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tv   News 9 Daybreak  ABC  February 9, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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pand because it is only open till papril 30th it's one you don't pwant to miss. padrienne perin: primary day has arrived. pthese are live pictures from the pward 2 poles in manchester. pa record turnout is expected pacross the state today. psean: the first votes of already pbeen cast and counted. pkevin: some very light snow and ptuesday. plike we do.
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pi' m erin fehlau. psean: i' m sean mcdonald. pwelcome to the new hampshire rimary 2016. pvoters head to the polls today pto cast their choice for the residential nominees. pthe weather through a little bit pof a curveball for the primary, pfalling overnight. pyou will see several school pof your screen. psean: a lot of kids already had pthe day off with the voting. pkevin: little additional paccumulation from the snowfall. pwe start off with temperatures pin the teens to near 20 degrees.
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psnow -- pockets of light snow. pas far as today is concerned, we pstart off with highs in the 20' s pwith a lot of clouds and a pcouple of snow showers through pthe afternoon and evening. plet' s take a look at your pmorning ride. pwe' re joined live by 95.7 wzid' s pdeb davidson. pgood tuesday morning. pdeb: good tuesday morning, pkevin. pwe are starting off with a crash pon interstate 89. pmany emergency vehicles are on pthe scene. p393 is still snow-covered with a pslim patch cloud. p-- plowed. pyou should not have any problems pon 93. p293 is in good condition at the
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pthe speed limit is posted at a p45 mile per hour max through the pstate. pfrom the wzid traffic network, pi' m deb davidson for 95.7 wzid. psean: thanks. pit is time for new hampshire pvoters to make their choices for resident. perin: secretary of state has redicted we will see record pturnout for a primary in both arties today. pmike cronin joins us live from pward 2 in manchester, where the olls open at 6:00 this morning. pmike: good morning. pwe have heard from the pcandidates for months and it is ptime to hear from the voters. pwe are coming to you live from pinside the hillside middle pschool in manchester. pyou can see election workers are pgetting the front counters set pup where people come to check pin.
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pyou can see the ballots in the pboxes right now. pthis is the ward 2 voting recinct. pthis location will be open from p6:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. pyou can register to vote today, pbut you will need to have your roof of id, age, citizenship, pand where you live. pin case you are planning to walk phere, we noticed several pieces pof equipment clearing the psidewalks. pcrews are working hard to get peverything clear so you can come pout and vote today. perin: thank you so much. peven though most polls are not pcast and counted. psean: three communities pcontinued a long-standing pmidnight. pray brewer was in dixville notch pwhen the results were reported.
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psupporters said they could feel pmomentum building in dixville pnotch. pas the clock struck midnight, pthe first ballot was cast. pa random drawing determined who pwould go first. p>> to me, it feels special every ptime i vote because i know that pnobody is preventing me from pdoing it. pray: there were nine ballots pcast including one absentee pballot. pthe polls closed less than a pminute. p>> i have the results. pray: john kasich be donald trump p3 votes to 2. p>> it feels very good to me and pthat comports with the polls. pon the democratic side, it was a
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p>> he has character, conviction, pand he is a real guy. pray: dixville notch has had its psay and we will wait to see what pthe rest of the new hampshire pvoters have to say. psean: ray needs to get a little pbit of sleep after a late night pthere. phart' s location had the biggest pturnout with bernie sanders pemerging with the when on the pdemocratic side. pjohn kasich narrowly edged pdonald trump. psix candidates received votes. perin: in mills field, hillary pclinton doubled up bernie psanders, while ted cruz won the prepublican side. pbernie sanders leads on the pdemocratic side. pit is a three-way tie on the prepublican side between ted pcruz, john kasich, and donald ptrump.
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pcandidates are making one last itch. pseveral stops around the state ptoday. phe held his final rally last pnight at the verizon wireless parena in manchester. pit is so important. pbecause we are going to make pamerica great again. pwe are going to make america pgreater, greater, greater than pit has ever been before. perin: ted cruz planes to be in pmanchester today. phe told voters that his riorities include ending the ersecution of religious liberty p, rebuilding the military, and prepealing the affordable care pact. p>> who can i trust? pwe have seen campaign pconservatives who talk a good pgame, but they have not walked pthe walk.
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eople are looking for is a pconsistent conservative. perin: marco rubio plans to greet pvoters today. phe was confident during seven pcampaign stops yesterday. phe promised to be back in the pfall for the general election. p>> when i am our president, i pwill be the president of all pamericans, even those who do not plike me or disagree with me. pi will also cut their taxes and pwork to keep them safe. psean: john kasich plans to visit pwith voters in manchester, pnashua, concord, and bow today. phe has held 106 town halls pacross the granite state. p>> we have hundreds and hundreds pof volunteers. eople have come from all over pthe country to help. eople in new hampshire tell me pthey have never seen so many
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psean: jeb bush says no matter pwhat the results are in the rimary today that he is in it pfor the long haul. pduring his final stops pyesterday, he said he has a precord of being a problem solver pand unifier. pchris christie will stop in pmanchester, bedford, and plondonderry today. phe said he has already booked a pflight to south carolina on ptuesday. plast night, he said he does not pwant to be president for the ptitle, but because he loves pamerica. pcarly fiorina makes final stops pin bedford, goffstown, plondonderry, and manchester. pshe said she has a strong ground pgame and the right organization pand funds to move forward. perin: switching to the pdemocrats, it is a much smaller pfield. pbernie sanders says he is
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pareas that looked to be strong pfor hillary clinton a year ago. phe touted his vision for a olitical revolution and was pconfident he would emerge with a pwin in today' s primary. phillary clinton said she agrees pwith sanders on one thing -- pthat the results today will be a plot closer than many people pthink. pthere is word of a possible pshakeup in her campaign after ptoday, but she said she plans to pleave new hampshire with a surge pof momentum. pwmur is your source for complete pcoverage of the primary. pif you are still deciding who to pvote for, compare the candidates pon our website and our pcontinuous coverage starts ptonight at 8:00 as the polls pclose and we will be live on the pair until the winners are pdeclared. pit all comes down to today. psean: felix the building gets pvery crowded on a day like today p-- i feel like the building gets pvery crowded on a day like ptoday.
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pinside the polls in manchester. pright now, it is 5:10. p p there are those who say we cannot defeat a corrupt political system but i believe we need p above the obstacles in place and lookr to the american horizon. to a nation where every child can not only dream of going where quality healthcare will be a birthright of every citizen. where a good job is not a wish, but a reality.
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is paid to all. an americapwhere after a lifetime of labor, there is timep for rest and grandchildren. a nation that defendsrour people and our values, but no longer carriesp so much of that burden alone. i knowrwe can create that america if we listen to our consciencet and our hearts and not to the punditstand the naysayers. r i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message,
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pkevin: still a little bit of plight snow and flurry activity pout there. pwe have seen as much as six pinches of snow in a couple of psoutheastern areas. pwe will continue on with the pchances of scattered snow pshowers today. perin: try to predict who will pwin the primary today -- it is a plittle bit of a guessing game. pthere are a few communities that phold a little bit of slave. psean: political reporter john
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pwards 1, 2, 6, and eight. pwhile the southern tier is the pmost important part of the pstate, places like berlin and pmoultonborough will also be key pto watch. pfor more, go to the politics age of pthe entire country is watching pnew hampshire. p"good morning america" will be pbroadcasting live from pmanchester immediately after p"daybreak." psupport the candidates. pyou must be in place by 6:30 pthis morning. pgeorge stephanopoulos will be pbroadcasting from manchester. perin: it is now 5:14. pthe zika virus is spreading prapidly through much of central
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resident obama wants a lot of
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psean: we are following a few pother stories. pa manchester man is behind bars. p61-year-old larry mills broke pinto two stores. olice in dover say five homes pall over town were broken into pin the last week. pwindows or doors were forced popen and jewelry was stolen from psome of the homes. perin: president obama plans to pask congress for nearly $2 pbillion in emergency funding to pfight the zika virus. pthey say the money is critical pfor research into the birth pdefect caused by the virus. pmost of the money would go to pthe department of health and
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pspeed up development of a pvaccine. pit is also the focus of the pannual american mosquito control passociation' s conference which pis underway in georgia. phackers published the contact pinformation for 20,000 fbi pemployees yesterday afternoon, a pday after similar data was osted for nearly 10,000 phomeland security employees. pthe group tweeting the account psay they got the info from the pdepartment of justice database. pofficials say no private pinformation like social security pnumbers was accessed. pkevin: you say data or data? psean: it depends on the day. pkevin: you know the scientists psay, these data. psean: do you ever throw data um p[laughter]
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p2.7 inches in concord for snow ptotals. pthe average season is all about p65 inches of snow. pit is about two feet shy of pwhere we should be for this time pof year. proads in a lot of areas still phave quite a bit of snow on pthem. pfactor in some extra time as you phead out early this morning. pconditions should improve pgradually as the sun comes up. pwe have a very fluffy snow, pwhich will be very easy to move paround. pclouds, still some snowflakes pout there in some places. pa passing snow shower into the pafternoon. pstill fairly unsettled. pclouds and a couple of psnowflakes here or there from ptomorrow through friday.
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pstarting on friday and pcontinuing through the weekend. pnorth country, mount washington pvalley, and another area lifting pnorthward, making its way pthrough the monadnock region. pthis general swirl eventually pmaking its way over us by pthursday. pwe will run those chances pthrough the end of the week. pwe have some pockets of light psnow, which will reinforce the plight snow that is out there on parea roadways. pinto the afternoon, the ptemperatures starting in the pteens to near 20 degrees and we pwill get highs to near 30 pdegrees. pa few breaks in the overcast, pbut a mostly cloudy sky potherwise. pthe chances continue tomorrow, a
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pthrough with a weak disturbance pand the possibility of snow pshowers on thursday or friday, pas well. pthat will be the big story pthrough the end of the week. pnotice the temperatures by the ptime we get to the weekend. pthose are our high temperatures. pjust about state-wide, we are ptalking temperatures below zero pas we start off valentine' s day pon sunday. psean: how many icons do we have pon that seven-day forecast? pkevin: it is the first time we phave had three icons out of the pseven days. s day. pi should get something for that, pright? pthe seven-day. psean: it is primary day. pwe start with mike cronin. pmike: preparations are well punderway in manchester as the olls open at 6:00 a.m. psean: we do have our first presults.
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pfield, and harts location all pcaps their votes -- cast their pmidnight. perin: this little guy is already pstealing hearts and he just parrived on a private plane to pstart his new job. p p p hmm hmm hmm-hmm-hmm-hmm p hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm-hmm let us be lovers, we'll marryr our fortunes together t [ cheering ] i've got some real estatet here in my bag counting the carsp on the new jersey turnpike
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to look for america r [ cheers and applause ] all comer to look for america all comer to look for america all come to look for america i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. the first job of a president isr to protect america. p our next president must ber prepared to lead. t i know jeb. i know his good heart and histstrong backbone. p jeb will unite our country. he knows how to bring the worldrtogether against terror. he knows when tough measurest must be taken. experience and judgment count intthe oval office. jeb bush is a leader. he'llr keep our country safe. jeb bush.
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sean: ambassadors frequently parrive on charter planes, but pthey are rarely as cute as this. perin: look at this. psean: the plane is cute. perin: what is it?
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pa baby two-toed sloth. phe is headed for the national paviary, where he will serve as pan ambassador and will play as pan integral role in outreach and peducation programs. pi' m sure he will be seeing a lot pof schoolkids. pto me. pwhen people think about electric pcars, many think of them as pquiet and environmentally perin: this is the venturi pbuckeye bullet 3. pit has 3000 horsepower with an pestimated top speed of 372 miles er hour and it runs on pbatteries. pfast, fast electric car. psean: don' t lose the charger pcable. p[laughter] perin: coming up, it is time to pvote, folks.
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ptoday. pthe open in manchester in about pa half an hour. p p there are those who say we cannot defeat a corrupt political system and fix a rigged economy. but i believe we need to lift our vision p above the obstacles in place and lookr to the american horizon. to a nation where every child can not only dream of going to college, but attend one. where quality healthcare will be a birthright of every citizen. where a good job is not a wish, but a reality. where women receive equal pay and a living wage is paid to all. an americapwhere after a lifetime of labor, there is timep for rest and grandchildren. a nation that defendsrour people and our values, but no longer carriesp so much of that burden alone.
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and our hearts and not to the punditstand the naysayers. r i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message,
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p>> no one covers new hampshire plike we do. pnow, wmur news 9 daybreak. perin: good morning. pit is tuesday, february 9. pvoters will be heading to the olls today to cast their pballots in the first in the pnation primary. psean: a record number of voters pare expected to turn out. psome voting locations open at p6:00, while others will open at p7:00.
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pmidnight index phil notch -- in pdixville notch and harts plocation. perin: on the seacoast, people pare waking up to several inches pof snow. pthere are concerns that the snow pcould affect voter turnout today p, but people in portsmouth say pgranite state resolve is harder pthan powder. p>> live free or die state. pvery, very serious people. p>> think older people have a pconcern. pif people know older people, get pout there and drive them to the olls. perin: seven hundred crews were psalting and plowing overnight. psean: there are teams of people pout there clearing the sidewalks pand parking lots.
5:30 am
perin: we could see an additional plight coating or half-inch in a plot of spots. pthere is still quite a bit of plight snow and flurry activity pup to the great north woods and pa couple of areas pushing into psouthwestern parts of the state. pthere are a lot of drier spaces pin between. pmuch lighter wind into the pafternoon. psean: on my right in, i did a pcouple of fish tales. plet' s check out the roads. perin: a lot of brake lights. pwe are joined live by 95.7 pwzid' s deb davidson. pgood morning. pdeb: good morning kevin and psean. pcruise around the scene of a retty serious crash on 89 psouthbound.
5:31 am
p89 is closed at exit 5. pthe crews are treating the roads pand the speed limit throughout pthe state is posted at a 45 mile er hour maximum. pthe main roads have been plowed, pbut many do remain closed -- psnow-covered at this point. pthe dot has assured us that all proads leading to polling places pwill be cleared. pfrom the wzid traffic network, pi' m deb davidson for 95.7 wzid. perin: thank you. pnow to the first votes of the p2016 presidential race. psean: more than five dozen pgranite staters cast their pballots at midnight. pthis was the scene in dixville pnotch, where nine voters made ptheir selections. pbernie sanders got four votes. phillary clinton did not get any. pjohn kasich got three votes and
5:32 am
perin: in harts location, 19 pdemocrats cast their votes. pon the gop side, john kasich got pfive votes, donald trump got pfour. psean: the third town to hold pmidnight voting was mills field, phome to 22 registered voters. phillary clinton got two votes pand bernie sanders got one. pted cruz got nine votes. pthey just rejoined the midnight pvoting tradition. perin: thousands of other voters pare waiting to cast their rimary ballots and many will be pheaded to the polls undecided. psean: a tracking poll released
5:33 am
pstill undecided. p36% of likely democratic voters phave not made up their minds. pmike cronin joins us. pgood morning. pmike: good morning. pmore than 5000 people are pregistered to vote at the phillside middle school. pthe doors will be opening in a phalf hour or so. plet' s show you what is going on pright now. pwith a record voter turnout pexpected, there are some things pyou should know before coming to pcast your vote. pyou can register to vote on pelection day, but you will have pto show proof of your identity, page, citizenship, and where you plive. pif you don' t want to join a arty, you can fill up a form to preturn to undeclared status pafter the primary. pnew hampshire does not limit the pballot two major candidates.
5:34 am
pballot today, 30 republicans and p28 democrats. psome of the candidates have pofficially ended their campaigns p, but their names will still be pon the ballot. pyou can find the full ballot on pyou can search for your polling plocation and find out what pdocuments you need to bring with pyou when you go to vote. pfor now, we are live in pmanchester. psean: thanks. pwmur' s nikole killion is live in pmanchester keeping a close eye pon this make or break race. pafter the iowa caucuses, we saw pseveral candidates drop out. pcould we see more following new phampshire? pnikole: obviously, it is to be pdetermined. pjeb bush has said he is in for pthe long haul, even though he phas not been doing as well in pthe polls. pmany other candidates have palready booked campaign stops in psouth carolina.
5:35 am
pclinton' s campaign staff. pwhat do we know? pnikole: "politico" broke that pstory. phillary and bill clinton have pnot been satisfied with the pcampaign' s messaging and digital poperations. paccording to sources, there pcould be some kind of shakeup in ptoday. pmrs. clinton was asked about pare overblown. psean: we know that some of the pcandidates have been feuding all pthe way to the finish line. pwho is clashing right now? pnikole: knows the prizes come pthe clinton camp and the sanders pcamp have stepped up their prhetoric against each other in pthe last couple of days leading pup to today' s primary. phillary clinton is accusing pbernie sanders of indirectly ptaking from money -- taking pmoney from wall street.
5:36 am
pcalling the claim absurd and pdisturbing and they claim that pthe clinton camp is desperate. pjeb bush is going toe to toe pwith donald trump. pthey are embroiled in a twitter pwar right now, with jeb bush pcalling the business mogul a ploser, a liar, a whiner. pdonald trump tweeted that jeb pbush is a pathetic figure. psean: the back-and-forth pcontinues. pthank you very much. perin: the candidates will be out pon the campaign trail trying to psway some of those undecided pvoters before they cast their pballots. pbernie sanders will be in pconcord. phe rallied supporters last night pin derry. p>> new hampshire can help lead pthis country in a very different pdirection, in a direction of a olitical revolution. perin: hillary clinton will be pspending part of her day in
5:37 am
pthe day before the primary, she phit the campaign trail with her phusband and their daughter pchelsea. pin a one-on-one interview, the pformer secretary of state talked pabout trustworthiness over those pinfamous e-mails. p>> i have to make it clear that pthere is nothing and i' m going pto be forging ahead. pi want as much transparency and popenness and put these things to pbed and let' s move on. psean: donald trump was also in pmanchester today. plast night, he held a primary peve rally at the verizon pwireless arena. phe thanked the crowd and told phis supporters that he does not pwant to take anything for pgranted. psenator ted cruz will be pmonitoring the primary results pin hollis tonight. phe won the iowa caucuses and is
5:38 am
phe said his priorities include pending the persecution of preligious liberty, rebuilding pthe military, and repealing the paffordable care act. pcoming up, we will take a look pat where other republican pcandidates will be today as pvoters head to the polls for the pfirst in the nation primary. perin: it is almost time to start ptalking baseball. pwe will let you know where the pred sox equipment truck is going pto be leaving for fort myers. pkevin: upper level system pcontinues to rotate through. pa big change waits for the end pof the week.
5:39 am
kevin: tuesday morning, february p9. pwe start off with temperatures pin the teens to near 20 degrees. pthere will be areas of light psnow. ptemperatures today recover pnicely into the 20' s to near 30 pdegrees. pwe will have details coming up. psean: thanks. pall eyes will be on new phampshire today as voters head pto the polls for the first in pthe nation primary. perin: the voting got underway at
5:40 am
pharts location, and mills pfield. phere are the result. pbernie sanders got 17 votes. phillary clinton got 9. pmark stuart greenstein got two. pted cruz, john kasich, and all ptrump got nine votes. pchris christie got three votes. pjeb bush and marco rubio each pgot two. pben carson, carly fiorina, and prand paul had one vote apiece. psean: those candidates are still pvery busy today. pmarco rubio held a rally at pnashua community college. pthis was his seventh campaign pstop of the day. phe hit on his familiar themes of prebuilding the american dream.
5:41 am
pin manchester, concord, nashua, pand bow today. phe has held a total of 106 town phalls in new hampshire. perin: former florida governor pjeb bush will watch the primary presults at manchester community pcollege tonight. pthe republican presidential phopeful was in nashua last night p, pushing his message about pbeing prepared and having the ptemperament to run the nation. phe says the primary experience phas been rewarding. pi' ve made. pi just sense that people are pstarting to do the side, which pis good. perin: new jersey governor chris pchristie will be paying visits pto manchester, bedford, salem,
5:42 am
s. phis last stop was in manchester. p>> i want that job. ve got plenty. pgovernor, u.s. attorney,son, pbrother, husband, father. ve got enough titles to last pi don' t need another one. pthis country and i do not want pthat is going down. psean: jim gilmore will be pwatching the primary results in pmanchester. phe held a town hall in hudson. pyou can learn more about the pcandidates before you head to pthe polls by visiting pthere you will find all kinds of olitical headlines, plus a link pfor the new hampshire primary pspecifically.
5:43 am
pon the personal side, we have pfun facts for each candidate and pour candidate cafe s, as well. pyou will find all of this on our pfree mobile app, as well. perin: we are following breaking pnews out of germany. pat least eight people are dead pand about 100 others are injured pafter two trains crashed head-on pearly this morning. pemergency crews are still trying pto reach people trapped in this pwreckage. pthese are live pictures from the pscene. pa police spokesperson says this pis the biggest accident they phave seen in years and many pdoctors, ambulances are on scene p. pwe will bring you updates as psoon as we get more information. psean: dozens of people in pconnecticut are recovering after psuffering injuries when a bus
5:44 am
pthe accident happened on i-95 in pmadison, connecticut. pit was crashing on its way to pthe casino. perin: one day after the new phampshire primary, we can start ptalking baseball. pthe red sox equipment truck pwe' ll start loading up tomorrow pmorning at 7:00 and is scheduled pto leave fenway park at about pnoon to head for fort myers, pflorida. pit will be carrying 20,000 pbaseballs, 60 cases of sunflower pseeds -- you can' t have too many p-- and 20 cases of bubblegum. psean: i love that a crowd shows pup for this. pwelcome back michaela shifrin, pwho grew up in new hampshire. pshe is set to return to the pslopes on monday. pshe has been out since tearing a pligament in her right knee. pat just 20 years old, she has palready won season-long world
5:45 am
p>> now, your storm watch 9 pforecast. perin: we are seeing some roads pthat are still a little psnow-covered out there and phighway speeds have been brought pdown to a max of 45 miles per phour. pkevin: there will be a few laces that have a little bit of plight snow this morning. pcertainly nothing like we saw pyesterday. pyou can see the highest amounts pin plaistow at six inches, phudson has four inches. pmanchester, 3.4 inches. pgetting up near three inches of platest report coming in. pstill some snowflakes out there pin spots along with plenty of pclouds. ptemperatures today will be in pthe 20' s. pthat will feel pretty good. punsettled otherwise. pa lot of clouds around over the
5:46 am
preally cold air starts to build pin after friday. pwe may look back at this weekend pentire winter. pthe wind chills will be at or pthe weekend. peven in southwestern parts of pthe state, there will be spots pthat have an additional light pcoating to half-inch of paccumulation. pthe best chances of that would pbe the north country. pthis is all around an area of plow pressure that will spiral paround and make its way in our pdirection. pbehind that, it will start pdragging down some much colder pair. pnot much in the way of padditional accumulation. pyou could see an isolated phalf-inch out of what is left pover. pthe best chance of anything over pan inch would be in the northern
5:47 am
pno gusts over 20 miles per hour ptoday. pit will just be light out of the pnorth through the afternoon. ptemperatures will work their way pback up to near 20 degrees and p30 degrees. pjust a couple of breaks in the povercast through the day after pareas of light snow this morning pscattered around. pwe will see mostly cloudy skies pto breaks into the afternoon pwith most of the snow shower pactivity in the north country. ptemperatures slid back into the pteens state-wide. ptomorrow is about as mild as we pwill be over the next several pdays. pstill a couple of flurries plingering around thursday and ossibly even early friday. pthat will be the leading edge of pthe colder air that starts to parrive by the time we get to the pweekend. pit is behind this upper-level psystem that we will drag down
5:48 am
pwe will see highs in the single pdigits and teens. ptemperatures in the 20' s to near p30 degrees today. pa few flurries this afternoon. pstill a lot of lingering clouds. ptomorrow, low and mid 30' s with psnow showers developing in the pafternoon. pthose temperatures you are pseeing are the highs for psouthern new hampshire over the pcourse of the weekend. pthat -6 on sunday morning is for psouthern new hampshire. pthey could be in the teens to pnear -20 in the north country. pif they had a deep snowpack, we pwould be talking -30. perin: it is an historic day and pa number of properties are being padded to the new hampshire state pregister. pthe properties include severn
5:49 am
palso on the list is the village pstore in freedom, which was pbuilt around the time of the pcivil war. pspringfield' s wonder well summer presidence was built between 1911 pand 1912. psean: still to come, the oscars pare taking place later this pmonth and we are getting an idea p
5:50 am
p hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm-hmm let us be lovers, we'll marryr our fortunes together t [ cheering ] i've got some real estatet here in my bag counting the carsp on the new jersey turnpike they've all comer to look for america r [ cheers and applause ] all comer to look for america all comer to look for america all come to look for america i'm bernie sanders,
5:51 am
erin: welcome back. pthe academy awards are taking lace on february 28. pwe are giving you an idea of pwhat will be included in the p$200,000 gift bag. psean: the back reportedly pincludes a 10 day first-class ptrip to israel worth $55,000 and pa year of unlimited audi car prentals worth $45,000. pkevin: there are also less pexpensive items including three rivate personal training psessions with a celebrity
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perin: showered with gifts. pi love that. psean: coming up in the next phour, our primary day coverage pcontinues. pwe will to you which political panalysts -- which issues could lay a big effect -- factor. pmike: we will have reports from pthe polls. perin: this morning, you have
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