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tv   News 9 Noon  ABC  February 9, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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p perin: now at noon, this is it. pas people head out to vote, the pcandidates are making a last psecond push. pwe have complete coverage on the pfinal few hours of election day. psean: neither snow nor ice will pstop granite staters from pwe' re live from a polling plocation with how things are pgoing so far. pkevin: still some flakes flying pin places with a lighter breeze pfor the afternoon. pthe big change that comes at the pend of the week ahead p p>> no one covers new hampshire plike we do. pnow, "news 9 @ noon." p p[captioning performed by the pnational captioning institute, pwhich is responsible for its pcaption content and accuracy. pvisit] p psean: commitment 2016 coverage.
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pright now, residents from pclaremont to nashua are casting ptheir ballots in the first in pthe nation primary. pvoters began making their pdecisions as soon as the clock pstruck midnight in some places. p-- in three communities. pand since then, lines at polling plocations are steady and very pheavy in others. ptake a look at this live video pjust in our newsroom, the line pmerrimack high school. pthat line of cars and stretches pis just to wait in line to vote. pthe secretary of state has redicted record turnout for ptoday' s primary. perin: and in manchester the line pof voters is literally out the pdoor. pmy cronin is live in ward two in pmanchester. pmike: this morning there were ptwo dozen people lined up poutside to get in but now at pnoon time, lunchtime, take a plook at this line. eople are stretched right out
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pdozens of people coming through pthis afternoon to vote. pit is an incredible sight to psee. pwe have heard from months and pmonths from the candidates and pnow it is time to finally hear pfrom the voters. p>> polls are open! olls are open! pmike: and with that, dozens of pmanchester' s first voters filed pinside at 6:00 a.m. pelection officials were pleased pwith the early morning crowd. pthere was a steady flow of pvoters at ward 10. p>> usually from the middle of pthe afternoon to closing come pthat is our busiest time. pwe tend to get new voters. pmike: granite stater' s are happy rimary day is here. p>> excited it is over. pmike: some people came to the olls knowing who they would pvote for good >> i knew what i plike and knew what i didn' t want pand stuck with that. pmike: others make a choice ptoday. p>> made my mind up this morning pat coffee. pi' m there.
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phonestly was not sure who i was pminute. pschool this morning. pshe says town halls and retail pdecision. p>> it appeared to me that there pwas a lot of noise on the poutside and it was hard to preally learn about what the pcandidates felt and how --what pthey thought about the issues. pmike: crews had to dig up the psidewalks at several polling plocation, but voters we talked pto were not phased. p>> i had to clean the truck off pbefore i got here. pmike: no problem voting, right? p>> no problem voting. pmike: another live look inside pof ward 2. pelection officials told me they pafternoon. p7:00 tonight. pyou can still register to vote pto david make sure you have your pidentification with you.
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psean: a lot of people spending ptheir lunch break voting today phillary clinton was up bright pand early this morning visiting pvoters at the parker varney pschool in manchester just before p7:00. s feeling pabout the big day. pms. clinton: you know what, i plove this process, i love this rimary. pi so respect the people of new phampshire and the role that you lay and how you serious you m feeling great. pi hope to do as well as i can pi' m just really happy to be here pthis morning. psean: clinton' s major democratic popponent did not have public pappearances this morning but pbernie sanders planning on pgetting out the vote throughout pnew hampshire. phe will hold a primary party ptonight at concord high school. perin: on the republican side, pmany candidates are making stops pthroughout the state. pthis morning marco rubio was in pmanchester and bedford. phere in bedford, rubio shook phands and took pictures with psupporters and said he feels
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psenator rubio: voters are pexcited about this campaign. pturnout will be historic. poffice to volunteer for the pfirst time. pthe energy at our events have pall grown. perin: tonight rubio is holding a rimary night celebration at the pradisson in manchester. psean: new jersey governor chris pchristie is making one last push pfor votes on the campaign trail. pchristie started his day off at pa polling location in manchester pbefore making his way to his pcampaign headquarters in pbedford. pthere he thanked supporters for ptheir hard work. pwe asked him how he wants to be premembered in new hampshire pafter today' s primary. pgovernor christie: somebody who pcame here and did it the way new phampshire wants you to do it, pwhich is to meet people on a pone-on-one basis, to listen to pthe questions and answer them pdirectly, and to meet them -- in ptheir homes coming your town phalls, and all over the state. pand hopefully i will be premembered as some of you did preal well here, too. psean: christie plans to make pstops in salem and and in a
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perin: former florida governor pat bedford high school this pmorning. s learned a lot from pgranite staters. pin a one on one interview with pnews 9 bush says he' s proud his pcampaign in new hampshire. pmr. bush: at this early stage of pthe primary you want to do pbetter than expected. pwe have resources to go the pdistance. pwe are on every ballot. pwednesday morning i start up pcarolina. pbe great. perin: bush has a couple more pstops planned this afternoon and pis primary night party will be pin manchester. psean: right now john kasich is pin the granite state. pkasich shook hands with voters pduring a polling stop in nashua. phe spent a lot of time pcampaigning in new hampshire pholding over 100 town halls. phe says he thinks his message phas worked. pgovernor kasich: table behind me pare an example of the grassroots
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phas worked could you and pixel pnot, there is nowhere to go up pfrom there -- win dixville pnotch, there is nowhere to go pbut up from there. pi saw trump come i said "i pcrushed you." psean: he is making polling site pvisits in concord and will hold phis pulling night party at the pcenter in concord. perin: speaking of donald trump pcome he has no scheduled public pappearances today. plast night, he spoke to psupporters at the verizon pwireless arena in manchester. phe thanked his local campaign pteam. phe will be in manchester for pelection night. pthis afternoon, ted cruz will pmake a stops at the red arrow. pthat' s where he is holding his rimary night party. psean: republican carly fiorina pis making a long list of stops ptonight. ptonight she has to gary field, pwhere she is holding her career pnight party. pdr. ben carson is holding his arty at the crown plaza in
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phe made a stop in merrimack at pthe dw diner but has no public pevents scheduled. perin: republican jim gilmore has pevents in merrimack at 4:00, pbedford at 5:00, and a primary pnight celebration at 7:00. psean: three communities already plong-standing tradition by pvoting at midnight. pin dixville notch, there were 9 pballots cast, eight voters were resent, and there was one pabsentee ballot, and less than a pminute after the voting started pthe polls were closed. pon the republican side, kasich pbeat trump 3 votes to 2. pand on the democratic side it pwas a clean sweep. pall 4 votes going to bernie psanders. perin: the votes have already pbeen cast and counted in harts plocation and millsfield. phart' s location had the biggest pemerging with the democratic pwin. pjohn kasich narrowly edged pdonald trump in the republican prace.
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preceived votes. psean: in millsfield, hillary pclinton doubled up bernie psanders, while ted cruz pulled phalf of the votes on the prepublican side. pbut the votes there were spread pamong 8 candidates. pso the totals right now have pbernie sanders leading on the pdemocratic side. pand it was a three-way tie on pthe republican side between ted pcruz, john kasich, and donald ptrump. perin: predicting the primary poutcome, it is not easy, but pthere are some areas of the pstate to watch. olitical reporter john distaso psays the first pdace to look for pan idea of how things may go is pmanchester, specifically wards pusually very high. pdistaso says the southern tier pis the most important part of pthe state because that is where pmost of the population is, but laces like berlin and pmoultonborough will also be key pto watch. pfor much more on this, go to the olitics page of psean: and if you haven' t cast pyour vote yet, you can learn
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pyou head to the polls by heading pto the politics section of pthere, you will find all kinds pof political headlines, plus a plink specifically for new phampshire primary coverage. punder the "compare the pcandidates" section, you' ll find rofiles on every candidate, our pquestions for the candidates pseries, and breakdowns of the pkey issues in this race. pon the personal side, we have pfun facts for each candidate and pour candidate cafes. pyou' ll find all of this on our pfree mobile app as well. pjust click the politics tab. perin: we are just getting pstarted with our coverage of pthis historic primary. pmore team coverage ahead at 5:00 pand 6:00. pat 6:30, david muir will host p"world news" outside manchester pcity hall. pa special primary edition of p"new hampshire chronicle" airs pat 7:00, and we will be back at p7:30. pwe' ll take you from the final pballots through the election preturns. pand make sure to follow the plivewire up on and our pmobile app right now. pour crews are posting live pupdates from all over the state,
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pthe next president. psean: meantime, it was a slick pcommute for granite staters pthis morning. phere' s a live look at pmanchester, where the snow has pstopped but the cold ptemperatures and mess are psticking around for a little pbit. pwill voters have any issues pgetting to the polls this pafternoon? plet' s check in with kevin pskarupa. pkevin: there is snow flying paround, mostly navigating pthrough manchester and central pareas of the state and now pheading up through them white pmountains and the washington pvalley could behind that, had psome breaks in the overcast. pthat is certainly going to help proadways. pfairly light breeze, that pcertainly helps as well. pbig area of low pressure pspiraling around. pcouple of days. peventually the winds pick up pcentral and northern canada, for pto the weekend. pjust a few minutes.
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pright now parole request from a pman currently serving a life psentence for murdering a college pstudent. perin: plus, nine people killed pand 100 more injured after two ptrains collide.
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from postal workers to nurses... he's been endorsed for real change: endorsed by friends of the earth action as "a bold, fearless voice for the planet." the nation endorses bernie saying, "you can trust sanders because he doesn't owe his political career to the financial overlords." the nashua telegraph declares: "he's not beholden to wall street money." the valley news says, "sanders has been genuinely outraged about the treatment of ordinary americans for as long as we can remember."
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perin: the man convicted of phampshire student has been pconditionally denied parole for panother charge associated with pthat crime. pseth mazzaglia went before the pstate parole board today. phe was asking for parole from ptampering that' s tied to the pmurder of 19-year-old lizzy pmarriott. pthe board said mazzaglia needs pto be re-classified to a lower psecurity level and be of good pbehavior for six months before pthat parole would be granted. pmazzaglia is serving a life psentence for first degree murder pand this parole order will have pno effect on that. pthe victim' s father says pyou mazzaglia needs to stay pwhere he is. pled to witness tampering were
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pother people. perin: he could be classified to pa lower security level this pmonth. pbeen found. olice say he pointed a handgun pat the clerk and demanded money. olice are looking for a skinned pman, 5' 5", with a medium build. psean: police arrested jason pcoehlo after they entered the ark view in and found a woman pwith marks on her neck. pshe said coelho, her pex-boyfriend, had come to her proom to talk to her but got pupset and began choking her. pbreaking news from germany. phead-on. pat least nine people are dead
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pofficials say the trains slammed pinto each other after an pfailed to stop them. perin: president obama has sent phis eight and final budget roposal to congress. pit is a $4 trillion-plus pspending plan, calling for plaunching a new war on cancer p, combatting global warming, and pfighting growing threats from pit also calls for a $10 dollar er barrel tax hike on oil and pincreased taxes on the wealthy pand corporations. psean: we had snow overnight and pit looks like it is passed but pit is cold out there. pkevin: leading up to a huge pchange for the weekend. psean: now let' s check out our u plocal hot shot. pcheck out this beautiful pcardinal stopping for a quick psnack during yesterday' s snow. pgreat picture. pyou can submit your pictures and pvideo, and join the thousands of
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p p p>> now, meteorologist kevin' s pgroup or with your storm watch 9 pforecast.
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pkevin: a lot of areas seeing 46 pinches of accumulation. pas you had farther north, pcatches catch can as far as psnowfall is concerned. pstill a little light snow pfalling in the central parts of pthe state and shifting to the pnorthern parts of the state. preducing visibility in spots but pwe don' t have as much wind to pcontend with. pthe areas that are seeing a few pbreaks in the overcast, it feels pgood out there as we have the plarge upper level system still pback to our west. pwhile we are not looking at porganized systems, still we are pgoing to be on the edge of these pareas of snow showers from time pto time, occasional flurries, pand along with at the occasional povercast but a few breaks of psunshine as well. pa the only organized chance of psnow is late tomorrow afternoon pand evening. pwe have seen snow out of the plakes region and a few lingering pflurries there and heading into pthe north washington valley.
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pa lot of dry air combat along pwith this as we work our way pthrough the remainder of the pafternoon. pit will fall back into the teens plater this evening. pgetting back into the low to mid p20' s up north and right around p30 in nashua. pwe should see some spots this pafternoon with the freshly pfallen snow on the ground pcreeping into the upper range of pthe 20' s good with the light pwind, the light breezes where we pwill be over the next couple of pdays, with the area of low ressure that continues to cold pout -- carveout the cold in the pair. pthis will open the door for some pvery cold air out of central and pnorthern canada right in our pdirection sometime later on plasts through the weekend. pas i cycle through futurecast, pfor the present time you notice pclouds from time to time. pa weak disturbance tomorrow with poccasional light snow or snow
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pcouple of spots out of this. pas that pulls away we will see pquite a bit of snow shimmer pactivity out of the mountains pand occasional flurries for pcentral and southern areas. pa front slides through on friday pand it does look like coming pbehind that will be the colder pair that we will experience in ptime for the weekend. phigh temperatures about as cold pas we have seen so far this pwinter with highs struggling to pget back into the teens. pwind chills the entire weekend pcould be at or below zero. pthat is what we are looking at pfor the weekend itself. pyou want to plan accordingly for pthat. pas far as the extended forecast, ptemperatures close to the paverage. plow to mid 30' s with the snow pshower or two. pturning windy on thursday as the pcolder air starts to come back pin. pi think those numbers for psaturday and sunday for southern pnew hampshire may be on the pgenocide, and that -- may be on pthe generous side, and that is pnot even factor in the wind.
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perin: i think it is good we got pthe snow out of the way ptoday. eople weren' t the only ones at pthe polls. pwe will explain.
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by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates, answer the call
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r one of the areas that r i've been particularlyt interested in ris the area of children. we intend to be sure thatr everybody in this room and every child in this statet is somebody. no matter where they're born,pno matter to whom they are born. ri want to make sure that every child has a chance to live up to his or herr god-given potential. r i've spent my life fighting for children, and i'm not stopping now. i'm hillary clinton, tand i have always approved this message.
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p psean: has the election gone to pthe pigs? pit looks that way in pelham. peventually a farmer came to pclaim the pig. orkbarrel spending. pdays. pvery cold weekend on cap. perin: reminder, wmur is your lace for primary coverage. pthroughout the day including at p5:00 and 6:00, and a special rimary edition of "new phampshire chronicle" airs at p7:00.
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ptonight. there are those who say we cannot defeat a corrupt political system and fix a rigged economy. but i believe we need to lift our vision p above the obstacles in place and lookr to the american horizon. to a nation where every child can not only dream of going to college, but attend one. where quality healthcare will be a birthright of every citizen. where a good job is not a wish, but a reality. where women receive equal pay and a living wage is paid to all. an americapwhere after a lifetime of labor, there is timep for rest and grandchildren. a nation that defendsrour people and our values, but no longer carriesp so much of that burden alone. i knowrwe can create that america if we listen to our consciencet and our hearts
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i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message,
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