking on south carolina. pboth undefeated in columbia. psold out crowd there to check it pshow. pnot the one they wanted to see pin columbia, though. pstewart gets to the hole.
4:49 am
pand then an up and under move, p13 points in the first half. pcame back with 12 more in the psecond half. pten rebounds, five blocks. pyou know how many games they won pin a row. p>> 59. p>> 60 now. p60. pthey snapped south carolina's phome win street, 66-54. p>> the coach calls her stew pwhich. pyou know what the coach calls plebron james? p>> what? p>> mr. james. pcavs/kings, james to kyrie pirving, now to j.r. smith, pjames, i'll just take this on my pown. plebron james, ten points, seven prebound, eight assists in the pfirst half. pdidn't have a triple-double this pseason. pyou know what, and he said, pbasically he was like, yeah, i pknow and i needed one. pafterwards he said i finally got pover the hump. phe did it in three quarters, prested in the fourth. pcavaliers won by 20.
4:50 am
plakers and cavaliers, kobe pcontinues. p>> that will be our lead. p>> look forward to that. p up next in "the pulse," pinsane routine, a gymnast's erformance wowing the judges pand the internet. p what a play. pa team's intentional free-throw pmiss turning into a dramatic pwin. t share with. no one i'd rather haverdinner and a movie with. p no one i'd rather lean on. being in love isr an amazing thing. being in love withr your best friend... r everything. introducing the ever usttwo-stone ring. one diamond forr your best friend... rone for your true love. for the one woman inr your life who's both. new this valentine's day at jared, kay and zale's. soup and sandwich and clean and real, and feeling good, sort of. and 500 calories or less. the clean pairings menu. at panera.
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p when it's your time to shine nyou want beautiful r nails. introducing the amop\ electronicr nail care system. v file, v buff, and shine for effortless, shiny,r wow nails. v amop\. p find it in the footcare aisle. p p time to check "the pulse" pand we'll start with a big preveal about a very famous suv. phere it is, of course, the white pford bronco in which o.j. psimpson led police on a plow-speed chase watched by pmillions on live tv in 1994 and psoon after it was sold. pwell, tonight, 22 years later pthe bronco's owner is ready to pcome forward. p>> who knew this? pi had no idea but tv's "inside
4:53 am
phe's driven the suv less than 25 pmiles. phe's even preserved the gas that pwas in its tank. p"inside edition" takes it for a pride on tonight's show. p>> okay. pinteresting. p>> interesting piece of trivia. p>> i can't believe he kept the pgas. p>> i know. pwho knew it was possible? p next up this young gymnast pfrom ucla. pwe think she deserves all 10s. p>> talking about sophina dejesus pwho is doing a floor routine. pshe had teammates and fans pdancing right along and you pblame them, her final tumbling ass was simply incredible. pwe're not even going -- wow. plook at that. pwe're not even going to try to pdescribe it. p>> the crowd was calling for a erfect score but sophina preceived a 9.925. p>> oh. p>> not a 10. p>> robbed. p>> 9.925 from the judges and no pmatter it was great going but plook at this form as she goes pright down.
4:54 am
p>> a triple salchow. pno, that's figure skating. pwhat is that considered. p>> i don't know. retty impress ink. p adorable moment for a social pmedia superstar. p>> bei bei was feeling padventurous when he climbed up pthe tree. pmom to the rescue after he bit poff a little more than he could pchew. pconfusing him with queen bey. p the 6-month-old got stuck on pthe way back down as you can see pmom was there to bail him out plending a helping hand every pstep of the way. p>> see, mommas always know just pbefore something happens. p>> cute. p next a play at a college pbasketball game now going viral. p>> it happened at the end of the pgame at the university of ptake a look at this. pthe scoreboard here, look pcarefully, rochester down two povertime. pfree-throw line with only one
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nausea. being a non-smoker feels great. p ask your doctor if chantix is right for you. p checking our top stories, pearly primary returns are in pafter three tiny new hampshire ptowns voted at midnight as the prest of the state votes today. pdonald trump and bernie sanders pare enjoying a wide lead in the olls. p the president of a pfraternity at cornell university pwill be in court this morning to pface attempted rape and two pother charges. pa fellow student has accused him sy upsilon. p the snowstorm that caused pdangerous road conditions in the pnortheast has moved out. pseveral people injured when this ptour bus overturned. pmore snow will fall but paccumulations minor. p snow is really concentrated pin the northeast. pmidwest it'll be clear and cold pbut there will be record heat pfrom phoenix to los angeles. p well, finally this morning
4:58 am
pway the next big made tv event pis the oscars and they gathered pyesterday for their annual pluncheon. p>> it was announced on the poscars broadcast a scroll of key pnames involved in the winning pfilms will roll on the screen pduring acceptance speeches. pin the meantime, fans now have ptheir chance to see the outfits pworn in the movies as kabc's padrienne alfred at thes us. p>> reporter: if cinderella's pgown took your breath away, you pcan see for yourself. phere at the museum of the pfashion institute of design and pmerchandising. pit's the 24th annual art of pmotion picture costume design pjust in time for the oscars' pcountdown when we wonder what pthe star also wear on the red pcarpet, this free exhibit shows pyou what they actually wore in pthe movies. pthere are 100 costumes from 23 pfilms on display. p>> a lot of types they say the pbest costume designer does the
4:59 am
pdon't even notice it. p>> reporter: designer jacqueline pwest is nominated for "the prevenant" who was given a pair pof waders and boots from palejandro inarritu. p>> i wanted you to stand in this priver and feel how the actors pare going to feel. p>> reporter: paco delgado pnominated for "the danish girl." p>> i like to think about myself pas a person helping to tell a pstory. p>> reporter: he created the cost popportunities that helped tell a pcomplicated and emotional story. p>> i call myself a costume pdesigner but i think costumes phave to be helping the story to pbe unravel. p>> reporter: also nominated for pthe costume design oscar "mad pmax: fury road" and "carol." pit's hard to guess how the five pnominees were chosen. pthere are so many incredible pcostumes. pincluding a large display for p"star wars: the force awakens."


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