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tv   News 9 Daybreak  ABC  February 9, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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perin: now one daybreak, primary pday has arrived. pthese are live pictures from pward 2 in manchester, where the olls have just opened and precord turnout is expected pacross the state. psean: the first votes have palready been cast and counted. pwe will check out the votes from pthe communities that voted at pmidnight. pkevin: some light snow and pflurries for your primary ptuesday. pin the forecast ahead. p>> no one covers new hampshire plike we do. pnow, wmur news 9 daybreak. perin: good morning, new phampshire. pi' m erin fehlau.
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m sean mcdonald. psome of the polls across the pstate are opening right now. pvoters head to the polls today pto cast their choice for residential nominee. perin: the weather through a plittle bit of a curveball at the rimary with several inches of psnow following into the night. pcrews were out while you were psleeping clearing the roads. pyou will see several school pdelays scrolling along the pbottom of your screen. pa lot of kids did not have pschool because of the voting ptoday. psean: it could be a snowy walk pinto the polls today. pkevin: 2-6 inches of snow is pwhat we have seen so far. pthere are still some light snow pshowers out there. pa very fluffy snow falling. pnot expecting much of a wind to pblow that around today. ptemperatures starting in the pteens and they jump into the p20' s into the afternoon.
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pa fairly light wind will make it pfeel pretty good by later on ptoday. pfrom there, very cold air by the ptime we get to the weekend. pmuch more on that coming up. plet' s take a look at your ptuesday morning ride. pwe are joined live i -- by 95.7 pwzid' s deb davidson. pdeb: good morning, kevin. pcrews are on the scene of the pcrash on 89 southbound around pmile marker 5. pthe right lane is now open. ptraffic is once again getting pthrough that stretch. p93 north and south is looking ok pand cloud. ptraffic is still posted at 45 pmiles per hour. pno major incidents to slow you pdown. pif you are commuting into pmassachusetts, it is a slow ride pon all major roads, as they are pin storm cleanup, as well. pfrom the wzid traffic network, pi'
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psean: it is time for new phampshire voters to make their pchoices for president. pthe polls are just opening up pacross the state. perin: the secretary of state has redicted we will see record pturnout for a primary in both arties. pmike cronin joins us at ward 2 pin manchester, where the polls pjust opened moments ago. pmany people there? pmike: absolutely. ptwo dozen people at least were plined up this morning. ptake a look at this. pthere is already a line at the pcounter to check in to get pballots. eople just could not wait to pget in here this morning. pthey wanted to be some of the pfirst to cast their ballots at phillside middle school. pthe polls just opened. pyou can see the check-in pcounter. pthe polls are surrounding the pcafeteria around the middle
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pthe polls will be open from 6:00 pa.m. until 7:00 p.m. pthey will soon begin processing pthe absentee ballots. pyou can register to vote today, pbut you will need to have id, page, citizenship, and where you plive. pwe will have information through pthe morning that you will need pto know if you are coming out to pthe polls today. pa lot of people are trying to pget in before they go to work. pyou will want to get here early pbecause here we are and there is pa line at the middle school. pfor now, we are live in pmanchester. perin: it is going to be a busy pday at the polls. p65 votes have already been cast pand counted. psean: three communities pcontinued a long-standing ptradition and voted right at pmidnight. pray brewer was in dixville notch p, where the first results were preported. pray: john kasich and his psupporters said they could feel
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phampshire and that was true in pdixville notch. pthe first ballot was cast. pa random drawing determined who pwould go first. pjeff stevens won that right. phe said it felt surreal. p>> to me, it feels special every ptime i vote because i know that pnobody is preventing me from pdoing that. pray: eight voters were present pand there was one absentee pballots. pless than a minute after the pvoting started, the polls pclosed. p>> we have the results. pray: the big board showed john pkasich beating donald trump 3-2. p>> it feels very good to me and pthat comports with the polls, pmost of which show john kasich pcoming in second. pray: on the democratic side, it pwas a clean sweep, all four pvotes going to bernie sanders. p>> he has character, conviction,
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pray: dixville notch has had its psay. pin dixville notch, ray brewer. psean: ray is getting a little pbit of sleep, charging up for pthe next few hours. pvoters also stayed up late in pharts location and mills field. pbernie sanders emerged with a pwin in harts location. pjohn kasich at donald trump -- pedged donald trump. perin: in mills field, hillary pclinton doubled up on bernie psanders. pted cruz pulled half of the pvotes on the republican side, pbut the votes were spread among peight candidates. pthe votes have bernie sanders pleaving on the democratic side pand it is a three-way tie on the prepublican side between ted pcruz, john kasich, and donald ptrump. pas voters head to the polls, the pcandidates are making one last itch for support. psean: donald trump plan several
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phe helped his final rally last pnight at the verizon wireless parena in manchester. phe thanked his campaign team and purged everyone to vote today. p>> we have to have a great pvictory. pit is so important because we pare going to make america great pagain. pwe are going to make america pgreater, greater, greater than pit has ever been before. perin: ted cruz plans to be in pmanchester today. pthe winner of the iowa caucuses ptold supporters that if elected resident, his priorities pinclude ending persecution of preligious liberty, rebuilding pthe military, and repealing the paffordable care act. p>> i think the question that peverybody is asking is who can i ptrust? pwe have seen campaign pconservatives who talk a good pgame, but they have not walked pto the walk. pi believe what the american eople are looking for is a pconsistent conservative, who has pbeen the same yesterday, today,
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perin: marco rubio plans to greet pvoters in manchester, bedford, psalem, and dairy today. p-- derry today. p>> when i am our president, i pwill be the president of all pamericans, even those who do not plike me, those who disagree with pme -- i will work every day to pkeep their families safe and cut ptheir taxes. psean: john kasich plans to visit pwith voters outside the polls in pmanchester, nashua, concord, and pbow. phe has held 106 town halls pacross the state. p>> we have hundreds and hundreds pof volunteers. eople have come from all over pthe country to help. eople in new hampshire tell me pthey have never seen so many pvolunteers in the state. psean: jeb bush says no matter pwhat the results are today, he pis in the campaign for the long phaul and the primary experience
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prewarding of his life. pyesterday, he said he has a precord of being a problem solver pand a unifier. pchris christie has stops in pmanchester, bedford, salem, and plondonderry and has already pbooked a flight to south pcarolina on wednesday. pat his 80th and final new phampshire town hall last night, phe said he does not want to be resident for the title, but pbecause he loves america. pcarly fiorina plans to make pfinal stops in bedford, pgoffstown, londonderry, and pmanchester. pshe says she has a strong ground pgame and the right organization pand funds to move forward. perin: it is a much smaller field pfor the democrats. pbernie sanders says he is pwinning over a lot of votes in pareas that looks to be strong pfor hillary clinton a year ago. pduring his final campaign stops, phe touted his vision for a
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phillary clinton says she agrees pwith sanders on one thing -- pthat the results will be a lot pcloser than many people think. pthere is word of a possible pshakeup in her campaign, but she psays she plans to leave new phampshire with a surge of pmomentum. pwmur is your source for complete pcoverage of the primary. pif you are still deciding who to pvote for, compare the candidates pon her website. pour continuous coverage starts ptonight at 8:00 as the polls pclose. pwinners are declared. psean: it is going to be a busy pday. pwe have much more political pcoverage ahead. plive coverage from inside ward 2 pin manchester, where there is palready a line that opened 10 pminutes ago.
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pkevin: tuesday morning, february p9. ptemperatures in the teens to pnear 20 this morning. pwe go down to clouds and a few pflurries this afternoon. pdetails for the weekend coming pup. perin: trying to predict who will pwin the primary today is a plittle bit of a guessing game, pbut analysts say there are a few pcommunities that hold a little pbit more sway. psean: political reporter john pdistaso says the first place to plook is manchester, specifically pwards 1, 2, 6, and 8. pwhile the southern tier is the pmost important part of the state pbecause that is where most of
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pberlin and moultonborough will palso be key to watch. pfor much more, go to the olitics page of perin: the entire country is pwatching new hampshire today. p"good morning america" will be pbroadcasting live from pmanchester following "daybreak." pgeorge stephanopoulos will be plive in city hall square and abc pwants you to join him. pthey are hoping for a big crowd pcandidates. pyou need to be in place by 6:30 pthis morning. pyou have about 15 more minutes pto get down there. psean: throw on the jacket and pget the hand warmers. p[laughter] psean: coming up, the zika virus
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psean: a manchester man is behind pbars accused of burglarizing to prestaurants in september. p61-year-old larry mills broke pinto the restaurants. olice in dover say five homes pall over town were broken into p-- windows or doors were forced popen, jewelry was stolen from psome of the homes. pofficers are following several pleads. perin: president obama plans to pask congress for nearly $2 pbillion in emergency funding to pfight the zika virus. pofficials say the money is pcritical for research into the pbirth defects caused by the pvirus. pthe white house says most of the pmoney would go to the department pof health and human services and palso to help speed up pdevelopment of a vaccine. pthe virus is also the focus of pthe annual american mosquito pcontrol association costs
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pconference, which is underway in pgeorgia. phackers posted the contact pinformation for 20,000 fbi pemployees yesterday afternoon, a pday after 10,000 employees' pinformation at homeland security pwas posted online. pofficials say no private pinformation like social security pnumbers was accessed. psean: still scary, though. pthe snow has wound down, voters pare heading to the polls, it is plooking like pretty good pweather. pkevin: not a bad day. pwe will have some light snow pshowers going still. placonia is around 3.5 inches of paccumulation. pthey are just shy of 20 inches pof the season -- for the season. plast out seems to be -- plaistow pseems to be the highest right pnow.
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pairport. pright around three inches in pdeerfield. pthere is still some snow out pthere on area roadways. pespecially on the untreated psurfaces. pthings will be improving this pmorning. pthings should gradually improve pas the day goes along. psome light snow showers this pmorning, down to flurries in the pafternoon. pthe big story for the second phalf of the week will be the pvery cold air that is going to parrive starting on friday. psnow. pif you showers lifting pnortheastward and making their pway out of the monadnock region. pthere could be an additional pcoding -- coact ting. pwhile we continue to see areas pof lighter snow, there will be pnothing nearly as organized as
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pwe will continue to see these ockets of light snow from psouthwest to northeast through pthe area. pwe will be down to some flurries pas we continue to dry out into pthe afternoon. pnot much of a wind, only around p5-10 miles per hour. pstill some areas of light snow pthis morning. pa couple of breaks in the povercast into the afternoon. pa couple more snow showers paround tomorrow afternoon, ptomorrow evening, and a few pflurries are a possibility on pthursday. pby friday, any flurries we see pwill be the leading edge of cold pair. phigh temperatures over the pweekend in the single digits and pteens. pwind chill' s are going to be at por below zero. pkind of an unsettled pattern, pwhich means occasional light
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pan additional small accumulation ptomorrow afternoon and tomorrow pnight area -- night. phighs over the weekend, low and pmid teens. pwe will be at or below zero on psunday morning. perin: shock to the system. pkevin: it is going to be cold pweather. psean: warm hearts, though. pkevin: how romantic. p[laughter] pmike: the polls opened in pmanchester about 20 minutes ago pand dozens of people have palready voted and more people pare coming through this morning. psean: we do have our first presults already. pvoters in dixville notch, males pfield, and -- mills field, and
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perin: a very exciting day out pthere. pcoming up, this little guy is
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kevin: starting off early this pmorning with still some areas of plight snow and a couple of snow pshowers. ptemperatures not too bad. pwe will be in the 20' s to lower p30' s. pwe will have details ahead of a pmuch bigger air mass along with pthe colder air that comes in. psean: a lot more ice on the big plake in meredith. pambassadors frequently arrive on pchartered planes, but they are prarely as cute as this.
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pthere we go. pa baby two-toed sloth arrived in ittsburgh. phe will serve as an ambassador pfor rain forest species. phe will play an integral role in poutreach and educational rograms. pfriday. pthis is a little sneak peek. pon school mornings. pmost people think about quiet pand environmentally friendly pwhen the think of electric cars, pbut not that fast. perin: but this might change your pmind. pthis is the venturi buckeye pbullet 3. pit has 3000 horsepower with an pestimated top speed of 372 miles er hour. pit all runs on batteries. psean: that is a lot of dd pbatteries. pi want to see him parallel park pthat thing. perin: it is not going to be
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pthe new hampshire primary is ptoday. pthese are live pictures in ward p10. pwe also have some pictures from pward 2. pthe polls are open now. pyou can expect some long lines
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there are those who say we cannot defeat a corrupt political system and fix a rigged economy. but i believe we need to lift our vision p above the obstacles in place and lookr to the american horizon. to a nation where every child can not only dream of going to college, but attend one. where quality healthcare will be a birthright of every citizen. where a good job is not a wish, but a reality. where women receive equal pay and a living wage is paid to all. an americapwhere after a lifetime of labor, there is timep for rest and grandchildren.
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so much of that burden alone. if we listen to our consciencet and our hearts r i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message, and i ask for your vote. plike we do. pnow, wmur news 9 daybreak. perin: good morning to you. pit is tuesday, february 9. pvoters across the state will be pheading to polls today to cast ptheir ballots in the first in pthe nation primary. psean: it is exciting. pa record number of voters are pexpected to turn out. psome locations are already open.
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pthe first votes were cast at pmidnight in dixville notch, pmillsfield, and harts plocation. perin: many people will be pspending primary morning digging pout from all of the snow. pthere are some concerns that the psnow could affect voter turnout, pbut people in portsmouth say pthat granite state resolve is pharder than power. pvery serious people. pthis snow is nothing. pwe can all vote. pi hope. pconcern. ptheir reaction times, maybe they pfeel it is going to be pdifficult. pif he pulled no older people -- eople no older people, drive pthem to the polls. perin: the dot had 700 crews
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pkevin: it looks like we have pareas of light snow and snow pshowers out there. ptemperatures in the teens to pnear 20. pa few breaks in the overcast, pbut lingering flurries into the pafternoon. psean: are you saying that winter phas started now? p#bundleup. phere is a live look from our pcommon man camera in windham. perin: you were ready to mow your plawn three weeks ago. psean: i was there. pkevin: we' re joined live by 95.7 pwzid' s deb davidson for look at pthe morning drive. pgood morning. pdeb: good morning. pthe roads are plowed and traffic pis moving well, but below the pspeed limit. pdo allow extra time. pthe cruise around the scene of pthat crash on 89 southbound at
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p-- hopkington. p93 and 293 are moving well. pfrom windham to salem, the peverett turnpike is a slow ride pfrom south of the bedford tolls pto south of nashua. pjust be aware of the trucks pcontinuing the cleanup. pfrom the wzid traffic network, pi' m deb davidson for 95.7 wzid. perin: thank you. pnow to the first votes of the p2016 presidential race. psean: more than five dozen pgranite staters cast their pballots after midnight. pthis was the scene in dixville plaunch. pnine voters made their pselections. pbernie sanders got four votes. pon the republican side, john pkasich got three votes and pdonald trump got two. perin: in harts location, 41
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pbernie sanders got 12 votes. pjohn kasich. 5 votes. pchris christie, two votes. psean: the third community to phold midnight voting was pmillsfield, home to 22 pregistered voters. phillary clinton got two votes pand bernie sanders got one. pted cruz got nine votes. perin: there are still thousands pof other new hampshire voters pwaiting to cast primary ballots ptoday and many will be headed to pthe polls undecided. psean: a tracking poll released pyesterday shows that 55% of plikely republican voters are pstill undecided. perin: 36% of likely democratic pvoters have not yet made up ptheir minds.
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pyou are already seeing a crowd pof people in there, right? pmike: it is really awesome to psee so many people wanting to be pa part of this process already. ptwo dozen people were lined up pwhen the door opened at 6:00 pa.m. pnorth of about 200 people have pcome through to vote. pyou can see people going up to pget their ballots as they cast pthem. phere are some important things pyou should know. pyou can register to vote on pelection day, but you will have pto show proof of identity, age, pcitizenship, and where you live. pundeclared and independent pvoters must choose a democrat or prepublican ballot. pif you don' t want to join a arty, you can return to pundeclared status after the rimary, but you have to fill pout a form. pyou will find 58 names on the pballot today. p30 republicans and 28 democrats
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psome of those candidates have pended their campaigns, but their pnames will still be on the pballot. pyou can find the ballot on and on our mobile app. pyou can find out exactly what pdocuments you need to bring when pyou go to vote. pelection officials are expecting pbig crowds throughout the day. p5000 people are registered to pvote in ward 2. psean: thanks. pwe are off and running. pnikole killion is also in pmanchester keeping a close eye pon this make or break race. pafter the iowa caucuses, we saw pseveral candidates drop out. pcould we see more following new phampshire? pnikole: that is to be pdetermined. pit is going to depend on how the presults shake out tonight. pjeb bush, even though he has pbeen struggling a bit in the olls, he says he is in this for pthe long haul. pother candidates have started
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psean: there is word of a ossible shakeup in hillary pclinton' s campaign staff. pwhat do we know? pnikole: "politico" broke this pstory yesterday afternoon, preporting that hillary and bill pclinton are not that satisfied pwith the campaigns messaging and pdigital strategy right now. pthey could bring in some more eople, shake things up after ptoday. phowever, mrs. clinton was asked pthese reports are overblown. psean: some of the candidates pthe finish. pwho is clashing right now? pnikole: we have seen some pstepped-up rhetoric between the pclinton and sanders can' t. phillary clinton accusing bernie psanders of indirectly taking pmoney from wall street, which is pan attack that bernie sanders phas used against her.
6:31 am
pline -- complain absurd and psuggested that clinton' s pcampaign is getting desperate. pon the republican side, donald ptrump and jeb brush are in pbroyles -- embroiled in a ptwitter war. pdonald trump responding to jeb pbush' s latest attacks against phim with bush calling the pbusiness mogul a loser, liar, pand a whiner -- trump tweeting pback that trump -- bush is a athetic figure. pthey are feuding to the finish. psean: thank you very much. perin: the candidates will be out pon the campaign trail today ptrying to sway undecided voters pbefore they cast ballots. pbernie sanders will be in pconcord. phe spent his primary eve prallying supporters in derry. p>> new hampshire can help lead pthis country in a very different pdirection, in the direction of a olitical revolution. perin: hillary clinton will be
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pmanchester. pshe had the campaign trail with pher husband and their daughter pchelsea. pin a one-on-one interview, the pformer secretary of state talked pe-mails. p>> i have to make it clear that m going pto keep forging ahead, working pand fighting for the people i pwant to represent. pi want as much transparency and s move on. psean: donald trump will also be pin manchester today. plast night, he held a rally at pthe verizon wireless arena. phe thanked the crowd for making pit out in the snow. palthough the latest polls show phim leading the republican race, phe does not want to take panything for granted. psenator ted cruz will be pmonitoring the results in hollis ptonight. phe is hoping to pull off a win pin new hampshire.
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resident, his priorities pinclude ending the persecution pof religious liberty, rebuilding pthe military, and repealing the paffordable care act. pcoming up, we will take a look pat where other republican pcandidates will be today as pvoters head to the polls for the pfirst in the nation primary. perin: it is almost time to start pthinking baseball. pwe will let you know when the pred sox equipment truck will be pleaving boston for fort myers. pkevin: the upper-level system is pstill back to the west. pwe still contend with snow
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pkevin: starting off your tuesday pmorning with plenty of clouds pacross the area. pout there. pit will come with a much lighter pwind. pa lot of very is up in the 20' s pto near 30 later on this pafternoon. pwe will talk about more breaks pin the overcast and a big pcooldown for the weekend coming pup. phampshire today as voters head pto the polls for the first in pthe nation 2016 presidential
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perin: the voting got underway in pdixville notch, millsfield, and pharts location voters casting ptheir ballots. phere are the results. pon the democratic side, bernie psanders got 17 votes. phillary clinton got 9. pmark stuart greenstein got two. pted cruz, john kasich on an pdonald trump each got 9 votes. pchris christie got 3 votes. psean: marco rubio will be making pstops in manchester, bedford, psalem, and derry -- and derry ptoday. phe held a rally at nashua pcommunity college on primary peve. pthis was his seventh stop of the pday. phe had on his familiar themes of prebuilding the american military
6:36 am
pjohn kasich wrapped up his last pfull day on the campaign trail pin new hampshire with a rally at probie' s country store in phooksett. phe has held 106 town halls in pnew hampshire and says the pevents have been a great psuccess. perin: former florida governor pjeb bush will watch the primary presults at manchester community pcollege tonight. pwhen he decided to run, he said phe went all in. phe said the primary results -- rocess has been one of the most prewarding of his life. p>> we will keep working hard. eople are starting to decide. pwe seem to be doing well. perin: new jersey governor chris pchristie will be paying visits pto manchester, bedford, salem,
6:37 am
ptownhall' s to connect with as pmany undecided voters as he can p-- good. p>> i want that job, not because pi need another title. pi have plenty. pbrother, husband, father. pi have enough titles to last me pthe rest of my life. pi want this job because i love pthis country and i do not want pit is going down. psean: former virginia governor pjim gilmore will be watching the presults in manchester tonight. phe stopped by the red arrow pdiner last night and held a town phall in hudson. pyou can learn more about the pcandidates by heading to the olitics section of our website, pyou will find a link pspecifically for new hampshire rimary coverage. punder the "compare the
6:38 am
pfind profiles of each of the pcandidates and a breakdown of pthe key issues of the race. pwe also have personal fun facts pfor each of the candidates. perin: we are following some pbreaking news out of germany. pat least eight people are dead, ptrains crashed head-on this pmorning. pemergency crews are still trying pwreckage. pthis is the biggest accident pthey have seen in years and many pdoctors, ambulances, and phelicopters are on the scene. pwe will bring you updates as psoon as we get more information parea -- information. psean: just one day after the new phampshire primary, we can start ptalking baseball. pthe red sox equipment truck will pstart loading up tomorrow pmorning at 7:00. pit will leave fenway park around pnoon.
6:39 am
pthan 20,000 baseballs, 60 cases pof sunflower seeds -- in case p[laughter] pforecast. perin: look at this beautiful pshot of the sun coming up over plake winnipesaukee. t be fooled. perin: why? pkevin: there are still a couple pshowers. pone of those kind of pmiddle-of-the-road days. pwe may have a spotty, light pcoating in a couple of spots. pwe will continue on with what plooks like a fairly light
6:40 am
pthis upper-level system pcontinues to ease in our pdirection. pwe will see the big change and pwe will see temperatures pdropping back into the single pdigits and teens. pstill a few flurries and snow pshowers making their way from psouthwest to northeast. pif you breaks in the overcast phave been developing in spots. ptemperatures have slipped back pinto the teens. ptemperatures get back into the p20' s later on this afternoon. pwe may see an additional light pcoating to half inch of snow in pcertain places. psome areas going up to seven pinches of snow. pa fluffy snow was not much wind
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pa couple more snow showers are a ossibility for the north pcountry. pwe are going to see another pminor disturbance making its way pthrough. pwe still have a few lingering pflurries for the day on thursday pand a couple more flurries with pthat leading-edge by the time we pget to friday. pas i mentioned, that air mass pthat comes in on friday pafternoon and friday night will phave a pretty good wind to go palong with it. psunday morning, we could be plooking at statewide ptemperatures below zero. pfor now, we are up in the 20' s. pa passing snow shower at any oint this morning and a few plingering snow showers this pafternoon. pextended forecast shows a snow pshower around tomorrow, pespecially into the afternoon. pmaybe a sneaky inch of snow on
6:42 am
pthat moves away on thursday and pbrings us back to colder pconditions for the weekend. pwe are highs in the mid teens to pmid 20' s on friday. pwe are looking at highs between pfive degrees and 18 degrees on psaturday and sunday. pboth of those days come with the pwind, as well. perin: that snow can be so psneaky. pkevin: um, yes. perin: a sneaky inch of snow. p[laughter] perin: properties are being added pregister of historic places. pseven buildings in the hebron pvillage historic district are pthey include the hebron ptownhall. palso on the list is the village pstore in freedom. pspringfield' s wonder well, a p1911 and 1912. pthere.
6:43 am
pstill ahead, it is primary day pand all eyes will be focused on pnew hampshire.
6:44 am
erin: it is now 6:55. pvoting is underway in our first pin the nation primary. psean: some polling places opened pat 6:00 a.m. pothers will be opening at 7:00. pif you are not yet registered to pvote, you can do so what the olls, but you will need to show roof of your identity, age, pcitizenship, and where you live. pyou must choose a democrat or prepublican voter ballot if you pare not registered. perin: the first votes were cast pat midnight in dixville notch,
6:45 am
pon the republican side, ted pcruz, john kasich, and donald ptrump got the most votes. pon the democratic side, bernie psanders got 17 votes. phillary clinton got nine. pmark stuart greenstein got two. psean: on this day after the psnowstorm, let' s check out some ptravel times. pi-93, one hour and 10 minutes, pmanchester to boston. pkevin: still some pockets of plight snow in a few places. pthe afternoon. pafternoon. pa couple more snow showers are pgoing to be a possibility ptomorrow afternoon into tomorrow pevening. pfriday with a few flurries plingering around, the bottom pdrops out of the thermometer by pthe time we get to the weekend. pi think just about statewide we pare below zero on sunday pmorning.
6:46 am
pthermometer. pkevin: it may break. perin: coming up next, george pstephanopoulos is live in new phampshire. phe is broadcasting from city phall square in manchester as new phampshire voters have their say pin the first in the nation rimary. psean: we' ve got you covered pthroughout the day, including on p p[captioning performed by the pnational captioning institute, pwhich is responsible for its pcaption content and accuracy. pvisit] p p
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