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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  February 9, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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p good morning, america. pthe first votes being cast in pthe nation's first primary right pnow. pdonald trump riling up the pcrowds taking on his opponents. p>> she said he's a [ bleep ]. pthat's terrible. p>> candidates battling even pbegging for every vote. p>> i want this job because i plove this country. p>> hillary clinton behind here phoping for a comeback. p>> i don't think a little snow pis going to stop anybody, do pyou? p>> as bernie sanders holds on to phis lead by coming to the rescue pof a supporter. p>> the voters still undecided. pour whole team on the trail. pthis morning.
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pweather socking the northeast as psnow causes major problems on pthe roads. pa bus full of passengers poverturned. p19 states caught in the pcrosshairs. p that massive cruise ship pclose to disaster. phurricane-force winds and pmassive swells rocking those on pboard. phow terrifying was it and calls pfor the government to pinvestigate. p teresa guidice speaks out pfor the first time since her prelease from federal prison. p>> it was nothing like being on pjersey." plet me tell you. p>> what she's revealing about plife as an inmate. pher toughest moments behind pbars. pteresa guidice one-on-one with pamy. pshe's here live this morning. p and we do say good morning, pamerica. pand what a big day it is.
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pof new hampshire and this is a olling station there in new phampshire. pand george is in manchester for pall the latest in the race for pthe white house. pgood morning to you, george. p>> right here on the scene. phey, robin, good morning to you. pa little snow out here. pflurries but that's not going to pstop the voters expecting a precord turnout here in new phampshire today and they've palready started voting in new phampshire. pthey started at midnight, pdixville notch, the first town pto vote at midnight. pyou see it there. pthree towns have voted already. palready counted the votes and we phave some results right now. pon the democratic side, bernie psanders leading hillary clinton, p17-9 among the first votes pactually counted and on the prepublican side a three-way tie, pyou got donald trump, john pkasich and ted cruz all with pnine votes each actually counted pvotes right now. pso we got a long day to go. p>> very, very early there, pgeorge. pwe have team coverage and take a plook at this. pwe are live all across the state
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pdown to tonight, george. p>> john kasich and marco rubio pare going to join us in just a pmoment but begin with tom llamas pin londonderry, new hampshire, pone of the biggest polling pstations in the state. p>> reporter: george, good pmorning to you. pas you mentioned they're pexpecting record turnout in new phampshire at this location, up pto 12,000 voters and hope just p12,000 because that's how many pballots they have. olling station. pall these voters coming out pgrabbing ballots going to those pout. pright there as we speak, the pnow. pfor some it's a decision that ponly takes ten seconds but will phave a lasting impact. pthing. p>> reporter: overnight, donald ptrump giving an "r" rated pcampaign speech repeating a
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p>> she said he's a [ bleep ]. pthat's terrible, terrible. p>> reporter: trump's comments pcome as he's leading in every pnew hampshire poll hoping voters phere give him something iowa pcould not, victory. p>> i'm not asking for your pmoney. pi'm asking for your vote. p>> reporter: and trump going on pa campaign blitz. p>> a total stiff, jeb bush. pi don't think jeb has a chance. p>> reporter: furious after bush pand his 90-year-old mother took pshots at him. pjeb tweeting donald trump, you paren't just a loser, you are a pliar and a whiner. p>> donald trump organizes his pcampaign around disparaging eople. p>> reporter: but jeb's real pfight may be between the other pgovernors running. olls show ohio's john kasich pcatching fire while new jersey's pchris christie showing he'll do panything to win in new phampshire. peven getting down on one knee pbut christie's biggest legacy in pthe granite state may be he psacked senator marco rubio's pchances with that devastating
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phe called rubio out for prepeating the same line. p>> this notion that barack obama pdoesn't know what he's doing is pjust not -- p>> there it is. pthere it is, the memorized p25-second speech. p>> reporter: overnight rubio pseeming to repeat another hrase. p>> raising our four children in pthe 21st century and we know how phard it's become to instill our pvalues in our kids instead of pthe values to try to ram down pour throats. pin the 21st century it's become pharder than ever to instill in pyour children the values they pteach in our hopes and church pinstead of the values they try pto ram our throats and movies pand music and -- p>> reporter: now the voting fast pand furious here in londonderry. pas for senator ted cruz he won pthe iowa caucuses, polling psomewhere that that four-way tie pfor second place but lowering pexpectations saying none of the pfirst four states in the primary pcycle this time around are must pwin states. pwe'll see what happens, george. p>> thank you, tom. pkasich.
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pright now. pso, you won the vote in dixville pnotch, 2-1. pnine voters total. p>> we came out strong. p>> is it true you called every psingle voter in that town. p>> i did. p>> 2-1 you won. p>> it was great. p>> a lot of the polls showing pyou got momentum in these final pdays. pdrawing the attention of pgovernor jeb bush. utting out a web video ad pcalling it no comparison hitting pyour record for supporting pobamacare, budget issues. phow do you respond? p>> i don't respond to that. pi think, unfortunately, i hate pto say it but jeb has taken the pvery low road to the highest poffice in the land and, george, pi've been positive. pwe've had 106 town hall pmeetings, people come, they plaugh. pthey cry. pthey talk about the things that pmatter to them. pwe've been positive, our ground pgame, gordon humphrey, the pformer senator says it's the pbest ground game he's seen in 40 pyears. plast night we were out there in pa driving snowstorm probably p300, 400 people standing out
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pit was like a movie set. pi wish i could take it -- i pcould make a movie out of this. p>> you seem excited. p>> you could be the star. pyou could play me. p>> where are you going to pfinish? p>> we're going to finish very pstrong. pi'm not like muhammad ali, i pcan't predict exactly what round por whatever but, look, i sent my pbus, the magic bus down to south pcarolina last night. pand we're heading there. p>> that's my question. peven if you do well here your popponents, rivals say you're out pof money, not organized in other pstates. p>> i love when my rivals say pstuff like that. eople have counted me all of my pcareer and said i wouldn't get pin the race, i couldn't raise pthe money, wouldn't get to new phampshire, wouldn't make the pdebate stage. pme. pthere was another guy they under preagan. pleave no one behind, grow the peconomy where americans were pbefore and republicans and pthat. p>> getting attention from pdemocrats.
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rimary. pjon karl is in derry, new phampshire, with a couple that pare choosing between you and phillary clinton. pjon. p>> reporter: hey, george, it's pincredible with the folks here pat marion's, how many people pstill now planning to vote after pbreakfast are not quite sure who pthey're going to vote for. pright here fred daniels from pnashua and as george just said, pyou are actually trying to pdecide between john kasich and phillary clinton but what's your pquestion, you have a chance now, pgovernor kasich, what do you pwant to know. p>> governor kasich, i really pappreciate you talking to us pright now and i have had a pchance to actually see you live. pthe question i have for you and pall the candidates is, how are pyou going to get congress to plisten to you and to understand pwhat you want to accomplish? pit's so divisive. pit's so dysfunctional. phow are you going to get these eople together to make your pthings happen?
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pin fact, as chairman of the pbudget committee i actually work pwith people like george pstephanopoulos to get the budget pbalanced because we brought eople together and we started utting the country first and pdidn't worry about the ideology pso much or the party. pi mean, it was a conservative rogram that got us the balance. pwe did it by working together pand i've done it in ohio. pyou know what you do, you pjust -- you're fair with people. pyou don't have to cave in on pyour principles. pif there's anything i can do pit's the ability to get people pto work together and realize our plegacy will be determined by pwhat we achieve. pi've always said, sir, one of pthe things i'll do is get the pbirthdays of all the mothers and pfathers of congress and call pthem on their birthdays so pthey'll call their sons and pdaughters and say don't mess pwith the president. phe's really a good guy. pwe want your votes, sir. lease. p>> thanks for coming in.
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pall right, george, now to the pdemocratic candidates. pwe got to take a look hillary pclinton at a polling station. pthis happened just moments ago pthere in new hampshire. pshe's taking aim at bernie psanders in new hampshire where pthe latest polls shows he still phas a solid lead. pabc's cecilia vega is tracking pit all live in manchester for pus, good morning, cecilia. p>> reporter: hey, robin. pgood morning to you. pas you said hillary clinton just pshowed up to this polling pstation right outside greeting psupporters. pshe said she plans to work today puntil every last work is cast. povernight, bernie sanders before pa massive crowd making his final itch. p>> it is imperative that you and pyour friends do get involved in pthe political process. p>> reporter: now just hours to pgo before the ballots are pcounted, the candidates rushing pbetween stops and sanders prushing to help one supporter pwho fainted at one of his final
7:11 am
p>> oh. p>> oh, god. p>> can we have some water. p>> she walked away. pi think she's okay. p>> reporter: hillary clinton povernight in the fight of her plife and still making her case. p>> you don't want to poverpromise. pthe last thing we need is romises that can't be met. p>> reporter: hoping big names phelp bring big numbers to the olls. p pher husband going on that prapid-fire attack accusing some psanders supporters of making poffensive comments to hillary pbackers. p>> to vicious trolling and pattacks that are literally too rofane often not to mention psexist to repeat. p>> reporter: i asked about those pcharges. pdo you think the sanders pcampaign is playing dirty? pafter a long pause finally an panswer. p>> no, i believe we ought to phave the same rules for peverybody. p>> reporter: and the voting is palready under way here at this
7:12 am
otential new threat. pmichael bloomberg giving his pfirst comments about jumping in. phe is still considering it and pcalls the level of discourse in pthis race an outrage and insult pto voters. pgeorge. prubio. pelection day right now and, boy, psince that debate on saturday pnight, all your opponents are iling on. pjeb bush piling on, chris pchristie, john kasich, donald ptrump, all questioning whether pyou're ready to be president. pthey smell blood. p>> yeah, but that's what pcampaigns do. pgreat to be targeted. pthat means you're doing psomething right. eople don't waste time or money pon people who aren't doing well. ptoday is election day in new phampshire and we feel good about pour team and i think voters prealize i give the republican arty the best chance to win. pi'm as conservative as anyone in pthe field and so today's the day pand i'm excited. p>> have they gotten in your head peven that glitch last night
7:13 am
p>> no, i'm doing it -- i'm not pgoing to stop saying what i'm psaying. pwe believe -- my whole campaign pis built on this idea that the pcountry's headed in the wrong pdirection as a result of pdeliberate effort on the part of pthis president to put in place olicies that change the prelationship of government to pour economy and america's role pin the world so i'm going -- pthat is the core of our pcampaign. pwe look forward to continuing to psay that. p>> can you still come in second. p>> i don't know where we'll pfinish in terms of second, third pour fourth. pfront-runner. pand some people haven't pcampaigned anywhere else but phere so it's a pretty unusual psetup today but we feel really pgood and looking to finish pstrong and head on to south pcarolina. pthat campaign really begins a p13-day sprint that begins pwednesday but we'll finish pstrong here.
7:14 am
pobviously everyone needs to vote ptoday. p>> one in five voters make up ptheir mind on the last day. p>> right. p>> for those watching. pif the debate gave them pause, pwhat's your pitch to them? p>> look, first of all, i don't pthink it gave many pause. pif you look at a biometric we plooked at from fund-raising to pinterest on the web to google psearches, we had a very strong pdebate. pthe media is fixated on the pfirst ten minutes especially in pa place like new hampshire. pi have more national security pexperience and foreign policy pexperience than anyone else on pthe republican side. pby far. pand beyond that i would say i pgive our party the best chance pto do three things, to unify, to pgrow and to win. pjust yesterday poll comes out pand says if i'm the nominee i pbeat hillary in new hampshire so pi think voters understand i'm as pqualified and as conservative as panyone in this race but i give pus the best chance -- p>> you'll campaign till closing ptime. p>> we'll go to polling places pstarting right now and look
7:15 am
plast-minute votes which could pmean the difference. p>> thanks for coming in. p>> thanks, i appreciate it. p>> and you're looking live at pchris christie's campaign pheadquarters in bedford, new phampshire. pall the campaign will be working pall through this day. pthe polls close -- most close at p7:00 p.m. psome open until:00. owe 8:00. p to amy for the rest of the pheadlines. p>> hey, george, good morning. pat least eight people have been pkilled and 150 others injured pafter two passenger trains pcollided head-on today in a prural area of southern germany. prescue helicopters had to lift eople on a rope across the priver to ambulances on the other pside. pthe cause of this crash is under pinvestigation. p and there are new steps this pmorning to curb the spread of pthe zika virus. pthe cdc has elevated its pemergency operation center to pthe highest alert level with pstaff working around the clock. resident obama asking congress pfor nearly $2 billion to battle pthe virus and the state of pemergency in florida has been
7:16 am
p well, an army deserter from pwashington state who once called posama bin laden a beautiful man pis now in federal custody. pdaniel freeney faces gun pcharges. pagents say he supported isis pcalling for the killing of u.s. ptroops. p in los angeles, the wind may phave played a role in this gas pstation canopy crashing down. ptwo workers were on it when it pgave way. pone was injured and the drivers pof those car, thankfully, are pokay. p and some wild video. pa man attacking people in a pstore with a three-foot sword as pcustomers were screaming. premarkably nobody was seriously pinjured. pthe suspect is now in custody. olice say he was under the pinfluence of drugs. p and finally one man didn't pjust lend a hand to police, he pleapt a foot. pwatch as officers in england pchase a drug suspect. pthe guy on the sidewalk, boink ptrips him.
7:17 am
pdown to thank him for doing all pthe legwork. p>> nice. p>> ah! p>> we look forward to that every pmorning. pwhat you'll come up with. p>> you're so good. p>> thank you. p>> thank you there, amy. p people still talking about pthe super bowl and some things pthat happened after the game. p>> the super bowl is over but pthe postgame controversy, that pseems to be far from over. eople are calling cam newton a psore loser over this moment when phe walked out of a media session pafter three minutes but now we pmay know why. ptake a look and listen. p>> the loo the box, force y'all pto throw the ball. pcan you throw the football. pthat was the game plan. p>> that voice in the background pis chris harris jr. talking pabout the broncos strategy and eople say cam overheard those pcomments and it could have ushed him over the edge. phere's what harris jr. himself psaid about the incident. p>> i would have been mad too if
7:18 am
pto be able to hear your opponent pright behind you talking. p>> and i understand it. pi get it. pyou're upset and emotional but pyou're the mvp of the league and phad a bad game and he's just psaying what the game plan was. phe's not saying anything about pyou. pit's not personal. p>> it wasn't trash talking. p>> it was about strategy. p>> it's salt in the wound but pyou have to take it. p>> sportsmanship. p>> i've had to do it. p>> you got to take the bad with pthe good. p>> all right. pthank you there, michael. p how about the snow, rob. p>> causing a lot of problems on pthe roadways. pwant to show you this video out pof madison, connecticut, -95. pshot up the road on i-95. pjackknifed tractor trailer pthere. pa lot of snow yesterday. pabout 9, 10 inches in spots and ore coming in. peastern third of the country, pthe system will see some random paccumulations, west of philly, 6
7:19 am
pkevin: a few areas of light snow pand flurry activity out there. pwe start out in the teens to the plower range of the 20' s. plight wind out there. pwe go up in most locations about p10 degrees. pit will be a decent day out pthere. pa chance of snow showers into pthe afternoon. pmaybe more snow showers ptomorrow. p
7:20 am
phave a lot more from new phampshire plus an abc news pexclusive. pamy goes one-on-one with the preal housewife, teresa guidice, pif her first tv interview since pleaving prison. p>> was there ever a moment where pyou feared for your life or you pthought it's not safe for me to pbe here? p>> she is standing by now and pwill reveal what life was like pbehind bars and how her family pis doing now. pthat and a whole lot more on p"gma." pcome on back. woman: i' ll never rememberr all the projects, t presentations, or meetings i gave upt my nights for. p (music' s drums intensify) but days like this,r i' ll never forget. get out there,p in the 2016 ford escape. t be unstoppable. p this is my fight song p take back my life song
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p9. pit' pthat means it is time for new phampshire voters to make their pchoices for president. olls have opened up across the pstate and a record number of pvoters are expected to turn out pfor this election. pyou can expect to face some long plines if you are headed out, pespecially first thing this pmorning, at lunch, and when work pgets out. pthe very first votes in the 2016 residential race were cast at pmidnight in dixville notch, pmillsfield, and hart' s location. premember, wmur is your source pfor complete coverage of the rimary and our continuous pcoverage starts tonight at 8:00 pand we will be live on the air puntil the winners are declared. pwe are getting off to a pretty pstart. pbeautiful sunrise this morning. p20 degrees, manchester. pkevin: looks like temperatures pgetting up into the 20'
7:26 am
plight winds, which everyone will pappreciate. ockets of light snow and snow pshowers this morning. pdown to flurries into the pafternoon before more snow pshowers fire up tomorrow pafternoon. pthis upper-level system is pspiraling around through the pgreat lakes. ptemperatures close to where we pshould be this time of year. pteens to near 20' s. pa few breaks of sunshine and pflurries into the afternoon. pthe better chance for snow pshowers and small accumulation pwill likely be tomorrow pafternoon and tomorrow evening. pafter the flurries, thursday and pfriday, much colder air building
7:27 am
p good morning, america. pi voted for donald trump. p>> good morning, america. pand i voted for john kasich. p>> good morning, america. pi voted for bernie sanders. p>> those are just some of the pvoters here in new hampshire pvoting in the nation's first rimary. pyou see the polling place right pthere in nashua, new hampshire. pthe voting has already begun. pit begins at midnight for the pnew hampshire primary. psome votes actually counted. pthey'll be voting all through pthe day. pabc's jon karl is with some of pthem in derry, new hampshire. pgood morning, jon. p>> reporter: good morning, pgeorge.
7:28 am
pjust dominated here in new phampshire and they are famous pfor deciding late and changing ptheir mind. pwe had a poll just yesterday, pgeorge, that showed 44% of plikely republican voters in this pstate saying they still haven't pmade up their minds going into ptoday. pone of them right here, pjonathan, now, as i understand pyou voted for barack obama in pin '08 and 2012 and now you're pundecided between who? p>> kasich and christie. p>> so, you went from obama to pkasich or christie? p>> correct. p>> that's one of the amazing pthings. pwe have a lot of undecides and pindependents here in marion's pdiner. pthey can vote. pthese independents, either the prepublican or democratic primary pand so many of them still now pgetting ready to leave the vote, pstill haven't firmly made up ptheir mind. p>> they love their independents pin new hampshire. pthat's why the moderate state is plive free or die. pthanks, jon karl. pback up to rob. pyou see a bunch of people behind pme too. plawn signs everywhere here in pnew hampshire.
7:29 am
pall right, george, thank you. pwe'll have the latest on the prace for the white house all pmorning long. p right now the father of that pyoung teen murdered in virginia pis now speaking out saying he pand his wife tried to do peverything they could to protect ptheir daughter. pabc's eva pilgrim is here with pthat story. pgood morning, eva. p>> reporter: good morning. pthis case sounding alarm bells pon social media for parents. pnicole lovell's father talks pabout his daughter this morning. pthe father of nicole lovell pspeaking out for the first time psince learning the details of phis daughter's death. p>> i know she fought like a pwildcat. pi mean, she's my kid. p>> reporter: two virginia tech pstudents, 18-year-old david peisenhauer and 19-year-old pnatalie keepers are behind bars paccused of allegedly plotting to pmurder the 13-year-old for pweeks. pauthorities say eisenhauer had pan inappropriate relationship pwith her, communicating with her pon social media. plovell's father telling dr. phil pher family tried to step in
7:30 am
ptalking to older men online. p>> my daughter in ohio had dug paround in nicole's instagram paccounts and kik and so on and pthose. p>> reporter: abc news finding pthis screen shot of her kik pthanksgiving she was chatting pwith a guy named david. p>> they had actually had some pvery vigorous and on point pdiscussions about her social pmedia activity in november and pdecember leading up to this. pthey had taken her phone away pfrom her because they felt like pshe was having some pinappropriate conversations. p>> reporter: one of lovell's pfriends telling abc news she preferred to eisenhauer as hr pboyfriend. pauthorities say eisenhauer told pthem he saw her the night she pdisappeared giving her a hug pbefore going home. pfour days later police finding pthe girl's body 80 miles from pher home, about two miles from
7:31 am
p>> i'd like to be locked up in pthe same cell with him. pi'm pretty sure i could get panswers out of him. phe took my little girl. p>> reporter: both students are pstill behind bars, neither pinterred inter have pentered a plea. pthis has shaken the student, pstill in shock at these charges. p>> they're still children doing pthis. pthat they're going on social pmedia. p>> still on social media. psometimes they don't realize the prepercussions of what though ost ost. p>> the stories are so critical. p>> more of the father's pinterview with dr. phil ptomorrow. pthank you, eva. p changing gears now to the platest on that royal caribbean pcruise heading back to new pjersey this morning after pgetting caught in phurricane-force wins and a map pshowing its last known position pand linsey davis is in bayonne, pnew jersey, with the latest.
7:32 am
p>> reporter: good morning, lara. pthat ship is expected to return phere tomorrow morning so they pwouldn't have to endure yet panother storm. psome of the firsthand accounts pfrom passengers are really quite pterrifying. pamong those on board the editor pof "the detroit free press." pthe ship tilting so far he said phe was scared and told his wife phe loved her. prough seas causing the cruise pship to turn around. pit's on its way back to new pjersey in morning after phurricane-force winds and 30 to p40-not waves prevented it from pmaking it to its final pdestination of the bahamas. p>> cabinets slamming open. p>> reporter: passengers used pcell phones to capture scenes pthat looked like they were right pout of the "titanic." pmassive waves slammed it as it
7:33 am
pcarolina coast not long after pleaving new jersey over the pweekend. pthe captain ordering the 4500 assengers and 1600 crew members phours. p>> the amount that things were pshifting around our room was a plittle frightening. p>> reporter: four passengers psuffered minor injuries, now psome on board blame the captain. p>> i'm really concerned about pthe captain's judgment in this psituation. pi really resent the fact that he ut 6,000 people's lives at risk ptaking us into a storm that was redicted. p>> reporter: royal caribbean papologized to passengers in a pstatement monday adding "while pthe weather was unpleasant, the ptimes. pwe thank the captain and crew pfor guiding the ship safely back pto better weather." pthe cruise line is promising a pfull refund to all passengers pand a 50% discount for a future pcruise. pone senator is calling for an pntsb investigation into why the pcruise ship left the port in the pfirst place when a storm was in pthe forecast for days. plara. p>> that is a very good question. pthank you so much, linsey.
7:34 am
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7:38 am
p we are back now with an abc pnews exclusive. preality star teresa guidice popening up go her life in prison pin her new memoir, "turning the ptables," after spending 11 1/2 pmonths behind bars. pwe sat down with her just a few pweeks after her release. pwhile she is working to get her plife back to normal, the teresa pfamily still has a tremendous pamount of challenges ahead. p>> for what? pwhat am i apologizing for? poh, my god. p>> reporter: with her no pnonsense attitude -- p>> we're here to discuss -- pwe're not here to play games. p>> reporter: and explosive ersonality. pteresa guidice shot to stardom pas a real housewife of new pjersey but beneath it all pauthorities say there was a
7:39 am
pa federal investigation into the pteresas s pguidices were partially funded pby ill-gotten gains. pher and her husband were charged pfor obtaining more than $5 pmillion fraudulently. p>> over the better part of a pdecade they were engaged in a pscheme to defraud financial pinstitutions and the irs and led guilty including conspiracy pto commit wire fraud and pbankruptcy fraud. pdid you know you were breaking pthe law? pdid you know you were committing pa crime? p>> definitely not. pi didn't know i was committing a pcrime. pthe government saw it pdifferently. pi got sentenced. pi got served time. p>> reporter: and she began that psentence on january 5th last pyear turning herself into a pfederal prison to serve 11 1/2 pmonths behind bars. pyou went from teresa guidice, pthe reality star, the wife, the
7:40 am
phow did that feel? p>> it broke my heart because, pyou know, i was always growing pup the good girl. palways did everything right. p>> do you remember your inmate pnumber. p>> yes, 65703-050. p>> reporter: and her life as an pinmate was a far cry from the pone we see on tv. pyour life was stripped down to pthe bare minimum. pno makeup. pno purses, fancy clothes. pwhat was left when you were pthere in prison with all of that premoved? p>> it was teresa guidice, you pknow, the person that i am. peverything that you just said, i pdon't need any of it. pi was fine just being just who i pam. p>> some would says you had it peasy. pyou went to danbury. pit's like being sent to the pcountry club of jails. phow would you describe -- p>> it was no country club.
7:41 am
pi mean, there was mold in the pbathrooms, there was not running pwater constantly. pthe shousers were freezing cold. pit was -- it was hell. pit was like, you know, it was pdefinitely living in hell. p>> what was the worst part about pthe experience? p>> just being away from my pdaughters and joe. pthat's the worst part. p>> and to get through the days pshe says sticking to a routine phelped. p>> i had a job in the kitchen. pi wiped tables. pthree days a week, wednesday, pthursday, friday. pthat was my job and got paid 12 pcents an hour. pi spent at the commissary. pmy first paycheck was $1.60. pthe only thing they give you is ptoilet paper and maxi pads. pthe girls were amazing there. panybody anybody needed help we helped peach other. p>> was there ever a moment where pyou feared for your life. p>> i wasn't scared.
7:42 am
pbut, you know, i know i could phold my own but i mean there was pfights that went on. pso i mean believe me, they were ptrying to start drama with me pbut i just -- i walked away. p>> you're used to drama. p>> yeah, it was nothing like pbeing on "the real housewives of pnew jersey." plet me tell you. pand i thought "real housewives pof new jersey" was drama. plet me tell you, when you go to rison it's a whole different -- pthere's a lot of drama. p>> now she's taking all she's plearned from her incarceration pand writing about turning a new pleaf in her memoir, "turning the ptables." pyou write about some of the bad pexperiences with the paparazzi, pwith the media being unfairly ptargeted. pbut then why continue with the preal housewives series and write pa book and stay in the pspotlight? p>> good question. pit's my life now. pit's what i know and i live in pnew jersey. pi don't live in hollywood. pso the paparazzi isn't always pstaked out at my house. pduring the legal situation
7:43 am
paround a lot more. p>> your husband joe is facing 41 pmonths in prison. pthere is the possibility he pcould be deported. pwould you move to italy with the pgirls if that ended up becoming preality? p>> we're just taking one day at pa time. pi'm just, you know, happy to be phome. pwe're just enjoying every moment plike living in the moment. pwe really are. p>> and you can see more of my pinterview with teresa tomorrow pon "nightline" and in our next phour we will talk to teresa plive. pshe is there in studio with us. p coming up next, though, pfirst on "good morning america," pthe college gymnast setting the pinternet on fire. pooh. pgo-girl. p>> she is so good. medicare part d prescriptions,pwalgreens says, carpe med diem. seize the day to get more outpof life and medicare part d. just switch to walgreensr for savings that'll be the highlightr of your day. pnow preview the cost of your pyou can even get one-dollar
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p all right, we're back right pnow. plet's get to the gymnast, psophina dejesus, she had a floor proutine the other day from ucla. plook at the young lady go. pthat was her tumbling pass and pstuck the landing. phere she is again. pcheck this out. poh. pthe triple flip, then the split. p>> look at her dancing. p>> worked with a choreographer. pgot her dancing down and the pjudges gave her 9.925. p>> oh, come on. p>> what do we give her?
7:48 am
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7:52 am
counting the carsp on the new jersey turnpike they've all comer to look for america r [ cheers and applause ] all comer to look for america all comer to look for america all come to look for america i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. p "good morning america" is pbrought to you by visit pcalifornia.
7:53 am
pannouncer: now, from wmur news p9. perin: good morning. pright now, voting is underway in pthe first-in-the-nation primary. pa record turnout is expected at pthe polls today, so voters can pexpect some long lines. pif you are not yet registered to pvote, you can do so at the olls, but you will have to show roof of your identity, age, pcitizenship, and where you live. pundeclared and independent pvoters can also vote, but they pmust choose either a democrat or pa republican ballot. pthe first votes of the new phampshire primary were cast at pmidnight in dixville notch, pmillsfield, and hart' s location. pa total of 65 people handed in ptheir ballots. phere' s a look at the results. pon the republican side, ted
7:54 am
ptrump got the most votes, nine papiece. pand on the democratic side, pbernie sanders got 17 votes, phillary clinton, nine, and mark pstewart greenstein got 2. poutside we go. pwe are seeing temperatures in pthe 20' s. pkevin: a lot of clouds out pthere, along with breaks of psunshine. pthe wind will be light through pthe afternoon. ptemperatures start the day in pthe teens to lower 20' s. pbig upper levels arrive with pmore scattered snow showers ptomorrow afternoon. ptemperatures now in the teens to pthe lower range of the 20' s. pmid-20' s to lower 30' s. pmostly cloudy skies later
7:55 am
pit does look like we will have a pfew lingering flurries around on pthursday. pthat will be the leading edge of pthe colder air that will build pout of central and northern pcanada. pby the time against of the pweekend, we will be in a single pdigits and teens.
7:56 am
p good morning, america. pit's 8:00 a.m. pthe race for new hampshire is pon. pcandidates barnstorming the pstate for final votes. p>> i would be happy to win by pone vote. pi just want to win. p>> donald trump trying to hold phis lead. phillary clinton and bernie psanders fighting to the finish. pstand. pgeorge is there in new phampshire. p abc news exclusive, teresa pguidice speaks out for the first ptime since leaving federal rison here this hour for her pfirst live tv interview panswering your questions about plife and lockup. pher husband heading to prison pnext month and what's ahead for pthe real housewife. p zika virus alert.
7:57 am
pits exclusive list of the best pmosquito repellents to keep you psafe. pthe three products that work pbest. pwe're showing you live the most peffective way to make them work pand keep mosquitoes away. p and we're on the road to poscar sunday. pbehind the scene with the pnominees together in one room pfor the first time before the pbiggest night in hollywood. psam smith revealing his secret lan for singing on oscar night. p>> pall that and our $5 dinner pchallenge heating up with marcus psamuelsson as we say -- p pamerica. pon this fat tuesday. phey, george, you're missing it. pwe're celebrating mardi gras phere in the studio. pwe've got beads, we've got moon ies and stuff.
7:58 am
pthe race for the white house. plet the good times roll. pis that what your:30 says. p>> they always do, baby. p>> so, i want everybody to have pa festive and safe fat tuesday. phappy mardi gras to everyone. pamy, you had a chance to sit pdown with teresa guidice at her phome but she'll be here live. p>> she's here for her first live pinterview on "good morning pamerica" and will talk about pwhat's next for her daughters as pher husband joe gets ready to pserve his own sentence. pshe'll answer your questions. pa lot to talk about. p george is in new hampshire pwhere those first votes in the rimary are being cast. pgeorge. p>> that's right, robin. plook at donna brazile. pwe'll talk to her. pshe's ready for mardi gras, as pwell. pbut the votes are beginning palready here in new hampshire. pfirst votes at midnight will go pthrough the whole day here and i
7:59 am
phampshire and meara n prestaurant. p>> just how high the stakes phere, no republican has gone on pto win the republican primary pwithout coming in first or psecond in new hampshire over the ast 64 years. p>> thank you. p>> reporter: after his loss in piowa this morning, front-runner rove. pthen you'll win here in new phampshire. p>> if we don't win here and pelsewhere then we're not going pto win as a country. p>> reporter: he holes a double pdigit lead headed into the first rimary of 2016. p>> this is sort of our final plove fest, all right. p>> reporter: but new hampshire pvoters are famously fickle. p>> don't underestimate new phampshire independent voters. p>> reporter: so many undecided pat the 11th hour candidates are utting on the hard sell. p>> i think voters realize i give pthe republican party the best pchance to win. pi'm as conservative as anyone in pthis field. p>> if there's anything that i pcan do it's the ability to get eople to work together.
tv-commercial tv-commercial
8:00 am
p>> i know, i know. pi hate election days. p>> reporter: how does it feel? preally will. p>> reporter: on the democratic pside it's bernie sanders with a pbig lead. p>> the people of new hampshire pwill have the opportunity to say pthat enough is enough. p>> reporter: hillary clinton is pfighting hard for new hampshire pvotes right to the end. p>> you don't want to poverpromise. pthe last thing we need is romises that can't be met. p>> reporter: and, george, here pat maryann's diner in new phampshire. pwe have still have a lot who are pabout to vote. pwho either hasn't made up their pmind or could change their mind? pwe got -- that's about 40% of pthe audience here which is where pit stands in new hampshire. pthese people still on their way pto their polls could still pchange the mind -- their minds. p>>ing o. i'm getting a little pskeptical with that, jon, but pthanks very much.
8:01 am
pi'm here with donna brazile and pmatthew dowd. pa lot going on matthew. pthe republican side, you know, pyou would have thought a week pago after new hampshire it would pbe a three-person race. pted cruz, donald trump, marco prubio. pbut now a real scramble. pyou could have five or six come pout of here. p>> three have a rest surveying pon the ship coming out. pbut there's one or two more that pwill book one. pjohn kasich looks like he'll go pon to south carolina and then psomebody else. pi think you'll have some that pwill stay in the race but this pnow looks like it'll go into psouth carolina a five-person pthree-person race. p>> it could go on for months. p>> into april and may for sure. p>> same thing on the democratic pside. phillary clinton coming into the pvote today well behind bernie psanders. pshe was behind barack obama i pthink by about eight points peight years ago. pmanaged to win. pthat's unlikely this time. p>> last time around, george, she pwas able to make up the pdifference with unmarried women
8:02 am
pthis time her campaign is really pfocused on making sure that she pcan reconnect with those women pand try to close the generation pgap. pif she's able to do that she'll pend up losing but gracefully. p>> meantime, there is some talk pabout a campaign shake-up on the pclinton side. p>> i talked to a lot of people plast night. plet me tell you, george, it's pvery demoralizing to put that pstatement out before the big day pbut john podesta pushed back and psaid there's no changes but you palways -- when you lose psomething you have to precalibrate. pthey'll probably recalibrate pbefore super tuesday. p>> donna brazile, matthew dowd, pthank you very much. pwe'll be on this all day long. p"world news" will be live from pmanchester tonight and i'll be pstanding by with our whole team pto bring you results as they pcome in. pback to new york. p>> time for some news this pmorning. pwe begin with the high fire risk pin the west today. precord heat in los angeles is pcombining with high winds pwrapping up the fire danger in pthe plains, heat and wind gusts pare up to 50 miles and they are
8:03 am
pthat blinded drivers and forced olice to close an interstate. pmore in rob's forecast coming pup. p a deadly train collision. ptwo passenger trains collided phead on in this rural area pkilling at least nine people. p150 others injured and no word pyet on why those trains were on pthe same track. p well, the developer who pbuilt an apartment building ptoppled during saturday's pearthquake in taiwan now parrested. phe could be charged with pnegligent homicide for using pmaterials like tin cans bill the phigh-rise. pabout 100 are still believed to pbe buried in that rubble. p new research on the dangers pof concussions. pa new study finding suffering pjust one concussion could triple pyour long-term risk of pcommitting suicide. pdoctors say the research shows pthe lasting effects that even a pmild head injury can have on pmood and behavior. p and in florida, an army pskydiver got his parachute ptangled up in power lines when phis training exercise went off pcourse.
8:04 am
pladders to get him down. pmorning. p and finally if your psignificant other hogs the bed, pwell, there is a solution from pindustry. phe posted these pictures. ptake a look. phe wanted to end the debate over phow much of his bed his wife ptakes up each night so he pmeasured the bed and then pmounted a remote controlled plaser on the wall to draw a line pdown the middle and get some preal data on how many times she pcrosses the line. pnot exactly romantic but he says pit's only meant to be a fun pexperiment. pone commenter posted this. pthis man must be a newlywed pbecause no man who's been pmarried for any length of time pto be fooled to think hard facts pwould -- p>> i love that. p>> maybe she's trying to get pcloser to him. p>> maybe she wants to spoon. pmaybe it's not crossing the pline. p>> i'm staying out of it. pover to michael with the rundown pin thank you. phere's a look at what's coming
8:05 am
pteresa guidice is here live popening up about her life in rison and what's next for her pand her family. p and as concerns about the pzika virus grow, we've got p"consumer reports" best mosquito prepellent. p and what to look for when pyou buy them. pall that and more coming up live pon "gma" here in times square, pmiss louisiana, mardi gras, it pis mardi gras, everybody. pget out and party. p "gma's morning menu" is pbrought to you by advil. pfast, powerful and proven relief pthat makes pain a distant pmemory. dvil, you' ll ask what backache? what sore wrist? what headache? what bad shoulder? advil makes pain a distant memory. nothing works faster stronger or longer than advil it' s the world' s #1 choice. what pain?
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8:08 am
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8:10 am
p welcome back to "gma." pgo right over to amy who is psitting down with teresa guidice pfor her first live tv interview pamy. p>> all right, thank you, guys. pwell, teresa yooud is one of the pstars of "the real housewives of pnew jersey" but for the past pyear she was also known as pinmate 65703050. pguidice spent 11 1/2 months in rison for tax fraud and writes pabout it all in her memoir, p"turning the tables" and in our plast hour we showed you our pconversation back at home in new pjersey, now teresa is here for pher first live tv interview psince her release, welcome. p>> thank you. p>> it's a big deal today because pyou get to leave your home. pyou were under house arrest even pthough you returned back in pdecember. pgetting out. phow does it feel getting out. p>> it feels great to be home pwith my daughters, with my phusband. pand i mean, even though i was on phouse arrest, i was able to do pthings but i just had to, you
8:11 am
pofficer where -- what i was pdoing. p>> now you can go anywhere you pwant. p>> now i don't -- there's no pquestioned. pi could take my kids to all ptheir activities because that pwas my biggest thing like i just pwanted to drive them to all ptheir activities. p>> you want to be back to being pfull time mom. p>> last night i didn't get home ptill past 8:00 driving them all pover. pcall me miss taxi. p>> part of your sentence was to ay back the more than $400,000 pyou owed in restitution. pin addition your house was in pforeclosure. pright now. p>> restitution is paid off. pmy house is not in foreclosure peverything is good. p>> in your book you write about phow difficult it was to leave pyour four daughters at home. pwe asked our viewers to send us pquestions for you and ngata atalie pasked what lesson will you teach pthem about your experience? p>> before you sign something, pmake sure you completely punderstand it and read peverything.
8:12 am
pfor danbury, you told your pyounger girls you were going paway to write a book. pyou didn't explain to them you pwere going to prison. pwhat will you tell them about ptheir dad leaving, joe is going pto spend the next 3 1/2 years pbehind bars. phe leaves next month. pwill you tell them that their pfather is going to jail? p>> no, we said, you know, mommy pis going to go to work first and pi told them mommy was going to pwrite a book and i had to live pat camp, which i call prison. pyou know, which is prison, pobviously and had to go through pthe experience and that's what pmommy was writing about then we psay when mommy comes home daddy pwill go to work. psweetheart. pyour marriage. pdon't read first. pwhat happened to you? p>> no, i don't. pno, there was -- you know, there pwas legal people around us also pwhich signed those papers and,
8:13 am
phappened and i'm not going to plook back. pi'm just going to move forward pand look at the future. p>> what impact has this all had pon your marriage? p>> if anything -- i mean really pit made it stronger. pit really has. pi mean, you know, and we've been pmarried 16 years and it's going pstrong. p>> so you've been home for a plittle over a month now. pafter you got home and hugged pyour family and did what was pimportant, i want to know what pwas the first luxury you treated pyourself to that you had been pdenied when you were in prison? p>> just spending time with my pdaughters. pthat's it. pthat's all i wanted to do and pspend time with joe. p>> that makes a lot of sense. pwhat were the things that you pother than your daughters pdreaded most about prison, what pyou would have to live without? p>> being there? p>> yeah. p>> just my daughters and joe. pi didn't care about the food. pi didn't care about anything. pi didn't care. pi didn't care about clothes. pyou know, i was fine. pnot wearing makeup every day, i
8:14 am
pthey're my life. pi mean, i live for them. pyou know, it's like amazing. pafter you give birth like it's plike, you know, you can't live pwithout them. pmonths. phow did you pass the time? pwe heard in our piece when we psat down you talked about you phad a job in the kitchen but you palso had a lot of other free pwhat did you do? p>> i worked out three types a pday. pi did yoga. pyoga changed my life. pyoga. pi just went to my first class. pi did a lot of pilates, did a plot of running. pgod for that. poutside. p>> and you actually -- a lot of pthis will be detailed in the pseventh season of "real phousewives" so what will we see pyou? phow much will you show the pcameras about your experience pthe last 11 months. p>> i'm an open book. pso, i'm going to -- i'm going to pshare my whole life and when you
8:15 am
pi -- you know, everyone will get pto know me from my upbringing pto -- in my 20s to when i got pmarried to when i gave birth and phow it was when i was away, and pbeing on "the real housewives of pnew jersey." p>> i know something you can pclear up right now. pa lot of controversy about how pto pronounce your last name so pwe're all supposed to call you pteresa guidice, not guidice. p>> that's the italian way. pyou know how to say it but you pknow what, joe and i are fine pwith saying guidice. p>> yes. p>> "turning the tables" is pavailable now and let's go poutside to rob. p>> hey, amy, out with mardi gras eople. pjoe from baton rouge. pover the country. psome of the cities where they do pit best, new orleans, 52. pmobile, 52. pgulfport, mississippi, 52. pchili
8:16 am
p40s from tonight and freezing arts across florida. pkevin: we will have a few breaks pof snowshoe -- of sunshine. pnot much of a window through the pafternoon. pthe system moves through later ptomorrow afternoon and evening. pmore snow showers a possible ity pby the time we get there. pnear 30 degrees. pa surge in the warmth tomorrow. pmuch colder air builds in. p>> laissez bon temp roulet. p>> thank you, rob. pnow to the growing concern about pthe zika virus. pwith at least 50 confirmed cases pin the united states, the white phouse has announced it's asking pcongress for nearly $2 billion pto combat its spread. phow can you protect yourself?
8:17 am
pits exclusive list of the most peffective mosquito repellents pand linzie janis has the pdetails. p>> reporter: this morning, pconcerns surrounding the zika pvirus at an all-time high. pthe cdc raising their zika presponse to the highest level of pactivation, assigning staff to pwork 24/7 on the response. pand while the world continues to pspray pesticides to try to kill poff the mosquitoes, what can you pdo to keep from being bitten? p>> deet is safe and effective. p>> reporter: "consumer reports" pre-releasing ratings from pmosquito repellents, high phighlighting their results pregarding the '80s ee mosquito. pthese three the most ee ffective. icaridin, natrapel and deep pwoods. p>> the zika virus was the one pthat contained neither 25% deet
8:18 am
pboth protected for about eight phours. p>> reporter: those infected with pzika can get fever, rash, joint ain or red eyes and when regnant women become infected, pit's been linked to a severe pbirth defect called pmicrocephaly. pwhile the cdc says it's safe to puse insect repellent while regnant or nursing they say pay pclose attention to the pdirections on the label. pfor good morning good morning, plinzie janis, abc news, new pyork. p>> all right, thank you. pjoining us now from his lab at pthe university of maryland and pcollege part, an expert in pmosquitoes and professor of pentity molg is michael ross. pgood to see you again. pwe heard in "consumer preports" -- the specific rules pon how to apply it. p>> number one, these products go pon exposed skin and clothing, pnever underneath clothing. pthe other thing is you hold pthese about a foot away.
8:19 am
pon. pjust a couple little squirt, psquirt, squirt, squirt. pand if you're going to do your pface and your neck and you pshould apply it to your hands pfirst, rub it on your hands then pgently put it on your face, not pin the eyes, around the nose, paround the neck and same thing pgoes for your kids. pyourself. p>> you have a demo for us right pnow to show us? p>> i sure do. pin this cage this is the cage of pfear. pi've got 350 blood thirsty pmosquitoes. pi tested them out earlier. pthey were hungry, was really pgetting bitten. plet's see how well our pi care /- picardin pworks. pwe're going in, robin. pyou don't have -- you don't have pto worry. pthese ones do not have zika. pall right, these have been praised in isolation. plook at this.
8:20 am
pthis is where the protection pcomes in. pthis is going to help us be safe pfrom zika and especially regnant women and women that lan to get pregnant, they need pto put on this protection before pthey go to the caribbean, south pamerica, central america, so do pthis, you'll be safe. p>> so no bites? pthey were just landing but no pbites. p>> just landing, no biting. pthese things really, really work pwell. pi've used them in the rain pforest really well and these are pthe products i use when going pinto the rain forest. p>> michael raupp, good to know. pooh. pi thought he was going to get pbit. plara. p>> thank you, robin. plet's begin "pop news" with a plittle amy schumer news. pher girl squad keeps getter ing pbetter. pgoldie hawn is in talks to play pher on-screen mom. pthe as yet untitled movie is psaid to be a comedy about a
8:21 am
pthe writer of "the heat" and palso "the ghostbusters" reboot. pthe first movie goldie has been pin since 2002. pwe haven't seen her since "the pbanger sisters" in a film. pa new movie with the reigning pqueen of comedy would be a pwelcome return. pbring it on. pthis is a hollywood match made pin heaven. p>> one of my all-time favorites. p>> so excited for that. p also in "pop news" this pmorning, when beyonce comes to ptown she better have lodgings pfit for a queen, right? pwhere did the super bowl psuperstar stay this past pweekend? phow about an airbn. pb. pit was a $10,000 airbnb but pgives major cache to the brand. pit was in lost altos and has pfive bedrooms. p8 half baths. pinfinity pool and pictures she pshared. pshe posted this on facebook and
8:22 am
pthis is a couple weeks after pgwyneth paltrow shared pictures pof her puerto vallarta villa prented by airbnb. pdeals on. pin those -- p>> i didn't have that view out pmy window. p>> no infinity pool. p>> but wouldn't you think they pmight stay in a very high-end photel. pthis is sort of a trend and you pcan get -- p>> staying in a high-end home. p>> beyonce is probably scrolling pthrough the internet deciding pwhich to pick. p>> beyonce slept here. p>> which makes it better for pnext time. p>> i'm just going to have to psave the third one for you. pwe'll have to wait till tomorrow pbecause we ran out of time. p>> is it a walrus? p>> it's part of it. pyou read that, didn't you? p>> a mammal.
8:23 am
perin: good morning. pif your commute takes you along p89 southbound, you may need to ptake an alternate route. pa crashes causing delays. ptraffic is moving slowly. pcrash. pvoting is underway in the pthe first votes of the new phampshire primary were cast at pmillsfield and hart' s location. pa total of 65 people handed in ptheir ballots. phere' s a look at the results.
8:24 am
pted cruz, john kasich and donald ptrump got the most votes nine papiece. pand on the democratic side pbernie sanders got 17 votes, phillary clinton, nine, and mark pstewart greenstein got two. pyou can find the full primary pballot on and our pmobile app. pyou can also search for your olling location and find out pexactly what documents you need pto bring with you when you go to pvote. psome areas of still in the pteens. pkevin: some areas with flurries pand light snow showers. pa few breaks of sunshine as we pstart the day and some areas. pthe upper-level system will pchange that through the day. pwith that, more flurries and a pfew more light snow showers. ptemperatures starting the day in pthe teens to near 20' s. pfairly light wind to go along pwith clouds and sunshine and a pchance of flurries.
8:25 am
pcould be up to an inch out of pthat before pulling away and pleaving to colder air that will pbe around through the weekend.
8:26 am
p p i love this tune. pwhen you wish upon a star, pjesse, you might just win the psuper bowl and a trip to the phappiest place on earth, there's psuper bowl champ peyton manning pcelebrating at disneyland with pall the stars. phis adorable twins. p>> he didn't waste any time. p>> not at all and the parade in pdenver is today. pthat's full on. psea of orange. pcongratulations, peyton. p>> also, take a look at this hoto. phere is your oscars class of p2016. pevery nominee all together. pwe're taking you behind the pscenes with them all ahead on
8:27 am
pairing where, right here on abc. p>> all right, then we have chef pmarcus samuelsson. phe is teaming up with robin, ptaking on our $5 dinner pchallenge. pquestion pull it off? pi think he can. p>> i love -- p>> smells delicious. p>> he is so good. p>> uptown chicken on the cheek. p>> i like that. p>> bruno. p>> singing that. p>> uptown chicken on the cheap. p less than three weeks to go ptill oscar sunday. pwho has their dress? p>> not yet. p>> i got mine. p>> rob does. prob raised his hands. p>> all sequinned up. p all the nominees are pcelebrating together gathering pfor the exclusive nominees pluncheon in beverly hills. pchris connelly was also there. pcheck it out. p>> i need to hold my husband. p>> reporter: in "the danish pgirl" swedish born alicia pvikander's character brims with ptenderness and understanding. p>> you know what i got to say. p>> reporter: in "the hateful peight."
8:28 am
pflower as she hopes to avoid a phanging. peach nominated for the first ptime as supporting actor and at pthe luncheon in beverly hills peach shared how the academy pawards' lure has been part of ptheir lives since childhood. p>> i used to watch the oscars pbut that was like watching pcinderella on tv. pit was very, very distant, a pdream far, far away. p>> all the pageantry and pbeautiful clothes and acceptance pspeeches and tears and all of pthat, you get so swept up in it pas a kid, so to even be doing pthis interview is kind of psurreal for me. p>> brie larsonen. p>> reporter: for brie larson pfrom "room" acclaim coming after p20 years of showbiz struggle pdetermination. p>> i had a dream last night that pi was hanging out with my p7-year-old self and i said it's pgoing to take 20 years before pyou get any sort of recognition pfor it and i saw my 7-year-old pself go. p>> reporter: nominated for
8:29 am
pmark ruffalo hailing the omni pset of ensemble acting set by ptom mccarthy. p>> that's rare when actors kind pof sub blip mate their own egos pto serve, it's super rare. pi think that's part of why i pthink the movie is exciting to psee this group of people playing pat that level but in a way that pis just purely to serve the pstorytelling. p>> reporter: and while no one pknows if leonardo dicaprio will pwin best actor for "the prevenant" he has a guaranteed ptreat in store, that according pto nominee sam smith. p i've been near p>> reporter: will sing live his psong from "spectre" "writing's pon the wall." p>> looking at ten rows of the pbest-known actors -- p>> i'm going to sing directly to plee joe. ponly leo and before i'm doing pthis for you, babe. p>> reporter: for "good morning pamerica," chris connelly, abc
8:30 am
p>> it's going to be a good one pand academy awards airs february p28th right here on abc and we do phave your post awards pafter-party on "gma." pthe morning after which is still pthe night to us. pjesse. p>> i love after parties. p time to check in on our "10 pdates in 10 states" adventure. pabc producer erica scott is in pthe home stretch. ptwo-stepping her way across the pcountry and learning about love pand the chemistry behind it. ptake a look. p p>> i'm now more than halfway pthrough this incredible pcoast-to-coast journey and had pmy seventh date in the lone star pstate of texas. p>> i'm good. phow are you? p>> i stopped in austin and met pup with amir and we went ptwo-stepping at the iconic white phorse. p>> i haven't two-stepped since pmiddle school. p pall right. p>> that i can do. p
8:31 am
pdates set up online or by a pfriend or colleague. pthis was different because pactually the ceo of fumble set pme up. ptheir headquarters in austin so pi stopped over there to get an pidea of what makes their app so pdifferent. phow is bumble changing the pdating game. p>> only women make the first pmove. poftentimes women won't make the pfirst move because they're pconcerned about the perception pon the other end. p>> how can you know if you have pchemistry by spending five pseconds looking at their rofile. plooking to are a couple things. p>> biologically she's looking pfor the healthy specimen saying pthis is good genetic material. pit's going to last. p>> all dates have been fun but pmade me think about chemistry pand what's going on chemically pin your brain when you're on the pdates. p>> you have an increase of pdopamine, the hormone of reward pso you're psyched and addicted plike gambling. pyou have the hormone of oxytocin pwhich is bonding so you feel
8:32 am
pdecrease in the hormone of pserotonin which makes you pobsessional. pyou can't stop thinking about pthat other person. p>> i'm still trying to figure pout what exactly it is i'm plooking for but i am having a plot of fun along the way. p>> and joining us live from paustin, texas, abc producer perica scott and, erica, i hope pyou're holding up okay out pthere. pit's been a whirlwind tour and pheard you say when you fall in plove that can be like an paddiction. pso when you have a breakup, a pbad breakup can that be like a pwithdrawal? p>> yes, so, according to our pexperts you actually can become pchemically dependent on your artner so when you go through a pbreakup you experience the same ploss of dopamine like you would plike withdrawal from a drug so pthe same brain areas that rocess body pain light up when pyou experience a big social prejection. pso personally i think it's ptotally justified to finish a int of ice cream when going pthrough a breakup. p>> what about chemistry. eople are looking for that
8:33 am
pif you don't have it right away pis it something you can develop pover time. p>> yeah, so chemistry develops pthe more you attach with someone pby sharing inter mat mate secrets, pany kind of time spent with psomebody so maybe share that ice pcream. p>> we all need to know, erica, phow do you pack for ten dates in pten different states? p>> so, norm amelie i'm really a plight packer. pbut actually obviously i had to pbe very well equipped. pi have everything from my ski arka to the wet shirt from phawaii and a ton of equipment. pall my shoes obviously, but pcamera stuff and i had to get a pfew postcards which i've not had pany time to mail yet. psorry, mom and dad and my diary pbecause i got to keep it all to pmyself sometimes. p>> well, obviously, erica, pyou're doing such a great job. p>> i'm sensing some chemistry pbetween erica and jesse.
8:34 am
p>> guys, my dopamine levels are pnow. p>> i was -- robin, i was just pthinking that. pthat we might have an 11th date. p>> save room in that -- in your psuitcase there, erica. pthank you very much for joining pus. pwish you the best of luck -- p>> blushing. p>> i got to go to the tag. pyou can follow her on our pwebsite, pon yahoo! #teninten. pwe got to go outside to rob. p>> you're so red. p>> speaking of states, one from ptexas. pthis young lady has been pwatching us for 35 years, miss pvirginia harper. pwhere are you from in texas? p>> dallas. p>> why did it take so long to pvisit us. p>> i've been working a lot. pi'm here now. p>> are you retired now? p>> yes. p>> congratulations. pwe're so happy you came to see pus on this chilly day.
8:35 am
pgusting over 45 miles an hour. p65 in nantucket. pwindchills dropping not only pacross the great lakes but down pto the south minus one sunday pmorning in raleigh pkevin: a lot of clouds, a few pflurries. pback and forth in the afternoon. pthe system to the west, we will pbe in and out of the snow pflurries p>> this weathercast is brought pto you by liberty mutual. pwhat's in that coffee cup? pyou're hiding it. p>> chai tea. p>> something that couples rarely ptalk about, merging their pfinances. pwe spoke to a financial expert pto get her take on how you can lan your financial future ptogether and abc's rebecca
8:36 am
p>> brian friedman and kayla baez pmet 2 and a half years ago. p>> somebody who loves dogs, how pcan you not fall in love with. p>> reporter: plan to get married pthis summer. ptalking about merging finances phas been a challenge. p>> for me talking about money is pvery uncomfortable. p>> reporter: according to a p"newsweek" poll, 40% of couples psay they did not talkabout pfinancial issues prior to pgetting married. p>> you're not just talking about pmoney. pyou're talking about choices. p>> reporter: so we brought in pthis woman, author of "financial pintimacy" to help this couple ptogether. pwelcome. p>> reporter: her number one tip. p>> sit down and map out what are pyour goals, what are my goals pand what are our goals? p>> her advice, be open about pfinances. plist each person's assets, debts pand expenses. phave a transition plan. pdecide if you want to merge bank paccounts, who will play what pfinancial roles like paying
8:37 am
pand keep the conversation going pafter you're married. p>> you are intentionally having pwhat i call money dates. p>> she says planning your pwedding is a starting point. p>> that's a perfect entree into psome of the more awkward pieces pof the conversation about money. p>> reporter: beginning a life ptogether on the right financial pfooting. pfor "good morning america," prebecca jarvis, abc news, new pyork. p>> hey, one way to save money is phave a $5 dinner so coming up we phave our $5 dinner challenge. pchef marcus samuelsson is pteaming up with robin and pnext. p "gma's" real money brought pto you by voya financial.
8:38 am
p p p the chef was terrific pyesterday and back with our $5 pdinner challenge giving pcelebrity chefs a $5 budget to pcreate a well-balanced meal for ptwo using just that and whatever pis in the pantry. pthis morning, we have a food pnetwork star and owner of red prooster in harlem. phere is celebrity chef marcus psamuelsson. pcome on out. phello, marcus. pwhoo! p>> how are you? p>> mwah. p$5. pthat's it. pwhat's in the bag? p>> we got this. pi don't know what ming did pyesterday. phe was at $4 something -- plisten, this is -- we got
8:39 am
p>> drumsticks for 2.20 $2.20. pshould you buy the whole pchicken -- p>> on a budget drumsticks are pgreat and it'll get you there. pyou know, if you want -- would plike to get a whole bird, yeah, pyou can do that but it'll cost pyou more. p>> $2.19 for these. p>> what else you have. p>> couscous. pthis could be a great supplement pand it's only about 79 cents p>> that's it. pso that's -- p>> we can be healthy and trendy pand good at the same time. p>> kale. p>> it's kale. pyou know what, 64 cents. pthis is going to be just $3.60. p>> let me ask you this about pkale. pit spoils before i can use it pall. pany suggestions. p>> i'm having a little pickle ing pjuice in and keep longer, as pwell. p>> wonderful. pi got to try that. pthese are the three. pwhat is the total?
8:40 am
pi don't know what gayle is going pto do tomorrow. pmario -- p>> now you got to put it ptogether. p>> i'll go to the pantry. pwe can use items out of here. pit's not cheating. pwhat do you need? p>> affordable doesn't mean it's pnot going to taste wonderful. pcayenne. paffordable doesn't mean it's not pgoing to taste good so i got -- pactually made a marinade. pa little soy and ginger. p>> can never go wrong with pginger. p>> healthy and a little bit of pthis spice rub, paprika and pcayenne. pmarinate it for two hours then pwe put in a little bit of flour pin can you smell it already? p>> right, we're just going to ut that in there. pall right, we're going to move pstraight in and put it in the an. pboom. p>> right in the pan. p>> you like like a little bird. p>> i love. p>> and to make the kale taste pgood i got peanuts and garlic. pi love kale. pwelcome, guys.
8:41 am
p>> saute that. p>> thank you. pyou know, they were messing with pyou. p>> i know. pi knew some chicken would help pout. ptelevision. p>> i saw that. p>> are we -- p>> when does the couscous come pin? p>> right here. p>> ah. p>> taste that. pcome on, robin, taste that. p>> i would love to. p>> take that little bit of pcouscous. pwe got a whole plate for you pthere. pcooking for $5 does not mean pit's not going to taste good. pwe did not have to compromise. pwe have 3.60. pgives you $1.40 to spend. pwhat do you want to spend it on? p>> dessert. p>> exactly. p>> a lot think if you want to peat healthy or well you have to pspend a lot of money and that's pnot the case. p>> just learn how to cook. pyou will take care of leftovers pand cook on a budget and you can ptaste delicious. peven lara is eating this. pare you eating this? pare you enjoying it. p>> the kale is fantastic. p>> i love the gospel brunch.
8:42 am
pwhere are you on the tally pboard, $3.62. plook at that. p>> wow. p>> see what ming did. p>> you are in the lead. p>> by a lot. p>> all i know is we're going to peat well this week. p>> with mario coming, gayle is pcoming. p>> all of them. pmarcus, as always, you can get pall these recipes at on yahoo! pwe'll be right back. pi hope you haven't eaten mine. p>> no.
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there are those who say we cannot defeat a corrupt political system and fix a rigged economy. but i believe we need to lift our vision p above the obstacles in place and lookr to the american horizon. to a nation where every child can not only dream of going to college, but attend one. where quality healthcare will be a birthright of every citizen. where a good job is not a wish, but a reality. where women receive equal pay and a living wage is paid to all. an americapwhere after a lifetime of labor, there is timep for rest and grandchildren. a nation that defendsrour people and our values, but no longer carriesp so much of that burden alone. i knowrwe can create that america if we listen to our consciencet
8:44 am
and not to the punditstand the naysayers. r i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message, and i ask for your vote. p now behind-the-scenes look pat abc's hit comedy "fresh off pthe boat." pthe show is in its second season pand giving fans a new erspective on family life while pgetting a lot of laughs. pchris connelly sat down with the pstars. p p>> reporter: hudson yang may pjustin 12 but few tv characters prepresent for old school music pquite like his eddie huang on p"fresh off the boat."
8:45 am
p>> he with forest wheeler as pemory and ian chen 9 got up to pspeed on the culture of the p1990s when it's set. p>> i had to learn a lot because pi didn't know about a lot of pstuff. p>> yeah, yeah. p>> i probably had to learn like pa lot too like about the rap pmusic, about the culture. p>> reporter: lessons learned as pa trip to the wardrobe trailer roves. p>> this is a s a is a boyz ii men outfit pfrom "end of the road." p>> we re-enacted the actual pvideo. p end of the road p>> reporter: along with the plaughs, "fresh off the boat" plooks to put across the rhythms pand realities within the home of pan asian-american family. p>> yeah, that's incredibly prewarding and very meaningful to pme. p>> reporter: its significance is pno secret to stars randall park pand constance wu. p>> with our chinese new year's pepisode i don't know if that ptopic has ever been explored in pa family sitcom. p>> having a chinese's new year's arty but nobody cares enough to
8:46 am
y'all ready for this pwho's ready for a dragon dance. p>> reporter: a valentine's day pepisode showcases the interplays pbetween these-high achieve ing pchasing the dream parents and ptheir sons. p>> our version of romance is pdoing taxes together. p>> a quiet night alone gives us pa chance to focus and not miss pany crucial deductions. pit's completely natural. p>> reporter: for the wangs it pworks out in the end. psometimes it just takes some psweet moves. p>> you know what i should do, pthe body rope. p>> reporter: for "good morning pamerica," chris connelly, abc pnews, los angeles. p>> it is a funny show. p"fresh off the boat" airs at p8:00, 7:00 central right here on the american people can't afford to wait for ideas that sound good on paper... but will never make it in the real world. the grandmother who has to choose between paying for medicine and paying rent... can't wait. the single mom who desperately needs a raise... can't wait. the student with a
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we can make real progress, r right now for people p and families who need it. p i'm hillary clinton and i
8:48 am
p thanks for being with us. pdon't forget we have complete pcoverage of the new hampshire rimary. p"world news tonight" with david pmuir is live in new hampshire, pand we will have results live as pthey come in all night long pright here on abc. p>> big night. pmeantime, have a great tuesday, peverybody.
8:49 am
perin: good morning. pgranite staters are heading to pthe polls in the first in the pnation primary. pa record turnout is expected ptoday, so voters can expect some plong lines. pif you are not yet registered to pvote, you can do so at the olls, but you will have to show roof of your identity, age, pcitizenship, and where you live. pundeclared and independent pmust choose either a democrat or pa republican ballot. pthe first votes of the new phampshire primary were cast at pmillsfield, and hart' s location. pa total of 65 people handed in phere' s a look at the results. pon the republican side, ted pcruz, john kasich and donald ptrump got the most votes, 9 peach. pand on the democratic side, pbernie sanders got 17 votes, phillary clinton, 9, and mark pstewart greenstein got two. premember, wmur is your source rimary, and our continuous pcoverage starts tonight at 8:00
8:50 am
puntil the winners are declared. poutside we go. psnow on the ground out there. pit. pit is a little tricky driving. pkevin: a few breaks of sunshine pearlier. pyou will notice a few light snow pshowers to the west. pwe go back-and-forth today pbetween a few breaks of sun pafternoon. ptemperature start the day and pupper teens and lower 20' s. p30 and spots. pthe breeze remains light. pthe upper-level system will inch pcloser. plighters snow showers tomorrow pafternoon and evening.
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